Conspiraloons gather in London for an SRA hoe-down

Earlier this week we discussed the curious case of Dr Rainer Kurz, a chartered occupational psychologist who, despite his lack of clinical experience, has developed a curious sideline in promoting belief in Satanic ritual abuse. According to Dr Kurz, who has been interviewed several times by David Icke associate Richie Allen, he has actually treated patients who he believes are survivors of SRA, a proposition we can only describe as “terrifying”.  As one Twitter commenter put it, it’s rather like “an orthodontist setting himself up as a brain surgeon”.

We mentioned in our last post that Dr Kurz would be in London this weekend, speaking at a “Satanic Ritual & Extreme Abuse” event. He’ll share the podium with SRA proponent Sandra Fecht, described on Barth’s Notes as

a Canadian counsellor who claims to have “developed techniques to help people unlock unconscious secrets that are buried deep within their memories”. Fecht will speak on how “the same forces that are capable of these extreme abuses control, dictate & limit our daily lives in subtle ways we have been trained to accept as normal.”

Other keynote speakers at the event will be evangelical Christian and SRA campaigner Wilfred Wong, who has appeared on Brian Gerrish’s UK Column YouTube channel; and Anne Redelfs, a retired psychiatrist and “listener”, who will be speaking about how doctors know nothing about SRA. According to Barth’s Notes, Ms Redelf claims physicians

“are unaware that they compulsively recreate trauma through patterns embedded in the system”. Also appearing, according to the conference leaflet, are two of Fecht’s clients,  Fran Toews and Dave Staffen. The point of contact for the event is Jo Lomax, a Hull-based hypnotherapist who has a number of YouTube videos in which she holds Skype interviews with figures who are part of the conspiracy milieu. Her material also forms part of a website called the “Conscious Consumer Network”, which is also where the conference leaflet has been published.

The event comes a week after Redelfs, Fecht, Toews and Staffen were participants at a conference in Dublin titled “Ireland Awakens“, held under the auspices of The Bases Project (described as “derived from the early pioneering Irish UFO Research Centre”). Topics on the agenda were listed as “Sacred Ancient Sites if Ireland”, “Extraterrestrial Life”, “UFO Sightings in Ireland”, “Mind Control & Project MK Ultra”, “Life After Death” and “Ritual Abuse of Children”. The lineup also included none other than Michael Shrimpton (previously discussed on this blog here).

It’s a regular old-home week for the British conspiraloon community, though we do question the wisdom of calling such a meeting on (another) weekend when the world is meant to end. (Actually, if Neelu et al are correct, the world will already have gone kaboom by the time you read this, so it’ll all be immaterial, and you can forget everything we’ve just said.)

One conspiraloon who is travelling a long way from home to drink in the nutty vibes at this weekend’s event is Nathan Stolpman, who seemed a little perturbed about the reception he might receive on this side of the Atlantic. In this video he repeats several times that he has been “harassed” and “threatened” about his trip:

We’d like to be very clear in setting the record straight. The following is the sum total of all the correspondence we’ve had with Nathan regarding his visit to the UK:

That’s it, that’s all.

Hardly harassment, and certainly no threats, other than a common-sense reminder that he ought to remember to behave himself while he’s here.

We do wonder why Nathan found it necessary to moan about harassment and threats, given the mild nature of our correspondence with him. The best we can come up with is that he is so locked into the “cult of victimhood” that he feels the need to present himself as the recipient of abuse in order to have any value amongst his peers.

We think Justin Sanity said it best:

So about the Sandra Fecht lecture-workshop event. She’s got psychic abilities, it says. BULLSHIT! 🙂
But it also says, more or less, that she does some version of recovered memory therapy…

Is Nathan Stolpman really going to this thing? The man with the tenuous hold on reality, by his own words has experienced delusional states and trouble distinguishing fantasy from reality? Oh shit.
Think about all of the material Nathan has obsessively exposed himself to this year. He must have the kids’ videos memorized, eh? All those things they were forced to say? And his new best buddy (you know who I mean) – all of HIS delusional fantasies about his childhood & family, not to mention researching McMartin, etc., etc. All that material now embedded in his conscious & subconscious…

If he does any “memory” work with Fecht while he’s there, he’s going to come back a raving clone of Dipstick Shyster. He’ll be accusing his father of having sodomized him daily from the age of three, he’ll accuse his parents of sacrificing babies in their living room and serving them up to him as a child. I’m serious – it’s almost a perfect set-up.

But even if he doesn’t do it in England, on the path he’s on he’s sure to do it before long in the US – hook up with a recovered memory quack and be transformed into the SRA claimant of the year himself. If not by the end of this year, then by the end of next year. I’d say that’s guaranteed.

Set your stopwatches, Hoaxtead watchers. The race is on.

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      • Terrible curse of the American Wifi’s in London that Jason Goodman and Trish the Dish faced on their visit earlier this year.

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        • Nathan should get his bearings and feel more at home at the premier Inn with like minded c̶h̶i̶l̶d̶ ̶p̶o̶r̶n̶ SRA enthusiasts all bobbing around in a veritable jacuzzi of psycho babble and gobbledegook infused diarrhea.

          I concur that overall conditions do suggest potential for a premier grade shitstorm developing in the Euston area over the coming weekend.

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          • I guess Stanic Ritual Abuse is the most popular, and certainly most attention grabbing type of child abuse for these people. There is little money to be made from the everyday sadness of genuine victims of child abuse.
            No need to fall through the cracks of the system, like the many abused people around the world, when you can be a super soldier, MK Ultra, SRA victim and get some monies and attention from it.

