Adrenochrome: Hysteria versus reality

We’ve talked before about some of Abraham Christie’s disturbing pseudo-scientific beliefs.

For example, at one point he was insisting that fresh, raw, juiced hemp was an “ideal plant-based blood transfusion liquid” which could be substituted for blood transfusions in humans.

He also subscribes to, and promotes, the dangerous fiction that the anal rape of very young children “stimulates the pineal gland” and causes the child to become not only addicted to the experience of sexual abuse, but also a willing, mind-controlled slave of the abuser:

Chronic exogenous stimulation of the pineal gland via the Rite of Sodomy causes the recipient to become dependent upon exogenous stimulation and thereby “Bound and Controlled”. These occult practices; Satanic, Luciferian, Magick, hypnotism, illusion & virtual reality, the use of drugs/potions etc. which also serve to confuse and create non-credible disclosure, are common features in Trauma Based Mind Control cases.

The Rite of Sodomy is begun before three years of age in order to securely “bind and control” victims, which is one reason why nurseries/pre-schools and maternity hospitals are increasingly targeted. Universities, military bases, schools, churches & private homes are also venues for TBMC programming …and regrettably the local education board Camden HAVE to be aware of these programs. Head Teacher [Redacted] (whom [redacted] and [redacted] testified is one of the main abusers & leading member of the TBMC programs, who has a large port wine stain birth mark covering her thighs and pudenda & a baphomet tattoo covering her vagina), regularly attends Camden Education Board meetings which are also attended by Tavistock representatives.

Another of Abe’s pet fantasies revolves around a substance called “adrenochrome”.

Clearly he’s read up on the subject on all the best conspiraloon websites, as he parrots the fiction that adrenochrome must be harvested from the adrenal glands of terrified infants, immediately after death. According to the interviewers at PinheadUtopia, who interviewed Abe and Ella on 10 July 2015,

Adrenochrome, a substance taken from a live beating heart of a horrified person is highly addictive, very psychoactive and stimulating to those who chose to drink it. In satanic death cults operating in the UK this revolting chemical is in high demand. It is why the babies that are ritualistically sacrificed are terrified just before they are killed.

In a post on one of his now-defunct blogs, Abe spelled it out a bit further:

You and your melanin deficient Masonic sodomites can eat all the African babies you are able, but that will not prevent or alleviate Alzheimers, Parkinsons, Huntingdons, or any other neurodegenerative diseases that you and your ilk are susceptible to, due to the powerful free radical aminochromes, i.e. Adrenochrome in the blood, flesh, and organs of the innocent victims of your depravity.

And of course, if Abe says it, you just know that the ever-dimwitted Kristie Sue will lap it up eagerly, and then regurgitate it as though it’s gospel: Let’s set a few things straight: the term “drencrom” comes from the film A Clockwork Orange, where something called drencrom was one of the fictional drugs which could be mixed into “milkplus”. That doesn’t mean it’s a real thing.

In reality, adrenochrome is much more prosaic.

It’s not harvested from recently deceased infants; it’s just the oxidised form of adrenaline, otherwise known as epinephrine. Anyone who has (or knows someone with) life-threatening allergies will be aware of something called an EpiPen, which can be used to quickly inject epinephrine and prevent anaphylaxis. Epinephrine is the chemical used in an EpiPen; adrenochrome is a chemical derived from that.

No babies, no torture, no dramatic harvesting of adrenochrome for the rich and silly. Sorry, Kristie Sue.

As for the alleged “high” one can achieve with adrenochrome, apparently that’s pretty underwhelming too.

According to Erowid, a site which provides information about psychoactive substances, the few who’ve bothered to try adrenochrome have been disappointed.

“Genaro” reported:

I had acquired D,L-Adrenochrome freebase (the one sold at 70euros for 250mg)

  1. first trial: I held 100mg under my tongue for 1 minute and then swallowed. Fast onset (about 5 minutes)
  2. second trial: I snorted 50mg. Onset: a few seconds.
  3. third trial : I smoked 25mg (vaporised in a crack pipe). Onset is almost instant.

Note that I waited a few days between each trial.

The three trials gave me the exact same effects, which were very light and really uninteresting (I wouldn’t even call it a high).

