Hoaxtead Research: Three years on and going strong

We confess it’s hard to believe, but three years ago today, Scarlet Scoop hit “publish” on the very first post here at Hoaxtead Research. At 2,298 posts, nearly 1.3 million hits, and 94,000 comments from our readers, we’re going stronger than ever.

Our goal, which we stated on the blog’s first birthday, is “to stand up and say a resounding ‘No!’ to the liars, scam artists, and gullible dupes who’ve done their best to destroy lives by spreading this hoax. And we’ll keep on doing that for as long as need be, until Hoaxtead is nothing but a bad memory”.

That day may be coming more quickly than anyone realises. During the past year, the Hampstead SRA hoax has clearly entered the twilight of its days.

Here are just a few highlights:

Ella and Abraham sink out of sight

Last spring, after a brief flurry of interviews which were clearly intended to rejuvenate the hoax and pull in some much-needed cash, Abe and Ella finally seemed to disappear from the internet altogether. Their blog has been out of commission for months; their various crowd-funding sites were removed thanks to quick action from our readership; and no one has seen or heard from them since last June.

Rupert’s trial and conviction

Last August saw the week-long trial and eventual conviction of Rupert Quaintance IV, who served 4.5 months of a nine-month sentence and was deported back to the United States in mid-January.

This marked a major turning-point in the Hampstead hoax, as would-be promoters began to realise that this was not a game: their actions could have serious, life-altering consequences.

Sabine’s arrest and remand to prison

Sabine McNeill was arrested in November and charged with 10 offences: six counts of violating her lifetime restraining order, and four of criminal harassment. On 8 December, at her court hearing, she was charged with a further nine counts of breach of restraining order. She pleaded not guilty to all 19 charges.

She was remanded in custody and a £20,000 bail bond was set.

This set off a flurry of activity, as Belinda McKenzie and Tracey Morris set about crowd-funding the bail bond money. They raised the cash within 10 days, and Sabine was released from prison to await trial.

Sabine was in court again on 26 February 2018, where she was charged with another violation of her lifetime restraining order, in addition to the 19 charges currently outstanding.

She pleaded guilty to the 20th charge, and was spared prison but was placed under “house arrest” with an electronic tag and a curfew which allowed her to leave her home between midnight and 6 a.m. each day.

However, she was arrested again on 4 March, held overnight at the police station, and then remanded in custody again following a hearing on 5 March. The reason given is that she had violated her bail condition on two occasions in three weeks.

Sabine is currently attempting to apply for bail once again, and will be in court today. Whether she’s granted bail or remains in custody, however, her trial, which is expected to take about three weeks, has been set for 19 November.

Ella admits her children lied

Aside from the various courtroom and prison comings and goings, possibly the most important event of the past year was Ella’s bald admission that she and Abraham had forced her children to lie about the alleged Satanic ritual cult.

During an interview with American troofer Nathan Stolpman, Nathan asked Ella about her ex-husband Mr Draper’s alleged participation in the “cult”.

According to Nathan, “she says now she doesn’t believe that was the case and that was maybe something she was prompted into coming up with at the time when she was under duress”.

With this admission, Ella pulled the legs out from under the entire hoax. She and Abe had made both children state that both Mr Draper and Ella’s eldest son were “in the cult” and that they had participated in its grotesque activities.

In admitting that she’d lied, Ella stated that her children had been forced to lie, too. There’s really no way to overstate the importance of this moment: it means, in effect, that the hoax is over. While the body may continue to thrash about, the head of the snake has been cut off.

What’s ahead?

As we mentioned, Sabine’s next hearing will take place tomorrow; the court will decide whether she can be placed on bail until November.

In the longer term, it seems that some of the original promoters of the Hampstead SRA hoax have regrouped and formed the Fresh Start Foundation in Scotland. Others have gone quiet—though for how long, remains to be seen.

Over the next year, we will continue to watch, critique, and report on the activities of those who think it’s perfectly okay to harass families, teachers, social workers, clergy, police, and others with false allegations of hideous crimes. We’ll continue to deliver news, analysis, and opinions about the hoax and those who keep it running.

And we’ll hope we’ll continue to be a place you’ll want to visit, to share opinions, offer advice, and share a few laughs while we rebut and counter the hoaxers’ false claims, and fight against the vile conspiracy theories and delusions which underlie the Hampstead hoax. Cats like Hoaxtead

141 thoughts on “Hoaxtead Research: Three years on and going strong

  1. I find it really hard to believe that adults believed there was a cult in the first place, more importantly that children’s heads were cut of and people ate the babies! To me, anyone who believes that has something lacking, probably the part of the brain that houses intelligence and thought process! I don’t get why they weren’t all arrested and sectioned under the mental health act. Yet these people roam free and still believe it happened. I stumbled by your site while searching something different, and have to say, it’s brilliant. I look forward to midnight to read what you post and the comments. Also your timeline in how it all started and the players. Keep up the good work 👍🏻

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  2. Mr George Soros (future rule of Europe) the secret head of MI5, FSB, Mossad and the Streatham Darby Joan Club was most skeptical when I approached him and said I wish to move on as Head of the Broom Closet & wished for more exciting challenges in the intelligence community and thus I became regular contributor to Hoaxtead with a raise of 2/9p a week and what a joy it has been. Many readers have nearly busted me & others as covert government agents but we have prevailed and our secret is still safe.
    All Hail Hoaxtead !. The fight continues.

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  3. The appropriately titled ‘See You Again’ – number one on the day the blog was born 🙂

    Sample lyric: “We’ve come a long way from where we began”

    Am I being contrived enough yet? 😀

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  4. So the blog’s a Taurus?