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  1. “Her material also forms part of a website called the ‘Conscious Consumer Network’, which is also where the conference leaflet has been published.”

    Oh dear, yet another black mark against Mel Ve.

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    • Click to access Trauma-workshop-2017-London.pdf

      “Fran is a multi talented person who was deeply depressed & suicidal. After being referred to Sandra by a friend she eventually uncov- ered the repressed ancient, technical & military abuses which had programmed her exist- ence. Together Fran and Sandra began to realize the ongoing, unseen mechanisms im- posed on Fran & millions of unknowing others to control every part of their lives.”

      So, go to Sandra with clinical depression and end up a survivor of SRA or MKUltra?
      Then become one of Sandra’s clients to parade around or get roped into the whole shenanigans.
      That truely is Fecht up and very sad.

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      • It’s amazing how black the pot is that insists on calling the kettle black for sure Ethel

        Surely she must be able to see the absurdity of her post, when she is the queen of the ‘outlandish factually inaccurate statement’

        And yes APD it IS quite pathetic and actually dangerous both to yourself and those you wrongly target- so why do you continue to MAKE such outlandish factually inaccurate statements yourself????

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    • Why does she keep tagging Weaselly Hall in? She kept doing that yesterday too. She must have shockingly low standards if that’s who she’s picked as her knight in shining armour who’s going to come riding in to defend her.

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        • I don’t even think he’s her last hope, as a cursory glance over her posts from the last few days reveals that despite all the times she’s tagged him – including twice in one comment on one occasion – the weaselly little runt still hasn’t come to her rescue. Who said chivalry was dead? 😀

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          • Weasel is complaining he’s in pain and wants some Cannabis but hasn’t got the money to pay for it.

            Perhaps Angela to pop over to that nice Lanzarote shop she recommended to her son and buy Weasel some.

            I would have thought as a former “escort” or would be escort Weasel would be right up Angela’s street. He’s got a similar physique to Rupert, i.e. puny and about the right age, 30 years old.

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          • Crikey Babs was it Weasley or Angie who may have been a “former escort”?. I suppose there may be twisted minds that like a grotty looking little dweeb like Weasil and I can believe Angie may have been an Actress on The Mattress at some stage (disclosure: some of my best friends have been ‘escorts” in their time- no judgment as far as I’m concerned).

            This may be why another poster referred to her as “Couldn’t earn anything lying down and found standing up made it all sag even more.” Rather rude I thought and not the sort of thing a gentleman would repeat.

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      • @Angiewatch I think she keeps tagging weaelly Hall in because, he spoke at the early VoicingCSA meetings, but then. so did Joe Public aka Malcolm Blackman who can also be heard causing distractions, in those ealy meetings. As hopeful as I was for this new group, I was sorely concerned, but could recognise some very wizened and strong people engaging too, had to trust it would develop boundaries…..and so it seems to have done. It is difficult to navigate this arena, of course children abused will need help or present problems, when you recognise that children ‘rescued’ from abusers in their home, are then easy pickings for outside abusers, which has gone on longtime since, then we have youth offenders being abused in the centres, ………..we have a mix of problems for real, ineffectively addressed…… otherwise we might not have Wes Hall acting out the way he has….. But, shame on Belinda, Sabine, Angela Power Disney & co for encouraging the worst to be acted out rather than showing how abusing others will never heal abuse…… To put it simply, Belinda McKenzie & co are predators to survivors/victims of child abuse.

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        • ” To put it simply, Belinda McKenzie & co are predators to survivors/victims of child abuse.” That is exactly what they are.

          They’re sociopaths.

          I’ve been discussing this blog and its contents etc. with my son, he’s 22 years old and an active participant when it comes to commenting on various edifying YT videos as are most young millennials and z generation youth, he doesn’t understand my interest because all he hears when I mention anything I’ve read is ‘satanic ritual abuse’ and ‘paedophilia’. He’s banned me from discussing what he considers outrageous nonsense with him and he’s threatened me with smashing up my computer if I play another of Deborah’s videos (I’ve only ever listened to the first minute or two then fast forwarded to her screaming crescendos for a few seconds) but he’s had as much as he can take already.

          I’m suddenly aware of the generation gap….I was hoping to elicit useful discourse between he and I, but it’s not to be.

          I went off on a tangent there, sorry!

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          • I’ve discussed the Rupert situation with my husband and 30 year old son.

            My son thinks Rupert is an idiot for posting the videos threatening violence and says he should have taken Angela’ money and ran.

            It would have taught her a lesson that she can’t buy people, but not what I would have done.

            I wouldn’t have taken the money.

            If I can’t pay my own way I don’t do whatever.

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          • They are certainly not happy unless 100s of kids are being abused, raped or murdered (and eaten). They demand that it be true.
            If in a perfect world no child suffered I think they would go out of their way to make sure some did. It’s an obsession and it’s rather sick.

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          • “Jynx has a language that sounds similar to human speech and includes several cry patterns. However, this language has yet to be deciphered. It prefers to communicate by using dance-like movements. These rhythmic movements often cause people to dance along with it. It puts its enemies to sleep using its signature move!”.

            All the combined talents of the Hoaxmob effectively. Great spot Daughter.

