Chartered occupational psychologist claims to be expert in ‘Satanic ritual abuse’

Last week we were alerted to a very interesting post on the Barth’s Notes blog, titled “European Psychiatry and Satanic Ritual Abuse Conspiricism”. “Just up our street!” we thought, and we weren’t wrong.

In fact, the article linked to another in Private Eye, which had caused much mirth and merriment at Hoaxtead Research HQ a couple of weeks ago:

The Eye has been alerted to an article that appeared last year in the peer-reviewed European Psychiatry, the official journal of the European Psychiatric Association, titled “The Satanist Cult of Ted Heath: Ethical Implications of Authority Compromise”. It was based on a conference paper delivered at the 24th European Congress of Psychiatry in Madrid by Dr Rainer Kurz, a chartered occupational psychologist.

Kurz states the Satanic Grocer scenario as fact to an audience of mainstream psychiatrists and in a peer-reviewed journal – which makes one wonder what respect his peers have for corroborative evidence.

The main source he cites is an Essex body-builder called Chris Spivey, who also believes that the murder of Lee Rigby was a government-organised hoax. Of Spivey’s online post naming 235 supposed members of Heath’s satanic cult, Kurz writes: “No indications were found that would throw the veracity of the document into doubt”

Yes, that’s right.

Dr Rainer Kurz, a chartered occupational psychologist, thinks that Chris Spivey is a totes reliable source of information on alleged “Satanic cults”.

This led us to wonder: what exactly is a “chartered occupational psychologist”, and what would cause a person with such apparently elevated credentials to believe a wanker like Spivey? We began delving, and the more we delved the deeper the rabbit hole seemed to go—so much so that we might have trouble fitting it all into one post. You’ve been warned.

‘Chartered occupational psychologist’

Yes, there is such an animal. In fact, according to the BPS site, “The title of Chartered Psychologist is legally recognised and reflects only the highest standard of psychological knowledge and expertise”.

And an “occupational psychologist” is a person with a PhD in psychology, who specialises in the world of work:

Occupational psychologists apply expert knowledge to all levels of working and may work on organisational issues, such as culture and change, as well as issues at an individual or team level.

While Dr Kurz may very well be an expert in occupational psychology, we think it’s fair to question his expertise in the field of so-called “Satanic ritual abuse” …especially given that no evidence has ever been found to support allegations that such a thing exists. Oh, except for Chris Spivey, of course.

However, this has not stopped Dr Kurz from appearing several times on the Richie Allen webcast, where he regaled the audience with bone-chilling tales of the supernatural. Richie refers to Dr Kurz as a “man of medicine” and a “man of healing”, though it’s quite clear he has no idea what expertise his guest really possesses.

When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro

And David Icke’s acolyte is not the only person helping Dr Kurz self-publicise: last spring Dr Kurz published the following conference abstract in the professional journal European Psychiatry:

From Hampstead to Norwich: Ritual violence or coaching?

Video-recorded disclosures of two siblings emerged describing ritual violence activities in a Hampstead “cult” including human sacrifice murder. The UK court processes judged that the mother “coached” the children to make false allegations. In parallel, Marie Black, Jason Adams and Michael Roger were found guilty of child sexual abuse purely based on historical accounts of five children.

The presentation outlines two cases that illustrate the “unbelievable” nature of organized child abuse and what aspects make court rulings “unsafe”.

The presentation aims to compare the Hampstead (sic) where the videos were watched by 4 million individuals world-wide with the little that is known about the “Norwich Three” case due to court reporting restrictions.

Materials posted on websites, books and videos were reviewed alongside discussions with whistle-blowers, relatives and friends of people involved.

The disclosures in the Hampstead case were very extreme but similar accounts can be found in books by Sara Scott (UK) and De Camp (US). Those accused of sexual abuse claim that the children have been coached by their mother to make these allegations–the view that the judge adopted. In the Norfolk case, 7 of the 10 defendants were cleared of child sexual abuse allegations but three individuals were found guilty. It remains unclear what the basis was for the conviction as the disclosures could have been classed as the result of “coaching”.