First, it’s wasn’t hallucinogen nor psychedelic. I had a feeling of warmth through my body, I felt a numbness in my hands and my head (possibly linked to the haemostatic effect), there was some slight sedation, and a very slight short lived euphoria (the euphoria was a slightly more pronouced when smoked, but still very short lived). There’s also some minor visual change (no visuals, just that I would see the room slightly differently than usual, but honestly that was some really minor change, a joint of hashish would have done the same, nothing really noticeable). There might be some slight myosis too (=little pupils), not really sure.

To sum up, effects were extremely weak, absolutely not fun nor psychedelic in anyway, and short lived (I would say the slight initial euphoria is gone within 4-5 minutes, and the few strange feelings that I experience from the stuff are gone within about 1 hour (I couldn’t say the exact duration as I didn’t really checked my watch)
Needless to say I was very disappointed by this uninteresting compound.

The effects I had from it were flimsy, there was a definite effect on my vision and my mental state for sure but I would definitely not call it ‘hallucinogenic’.

“Three” was even less impressed:

At the time, I was unaware of Adrenochrome or ‘Pink Adrenaline’. I acquired 1cc/mL of regular Epinephrine for the use of using it just to stay up and get the blood pumping. I was unable to use the Epinephrine as soon as I got it and was not able to use it for a 5-day period. During this period, the 1cc/mL of Epinephrine was stored in a 1cc/ml syringe with the normal needle cover over it in my sock drawer. After this period of time, I pulled the syringe out of my sock drawer, I had noticed the substance in the syringe had turned a pinkish color.

Not knowing of any chemical changes having occurred, I injected 1cc of the substance in my main arm vein. Within seconds, my heart was racing, I was sweating profusely, and a headache that could of brought down an elephant. The headache consisted of severe, throbbing pain (and when I mean severe, I mean severe, the worst headache imaginable). The headache, sweating, and rapid heartbeat lasted for about 2 hours, then vanished. At this point, I thought I was done with any of the effects. I was wrong. For the next 7 days, I received periodic bouts of the same severe headaches but lasting anywhere from several seconds to several minutes up to 45 minutes. The headaches were incapacitating. After that week, no other symptoms were felt. Well, I definitely got my heart pumping, but due to the severe headache, I would not recommend this. Also, I had absolutely no hallucinations unless I was hallucinating the headaches.

Incidentally, in this last report, note that the person seems to have accidentally created adrenochrome by leaving epinephrine exposed to the air for too long. So much for the “harvesting from babies” theory.

As usual, then, we find Kristie Sue mindlessly repeating Abe’s gibberish without bothering with even the slightest modicum of research.

Some things just never change.

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  1. Kristie Sue’s unswerving admiration of Abe & Ella is too weird. It’s like she’s joined some creepy cult and Abe is her guru slash handler slash controller and he can do no wrong in her eyes. He could tell her the Moon is made of seashells and the sky is made of marshmallow and she’d believe him.

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  2. Another irony is that much of how they base an option on the so called effects of the drug from Hunter s Thompson’s brilliant book “Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas” However, don’t they all believe very sick rumours about him? Obviously unfounded and completely disgusting.

    Cant have it both ways.

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    • He’s got a point there.. I mean one crazed vile nutcase out of 25 million people (that includes up to 4 million from the UK) must example the entire mob.
      Poor Olgivy, scouring the media for the pedo tales he loves so much.

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    • Agreed. She claims to believe in Bog and she thinks she’s oomny but she’s just a bolshy bratchny who’s completely pyahnitsa half the time. She makes me bolnoy >:D

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  3. This article is a great example of socially responsible blogging. The research was excellent and informative, exposing and confronting the irresponsible rumor-mongering for what it is. Left unopposed, such rumor-mongering poses a real danger of inciting deranged persons to perform life-threatening experimentation on children under their control.

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  4. @sheva – flowcharts on twitter! 🙂
    I’m going to have fun with flowcharts tonight…I’ll find some way to post them up here. Some satire, some serious.

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  5. Reading this with distance brings home how mad – and little read – Abraham really is/was. Whatever happened to him? Has he fallen silent, I’ve not read his gibberish for a while now. Seems like he and Ella have given up/realised they made fools of themselves.

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    • Ella and Abe are probably getting stoned all day and then popping to the nearest KFC to satisfy their munchies.

