Angela spills the beans on Jake Clarke

We’ve had a bit of a bet going round Hoaxtead Research HQ over the past three weeks or so: which of the Hoaxtead mob would be first to spill the beans about Jake Clarke’s arrest? EC is pleased to say that he and Scarlet share top honours, having correctly guessed that it would be Angela Power-Disney.

Sure enough, her latest YouTube blab-fest was a veritable gold-mine of Hoaxtead mobster chit-chat and gossip, laced heavily with the usual lies and half-truths, and of course the ever-present attempts to pass the begging bowl.

No thanks, Angie, we gave at the office.

What’s up with Jake Clarke?

Angela started with a long and inaccurate spiel about why Jake was sectioned back in August 2016:

The other upsetting news is that Jake Clarke,  another prominent Hampstead campaigner who was sectioned maliciously for months and months and force-medicated and you know, has had his life changed forever by this.

He originally went to his GP, and the police, expressing depression and anxiety as a result of trolling mostly by Hoaxtead Research, the mostly Satanic self-admitted Satanists and likely government deep-state sponsored trolling blog.

So he went with a very normal complaint, that the trolling and constant videos and the slander and libel is causing me distress and anxiety [we assume she meant that it was causing Jake anxiety, not her], and instead of being taking action in response to his complaint, he was sectioned.

Mmm, not quite. In fact, at the time Angela’s story was quite a different one. She posted this on 24 August 2016, claiming that the reason Jake had been sectioned is that the police had been pressuring him to implicate her:

Jake-sectioned 2016-08-23

We don’t know exactly why Jake was sectioned, and frankly it’s not our place to know that. His mental health issues are his own private business. However, we think it’s safe to say that neither of Angela’s bizarre hypotheses have any bearing on the truth of the matter.

Anyhoo…after this apéritif of waffle, Angela finally got to the meat of the matter:

So more sinister than that is that he’s now being taken to court on the 11th of May, again by RD, and one of the other alleged abusers from the Hampstead case.

They seem to be reducing in size, originally there were five who went up against Neelu and Sabine, then only three turned up to testify; then it was down to three, and now it’s down to RD plus one, and even then, they’ve been given permission in the past to testify from behind screens, to testify from overseas. You know RD was in America the last time and allowed to testify from there, although Sabine was not allowed to testify by Skype to the court when she was on…in exile in Berlin, fleeing from malicious arrest, threats which have come to pass since she came back.

Again, one must sift through the muck to find the truth. So far as we can tell, the truthy bit is “Jake will be in court on 11 May”. That’s it.

Her theory of diminishing numbers is ludicrous—the witnesses who testified at Neelu and Sabine’s trial for conspiracy to commit witness intimidation in July 2016 were not the same people who testified at Rupert’s trial for harassment the following year. And what in the world makes Angela think that RD was testifying via video link from the States, at any trial?

As for whether Sabine was permitted to testify from Berlin, of course she wasn’t, since her testimony was not required during the February-March 2015 fact-finding hearing in the High Court Family Division. Oh, and she wasn’t fleeing from “malicious arrest”, she was fleeing from justice. Bit of a distinction there.

So the 11th of May, Jake’s up again. DC Steve Martin, Freemason, the cop that did the retractions of the children and was deemed by the IPCC to have appeared to have led the children in their retractions, and one of last advice police gave was that he should not be still on the Hampstead case, he should not be given that the IPCC has upheld that it seemed likely that he had led the children to retract their original disclosures, it is not advisable, feasible, recommended, even legal for him to be running the case but he is, and he’s handling this latest prosecution by the alleged paedophiles, the harassment, which will be Jake Clarke on the 11th of May in Willesden in the first instance. [Does this woman ever breathe?]

I think the first stage is he’s invited to plead. If you follow common law [by which she means Freeman on the land woo], you don’t plead, because you don’t recognise the jurisdiction. In order to be legal it needs to be trial by jury, you can elect trial by jury at the crown court, but I don’t know what Jake’s strategy will be.

Well, at least she’s admitted to not knowing something. That’s got to be a first.

As for the rest, the IPCC investigator did not state that DC Martin should not be involved in the Hampstead case. This is an out-and-out lie, and if Angie were capable of experiencing shame, we would say she ought to be blushing right now.

As we discussed on this blog last year, the issue which the IPCC had with the retraction statements made by the children centred on the fact that the little girl had raised the issue of wanting to retract whilst in the police car being driven to the interview on 17 September 2014.

The investigating officer at the IPCC said that she would have thought that she would have been provided with detailed notes of that discussion, and she asked that the police correct that error.

Next time she decides to make a video full of lies and inaccuracies, Angela might wish to keep in mind that those of us who volunteer on this blog have of necessity become experts in this case, and there aren’t very many details which we haven’t covered here at some point in the past three years.

We’re sure she’ll claim she’s being “trolled” again when she reads this, as she never /rarely /occasionally /sometimes does. And when she does, we will shrug and tell her to try telling the truth now and then. It’d make a pleasant change.

