Sabine looks at Kirk judgment, sees her own future

Well, it’s about time. Last week we reported that Sabine McNeill’s colleague Maurice Kirk had been found guilty in Cardiff Crown Court of breaching a restraining order, and for the last few days we’ve scoured the internet in vain for any sort of response from Mr Kirk’s friends and allies.

Yesterday it finally happened. In a blog post which studiously avoids the words “guilty”, “sentencing”, or “prison”, Sabine nevertheless manages to convey her feelings about the outcome of Mr Kirk’s trial:Mr Kirk, like Sabine herself, has been “using his website as (a) last resort”—in other words, knowing he hasn’t a legal leg to stand on, he’s chosen to fight his battles in the “court of public opinion”, as Sabine would say. Sadly for them both, the “court of public opinion” lacks the clout of a real court…and with good reason.

Leaving the determination and disposition of justice to the public at large has historically had some very nasty outcomes: think “the French Revolution’s Reign of Terror” or “the Rwandan genocide”, for example. That’s why the UK makes use of a system of police plus courts, which enforce laws which are agreed upon by Parliament, which in turn consists of MPs elected by the people. It’s an imperfect system, but it’s head and shoulders above mob rule, which Sabine seems to favour.

The fact that Mr Kirk has “won more cases than anybody else I know” doesn’t mean that in this instance he was innocent; it could simply mean that he has instigated a great many cases, and won some of them. Surely as a mathematician, Sabine must be familiar with the law of averages—the principle that supposes most future events are likely to balance any past deviation from a presumed average. Ultimately, we hear, it catches up with one.

And surely she must also be aware that IQ is no guarantee of good judgement. Indeed, a quick scan over Mr Kirk’s OASys evaluation indicates that his judgement has been very much in question over the years:Whether his IQ is high, low, or fair-to-middlin’, we think it’s accurate to say he poses a threat to the well-being of the general public, his own family, and himself.

The ‘gulag or Kalashnikov of the 21st century’…

Sabine was going a little heavy on the Soviet-inspired imagery in this post. While we understand (and don’t necessarily agree with) her comparison between mental health facilities and the infamous gulag, we’re really stumped when it comes to the Kalashnikov, which we have always understood to be a type of automatic rifle, also known as the AK-47. How this relates to a mental health unit we really could not say. Anyone?

The meat of the matter

Having explained (sort of) why she thinks last week’s judgment was wrong (without actually saying that there was a judgment), Sabine moves on to what’s really bothering her:

“Meanwhile”, she says, “the cowboys, trolls, shills and other criminals hide behind false names and Anonymous”.

Hmm. Do you think she means us? We’re thinking not, as we took a poll here recently and determined that none of us had ever been a cowboy, a shill, or a criminal of any sort. Neither does anyone here claim to represent Anonymous. Sabine might be confusing us with Christine Ann Sands, Kevin “Big Man” Weaver, or Weaselly Hall, all of whom have hidden behind their made-in-China plastic masks from time to time.

Trolls? Well, we believe some of our readers might have indulged in a bit of light trolling from time to time, and we do admit to using false names to protect ourselves from those who habitually send us death threats…but by and large, we think Sabine might be barking up the wrong tree.

Is that a threat or a promise?

Sabine ends her rant with this:

The McKenzie battle advocating the Public Interest is full on, and the internet is a much more promising battlefield than court rooms, it seems…

Setting aside the fact that in no way can Sabine and Belinda’s Association of McKenzie Friends claim to be representative of the larger community of legitimate McKenzie friends who offer their clients quiet advice and support, rather than using their cases (and their children) as political footballs, we note the last words of Sabine’s post with some concern.

Back in late 2014–early 2015, Sabine kicked off the Hampstead SRA hoax with a flurry of bulk emails, blog posts, and YouTube interviews, all designed to get a jump on the legal system. The plan at that time was to push Hoaxtead hard on the internet, before the inevitably slower and more ponderous legal system could react, and to some extent, it worked.

The old saying that “a lie can be halfway round the world while the truth is still lacing up its shoes” is an accurate one here, and there is absolutely no doubt that this was Sabine and Belinda’s goal: get the lies out there before the truth could catch up.

The fact that she’s now reiterating the idea that the internet is a “more promising battlefield” than the courts seems to indicate that she intends to continue spreading lies and disinformation online, knowing full well that the courts’ response will be slower.