Anyone operating in forensic settings should familiarise themselves with the “hall of mirrors” that cases involving child sexual abuse routinely constitute.

Yes, you read correctly: not only is Dr Kurz alleging that despite a complete lack of evidence, the Hampstead “Satanic ritual abuse” allegations were true, but in the same breath he’s claiming that Marie Black, a convicted child rapist who was supported by close colleagues of Belinda McKenzie and Sabine McNeill, was framed. As the Barth’s Notes post points out, Dr Kurz seems perfectly willing to accept that Mrs Justice Pauffley’s judgment was “very unsafe”, but cannot bring himself to believe that Marie Black and her co-accused were guilty:

why would such doubts be shared by someone who is very ready to believe the most outlandish SRA claims? Black forcing a child to drink blood is beyond credibility, yet we are to accept a narrative about Hampstead that involves baby-eating and the wearing of baby-skin shoes. The contrast is bizarre.

Connections with Hoaxtead mob

Barth’s Notes points out that in addition to his Richie Allen Show appearances, his belief in anything that the truth-avoidant Chris Spivey says, and his willingness to read, let alone cite, blogs like Aanirfan,

[Dr Kurz] describes himself on LinkedIn as a “volunteer” for Ian Joseph’s “Forced Adoption” website; Josephs was profiled in the Mirror in 2014 as “Millionaire helping pregnant women flee UK to avoid babies taken into care”, and he has also himself appeared on The Richie Allen Show to discuss the issue.

Black was one of those Josephs assisted, and this seems to be basis on which her case is presented by Kurz as evidence of a corrupt system rather than as an exemplary example of the reality of organised child sex abuse.

But that’s not Dr Kurz’s only connection with those who’ve promoted the Hampstead SRA hoax: some of our readers might recall this presentation at Sabine and Belinda’s “Forced Adoption and CSA Cyber-Event” in November 2015:

(No, he wasn’t the infamous “elephant in the room”.)

And even earlier than this, Sabine cites an email she received from Dr Kurz in this blog post, dated 25 July 2015:

“I am writing to you in my capacity as the ‘Science & Practice Convener’ of the BPS Division of Occupational Psychology. I put myself forward for this role as per attached Personal Statement in order to do my bit as a Practicing Psychologist to unveil the secrets behind (extreme) child abuse and improve standards in my profession.

Sir James Munby (President of the Family Division) remarked: ‘Only the death penalty is more drastic than removing a child from its parents forever’.

Prof Jane Ireland found that 2/3 of psychological assessment reports sampled in Family Court settings were ‘poor’ or ‘very poor’. It hence appears to be the case that death-sentence like consequences routinely result from poor professional performance of Practicing Psychologists.

I am delighted to inform you that the BPS Division of Clinical Psychology is currently preparing guidelines for Historical Child Abuse Disclosures the attached draft of which already looks promising.

Following clearance with Stephen Weatherhead I would like to extend to you a warm invitation to review the attached draft and contribute your views on what the +/- impact of Psychologists is at present, and how the best possible impact for abuse victims could be achieved.

Through my own volunteer advocate activities I have identified unveiling of the ‘Discourse of Disbelief’ that denies the existence of extreme abuse as a top priority. Read for yourself how for example

Wikipedia is proffering completely one-sided ‘misdirection’ on the topic of satanic abuse:

I attach three 2015 presentations that cover such topics. The recent posters at the 3rd European Association for Psychosomatic Medicine (EAPM) Congress in Nuremberg illustrate some of the depravities and irregularities in the field of extreme abuse. The Prevention poster includes two clickable links to other documents – I would be interested in your commentary and suggestions of doing something about the issues raised.