    No wonder all those would-be bullfighters have come a cropper when they’ve tried to take you guys on.

    Nice work everyone 🙂

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  5. Happy birthday, Hoaxtead!

    And well done on those 1.3 million hits 🙂

    The likes of Angela, Debs and Ogilfail can only dream of stats like that.

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    • Having said that, it’s most heartwarming to see Angela’s two biggest fans still loyally thumbing up her posts 😂

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    • No, it’s apt ….Well, they are in the business of sabotaging real child protection work. They were previously called pedohunters downunder, but changed and rebranded after their disgusting collaboration with Angela Power Disney, Fiona Barnett & some arsehole were exposed. They also collaborate with Opdeatheaters NSW & Uk members to both promote SRA hoaxers & maliciously attack genuine advocates, investigators giving evidence to real inquiries.

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  6. Well, wow. Happy Birthday Hoaxtead! (Did I spell that correctly?) 🙂

    After getting caught up in the troofer world, your site helped me to understand the meaning of critical analysis. Sound research, impeccable reporting – Scarlet Scoop, El C, you are amazing!

    Thank you for all of your tireless work – it is very much appreciated.

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    • Thank you, AIR 🙂

      EC’s the real driving force – these days I just sneak around behind the scenes gathering, sorting and archiving evidence.

      And yes, you did spell Hoaxtead correctly and may in fact be only the 7th person ever to do so 😀

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  7. I’m surprised our biggest fan Heather (aka Suzy Jones) hasn’t stopped by to wish us many happy returns. Still, the day is young…

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    • She hadn’t time to COVER HER GRAY, then Deny it, between harassing actual activists and spreading tall tales that is…. 😉

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      • Or to deny ever having admitted to being Pru Halliwell, despite us having it on video. Or to deny ever having claimed to have a contact in Barnet Council, despite us hav… Oh, you get the idea.

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  8. Happy Birthday Hoaxtead.

    I don’t think anyone thought this would go on for so long. It seems the wheels of justice grind slowly, but they grind exceedingly fine.

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  9. LOL, it seems Malcolm’s jealous of your stats, EC. He’s just claimed to have 94,000 comments on his blog. The actual figure is two (and both of those were him posting death threats under an assumed name. LMAO!)

    Happy birthday, btw 🙂

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  10. Yep, keep up your daily work Scarlet, El C & others here, discrediting a destroying cases such as this…. Jon Stevenson, who runs ‘Baba’s & Bubbles’ soft play? who was credited with helping to destroy the ‘Holllie Grieg’ case, along with Magg’s Shaw O’Neill, suspect GCHQ operative & house mate of a one of the accused & lover & of German Shepard’s Lolz

    ( Ya see there’s the funny thing!.. Whilst typing the above ” lover & of German Shepard’s Lolz ” It has just come to me ‘re a convo’ I had with my old adversary John Kramer, Rusty Cuntballs?

    Think it was around 22nd Dec 20016, when he said “Alanson listen, next year it is gonna be disclosed that one of your female truthers is into having sex with dogs” So… bearing in mind that that evidence was not forth coming, but rumors of Maggs Shaw & her House were ,I’m thinking auld EX Met Detective John Kramer had his wires crossed. you see where I’m coming from?)

    Whilst I know that there are many whom frequent this blog who are genuinely good folk, who have been ‘hood-winked’… I also know that there are many ‘Dark Souls’ that dwell here…

    Because I’ll tell you this, the folks with jet black dark souls on this blog…

    We only need one win… to win… You can not afford to lose once !

    So, for folk of a genuine nature on this blog… ‘A few search topics for you’, If you genuinely thing folk here are acting in true spirit… Oh, ‘they’ will tell you that those mentioned in the links have nothing to do with Hoaxtead research, but I’m sure you will use your own logic & common sense skills to see through that smoke screen yes?

    I need to tread carefully as I’m going for the ‘Guinness World Record’ of the longest serving person on bail,

    Right, first is ‘Defenders of the cult’ 1 & 2 on ‘Youtube’

    2nd, is ‘Police Scotland Covers Up Paedophilia’ Brian Dochery… On youtube

    And last but not least the ONE the Dark Souls can not dispute

    ‘S***** R***** A**** Report Similar to Hampstead’

    Raymond Varkman, theres a saying Kidda… ‘Lets sleeping dogs lie’

    I’m happy to answer any questions



    • Blah blah blah waffle waffle yadda yadda… But still no answers to the questions you were asked several times last time you were here… and the time before that… and the time before that. Still, at least you managed to get through an entire drunken rant without slagging off the Jews or threatening to kill anyone, so well done you.

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      • Alan, you claim to “know” a lot of things. Sadly, you are wrong much of the time. I’d say “all of the time” except that fortunately, I’m not privy to every ridiculous bit of arsewaffle which emerges fully formed from your mouth.

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    • “Whilst I know that there are many whom frequent this blog who are genuinely good folk, who have been ‘hood-winked’… I also know that there are many ‘Dark Souls’ that dwell here…”

      I think when he said “genuinely good folk” he was talking about me because my halo is the shiniest and the ‘Dark Souls’ he refers to as dwelling here would be the lurkers with evil intent epitomised by Glasgow’s own Gollum.

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    • Nope. that ship has sailed. Plus you owe me an apology for saying “Go play with the buses, imp”. And don’t get me started on your disgusting anti-Jewish posts from earlier this week.

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  11. Still waiting on dem Q’s from you nice warm cuddly folks you have for me?

    I said “I will answer any serious question”…

    Hoax ‘Goatshed tead lost its voice ? laaaaaaaaaa….


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