Is Maurice Kirk planning a runner? And will his friends help him?

We recently reported that Sabine McNeill’s colleague and “Super-McKenzie friend” Maurice Kirk had been convicted of breaching his restraining order following a four-day trial at Cardiff Crown Court. At that time we noted that the case was listed for sentencing on 17 November.

The day after he was convicted by jury (and we ought to mention, for completeness, that this is the fourth time he has been tried and convicted of breaching the order), Mr Kirk posted on Facebook:

Perhaps we’re being too suspicious, but this sounds an awful lot like someone planning a longish flight, just at the time when he is meant to be attending his sentencing hearing—mid-November.

And odd as it may seem to those of us who are aware of Mr Kirk’s multiple convictions for assault, threats, harassment, and sundry other crimes over the years, he seems to have a number of loyal friends who are willing to stand up for him. For example, Dr Nick Read, who accompanied Mr Kirk to court, and who described his friend as “aviator, adventurer and my old Taunton School friend and climbing buddy”, recently wrote about the trial on his blog, Mindbodydoc.

Dr Read writes:

Maurice sat in the elevated dock to the left at the back of the court almost in touching distance of the jury. He was dressed smartly in a light green hacking jacket, red corduroy trousers and a yellow shirt set off by his red blood-sports bow tie. He had shaved and cut his hair for the occasion. I and three other supporters sat at the same level to the right. …

It is Maurice’s 13th appearance; the courtroom is his theatre and he usually excels – so why spoil a winning combination? Next, Maurice made an application for disclosure of medical records, which was ruled irrelevant and refused together with three further applications for witnesses including the psychiatrist who had falsely diagnosed brain damage. At that, Maurice asked for the case to be transferred to Bristol, where he felt he would get a fairer hearing. This was also refused. Finally, Maurice objected to one of the jurors, who was a doctor and may have known the psychiatrist. Another refusal. Things were not going well, but Maurice was not overly surprised or upset. …

The prosecution case was seemingly very straightforward. A restraining order had been issued to prevent Maurice from harassing the aforementioned forensic psychiatrist for falsifying medical records and the chief officer of the South Wales Police for wrongful arrest and imprisonment. His crime was, as I understand it,’threatening behaviour with an offensive weapon – ‘the machine gun case’. Maurice had purchased a vintage WW1 biplane with a machine gun mounted on the fuselage. He had removed the gun from the aircraft and posted an image on Facebook brandishing the weapon and threatening the South Wales Police. The gun was decommissioned; its barrel was blocked, and Maurice had posted the image as a prank. That, however, did not stop the police from storming his house and arresting him in front of his 10 year old daughter, whom they threatened to take into care to protect her from her dangerous father. A mutual antipathy between Maurice and that police force had smouldered for many years. No doubt they were waiting for an excuse to ‘nail him’.

Interestingly, this is the first relatively coherent explanation we’ve heard of the infamous “machine gun case”.

We confess we are surprised that an educated man such as Dr Read would not grasp that making an image of one’s self brandishing a machine gun, whether decommissioned or otherwise, could be construed as a dangerous threat. Bank robbers have been convicted of armed robbery for waving around unloaded or replica weapons, and we really fail to see the difference in Mr Kirk’s case. How was the target of his wrath meant to tell by looking at the photograph of a scowling Mr Kirk, brandishing a dangerous weapon, whether the weapon was loaded or otherwise?

Loaded or not? You be the judge.

Dr Read mentions Mr Kirk’s MAPPA Level 3 designation, and seems to accept Mr Kirk’s belief that this is merely another example of the police harassing him. Unfortunately, Mr Kirk has at various times published his OASys evaluation, which spells out exactly why he is considered a danger to individuals and the general public. An experienced former court employee has told us it’s one of the most alarming assessments they’ve seen, and we see no reason to disbelieve them.

Dr Read continues:

Breaching the restraining order was perhaps the only means he had of getting his grievances heard and publicised to a wider audience. Apart from the technicalities of whether or not he was properly issued with a restraining order, Maurice’s case is that he had reasonable justification in order to expose criminal activity on the part of the police and the psychiatrist. In other words, ‘they stitched him up’. In that respect, the context of why and how the order was issued in the first place is critically important, but the judge and the prosecution clearly wanted to tackle the simple issue of whether or not Maurice had broken the restraining order.

This sounds to us an awful lot like Sabine-speak: “publicity is the soul of justice”, she proclaimed, immediately before publishing the videos of RD’s children, followed by the list of alleged “cult members”, including personal and contact details.

