Tracey Morris, the mouth that roared

Thanks to commenter YdychyncachuTracey for letting us know that our old friend Tracey Morris is back in business, this time looking for donations with the help of her friend Kristen Elizabeth Patterson. (You might recall Kristen—she’s the Canadian woman who took on the task of Twitter manager for Charlotte Alton Ward’s pig’s toilet of a blog, before Charlotte gave up and went back to searching for magic mushrooms in Suriname.)

Ah, memories.

We first encountered Tracey last summer, when she was living in Belinda’s basement and accompanying her to the Royal Courts of Justice to harass RD on a daily basis.

Tracey had a set of lungs to rival Christine Ann Sands’, and was in the habit of saying even-handed, well-considered things like, “Rxxxx Dxxxxxx gets those kids over my dead body….I don’t care if he skips the country we will hunt him down”.

Tracey Morris-RCJ 2016-05-19

Eventually both she and Belinda were issued with injunctions:

Court doc_ HCU - Copy

She did the usual amount of posturing and shouting that no stupid injunction was going to shut her up, and then she slunk off quietly to…well, we weren’t sure where she’d slunk off to, but at least she stopped claiming that RD should have been dealt with by the Russian mafia.

And now she’s back.

This time, though, she seems to be allowing Kristen to collect money for her, so she can run a ‘charity’ called Civil Rights Defenders.

Now, there really is a respected NGO (non-governmental organisation) called Civil Rights Defenders: it’s based in Sweden, and originated as part of the Helsinki Movement in the 1970s. However, we’re quite certain that Tracey Morris has nothing to do with that organisation.

Rather, she seems to be (as YdychyncachuTracey says) trying to raise funds for her own ‘charity’, which seems to involve rushing about the countryside and poking her nose into other people’s business. She does have a history, and according to a commenter on one of Sabine’s blogs last summer, she doesn’t always come out smelling of roses:

Tracey Morris via Sabine blog

Like her friends Belinda and Sabine, Tracey seems more interested in making lots of noise and achieving lots of profile for herself and her causes than with actually doing anyone any good.

Of course, she could always prove us wrong with her latest venture…but we’re not holding our breath.



32 thoughts on “Tracey Morris, the mouth that roared

    • was that her with a group outside a police station when one of their mob (Lotus Princess?) had been taken to be booked?/ Link ? I need a good laugh.

      From all I read about this dame I thought at least she was a bit sophisticated living in some exotic country but now I see she’s just a Class One Ratbag like all the others.

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  1. Another day, another con-merchant. The past few weeks have been an eye-opener for me as I’ve made the acquaintance of a man who has been quietly debunking hoaxers of various types for a couple of decades.

    It does appear that those who involve themselves with these sexual abuse cases are among the monst cynical and mercinary. It’s also been pointed out to me where some of the emptiest barrels that make the most noise are in fact child abusers, porn peddlars, drug abusers themselves. “D&P” – Deflection and Projection spake the wise owl! That seems to be as big part of the game as the tin-rattling is.

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    • yes the old claim about ‘gay bashers’ comes to mind. I’m sure a Freudian shrink could have a field day with some of these tragics.


      • I’m reminded Sam of what that very wise man Quentin Crisp said… Misquoting slightly; ‘Some queers are tough, but some toughs are queer’ – which with a little thought readily reveals why we use the term ‘Homophobic’ to describe a particular type of hater.

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    • Yes, the hoaxers do have much in common; it’d be interesting to do a psychological study of the modern-day online hoax merchant. D&P really is (are?) the name of the game.


  2. A number of the hoaxers claim to be victims of abuse themselves and are under the illusion that such a claim makes them uncriticizable and expert in the field.

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    • I’ve noticed that, yes, in fact it came up in conversation yesterday.

      However I was also fortunate enough yesterday to have the opportunity to visit the office of someone who DOES investigate these cases on a professional/serious basis. I was given a quick review of some of the key characters in some recent cases and shown real hard documentary evidence. – One particular individual for instance claims he was spanked by his headmaster in a ‘sexual’ way. Elsewhere he boasts on a Dunblane-style return to the school where this allegedly happened, with a view to murdering the man! This crank also BOASTS of their firearms convictions! Truly a complete nutter! Another claims to have been at a particular children’s home frequented by Savile. In reality they are a serial criminal and master-forger! Yet another who bleats long and loud is banned from contact with their own child because of what was an act of abuse.

