Nathan Stolpman: ‘I love Hoaxtead Research!’

Nathan Stolpman travelled all the way from California to London to attend a weekend conference on SRA and “extreme sexual abuse”, only to get cold feet at the last moment; having attended the public speakers’ session on Friday night, he decided that due to his mental state (?) he would skip the remainder of the conference. This left him with a lot of time on his hands, which he decided to use by making a seemingly interminable live-streamed video on YouTube early yesterday evening.

The one bright spot in an otherwise dreary litany of “they put implants in my brain” and “ermagerd, MKULTRA!!!1!” drivel came at the 1:24:20 point, when Nathan received a call from one Raymond Aardvark, a genial and charming chap who identified himself as a sometime commenter on this blog. Perhaps the spouse of the estimable Ethel?

Here’s the relevant clip, so you don’t need to go hunting on YouTube:

It’s the first time we’ve heard anyone with actual common sense attempt to speak with a full-bore troofer like Nathan, and we must say we think Mr Aardvark comported himself very well indeed.

Earlier in the live-stream, Nathan had expressed some concerns that SRA might be over-diagnosed (ya think?), and had noted that memory can be a fragile and easily manipulated thing. “We know you can remember something that your reality shows you is impossible”, he said.

Mr Aardvark picked up on this, and asked whether Nathan had changed his previous stance on SRA, given that his past statements on the subject had been complete bollocks (a term which seemed to confuse Nathan, poor lad).

“I just wondered, since you’ve come over to a more forward-thinking country, whether you’ve changed your mind on anything?” Mr Aardvark asked. Nathan responded that he still believes the stories told by Fiona Barnett and the Hampstead kids; he seemed a bit perplexed when Mr Aardvark pointed out that Fiona Barnett claims to have been raped by several people who died before she was born.

“You’re a professional sceptic and troll, it sounds like…” Nathan responded, which we’re sure was absolutely not his attempt to sidestep an awkward question. “Was someone falsely accused in your family?”

Mr Aardvark noted that while he’d attempted to get GCHQ to pay him for his troubles, in fact he is an amateur sceptic; he said he knows several people who’ve been falsely accused, and that he’s been falsely accused himself as a result of trying to defend those people. In fact, he said one of Nathan’s buddies, whose name we have banned on this site because it only excites him when we mention it, had accused him on various occasions of all sorts of crimes, including rape and child murder.

“[Insert name of banned individual here] gets a little carried away”, Nathan admitted, in what may qualify as the understatement of the year.

“I appreciate you admitting that actually, yeah”, Mr Aardvark said. “I noticed earlier you were saying that you accept that it’s possible for children to be misled into thinking they’ve been abused, which is quite a breakthrough I think, because you’ve not said that before, to my knowledge”.

“Well yeah, I wanted to do my due diligence”, Nathan admitted. He said he’d seen transcripts of the McMartin Preschool case, and that he feels the way the children were interviewed in that case was really wrong.

Mr Aardvark agreed, noting that many of the children have grown up, and now state that they’d been lying.

However, it seems that Nathan wasn’t quite willing to go all the way: “I believe the cult thing is a real thing”, he said, “but I will go so far as to say that yes, it is possible for someone’s memory to be misled, basically”.

“Do you now accept that the whole Hampstead thing was a hoax?” Mr Aardvark asked.

“I don’t, I believe the kids”, Nathan said.

Mr Aardvark replied, “I believe the kids because they came in and said that they’d made everything up under duress, from their documented paedophile child-abusing mum’s boyfriend, Abraham Christie, and there’s even videos of him coaching them to do so”.

Nathan seemed a bit discombobulated at this point, but finally managed to pull a sentence together. “I said that it wasn’t a conspiracy, it didn’t have to be a conspiracy to take away the kids, after what [the little girl] said. She said….”

Mr Aardvark reminded Nathan to please not say the names of the children, and he apologised, then stated that while he believes most of the original story RD’s children had told, he thinks they might have been coached on “some areas”.

“Fair enough”, Mr Aardvark said, noting that his concern is with the cherry-picking done by those who promote the hoax. “They’re shouting, ‘I believe the children, I believe the children, I believe the children’, but they only seem to believe the children for what they said in the first part of their interview, and then completely ignore what they said when they came back”.

Nathan disagreed, claiming that he had “analysed both sets of interviews….at least a dozen times”, and that the retraction is “not believable”.

