Fresh Start Foundation ‘spreading hate’, say CSA survivors

Back in January, we noted that the Scottish “Fresh Start Foundation”, which bills itself as a voluntary organisation devoted to “CSA support, recovery, seeking truth & justice”, seemed to be attacking genuine survivors of sexual abuse, while pushing their own SRA-based agenda.

The “Fresh Start Foundation”, much like Belinda McKenzie’s “Knight Foundation”, is not a registered charity, by the way; it just sounds like one.

(There is one “Fresh Start Foundation” currently registered with the UK Charity Commission, but it operates in Gambia, helping children stay in school by providing books, uniforms, school fees, and so forth.)

In January, we noted that the Scottish version of the Fresh Start Foundation had launched unprovoked attacks against Daniel Wolstencroft, founder of ShatterboysUK and consultant to the IICSA, as well as against Sheva Burton, who our readers will know is a passionate advocate on behalf of child sexual abuse survivors.

More complaints about the FSF

Yesterday we noted that John “Butlincat” Graham had shared on Facebook an email from a child sexual abuse campaigner named Dave Sharp. Butlincat prefaced the post, “Doesn’t Andy Peacher promote this organisation?”Fresh Start 2018-04-24 1Fresh Start 2018-04-24 2

I understand that you are part of Fresh Start Foundation and I am contacting you to let you know that I have now contacted the police.

I have made it clear many times that I do not want you people contacting me and as a survivor of historical child abuse I am not happy that you continue to contact me with all your hate filled messages and I have told you many times I do not want to have anything to do with you. Please stop contacting me.

People are now comparing you people to ISIS because of the way you are going round the country spreading your hate and any chance you have of making anyone in the establishment scared of you is fading more and more each day and people are now laughing at you.

You guys now have a new nickname which is Fresh Fart Foundation because you stink and your roadshows are a joke but at the same time you are sending fear across many survivors and this seriously has to be looked into.

I said months ago in an email I sent to you people that your ignorance and arrogance was staggering. Now it is starting to frighten people. You clearly have no understanding of survivors needs or welfare.

There is now deep concern among survivors at the way you are connecting with other survivors and this now has to be looked into at government level and this morning I have called and spoke to Jenny Hamilton and requested a meeting with someone from the Scottish government to ask for more protection for survivors at your meetings.

It is now common knowledge that you have successfully managed to infiltrate Wellbeing Scotland and are freely turning up at meetings where there are extremely vulnerable survivors of historical abuse and I have spoke to the lady running the Kilmarnock hub who has told me that she had no idea who you were and that you people made all the survivors feel very uncomfortable because their key worker had left and you people were alone with survivors. I have been told that the key worker also felt very uncomfortable with you being there. The lady from that group who gave someone from Fresh start foundation her phone number at a previous meeting has been warned to be very careful. She is an extremely vulnerable lady and I can tell you that she is being supported and watched very carefully not by Wellbeing Scotland but by survivors.

The group have also seen your you tube video in Inverness and are very aware of your intentions to “build them up” There is a name for this. It is called grooming and Irene has told me that she is willing to speak with the police if asked. We the survivors of historical child abuse in Scotland will do everything we can to stop you people getting anywhere near any more survivors.

Dave Sharp
Child abuse survivor and campaigner.

Mr Sharp’s allegations are most interesting. He draws attention to “the way you are connecting with other survivors”: what does this mean, exactly?

We do know that the FSF’s stated purpose is to promote the “Satanic ritual abuse” agenda.

Several weeks ago, the FSF began a series of “hearings” in its “Peoples Independent Child Abuse Inquiry Scotland”. We’d heard rumours that at least one prominent FSF board member was threatening to withdraw from the organisation because they had failed to earn enough money selling DVDs at the “Inquiry’s” hearings; and of course, we know that while Andy Peacher was a board member in the FSF’s early days, he’s now either withdrawn or been shown the door.

However, there seems to be a dearth of information on the actual Inquiry, other than some rather unedifying videos on the FSF YouTube channel, which feature speakers such as Robert Green and David Scott of UK Column, talking about the horrors of SRA.

Mr Sharp raises the issue of FSF “infiltration” of Wellbeing Scotland, which we have previously addressed here; in fact, Janine Rennie, who runs Wellbeing Scotland, is deeply involved with the FSF.

One would think that an organisation which pretends to have as its mandate “helping child sexual abuse victims & survivors to achieve Truth & Justice and to support their recovery” would be just a bit more responsive to the concerns of sexual abuse survivors.

