Alfie Evans case & Hoaxtead: The element they share in common

On its surface, the Alfie Evans story bears little relevance to the Hampstead SRA hoax. What comparison could possibly be made between a little boy with an undiagnosable but clearly progressive degenerative brain condition, and a monstrous hoax, deliberately perpetrated by a small but persistent group of co-conspirators against an entire community?

We’ve noted the eagerness of certain Hoaxtead promoters to leap—and more important, to be seen to leap—into the circus which surrounded Alfie and his family. But when we read a recent article in The Guardian, we realised that the two cases had more in common than one might initially expect.

In the article, titled “‘Call from God’: American Pro-Lifer’s Role in Alfie Evans Battle”, we learned that a small group of Catholic fundamentalists, led by an American woman named Christine Broesamle, had inserted itself into the story as long ago as last August.

Within days of the death of 11-month-old Charlie Gard last July, a Christian missionary in Rome spotted a Facebook post about a baby named Alfie Evans. The post by Alfie’s father, Thomas Evans, explained that his 13-month-old son had a degenerative neurological condition and that doctors wanted to switch off his life-support.

Ms Broesamle, whose group had been involved in the Charlie Gard case, advising his parents to fly him to Italy for treatment and attracting the attention of the Pope to his case, told Tom Evans that they could do the same for Alfie.

Since September, Ms Broesamle has lived in Liverpool, acting behind the scenes as an advisor to Alfie’s parents.

This week in an interview with a Christian fundamentalist radio station in the US, she said there should be riots in Britain over Alfie’s treatment by doctors at Alder Hey hospital, whom she accused of being “hellbent” on killing him “to cover something up”.

Ms Broesamle, who was named in court last week, is connected to the Italian “pro-life” organisation “Lawyers for Life”.

She brought in physicians from overseas to examine Alfie in a clandestine manner, under the guise of being family friends; she also brought in a Russian law student, Pavel Stroilov of the “pro-life”, anti-gay Christian Legal Centre. Mr Justice Hayden described Mr Stroilov as a “fanatical and deluded young man” whose submissions to the court were “littered with vituperation and bile” that was “inconsistent with the real interests of the parents’ case”.

Ms Broesamle also appears to be well-funded:

Another source says Broesamle had access to a “seemingly endless pit of money and contacts”, and her network arranged for air ambulances to be ready at a moment’s notice to whisk Alfie from Alder Hey to the Vatican-approved Bambino Gesù hospital in Italy.

Remind you of anyone?

As we read the Guardian article, we found it difficult not to make comparisons with Belinda McKenzie and Sabine McNeill’s “Association of McKenzie Friends” (and the later “Knight Foundation”), whose founders were known for their habit of lurking outside the Royal Courts of Justice, offering their special brand of assistance to desperate parents whose children had been, or were about to be, taken into care by social services.

As with Ms Broesamle and the Christian Legal Centre, who darkly accused Alder Hey Hospital of “covering something up”, Sabine and Belinda were known for filling their victims’ heads with paranoid conspiracy theories—such as their canard that social workers, working on commission, were “snatching” their children in order to sell them to the highest bidders, who would adopt them for the specific purpose of trafficking them.

Like the Christian Legal Centre, with its submissions laced with “vituperation and bile”, “inconsistent with the real interests of the parents’ case”, Belinda and Sabine’s interventions in their clients’ cases never once managed to help a parent retrieve his or her children.

And, as in the Alfie Evans case, we think Sabine and Belinda were never in any doubt that their interference in their clients’ lives, in any of the cases they undertook, would come to no good.

That’s because organisations like this aren’t in it to win. They are in it to use the lives (and deaths) of other people to advance their own ideologically driven agendas, to create “profile”, to arouse public outrage which they can then turn to their own advantage.

The words used by Mr Justice Hayden—”fanatical”, “deluded”, “emotive nonsense”—can be equally applied to the Christian Law Centre and the Association of McKenzie Friends.