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          • Hello Daughter of Blade the other 2 site are and Exposing Survivors Voice Australia, what been happening, well a Facebooker, Karen Brackley sent me a facebook friends request , Ohh I feel so important, someone asking me to be her friend , but she’s got enough friends, like Barnett and also Mr Unmentionable , oohhh the latest from unmentionable youtube video, his Facebook sites been hacked

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          • Well , life on earth was supposed to end on the 21st September , but it didn’t, the tinhat man appears to have a rust problem , claims he’s being framed . will end up in jail, so they can terminate him , in his last desperate moments he is squealing like a pig, naming names, and even has posted a screenshot of messages from a person who indicates that she is “the daughter of blade ” an interesting read , so now a question just who is she and what is her real purpose on this site, and please it’s Fiona Barnett”s birthday on the 28th October 2107 but she’s disappeared where has she gone whats happened to her another mystery of lives journey

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          • Tinfoil Twatwagon , sorry mate , think your maps are outtadate , look, I made a few of my own maps , called em mud maps a rough drawing on butchers paper , xxx’s to mark the spots of interest for an idea I have called ” candy girls mystery tours” ,, the drawings might be valuable one day, candy girl drawings as the background, the tour bus will take us to several sites of interest around the Sydney region, games like rattling the gates to holdsworthy hellhole, quick train ride to pine gap , a swim at the orgy weir, a few sangers short of a picnic at the cemetery with scary games, afternoon tea at jamberoo with all you can eat birthday cake of the picnic table, washed down with spiked lemonade , then a paintball game “candy girl hunting” , scary costumes provided with a whistle you get to keep and blow at anytime on the tour. havin a bit a trouble with the candy girl blow up dolls they keep going down on me , That poor friutloop tinhatman man in Altona , candy girls boyfriend, nahhh he’s not a boy , he’s ahhhh , how you might describe as highly intellectual mental role model , he hasn’t mentioned me or Fiona at all for a while, mate your off my christmas card list but I might send him some Oral B and a toothbrush


          • LOL, good stuff. And it’s good to see you’ve now accepted that I was joking before 🙂


  2. Really Angela, just really? Who was it that posted factually incorrect statements about Sgt. Maurice McCabe & family, the local barber, the two factories, the GP, the Gaa club, the old man from out the country who was in shock & heartbroken that anyone would accuse him of what you accused him of, your whole family, St Vincent de Paul? Not you eh!

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  3. Go to any of these people like Angela or Nathan with a genuine tale of abuse by a parent, guardian or person known to you as in the case of most abuse victims and unless they can link that to a government worker, police officer, teacher, or person of note they will not be interested whatsoever.
    Now go back and say it was SRA, MK Ultra or something similar and they will want to interview you for their show.
    Take any case of anxiety, depression, relationship issues, drug problems to a self appointed SRA therapist and you will come out the other side a fully fledged victim of some nefarious cult activity.

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    • “Go to any of these people like Angela or Nathan with a genuine tale of abuse by a parent, guardian or person known to you as in the case of most abuse victims and unless they can link that to a government worker, police officer, teacher, or person of note they will not be interested whatsoever.
      Now go back and say it was SRA, MK Ultra or something similar and they will want to interview you for their show”.

      Verily, that is The Truth!, Brother. It’s not the child abuse they are concerned about, it’s the slandering of people with greater wealth, influence, power, position, authority or celebrity than themselves.

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      • “it’s the slandering of people with greater wealth, influence, power, position, authority or celebrity than themselves.”

        So basically thats everyone else on the entire planet then…..

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  4. Nathan is so concerned about mythical satanic abuse cults & cultists – whose existence can only be inferred from self-professed victim’s narratives, because like Alien abductors from Outer Space they have never been caught and captured “in the act” by earthly authorities – that he’s traveled all the way to the UK to attend a conference on the subject.

    But he’s got no problem hanging around with a real-life, documented, convicted child sex pervert at that conference. It’s not possible to know this and believe he is sincerely concerned about the well-being of children. Same goes for you, Rainer Kurz. I wonder what the readership of the “European Psychiatry” journal would think about this blatant hypocrisy?

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    • He’s not at all concerned about the well-being of children. He’s concerned with getting his YouTube views up, and his Patreon donations flowing in. This is an investment to him, and he’s hoping the gullible nitwits who follow him will make it worth his while.

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    • When did any of the people like this bother about associating with convicted sex offenders? Belinda had one living in her house!

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      • Belinda had one living in her house…. Knowingly, it wasn’t an accident, which for many families, it can be, that they really don’t know, or can’t allow themselves to admit. Whilst claiming to Battle for Britains children, Belinda is perfectly happy to continue supporting child abusers….

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      • KSC’s “soursez” LOVE to hang with Criminals and Sex Offenders. Ask them about Jr Scumbag’s penchant for Sex Offenders AND HER CRIMINAL RECORD! HAHAHA! Didn’t tell ya that did they? Ask them how they liked the psych ward they got tossed into for kidnapping with a gun and pretending hallucinations…..ffs

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  5. I’ve been trying to figure out the correlation between ‘Sacred Ancient sites of Ireland’ and all of that MK Ultra stuff along with ‘being targeted’ and CSA, subjects which are covered during this weekend convention. I can see how some people would connect extraterrestrials and UFO sightings with ancient sites because I’ve read and heard before that the ingenuity of the ancients is believed by a few to have been gifted to earthlings by kindly aliens from outer space.

