How SRA was injected into the Hollie Greig hoax

The recent furore over the Wiltshire police’s £1.5 million, two-year investigation into allegations of sexual abuse against former prime minister Edward Heath has had some interesting and long-reaching side effects, some of which seem relevant to the genesis of the Hampstead “Satanic ritual abuse” hoax.

We noted a few days ago that Wiltshire Chief Constable Mike Veale was in rather chummy contact with Robert Green, ex of the Hollie Greig Hoax; and of course we already know that Belinda McKenzie and Mr Green began their working relationship when the Hollie hoax morphed from false allegations of “girl with Down Syndrome raped by sex ring” to “girl with Down Syndrome victim of Satanic ritual abuse”.

As Belinda was overheard to say at the time, bringing SRA into the picture “sexed it up” and might make it an easier sell to the media.

We’ve discussed Robert Green’s passing along information to Mike Veale from Dr Joan Coleman, co-founder of the Ritual Abuse Information Network & Support (RAINS).

And then we began to find other, even more interesting titbits, which cast further light on the relationships amongst those in the SRA True Believer community.

It started with a chance find: would it surprise you to learn that Charlotte Alton Ward (aka Jacqui Farmer, aka Carleea) was working alongside Belinda McKenzie in 2011, helping to publicise an “invitation-only” event at the House of Commons? This request, dated 19 October 2011, was found in the David Icke forums:

Can anyone help?

I wrote to my MP, Jeremy Corbyn (Islington), asking him to attend the invitation-only Nov 30th meeting at HOC about the Hollie Greig case to which Robert Green was invited… displayed on David’s site.

Today, his PA emailed me and said Jeremy would like to go if he can fit it into his schedule—did I have any more details?

I don’t, of course, but can anyone else help? Thanks in advance.

We found confirmation of the event on Robert Green’s blog, Hollie Demands Justice:Interestingly, Mr Green states that the event was “attended by a wide range of experts in the field of ritual abuse as well as a number of distinguished guests and fellow speakers, which included two young but extremely efficient police officers from South Wales, who have recently brought to justice members of a satanic paedophile ring operating in Kidwelly”.

We did a bit of poking around, and discovered that the event had been organised by Wilfred Wong, who at that time was working for Labour MP Russell Brown, and was a member of something called the Committee on Ritual Abuse.

According to a letter sent by that organisation to The Guardian in January 2012, its membership consisted of “Dr V Sinason, Rachel Wingfield, Prof Joseph Schwartz, Dr Sandra Buck, Dr Joan Coleman, Carole Mallard, Wilfred Wong, Deborah Briggs, Dr Pat Frankish, David Leevers, Orit Badouk-Epstein, [and] Lynn Greenwood”. As you can see, there’s a good deal of overlap with RAINS.

Our source indicates that Wilfred Wong was introduced to Robert Green in the summer of 2011 by Anne Greig’s partner, Carl Sims. Mr Wong also introduced Mr Green to Valerie Sinason, who invited him to join the Committee on Ritual Abuse.

This all formed the background to the House of Commons meeting, at which Mr Green spoke. It seems probable that the meeting was attended by both Belinda McKenzie and Charlotte Ward, given that Charlotte was already publicising it in mid-October 2011. At that time she was living in Belinda’s house.

We were interested to note that “guests and fellow speakers” at the HOC meeting included two of the police officers from the Colin Batley case in Kidwelly, which we’ve discussed elsewhere on this blog. This case has been held up by SRA fanatics as “proof” that people like Jean La Fontaine are wrong, and that Satanic ritual abuse is indeed practised in the UK. While the Batley case was horrific, and those involved were degenerate and disgusting, this is another case in which supposedly “Satanic” trappings were used by the criminals to terrorise the victims, and by the media to sell newspapers. For a full discussion of why this is so, we would recommend that you read this analysis of the case on the SAFF website.

What interests us particularly is that according to a very reputable source, Valerie Sinason has since revealed that she was involved in the police investigation of the Kidwelly case, prior to the trial. This would explain the presence of the two police officers at the November 2011 House of Commons meeting, which as we’ve said was organised by Wilfred Wong, a member of the Committee on Ritual Abuse.