Mr Aardvark pointed out that Nathan sounded as though he’d been duped by people like Kristie Sue Costa, though Nathan denied knowing who that is. [Kristie Sue will be crushed, shurely—Ed.]

“But a bigger question has been preying on my mind”, Mr Aardvark said. “You said you were going to re-interview Ella, and you said that she’d been in touch with you to say that large parts of what she’d claimed about various people hadn’t happened, and she hasn’t surfaced since then”.

Shaking his head, Nathan denied knowledge of this. “I don’t remember saying what you said I said….”

However, after being reminded of exactly what he’d said, Nathan suddenly regained his memory, and affirmed that Ella had indeed told him that her ex-husband and his family members had not been involved in the alleged cult, and that she’d been mistaken in claiming they had. Memory really does seem to be a fragile thing, doesn’t it?

“It threw the whole story into disarray”, Mr Aardvark said. “It really collapsed her testimony, but we only had your word for it, and we were kind of looking forward to the re-interview”.

Nathan admitted that he had begun to have doubts about Ella, and that he’d wanted to talk to Abe at the same time; however, Abe had refused the interview. Mr Aardvark asked whether Nathan didn’t find it at all odd that the person who had engineered the hoax was now refusing to discuss it in public. “Does that not strike you as suspicious?” he asked.

“Yes, sir”, Nathan said. “Yeah, and that was the reason I insisted on having him on the show”. He also admitted that he believes it was wrong that physical abuse was used in extracting the children’s stories, but stated that he believed the doctor’s report. Mr Aardvark pointed out that there were grave difficulties with Dr Hodes’ report—not only did her diagnosis not confirm the kind or extent of abuse alleged, but when the report was peer-reviewed, she had been forced to revise her opinion. Unsurprisingly, Nathan seemed sceptical of the peer review process, and said he would “have to look into that”. How he would accomplish such a feat is anyone’s guess.

Mr Aardvark urged Nathan to take a step back and try to look at the impossible logistics of the allegations: thousands of people anally raping a few children, “and yet Dr Hodes, a respected professional, has come along and said ‘minor scarring'”. He pointed out that Ella had never noticed anything until the children had “confessed”, despite having given them enemas regularly (and thus, presumably, being intimately acquainted with the state of their backsides). He noted the impossibility of a school closing down for weekly orgies every Wednesday afternoon for years, without anyone ever mentioning it.

Having been out-argued for several minutes by this time, Nathan resorted to saying, “I’m being pretty generous with you, given that you’re a troll and that you’ve got one particular angle on this…and I’m willing to say to you, that I think there are parts of the boy’s testimony that are probably…that are almost impossible that they would be true. You know, almost a hundred people in a public toilet, for example”. However, he maintained that certain details were too specific to have been “programmed” into the children. [No, but threats and beatings can do wonders for anyone’s memory—just ask anyone at Guantanamo Bay—Ed.]

Mr Aardvark pointed out that although Nathan claims that no children could be coached to tell such detailed stories, many of his followers would assert that various recent disasters involving injured and/or traumatised children are “played out” by “crisis actors”. How, he asked, is it possible to believe both things simultaneously? Nathan responded (again) that he had watched the interviews many times, and that he’d decided which parts were true and which weren’t. And crisis actors are totally a thing.

Oh, well then.

“I know you’re not a big fan of Hoaxtead Research“, Mr Aardvark began.

Nathan interjected, “I’m a fan, I am a fan! I love Hoaxtead, it’s fun….Hoaxtead Research is run by the UK government, I believe. They want me to think it’s run by RD….”

Mr Aardvark pointed out that the blog is run by “whoever the hoaxers want it to be run by on any given day. One day it’s GCHQ, one day it’s MI5, MI6, RD…everyone’s been credited with running it”.

Asked who he thinks runs it, Mr Aardvark said, “I think it’s run by concerned amateurs like myself”. He pointed out that despite the hoaxers’ claims that it must cost £10,000 per week to run the blog, “WordPress is free”.

Nathan agreed, but said, “It’s just regular old harassment”, and claimed, “they write threatening messages to me, so it’s not exactly concerned citizens, you know what I mean?” [We’re not doing anything of the kind, but don’t let truth and logic get in the way of a good story—Ed.]