And just for the record, we’d like to add another word: “Vultures”. vultures-1081751_640

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  1. They’re all nuts and for some of them I’ve no idea how they still have their kids. TM is boarding on paranoid schizophrenia, the woman would appear to have serious mental health problems. She’s all about lies I.e Tom has barricades in the room to stop staff getting in, trying to stop the coroner getting Afies body, acting as if the family didn’t make a move without her telling them what to do. At least Sabine and Belinda stayed out of this one. I feel her daughters death has placed her in a downward spiral as she hasn’t given herself time to grieve properly, as she’s always on the next ‘big’ news story. I feel sorry for her two young boys, there’s no doubt she truly loves these boys, but she needs to drop away from the drama and spend more time with her sons.

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    • Lies from Angela too, who claimed to have been bombarded by messages from Mr. Evans but unable to prove it because she didn’t know how to copy and paste them onto her timeline!

      TM claimed he’d been in contact with her and Linda too. I’m pretty sure he hadn’t.

      Both Tracey and Linda’s FB pages are down, btw. They’re claiming to be locked out but that’s bollocks – their pages would still be showing if that were the case.

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      • Mr Evans probably had a huge email mailing list via Alfie’s Army and sent regular emails. I have a friend on such a list and he’s always telling me he got a very important email from a very important person as though the message was directed personally at him and not the 100K others on the list.
        APD does similar in everything she does.

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  2. It was someone from the Christian Legal Centre – Roger Kiska – who appeared on Victoria Derbyshire’s show last Wednesday and criticised the judge’s decision in the Alfie case:

    As Victoria points out, the CLC are part of a larger group called Christian Concern.

    From last Friday’s Liverpool Echo:

    “The Christian Legal Centre is a branch of Christian Concern – a religious lobbying organisation which has been vocal on a range of topics including abortion and gender identity…

    …Christian Concern is an anti-abortion organisation which says ‘divorce, homosexuality and transsexualism are the three most significant challenges to God’s pattern for family in today’s society’.

    They have also fought against compulsory sexual education in school.

    A mission statement on their website reads: ‘We have a passion to see the United Kingdom return to the Christian faith. Our nation has been shaped and defined by this faith for hundreds of years. Yet in the last few decades, the nation has largely turned her back on Jesus and embraced alternative ideas such as secular liberal humanism, moral relativism and sexual licence. The fruit of this can be seen in widespread family breakdown, immorality and social disintegration.’…

    …In 2015, he [Paul Diamond of the CLC] successfully represented a Christian nanny who called a lesbian ‘sinful’ and said ‘God is not okay with what you do’…

    …The CLC currently represent a family who withdrew their son from school after a classmate came into class sometimes ‘dressed as a girl’.”

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    • No doubt these spin-off “Christian” groups are funded by the right wing Evangelicals in the USA. They have $100Ms in the pot mainly contributed by poorer working class Yanks who think if they send them a hundred bucks they’ll go to Heaven.

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      • No, no, the Bible Belt is Protestant Sam. No work based salvation. It may be some Catholics have taken that view. It is sad that this bunch of hysterical nutters is bringing Christianity into disrepute. The discussion has been partly highjacked by the political faction in the US which is against social medicine for all, and they are keen to claim that once the state pays for medicine they kill babies to save cash. The level of basic education in the States doesn’t seem high. No attempt to explain the real position gets through.
        The stance of the Pope has been odd and unhelpful, since the official position of his church is that it is unecessary to strive officiously to keep alive, though abortion is almost always wrong. He seems to be a politician, milking the popular hysteria, but perhaps I am being unfair. Thank goodness both children have finally been allowed to die: you would think those who claim to be Christian would be the first to see that they are better off sleeping peacefully, awaiting the resurrection.


        • It does annoy me when these fundamental Catholics try to traduce the Church’s position to their own ends. I appreciate that I’m in danger of invoking the “No True Scotsman” fallacy here. However, with the Catholic faith (as opposed to general Christianity) there are rules and edicts, which are often deliberately spun in ways they were not intended to be read for ulterior motives.

          I can’t speak for other countries but in broad terms, if your priest was from Ireland there was a good chance your local church would be conservative. If he was English, you’d be surprised how close to “liberal secular humanist” it would be. Our parish priest went as far as effectively telling the congregation to vote Liberal in the 1979 General Election, which caused a stir with our ex-pat Irish parishioners as they were then closely associated with the Abortion Act (1967).

          Another misconception is Papal infallibility. This extends to matters of Doctrine only. The last Ex Cathedra proclamation was made in 1950.