Just as Sabine and Belinda refuse to believe that their actions injured anyone, despite all evidence to the contrary, Mr Kirk proclaims in this video (which, curiously, seems to have been filmed in the court lavatory) that he’s seen no evidence that his restraining order breaches have caused any injury to the person he’s targetted:

The object of Mr Kirk’s harassment campaign did not testify at his trial; rather, as noted above, the trial focussed on the simple matter of whether Mr Kirk had violated his restraining order. The jury determined that he had.

We are unable to tell what effect Mr Kirk’s multiple violations have had on his victims, but we can say that we’ve witnessed the effects of similar online harassment on the families, teachers, clergy, social workers, police, and business-people named in the Hampstead SRA hoax. It’s not a pretty picture, and we would expect a physician like Dr Read to be aware of this.

Two days after Mr Kirk made this video, he posted, yet again, a “Wanted: Dead or Alive” image of the person he’s been targetting since 2009.

Loyalty towards a friend is an admirable quality, but even the most dedicated of friends should not overlook or seek to excuse reprehensible behaviour. The fact that Mr Kirk has not only hinted that he may be planning to do a runner rather than face his sentencing hearing, and that he has already violated the restraining order for which he was convicted a week ago seems to us clear evidence that he is not planning to mend his ways.

And his friends who seem determined to view him as a “colourful eccentric” and “old climbing buddy” rather than a danger to himself, his family, and the general public are not only being willfully blind, but are assisting him in his path toward self-destruction.

128 thoughts on “Is Maurice Kirk planning a runner? And will his friends help him?

  1. Just a quick question regarding that first screenshot – is English Maurice’s first language?

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  2. Hi folks. Sorry to go off-topic but I can’t help noticing that my clock is saying 24th September and I just wanted to check that you’re all still out there. Autumn calling Earth? Autumn calling Earth?

    And to any passing members of the endtimes-prophesising community, I’d just like to say – same time next year, guys? 🙂

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  3. Too funny 😀

    “Hmmm… Right at end of this video is shown a photo from Mars. I found this photo on NASA website, in 2014 – i made a video about it that same evening. It was my first ever video on uploaded onto Youtube. I was at the time in correspondence with Richard D Hall and he had just sent me an email about his latest tour. I replied immediately and sent him the NASA link to the photo shown at end of this video. He promptly replied too and commented that ironically, he was just talking about Mars with someone and he was beginning to wonder if the Rovers were actually, not on Mars at all but on Earth. Am going to check to see if i still have the emails – though my Mars video showing exact same photo and objects, was uploaded months before this airing by Rich-Planet.

    I find it odd and also, interesting, that he ignored myself as ‘finder’ (it was no major feat of discovery, i just got on NASA and looked at their photo’s) and chose instead, to present it as the ‘find’ of his guest who says he wrote to NASA about the objects. I also, contacted NASA about them too but they did not reply. Had i not sent that same image to Richard D Hall myself, moths earlier and pointing out exact same objects, i would have put his presentation here down to coincidence. Since it CANNOT be a ‘coincidence’ because i DID send him the image and he did promptly look at it and reply, i can’t help but wonder WHY, the image was later credited as the ‘find’ of his guest? I only came across this video because someone recommended it saying, ‘You need to see what Gary MCKinnon has found on NASA Mars Rover images!’

    So, now i feel somewhat vindicated in my suspicions that there has been very covert online oppression against myself, that operates to deny me ANY credibility whatsoever and with many of the insights and perspectives i’ve shared, being ‘stolen’ in terms of ‘credit’ being given to others. I don’t really mind so long as the info gets out, i just DO mind that LIGHT BEING is ignored (i only know anything at all because of light being) and instead, the knowledge is being used to feed egos and/or emulate a particular individual who then goes on to write books/draw-in profits, meanwhile, the original SOURCE is scorned & ignored as well as on the other-hand, persecuted and judged ‘crazy’.

    It still disturbs me that Richard D Hall has NOTHING to say about the Hampstead case. Is he ‘controlled opposition’? Possibly. Does that make him ‘evil’? Not really. I accept people are compromised, i just WISH they’d find courage to show a bit of respect & humility on behalf of LOSING the ‘compromise’: Is the ‘problem’ of myself finding the Mars photo related to the fact, i am also, sharing my experience of Universal Golden Light Being and its message of Universal Law of Abundance in Compassion? Is the ‘establishment’ afraid that if i gain credibility via things like the Mars image, that then people might start giving me credibility for my supernatural experience too? Are they afraid that people might actually connect with the universal intelligence & perspective i share?