Discussion turned to the videos of RD’s children, which Nathan claimed he does not want to re-upload to his channel. “This is all I wanna know, before I upload all my Hampstead videos one more time….I don’t want to put the videos back up on the internet, believe it or not. But first, I wanna know: are the children in a safe place right now, and are they happy?”

“I can’t tell you that, I don’t know that, and it’s none of my business”, Mr Aardvark answered. “That’s the family’s personal business, it’s nothing to do with any of us, quite frankly”.

“Well, I’d ask RD…I’m telling you, I’m willing to take these videos down, and I’m willing to be on your side and say that the videos should be down, if I had some confirmation, and I’d talk to RD, that the kids are in a safe home now and that they’re happy….”

Mr Aardvark pointed out that if RD wished to call and speak to Nathan that would be his business, but added that it would be unlikely. “He’d be endangering his children as well, as there’ve been people…from the Hoaxtead camp that have threatened to kidnap the children, that have been caught online plotting to kidnap the children”.

Mr Aardvark took issue with the notion that Nathan and his audience are “very concerned” about the children’s welfare; when Mrs Pauffley’s judgment came down, he said, people were angry and disappointed, rather than overjoyed that the children hadn’t been abused. He called such people “child rape fantasists”; Nathan said he couldn’t believe such a thing existed. [No, but SRA is totes a thing—Ed.]

By way of illustration, Mr Aardvark mentioned Rupert Quaintance’s infamous statement that he’d like to try child rape sometime; Nathan claimed not to believe Rupert had said this. [Note to self: send Nathan that video clip—Ed.]

Nathan reiterated his claim that he’s been threatened by this blog; Mr Aardvark tried to gently differentiate between a polite suggestion that one not break any laws, and an actual threat. “If you’re not doing anything illegal, you’ve got nothing to worry about”, he said, but Nathan seemed unable to grasp the distinction.

Ending the conversation on a cordial note, Mr Aardvark said, “Mind how you go”.

“Was that a code or something?” Nathan asked himself, scratching his head and looking perplexed.

Really, nothing like a battle of wits with an unarmed man.

76 thoughts on “Nathan Stolpman: ‘I love Hoaxtead Research!’

  1. As for the Hodes report and RAD diagnosis being a symptom of abuse, this is a very outdated method and had caused many innocent families grief, particularily from poor backgrounds.
    Slight scarring deemed later as within normal variants does not equal rape by hundreds of people every week for years, only a child abuser would claim that children don’t suffer horrendous physical and mental injuries from such events. Any human being suffering that abuse would be hospitalised and suffer lifelong debilitating injuries. But in the troofers eyes children can be anally raped hundreds of times and noone ever notice, not even their mother, doctors, never miss school, never be hospitalised. Sick perverts.
    Costa talks about RAD being enough to get the children “kidnapped”, yes it has been used before incorrectly.

    False diagnosis in Cleveland abuse inquiry
    ‘The Cleveland “crisis” was the result of a false diagnosis that put many innocent parents and children through a terrible ordeal.’

    “Beatrix Campbell (Don’t grab a grandee, 15 July) believes Elizabeth Butler-Sloss’s report on Cleveland failed to reveal the true extent of child sexual abuse uncovered by the novel diagnosis of the doctors Higgs and Wyatt – RAD or “reflex anal dilation”. I am convinced that Butler-Sloss failed to make it clear that these paediatricians discovered nothing new at all. It is not a “myth” that their diagnosis was “all wrong”, as Campbell alleges. It was “all wrong”.

    It was the RAD test that was on trial in 1987. By turning their attention to children’s bottoms, had Higgs and Wyatt unearthed a hitherto undiscovered and horrifying degree of child sexual abuse? Referrals for abuse had been running at 25 to 40 a month before the RAD test was introduced. They rose to 81 in May and 110 in June, before falling back again when the furore began. Quite clearly, the RAD test was responsible. It was therefore important to distinguish between what might be called “RAD referrals” and routine referrals. The Butler-Sloss report failed to do so and therefore left the key question unanswered.

    The courts did provide a kind of judgment. Of the 121 children diagnosed by Higgs and Wyatt, 67 were made wards of court and 27 the subject of place-of-safety orders. Social workers took children away for months at a time, allowing their parents only limited access. If the allegations of abuse were to stand up in court then the children’s evidence was vital: Wyatt told the inquiry that disclosure by children, or confession by a parent, was the “gold standard” for identifying sexual abuse.

