Tracey Morris continues defamation campaign against Sabine’s solicitor

Following Wednesday night’s Facebook live-stream, Tracey Morris has stepped up her campaign against Sabine McNeill’s solicitor Noam Almaz, claiming that he is unfit to handle his client’s case.

Yesterday Tracey posted a string of abuse directed toward Mr Almaz, alleging that he was misleading Sabine’s followers by telling them to stay away from court on 19 March, the date of her next hearing:

Tracey Morris 2018-03-15 1

Tracey shared text messages she’d sent Mr Almaz, threatening to “expose” (or “exopse”) him “across the country”:

Tracey Morris 2018-03-15 2

Tracey doesn’t say exactly what she will “expose” him for, but it seems that she believes that he ought to be able to get Sabine bailed rather than allowing her to remain in custody—a choice which would be up to the judge, not him.


Tracey Morris 2018-03-15 3

While we cannot comment on Mr Almaz’s performance as Sabine’s solicitor, those of us who were present at Rupert Quaintance’s trial last summer believe that his legal team, which included Mr Almaz, was competent and represented their client well.

However, as usual, Tracey knows far better than any trained professional how these things ought to go, and she won’t let a minor detail like “reality” stand in her way.

Weaselly Hall chimed into the conversation on Tracey’s Facebook wall, voicing his suspicion that sinister forces were at work, attempting to prevent Sabine’s followers from supporting her in court.

Tracey agrees, and accuses Mr Almaz of being “paid by them to sabotage this one like he did with the children”. We assume that she is referring to Ella Draper’s August 2015 appeal against Mrs Justice Pauffley’s judgment, but according to the judgment from that appeal, Ella was represented by Aseem Taj, not Mr Almaz.

Tracey Morris 2018-03-15 4Tracey complains that Mr Almaz had the immortal rind to “refuse to answer [her] why he didn’t appeal that day”. This could be because Mr Almaz is responsible to his client, Sabine, and not to some nutter who calls to harangue him, but who are we to say?

Tracey Morris 2018-03-15 5“I’d love to see them keep her on remand they’d be sorry xx”: really, Tracey? Really? What are you going to do to “them”?

Tracey Morris 2018-03-15 6“I asked him why did he fail in his duty as a licensed practise by allowing a judge to bully him and throw Sabine in prison…”

Erm, correct us if we’re wrong, but aren’t solicitors meant to be quiet in court and allow the barristers to do the talking? How does Tracey believe that Mr Almaz could have behaved differently, without winding up in contempt of court?

Tracey Morris 2018-03-15 8

You know, if Sabine’s legal team believes that the presence of a contingent of Hoaxtead mobsters might imperil their client’s chances of being released on bail prior to her trial, we’d be inclined to accept their assessment, but that’s just us. Tracey and Weaselly, we’re sure, will handle this in their own inimitable fashion, and good luck to them.

Tracey Morris 2018-03-15 10Bad news, Mr Almaz: now Tracey is saying she is “ready to blow [her] top with this and tell everyone what [she] really think[s] is going on here”.

And you thought she’d already done that? Clearly, you’re not familiar with Blabbergob and her entertaining ways.

No, now she’s planning to contact a radio station to help broadcast her defamatory slurs even further afield:

Tracey Morris 2018-03-15 7Here we see Tracey unveiling her new campaign slogan: “Free Sabine Or Else”, with a clenched fist as punctuation. [Punch-uation, shurely?—Ed.]

We do like to be helpful, so we’ve come up with a poster which Tracey should feel free to use:


75 thoughts on “Tracey Morris continues defamation campaign against Sabine’s solicitor

  1. I do hope Mr. Almaz becomes aware of her scurrilous allegations!

    In her latest in a club/pub in Belfast I think, she has maligned him again to an audience. She has also accused paramilitaries of trafficking her late daughter. Will she ever let the poor girl rest in peace.

    She goes on to mention the harrassment case against her by the hostel/home her daughter was staying at.

    She is on dangerous ground now, the Good Friday Agreement has as we all know been adhered to but there are warring factions still going, I would not like to mention them myself.