Keelan Balderson posts on the blog, The Age of Blasphemy:

According to research by, in 2011 Sinason, Wong, MP Russell Brown and other members of the CRA invited Robert Green, the mouthpiece for the Hollie Grieg fantasy, to one of their meetings at the Houses of Parliament. In subsequent alternative media coverage Green then began to promote a ritual abuse element to the Hollie Greig story, a sort of satanic “sexing up” of the original allegations. Perhaps Green thought if he won the support of the looney pyschobabble Christian lobby (CRA) the case would get more publicity. Fortunately the only people left clinging on to the tale are the pseudo-celebrities of the online conspiracy theory community, such as the UK Column and Belinda McKenzie, the former landlady of ex-MI5 agents Annie Machon and David Shayler. Even David Icke, who includes “satanic ritual abuse” as one of the central themes in his books has stopped publishing stories about the…story.

And so it would seem that despite the failure of Mr Green and the Committee on Ritual Abuse to shoot the Hollie Hoax into the mainstream, which would no doubt have helped fill the coffers nicely, certain old alliances persist.

This helps to explain the utter insistence of people like Belinda and her sidekick Sabine (coincidentally recruited in 2011—prior to that date you won’t find her writing about SRA in any of her blogs) that RD’s children could only have been describing a Satanic cult in the videos they were forced to make. Hollie hadn’t made nearly the splash they’d hoped she would…but two sweet-faced, blonde, well-spoken and articulate children who could be beaten, starved, and threatened into making the right kind of allegations? There’s gold in them thar hills!

This article was previously published on 12 October 2017.

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  1. £1,500,000.00

    Bet that could pay for a lot of useful manpower on genuine cases of child abuse.

    Slandering the name of an ex PM on the say so of one confirmed whackadoodle and a few idiots who crawled out of the rocks they usually reside under is witch-hunting gone mad, not that it was sane to begin with.
    I’d like to see the accounts for the case detailing just how they clocked up a million and a half interviewing fantasists on a series of events that never happened. How many officers were involved ? How many serious crime investigations ended up being short staffed over this ?
    We deserve answers over this sorry charade.

    Did the savile and smith cases unlock some Pandora’s box that gave the police a temporary blindness to matters in a desire to appease a public hungry for celebrity paedos ? Was it a cynical attack on an ex conservative MP running alongside the quick/green debacle ? Or was it just an easy gig for officers keen to avoid danger and real work ?

    The big problem is sensational tabloid trash headlines are like dogshit, they stick in a second, take ages to clear up and the smell remains for ages.

    As a weird coincidence I’ve been reading books on sailing and couldn’t resist ted heaths autobiography. If he was a paedo, he was bloody crap at it as he spends all his spare time with groups of men on boats miles out at sea.
    Yawn. Gotta hit the sack, typing on a smart phone’s exhausting.

    Update. ECs postcard arrived by MI6 carrier pigeon and he’s had the best time in the Flemish museum of dentistry.

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    • I believe that EC has always had an interest in dentistry and teeth, I hear his favourite teeth are the canines

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  2. Fascinating stuff, EC.

    By the way, a certain Caledonian gentleman of our acquaintance is due to get up soon and the first thing he’s going to do once he’s put on his mum’s clothes and fed the fish is come here to check what we’ve been up to; and he has a particular penchant for the HG case, I’m told, and gets very upset when people call it a hoax. So in the words of that nice Mr. Devine, I’ll leave this here:

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  3. “As Belinda was overheard to say at the time, bringing SRA into the picture ‘sexed it up’ and might make it an easier sell to the media.”

    God, that’s depressing 😦

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    • If I recall correctly there was a point where Belinda tried to backtrack on the SRA parts of the hoax because she thought it may be too much for people to believe. I think she may have made a video stating this.

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  4. That’s a rather familiar list of scammers, charlatans and leaches who appear to have been involved with staging/perpetuating Holliehoax. It still amazes me that there are people out there who lap up the crap they spout and fall for it every time.

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  5. So basically, these people exploited a vulnerable, profoundly disabled young girl in order to make money. I feel sick 😦

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    • Yes, they are indeed sick for using a vulnerable young girl in such a way LR. As always with these people, it is all about the money.

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  6. “This helps to explain the utter insistence of people like Belinda and her sidekick Sabine…that RD’s children could only have been describing a Satanic cult in the videos they were forced to make.”

    Indeed – at no point in the many hours of police interviews does either A or G mention Satanism. Pure spin by the aforementioned Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dee.

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    • Abe even drew a pentagram for the girl, to help elaborate the hoax, then helped her hold it the correct way up. Coaching all the way..