    Hmmm… – better to maintain & support a website like Hoaxtead and let its sock-puppet-accounts publish malicious lies about me, troll any comment i make under any video i watch on Youtube and label me ‘MAD MOO’ innit???

    That seems to be the way of this world = EGO TRIPPER & PEDO-PARADISE. Not for much longer: Jah Light WILL shine and the child WILL receive his-her RIGHTS.”

    htt ps://ww w.facebook. com/deborah.mahmoudieh/posts/10155044498882898

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    • “…moths earlier and pointing out exact same objects…”

      There she goes again, picking on the lepidoptera community >:D

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      • I wish she was more like that creepy doll “annabelle” with it’s mouth stitched up! Imagine what her neighbors must think with all that BS Ranting??LOLOL Do we have an agent in bedded there yet? No Rupert for Debs? Awww. Maybe Nina will share her Triple Dream Boat so Moo can tear her own hair out also?


    • Lest we forget – the video she’s talking about here is the one she adamantly claimed we’d deleted by hacking her channel (because hey, removing videos about funny-shaped rocks on the Moon is what we’re all about here). Trouble is, the video hadn’t been removed at all and was still there on her channel! A few of us did point that out to her at the time but we were met with a barrage of angry denials and abuse. Hey ho. Have any of you received your apology yet? No? Oh well, at least you can enjoy a non-existent video while you’re waiting:

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      • Oh God, how did I get into this feckin’ rabbit hole? This one has Mad Moo in fits of laughter over the very idea that man landed on the Moon. It’s one of her ‘builder’s bottom’ videos – you don’t want to look, you know you shouldn’t look, but it’s just impossible not to…

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    • “Hmmm… – better to maintain & support a website like Hoaxtead and let its sock-puppet-accounts publish malicious lies about me, troll any comment i make under any video i watch on Youtube and label me ‘MAD MOO’ innit???”

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    • “Rovers were actually, not on Mars at all but on Earth”…..

      Last time I saw Tranmere play there was so little atmosphere I had to conclude we were definitely off planet.

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    • Time to lock this woman up, imo. She goes off on another illegal Hampstead rant at 15:37, including specific references to the (named) headteacher’s private parts and accusations of anal rape, snuff videos, baby trafficking, illegal drugs, murder and child porn. Then she gets very graphic about various teachers’ private parts at 18:44 and refers to them by name!

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      • I stopped listening to her a long time ago after watching one of her videos that sounds very similar to the above description. She was using very graphic language about sexual parts and sexual acts, words like “fanneeee” and “pusseeee”.

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    • Her elongated hissy fit about this blog (which she again claims is run by GCHQ) at 21:44 is priceless 😀

      I warn you, though – the blatant hypocrisy of her rants against slandering people by name and falsely accusing them of child abuse will make you wince.

      Oh and we’re all paedophiles, baby-traffickers and murderers. Apparently. What was that about slander, Debs?

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    • Once again she asks why Ella and Abe weren’t arrested if they were so guilty. Is she genuinely unaware of the fact that the police did actually try to arrest them but that they fled abroad? It is of course one of the basic, most important facts of the whole case but Mad Moo appears to be blissfully unaware of it! 😮

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    • Well said, Debs – Spiny’s behind the whole thing. He faked the Moon landing, shot JFK, kidnapped Shergar, vaporised Glenn Miller… Go get him, tiger! 😀

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        • My accounts not fake!

          Deborah you’re a nutcase, I don’t really want to call you that but what else can you be called?

          Why don’t you go and help some genuine child abuse victims near where you live?

          You talk such absolute shite, you really need help.

          The only people listening to your nonsense are people here having a good laugh or feeling a little bit sorry for you because you’re a sandwich short of a picnic.

          There’s millions of child abuse victims, but oh know you don’t want to help them because it doesn’t give you publicity for your inflated ego.

          You ain’t all there luv, sorry people aren’t going to take a blind bit of notice of you.

          Haven’t you got anything better to do?

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          • Don’t take it personally, Babs. Debs is at the end of the day just a glorified troll.