    Simon Hawkesworth QC, who represented 38 families who contested the allegations of sexual abuse of 84 children, pointed out to the inquiry: “In every case where a child has been diagnosed as sexually abused since 1 January 1987 … by Drs Higgs and Wyatt solely upon the basis of alleged physical findings (anal or genital) and where they raised the first suspicion or allegation of sexual abuse it is our submission: 1. that no court has upheld their findings; 2. that in the vast majority of [most] other cases the local authority dropped its allegations of sexual abuse or proceedings were allowed to lapse; 3. that in cases where children were already in care and the subject of allegations of other kinds of abuse, the Higgs and Wyatt diagnosis added nothing to the welfare of the children; 4. there have been no convictions of any offenders against children.”

    In my view Butler-Sloss had all the evidence to conclude that the “Cleveland crisis” was the result of a false and cruel diagnosis that put a large number of quite innocent parents and children through a terrible ordeal. She failed to do so and for that reason I believe it is as well she is not going to be in charge of another, very difficult, inquiry.”

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      • I just wish these people would use common sense so we all don’t have to go around in circles repeating ourselves like broken records. an adult male could not suffer a fraction of the abuse claimed and not be in dire straits for a very long time, maybe require lifelong treatment if they even made it to a hospital.

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        • Yes, and I know someone who was anally raped as an adult, with very dire and long-lasting consequences. To imagine that it could happen to children, hundreds of times and with larger-than-life “plastic willies”, without the children landing in hospital and suffering horrific injury (not just more-wrinkly-than-average ruggae and RAD which might or might not mean anything) is just stunningly stupid.

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          • I really hate that we even have to engage to this level of talking about this stuff to explain how stupid the allegations are. if they don’t understand it by now, they never will and they can be left in peace with their endless reposting of old CSA and SRA scandal videos on YouTube.

            It shouldn’t even require much thought and critical thinking to see how obvious it all is.
            If you have read the court report then you pretty much know the most important parts of the allegations, the Jean Clement recordings and the way the children act in Abe and Ellas own videos show clear as day what is going on to any sane and rational person. Anyone who has any experience of either being abused, having a close friend/family member suffer abuse, or has worked with abused patients could tell from those first videos thats not how children disclose abuse and you certainly don’t have Creepy Abe around filming and getting children to repeat his catch phrases about killing babies. Abe laughing and joking around, Ella never showing any concern or emotion, you would have to have your head in the sand to not see it ain’t right.

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    • Oh, and in answer to Kristie Sue’s snide answer regarding the little girl’s intact hymen, it might be worthwhile reminding her that in the videos taken by Abe and Ella, the little girl stated she had been sexually assaulted in the “privates, back and front”.

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  2. Am I wrong or was Nathan engaging in some sort of blackmail behaviour (similar to Sabine) with his ‘I don’t want to put the videos back up’ but if RD calls me….. Have I misunderstood him?

    I got the terrible feeling he was just angling for a scoop.

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    • He’s basically ignoring the fact that it is wrong morally and by law to re-upload the videos. He sounded childish about a very serious matter. The only time I want to hear about Nathan and RD together would be in a court room.

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    • I felt it was blackmail too.

      He wants the “scoop” to talk to RD but it’s not going to happen.

      I can’t see Nathan putting up those videos again as he knows they will get “whooshed”.

      I was very impressed with Raymond, he can keep his cool that’s for sure which is a lot more than I think I would have done.

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  3. Ha! Thank you for taking the time to transcribe and analyse all that, Your Howlness. It’s quite revealing to read what Nathan said, as I didn’t listen to a word he said at the time. I’m exaggerating of course but I’ll admit that it was my first ever experience on an internet phone-in, so I was nervous, plus it was totally unplanned and spontaneous!

    And thanks all for your kind comments above.

    By the way, for any readers/listeners from overseas, I’d just like to clarify that ‘Mind how you go’ is a perfectly legitimate London expression in common parlance and not code for anything. I use it a lot (that or ‘Catch you later’). It basically means the same as ‘Take care’. (It’s a good job I didn’t start off by saying “Wotcha, cock!” or he might have thought I was threatening to sever his ‘membership’.) To put Nathan’s mind at rest, I am a staunch pacifist who gets queasy punching a car park ticket, let alone a person. In fact, the only thing Nathan is in danger of being smacked in the face by is the truth.