    I had figured that a lecture (two apparently) on Irish topography was just a hook to draw people in but having checked out the biographies of the two speakers due to proselytise on that subject I realised that yet again it’s a matter of individuals claiming authority on certain subjects because they are the chosen ones, in one of the speakers’ case her life work thus far (renewing the ancient connection between Ireland and Egypt) was inspired by a dream and conversations with the dead.

    Apparently, the connection between the past and CSA is due to the relationship we’ve been forced to endure with the Catholic Church/Vatican. Hmmmm…. and as ever donations would be much appreciated to continue to research, discover and disseminate the truth.

    Have you heard of Braco?


    • Not heard of braco, but it is very sad, that as survivors of abuse raiaed our campaigns online, the scammers saw an opportunity…..there is a gap, they jumped into it, wish it hadn’t been possible…….it could have all been addresed sooner, if our earlier real campaigns were acknowledged. Instead we were treated as if we were making false SRA allegations, on most TV programmes in the early 99s.


      • As far as I am aware that sort of SRA stuff never managed to gain traction here in Ireland. Although there’s a fella/double murderer called Malcolm MacArthur here who it would appear might know a little too much about alleged nefarious goings-on within a certain strata of Irish society plus there’s the sad story of baby Noleen Murphy whose mother is Cynthia Owen.

        I absolutely get what you are saying about how genuine victims’ cause is being mired by all of that excess irrelevant noise. I genuinely feel glad and happy for Ireland as a nation that we who never knew, who had no idea were able to listen to and believe wholeheartedly the true stories of what happened to those who ended up in industrial schools for whatever reason…the crime of being abandoned, orphaned, illegitimate, guilty of petty theft, hard to discipline, wayward and on and on….the children who were systematically abused physically, mentally and sexually. Suddenly men and women in their seventies got to have their voices heard.

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        • Check out all the frenzied conspiracy stuff about Tuam that was being peddled by Angela and others some months back.

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          • Yeah, you’re correct there’s stuff out there that I forgot about. Tuam is in Galway, it’s where The Sawdoctors hail from.

            I forgot about the recent revelation that children of an orphanage there were used as test dummies for experimental vaccines, there’s a burial ground in the grounds of the orphanage containing the corpses of infants who did not survive the medically invasive experimentation foisted upon them. As for the veracity of that supposition? It seems APD’s link to the story would suggest it was all a lie. Her sister is matey with a venerable stonemason, isn’t such a familial connection to masons totally frowned upon amongst ‘troofers’?

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          • Angie lies again. There IS a current government inquiry into Tuam but shamefully the mainstream media including the BBC have never bothered to correct the falsehoods they published originally.

            What the original researcher found was around 800 records for children who had died of the many common diseases at the time and she then pondered that as was talk for decades of bodies being “buried in a sewer at Tuam: she wondered if some of the 800 who died were buried there.

            And it was no longer a sewer- the sewers had been turned into crypts for the obvious reason to place bodies. So the media married all this together and came up with “800 children’s bodies buried in a sewer” and the tale was off and running.(just like they & the BBC solemnly claimed there bodies buried in the basement at Haut de la Garenne in Jersey)

            There is a current government inquiry into the matter and several archaeologists are working on the crypts at Tuam but the ground and structure is incredibly fragile and unsafe so the work is painstakingly slow. To date I believe they have only uncovered less than 20 skeletons. Who knows, there may be 100s more or a handful.

            What is forgotten by evil crows like Power-Disney and her fellow travelers who viciously attack the Catholic Church as a haven of child abusers (on the strength of a handful) that the Church was the only body that ever bothered taking in homeless children and orphans and trying to care for them. Admittedly the times were hard and discipline was strict but it was all over Ireland at the time in regards to children and despite all the sins that are flung at Nuns, many were kind and gentle souls who believed they were doing God’s work caring for children no-one else gave a stuff about.

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    • Braco seems to be running a similar schtick to John de Ruiter. Good looking young man, primarily female followers, just gaze into my eyes baby and you’ll be healed!

      (And if you’re a particularly good-looking young follower, you might be privileged with an invitation to a private session – where Abraham’s Mighty Rod could make a sudden and unexpected appearance…)

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      • Justin Sanity, that is the best article I’ve read in ages, it’s so quote rich! I’m going to print that up, frame it and hang it in the loo. I’m going to follow the author on twitter, he or she is great.

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      • John Gone!
        There is a TV show ” Look Me in The Eye” currently being screened in Oz presented by Ray Martin (who in his long media career has presented quite a few furphies) which involves getting two warring parties to “stare ” at each other and apparently all is forgiven.
        One pal still in the media tells me the producers went through so may failed experiments before they came up with some “successful” outcomes but even then, a mother and son who starred at each on camera and found Love & Joy again were back fighting each other within days.

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  6. More published on the Maurice Kirk Blog (At face value one wonders why before his sentencing due on 17th November)

    “Cardiff Crown Courts are contained within an imposing Edwardian building in Cathays Park just an arrow’s flight away from the ancient picture-book keep of Cardiff Castle on top of its mound and surrounded by a moat. From the flagpole sporting a red dragon, I could look over the Principality Stadium, that just a few years ago, replaced the pride of Cardiff Arms Park to the hills and valleys of Rhonda and up to the Brecon Beacons. I was in Wales and it felt like a different country.

    Maurice, aviator, adventurer and my old Taunton School friend and climbing buddy, stood accused of breaking a restraining order and was worried. ‘I am facing five years!’, he reminded me.