I would like to supplement these by drawing your attention to sentencing (once more!) of Albert and Carole Hickman whose names were already familiar to me from Tim Tate’s chapter in the book ‘Treating survivors of satanist abuse ’ edited by Valerie Sinason (1994):

The vested interests slated Valerie’s book e.g. here is an extract from a scathing review on Amazon:

“This book has the distinction of being voted in a peer review in the year 2000 the second worst psychiatric publication of the last hundred years. One nominee for the review (led by Simon Wesley, Professor of Psychiatry at King’s College, and reported in The Independent newspaper on 19 March 2001) described it as “credulous, superstitious, iatrogenic (illness-inducing), self-righteous incendiary garbage”. Another reviewer described the book as: “useful for anyone who needs a startling, clear demonstration of the amazing ability of 20th century human beings to persuade themselves firmly to believe in utter claptrap and nonsense”.

  • Extreme abuse exists, and the official position needs to acknowledge this.

I uploaded 10 presentations I did on the topic on this research site:

Unveiling the organisational structures and processes that shield abusers is critical in order to tackle the biggest challenge of all: the ‘thwarting’ by authority representatives of sexual assault crime report attempts, and – even darker – associated ‘gaming’ of Family Court processes.

Best wishes

Dr Rainer Kurz
Psychologist BPS
DOP Science & Practice Convener

Managing Consultant
Cubiks Group Limited

Amused as we were by the review of Valerie Sinason’s book on ‘Treating survivors of satanist abuse’, we find it alarming that Dr Kurz appears to have put himself forward as “Science and Practice Convener” for the BPS, with an eye toward advancing the cause of his profession’s acceptance of SRA. Given his strong links with known conspiracy pushers, and the fact that his own qualifications are wholly unrelated to the topic he is trying to promote, we wonder whether the BPS is aware that one of its “chartered” members is bringing the profession into disrepute.

And as if all that weren’t enough…

We’ve been made aware recently that yet another American “researcher” has plans to cross the Pond in the next week or so, in order to attend a conference. Three guesses who one of the keynote speakers will be?That’s right. Nathan Stolpman is coming all the way from sunny California to listen to four cranks discuss a topic which has been repeatedly and roundly debunked. Well, we suppose it’s his money. Oh, wait….

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  1. Fri Sep 22.Sandra Fecht -Trauma to Triumph Lecture & Workshop £32.45 – £191.75.Refund Policy:No Refunds.

    An evening with Miss Whiplash would be far more cost effective,she doesnt give refunds either(allegedly).

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  2. Well they do say it takes one to know one….

    I would go so far as to say his licence to practice should be seriously looked at, surely there is a licencing board or panel, people who issue (and/or revoke) the licence to practice psychology?

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    • My understand is that almost anyone can call themselves a psychologist or a therapist but membership of the BPS allows you to be called ‘chartered’. Right now, I’m listening to Dr Kurz on Richie Allen and I’m thinking that that word doesn’t mean a heck of a lot.

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  3. Quote from Dr Kurz on Richie Allen: ‘The primary function of the family court system seems to be to cover up and shield Satanic Ritual Abuse’.

    And this man is taking clients is he?

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    • Nicherin and ichinen daimoku are connected to a kind of Buddhism I think? They all chant ‘nam myo ho renge kyo’?

      Had friends who were in this once. A bit cult like for me.