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  6. Not sure this will work:
    The Devil’s Music is the Cause of All Moral Degeneracy (satire)

    Jazz composer’s inspiration comes from the Devil
    i i
    Playing Jazz compositions Jazz musician Robert Johnson
    causes drug addiction makes pact with the Devil, sells
    63 Jazz musicians were his soul for demonic talent
    heroin addicts
    i i i
    Jazz music causes underage Hundreds of girls Jazz creates more criminals
    sex and juvenile prostitution morally corrupted by than any other factor of
    – Chicago Vice Commission dancing to Jazz modern life – T. Tynan, warden
    – Illinois Vigilance Ass. Colorado State Pen.
    Fool’s refuse to learn
    the lessons of history
    Tweeting of slanderous
    flowcharts on twitter

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    • If you are trying to link it to music, then what music form is linked with black and vampiric imagary? Which band were leading lights in the genre? The Sisters of Mercy’s logo features a pentagram. Their first single was Body and Soul. The B side? Adrenochrome!

      Not black and red boys, Frightened by the night, By the catholic monochrome, The catholic girls now, Stark in their dark and white, Dread in monochrome, The sisters of mercy, High tide, Wide eyed, Sped on adrenochrome, For the sisters of mercy, Filled with, Panic in their eyes, Rise, Dead on adrenochrome.

      Sheeple, it’s been staring us in the face all along. AC clearly got spliffed up in the early 80’s and listened to too much Goth.

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  7. After seeing Britain’s first try to use the memory of Lee Rigby for their own gain, the White Pendragon’s are now doing the same. They have launched a petition to build a memorial for him on the spot where he died.

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    • I hope his family have the memorial that they want already. I have no doubt there is a memorial from his colleagues in the barracks if I know soldiers.

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  8. Some twitter-idjit was talking about timelines. Here’s one:

    April 1971 – Florence Rush presents her ground-breaking: “The Sexual Abuse of Children: A Feminist Point of View” about childhood sexual abuse and incest, at the New York Radical Feminists Rape Conference. Focus is on sexual violence against female children within the family, seen as a pervasive – if not universal – factor in socializing females to accept subservient & submissive role in society. Sexual violence is therefore an inherently political, women’s issue.

    1973 – revelations that dozens of teenage boys had been tortured, raped, murdered and secretly buried by serial killer Dean Corll. Rumors that the boys had been involved in prostitution and/or pornography are encouraged by Police leadership, blaming victim “lifestyle” for the tragedy to offset parent’s revelations that police had refused to investigate the disappearance of the early victims. No verification of lifestyle claims from any family members or friends of the deceased.
    Boy prostitution and pornography operations subsequently uncovered in California, the DOM-LYRIC case, and in Houston, the Roy Ames case, 1973-75, but no link to Corll proven.

    1975 – Dr Judianne Densen-Gerber publishes “Incest as a causative factor in anti-social behavior: An exploratory study” in Contemporary Drug Problems. Establishes incest of female children as a public health issue linked to drug addict and prostitution.

    1974 – 76 – the Better Life Monthly pederast network is shut down by police investigation and successful prosecution of several principle conspirators, revealed in three linked case; the New Orleans Boy Scout troop,(Halvorsen), the Tennessee Boy’s Farm, (Vermylie) and Brother Paul’s Christian Mission – Michigan (Gerald Richards). Dozens of boys, aged 10-19 years, sexually abused by multiple men in prostitution and pornography operations over the previous 5 years. Perpetrators ran fraudulent charities, alleged to provide services to “wayward” boys previously identified as juvenile prostitutes, sex crime perpetrators or sexually active homosexuals, including short and long term crisis housing. Abuse images of the victims published in international commercial pornography.

    1975 – Family members of children living in Christian Brother’s run orphanage in Newfoundland Canada, supported by a concerned community employee, attempt to reveal the long history of physical and sexual abuse of the boys by the staff, which is ongoing. The whistle is blown over local radio, inciting police investigation but is quashed by collusion of prominent Catholics. Efforts continue however, over the next decade.

    1977 – 79 – Judianne Densen-Gerber and Det. Lloyd Martin (LAPD) aggressively lobby state and federal legislators for new laws effectively banning and criminalizing possession or sale of child sexual abuse images. Heavy print media coverage of these issues, multiple hearings with testimony from various social sciences experts, incarcerated perpetrators, child victims. Victimization of children in state or private custody of various kinds is a secondary focus.

