Tracey Morris breaches injunction

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English clearly isn’t Tracey’s strongest suit and she’s no great shakes on the legal  front either (“lolol it wasnt worth the paper it was written on and thats why it was shoved under my arm and not served lolololololol” – yeah, good luck with that one, Trace!). But I think the gist of her rants above are, “Please please please come and arrest me, I hear that the food in HMP Holloway is yummy!”

Tick tock…

Court doc_ HCU - Copy

More Tracey Morris action:


21 thoughts on “Tracey Morris breaches injunction

  1. Haha, just trying to imagine these rants with her thick Northern Irish accent! So funny!!!


  2. Sounds like more ITCCS bullsh*t, to me. Only these Sovereign Citizen idjits would belief that the same people who “called” a grand jury would also get to serve on it. I believe that would be called a Vigilance Committee, not a grand jury…

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  3. Hasn’t she had her children taken away from her yet…??? And they scream and they shout about Social Services taking children away…TRACEY MORRIS is the prime example of someone WHO SHOULD have them taken away!! They are hiding in Belinda’s basement so what will they do when Belinda moves and sells the house.?

    I suppose TRACEY MORRIS was Belinda’s next project….another money making sympathy pocket, tin rattling scheme….bad luck TRACEY….bad luck Belinda.

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  4. What does she mean “THATS WHY WE GOT AS FAR AS WE HAVE”. Erm, ok then

    Belinda on the run

    Charlotte on the run

    Nutty awaiting trial

    Sabine awaiting trial

    Ella & Abe on the run

    RD to get children back.

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  5. Should have kept your big gob shut Tracey. I’m glad you didn’t though as now you can be dealt with properly 🙂

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  7. Can you imagine trying to play Countdown with Tracey? She would want about 20 vowels and 42 consonants going by the way she writes her posts.

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