Maurice Kirk’s trial begins today

Today one of Sabine McNeill’s dodgy “Super-McKenzie Friends” will be in the dock at Cardiff Crown Court, facing charges of breaching a restraining order. We’ve written about Maurice Kirk in the past: he’s the “Flying Vet” whose antics during an antique airplane rally made the mainstream media late last year.

He was in court in March this year, attempting to have his current charges revoked, apparently to no avail.

In her usual bombastic yet self-pitying style, Sabine has been attempting to “support” Mr Kirk by complaining about how poorly she has allegedly been treated: [Not poorly enough—Ed.]

What Norman, Maurice and I have in common is a ‘Restraining Order’ in the context of the Protection from Harassment Act 1997.

Subsection 3a says very clearly that Subsection 1 does not apply when preventing or detecting crime.

However, in the devious and deceptive way of twisting words and their meaning, as opposed to using common sense, Common Law or straight logic, this Act is routinely being used by white collar criminals to:

  • imprison innocent citizens without investigating underlying causes and crimes;
  • misguide ignorant juries who will only be asked guilty or not guilty of one minor aspect at the end of a road of
    • false medical records causing 3 months in Caswell Clinic;
      • here’s the critical page of Dr Williams’ report claiming “clear evidence of some degree of neuro-cognitive damage (brain damage)” of 2009;
      • here’s Dr Kemp’s ‘rebuttal’ of that false diagnosis – on behalf of the Yorkshire Law Society of 1st December 2009;
      • here’s the “all clear” brain scan of 2013;
      • here’s my letter to the Health Clinic, while Maurice was in prison in 2014;
      • here’s the letter from the Clinical Director of HMP Cardiff confirming that Maurice has an ‘ok brain’;
      • here’s the Civil Aviation Authority confirming that he has no mental disorder;
      • here is official correspondence about the correction of records that applies to “anyone” who has incorrect medical records that have a “substantial” adverse effect on them.
    • But Maurice is ‘restrained’ from ‘harassing’ Dr T Williams who feels ‘professionally embarrassed’, as we heard in Cardiff Court on July 23…

So far as we can tell, Dr Williams’ issue with Mr Kirk extends far, far beyond mere “professional embarrassment”. Mr Kirk has repeatedly posted “Wanted: Dead or Alive” posters featuring Dr Williams’ image, which in itself must surely have been distressing to Dr Williams and his family. How much of a threat is Mr Kirk?

Mr Kirk seems to have permitted blogger John Graham, aka “Butlincat”, to publish a copy of his 2014 OASys assessment: “OASys” stands for “Offender Assessment System”, and will have been filled in by a professional, most likely Mr Kirk’s probation officer. This document indicates the scope and nature of risk which Mr Kirk is believed to pose, and lists those most likely to suffer should he remain at large.

A few things stand out: in addition to the general public and criminal justice system staff, Mr Kirk is believed to represent a threat not only to Dr Williams and ex-Chief Constable Barbara Wilding, both of whom he has complained about for some time, but also to his two ex-wives and four children, as well as “public events” and “structures open to the public”.

The last two seem a bit odd, until you realise that the nature of the anticipated risk include “risk of harm caused by flying an aircraft (in) inappropriate locations/areas”. It seems that the authorities are actively concerned that Mr Kirk might attempt to disrupt events, or even worse, to fly his aircraft into a public event or a structure open to the public.

This is, of course, in addition to the more pedestrian “physical assault/verbal abuse/harassment”, all of which have landed Mr Kirk in serious hot water in the past.

As long ago as 1984, when Mr Kirk received a warning from the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons for his behaviour, they relied on the 17 convictions he’d accrued to that point, including:

  • Assault occasioning actual bodily harm—he threw a tenant of his down a flight of stairs (6 months imprisonment suspended);
  • Imperilling the safety of an aircraft while under the influence of drink (6 months imprisonment); and
  • Assault of two police officers (3 months imprisonment).

At his 2004 hearing before the same body, at which time he was struck off as a veterinarian, the College considered further episodes of violence and anti-social behaviour:

  • The 1997 assault of a 17-year-old girl, daughter of a tenant which whom he was having a dispute;
  • A 1999 assault and subsequent resisting arrest; and
  • The 2000 threat uttered against the CPS representative whilst in magistrate’s court—Kirk approached her and said, in a threatening manner, “If you don’t stop being obstructive I will turn you upside down and use you like a moneybox”.

The 2014 OASys assessment notes:

When Mr Kirk is in the community, the risk will be considered imminent given his determined behaviour to challenge authority and failure to observe any boundaries be they social, legal or otherwise.