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    • “In her latest in a club/pub in Belfast I think”

      Don’t laugh but it was actually at her friend’s wedding anniversary do! LOL

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        • ” Rosemary Nelson was a prominent Irish human rights solicitor who was assassinated by an Ulster loyalist paramilitary group in 1999. A bomb exploded under her car at her home in Lurgan, Northern Ireland; the Red Hand Defenders claimed responsibility.”

          No disrespect meant in my previous post, I didn’t realize what it was for, but I think Eliza did post about it two days ago & I forgot.

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          • Yes, my understanding is that an event was organised by Padrigin Drinan to commemorate the 19th anniversary of Rosemary Nelson’s murder and to discuss human rights issues particularly the retrieval of information…..i.e. access to records etc. ‘the paper trail’ was what blabbergob was on about and where that video was shot (awkward pun..unintentional).

            P.S Dearg, I always want to call you Dearbhaile!

            Whatever the mix-up, it’s clear Tracey’s a nutcase.

            I just feel really sad that people place their trust/faith in her and I can’t help but wonder what’s so lacking in Belfast that all the resources which have been pumped into bettering the situations of people who lived in a war zone for so many decades has been of no use to the extent that a barely literate arse reckons she’s running the show with all her innuendo-laden rhetoric and futile threats.

            Down with Blabbergobshites!

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            • Let’s hope Padrigin Drinan went home, looked up Sabine McNeill, etc. & found in that paper trail the full extent of BS that Tracey Morris talks about. Being a real solicitor I can’t imagine she would believe TM about all the shouting she did at the judge in family court regarding her grandchildren.

              Call me anything you would like to. 😂

              Not everyone in Belfast believes Tracey Morris, halleuia! A lot have called her out on her BS & called her some pretty unflattering names lol.

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          • I’m glad to hear that, I did feel quite distressed when reading comments on her last live video but recognised I don’t know the situations of those people or even if they aren’t attention seeking trolls…who knows?

            Dearbhaile means dearest wish, I didn’t know that until I googled to see if my spelling is correct.

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            • I did think the same at one stage tbh, until I looked & listened more than I normally would. There was one live she did which in which she accused her ex of abusing her late daughter, (a beautiful girl). It was truly shocking & so outrageous with the timeline that I found it hard to follow, I do not know though the truth of the matter. His family, rightfully in my opinion defended him, there was a lot said & revealed about TM, again I don’t know what was true & what not, but they did take her to court about it & she hasn’t spoken about that particular matter again.

              Hey that’s a really cool meaning, I love it, I have one dog named after Constance Markievicz, the other 2 don’t have such noble names, but I am getting another soon so will use that name for her, thank you! 🐕🐶🐾

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      • Mind you, he also thinks that Stephen Hawking was bumped off in the 80s and replaced by a clone, so we shouldn’t be too surprised.


        • Remember, though – he’s NOT mentally ill, as this completely sane and reational diatribe demonstrates:

          (From 5 years ago but he’s re-posted it this morning.)


          • So, this is Malcom pretending to be some sort of Welsh Jimmy Savile (Is he a fan I wonder?) filming some obvious pyramid scammer off a screen? What point does he think he’s making? Talk about random!


          • Well, if you are someone who has been accused of having an unhealthy interest in children, the obvious thing to do is film yourself impersonating old family favourite Jimmy Savile. Maybe he could put on some glasses and a false beard and sing “Two Little Boys” next week? Plus rather than just give a link to a YouTube video, it is much more fun to film it from the screen.


          • the thing that baffles me is how he can have a mental age less than his shoe size. WTF does he actually think he’s on about?


      • Noncilvy’s still pushing it. Apparently if a clause begins with ‘if’, it must be a question. Bless his cotton socks 😀


    • I’ll have to watch that slowly later as I cannot understand a word she’s saying and it brings back memories of my late Irish Grandmother who had the exact same accent who used to talk to me as a kid and every now and then my father would nudge me to “thank Nanna” as she had said something complimentary.

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    • Ok, who is the person in England who is phoning her and begging her for help? I want that feckers name! I mean we got Wesley and Belunder and Jake (who brings his Beano) and all the other super soldiers – so who’s phoning Big T and saying we can’t cope?


    • Some party! “We have people everywhere.. and we are getting bigger”.

      I noticed only a few people clapped as well.