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    • “40. © Outstanding Achievements 40 TPF London 11th March 2015 Prof Jean La Fontaine is an Anthropologists trained in Cambridge who taught at the LSE where she is Professor Emeritus. She has written extensively on ritual, gender and kinship, witchcraft and satanism, child abuse and incest. She made front-page headlines in mid-1994, when she found herself in the centre of a public furore over her research into child sexual abuse ‘The Extent and Nature of Organised and Ritual Abuse’, commissioned by the Department of Health, was widely read as denying the existence of satanic abuse. Intergenerational Abuse Dr Valerie Sinason is a British poet, writer, psychoanalyst and psychotherapist who is known for promoting the idea that people with a developmental disability can benefit from psychoanalysis and that satanic ritual abuse is widely practiced in the UK. In 1994, Sinason edited a collection of essays entitled Treating Survivors of Satanist Abuse that claimed satanic ritual abuse existed in the United Kingdom and that she had treated victims 28/08/1995 2000 Please ignore the Wikipedia entry under my name for the time being. I find it extremely useful for many subjects but for some, especially contentious areas that involve forensic issues, as fast as colleagues try to correct and add material it is damaged by other editors who are not following Wikipedia guidelines, e.g. they rely on unchecked newspaper articles and unvalidated or old and biased quotes. It is therefore of interest that whilst my disability work gets a small mention, most space is given to sceptical or downright attacks on the existence of ritual abuse and especially abuse by Satanist pedophiles.

      Sorry for the long quote, but if you think thats bad check out YdychyncachuTracey’s link above…
      Apparently EVERYTHING he does is an “Outstanding Achievement” but no.40 as quoted above particularly caught my eye (for fairly obvious reasons)

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  4. OMFG

    Here he is handing out DVDs to Thomas Mann and Simon Dancuk, in the House of Commons, and Valerie Sinason was there too.

    He claims to have talked to Clive Driscoll about this alleged arson and murder.

    Mark Watts Thomas was there according to Rainer Kurz.

    I am sure there is stuff about this elsewhere, so I don’t want to say too much. He handed out one of his posters.

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    • @tracy – that was interesting, thanks! “Survivor Carl” there, is “Nick” – if you weren’t aware.
      I was quite certain, by early 2015, that the influence of internet conspiracy theories & theorists ran deep in all aspects of the inquiries and investigations then under way. Including politicians & police investigators.

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      • The people’s tribunal crashed and burned didn’t it. I have the PDF of their report


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    • Well that didn’t end well for one the ghastliest political opportunists in recent years- Simon Dancsuk, did it?

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    • Interesting that he says he met “some abuse campaigners I talked to in November”. Especially when one considers that he works with Ian Josephs, who was one of those invited to a certain meeting on 14 November 2014. I’m sure it’s just coincidence, though.

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  5. Very interesting, EC.

    By the way, this comment was posted by Barchon Mad on 23rd May and hints at further question marks of Kurz’s credentials and his choice of sources:

    “In Abraham’s demented world, if his plans had worked out, he would be so called ‘Curing’ people’s children of mythical SRA and TBMC. People like this lady Andrea Sadegh, who has appeared on both CCN and Miles Johnston Bases series talking about when her 2 and a half year old son started experiencing signs of Satanic Ritual Abuse.

    From her YouTube Channel ‘trauma based mind control, MK Ultra, (satanic) ritual abuse, pedo-criminals, freemasonry, human experimentation, super soldiers, programming, symptoms of toddlers and children; Nazi-Germany, cover-ups. network against torture on toddlers and children:’

    From The CCN Video description
    ‘Andrea specializes on Trauma Based Mind Control especially in the German speaking countries, what she has learnt is beyond the imaginable:

    She is Austrian, living in Vienna and after having done enormous research for years about the reason for the traumatization of her 2 ½ year old son Luki in 2011 – she learnt the nearly unknown term in 2012 ‘”trauma based mind control” and (satanic/sadistic) ritual abuse, Andrea then founded

    Finding out too much about the crime meant that she lost custody of her beloved son and is currently not allowed to see him. Since 2011 Andrea has requested detailed examinations over MRI/CT/nuclear medical examinations but they are denied from Austrian authorities, several times she had to flee the country, because of attempted murder. Officials in Austria are claiming ‘there would be no initial suspicion’, as they continue to use her son heavily in different MK Ultra and SSP programs.