            And what’s a fake YouTube channel anyway? There are no rules about using your real name on YT, as Debs should know, seeing as the people who’s posts and videos she’s supported just in the last week have included ‘Drifloud’, ‘Guidance 2222’, ‘Hampstead Cover-Up’, ‘Jacqui Farmer’ and Christ knows how many of John Paterson’s alter egos! So no hypocrisy there, then.

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          • I’m not taking it personal.

            She’s bonkers!

            Deb hasn’t got an audience apart from us here and the likes of Angela “make up nonsense” Power and Jake ” I want to be useful” Clarke.

            It’s really sad she spends so much time ranting on.

            I thought she was meant to be caring for an old man?

            I hope he can’t hear her shite.

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          • “Why don’t you go and help some genuine child abuse victims near where you live?”

            Totally agree Babs,although on reflection they have probably been through enough as it is.

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          • Not just child abuse victims, there are 100,000s of UK kids living in pretty dire circumstances but this fucking Deborah Mahmoudieh has the hide to make yet another frigging youtube video moaning about the fact no-one assists them whilst she sits on her arse like a classic armchair critic and moans and groans and carries on like she alone is the only one on the planet that knows life can be very unfair.

            Not for one single moment does the nasty false accusing cow get out and do something practical. When people say ‘charity begins at home’ it means you simply, as one person cannot hope to change the world but you can contribute and help people on a one to one basis. But no she rants and raves about Jesus as though by mentioning her own piety that somehow is achieving something.

            Deborah Mahmoudieh: you are a phony, you are a false prophet,you use religious screeds to imply that you somehow are in alignment with the teachings of Jesus but in reality you are an anathema to all that is good that can be found in the Bible. You are a vicious child abuser who continually uses the 2 innocent children of Hampstead along with the falsely accused families and their children, to present yourself as a pious advocate for the abused children of the world but in reality you are a fucking lazy c*nt, a nasty promoter of false accusations which in your ignorance you cannot conceive of how hurtful that is to your victims and you are incapable of performing one single charitable practical action to help one single person who may need help as all you do is get on social media and fucking moan and screech away for a couple of hours a day you lazy frigging slut.
            # Oh such language but God that felt good.

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          • Seriously fine jump onto the lecturn there Sam.

            All the disingenuous,grandstanding phrases and embellished spew pouring from Mad Moo definately leaves an impression.Unfortunately for her the impression is one of a confused,embittered failure who has absolutely nothing of value to contribute to anything apart perhaps as a living,breathing example to the next generation of the consequences of being a lazy,miserable scroungy bastard.

            As you say Sam its them little acts of genuine kindness and consideration for others that makes the world a place fit to exist and for those coming along after we have parted.

            On that note a couple of extra biscuits when you come round with the trolley wouldnt go amiss.

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        • By the way, those screenshots in Mad Moo’s video are all from the epically failed, epically short-lived anti-Hoaxtead blog (and related YT channel), allegedly set up by Defective Costa. As you may recall, we were all rather disappointed when that ceased operating, as some of the claims on there were hilarious and brilliantly entertaining. (It’s still there, by the way, but hasn’t been updated since its first week.)

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      • The grammar on that blog is ridiculous. “Who is Spiny Norman YouTube channel Satanic Paedophile Coverup Exposed” Eh??


    • From 42:35 the nasty lying bitch makes several assertions that all the accused Hampstead people are guilty of child rape and cannibalism >:D

      We need to keep compiling this evidence against her. I’ve downloaded this video in case it’s taken down before the police see it.

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      • The silly bitch is digging her own grave, just like Rupert did.

        In this case I’m not sure there is anyone egging her on like Angela Power-Disney did trying to seduce Rupert.

        Shall I book my train ticket now for the court hearing?

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          • I think i’ll ask Angela if I can borrow that Red Rose head dress thing she was wearing in one of her videos.

            Suitable for court I reckon.

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          • That’s the one.

            I think it’s from her daughter’s Blosson Brides line of head wear.

            Never mind, it’s rather fetching and will be suitable to watch Deborah M. in court.

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          • I will be the one standing in the corner heavily disguised as a lampstand,a look styled and popularized by one Angela Power Disney (circa mid 2916 ish).

            As well as concealing my true identity “Titan”(he evil underwater baddie out of Stingray)this will help protect my bald patch from extreme Jah light radiation damage.Looking like a complete twat is a small price in the circumstances.

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      • Me too, I have some help en route to collate evidence, make a statement and take steps. However, it’s not about me, I hope that what I can do is help to stop the attacks on the innocent people, that Deb insists still on naming and her calls to find the children…. which denies their right to privacy.