In other words, as of 2014 Mr Kirk’s probation officer considered him enough of a threat to identify him as a MAPPA (Multi-Agency Public Protection Arrangements) offender.

Such arrangements are not put in place lightly, whatever Sabine might wish us to think.

Speaking of Sabine, she writes: “I wish I could be in Cardiff Crown Court on Tuesday, but I am physically not able enough. Can you, maybe witness what will be going on?”

We confess we’re surprised at Sabine’s sudden relapse; as of only three weeks ago, she was seen striding about near Southwark Crown Court, sans walking sticks and yet still quite sprightly. (And for the curious amongst you, no, she didn’t enter the court; we suspect she was aware her name was mentioned several times during Rupert’s trial, and not in a complimentary way. Perhaps she feared that if she made an appearance she’d have found herself in an…uncomfortable situation? Hard to say, really.)


145 thoughts on “Maurice Kirk’s trial begins today

  1. Thanks for the update, EC.

    By the way, who’s the Norman who has a restraining order?

    Spiny, what have you been up to? 😉

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  2. Call me old-fashioned, call me naive or call me Nancy but I cannot see why anyone has the need to cart a sub-machine gun around rural Wales. Was the poor deluded chap born out of time and wishes he had been off fighting the Hun or participating in dog-fights with the Red Baron?

    Wouldn’t this mob love for this to be how they perceive it?: “Subsection 3a says very clearly that Subsection 1 does not apply when preventing or detecting crime.”
    They could declare anyone a Lawful Suspect & shove them down the stairs.

    This one is really odd: “misguide ignorant juries who will only be asked guilty or not guilty of one minor aspect at the end of a road of”..surely the jury is asked if the defendant is guilty of what they are charged with, not say as a side note, ” is the defendant guilty of nicking an extra biscuit in the canteen during a lunch break in the trial?”.

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    • Yes, this whole “Subsection 1 does not apply when preventing or detecting a crime” business sounds good in theory…until you actually look at the actions of the nutters who are trying to use it to dodge the consequences of their actions.


  3. From Sabine:
    “No jury can ever get an adequate picture, if they are asked NOT to google and inform themselves.”
    Trial by Google.

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    • Yes, there is a very good reason that all juries—not just Mr Kirk’s—are told not to Google anything about the trials they attend. If one were to go by Sabine’s reports about Maurice Kirk, one might think he was up for a sainthood at least! 🙂

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    • Well if, perhaps a big IF Belinda goes on Trial what will Sabine e saying when Ms Belinda McKenzie’s name is “Googled” and the jurors see all the references to those missing £millions for the Iranian orphans and more?

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  4. Some interesting rumblings on Defective Costa’s ‘Believe the Bollocks’ page. Is Chloe anyone we know? She’s doing a cracking job.

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    • Oh, interesting! I’ve heard rumblings about legal action; hope it goes ahead.

      p.s. If Chloe reads this blog, KSC has 2 blogs: and They’re easy to mix up, as they look identical and are equally poorly laid out, but they differ in some of their posts.

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        • The Washington Post is number 54 so possibly the Washington Establishment and the international Diplomatic Corps based there probably then go on to read Dearman etc etc.
          That’s before millions of music lovers click onto Spotify at No 56.
          How does she do it? Silicone Valley wants to know her secret.

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        • Oh dear- checking on Alexa which is one of the more accurate ranking sites reveals the following:
          How popular is
          How popular is

          This is interesting:

          Rank in Spain: 81,690

          And a big LOL:

          Daily Time on Site – (ie: nil)

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    • Sensitive much, Crusty Poop?

      So glad I took those screenshots, which clearly show that she’s lying, hehe.

      And to Chloe – if you read this blog, do pop by and say hi some time (if you haven’t already under a pseudonym!).

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  5. The Lies of Lloyd Demause – blatant slander and defamation:

    Here again is the link to “Why Cults Kill…” by Lloyd Demause

    Going back up to the top of the essay now;

    “Once I began to familiarize myself with the literature on the subject, I began to see where the well-orchestrated flood of “witch hunt” accusations was originating: from the molesters themselves”…
    I’ll come back to this.