          “The Pope is not an oracle; he is infallible in very rare situations, as we know.” Pope Benedict XV1
          “I am only infallible if I speak infallibly but I shall never do that, so I am not infallible.” Pope John XXIII

          In all other matters, the Pope’s position is guidance only. I’ve seen nothing in the Pope’s actual statements on this matter (and by that I mean actual quotes, rather than what people have said he has said) that contradicts the official position on end of life treatment. Yes, it can be argued that in his position he should have gathered all the facts first, but how many of us did initially? Before having read the careful judgement I too would have taken the position of “what’s the harm in transferring Alfie to Rome” ascribed to him.

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      • GoS, that lot are the very same crowd who are funding the anti-abortionists in Ireland now with half truths as APD shared. Disgusting lot only bombard people with selected parts of bill, never the full text. I expect the pre-recorded phone calls with an American accent to start next, which happened last time before the Referendum.

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      • Its interesting we seem to have the same groups here GOS, Abbott and the more extreme rightwingers in his party had close links to US based xian fundamentalist groups and received a lot of funding from them too


  3. Could the Christian Legal center perhaps take on Deborah’s case? She’s launching a bid for sainthood.


  4. The Linda woman’s Facebook is back she’s claiming TM simply got locked out of hers which wouldn’t explain why it’s gone but still they persist. She’s came up with an elaborate explanation about it having been set up so long who she forgot the passwords – small problem with this latest fairytale- TM has been arrested and had phones/laptops etc taken by police as part of the harassment case she’s involved and remembered her passwords to get back in then. Linda claims Tracey’s son uploaded a copy of her licence to Facebook to get it opened again – I happened to know from a very reliable source that when tracey was in court in Belfast last Monday one of the many charges she faces was Driving without a licence and insurance – they are terrible women and you can’t believe a word they say but they’d need to get their lies straight. She was reported by the Alfie’s Army admins for causing trouble and pretending to have a hotline to a grieving father and that’s why her Facebook is closed down.

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    • Wouldn’t that be brilliant news for the world! 🙏😂👏

      I wouldn’t blame admin for reporting her, herself & her sidekick were nauseating to the extreme. 😷

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    • If she has uploaded her licence then it means the account was disabled by Facebook for breaking terms and conditions. They won’t even consider an appeal until you do the following.
      Unfortunately, we can’t assist you until you reply and attach identification that verifies the name submitted in your request.

      Please attach a copy of one government-issued ID (ex: driver’s license or passport) or two documents from a respected institution or business. Together these documents must show your full name, photo, and date of birth.

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    • So these court dates are for her rather than her accusing others? I’m glad someone reported her. She has very grandiose ideas about herself, which is never a good sign.

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    • “tracey was in court in Belfast last Monday one of the many charges she faces was Driving without a licence and insurance”

      Be interesting to see, was that because she didn’t have the dosh, or has she, like many others that seem to be involved, have FOTL leanings ( ‘traveling’ is a prime indicator of FOTL people- they often get caught sans license, registration/insurance due to the common belief that they are ‘traveling’ rather than ‘driving’, which they believe only happens when you are acting in a commercial activity, thus they don’t need ‘drivers licenses’ or rego etc

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  5. I read online (so it may not be true) that once in the Vatican hospital the parents would have lost the right to turn off the life support machine.

    If true then the irony of those protesting about the parents right to choose is obviously missed on them.

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  6. In a way it may have been better if Alfie had been allowed go to the Bambino Gesù hospital who I’m sure were acting in his best interests.
    The chances are he would have died on the way and certainly within a day of arriving there. But then they would be accused of being part of a plot to kill the poor lad.
    The whole case demonstrates the ethics of the hard workers in the NHS and in particular at Alder Hey Hospital. Rather than wash their hands of the problem and take the easy way out they took the correct path at great cost to themselves.
    I hope the whole matter dies down but I suspect the Ratbag Brigade are gearing up for a vicious campaign against the hospital and the staff.


    • Better for whom? The question was, what was better for Alfie? In his best interests to be put on a plane, transferred via ambulances, increasing the risk of dying say by choking or tubes coming out and having to be reinserted, to a hospital which had no treatment for him? Or in Alfie’s best interest to remain where he was, minimising any risk?
      The NHS workers at Alder Hey no doubt did their best for him, but they didn’t decide anything of the sort you suggest. They had no option but to care for him there since the decision was made by the courts. And I am sure the judge made the right call.