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    • She keeps wheeling out that tired old bollocks about how the accused Hampstead people haven’t proved their innocence. I reiterate, Debs – firstly, they don’t have to. Secondly, they have anyway. And so have we – repeatedly. Thanks for asking.

      By the way, do you still think that Africa’s a country, that Hitler invaded America and that 80 million Americans live in cars? The people of Hampstead thank you for your amazing research and fact-checking abilities and are so glad that it’s you who’s publicly accusing them of heinous crimes.

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    • Where is there proof that I run this blog ? My IP address ? Really is it the same as this blog ? I wish I was as clever as El Coyote and other commenters. Blimey, if I upset them that much with just a TV remote, now with a new lappy after so long, they really won’t like me…… lol Oh dear, what can they think up to call me next ?……. If John Paterson thinks he can frighten me with my local police force….. oh dear John, bad move that 🙂

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      • Honestly one person couldn’t possibly have the time to keep this website going AND contribute with all the comments AND with each “sock puppet” account manage to convey the same personal style that often comes out which can often be recognised such as Spiny Norman or Ethel of Aaardvark Family, Shiva, Ms Radley, Babs and so on not mention the sheer brilliance of Ghost of Sam (editor: shuerley shome mishtake- come to my office immediately) unless they WERE being paid by some shadowy outfit like GCHQ or on George Soro’s payroll but..and a Very Big Butt- who on earth in their right mind would shell tuppence to “troll” this bunch of twisted minded false accusers and defamers?
        Talk about having tickets on themselves.

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        • Their willingness to keep repeating their noncense, actually baffles me, at times. Some are shameless, knowingly, for whatever reason, spinning lies….. I see their numbers dwindling, this is close to the last gasp of this ghastly bunch, attempting to raised this ragged false flag, abusing children, in their wake.


    • Amazingly, I posted this comment just before Avon Lady uploaded this video:

      “She keeps wheeling out that tired old bollocks about how the accused Hampstead people haven’t proved their innocence. I reiterate, Debs – firstly, they don’t have to. Secondly, they have anyway. And so have we – repeatedly. Thanks for asking.

      By the way, do you still think that Africa’s a country, that Hitler invaded America and that 80 million Americans live in cars? The people of Hampstead thank you for your amazing research and fact-checking abilities and are so glad that it’s you who’s publicly accusing them of heinous crimes.”

      I want to say great minds think alike but that would be erroneous in my case, lol.

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      • But doesn’t she think as the EU Law expert that those accused where children are involved are to be treated as guilty unless innocence is proved where if fact there are no such EU directive and if anything they do the opposite and try to safeguard everyone’s right to the presumption of innocence.

        I believe in Re-incarnation and think Debs in another lifetime helped craft the old Witchcraft rules for proving the guilt of some poor old lady who happened to have a cross-eyed black cat, who was carted off to the river and tossed in after being bundled up with ropes and when she sank (none of the poor dears ever floated) it was a sign the old dame boiled frogs etc and cast spells.

        Deb then trotted off to the Social Media of the day and posted one of diatribes on the Village Hall door as the citizenry quacked in their boots in fear they may be accused while Debs then abused some poor urchin scrabbling in a garbage pile as a Child of Satan who had been stolen from her parents by social services.

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        • No, one of the directives she frequently cites states that ALL children are to be believed if they report abuse and that it’s down to the accused to prove their innocence. She frequently cites that one – quite angrily and assertively – yet has never managed to provide a link to, or even the exact wording of, said directive. I and others have asked her that many times over the last two years to no avail. But far be it from me to allege that said directive doesn’t exist. It doesn’t, though.

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    • I think I am going to have to find a better SatanicMkultraGCHQMI5MI6 cult. This one is rubbish, why wasn’t this whole thing swept under the carpet before it got any where. I mean what sort of cult would have allowed all these Police, SS, Doctors, Courts, IPCC, Newspapers, TV, etc, get involved. Surely A cult with all these high up people and power would have made this disappear before anyone got wind of it.

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      • And allow the two “whistleblowers” to escape capture and leave the country and still be free years later?
        How did the cult allow Abe and Ella to take the children out of Europe and to Morocco for a month?
        Why hasn’t this all powerful cult been able to silence the likes of old Ange, Mad Moo et al. Why was Nathan Stolpman a true believer in the cult allowed to walk around Hampstead Heath, make live shows, attend SRA lectures? Wasn’t he scared that this all powerful cult responsible for the mass murder of thousands, the same cult that he thinks have been targetting him complete with government ties and blog, would try to silence him, maybe make him disappear. Oh he’s so brave, lmao. Clown shoes the bunch of them, no logical or critical thinking whatsoever.