    • I’m pretty sure that room she is ranting to is empty. It has that feeling. A bit of uncomfortable coughing perhaps from the barman thinking “please someone, just shoot me”.
      What a bizarre ego. She takes on everyone and they are all apparently terrified of her including a dozen coppers and even the CID who she says are not cops (?) but the CID and police “are all connected” (duhhh). Any way that’s the little bit I could make out. She’d be an utter nightmare to live with.
      Madness. Madness.


    • That must have been the longest five minutes of most people’s live, judging by the reaction.


  2. My God the woman is completely deranged and extremely dangerous.

    I said in the last post I believe the solicitor is most likely hoping there is no outburst in court from Morris and her contingent of aggressive followers as it may indicate to the judge that indeed Sabine should not get bail as she appears to inspire and inflame the harassment and that’s why she is actually in jail to begin with.

    If these fruit loops had any sense the best they should do is elect one sane (?) representative to attend court quietly who could then report back to the them all. It’s probable that Sabine may not even be there herself as is normal in such cases.

    Morris is also an obvious liar or whatever she is told gets scrambled within her head. There is not a single chance that another solicitor- when she claims she had “feedback” from a “top solicitor in Derry” who contacted her – is patent hogwash as it would breach conventions that solicitors do not attempt to poach clients or publicly criticize another’s efforts, to a bloody stranger like Morris who has zilch standing in the matter.

    Message to Belinda McKenzie: if you truly are a friend of Sabine’s you should tell this mob to cool it and offer to go to court on the 19th as the sole observer so you can report back to all. You helped create this bonfire which is out of control but we can see from endless Youtube videos you do remain quiet in official situations. The last thing McNeill needs is an hysterical Morris insulting not just the judge but Sabine’s solicitor.

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  3. She is more full of shit than a shearing shed dunny! “Free Sabine or else “. Or else what?? “You will feel the full might of my brilliant intellect etc etc? ” No doubt the Judiciary are defecating blue coconuts at the prospect of this deluded harridan in full flight. As much as I feel some sorrow for the old bint being incarcerated ( her own fault though ), I really would like to see her kept in until the trial, just to witness the eruptions which are bound to come from the Belfast volcano! Vesuvius will be nothing compared to Mt Rubbergums!
    I wish I wasn’t on the other side of the world. I would love to be at the court to see the “thousands “of supporters. Please , please EC, tell me you can arrange a discreet video or photo or two? You have a couple of days to arrange it.

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    • Well we know where you are based: “full of shit than a shearing shed dunny!” LOL.
      I had a friend who died 3 years ago who was from an upper crust Oz farming family and the worst insult he could impose on people he thought were “peasants” was that they were “a bunch of shearers”.

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      • Yes mate. a “True Blue “. One advantage of the fresh air down under is you can smell bullshit even when it is so far away! No wonder the grass in Ireland is so green with muck spreaders like her around.

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        • Bullshit stinks, but have you ever had the olfactory pleasure of encountering the sweet scent of freshly shorn grass…’s practically year round for us and it may well be the reason why we’re always smiling with our eyes. It could be a different Oirish experience if you grew up in one of those areas tantamount to concrete jungles though….hence why some are angrier than others.


    • Wesley. There are those of us who believe in the law and justice for all. Sabine is best helped by having a decent solicitor and barrister and right now Tracey Morris is doing her best to scupper that and frighten them off. You can gather people at the Courts but it won’t ‘put pressure’ on the authorities. That’s not how it works. Sabines’ worst enemy right now is Tracey and if you can’t see that then you should give up and sit in the corner. This whole case is littered with people who are unstable and need to be reigned in because they are DOING DAMAGE to other people, even those on their own side.

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  4. I could barely make out what she was saying in that clip of her at the event she was at the other night…I’m amazed they gave her the opportunity to speak but she mentioned with regard to the Paper Trail group representatives there that she has to make a lot of FOI requests.

    When she speaks she places a lot of emphasis on the personal pronoun ‘I’ (I did this, I did that, I’ve worked really hard ….), when she includes everyone with ‘we’ ( we have all suffered great trauma) it doesn’t sound as strong.

    It’s actually ridiculous that she went to England last weekend to protest against Sabine’s being thrown in prison….a complete waste of time and effort. She is exactly like the proverbial headless chicken.

    Mr. Almaz appears to be more than competent, given what’s written about him on the net.

