Prelude to a hoax: How Belinda and Sabine prepared the way for Hoaxtead

Lately we’ve been delving back into the history of those behind the Hampstead SRA hoax. We’ve looked at the links amongst various “Satanic ritual abuse” true believers, whether they originate from the Christian fundamentalist/evangelical side, the “radical feminist” side (which we’d differentiate from the “equality feminists”—perhaps more on this in a future post), or the conspiranoid troofer side. There are multiple overlaps amongst the various contingents, but certain names keep popping up over and over.

Belinda McKenzie, for example, seems to have had her fingers in a great many pies.

As we pointed out last week, she was one of those responsible for “sexing up” the Hollie Greig hoax, shifting the allegations from the original “child sexual abuse” to the headline-grabbing “Satanic ritual abuse”—a hot topic which would have broader appeal among each of the aforementioned groups.

Long-time reader and commenter Sheva Burton will attest that Belinda and her cronies—including Brian Gerrish, Bill Maloney, Kevin Annett, Penny Pullen, Robert Green, and the Great Panjandrum Himself…er, that is David Icke—managed to co-opt the 2010 UK Rally Against Child Abuse, which had previously been Sheva’s project. In a stark departure from the usual format of encouraging CSA survivors to speak at the rally, Team Belinda essentially took over the podium to promote their own agenda, transforming the event from one of support for survivors to a conspiraloon-fest.

Sheva has said, “When i was told who the speakers were going to be, a few weeks beforehand, I balked, and was bullied, gas-lighted, triggered mercilessly, hence i was a sodden heap on the day, feeling as if I had let the world of children down, and these huge mouthpieces, that I had felt an aversion to online, were now speaking at us, for us, and people that were supposed to have given real evidence, real heartfelt testimonies, were not being heard. Many people cancelled, as they watched it crumble,and were outraged when these speakers were announced. I tried to hold the platform, but as Emma of Truth & Hope had paid the insurance, and done the paperwork, she threatened me with arrest if I provided an alternative sound system, when she had told me that ‘if I didn’t shut up, she would withdraw all of the equipment’, beforehand. Otherwise we would have had survivors from Kincora there, for example…..the only ones allowed, e.g. from Jersey, and who were genuine, were allowed only if they also supported the Hollie case”….

Belinda prepares to make her speech


We were interested to note that Belinda, who had recently jumped aboard the Hollie Greig hoax, sported a “Justice for Hollie” t-shirt at the event; much of her on-stage pontificating involved promoting that hoax…and of course, asking for donations to fund the good fight.

At the beginning of the following video, you’ll hear Belinda speaking in the background, while Bill Maloney speaks with David Icke and urges him to take the podium:

Belinda ups the ante

A year after she and her gang had essentially held a coup on the UK Rally Against Child Sexual Abuse, Belinda was one of the attendees at an invitation-only event at Westminster, organised by Wilfred Wong under the auspices of then-MP Russell Brown. Robert Green spoke at the event, which he described as “attended by a wide range of experts in the field of ritual abuse as well as a number of distinguished guests and fellow speakers…”. Shortly after this meeting, the Holliehoax began to be referred to as a case of “Satanic ritual abuse”. Whether this was due to the efforts of Robert Green or Belinda McKenzie, we don’t know; however, it was at this point that the Holliehoax gained real traction amongst the UK conspiraloon set. You have to hand it to Belinda: she knows her audience.

Belinda meets Sabine

For those who’ve followed the Hampstead SRA hoax since it started nearly three years ago, two names go together, as the song says, like horse and carriage. Belinda McKenzie and Sabine McNeill seem to work together seamlessly, with Belinda pulling the strings from behind the curtain, and Sabine bitching and moaning…er, running the publicity end via her plethora of blogs and petitions.

So we were surprised some time ago to learn that Belinda and Sabine had only worked as a team since 2011. In the following video, made in July 2014 on the cusp of the Hampstead SRA hoax, they discuss having met in the context of the Musa case—Belinda says it was June or July of 2011:

However, it seems Belinda became involved in the Musa case a few months before that, in April:

By this time, of course, Sabine’s colleague Maurice Kirk had already been acting as the Musa parents’ McKenzie Friend for several months; he would be jailed for his efforts. The Musas were convicted of horrific child abuse in August 2012, according to the Daily Mail:

Two cruel parents convicted of a decade long campaign of abuse against their six children were jailed for seven years each today.

The Nigerian couple, who claimed their kids were possessed by evil spirits, were found guilty after Coronation Street star Michelle Collins gave evidence against them.

They beat their children with brooms, hoovers and wires and even gave their baby a morphine overdose just days after her first birthday.

In the video with Belinda, Sabine says (with some pride) that she created a blog for the Musa family without their knowledge or consent, “because that’s what I love doing”.

In fact, the video itself, which ostensibly is intended to introduce the “Association of McKenzie Friends”, may be seen as a prelude to the Hampstead hoax: they discuss how they’ve “learned by doing” how to deal with the documentation required by the family courts (though they manage to avoid mentioning that they’ve never yet won a case).

At one point Belinda says, “You’re much more notorious than I am”, most likely a reference to Sabine’s frequent brushes with the law for illegally publicising family court cases with which she’s become involved. In fact, Sabine has been associated with several instances in which McKenzie friends with whom she’s worked have been jailed as a result of Sabine’s unpleasant habit of violating court orders which protect the privacy of those whose cases are heard in the family courts. Belinda is no slouch in the “letting others go to prison” department, however; just ask Robert Green!

Belinda says, “We feel that there’s something wrong with the family court system first of all; that there does seem to be a targetting of families, who are shall we say perhaps at the lower end of the socio-economic scale, and also foreigners who may be in a vulnerable position…and they seem to be targetted by the authorities with the intention of removing their children”.