    Maurice parked his van and mobile bedroom in a space in front of the building, not bothering to pay. ‘Why should I worry about a parking fine if they are going to lock me up?’ Leaving me to get his bag of documents through the security check, he stomped off up the steps. ‘I don’t want you to be seen with me. Just follow some way behind like an Arab wife!’ I trudged down municipal corridors occasionally overtaken by barristers and other court officials, who passed in a swish of gowns though doors held open for them. It reminded me of being back at school.

    Court number 9 seemed a little cramped. Behind a long raised bench beneath the Coat of Arms sat her honour, the judge. She wore a black gown with red and blue flashings and a token wig that barely covered her hair, which was pulled back in a pony tail. The wig must have been itchy because she kept grimacing and dislodging it to scratch her head. Beneath her in the well of the courtroom sat the clerk of the court, a somewhat dishevelled and overweight youngish woman, who wrapped herself in her gown and sat throughout, gurning at her computer screen. In front and facing her were the benches for the prosecuting counsel and the defence counsel and their assistants. The jury sat in two rows behind elevated benches to the left. The press bench faced them on the far right and contained one intense-looking scribbler. Maurice sat in the elevated dock to the left at the back of the court almost in touching distance of the jury. He was dressed smartly in a light green hacking jacket, red corduroy trousers and a yellow shirt set off by his red blood-sports bow tie. He had shaved and cut his hair for the occasion. I and three other supporters sat at the same level to the right.

    The judge had not long been appointed. If she was expecting an easy case, she was soon to be disabused. First, Maurice’s defending counsel strode into the court minus his wig and gown and asked to see her in Chambers, where he explained that Maurice would be defending himself. It is Maurice’s 13th appearance; the courtroom is his theatre and he usually excels – so why spoil a winning combination? Next, Maurice made an application for disclosure of medical records, which was ruled irrelevant and refused together with three further applications for witnesses including the psychiatrist who had falsely diagnosed brain damage. At that, Maurice asked for the case to be transferred to Bristol, where he felt he would get a fairer hearing. This was also refused. Finally, Maurice objected to one of the jurors, who was a doctor and may have known the psychiatrist. Another refusal. Things were not going well, but Maurice was not overly surprised or upset.

    At length, the jury was sworn in, the judge explaining that their role was to judge the facts of the case while she was there to judge according to the law. The prosecution case was seemingly very straightforward. A restraining order had been issued to prevent Maurice from harassing the aforementioned forensic psychiatrist for falsifying medical records and the chief officer of the South Wales Police for wrongful arrest and imprisonment. His crime was, as I understand it,’threatening behaviour with an offensive weapon – ‘the machine gun case’. Maurice had purchased a vintage WW1 biplane with a machine gun mounted on the fuselage. He had removed the gun from the aircraft and posted an image on Facebook brandishing the weapon and threatening the South Wales Police. The gun was decommissioned; its barrel was blocked, and Maurice had posted the image as a prank. That, however, did not stop the police from storming his house and arresting him in front of his 10 year old daughter, whom they threatened to take into care to protect her from her dangerous father. A mutual antipathy between Maurice and that police force had smouldered for many years. No doubt they were waiting for an excuse to ‘nail him’.

    At the subsequent trial, and largely on the evidence of the forensic psychiatrist, Maurice was assigned MAPPA (multi agency public protection arrangement) level 3, by which he was deemed at serious risk of harming the public and threatened to be confined in Ashworth high security psychiatric hospital, where the moors murderer, Ian Brady, was incarcerated. That was in 2009. He was eventually locked up in Cardiff and then Swansea prisons before being finally set free in 2015.

    Maurice claims that he has been the victim of police harassment over many years. He considers his imprisonment and the designation that he was a serious risk to the public a gross miscarriage of justice, as a result of which he lost his ability to practice as a vet, his pilots licence, his marriage and any contact with his youngest daughter. He suspects that the forensic psychiatrist was ‘blackmailed’ by the police into writing the damning report that wrecked his life. As a result, he harbours a considerable grievance against the police and the psychiatrist and continues to fight to bring his persecutors to justice.

    Breaching the restraining order was perhaps the only means he had of getting his grievances heard and publicised to a wider audience. Apart from the technicalities of whether or not he was properly issued with a restraining order, Maurice’s case is that he had reasonable justification in order to expose criminal activity on the part of the police and the psychiatrist. In other words, ‘they stitched him up’. In that respect, the context of why and how the order was issued in the first place is critically important, but the judge and the prosecution clearly wanted to tackle the simple issue of whether or not Maurice had broken the restraining order.

    The prosecuting counsel called just three witnesses, the police officer who took screen shots of the ‘Wanted, dead or alive’ posters on Maurice’s website and Facebook pages, the officer who arrested Maurice after he had taken a video of himself in the foyer of Cardiff police station, and the officer who interviewed Maurice. In a display of cross examination, worthy of Horace Rumpole, Maurice confused the police officers and managed to get the judge to quash the Facebook evidence on the grounds that it was taken out of context.

    His supporters were excited. It had been a good day for Maurice. Meirion said that he had not had such a good time in court for years and Terry commented, ‘You’ve got some bollocks, Maurice!’ The man, himself, was in good spirits and looking forward to a drink when he dropped me back at the railway station to get the train to Sheffield.

    The trial dragged on for another three days. Maurice was prevented from calling any witnesses, but he was able to explain the background that led to the issue of a restraining order. Nevertheless, the outcome was always inevitable. Guided by the judge to focus on the recent events of the case, the jury found him guilty of breaking the restraining order. Sentencing will take place on the 12th of November after Maurice has been assessed by a psychiatrist, which is ironic seeing that it was the psychiatric report that instigated all of this. He is now preparing his appeal.