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    • Do you mind !
      GOS features quite promptly with their re-production of a post were I ‘defend’ George Soros by pointing out well known facts about him, and I do mean FACTS as opposed to their ludicrous mind-numbing repeating of internet scuttlebutt, none of which has been proved or cites evidence.

      Of course none of these nutters know that there is actually no such person as ‘George Soros’ as he’s an invention of the Rothschild Wing of GCHQ and the agent who poses as ‘George’ is in fact my section head and in charge of MI5 etc Tea Ladies of which I am shop steward.

      I do object to them calling me a Satanist though as I have zilch knowledge of what satanists do. I wonder if it’s because at the last West Perth Probus Club get-together where we had a sensational day of ye olde ballroom dancing and I whisked dear old 92 year old Mabel Cumfoot Cuttlebuck off her feet and around the dance floor with a brilliant exhibition of the Canadian Three Step. But alas, poor Mabel went into a swoon within minutes and was last seen being wheeled off to an ambulance but with a saucy wink in her eye as she said to me ..”you saucy Devil”. Maybe word spread as they are a gossipy lot.

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    • She must be well pissed off that planet Nibiru didnt hoover her up “rapture stylie”when it invisibly sneaked past the Earths orbit yesterday.

      Never mind though Angie,your not alone with that disapointment.

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  4. Oh goody gum drops, she’s back…

    ♫ Get a dose of her in jackboots and kilt
    She’s killer-diller when she’s dressed to the hilt…
    …Yeah, yeah, yeah
    She’s coming in the house now, coming in the house now, coming in the house now
    Oh, look out!
    She came in through the bathroom window
    Protected by a silver spoon
    But now she sucks her thumb and wonders
    By the banks of her own lagoon ♫

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      • Weird that as I’ve had this lap top for several years and it’s perfectly fine.

        Wasn’t expensive either so wtf is she doing with them?

        I’d like to see the receipts for her purchases!

        Blaming the Indian owner of what was it 15 shops on Lanzarote for selling her out of date equipment with no warranties?

        Angela has told that tall tale before, if it was true (mmm…), why did she still keep going to the same guy’s shops?

        Don’t they have shops in Ireland or the UK for that matter that sell computer equipment?

        As for the chargers, I reckon she left them plugged in to the wall when she left Lanzarote.

        Boring Angela…, I’m surprised you’re not begging money for a Company Car for your company “Angela’s Angels”.

        Whoops I’ve given you an idea now.

        Here you go another couple, why not beg for money for your very own office, a nice extension to your house so you don’t have to keep sitting in the kitchen, lol.


        How about money for some nice new suits to attend court?

        Save you wearing your old 70’s attire.

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        • “Don’t they have shops in Ireland or the UK for that matter that sell computer equipment?”

          And lest we forget Amazon and eBay!

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          • Did think of that but wasn’t sure about how long the delivery would be when she was in Lanzarote.

            I’m still wondering why she hasn’t gone back as she promised?

            I know the answer is she’s on to a better scam in Oldcastle.

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          • Spain appears to have its own Amazon site, so I’m guessing that deliveries are made from within Spain?


          • Perhaps she hasn’t got money in her Bank Account or a Credit card then??

            Wants to pay cash only so there’s no paper trail?

            Who knows, but it’s a Scam I say!

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    • @ 1:15 she claims to be ‘Anglo-Irish’ therefore she covers both Irish and English stories. But I know that what she’s doing is suggesting a certain grandiosity about herself because the outdated term was used to describe the ‘landed gentry’ in Ireland at one time.

      Nobody in modern Ireland would refer to themselves as Anglo-Irish unless they wanted you to think they are upper-class. Just thought I’d throw that out there because her pompous self-aggrandisement and subtle manipulations piss me off so much!!

      She’s very adept at subliminal messaging, her time spent as an MKultra victim etc. wasn’t wasted then.