      Almost without exception it seems, when you drill into these people they turn out to be criminals and/or complete failures in life. These claims of victimhood are, more often than not, just “D&P”. In reality very few genuine victims will routinely want to be identified as such and they insist on preserving anonymity.

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    • Claiming that being abused makes one an expert in abuse is like saying that if I were hit by a car, it would make me an expert automotive engineer.


  3. The hoaxers all seem to have several common denominators, a desire for media attention, a quest for donations, both accompanied to some degree by a personality disorder. Some are drawn in by apparent mental illness (and used by the main perpetrators). others are more mercenary and have become the principle hoaxers. The good thing is that no NEW faces of any significance are appearing

    The hoaxers believe in the crap they spout, they become aggressive if challenged on anything they say and display unusually high degrees of deviousness.

    Slowly but surely they are being tackled, discredited and confined to a very high naughty step. Discrediting them reduces the damage that they might do to future victims, tackled by the authorities (very slow but it is reluctantly happening) The naughty step comes in many guises, ranging from social exclusion to a loss of liberty.

    A slow battle, but one that is being slowly won by decent people sick to death of the hoaxers cruelty and abuse.

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    • And there isn’t one of their Icke style conspiracies that wasn’t around decades before the internet ( In fact Icke is the most unoriginal of them all but has successfully used the net)

      The other day I asked Araya Soma why water in the Southern hemisphere went down the plug hole in the opposite direction of the North (tip I picked up on here). She said “Fuck off Satanist” and blocked me. Rip snorting mad she is.

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      • Icke of course was in on the ground floor where the internet’s concerned. – Something else I learned about yesterday was the tale of Titus Oates which I’m ashamed to say I didn’t know about before. It seems hoaxing might be a contender for second-oldest profession!

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      • The Coriolis effect is often exaggerated; the tour guides who “demonstrate” it in Kenya often give the bowl a helpful little swirl. It does however exist and is very important in understanding the circulation of oceans and weather systems.

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      • Haha – so typicaI of her unmatched eloquence, GoS ! I I was hoping you’d follow through on your tentative plan to ask her that. I still love her classic ‘Wake up da People’ (or whatever it’s called) song for laughs; it boasts deeply compelling lyrics such as ‘The earth is flat and it is not round !’ 😊

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    • Right on all counts, JW. I think the fact that no new hoaxers have joined in the past half year or so is a very positive development. Sounds like thin gruel, but it’s important, as it points to the fact that this story is losing credibility amongst the tin-foil hat crowd, to the point where no one else wants to jump on board.

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        • Thanks for keeping up the pressure,SV ! He needs to be stopped, and SOON. Jake almost gleefully rejects the copious advice/ dire warnings meted out to him by frantic family members and dispassionate authority figures alike; appears to have been instrumental in the ruin of his own mother’s long-established, well-respected business; and each of his posts grows alarmingly more revolting than the last. He is profoundly disturbed, yet any shred of empathyI may have once harbored towards him has all but vanished. But let’s not forget: he simply *adores* his rapidly expanding list of detractors with particular fervor, as he overflows with abundant love-‘n-light for those who reject his message/are in greatest need of being*saved*. That group naturally includes us and the overwhelming majority of sane adults ( read: ANYONE who doesn’t buy the Hampstead Hoax hook, line and sinker.) I only mention this for the benefit and edification of any who might have missed that selfless proclamation delivered during his brief but turbulent maiden voyage onto international radio airwaves the other night…

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          • @mmefustercluck well said. For a while i kinda felt a bit sorry for Jake,thinking that he was being used by Angie and was that he was totally unaware of it. Now i see that he knows exactly what he is doing and if he is being used then he is quite aware of the fact and more than happy enough to go along with it. He has shown no thoughts towards his mother and her work and is probably just as self obsessed as Angie is.

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  4. …it has become more apparent, and something that had never come to mind before, and thanks to the threads/posts on here, that these sick and evil people all seem to be doing these charity scams!

    Quite fasinating on one level!!!!

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