    This week on the Hoaxted Website, I had sight of the psychiatric report, which contains many unsubstantiated assertions that should never stand up in a court of law.

    ‘The clinical picture is of a man who has always had minor cognitive difficulties (poor writing and spelling). He developed a personality characterised by narcissism (an abnormal sense of entitlement), grandiosity (believing that normal rules do not apply to him) and paranoia (believing he is the victim of persecution). He also shows evidence of poor judgement, impulsivity and a willingness to hold himself hostage by way of hunger strike in an attempt to manipulate his environment. While these personality characteristics have undoubtedly overshadowed his life and probably had a negative effect on his family and social functioning, they appear to have been reasonably stable throughout his life. However, Maurice and the evidence both suggest that over the past two years, his functioning has deteriorated and his beliefs have become more intense and overwhelming and at some times but not others are clearly abnormal. Maurice now shows clear evidence of some degree of neuro-cognitive damage (brain damage), probably as a result of normal ageing, previous heavy alcohol misuse and deceleration following plane crashes. The specific area of brain damage affects his ability to monitor and control his behaviour, decreases self awareness, judgement and decision making abilities and have compounded his paranoid beliefs to the extent that when subjected to further stress, his beliefs intensify to the extent that for periods they have a quality of a paranoid delusional disorder (mental illness characterised by fixed false beliefs unamenable to reason and of a paranoid nature).’

    ‘Risk is always difficult to quantify especially in highly complex cases such as this and it is also impossible to consider Maurice’s risk in isolation from those he encourages to act on his behalf. The risk of him continuing with his action against South Wales Police and acting in a way he feels justified to act to achieve his needs is high, though whether Maurice would himself he involved in interpersonal violence is less, it cannot be discounted nor can the risk that others may act violently with his encouragement.’

    The conclusion that Maurice has brain damage was based on MRI evidence of a localised lack of perfusion in the right frontal lobe possibly caused by a brain tumour. This abnormality was no longer present when the scan was repeated. Brain scans are notoriously difficult to interpret and I am reminded that after trauma and during intense emotion the right frontal lobe can go off-line while victims may behave irrationally. In other words, it is likely that appearances of hypo-perfusion might come and go.

    Furthermore, the report states he has a paranoid delusional disorder – in lay terms, mad and irrational – and hints that he may have had this tendency for many years. I have known Maurice for more than 50 years during which he has tackled extreme climbs in North Wales, canoed across the channel in a severe gale, flew to Australia single-handed in his veteran piper cub and then continued round the world, ditching in the Caribbean and subsequently landing outside President Bush’s ranch to thank him for being rescued by the American coastguard, and finally last year crash landed in Southern Sudan during a civil war. While Maurice’s exploits show an impulsive nature and an extreme degree of self belief, they are not the actions of a madman. On the contrary, the fact that he has survived against enormous odds must denote an amazing amount of sanity and sangfroid. Our friend, Jack, who also climbed with Maurice in North Wales said he was a man living at the wrong time and that if his own life was in danger, he would want Maurice with him.

    Delusions, by definition, do not conform to reality, but whose reality? Are Maurice’s beliefs delusional or is it possible that he has at times been victimised by the South Wales police force?’. If a person inhabits an environment that is so persecutory he is always having to look over his shoulder, paranoid beliefs may seem quite rational. They might, however, seem mad in a world (and a courtroom) that is justified by the law.

    In time, the constant struggle to survive in a persecutory world might cause anybody to question their sense of reality. Maurice has spent a large part of the last few years incarcerated, during which he has been abused, beaten up and disbelieved. This must constitute severe trauma, which would test the beliefs of the sanest of people.

    The psychiatric report concludes that there is a high risk of him continuing with his action against South Wales Police and acting in a way he feels justified to act to achieve his needs. It is in the nature of the man. Maurice is fighter and the more access to medical records and court records is prevented, the more he will persist in publicising his grievance in order to obtain justice. Perhaps the court should allow him the freedom to bring his case against South Wales Police to a satisfactory conclusion, but I doubt they will want to take that risk.”

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    • Quite a readable account but sadly he claims: “It is Maurice’s 13th appearance; the courtroom is his theatre and he usually excels” as he then goes on to list a catalogue of Kirk’s failures.

      Earth to that author: people may well have a career of excellent adventures but their minds can deteriorate over time especially if they have had a head injury. I’m now alarmed to read Kirk has flown that wretched wreck of a bi-plane all the way to Australia but fortunately it’s such a bloody big place the chances of him crash landing in my apartment block are minimal.

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    We should never forget that when two small-minded troofers (let’s call them ‘Timmy’ and ‘Debs’) inadvertently shone a light up just a small segment of their own arses, all their limited powers were employed to shut their brains down (but unfortunately not their big fat gobs).