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    “Comments from ‘Titus Frost’ video

    Kris Costa (Me)
    9 hours ago
    You ALL talk shit about the people who believe the children’s testimonies in the Hampstead case. What kind of world do we live in if we cannot believe the children when they speak up about their abuse??? None of you have proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that these children were lying or coached. All of Echo’s video links to ‘Jail The Hempseed 2 NOW’ are gone from her Trello board, the channel is now called ‘Thought and Memory’ and the linked videos Echo posted are gone. This channel ‘Thought and Memory’ has a video titled ‘Titus Frost & The Carnival Sideshow’, mocking you Titus, yet this is the channel you, Echo Truths, Kitty and Lulu took your information from without even KNOWING who the person behind the channel IS…Before the channel was called JtH2Now, it was called ‘Fruit Loops Task Force’, prior to that, ‘The Beyond’.

    Also, none of the quotes on that Trello board are linked to the actual quotes, they are all just random quotes by mostly anonymous people….what kind of research is that? You ask your viewers just take everything at face value without giving links to follow on their own. I think that’s really lazy research and if you disagree then you might be a shill, bought and paid for. Which, if you ask me, the fact that you Titus told everyone in your video ‘We’re going to STOP everyone who’s watching this video, you’re going to STOP sharing anything by ‘them’ (Ella & Abraham). you can review the Hampstead evidence as much as you want and if you can prove us wrong, go right ahead (but they won’t look at your evidence or reasoning, they ignore it completely) but as far as I’m concerned you’re not going to prove US wrong and anyone still spreading the information about them is helping with the child abuse of those two kids.’ Those two kids had ONE CHANCE to tell the authorities about their abuse and it was all recorded. They were interviewed separately as well as together where they finished each others sentences. They were interviewed by several different people, their mother, her partner, an Irish gentleman and DC [REDACTED] their testimonies remained the same. Their retractions were taken separately and did not correlate. Are you telling your viewers that the children were better actors than the father in his interview on the BBC throughout all of their testimonies? REALLY?
    You want this story to stop because it’s ‘harmful to the children’? So is being raped (allegedly) at school which was refurbished, and at church which was refurbished, and at the Finchley Lido which was refurbished all after disclosure….there is too much at stake to not investigate further. Also none of you have addressed the IPCC appeal that is still ongoing. So I’ll stand here and you all can attack me as much as you like, I am not the story or the abuser or an agent. I am a stay at home mother who has never had my children taken away from my care as Hoaxtead will have you believe, I happen to believe the children’s testimonies and am willing to take a stand for them. I had nothing to do with you losing your live-streaming.

    Snake Logan (El Coyote from Hoaxtead Research)
    9 hours ago
    Kris Costa Talk shit? Hardly. We’re not the ones accusing innocent people of horrible crimes based on no evidence, my dear.

    Kris Costa
    1 hour ago
    Neither do I, it’s the children that accused their father and his cohorts. I support the children’s right to justice.

    Echo Truths
    1 hour ago
    No … no you dont …. you’re supporting the parents who are continuing to ruin the children’s lives by spreading footage of them talking about having gross sexual things that didn’t happen to them. One day when they’re old enough, I hope they can forgive the people who perpetuated this for their own sake. Cos if they aren’t already, they’re gonna be pissed!

    Echo Truths
    1 hour ago (edited)
    OMG Costa you’re like an annoying little fly. JTH2 changed his channel name and deleted a bunch of videos for reasons outside of Hampstead. I know it’s the be and end all for you as if that goes away then what are you? You live for this. I don’t know what you get out of this but you’re using these poor kids help satiate it for you. They weren’t quotes on the trello board they were questions! Most of the evidence we found was AUDIO, which there are links to but it doesn’t matter hugely as most of them were shown in our videos… you can HEAR Abe coaching them and speaking to them like shit, you can HEAR Abe admitting in a ‘half truths might help given what they said in the retractions’ type of way. You can HEAR Abe and Ella freaking out for their own safety NOT THAT OF THE KIDS when they knew the police were closing in on them, you can HEAR the children discussing how they feel about Abe in the retractions and at point in the initial statements and you can HEAR and SEE Ella’s statements in which she’s 1 – reading 2 – laughs when she makes mistakes when reading (see Bombard’s read of her for brevity) and 3 – in spite of the fact she is talking about the severe abuse of her children who she had to be torn away from you can quite plainly SEE and HEAR that she is showing no signs of emotion, not even close! How many mothers in that position would manage to give such a statement without even coming close to breaking? Oooh of course, the ones making it all up……and/or a total sociopath…..

    If i were you Costa i’d do up a couple of buttons…your desperation is showing.

