BREAKING: Key ‘McKenzie friend’ reported missing over Africa

Maurice Kirk, a “star McKenzie friend” in Sabine McNeill and Belinda McKenzie’s “Association of McKenzie Friends”, has been reported missing somewhere between Sudan and Ethiopia, according to BBC News.

The 72-year-old Mr Kirk, who had been participating in a vintage air rally from Crete to Cape Town, South Africa, had previously been asked to withdraw from the rally following two engine failures and a lack of navigational equipment in his 1943 Piper Cub aeroplane.


Mr Kirk has been involved in several imbroglios in recent years, including an ill-advised attempt to land his plane on property adjacent to the Texas ranch of then-President George W. Bush; this led to his prompt arrest, and world headlines.

He has long been associated with Sabine and Belinda, in particular vis à vis the infamous Musa case, in which two parents were found guilty of horrific abuse of their seven children. Three guesses which side Sabine and Mr Kirk were on.

We will follow this story as it develops.


Maurice Kirk, far right, supporting the convicted Musa child abusers

32 thoughts on “BREAKING: Key ‘McKenzie friend’ reported missing over Africa

  1. USS Enterprise out of Startrek has obviously got the coordinates all wrong and have gone and beamed up the wrong Kirk.

    However,I am sure the cogs of the deluded plotter community are whirling away drafting far more convoluted shoite for this mysterious absence to gain a few futile clicks.

    Hope the guy emerges inact however barking he may be.

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  2. I didn’t like Patrick from what i had seen of him in his videos but i do wish his friends would just let the man rest in peace for his families sake.

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  3. The Neelus of this world are so engrossed within their subjective deluded manias there is simply no remaining capicity to consider the effect of their behaviour on others.Pure ignorance.

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  4. That will annoy the conspiracy brigade.Although there is wriggle room for Angie to shoehorn an abduction and replaced with some Pleidian light soldier or some illogical captain bollox.Thanks Fnord.

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  5. I am really doubtful this is the right Maurice. ‘They’ had time to put his clone in place overnight. I daresay the clone will get into all kinds of conflict with the police, become the subject of a Restraining Order and generally make a nuisance of themselves in Court. Oh wait……

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  6. I hope he is safe and well, and he hasn’t been up to something silly.

    There’s no doubt he loves flying, and caring for animals, it’s just other aspects of his personality and behaviour that have got him into trouble.

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  7. Indeed. Strange how Maurice and the others don’t have much to say about Oliver Reed (when he was aged 40+) getting a 16 year old girlfriend and later marrying her isn’t it.

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  9. Thing is, anyone who knows U.S. politics, even a little bit, knows that Comet Ping Pong is a favoured pizza spot for politicians on both sides of the aisle. If you’ve ever hung around an election “war room”, you’ll discover that the two basic food groups seem to be pizza and cigarettes (though the latter are growing a bit less common these days). Shaking my head at the idiocy of the whole “Pizzagate” thing.

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