    “In addition, some of authors of false memory hooks also turned out to be pedophile advocates. For example, one of the most widely cited books claiming that cult abuse reports were mass hysteria is Paul and Shirley Eberle’s The Abuse of Innocence: The McMartin Preschool trial.(6) Taken quite seriously by reviewers and widely quoted In later magazine articles as authoritative, the book makes such claims as that the over 100 McMartin children who reported they had been abused by a cult were all “brainwashed” and the mothers were all “hysterical” and that it was meaningless that physicians found three-quarters of the children bore physical evidence that corroborated their stories. What reviewers didn’t mention was that the Eberles had been called “the most prolific publishers of child pornography in the United States” by Sgt. Toby Tyler, a San Bernadino deputy sheriff who is a nationally recognized expert on child pornography.(7) Their kiddie porn material that I have seen and the articles they have published such as “I Was a Sexpot at Five” and “Little Lolitas” Included illustrations of children involved in sodomy and oral copulation and featured pornographic photos of the Eberles”

    Calling San Bernadino deputy sheriff Sgt. Toby Tyler “a nationally recognized expert on child pornography” would be like calling Donald Trump “the most intelligent and educated man in America”. Toby Tyler was not an expert on the subject of child pornography, and this is clearly demonstrated by his totally false claim that the Eberle’s were ever “the most prolific publishers of child pornography in the United States” – a claim that could have been debunked as nonsense by any librarian in America, because the top American producers and distributors of child sexual abuse images in the 1970’s were already a matter of public record when he made this statement.

    The most widely distributed CSA images publications in America in the 1970’s were magazines titled “Moppets” and “Lollitots”, produced and distributed by Parliament News (owners – Paul Wisner & Milton Luros) on the West Coast and distributed by Reuben Sturman’s chain of adult-XXX stores on the East Coast. Very hard-core material.
    There was Kent Masters, “the King of loop films”, New York based distributor of CSA videos whose films were probably produced by Michael Umbers and other mafia pervs controlling New York’s gay bar and club scene, on behalf of Gambino capo Robert DiBernardo.
    There was Texan Roy C. Ames, busted with four tons of magazines and films in a Houston warehouse.
    There was the soft-core boy-porn produced and distributed by Billy Byars and Guy Strait operating as Dom-Lyric in California.
    And there were the “Better Life conspiracy” operations in Louisiana, Tennessee and Michigan.
    Those were the major producers and distributors of “child porn” in America in the 1970’s.

    The Eberle’s had no involvement with any of these criminal operations. They had their own publication, “Finger”, which apparently ran some offensive child-adult sex fantasy stories submitted by readers and adorned by pornographic illustrations of the acts described therein, but the allegations about child sex photographs in Finger were false and both the written and graphic art materials were “protected free speech” under American law at that time and did not constitute “obscene” materials by those standards:

    “But, among all the Eberles’ above detractors, only Ms magazine notes that years of surveillance by LAPD vice cop Donald Smith failed to produce any evidence. “There were a lot of photos of people [in Finger] who looked liked they were underage,” Smith claimed, “but we could never prove it.”
    Smith’s statement contradicts Fredrickson’s unfounded claim that Finger contained photographs of “sexually abused children.” Rockwell’s suggestion that he viewed nude photos of the Eberles and their children in Finger also seems disingenuous. Asked to clarify his claim, Rockwell responded that “somebody” told him that a picture he viewed (from Finger) showed the Eberles and their children together naked in a sexual context. But Rockwell said, in a telephone interview, that he forgot if the Eberle family was actually identified in the photo’s caption. “In good conscience,” he withdrew his claim.
    No evidence of illegal child exploitation by the Eberles was found on the pages of Finger or anywhere else”.

    All of which means, the Eberles were not “publishers of child pornography” – AT ALL – under the laws of that time.

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    • And by the way, Lloyd, if you believed the Eberle’s publications constituted “kiddy porn” why on earth would you “review” them?
      I get my knowledge of historic child sex abuse images operations from forensic journals, news reports and court records. I don’t “review” the materials myself…you pervert.

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  6. They’re like two bored housewives gossiping over the garden fence, aren’t they. “Obviously one of the gang.” For fuck’s sake get a grip, you mad bint.

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    • FFS. They realise DC Martin and his colleagues worked on CAIT, right? And that often involves urgent phone calls which might necessitate interruptions? Morons.

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        • I think what bothers me about this sort of conversation is that they’re treating it all as though it’s a game. They’re fucking around with real people’s lives–damaging actual families and individuals–while they play Nancy Drew and ooh and aah over their own brilliant deductions. If people were doing the same about their families they’d be talking out the other side of their mouths.

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      • Dear God, a telephone rings in a police station, people are talking loudly, there is movement and doors open and close. Highly suspicious.