    1978 – John Wayne Gacy confessed to police that since 1972, he had sexually assaulted, tortured and murdered approximately 25 to 30 teenage male, whom he falsely claimed were all runaways or male prostitutes, burying many of them in a crawlspace under his home.

    1979 – Jonathan Gathorne-Hardy publishes “The Public School Phenomenon” in the UK, documenting a long history & culture of sexually exploitative relationships between older and younger students, as well as physical & sexual violence perpetrated on resident by other residents and staff.

    Organized sexual abuse of children, including commercial exploitation and child trafficking has been revealed, documented, prosecuted and discussion at length in the media and among relevant social “stakeholders”. The stage seems set for large-scale institutional abuse of children, including church and clergy perpetrators, to emerge as a social issue. But…

    1980 – Lawrence Pazder publishes Michelle Remembers, inventing the terminology and concepts of Satanic Ritual Abuse/ Ritual Abuse/ Ritualized Abuse. Pazder attempts to have Michelle Smith declared a living saint by the Vatican.

    1983(?) – the first adult women claiming to be survivors of SRA are being evaluated and studied by psychiatric staff in California. Allegations are of long term sadistic abuse by satanic family cult members, with supernatural elements and frequent diagnosis of the previously rare Multiple Personality Disorder.

    1985 – media coverage of CSA issues is entirely focused on women’s allegations of satanic cult abuse and mind control in childhood, or large-scale daycare abuse accusation cases with allegations by some parents that children have revealed SRA victimization. Child protection resources are also dominated by cases of this nature, as are police child sex crime investigation resources, and psychiatric treatment/ therapy services for women and child sexual abuse victims. This social situation persists throughout the decade. No trace of an international satanic abuse cult conspiracy will ever be documented.
    There is no “social space”, no ‘oxygen’, in the media, child protection or policing services for any other CSA issue or problem to emerge. Church related abuse, care home abuse, school abuse, sports coaching abuse, all will continue to be suppressed until years after the satanic abuse cult allegations are publicly debunked and all the fraudulent “experts” and mal-practising professionals have been forced out.

    What happened? Was there an explosion of historic and current CSA allegations over-layed by fantasy elements, because powerful institutional stakeholders anticipated/ feared revelations about their institutions was imminent? Were they in part a reaction to the previous intense focus on the horrific sexual exploitation and serial murder of MALE children, a backlash bringing incest-centered female victimization to the forefront again but with allegations – however unprovable they might be – of suffering and horrors second only to the Holocaust in recent memory?

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      • That was a great write-up, thanks! Some things about the case seemed familiar, but I don’t remember a Congressman or an Admiral. Wow. Very sad.
        Never a concern in my life, thankfully, but some of the Elders in local gay community that I discreetly ‘interviewed’ about their childhood, youth, and young adult years had some disturbing tales to tell.

        I found this intriguing webpage about Ray Wyre:

        I’m not interested in the McCann rumor-mongering so I just skipped it. But this caught my eye:

        [In ‘Men and Crime’, Issue 13, summer 1992, Wyre admitted that a form of treatment used at the Gracewell Clinic, was that of ‘masturbation satiation’. A technique originally devised by W.L. Marshall, which makes us of deviant or illegal material as part of the therapy, and claimed by some to be effective in reducing re-offending].
        W L Marshall is legit, I know of his work. But this “satiation technique” using “deviant or illegal” material…I think this idea came from a notorious sex offender who used it to justify & rationalize exploiting gay youth in his care as pornography models and then selling pictures of the activity to “sponsors” of his alleged youth treatment home, including pictures of his underage sons interacting with the other youth. He was a sicko, but some of these kids with where else gay-positive to go, and only hatred and abuse to return to with family, even lied to protect him and stay with him, in court.
        Appeal of Claudius Vermilye, 1979, Tennessee Boy’s Farm:
        “He said that he had taken a few photographs of the individual residents, posed nude, to supply an artist who needed them for life drawings, and to use in “sublimation” counselling with his homosexual “clients,” whom he was trying to help stay “closeted” by fueling their homosexual fantasies with nude pictures of his own son, as well as residents of the Farm”.

        I wonder if Vermilye might have inspired them both, he would have “pioneered” this totally fake scam “treatment” years before, and he was certainly bold enough about writing to professionals in the field and portraying himself as a fellow therapist.


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