Belinda claims to have about 30 cases, and Sabine says she has about 50 (?!); they describe standing outside the Royal Courts of Justice to “raise awareness” of the evils of the system. Belinda sounds ever so surprised that almost every day, another parent “comes out of the courts in a terrible state of distress, and asks for our help! You just have to stand there any day of the week, and there’s going to be somebody who’s been having a terrible time inside those walls”. Is it just us, or does this method of accruing new cases sound just the tiniest bit unethical?

While they emphasise that they do this work out of the goodness of their hearts, and never charge their clients a penny, Belinda fails to mention the ever-present donation buttons on her sites, and Sabine forgets to say that those who sign her petitions will have their email addresses harvested and added to their massive mailing list.

The further we dig back into Sabine and Belinda’s pre-Hoaxtead days, the more convinced we become that their involvement in this case was not an accident: in fact, it seems clear that they began to prepare for it some time before Abraham Christie and Ella Draper took Ella’s children to Morocco in order to torture them into creating the videos which would touch off the internet firestorm in early 2015.

36 thoughts on “Prelude to a hoax: How Belinda and Sabine prepared the way for Hoaxtead

  1. Does this mean that Belinda’s dumped Sabine in favour of Robert? I have a funny feeling that they’re not going to get much mileage (or money) with the Heath thing, Balloney and Fay ruined that one for them with their putting names in peoples mouth for their own enjoyment. I say enjoyment because that’s what it looked like to me. Looks like they gave Cyril Smith a miss then

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    • I don’t know if she’s dumping Sabine, but I can see why she might, as Sabine has become a distinct liability lately. Her restraining order keeps her from being Belinda’s mouthpiece, which of course was the entire point of their alliance. Granted, she’s violated the restraining order multiple times, but it’s clear from her whinging on her various blogs that she feels constrained and unable to do the job Belinda hired her to do.

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  2. I’m happy to confirm the 2010 coup by Belinda & co of our rally, that by then had been running, annually, since ’93. They also claimed to have begun them, that day, and destroyed my video of the ’94 rally.
    The emails, that I sent through include Belinda, who until then I had not heard of or from.

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  3. A vast conspiracy to pervert the course of justice, exonerate the guilty and condemn the innocent.
    A pox on the lot of them.

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    • Yep – and he certainly can’t claim he wasn’t warned (repeatedly!).

      I see he’s deleted all his Facebook posts and is claiming that he took them down a week ago. He didn’t – they went down yesterday, so his desperate lies about them not being up when the complaint was made to the police won’t work. For all his demented bravado, he’s clearly shitting himself over this, hehe.

      By the way, he’s put up a second video now, lol. He’s not letting it go. Oh and he’s REALLY pissed off about this blog declaring itself a *******-free zone 😂😂😂

      I’m glad to see he’s taken down all his Vegas shooting remarks too, as they were utterly repugnant and really hurtful to the victims and their grieving families, not to mention completely fucking defamatory.

      Anyway, as this is an official *******-free zone, I shall now stop alluding to said arsehole.

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    • @1:44 on the second video, another one for the ‘Hoaxtead Book of Fruitcake Quotes’?

      “I’m not even gonna mention their website, coz I really don’t wanna give them any more intention than they have.” 😀

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    • I’m wondering whether he’s in contempt of court with these videos. I’m no expert.


        • The problem seems to be a combination of the confusion that always accompanies this sort of thing, along with some arse-covering by both the hotel (which doesn’t want its reputation damaged any more than it already is) and the police (who don’t want to look like they took their time responding). I haven’t followed it all that closely, and I’m sure the final story will differ from the one that initially came out, but that doesn’t mean anyone is involved in any sort of fakery. It just means that this sort of mass shooting, which involves literally hundreds of eye-witnesses, can take a long time to sort out.

          Any cop or lawyer will tell you that eye-witnesses are notoriously unreliable, because in a highly stressful situation, people’s memories can get messed up. As well, if you’ve ever listened in on the emergency services channels, you’ll find that those rushing to the scene, and on the scene, won’t necessarily know the bigger picture, and will report only the part that they can see.

          As for the conspiranoids…well, let’s just say I’ve seen some claiming that Hurricane Ophelia wasn’t real, or that it was man-made for some bizarre reason. Everyone seems to want to seize their little bit of fame, and it seems that these days a reliable way to do that is to make up some idiotic story about something in the news, and then spread it around as though it’s a Deep Insight.

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        • If you’re claiming multiple shooters, DotB, the burden of proof is on you, not us.


          • You appear to have missed my point entirely, DotB. I repeat – we do not need proof that it happened (though there is plenty of footage and eye witness accounts that prove it did) but you need proof that it didn’t. Neither you nor anyone else has offered one shred of credible evidence that this tragedy din’t happen or that there were other people firing at the crowd.


    • Angela, Angela, the freaking imposter! How can she call cover up on anything when she was posting about Ophelia yesterday, surely that should have been a cover up in her eyes too, oh wait, it was! 😂 I think she inspired to be the next Alex (spit) Jones.

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  4. Sabine says she’s been kicked out of Court at least three times. Anyone who gets kicked out of Court that many times doesn’t know what they’re doing. Simple as that. I’d be ashamed, because once you’re kicked out you’re no use at all and have let your client/friend down.

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    • Yes, I agree. I was interested to note, though, that the Hampstead hoax was the first case in which she actually played the role of McKenzie friend. From the way she talks, you’d have thought she’d been doing that for years.

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  5. What absolute Bitches Sheva. I’m so upset you had to endure this B.S. Genuine Advocates’ efforts co-opted by these Psychos needed to be called out. OX (hugs)

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