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    • Fruitcake 5 (Kelly, semi-reformed fruitcake) v Fruitcake 1 (Yolande, not reformed) plus random members of the Fruitcake B-team…

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    • And what fruitcake love-in would be complete without Fruitcake 6? And here she is, bang on cue, apparently being ignored by Fruitcake 1:


      • These people are stark raving bonkers aren’t they? Fantasists.

        How could Tracey Morris “prevent a newborn from being extradited” ?.
        Apart the absurdity that a baby would ever face a legal extradition, she claims she was a McKenzie Friend which means she virtually holds no legal standing in any court case and is merely a glorified hand holder.

        This is fascinating watching the loonies unravel and begin to attack each other. It was always bound to happen as each one of them has constructed their own ‘reality’ out of disparate facts, a mishmash of weaving together false claims and joining dots. And then there is the inevitable clash between their phony scenarios.

        I’m getting in the popcorn.

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    • OK, it seems things are starting to calm down a bit at the fruitcake bar. However, Fruitcakes 1 and 2 have clearly had a few too many.

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    • Oh dear, they had to mention Fruitcake 7, didn’t they, and now she’s crawled out of her hidey-hole to re-start the pagga…

      And there we leave it for now. Tune in next week for more live fruitcake pagga action…

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    • Lol I was going to comment on that Liza.

      I was feeling quite sorry for Yolande but she’s just too nuts!

      All the “troofers/trooders” are falling out with each other as usual, you just couldn’t make it up.

      Yannis is a right shit stirrer, he’s commenting on a guy called Gary Hilson’s fb page under a “fake” name but it’s him, plus that Lyn Saddington too.

      She seems to have a personality like Heather, but Yannis is nearly 70 for crying out loud, he needs to grow up before it’s too late.

      These people need some better things to do with their time.

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    • I do not consent to Kristie Sue Costa’s slanderous hate campaign against the Hampstead community. I cannot remain silent. I cannot dismiss my mortal compass. It is my duty to take the piss out of her…

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    • “IT IS MY DUTY as an adult to make sure children are not cannibalizing babies trafficked into London from around the globe … ”
      Has she any idea exactly how mad that sounds? How many questions are being begged there?

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      • I wonder how Kristie Sue would like it if someone, let’s call him “Abe”, decided that a man from Wellfleet, let’s call him “Mark”, was the head of a Satanic paedophile cult that raped children and imported, tortured, killed, and ate babies?

        And what if a couple of “Mark’s” alleged victims, let’s just call them “Zion” and “Hannah” for argument’s sake, had been taken to an isolated place and questioned by “Abe” for weeks at a time, and that he had used all manner of physical and emotional torture until they agreed to say that their daddy was, in fact, a child-raping, baby-murdering-and-eating monster?

        And what if then, even though the courts clearly ruled that “Mark” was wholly innocent of any wrong-doing, malicious and misguided people continued to share videos of poor “Hannah” and “Zion” stating that he was indeed guilty, even though the two children had long since retracted their original statements and had stated that they were actually abused by “Abe”?

        I wonder how she might like having someone start a blog called “”, claiming that this (wholly fictitious) person was a paedophilic cannibalistic monster who controlled a cabal of other paedophilic cannibalistic monsters?

        I wonder how she’d feel about having the pictures of the two innocent children plastered all over the internet, with claims that they had been violently sexually abused?

        And poor “Hannah” and “Zion”. What will their future hold, now that the world knows them only as “those kids who were raped by the Satanists”? They can deny it all they want now. The conspiraloons and religious nutcases won’t believe them, and their pictures will become synonymous with “Satanic cult victims”, even though no Satanic cult was ever found to be connected with anything they said. Ah well, guess it sucks to be them.

        I’m going to guess that KSC might not be terribly happy if such a thing were to happen, yet she seems willing, nay, eager, to inflict this kind of pain on other people she doesn’t know, has never met, and has decided, for reasons of her own, to vilify.

        She is a sadist of the worst sort; she’s the kind of sadist who cannot admit her own cruel impulses, but claims that everything she does is for the “greater good”, to “save the children”.

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        • An excellent point well made, Shrinky.

          And what if “Abe” was so convinced of Kristie Sue’s involvement that he hounded her 93-year-old grandmother to death. I wonder whether Kristie Sue would be ok with that.

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          • Yes, that would be sad indeed. But I’m sure Kristie Sue would consider it a sacrifice worth making “for the children”.

            Interesting point Shrinky makes about sadism. That hadn’t occurred to me, but it does seem like an accurate interpretation of KSC’s behaviour.

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      • I much prefer the days when the Americans all assumed we had bad teeth. Now we’re all cannibals. Give me strength!

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        • “Give me strength!”