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    • Well it doesn’t quite work that way Mr Livingstone (I presume). However my late father was a banker all his life and after he retired and had time to study he did conclude that banks are a shady set-up without morals who exploit the great masses. He became fascinated by the concept of Islamic banking where exorbitant interest- “riba” was forbidden (not sure it’s like that today) which was quite something for an extremely conservative Scotsman.

      But you have to live within the sytem we have and follow the rules. Not Neelu’s imaginary one.

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  7. Sigh, someone’s been talking to Catriona Selvester again. I wonder what “two credible sources” she checked this one with:

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      • The official line is no, though Tommy Steele swears to this day that Elvis sneaked over for a leisurely visit and that he showed him the sites of London while he was here.

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      • If you’re referring to the photo, Savile is known to have travelled to the US as part of the press pack pursuing the Beatles on their first visit in February 1964, though he is known to have been a big exaggerator of his involvement with them, falsely claiming that he was really tight with them and even going so far as to say that ‘Paperback Writer’ was his idea. In truth, they couldn’t stand the little fucker. He’d been rude about them when compering a package tour concert they’d played before they made it big (something along the lines of “They can shout ‘Please please me’ all they like but that racket won’t be pleasing anyone”), and they found him odd and tried to avoid him, though of course they couldn’t always avoid him and had to smile with him for promotions and so on.

        Incidentally, according to Macca the Beatles had a strict policy against cavorting with underage girls and this is borne out by countless girls who met them for autographs, photo opps and so on at the time and have since spoken about them very highly; and by Helen Shapiro, who toured with them in 1963 when she was just 16 and thought they were wonderful. General consensus from those who encountered them is that their demeamor around young girls was akin to that of big brothers, with Macca seeming the most paternal of them, and Lennon always being polite around them and curbing his language and so on.

        Oh and the ‘butcher’s sleeve’ crap that the conspiraloons always pick up on – not their idea. The photographer basically took a joke too far and the sleeves were replaced within days of going on sale. At the time it was a storm in a teacup, especially as it was just after that that the KKK and other Christian fundamentalists were burning their records and calling for them to be lynched over John’s comments about Jesus and the disciples.

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  8. It’s been a busy week on planet Neelu. Fresh from filing a £50m claim against Her Majesty and Theresa May yesterday, today’s excitement is just a plain common or garden court hearing.

    Snaresbrook Court 4
    Not Before 12:00 pm For Hearing
    T20180394 BERRY Neelu

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  9. As a card carrying Socialist who quietly slips out of bed at 5am (Mabel Fortescue, 86, is a late riser) to sing The Red Flag each morning on my balcony for the neighbour’s delight, I find those on the ‘left’ of politics seem terrified to get involved in the SRA false allegations industry (and it IS an industry) while Conservatives are far more likely to question the madness (the late Geoffrey Dickens excepted). Why is it so?. I have my own theories.
    # Stop it TinRibs- Mabel has her own bedroom.

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    • Enemies of HRH for 800 years?. 800 years ago the Windsors didn’t exist. Proably a bunch of German peasants on the make.
      They’re all fucking mad aren’t they?.
      Does this poor sod know that “George Dufort” doesn’t exist and is a figment of Kevin Annet’s imagination?
      Time for a spell in a mental health clinic for Arfur.

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  10. Off topic.

    The troofers are falling out big time. I don’t agree with this guy generally but this is worth a watch.

    Best lines:

    ‘Jon Wedger – the whistleblower without a whistle’.

    ‘We not all be dickhead.’

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          • Wesley: “Whilst attempting to discredit basically everyone who’s prominent in the alternative news, you chose to mention Hampstead. That bothered me. You will not discredit those two children. Ever. We believe the children. We believe the evidence from the paediatrician who’s worked in her field for over 30 years and don’t doubt her professional analysis. We believe the fact that the police investigation was closed after just nine days is suspicious. We believe that the IPCC has upheld the mothers complaint and is also questioning the authenticity of the police investigation, purposely not taking certain line’s of inquiries like questioning the teacher involved, where the children have specifically described tattoo’s. I noticed that you have mentioned these tattoo’s in a title of one of your video’s with Lou Collin’s and it’a apparent that you’re attempting to discredit her and the fact these children have been abused. With random assumptions that “they’re all connected” just because they’re all speaking out about child sexual abuse in Hampstead… ��Why aren’t you mentioning the epidemic of institutionalised child sexual abuse, hidden by legal loopholes that allow predators to live and prey on our canal networks? Where THOUSANDS OF YOUNG MALE’S BODIES ARE BEING FOUND… All you seem to want to focus on is discrediting people who ARE doing something about abuse; recording phone call’s and conversations without asking survivor’s if they’re comfortable with that first in an attempt to later discredit them; using random names / cases thrown in with a tiny bit of truth to confuse people. You’re a shill. A blatant one. ��Whether you’re doing this for money, or for your own twisted games. It stops. Today. Stop targeting Jon. Any further video’s aimed towards him will also be considered harassment and an intention to harm a man who’s fragile, suffering with P.T.S.D. ��Leave him alone you fucking bully! Come and sit with me if you want to talk… I have MANY more questions for you… ��Come and target me, if you dare 😉 ��Muhahahahahahahahahahahahaha”