As we mentioned last week, however, Mr Kirk’s latest conviction ought to serve as a warning to Sabine and her cronies: in this excerpt from a “WITNESS STATEMENT as RECIPIENT of a RESTRAINING ORDER”, published on Mr Kirk’s blog a week ago, Sabine stated:It’s quite true, Subsection 3a does indeed say that.

However, since Mr Kirk did not commit his harassment in the service of crime prevention or detection, he was found guilty of breaching his restraining order.

Sabine, you might recall, is still bound by the sentence she received last autumn, when she pleaded guilty to breaching her restraining order and was given a 12-month suspended sentence. Does she really believe that she’ll be protected by Subsection 3a if she’s charged again? The “crime” that she is claiming to be “preventing or detecting” has already been declared, by a High Court judge no less, to be non-existent. Does Sabine actually think that a judge in a lower court will overturn that ruling in order to allow her to justify her criminal behaviour?

We suppose we’ll have to wait and see, but we’re betting that even Sabine can’t be that out of touch with reality. [A tenner says you’re wrong—Ed.]

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  1. To win more cases than anyone else wouldn’t he have to just win ‘one’. And anyway, when did McKenzie friends get in the business of ‘winning cases’? That’s what you have solicitors and barristers for isn’t it?

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  2. “The ‘gulag or Kalashnikov of the 21st century’…

    Sabine was going a little heavy on the Soviet-inspired imagery in this post. While we understand (and don’t necessarily agree with) her comparison between mental health facilities and the infamous gulag, we’re really stumped when it comes to the Kalashnikov, which we have always understood to be a type of automatic rifle, also known as the AK-47. How this relates to a mental health unit we really could not say. Anyone?”

    Maybe she had seen the picture of Maurice with his trusty WW1 vintage machine gun at the ready?

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  3. Bit off topic, but over at Quatloos

    “So, who is Melanie Shaw and why is she in prison? Is she the victim of a stitch up? What brought her to this pass? UK Column and the Troofer gang would have you believe that there was sone secret tribunal that sent her there, a Star Chamber full of paedo-supporting Freemasons out of sight of public scrutiny yadda yadda.

    However more measured reporting is to be found. Hoaxtead Research did an article on her in 2015.”

    Good to see your efforts are noticed and appreciated E.C.

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  4. Carrying on from Rev. Bruce Howard’s post yesterday, am I being stupid or does this fruitloop think that RD and AC are one and the same person?

    Mind you, this is from Slain Crater’s Cannabis Cures Cancer page, so the poor woman might not be entirely lucid, if you know what I mean.

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    • Reading the comments on Kane and Kristie Sue’s FB pages is akin to meeting the cast of ‘One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest’.

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    • “Carrying on from Rev. Bruce Howard’s post yesterday, am I being stupid or does this fruitloop think that RD and AC are one and the same person?”

      um- to tell the truth, I can’t really tell….
      (I think she’s been ‘indulging’ in the cannabis cures pages main fixation a tat bit too much if you know what I mean…)
      Apparently Abe “thettend” her, the “gunt”…
      so I ‘think’ she believes Abe to be RD….
      or Abe is RD pretending to be Abe
      or something…

      Altho everything she wrote applies quite nicely with Abes behaviour towards the children

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  5. Is there a place where I can read recently purged Youtubers whining about their loss? I like it when they whine…

    The first time that American ‘queer’ writer Dennis Cooper’s blog was obliterated from the ‘net, there was a lot of amusing whining from him and his cultesque fans.
    Cooper calls himself an “artist”, primarily a wordsmith or writer, working in a genre of literature/art/film/performance called “transgressive” – which you could translate as “deliberately offensive”. His first blog, which didn’t even have an age-restriction warning on it, was certainly crammed full of offensive material – writings by himself & others, historic soft-core boy-porn photos, galleries of hard-core gay porn stills taken from Russian gay prostitute sites…terribly ‘broken’ young men, no doubt destitute, advertising themselves as rent-a-slaves for serious sadists, etc.

    Cooper was fascinated by a true crime story from Germany, wherein two deranged men had managed to find themselves online – one man wanted to f*ck, murder and eat a willing victim, and the other man wanted to BE such a victim. They met and tragically acted out their mutual fantasy. Cooper was inspired to write a play, in which a gay youth with an obsessive fantasy of being victimized exactly like that talks his older lover into doing him in “for love” – if you really loved me you’d be willing to eat me, I suppose.