          Yeah, you’ll need it if you’re gonna eat someone’s liver with a nice Chianti with those dodgy chompers, buddy.

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  7. All day, luv? Hmm…

    Well, MY bullshit detector says the entire conversation lasted less than an hour and consisted mainly of Maggie attacking us (including calling us child rapists and cannibals, as she’d been doing to James Hind for several weeks) and us answering her questions and defending ourselves against her attacks. And she appears to have run away crying (to Kristie Sue, lol) the second the Wicked Witch of Wellfleet called her out on her jaw-dropping ignorance of the Hampstead case:

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    • Aside from the nastiness of that comment, she should be banned for epic dumbassery anyway – today’s the 12th!

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    • Manuela appears to be popping up to talk bollocks and slander people more and more lately and I’ve been wondering – is she related to Crusty Poop? That would explain so much.

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    • “The Eye has been alerted to an article that appeared last year in the peer-reviewed European Psychiatry, the official journal of the European Psychiatric Association, titled “The Satanist Cult of Ted Heath: Ethical Implications of Authority Compromise” … by Dr Rainer Kurz, a chartered occupational psychologist.

      The main source he cites is an Essex body-builder called Chris Spivey”


      I recently heard a good friend of mine stating that Edward Heath was a peadophile as if it were an established fact. There was a very brief anecdote broadcast on Loose Ends in Ned Sherrins time which came from Heath’s favourite interior decorator. He mentioned in passing that Heath had an interest in young men and “rough trade”. This was cut out of the repeat. Possibly the people who protected Heath’s privacy in his life time have unwittingly been so thorough as to create a vacuum into which all sorts of nonsense can rush.

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      • Well…when I want informed opinions about CSA issues, pedophile rings or satanic cult conspiracies, I always turn to occupational psychologists and body-builders first…and they are the only people I’d trust to carry out professional investigations into such matters.


        But wait a minute! Wasn’t a “Rainer Kurz” implicated in the Colonia Dignidad scandals? Or was that just a rumor? Hmmm…

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  9. The bullshit ‘n’ bollocks quota is sky high this week 😮

    Oh and look – here’s Kristie Sue, bang on cue, with her latest contribution and NOT giving out people’s names and addresses…

    (Names, addresses, photo links, telephone numbers and email addresses blanked out by me, not by Crusty Poop)

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    • She also went on to say that these teachers babysat her cousins? She claims these two teachers worked in a school called Christchurch in Bradford on Avon. The chances of two teachers working at two schools with the same name in two different parts of England? She claims her cousins mentioned baby shoes and dancing with skulls and only NOW she is aware of what that meant! OH P-LEASE!

      Why would she want to lie this hard? Mental health issues? Lonely? Who knows?

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    • Something I never understood about “June Wiggan”: if she already knew that all these dastardly deeds were being done, why did she never report it to the police?

      I do wonder whether there really were any little Wiggans on the CCPS enrollment lists. I’m guessing no, but would be interesting to know.


    • Ha, she thinks she’s a sinner saved? Boy does she have a big truth coming when she finally meets Yeshua Jesus Christ who has assured me that Ange will be spending a lot of holiday time in a place so hot it makes Lanzarote look like the Arctic.
      How does this woman “save babies from being adopted?”
      Some of this bunch just live in a world of fantasy.

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      • Two friend requests from Hasting’s prostitutes? LOL.
        She’s obviously getting the same requests most of us are daily from organised pornography producers who have evaded Facebook’s security and have been plaguing everyone for few weeks now.
        Poor dear thinks they are real people and even claims to know where they are from.
        More evidence Yolande Gordon is a fantasy merchant.


    • Well he should take note that he is being basically stalked and ‘doxed’ because if he has a family you can be sure it’s just a matter of time before they come under fire.
      Cops and social workers as well as judges do not deserve these repeated libels just because they do their job.

      We are seeing an increasing number of victims of these defamers like Power-Disney using the internet to harass. We’ve even seen Russia use Facebook to manipulate an election via means like fake news, the type this mob indulge in every day.

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      • Yeah she’s talking BS, as per usual.

        I’d like to know where her home is then?

        As she’s admitted in the past to not liking Oldcastle.

        Why was she attempting to sub-let the Lanzarote place that held such fond memories of her beau that wasn’t Rupert if she wasn’t going back?

        Scamming as usual…

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  10. From the wonderful clued up minds of “Believe the children”

    “The children have been placed in care, their mother is currently in a mental institution. Being in care really means they are still in danger because a lot of children are taken into care unnecessarily to feed the paedophile rings.”

    Mental institution?!?!

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