Seeing their attacks on Danny and Sheva, and now hearing that a group of survivors has had to call the police to protect them from the group, it’s hard to imagine that the group is anything other than an attempt to promote a particular conspiranoid viewpoint, and possibly earn a bit of pocket change whilst doing so.


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  1. Fascinating stuff, EC.

    It’s no secret that Fresh Fart are a dodgy organisation (allegedly and without prejudice, of course); but I never realised just how dodgy they are. Thanks for sharing this info’.

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  2. Blimey, I never thought I’d live to see the day when I agree with Butlintwat on something but he appears to be spot-on here!

    That said, his point about Fresh Fart’s hate-preaching, whilst correct in my view, is also a tad rich, considering his involvement in the harassment of the Hampstead community (with two of the loudest, most vicious Hamphoaxer hate campaigners Christine Ann Sands and Neelu Berry) and his ongoing support of the Islamophobic race hate group Britain First.

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  3. Of course, you know who’s a big fan/promoter of the Fresh Fart Foundation, don’t you. You might even say he’s their arselicker-in-chief, to borrow one of his own favourite expressions. He’s gonna love this post 😀

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  4. NEELU’S LATEST COMEDY HOUR (This time in English)

    ‘Highlights’ include…

    @ -16:59 / 21:54 – A rebuttal of Angela, who’d posted this anti-vegetarian comment during the live broadcast:

    @ -12:05 / 26:48 – “The underground bases were taken out by the angels in 2011 onwards.”

    @ -8:07 / 30:46 – She’s STILL claiming that treason is a hangable offence (and implying that people she deems guilty of it should be hanged). For the record, it categorically is not (and hasn’t been since 1998). She’s even citing the Treason Act of 1534 (which she wrongly says is from 1776, so she’s only 242 years out); so it seems state laws are perfectly valid when they suit her (and fraudulent and invalid when they don’t).

    And at -2:23 / 36:30 she demands to be “put on the front page of every paper in the country”, along with Belinda, Sabine and Edward Ellis, and held up as “a hero of the people”. I swear I’m not making this up.

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      • And the punchline is…she’s still using Facebook!
        In fact she’s so anti-Facebook that she’s increased her activity on there in the last few days! 😂

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        • It always comes down to the ‘gimme money’ with these lot doesn’t it
          (not to mention they seem to have the worst luck with their laptops/phones/computers/cameras etc- they ALWAYS seem to need fixing/replacing/stolen…)

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          • Angie, so you still have those videos that you cried about being taken down then ? that so called evidence you said was lost…….. more lies, upon lies…… a liar needs a better memory than someone telling the truth 🙂

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          • Yes Angie, the BSOD tends to be a thing that happens to people who spend their time accessing dodgy porn sites and click through this link and that link to get to the really sick stuff, downloading TSR malware as they go – that’s how Gary Glitter got caught for instance. Can happen for other reasons of course, but given what you spend every waking hour obsessing about its no surprise

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  5. “Simpsons did it!!!” @Neelu

    Common Law Grand Jury Administrators and Superior Court Judges

    There is/was a group in the US that tried that, even had the balls to try and get some of their friends out of a jail by pretending to be ‘marshals’ they had their own judges and everything…
    Didn’t work out so well for them


    A lot at

    End result

    One disturbing bit at the end
    ” It is ALWAYS GOOD to get together 10,000 or more armed Constitutional patriots in two or three camps relatively close together so that we have a chance to compel the main stream media to cover events.

    REMEMBER, if you are captured or caught, you will have to go before the JUDICIAL TYRANNY”

    Whole lot of cra-cra there…..
    (covered again by Fogbow at )

    (sorry about the length, and fingers x’d I don’t stuff it all up last last time, sorry again Sheva about that)

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    • Yes. Steved. Thanks for the post. Notice how the last Malheure hold-out was a doped up schizoid flat earther selling out for a pizza, aka David Fry? These people are a menace. Amusing but a Menace nonetheless…Alex Jones should be in Gitmo for his “Call to Arms” to these Nut Bags…

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    • Tere, John Lennon didn’t get falsely arrested for marijuana possession. He admitted it. He was always very open about his shortfallings (one of his endearing characteristics, in my opinion). Check your facts next time. (Yeah, like that’s gonna happen! LOL)

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    • When they get to the bit where they start ranting about people reporting their videos/channels and how it stifles their attempts to speak out on child abuse and suppresses their free speech yadda yadda, the hypocrisy is intolerable. Has Angie forgotten all the times she’s boasted about the MKD channels she reckons she got taken down?