    Thanks again, EC. Mind how you go 🙂

    Oops, I did it again!

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  4. He’d better not get on the Tube. It’s overrun with announcements and paint on the platform edge exhorting people to “mind the gap”.

    Mind how you go, something you say to people who are going on a journey, or if the weather’s a bit rainy out, or it’s late at night. It just means take care. Which, funnily enough, is also another thing people say as a goodbye!

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  5. Nathan @ 35:53

    “Well, you know what the good news is? Nobody pays attention to ’em. That’s the good news. I mean, nobody’s reading their website or watching their videos.”

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    • LOL Yes. Their shitty little slanderous blog is going to be GOLD in a Court Room!! The Yanks on there are Burnt Toast! Can’t wait for THAT story to break! Awwwww, is O’Brien’s Hoaxer Daddy Dead? I hope someone informed the Chinese Mob of this “fact”! Yes. That’s why they have been in hiding all this time! FBI Chicago field office has some great info on these Scammers!! Apparently, Phillips and O’Brien ripped off a pile of BLOW from Chinese mobsters and were engaged in a high speed chase thru Chicago. Luckily for them, the cops caught the mobsters and they got away! However, Chinese mobsters don’t soon forget stuff like that…..They made a deal alright and it had nothing to do with “Natl. Security” or CSA. O’Brien was/is notorious for making false allegations of rape, ect. since High School where she accused the Star Football player of rape after being rebuffed. An attention seeking untreated Bi-Polar malicious Tramp! She has so much in common with KSC’s Alleged “Soursez” from the SAME town!! LMAO!


  6. “I might come visit you if I go up to Washington state. I might come say hi.”

    Is that a coded threat from Nathan to S******? 😮

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    • Yes now that the hoax is dead on the vine and the million view goal all but achieved Abe and Ellas people have been in negotiation with GCHQ regarding pension arrangements.

      Unfortunately hopes of a gilt edged payout have been scuppered by the government declaring bankrupcy following receipt of a badly photocopied bit of paper submitted by a Ms N Berry.

      Some progress has however been made on Abes proposal for a new BBC hemp based cookery costume drama “Stirring shit”.A pilot is to be aired around christmas on Cbeebies.

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  7. Was that Our Ethel? Fascinating.
    Nathan was reasonably polite but what is this ‘troll’ business? Why is someone having an opposing view a ‘troll’?
    It did occur to me that this endless claim that these people receive death threats etc : there is not a single instance of anyone issuing a threat on this website but they could have course receive threats via email etc. What if the real hoaxers are the ones issuing these threatening emails to their brethren as a means of trying to implicate this website? (or it just could be real ‘trolls’ hoping to confuse everyone).
    Given that Rupert claimed he had received all sorts of threats which he was unable to provide proof of in court- a claim I feel a jury would be smart enough to see through- it’s about time these hoaxers at the very least provide an example of these alleged threats (as they never have in the past).

    Very annoying that Nathan would give any credence to the horrible Fiona Barnett who has accused so many people of dreadful crimes – including the deceased Walt Disney which went right over Nathan’s head- and the ridiculous Richard Nixon fantasy- flying into Canberra just to rape her but Barnett has caused untold misery for the grandson of well known Australian political family when pals of the poor lad found Barnett’s atrocious falsehoods on the web and teased him mercilessly about his beloved dead grandfather. He was forced to disrupt his life and move to a new school and of course, it could always happen all over again.

    Fiona Barnett is a child abuser. That very interesting video just shows Nathan is not the full quid. No wonder his acting career snow dived.

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  8. The Dumb Ass was saying the kids’ names, the POS! Nathan is Garbage! He could get a restraining order put on him very easily by authorities! Hey D.C. Martin! LOOKIE Here!!

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    • He really doesn’t seem to ‘get’ how serious all this is and that was evident when he said the girl’s name. He’s stressed that he doesn’t want to break the law but doesn’t understand that he IS breaking the law when he identifies this child. He had to be reminded. What sort of ‘journalist’ does that? These people aren’t journalists – they’re Joe Shmoe with a You Tube channel. There’s a big difference.

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  9. “Another brave American Journalist comes to the UK to cover #Hampstead and other csa issues despite #Rupert being jailed for same.
    PROPS and prayers Nathan”, written by the famous journalist, APD. 😂

    Does she therefore know something about what Nathan is going to do, or is she getting ready to throw Nathan to the fishes as well as Rupert.