    Selected highlights lowlights from Dim Tim’s article:

    “…Strange that this rather obscure article was accessed at this time which just happens to be prior to the Jewish New Year…

    ,,,Seventeen it seems has many meanings at many levels. In respect of just the Jewish calender [sic] there are these relevant important events…

    …Does any of this have any significance for us today or in the near future? Only time will tell…

    …The BBC position is represented by the following programme. All myth and fake news…

    …’It’s the conspiracy theory to dwarf all conspiracy theories. A smorgasbord of every other intrigue under the sun, the Illuminati are the supposed overlords controlling the world’s affairs, operating secretly as they seek to establish a New World Order’…

    …SGTreport: ‘It has never been more clear that the Elite are Luciferians – and they no longer care if we know it. In fact, they WANT us to know it, and like the Department of Justice is seeking to MAINSTREAM 12 PERVERSIONS INCLUDING BEASTIALITY [sic] AND PEDOPHILIA, according to Tom DeLay, the elite are in the process of mainstreaming Satanism. Here’s the hardcore proof that we are engaged in a battle of spiritual warfare, wether [sic] you realize it or not. It’s come to Jesus time folks’…

    Few could dispute there is a dark submarine [sic] world quite different to that projected by the media. It is interconected [sic], international and intimately involved with weapons and other criminal activity…

    …We should never forget that when two small children inadvertently shone a light into just a small segment of it, all the powers of the state were employed not to investigate it properly but to close it down. The children are still effectively incarcerated and silenced…

    …For the sceptic of the importance of iconography and the links between masonic symbolism and the jewish [sic] elite see https [BLAH BLAH BLAH FUCKING BLAH BLAH YADDA YADDA YADDA…]”

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        • Poor old Paedogilvy appears to be struggling to spell ‘nut’. Those tricky 3-letter words eh, Malc!

          Oh sorry, I hope I’m not mocking mentally ill Scotsmen with spelling disabilities. I wouldn’t want to make Malky cry. Bless

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    • Tom Delay? what a man to quote when he’s a member of a political party that put into the Oval Office the lying fraudster pussy grabber Donald tRump.

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    • The Daily Mail of course being that paragon of journalistic virtue known worldwide for their impartiality and stubborn refusal to selectively spin a story to bump up readership.

      Jesus wept can you imagine seeking some advice from social services regarding a minor family difficulty and Angie showing up in fishnets swinging a noose.Aaaarrrggghhh….

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      • Mainstream media – boo hiss! Oh wait – this article suits our narrative, so what I meant was: mainstream media – yayyy, whoop whoop! Hope that clears things up for everyone.

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  8. Bombard just reels off these people being mkultra victims as if it were a fact, regardless of Bonacci being a convicted child abuser who claims it was his gay alter that molested a boy he was babysitting, HWMNBN getting his stories from dreams, and Fiona making claims about Disney abusing her when he was already dead 2-3 years before she was even born.

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    • Bombard just makes shit up as she goes along.
      Her supposed observations frequently don’t match what’s being shown, as here when she claims an alleged Bonacci personality is revealed by ” I’m not going to rock the chair anymore, I’m just going to stare at you…” and then Bonacci rocks the chair again immediately after that. That is one of her many cons – her commentary influences what people think they are seeing, they will tend to see what she is describing even if the photo/video doesn’t really match what she’s saying.
      The meaning she assigns to movements, postures, expressions etc., her interpretation of what these things supposedly ‘mean’, is just her personal fantasy – it’s fictitious, and she will craft her interpretations to fit & support whatever storyline she has outlined for the video she’s making. When she says things like: “and you’ll often see abuse victims doing X, Y or ZZZ” – that’s not based on science-validated statistical, forensic or neuroscience studies. It’s another of her cons, if she states that abuse victims typically do X or Y, the viewer will tend to perceive the person in the image at that time as an abuse victim – even if it was a person wearing a Ronald McDonald costume, or a frame from a bugs bunny cartoon.

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        • Bombard is just another Truther con-artist, no different than Angela, Belinda, Sabine, etc.

          I found a site where Bombard talks about having been financially wiped out by the 2009 (?) banking crisis, at which point she “woke up” to the Bankster-Corporate conspiracy, discovered the 911 “Truth Movement” and all the associated conspiracy theories, and became a True Believer. She states that she wanted to “make a contribution” to the Truther cause, and that her “body language tells” videos are that contribution. And they are, but not the way people assume that they are.

          People assume that the point of her videos is the supposed body language analysis in them, supposedly revealing hidden “truth” about the person or subject/topic. It’s not. The point of each video is the underlying storyline she has scripted for that video. In the above case, it is: “these people are telling the truth, so believe them”. The imaginary body language analysis is just the “magician’s patter” designed to control & manipulate the viewers perceptions about what they are seeing/watching. Like having the FBI channel as a “featured channel” on her own channel, which is a misdirection suggesting that what you will be seeing & hearing in her videos has some kind of forensic validity.

          She was an easy one. Took me about two hours to figure her scam out. Then I called her out on all of it, in a super-long comment to one of her videos – which she no doubt immediately deleted.

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  9. What JournoAngie™ has taught us today…

    …1. A helmet is a tiara or crown.

    2. Angela is a megalomaniac who believes herself important enough to wear a crown.

    3. A breastplate is a laced up bodice.

    4. This blog is run by Satanists. (Yawwwn)

    5. We’ve cast spells on Angela. (May we see your evidence of this please, Angie? We did ask the last time you made this allegation but you ‘accidentally forgot’ to respond. Sooo, whenever you’re ready. Thanks, luv.)

    6. Angela routinely shows pity and compassion for everyone who ‘wrongs’ her, i.e. anyone who questions her or disagrees with her. (Sorry but I think I must have missed this.)

    7. Angela is on the offensive. Well ok, she is definitely offensive – I’ll give her that one.

    Anyhoo, while we’re waiting for Angie to find that damning screenshot/email/video of us casting spells on her, let’s enjoy once more the video of HER casting them on US (@ 5:37 and 16:25):

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    • For someone who has read the Bible many times Angie must have missed a few verses like:
      “You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor” and “you shall love your neighbor as yourself.” The meanings are pretty clear.