  7. The problems were many, the so called ‘army’, none of whom appear to be capable of reading, logic or critical thinking. Then of course the religious extremists, the anti-vaxxers, the anti-abortionists, the Polish Diplomat & God knows how many more, they were all bombarding those young parents since the woman EC mentioned above got involved.

    Still trying to cause trouble are this lot:

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    • “Militant church” indeed, they delete any postings that disagree with their charge of Alfie being murdered or that he was never going to have a ‘normal life’, some there seem to think that if he had been taken to Bambino Gesù he would miraculously recover and gone on to have a normal life- this was never going to happen, he was literally ‘brain dead’ and the hospital there even said all they could do was palliative care ie keeping his body alive (and who would be paying?)

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  8. The following quote seems apposite:

    The greatest tragedy in mankind’s entire history may be the hijacking of morality by religion.

    Arthur C. Clarke

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  9. What was the role of the two Bavarian charlatans who snuck into the hospital claiming to be air-ambulance staff, and had to be escorted off by security staff?
    They told German media that they had given the infant a thorough though clandestine examination — untroubled by the absence of their own MRI scans, EEGs, and such as — and in their professional opinion, he would have handled the noise, vibrations and air-pressure changes of a helicopter flight to Europe, without any problem at all. As I say, charlatans. But the German media took their word for it.

    Bavarians, so I guess some hard-line catholicism was involved. Bavaria is why Germany can’t have nice things.


    • I knew Arthur C.Clarke for over 40 years. While he was gay he lived with the same partner who he met when he was 30 and his partner was 19. They stayed together for life. What the vile creeps do not know and which shows their appalling ignorance is that Arthur was paralyzed from the waist down from the age of about 38. He had no interest in, nor the ability to be interested in sex and he hid his disability extremely well which is why you never see film of him in later life. A TV series he made had him propped up by sticks on a beach at one stage to make it look like he had been walking..not unlike how FDR hid his disability.

      “Christian” NGOs started the rumours of his alleged pedophilia because his house, more a small compound had some children living there. But what these ignoramuses didn’t know was that the children were his partner’s children who was also married. Clarke was suing these NGOs for libel in a long complicated case which lapsed when he died. He was determined to take them to the cleaners.
      His partner and those grown up children inherited Clarke’s considerable fortune and all now live in luxury in Melbourne were they were able to be very nice houses with their legacy, $Millions from the days authors made lots of money.
      The Sri Lankan government were so infuriated at the allegations against Clarke who they considered an honorary Sri Lankan citizen they still have arrest warrants out for two British journalists who concocted the tale about Clarke hoping to embarrass the Royal Family at the same time (Prince Charles was to travel to Sri Lankan to invest him his knighthood at the time). The 2 desperately poor lads who accused Clarke (they were both 18- not children) admitted the British journalist had paid them £200 each in “expenses” to accuse Clarke and they recanted their accusations. Sri Lankan police wanted to charge them with various offenses (for bringing the country into disrepute) but Clarke intervened on their behalf as he had contributed a fortune to local charities and recognized their dire poverty and instead urged the government to put them through college which they did.

      The Smithsonian has only just received all Clarke’s writings and manuscripts including books that were never published. His house is still there ( a comfortable but rather plain English style house) which the government is planning to turn into a museum in his honour.
      And that’s the truth about Sir Arthur C.Clarke who makes a creep like Ogilvy seem like a piece of insignificant dung by comparison.

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      • “What the vile creeps do not know and which shows their appalling ignorance is that Arthur was paralyzed from the waist down from the age of about 38. He had no interest in, nor the ability to be interested in sex…”

        Good point, Sam. Not that it’ll deter Ogilfail – he even accused the late Stephen Hawking of being a child molester!