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  5. Is Debs going on Monday, to defend her long-standing partner-in-grime Sabine?
    I’d love to see who can shout the loudest out of her and Tracey 😀

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  6. Dons gypsy fortune tellers garb
    “I foresee grey, and iron, iron bars in your future, and a law… a law and a suit…a lawsuit?”

    I think Tracy might have stepped in something brown and smelly, if I was Mr Almaz, I would be more than just tempted to throw everything he could at old blabbergob, she is waaaay over the line with these comments, like about from here to Andromeda distance over the line….

    Plus a very public legal slapdown might have the effect of making the other loudmouths think twice before airing their crud anymore, which would only be a good thing!

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    • She isn’t his client. I reckon he’s been politely trying to point that out as he has a duty of confidentiality towards Sabine, Doubt Morris understands that.

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      • She may not be his client, but she certainly is badmouthing him enough. Time for him to to take off the kiddy gloves and put her in her place once and for all imho
        Part of the problem in my view is that the courts and the police have been handling this as individual cases- they arent, they are an actual real life conspiracy to hound and defame an innocent group of people

        Ironically they themselves are the real conspiracy, complaining about an imaginary conspiracy…..

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  7. TM-
    ” Yes Selene Woods that’s the one.. I wouldn’t care if it was my own brother or my own son, I’d demand he stepped aside from this due to the seriousness of his inexperience and we have serious evidence of his inability to know what he is doing.. This is why this has went on for the past three years and it’s got worse due to complete incompetence from her legal side.. They didn’t have a clue how to JR or Appeal the judges biast decision to remand Sabine and he refused to explain why he failed to lawfully represent his client and her rights.. That’s when he hung up the phone… We know what’s been going on now and unless he steps aside after Mondays hearing, then Sabine will be losing a lot of supporters due to the seriousness of this high profile cases, and the inexperienced team who are demolishing it before our very eyes.. I have never seen such negligence in my whole life within a case of this kind”.


    • Didn’t this solicitor thing come from Bellenda Mckenzie come from her self???? She has used this on several court cases before, and also she used the same solicitor said not to go, when there was a meeting in a pub in London a few years ago, turned out to be total bollocking because SHE didn’t want people turning up her self.


    • Tracey seems to believe a solicitor just goes into court and somehow magically says “my client is innocent Your Honour” and his Worshipfullness responds “Goodo, case dismissed”.
      And as for these threats of a Judicial Review?. What on earth is that all about?. I wonder if those people who listen to her ramblings really think she’s the full quid and are just being polite?.
      She and Neelu make a good pair. Both barking in their inimitable ways.


  8. I gots a “hate mail” ! 🙂 [proudly waving the printout]

    I never get hate mail. Sometimes I feel so left out – har-dee-har.

    Deleted reply: ” You are pathetic. Do Not Spread Your Existence To The Rest Of The World. Fuck Off. Criminal”.



  9. Neelu’s latest video

    She’s been on a day trip to the RCJ today.

    “We’re going to get mass remedies. OK! Coz there are the angel clouds. The white ones. The fluffy ones. And there is the Mother Ship. The grey one. Can you see it? Right? And it’s always a mother ship around. There’s another one over there.”


    • What I don’t get is how while she’s campaigning to get Adam Mustafa out of prison, he’s managing to keep posting about it on her page.


    • Whatever happened to Neelu’s crystal planting exercise around the courts?. Has she moved onto fluffy clouds now? What if they are Chem Trails and not real clouds? Where’s Penny Pullen when you need her?

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  10. Angela Power-Disney has posted a link to a video of the children recommending people use a non-UK VNP thereby breaking the law and ignoring a court order. Her crimes continue to mount.
    These children would have a serious case against her and Facebook following a precedent set in Ireland recently where a teenager terrified Facebook into a financial settlement over some ‘revenge porn’ photos.
    While FB seem to have become more active their reporting process is still woefully unhelpful with limited choices and one of the worst angles is their idiotic advice to contact the poster and request a post to be removed.

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  11. Oh my God, a second ‘Toxic Family Audio’ video has come down from Angie’s back-up YouTube channel!

    This is the one that’s now come down:

    I reported all 7 in the series a few days ago, one of which already came down yesterday:

    That channel must now be one strike away from a permanent ban! Just one last push and we’re there, folks:

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