    Kris Costa
    33 minutes ago (edited)
    You can’t hear ANYTHING on your Trello board because all of the videos you link to are now gone. Your ‘PROOF’-GONE! Where is it? I’m sorry to ANNOY you…really I am, but all of your ‘PROOF’ is opinion of how Abe & Ella should have reacted/reacted differently than you think they should have (but you’ve never been in their situation). ‘Why wasn’t the father arrested’, not my question but the Independent Police Complaints Commission Casework Manager Helen Alderson’s question and continues, ‘they then had no power to seize his mobile phone or computer despite G stating that his father had photographs of him and his sister on those devices. DI [REDACTED] makes an entry on 6 September 2015 stating that they had grounds for arrest but no address. There is a note entered by DI [REDACTED] on the CRIS (Crime Report Information System) on 6 September 2014 which shows 5 addresses linked to (the father). It is unclear how (the father) found out that the police were looking for him and why he was not arrested for the interview on 15 September 2014. No justification has been provided as to why the necessity criteria for arresting a suspect had not been met. On 8 September 2014 there is a further entry on the CRIS by DI [REDACTED] that a strategy meeting had been arranged which included representatives from the school and as a ‘priority’ ‘search any addresses linked to (the father). But no search was ever done despite his interview being a week later and the ‘retractions’ being done over a week later*. At 00:44 on 6 September 2014, mere hours after the allegations were reported, it is noted on the CRIS by DI [REDACTED] that ‘…there is no supporting evidence from the wider community to support this allegation and no other witnesses/victims to support this.’ *I wonder how the officer could be so certain at such an early stage in the investigation and I question what inquiries had been made for him to come to this prompt conclusion.’ (Quotes taken from See highlighted area)
    There existed ‘grounds for arrest but no address for the father.

    And it continues when Ms. [REDACTED] says, ‘I am not clear why (the father) was not arrested prior to his interview on 15 September 2014 bearing in mind the allegations were made on the 5 September 2014. It was noted in the CRIS that arrest was necessary. I am unclear as to whether there was reference to the elements of arrest under Section 24 Pace in this case.
    Element 1 – Was (the father) never suspected of involvement or attempted involvement in the commission of a criminal offence? When was that decision made and where is the rationale detailed?
    Element 2 – Were there no reasonable grounds for believing that the person’s arrest was necessary? Again when was this decision made and where is the rationale detailed?
    The necessity criteria has to be met before a suspect can be arrested. The criteria includes; (d) to protect a child or other vulnerable persons from the person in question. (e) to allow the prompt and effective investigation of the offence or of the conduct of the person in question.
    In my opinion I do not have sufficient information to totally understand the reasoning for the actions taken/or not taken by the officers investigating these criminal allegations.’ (See highlighted area Here’s enough reason to continue to #BelieveTheChildren not the adults that lie to cover it up.’
    I #BelieveTheChildren

    htt ps://ww w.facebook. com/believethechildren/posts/464032023992461

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  6. What all these newbie wingnuts don’t understand, is that most of their fave historic loons; Cathy O’Brien, Kathleen Sullivan, Jackie McGauley, Ted Gunderson, et. al., honed their SRA-MC stories as members of a Christian Patriots cult. They’ve never heard of that cult’s very prolific whistleblower…

    Time to meet Barbara “babs” Hartwell:

    How long have I been hanging out here? And I’ve never mentioned Ms Hartwell before, have I?
    “Never fire all of your cannon!” the old Captain said.

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  7. What annoys me the most about these Troofers is that they believe every ridiculous MKULtra, Mind Control, brainwashing, Cult Super soldier nonsense that can be debunked easily by time, dates, location, etc.
    But they cannot get their head around the FACT that a child abuser with a criminal record longer than a giraffes neck, took two children he had only met months earlier to Morocco for 4 weeks where he then drugged, beat, tortured, abused and brainwashed the children into repeating his fantasies. A whole month of that would make anyone say whatever their captor wanted them to, especially when you are with a creepy old man in a strange foreign land with no means of escape and your mother not only let’s him do this, she actually participates and helps film you repeating all these sick themes of sex and violence.

    Why do these people hate children so much?

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    • Hehe. She is ranting about you big-time-stylee on her Believe the Chickens page. You’ve really got under her skin, mate. Nice work 🙂


    • So is she the one who’s been beaming microwaves at that nice Mr. S******’s house? I think we should be told!

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    • She should team up with Angela – she’s good at cookbooks. Oh sorry, no – she’s good at cooking the books. My bad – I got confused for a second.

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