    Great interview btw Mr. Aardvark!

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    • Thank you, Daisy 😀

      I was unsure because it was totally spontaneous and unplanned. I was chatting with someone and they said something like “Oh look, Nathan’s just put up a UK phone number” and I just went for it there and then, lol. You’ll notice there’s a delay when he picks up the phone. That’s because I wasn’t expecting to get straight through so easily, especially as I’d tried unsuccessfully to call his US show once, plus I was multi-tasking (I was in the middle of my dinner, haha). I wince listening back but I suppose that’s natural. No one likes hearing their own voice back (except Angela, of course).

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  10. The second caller made a comment that I must strongly disagree with, that in Australia they are doing a ‘coverup’ of child sexual abuse and wont investigate it because its ‘historic’

    This is a complete load of bollocks, in fact there has been a MAJOR investigation- in fact its about as major investigation as you can get, its a Royal Commission which has been running since 2013, costing hundreds of millions, and has arrested pedophiles in cases going back decades ago, as well as ones currently still around
    Interestingly It has uncovered major figures of power involved in covering up pedophiles, reaching its investigation out as far as Rome to recall people of influence
    Note that the accusations against Cardinal Pell isnt that he actually molested any children, but he and others in the diocese basically covered up for them, transferring them from church to church to avoid public scandal and making victims sign non disclosure agreements for cash – charges he has pled not guilty to and what the current trial (expected to last as long as 2019) is about.
    Note that all the above information is publicly available and has been printed in the major newspapers here- again in direct contradiction of what hoaxsters say happens and again showing how ineffectual this ‘satanic cable of power brokers’ really seems to be

    Another comment Nathan agreed with was that nobody bothers to read anything posted here- um Mr Coyote can you tell us the latest figures, it was approaching 1 million views last time you mentioned it, must be getting close by now- numbers the hoaxheads can only dream of getting (APD wasnt even getting 10’s of viewers at her height- these days I suspect the only people who still watch her regularly are people from here for the comedy value of her videos)

    The following article was one that caused a huge public outcry, such much so that it eventually forced the Pope to reverse a prior decision that Cardinal Pell would not be returning to Australia to appear before the Royal Commission

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  11. Amazing Raymond, I really loved hearing your call. So Nathan falls back on the troofer script default, troll.
    Not one of them has ever really criticised the abuse that Abe dished out with his rack of smelly socks.
    They seem to think that no one noticed their interference with the Royal Commission Ballarat Survivors Fund, the death threats inspired by that guy, unnamed, Fiona Barnett on the Ed Opperman shamshow, naming some real advocates, some who were involved with real investigating, had real evidence, testifying and helping others too, for the Royal Commission…… So I was thoroughly disgusted to see this crew drawing together at this stage, Hoaxtead Trolls, of the believe the children only when it suits them, cos they are repeating Abes’ tortured from them, lies………. their trolls were all over groups that support survivors downunder, advocates and attempting to run groups that mock, mirror, I think I noticed linked to the Believe the Children Page, on Facebook…… The Royal Commission has been really educational, to listen to…..and have investigated, challenged many religious groups and institutions..
    Nathan talking about having watched the videos & read the interviews many times, was sickening, just the kind of pervert that we have worried would enjoy what is ‘de facto porn’..
    What I see amongst these hoaxers are child abusers mocking us, pushing boundaries, wrecking our campaigns if possible……..
    I still see conspiracy between all of the main promoters of these hoaxe/rs.
    Laurence mentions Opdeatheaters & Pedohunters Downunder during this. John has been an advocate for a long time, there certainly is vicarious trauma, which is some of the cause of the people swept along by the hoaxers, driven by their anger, caused by being abused…… not excusing it, alot of us try to address it when we are either healing ourselves or working with others……. Vile people like Belinda, see to both dismiss the harm done, manipulate the vulnerable to act out in ways that can only harm them and others.

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    • Forgot to post the link….It was following me ensuring this went to many networks, that that guy wrote blog posts about me, Angela Power Disney was planning clearly to be in the gang of this scam, was also obviously fuming.