84 thoughts on “Angela spills the beans on Jake Clarke

  1. Thanks for the update, EC.

    Last week Angie was claiming that Jake was sectioned for saying 9/11 was an inside job. I think she changes the reason every day on the roll of a dice. Either that or she realises just how embarrassingly unbelievable that one was.

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  2. “EC is pleased to say that he and Scarlet share top honours, having correctly guessed that it would be Angela Power-Disney.”

    And Weasel was the second favourite, if memory serves.

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  3. Aww, give her a break, EC – she’s grieving over Roger Moore’s latest death. It’s come as a bit of a shock to her 😦

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  4. I’m glad you picked up on that IPCC thing, EC. When I listened to that bit, I couldn’t believe how assured and authoritative she sounded. Isn’t that a sign of a pathological liar? And what’s really worrying is that she sounds so convincing that newcomers to the Hampstead case might believe her.

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  5. “…the ever-present attempts to pass the begging bowl. No thanks, Angie, we gave at the office.”

    Oh come on – that fortnight in Montego Bay won’t pay for itself, you know 😦

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  6. Say what you like about this video but kudos to JournoAngie for reporting that Sabine was due in court today and calling for people to pray for a good outcome… a mere 5 hours after the hearing had finished.

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  7. I swear her lies are getting more and more audacious with every video. “I’ve lived full time in Ireland since 1996.” WTF?

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  8. That is so true Wilfred! I often find APD’s remonstrations and reflections palpably sincere and just at the point where I almost find the bahooey she states as being nearly for real and almost genuine I correct myself with a massive facepalm and a seismic shake to my head.

    I found it quite bizarre that in her most recent videos one of her sons nonchalantly appeared in the background in her kitchen without batting an eyelid or apparently noticing that his mother was guilty of delivering poison through the internet – I dunno…….myself and my sons always discuss things with each other and they will express disapproval should they think I’m behaving somewhat untoward…for sure my children would not allow me to behave badly….primarily because it would be hugely embarrassing to them if I should.

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  9. To be honest, Siouxie, I think Angela’s kids are so inured to her nonsense that they no longer pay it any attention. It’s a survival strategy, I’d think.

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  10. See Neelu, here in the civilised world, we have laws…
    When you break those laws, you go to jail (you have the the due process of going to court, where your innocence or guilt will be determined)

    They don’t just ‘chuck you in the slammer’

    And her age has nothing to do with it- as the old saying goes, “don’t do the crime if you cant do the time”

    She REPEATEDLY broke the law, was given bail, and then proceeded to do the exact same thing again, in breach of the conditions she agreed to to get bail!

    (I’m amazed she had the gall to actually reapply for bail AGAIN, after all she was back inside for breaching bail conditions on multiple occasions)

    She (and Neelu) obviously have no regard for the laws of a ‘civilised’ country and repeatedly pay the price for disregarding those laws….

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  11. I’m kind of fancying the idea of becoming a rebel in my dotage like yer woman…..I might become one of them eschatologist evangelists of ‘no fixed religiosity’ aka cultbynonameasyetimaginedbutwhereIwillbethepatronsaintofgoddessofjesusofmotherofgodofsaviourofandholyspiritof…etc. Actually….I’m just going to call myself the Unholy Infinitum.

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  12. Every time I read mention of Sabine I remember that disgusting edict she sent out to her followers, the one where she implored people to thrust the headless bodies of Barbie dolls dripping in red nail varnish through post boxes to be received by families in Hampstead and encouraging people to post the dolls to a bench on the Heath if they didn’t have an address to send it to or the cost of the postage.

    She’s a very disturbed person.

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  13. I am grateful to APD. I’ve been wondering why my cheques from GCHQ have stopped. Seems I’m wrongly registered in their Papist Plot Division, I’ll contact my lizard handler and get the paperwork changed to Satanist Stooge tomorrow.

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  14. Two things here: Power-Disney is bordering an witness intimidation. She is encouraging hatred towards them if they wish to complain or appear in a future trial. Let alone the fact she reveals the medical and legal history of a so-called friend Jake who stupidly continues to fuck up his life by meddling in a matter that has been concluded in the High Court. This is making him virtually unemployable in today’s market where your life is examined via the net.

    Secondly, I think she has become an undesirable person who should be refused entry into Britain given she conducts vicious and dangerous hate campaigns against UK citizens. (Can EU citizens can be refused entry?)

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  15. That is her ‘uhhhnnnn uhmmmmm ohmigod the holy spirit has just possessed my body!!!!’ look.

    There is actually a Latin phrase/term to describe the pure orgasmic bliss Catholic nuns pray themselves into, begging for the holy trinity to encompass them wholly….it results in a lot of shaking and shivering in the confines of their sparsely adorned and very private cell-like rooms (take heed Sabine – prison could possibly be more pleasurable than you hitherto imagined)….we’ll call it ‘meditation’ for the sake of propriety but actually the act itself – whilst terribly normal and totally natural – is awfully naughty…some might say ‘sinful’ even or perhaps ‘perverse’?