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      • That is so cool GOS, he was my first scifi author (Rendezvous with Rama), I have every scifi book available of his in my collection


        • Yes he was a wonderful writer. I was vising him once when Morgan Freeman arrived to discuss buying the rights to Rendezvous With Rama 3 to make into a film which sadly never eventuated.
          Arthur had a brilliant mind and with his professor like personality he was one of the kindest and gentle people one could meet.
          The original allegations hurt him so badly especially as his partner had once saved his life after he fell badly and he promised to take care of him for life. He did that but also for the partner’s entire extended family by buying them houses and setting them up in small businesses and so on. It’s why his house was full of the partner’s relatives all the time who worshiped Arthur including his partner’s parents and grandparents who spent so much time at the house fussing over Clarke.

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          • His partner was not a sexual partner but a student who originally worked for Clarke, Arthur had a life partner who he adored but who died at about age 40 and who Clarke is now buried with.

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      • “I knew Arthur C.Clarke for over 40 years.”

        Coolest thing I’ve read in a while. I am not jealous at all….

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  10. @Gharris – The other day I took the liberty of passing on your concerns to that nice Ms. Morris (along with a few memes and HR post links at no extra cost). And now that she’s managed to hack her way back into her account, she’s finally responded:


    • I’m sure all the relatives of those who died will be thrilled to know that. Can Ms Mahmoudieh ask her friend David to tell us where all those people are?


    • Rejoice! Please tell all the relatives that their loved ones aren’t dead after all! Can Ms Mahmoudieh please ask her friend David exactly where we are to find the nearly 2000 people who disappeared that day?


    • The hijackers all paid cash (obvious why they would do so), but as usual the 9/11ers have gotten it wrong and are claiming that all the passengers paid cash, nope they didnt


  11. Ooh, I can’t imagine who this might be. Nudge nudge wink wink. Say no more. A nod’s as good as a wink to a blind bat…

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    • Packed with lies (surprise surprise).

      – Spiny closed his channels down himself voluntarily (despite what she claims in that video). He still has his G+ accounts and all his videos are on the Google drive.

      – What’s this about us or MKD having criminal records?

      And how telling that she doesn’t back that up with a scrap of evidence.

      If anything, last I checked it was her Hamphoaxer fruitloop mates who practically had their own allocated parking spaces at Southwark Crown Court.

      Off the top of my head, people who’ve had knocks on the door from either the rozzers or the men in white coats include: Sabine McNeill, Angela Power-Disney, Deborah Mahmoudieh, Happy Brewer, Rupert Quaintance, Jim & Helen McMenamin, Neelu Berry, Belinda McKenzie, Robert Green, Dawn Moses, Jake Clarke, Tracey Morris, Arthur Kaoutal, Abe & Ella, D**** S******, John Duane, Lee Cant, Alan Alanson, John Paterson, Christine Ann Sands, Maurice Kirk, Brian Pead…

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  12. Just scored a strike against one of Wesley’s friends, who was calling for various politicians to be murdered:

    I take threats like that seriously since the Jo Cox shooting.

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  13. Feel I need to comment here… And it is directly to the point of the case in fairness…

    ‘Do you think a hospital/doctors should have any say on your child’s welfare’?

    Bearing mind the circumstances of ‘this’ case?


    • It is a difficult one. In reality the courts took over when doctors and parents couldn’t agree.

      I certainly would want the court to intervene on the side of the child if parents refused lifesaving treatment, also if parents believed bleach enemas cured all ills.

      I have the utmost sympathy for the parents of Alfie Evans.

      He was dying, no cure or treatment offered by anyone, which gets forgotten.

      Perhaps read the court judgments through.

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      • “…no cure or treatment offered by anyone…”

        I was under the impression that Alder Hey were providing first rate palliative care, weren’t they?

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        • Yes, that’s what I meant. There was no treatment to reverse or halt the underlying disease. There isn’t one.

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    • “‘Do you think a hospital/doctors should have any say on your child’s welfare’? ”



  14. I think the paralegal took down her page on the advice of the barrister she worked for, i know from a reliable source that he told her she got mixed up with a bunch of lunatics who will only drag her down so she is going back working for him and continuing her work on the boys case she was initially helping who had been murdered on the M25 along with the barrister she has and is returning to work for again. She actually got involved thinking she was genuinely helping people as she is not a bad person really. Again, i personally believe what Mr Dearman was accused of was wrong, i will never change my mind on that one, but the little boys father did actually ring her and TM and asked for their help but i suppose in cases like that when all legal avenues have been exhausted what can one do but show up and show some moral support at least. Nonetheless, take care all and God bless.