      Perhaps The Lord may make a few other scriptures pop into her head at “the right time” such as:
      “Judge not, that you be not judged. For with the judgment you pronounce you will be judged, and with the measure you use it will be measured to you” and one I like which is highly appropriate when it comes to the Lying Ange :
      “Anyone who injures their neighbor is to be injured in the same manner.”(Leviticus 24:19)

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  10. So much bullshit on that LTV Live from the UK video. Who is the convicted offender related to this scam?
    The woman is asking him for updates on the two children, Nathan went to Hampstead yesterday apparently.

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      • And who’s he staying with? (Or is that with whom is he staying? 😀 ) That house looks really nice.

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        • Someone called Sandra, apparently. And it sounds like he’s already pissed her off. Still, he can always go stay with his groupie Eve, who sounds very keen to accommodate him.

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        • He wasn’t able to attend/cover the conference “because of my mental state” – ? WTF? Don’t tell me someone associated with that collection of psycho-babble fraudsters actually made a responsible assessment & decision?
          NAAAH! Must be hiding something from him, something they don’t want him to see or hear…

          So, Nathan, now that you’re an SRA-MC true believer – you think that raping toddlers turns them into mind-controlled slaves now? Did Shrimpton give you any of his little boy porn to help you fantasize about that? You become creepier all the time, fruitcake.

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          • at least he is honest about his mental state, probably does not realise what he says, maybe he is missing his pussy


    • Reported x 3

      I have got the weirdly weaselly wonky-nosed wanker a few suspensions in the past and it made him apoplectic with rage. So here’s hoping I can get him another one.

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      • “Breaking news” LOL.
        Only about 50 years too late.
        The ability of these troofers to find the like-minded fruit cake in any town or country and present them as an ‘expert’ knows no bounds.
        Combine that with their very odd propensity to be terribly impressed with “credentials” like the claim that alleged ex-copper Ray Savage must be speaking the truth because he could have one day been walking the beat.
        Fagan is also yet another example of the ghastly (who becomes quite vicious when confronted) David Thicke whose entire repertoire has been ripped off from others who were ranting away in decades past.

        Poor old Patterson is an odd one. Forever issuing threats but he’s the only poor sod to date who has come a cropper when that “dustman” gave him a bloody nose outside a court one day.

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    • Isn’t it about time the UK/Ireland sent Power Disney over to the States to do a bit of “brave Journalism”?

      An exchange scheme kind of thing

      She sounds like she’s trying to set him up “to do a Rupert”.

      Has Nathan even heard of Rupert?


      • Yeeeeees. Angie go to the States and see what accolades you receive on arrival! There are a couple doofus’ just like you spewing vile venom for you to visit in Prison impatiently awaiting your arrival. Bring Peas and Carrots. (in separate tuppa)


  11. Another Nathan video from the UK.
    The first few minutes cover a few things then skip to around 1 hour 9 minutes for more conference talk.

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    • Ah, so it’s actually Sandra Fecht he’s staying with? And she was none too pleased about him not attending today’s workshop? Not much to ask when you’re providing him with free board and lodgings, lol.


      • LOL,so even Sandra ‘Help help, the lizards are coming!’ Fecht is sick of the little runt?


      • I thought he crossed wires with that woman earlier and Nathan was talking about the conference and Sandra maybe not being too happy with him, but I guess that would make sense if he is staying with Sandra and he sold, like, 3 tickets man. I think she thought he would film it and then make her YouTube famous.
        Strange how CCN has given a platform to so many of these people, yet none is interested, maybe Mel needs a lil bit of tha ol’ Natey Boy magic. She has the vendors of Woo all ready and waiting.

        Anyone sat through Miles latest Bases Dublin 6 hours plus bullshit? I watched a bit of the end where apparently language and speech is male, so females need some other way to communicate and some shit about reptilian brains, I zoned out.


        • He said in the earlier video that he was staying with “Sandra” and that he’d somehow rubbed her up the wrong way (which is how flirty Eve ended up offering to put him up). It could have course have been a different Sandra. Your guess is as good as mine.

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          • Actually, scratch that – you are this forum’s resident LtV/Stolpman expert, so your guess is probably way better than mine!

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          • I’m not expert on him. I just thought Eve was talking about him being kicked out and Nathan was more worried about Sandra and her lectures, as he must have had a free pass for recording.


  12. Suspend disbelief for a moment and imagine you are in Nathan’s shoes. He believes or pretends to believe in a Government ran and funded Satanic Cult operating out of Hampstead that is responsible for the mass murder of thousands of children, a satanic empire that controls law enforcement, the courts, politicians, social services, pretty much everything. This would be the biggest case of mass murder ever uncovered, and he is being targeted by these same people. Yet walks around Hampstead Heath on a Friday, and feels safe enough to pump out two video’s whilst in the UK, and attend a woo woo seminar targetting these supposed SRA Rings.
    I smells bullshit, and I don’t like that stench in my nostrils.

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    • Yes if Nathan believed a scintilla of the what he spouts he would have been far more discreet and taken every available precaution to cover up his identity and avoid drawing attention to himself.

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  13. That FECK woman is crazy and “practicing w/o auth.” Her crappy disclaimer provides No “lawful” protection. I hope she has been reported for wooing vulnerable/gullible folks!! Do we have a link with her “hagio” LOL


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