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      • Mark Phillips could just be a hoax like HRH’s “Mark Phillips” hoax death!! lolol
        The con man Phillips would love for his Victim’s and the Authorities to think he is dead, especially the Chinese mob they stole blow from!!ffs I haven’t been able to confirm it for the Normal O’Briens yet. Anyone see any REAL PROOF he is Dead? I don’t! Announced on that IdiotOpperman’s shit show!? Really? How credible is that? Whatev’s

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    • Danke sehr, Frau Burton. Very kind of you 🙂

      And you make some good points there.

      By the way, this was another interesting comment about Abe that someone posted under the LtV video:

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  12. Starting from the timecode of just after 5 minutes Nathan tells us just how great his integrity really is.

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    • Dead victims and their relatives don’t have any proof terror attacks like Manchester were real, so why not call them fake victims? Smh

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    • I see that in that he’s using the ‘Louise Mensch’ defence, i.e. that it’s ok to slander people if you’re just expressing an opinion. Which of course it isn’t.


  13. After watching a Natan Stolpman episode of his video interview with Mr Unmentionable, I had a thought to contact him to set the record straight on Fiona Barnett’s fantasies . ThIs channel appears to have gone into overdrive on reporting current events with the leading stars, it appears that You Tube had removed a video threat relating to lifting the veil , and to boot, Fiona Barnett has mysteriously vanished on Facebook.
    Mr Unmentionable has his published version of events relating to the alleged attacks on Barnett by her relatives, Yes, thanks, referring to me ,its yours truly. It appears to me that Barnett and Stolpman are like cats with nine lives and can side step the current moves to remove their published conspiracy theories.
    I read that Natan Stolpman is of to the UK for a big pow wow but this thread reports he got cold feet and confirms my belief that Stolpman also stars in the Looney Tunes fantasies.
    Stolpman, you could contact Exposing Survivors Voice Australia to see the more believable version on Barnett’s childhood , in particular the what the readers of her story believe , she could not lie straight in bed she fumbles from one story to another in an attempt to keep me quiet and now appears to enlist her psychopathic father, the one and only Mitek Frank Holowczak, to help her with her current woes.
    I like this site because the readers posting comments here can see thru the bulldust of the looney tunes stars

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    • Welcome! I have been working with the “O’Brien” Family for some time now and I know it is not easy to deal with these malicious fruitcakes. One becomes part of the story ALL too easily for exposing these fraudsters with Sub-geniuses like Mass. resident, Kristie Sue Costa, the Defective Detective on the case calling up One’s Crazy, Vile, JEALOUS, and long-term Estranged family members. Sometimes they go too far and break laws that they do not know exist but that won’t stop a Jury from Judging them!! 😀 I’m here to tell you there is hope for justice in these cases. Hang Tight and I’m sorry you were dragged into a load of Woo!

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    • Thanks for coming by, it’s good to hear from you. There’s a great deal of overlap between those who believe in the Hampstead SRA hoax and those who fall for Fiona’s nasty allegations. May I ask whether you and Fiona’s father are brothers?


      • my short answer is ‘ yes ‘ he is my older half brother, he is 72 now , Mr Unmentionable who lives in Altoma has indicated by his latest video that someones trying to kill his sister with the rays and that Fiona is ok , apparently she has taken down her Facebook and twitter pages, because of the relentless attacks by trolls , Mr Unmentionable sounds like he has had enough, doesn’t know what to do , perhaps you could suggest to him to turn his commuter off and get a life, I would ring him if I had his number , I think this site will hit 2 million hits by christmas

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    • My commiserations to you, I dare say the relatives (well the sane ones) of people like APD, mad moo, Voldemort, Nathan etc can empathize all too well with your position

      I lived near her briefly, never met her in person but heard lots from the locals as you might imagine, it seems she is going off the rails more and more as the years pass

      Apparently she must have snuck in here and borrowed El Coyote’s time travel device because she was accusing people of raping her that died before she was even born….
      She’s either watched Back to the Future 2 or Poltergeist too many times…

      (E.C. how many times have I told you to take the keys out of the ignition when you leave it!!!)

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  14. It’s easy to spot trolls: Nathan Stolpman never hides his real identity, but trolls always do


    • Actually, the vast majority of people from your side hide their identities. Just ask Jacqui Farmer, Guidance 2222, Drifloud and many many more. And to add to EC’s question, would you mind uploading your birth certificate to prove that LtVer4NS is your real name? Thanks. And I hope the vicar was sober when he had to announce that name at your christening or he might have struggled.

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