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            • That’s Mr Wedger himself, back in his yoof. I found it interesting that this is the only photo online of him accepting any sort of police award, despite his claim to have won a commendation for his work on the Baby P case.

              In this picture he’s obviously a great deal younger than he is now. Records show that he was born in 1970, making him 48 years of age. The Baby P case took place in 2007, but if Wedger was 37 in that shot I’d be very surprised.

              In addition, the uniform he’s wearing is that of a PC, not a DC…

              Frankly, I smell something extremely fishy about Mr Wedger’s stories.

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    • It was inevitable. It’s all about their own egos and nil to do with children. That’s just a crutch for them to build their “profile” around (except for the creepy ones who have hidden desires). Most have sociopathic natures. Sociopaths tend to be attracted to each other as they discover fellow soul mates but it never lasts as each one wants to be top dog. It’s nothing to do with a cause, more to do with trying to seek power but as they gain a little they tend to want to get rid of those who helped get them there.

      It’s illuminating to read in depth studies of how the Nazis came to power in Germany and why it all eventually fell apart. Psychopaths / sociopathic personalities all attracted to each other but inevitably they all became fierce enemies stabbing each other in the back in attempts to curry favour with the real top dog Adolf (who in turn encouraged that behaviour so those around him never knew who their ally was).

      We are seeing the same behaviour on a small scale.
      # There is no fee for this consultation. The doctor is now out.

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  11. “OK, friends, foes, countrymen, trolls, Satanists, whoever, I am so fired up…about Bill Maloney, Brian Clare…”

    By the way, she means Brian Harvey but calls him Brian Clare numerous times 😂


    • OK, I’m not making this up. This is genuinely what Angela says about the (debunked) David Cameron pig sex allegations at 13:33…

      “From deep research, I’m led to believe that it wasn’t even actually a pig, it was a child. It was a dead, sacrificed child.”

      No, seriously – she really says that.

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    • 27:04 – Did she just describe Maloney’s ‘Sun, Sea and Satan’ video as “a groundbreaking, history changing documentary”? 😂

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        • They most definitely are being pursued, hehe.

          And she’s changed her tune about them. hasn’t she?

          Great reply by that nice Ms Borden, btw.

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      • Yep, Tinribs plus that he couldn’t have made up that pile of shite unless he was a genuiwhine survivor…… yet, strangely at the time, even though he could have, been put in touch with them, he ignored the fact that a strong group were fighting for justice and an inquiry, for real………

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      • Angela aspires to be a lot of things yet fails in all of them. I had to laugh when she again mentions that she had a “model membership” for Stringfellows lmao. Of course she did 😂😂

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      • She omitted Meddomsley, calling it ‘Sunderland’, instead, probably been told not to mention it, given that the case is now going forward and it is well known that it is in spite of Baloneys interference and not because of anything he did, just as happened re other cases, or investigations he claimed to have insider knowledge of……… I’ve been wondering lately, given what is coming out via IICSA over the last weeks, whether Ben Fellows was distracting from G4S staffs’ abuse of young offenders, in Medway, for instance ? Ben Fellows firstly, shot onto YouTube with videos undercover at the 2012 Olympic Stadium, with secret filming, that helped the troofers sell their fear porn about it………… one of the massive hollie griegers of the time; Ian McFerran pushed that massively, too.

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    • At 23:26 she says that Tom Cruise is a paedophile and sodomite.
      I’m busy right now but if some of you want to let Mr Cruise’s fan clubs know it might be rather useful

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  12. Slagging off your mates to a mutual friend in the same breath as moaning about ‘divide and conquer’ 😂

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