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    • She wouldn’t be the first nor the last person to be dragged into the gutter by TM so glad she has seen sense and is getting away from that company before it’s too late. I do not however believe the child’s father rang them for help, it was in the middle of a legal wrangle and he was being represented by the Christian lawyers what in earth help could she provide? Also the fact the two stood in the carpark with TM posting random nonsense on her Facebook page tells its own story. I had a brief chat with one of the Alfie’s Army admins who reported TM to Facebook and Merseyside Police, they had never heard of her and were rightly disgusted at her behaviour.

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      • @gharris & Morticia Addams, having followed those pages, I saw someone tag Tracey Morris in the last few days, asking if she could do anything, next thing she was all over it like a cheap suit. I would no more believe that she had spoken to the father than I would Angie Dizzy saying the same thing.

        Hopefully Morticia has got sense & gone back to her everyday life of investigating an accidental death of a young man, maybe she will stop egging on members of the travelling community too & giving them false hope of getting their children back.

        She has a brilliant singing voice, she should take that up in her spare time.


    • “I personally believe what Mr Dearman was accused of was wrong, I will never change my mind on that one…”

      Morticia, that’s a tad ambiguous. Are you saying you believe the accusations were wrong or that he was wrong to do the things he was accused of?


  15. I totally agree El Coyte 🙂 but a statement nonetheless that i believe she is sticking to. Keep up the good work exposing the ” Lunatics ” because too many people are listening unfortunately and getting caught up in the hype of all the madness.

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    • Well, I don’t think there’s any good excuse for ‘the paralegal’ to deny that she was, in fact, guilty of jumping on the bandwagon, being an agitator and using scare-mongering tactics to rabble rouse in regard to Baby Alfie’s situation….she can’t blame Tracey for her involvement in exploiting the tragedy – it’s very obvious she involved herself out of pure self interest and self promotion.

      She’s probably used TM as much as TM has taken advantage of her willingness to make a name for herself…so Morticia, I think you are full of it and you’re wrong to be Ms. Paralegal’s apologist.

      Also, please tell LBO’R that taking hair styling advice from a Shih tzu dog groomer is not advisable as adopting that sort of dressage only serves to make her look completely mental or more politely “quite eccentric” , just because she’s pug-faced doesn’t mean she has to go the whole hog.


  16. I am weak Haha, yes the hair was all over the place, they had just woke up i believe hahaha. The Dad did 100% ring and spoke with the two women i would never lie about that, he rang TM first who in return told the paralegal to call to her as he was ringing back to talk to her and that is exactly what happened and like i said being a paralegal she knew all legal avenues had been exhausted and expressed that to TM before even going on the phone to the Dad as she was not going to give anyone false hope and from there offered moral support in turning up with TM and joining the protesters, the camera of course was just shoved in their faces a long with lots of others and both were quite surprised it even made BBC as others had spoke and they thought because BBC were randomly picking people there was no chance they would be on it especially given the condition both were in just after waking up from having a couple of hours sleep in the car that day. The paralegal has stepped back from all the nonsense concerning every other thing. I am not sure about admins but the dad obviously did not tell them about everyone he spoke to as i suppose he spoke with hundreds of people, which i believe he did. Also, i had stated weeks ago i did not believe what Mr Dearman was accused of after reading all this website and other stuff. I made that quite clear then. Anyway guys, i shall not be commenting here again as i has a lot of work to catch up on but no hard feeling towards anyone of you and i wish you all the best that life has to offer. God bless.


  17. PS, Moticia is a Christian herself and maybe that is why TM thought to tell the dad about her, i don’t know, that could be purely speculation, but to her ,common sense, given her beliefs and the fact the legal team were also Christian’s. I could be wrong there but as my mother would never ” I may not be always right, but i am never wrong. ” Again, take care you lot and God bless.


  18. Bigotry Update

    It may not be obvious from the title or thumbnail but this video is really anti-Buddhism and ‘Hinduism:

    That’s in addition to her recent post about there being too many Asians and black people in some UK cities, her rants about the impending arrival of her new Pakistani Muslim neighbours, her previous remark about Jamaican men making bad fathers and several iffy comments/shares about Jews. Oh and she’s also notoriously homophobic.

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