Peter Hofschröer served with civil lawsuit

The saga of convicted paedophile Peter Hofschröer, former owner of more than 36,000 child sexual abuse images and darling of alleged “children’s activists” Belinda McKenzie, Sabine McNeill, Andy Peacher, and UK Column, continues to grow ever more complex. According to yesterday’s UK Column, the Austrian government has now served him with a civil lawsuit.

Readers will recall that Mr Hofschröer was extradited back to his native Austria in July 2017, following lengthy legal proceedings, a stay at Belinda’s Highgate home, an apparent escape attempt involving unlocking his ankle monitor, and subsequent surrender to police. He is currently being held in a psychiatric facility in Austria.

According to Alex Thomson’s report on UK Column, Mr Hofschröer is claiming that notice of the lawsuit was improperly served, as “not even a valid address has been used”. The suit involves Mr Hofschröer’s alleged defamation of the Austrian judiciary, “which is what got him extradited to Austria under a European arrest warrant anyway”.

Mr Thomson claims that because the blog on which the defamatory comments took place, “Grandma B.“, is hosted by U.S.-based, “the Austrians are action out of jurisdiction”. Mr Hofschröer is currently “penniless apart from what we can send him in donations”, and so will require a court-appointed lawyer, Mr Thomson said.

Mr Hofschröer, meanwhile, is claiming to have no access to the Grandma B blog.

Mr Thomson said, “Peter is still waiting for his own appeal on his unlawful mental incarceration, and has been served this writ. There’s probably a bleed-over between the two—he’s probably being threatened by one to stop the other”. He did not explain why this might be the case, nor provide any evidence for it.

The upshot is that Mr Hofschröer is (surprise!) asking for further donations to a fund which will be used to engage a “proper barrister”.

Mr Thomson asked that people write Barbara Hofschröer at her care home in York, and noted that she is “being forbidden visits” by a social worker, whose name and phone number were helpfully provided onscreen.

“She’s getting into an addled state”, Mr Thomson said. “It sounds like they’re pumping her full of drugs again because of the publicity involved in this case”.

Again, no evidence was provided for this rather serious charge.

Commenting on Mr Thomson’s report, Brian Gerrish referred to “blatant use of the psychiatric system in order to silence Peter Hofschröer”.

It’s curious that all the alleged “children’s activists” who so staunchly defend a man who seems to have devoted a great deal of time and energy to collecting images of children being sexually abused, appear to believe that “the system”, and not their friend, are responsible for Mr Hofschröer’s current predicament.

We assume that if any of these noble people had even the slightest bit of evidence which might have helped exonerate their friend, surely they would have presented it during his many trials. And yet, so far as we are aware, this did not happen.

Could it be that such evidence simply didn’t exist? And if that’s the case, what makes Mr Hofschröer’s friends so certain that he is innocent in the first place?

Just asking.

Peter Hofschroer paedophile

Peter Hofschröer in his younger days, combining his two favourite interests



21 thoughts on “Peter Hofschröer served with civil lawsuit

  1. What is it about Belinda McKenzie and criminals? It’s like some bizarre magnetism or an anti Midas touch. Could it be that she’s the only person who’ll tolerate the string of degenerates she attracts ? Or do decent people stay well clear ?

    Either way she associates with far too many nasty individuals for it to be mere chance.

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  2. It’s pretty clear Bellend, APD, Mizz Morris, Sabine, Baloney, Gerrish & Green and the whole lot of them pray and worship St Judas The Useless- Patron Saint of Rediculous Causes.

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  3. Strange I was thinking the same thing how come they all seem to be connected with padeophiles or associated with them. They call themselves child activist yet seem to be surrounded by padeophiles. This does not seem to be a coincidence when your try to free convicted padeophile. And your founder of your charity is a padeophile. Then we have Terrence Ewing another who was part of the mckenzie roger gleeves business partner. How many more that we are not aware of that is connected with this shower of gob shyte.

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  4. They aren’t people I would trust to be left in charge of a child or with access to confidential court records relating to child abuse, alleged or otherwise.

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  5. Aslan’s Army Facebook Group
    Might be worth keeping a watching brief on these loons. I ended up there after reading more about the Veterans On Patrol muppets in Tucson and following the news stories. They seem linked to the equally batsh!t US #QAnon nonsense, but with a UK far-right twist. Plenty of references to SRA and Westminster child trafficking rings all controlled obviously by the Government and MI5.

    Too much to filter on first look but they have the expected links to John Wedger’s interview, Melanie Shaw etc. Wondering what cost to my soul there would be involved in infiltration!!!

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    • You’re right, they’re a disturbing lot. What is it with these groups that name themselves after characters in children’s books, BTW? Is it a “dogwhistle” which appeals to the “child brain” in their followers?


      • “Is it a “dogwhistle” which appeals to the “child brain” in their followers?”

        I seriously doubt that it’s a dialectic reading of the deep allegorical illusions that C.S. Lewis planted in the Chronicles! 🤣

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  6. I noticed among Youtube comments lately on videos supporting Melanie Shaw just how many people think that UK Column is a source to be trusted, how scary is that?

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      • Yes, it is sad isn’t it EC? I think it is just laziness, people like Alex Jones and Gerrish tell people what to think and those people are just too lazy to look into their stories any further. This is twice now that i know of where Gerrish has supported a convicted paedophile and told people not to believe the law courts.

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    • What is it with the UK Column and their support of convicted paedophiles? Why don’t their supporters question as to why they would support people like Hofschroer? Are they a paedo support system?

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      • Excellent questions, WW. I suspect it’ll be some time before we get an answer from UK Column or their supporters, though. It seems to be an issue they’d just as soon avoid.

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  7. The only research seems to be:

    Mr./Ms. X posts “Jesus loves me & hates Mr./Ms. Y because they saw a cloud in a traffic light followed by a ‘coyote’ wearing rosary beads & that’s a sign that it’s chemtrails, pizzas, MI5, flying saucer……


    “Oh, ah, that happened to me, I was ‘working’ on my big toe & saw the flashing lights”.

    “I knew they were coming for me but they can’t take me away because I gave up my name & birth certificate & I was rebirthed as a common law citizen, I have no mind, no individual thought process, no logic.”

    “Oh let’s follow that person, I’m broke as well & they make money from go fund me appeals, that means I never have to work, just fill them up with B.S & if they people are dumb enough to believe me, they deserve to be scanned. – APD, Arthur, Tracey Morris, etc.”.

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