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    • They spend the last five minutes of this crap yelling over the top of each other. But in the middle of all that, Angie makes a very interesting revelation: “I’ve fallen out with almost all my friends in the last three weeks.” 😀

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      • Really getting pissed off with these frigging “Cannabis cures cancer” promoters. I’ve spoken to many people now undergoing chemotherapy for cancer and several have confirmed Cannabis has been a great aid. Either those using Cannabis Oil or even smoking it (some are reluctant to reveal they smoke it) have confirmed it’s been a terrific help for those in pain. But it does not cure anything and it’s never been proved that it has.

        The great benefits of Cannabis are that it can be (but not for everyone) a huge help in combating pain just like many of the superb cancer drugs now being produced by “Big Pharma” but of course it grows so easily and can be harvested for almost no cost. But it is NOT a cure for any disease.
        Governments have a responsibility to ensure any alleged health aid is properly tested. Fortunately numerous governments around the world are doing this.

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    • Angie talks about ‘global’ pedophelia, she could do with worrying more about the 2 pedos within a 2-3 mile radius of where she lives & the one that exposes himself to young girls!


  6. Just a few snippets of some much longer & venomous attacks, It was Lee who renamed Heather ‘Fifty Shades of Gray’, lol…. Danny to has carried on, recently holding an art session in the woods for survivors to express themselves and the vile bullying of him is a clear indication that these fraudsters are attempting to de rail people who are helping CSA Survivors go forward to IICSA. VoicingCSA has also come under sabotage by Wesley Hall, including threats, smears and also rumours have been spread by dear old mumsy, Baloneys mouthpiece,,,,,who has been spreading lies about any groups or group admins, event organisors not willing to promote charlatans or hollie hoaxers.


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    • LOL, she’s going to re-post the videos that have already been blocked 7 times on her YT channels and got her back-up Vimeo channel banned? Good luck with that, Angie 😂

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  8. Fresh Start Foundation and personal information.

    Fresh Start is a limited company registered and operating in the UK. It is a company handling personal information of a sensitive nature. It is apparent Fresh Start is collecting, storing, using and publishing personal information without permission and nor do they as a business have a legitimate need for that information.

    My company is registered with the Information Commissionaires Office, and Fresh Start will have to be. Fresh Start also have to be compliant with GDPR, which comes into force 25 May 2018. GDPR applies to all businesses and entities in the EU.

    If Fresh Start is neither registered or compliant with GDPR on 25 May 2018, complain to the ICO. Also exercise your rights to ask for all information they have on you, and to ask for it to be removed. GDPR covers paper as well as electronic information. Penalties are severe for infringing GDPR.

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    • Well he’s right in one sense, you CAN stop paying your council tax, income tax (assuming you work for yourself)- but there are CONSEQUENCES of not paying, like getting to live in a box on the streets etc
      But indeed you can, and many of these nutcases have done it, and as a result no longer have their houses, credit ratings etc

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      • How’s he planning to get out of paying income tax, though? It’s deducted at source.


        • If you are self employed, then they basically have to rely on your honesty (LOLOL)
          A lot of self employed contractors often dont declare all their income (cash transactions) I suspect

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  9. Awesome research and fact-checking as always, Angie (sigh).
    And how nice to see you’re finally using those crayons that Daddy bought you for Christmas:


  10. ‘Spirit Cooking and Other Horrors’
    ^ Shit – who leaked the title of my upcoming autobiography? 😮


  11. More Mark ‘Seylon’ Haining crap to report. Two more strikes and the psychotic racist twat loses his channel.


  12. 😂 😂 😂

    Aww, did I hurt her ickle feelings? Bless

    By the way, she blocked me as soon as she’d posted that, to stop me replying. LOL

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    • Anyone get what that Steven Spielberg reference is about? Or is it just part of her ongoing conspiranoid attack on Hollywood?


    • I keep thinking of Angie’s comments to her in last night’s interview, about how most of her friends no longer want anything to do with her. I can’t get my head around how that didn’t ring any alarm bells in Tere’s head. Oh well, lemmings never learn.

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      • I can understand people’s desire to judge someone for themselves rather than go by gossip from their ex-friends and would expect that from people meeting me for the first time. However, the numbers of angry former allies in Angela’s case should make anyone sit up and take notice! Plus her behaviour is there for all to see and I’ve no symapathy for Tere or anyone else if they’re too blind to see it. Or to put it another way, she’s seen the way Angie slags off all her other mates behind their backs and doesn’t think, “Ooh – will Angie be doing that to me too?”

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    • By the way, in case anyone’s wondering, I had already tried the diplomatic approach with Tere on YouTube but she’d been pretty abusive in her responses. Hence why my Facebook PM was a little less than convivial.

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