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  16. “The exploitation of Little Alfie: the ‘pro life’ zealots who manipulated the end-of-life tragedy of a British toddler…

    …Alfie’s parents were assisted in their struggle by a small collection of people from outside Britain who entered the young couple’s lives several months ago, apparently uninvited and on their own initiative.

    These people befriended Tom and Kate and ended up playing a key role in advising the young couple’s course of action and, especially, in helping to make Alfie’s saga known throughout the world.

    But one wonders if they didn’t actually do a disservice to Alfie and his parents. There are more than a few people in the Church, including some bishops and Vatican officials, who believe – but are uncomfortable to say so publicly – that these outside forces actually exploited this young family to advance their own politically motivated agendas…

    …And they even chastised Britain’s Royal Family for not “saving” Alfie, while branding the United Kingdom a police state and dictatorship.

    All this was predicated on a false and slanderous claim – that Alder Hey and the British government were only interested in “euthanizing” the little boy…”

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  17. “It’s extremely difficult to deny entry to EU citizens – it’s only possible for “public policy, public security or public health” reasons) “.
    Public security surely fits the bill.

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  18. I’ve think we’ve busted you as a fake Hoaxteader and phony GCHQ minion. Wages for posting Hoaxtead messages have never been higher that 2/9p a week so you would know they never send a cheque for that amount.
    Even then we are only paid in old fashioned Luncheon Vouchers which are impossible to use. Not even in the GCHQ canteen. Any real operative would know this.

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  19. You can alway tell when Angie is scrounging for cash: she starts dredging up her most vile and scurrilous old dreck and putting it up to lure people back into her orbit.

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  20. Sabine really didn’t have to be in prison at all right now. All she needed to do was keep quiet until the trial and she could have lived comfortably at home.

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  21. Responses to that:
    Michelle Reid: ” Will this not help to free sabine xx”
    Angela Power-Disney: “It should”
    Gawd help us. It’s what got Sabine in jail in the first place. Is Ange just really dumb or about to hit Michelle for a donation?

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  22. If they are punished for any wrong doing at least they can claim to be genuine victims of SRA (Solicitors Regulation Authority).

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  23. Jeez, Angela Drizzley must really REALLY believe in HERSELF! How CONFIDENT must YOU be to go ONLINE BEGGING for a HANDOUT!

    Sorry, couldn’t help that, I had to try doing some words in caps! 😂

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  24. Arfur has such a way with words eh! Yuck, he sickens my stomach & obviously is 10 short of a shilling to write in such a crass manner. Back to the big house you must go boyo!

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  25. Didn’t take him long did it?
    Wonder if his case manager is monitoring his facebook?
    By the 23rd he was mouthing off at the bikies, APD showed up, 24th he’s back in her circle again

    6 whole days…

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  26. I’m still trying to process the revelation that cunts have balls and they’re the size of a fat Australian bloke. My Science teacher never taught me any of that in school.

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  27. Deborah’s mate Carla completely misunderstood what that article was about:

    Note to Carla: next time read before commenting, mkay.

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  28. Would someone explain to me why a ‘respectable’ older lady would have anything to do with a man who talks like this? Is Angie so desperate for online support that she’ll put up with barrack room language like this? Anyone who expresses himself in this way would be blocked from my Facebook page straight away. Never mind whether he supports the hoax or not, his language is foul in the extreme and I’d consider it disrespectful to be exposed to it and I’d be mortified if members of my family saw it.

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  29. No idea what this kind of thing is supposed to achieve tbh.

    Maybe I’m getting too sensitive in my old age……


  30. Carla if I were you I’d Head for The Hills asap or if you keep listening to Debs you are liable to end up in the Funny Farm.

    Earth to Debs: no the sad case of Alfie rather than cause “mass public negativity towards the NHS” does the opposite and makes people value the NHS even more as they realise that Alfie’s parents (who don’t seem to be employed) received £100Ks of free medical treatment . The mainly Nutter Brigade that consisted of Alfie’s Army do not represent the thinking of 65 million Brits.
    And European newspapers are not full of condemnation of the NHS.
    Which goes to show you live in an alternative universe of your own creation. And it’s a dark place.

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  31. All to true GOS, I also noticed the number of USA based people decrying the NHS, which I found laughable, when you consider how much the palliative care costs alone would have come to, if they had been in the USA, with their crippled healthcare insurance system, the final cost would have literally bankrupted them (as has happened to many people there already). I doubt that the total cost was as low as $100ks, I suspect in the end it was more likely to have gone into the 6 figure region, and possible a couple of those…

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  32. Indeed. I’m not sure how much it’s changed but Michael Moore in ‘Sicko’ (2007) said that medical bills were the largest cause of bankruptcy in the US.

    There have also been a number of articles citing bankruptcy as the largest cause of suicide (though I’d question whether it’s really that easy to pinpoint a specific individual motivation for taking one’s own life).

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