    Anyway, Cooper was posting still photos of a young man who certainly looked no more than 16, acting out the victim role in graphic naked detail, obviously staged but still quite realistic, to his blog as he composed this play. Someone decided enough was enough and digitally pulled the plug on his blog.
    Eventually, after setting up a replacement blog, Cooper got Blogger to retrieve copies of some of his old blog articles, but all of the photos were missing from them. The precious photos! Oh no! Then he realized that the photos had been stored on a service like photobucket and only linked into the blog articles, they were never on blogger itself. Tragically, (not!) his photo service account had also been flushed and was empty, void. Please, please can my friend Dennis have his photos back – he needs them for his writing! his friends begged in emails they CCed to him for support. But it was too late, they could not be restored. Awww! 🙂

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    • If two legal aged chaps want to meet up and dine off each other I’m not sure I see a problem (although I’d rather not be invited to that dinner party).
      Where do they stop though? Do they chop little bits off and munch away- a bit like that movie with Hannibal Lecter slicing out little bits of an FBI agents brain, frying it at the table and serving it to his guest?. What happens when enough parts are sliced off that one guest drops dead? Put the rest in the freezer for later?


  6. Sabine fibs mightily when she claims that nutty pilot has “won more cases than anyone I know”. You can see the timeline of what this fool has been charged with and in many cases charges have been dropped not “won”. They can be dropped by the CPS for numerous reasons but mainly because the evidence is not quite up to scratch and prosecutors, rather than lose a case will not waste the court’s time so drop charges at the last minute.
    He has won about 2 minor matters. But he has been convicted of numerous offences to do with driving (these sods who drive without insurance or in dangerous cars are an absolute menace to innocent drivers), assault etc.

    She really does have a twisted mind and considering how she and her coteries of false accusers label anyone who dares to question her or even point out that a matter like Hoaxstead has been settled in the court, is labelled a cannibalistic child murdering, vampire pedophile you would be mad to give this raving nutter ammunition.

    It’s why, between you and me (not for world-wide publication) I never reveal my true identity- Florence Fotheringale Birtwhistle-Luckinbill as I do NOT want to see some blog somewhere claiming I bake tiny babies into wholesome pies for the Village Fete.

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    • Maurice Kirk only a couple of years ago had over a hundred cases outstanding according to what he said to his treating psychiatrist.

      He won his initial tribunal appeals I think against taking him off the register of vets. Sorry if terms incorrectly used.

      He wasn’t always convicted. He won criminal appeals IIRC.

      He has been in court for this and that since the 70s and is incredibly litigious.

      Quite possible that he has won more cases than anyone else Sabine knows, and has also lost the overwhelming majority of appeals and cases he has brought.

      He has won some though, I give him that.

      Bear in mind though that this is a man who tried to go to one of the Bush’s ranches to plead his case, at times he admits this is the case, others he denies it and says it was to say thank you. Oh, and he flew to the ranch, landed a few miles away and walked, was also arrested for being drunk if I recall, but I don’t think he was ever convicted of anything.

      It’s a shame, in other circumstances he would just be a gloriously eccentric posh country bloke. If only he wasn’t so violent, paranoid and obsessive.

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  7. Wrekka is at it again (well her supporters and brother are)
    Had a picnic in the front garden last Wed (hint its NOT Pakel cottage anymore Wrekka)
    must have been fun in the rain!

    Then late the following night her ‘landlord’ and her brother and one of her friends tried to break into an upstairs window (to see what damage had been done in her ‘absence’ LOL), caught by the neighbours and police called

    Seems she’s going to do a Tom Crawfraud…. should be entertaining
    At the rate she’s burning up equity, she’s not going to get a cent when the cottage is finally sold- I think she’s up to about a 0.8 Crawford ATM
    (see “Sov-Cit Victory Currencies defined, Quatloos Code” for an explanation of the value of a crawford, a rekha and other values of FMTOL/sovcit lunacy values)

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  8. A quick insight into Mr Kirk’s success in the court system (including the Privy Council) up to 2004 will be found in the judgement of the Privy Council in the case in this link

    An extended civil restraint order has been made against him. The grounds for an ECRO are (basically) that the respondent has lost a number of cases which are certified by the court as “utterly without merit”.

    Mr Kirk’s grasp of legal matters appears very well in a case in the High Court:

    THE APPLICANT [Kirk]: You have before you a very annoyed resident of the UK. It has now been brought to my attention that on the day of sentencing, in order that I could drive my motorcycle away from the court, perhaps I lodged an appeal in the Crown Court. If that is true, what are you listening to this case for?

    BALCOMBE LJ: Because you brought it, Mr Kirk.

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