    In the meantime – 2017 – she is regarded as an expert in this sad topic (she studied comparative literature at university, does have a postgraduate in statistics and a diploma as a trainer, coach and social councilor), she specialized for years on symptoms of toddlers and children who have to go through these programs which are far beyond the imaginable , as well on the modus-operandi (intel and freemasonic groups) of these crimes.

    An English based psychologist, Dr. Rainer Kurz, just mentioned her as one of the leading expert-by-experience researchers in the field in his article, comparing the case of her son with the most famous cases in Austria on Fritzl and Kampusch.

    Her channel promotes this crap as ‘One of the best documentaries on MK Ultra, trauma based mind Control & SRA and how these crimes are connected to our governments”

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    • What do they say about Lord Montagu, can’t read Spanish ( can we get Jeremy Corbyn to translate?)
      I actually knew Montagu for decades and he was NOT a pedophile. He was most certainly gay and the way I met him was via his long time boyfriend Colin who later died from a terrible drug addiction. Montagu began his affair with Colin when he was 19 and it lasted until his death at age 35.
      Montagu’s early arrest was somewhat suspect as were the complainants with a lot of police pressure on them when the cops loved nothing better than nabbing an aristocrat or a pop star. But not one single complainant has ever come forward in the last 40/50 years and that’s because Montagu had only 2 male lovers over that period who were both well over the legal age and stayed with him for years on end.
      He is a perfect example of how the Satanic nutter brigade pick up a dishonest theme and run with it and being a wealthy aristocrat in an open relationship with a wife who adored him was sure to inflame their twisted minds.

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      • Google is your friendly translator. Machine translated it says:

        “With respect to Lord Montagu (born in 1926), we must point out that he has a reputation for a good 60 years for his homosexual taverns (which earned him a sentence in the 50’s when it was banned), and he proclaims bisexual.

        In 1953, he was even accused of having sought the favors of a boy scout of 14 years. He denied it, justice did not find evidence and nothing happened. In the meantime, you married and you’re a family man.

        The said Lord Montagu was also one of the great advocates of the LGBT cause, and in my opinion represents the typical infiltration of pedophiles in the fight for gay rights. In any case, today it appears as martyr of the cause in the commercial season.

        Montagu lives in Beaulieu in a large castle of 80 rooms installed on a property of 8,000 hectares where they perform a good part of the ceremonies of this panda of pissed, as it would be one of the Great Masters, there is even a Cistercian abbey of the century XIII on the property.

        Madame Montagu, referring to her, explains to the People month how much fun they have at home, at Christmas (satanic date, you have to specify). Usually, there are between 25 and 40 people invited during these amusements, and she buys about 200 gifts, says People magazine.

        Find out why, the castle of Beaulieu partially opens to visits during the holiday season, and even animations are organized, all for an entrance fee of 17 pounds.

        Even Lady Montagu likes to label herself in the charity works of the area and organize great evenings collected from donations for her good works.”

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        • Went to Beaulieu 3 times and never saw one pissed Panda there. Mind you with 80 rooms anything could be happening but like most of these great houses, the family tends to live in an apartment and most rooms go unused.
          Yeh an extended Christmas family get-together where the lady of the house buys gifts for guests just must be a Satanic orgy. Stands to reason.

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          • Pissed Panda is the result of a cultural exchange program that went horribly wrong back in the 1960`s,paperwork terribly messed up.To this day former Beaulieu gardener and odd job man “Bob” remains barricaded in a wine celler deep beneath a monastry somewhere in Zhongying province refusing all efforts at rehabilitation.

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  6. The psychology industry seems to be totally unregulated and it’s a disgrace. Psychiatrists and doctors who spend years learning their expertise have far more controls placed over their work yet psychologists can be highly dangerous and operate freely promoting this utter claptrap and it can have serious consequences in Innocent people’s lives.

    The fact there is only a Private Eye piece exposing this charlatan says much (and kudos to Barth Notes for publicizing it. I especially like that website with it’s religious angle to all stories it runs).

    At least there is some positive news but this should extend to much more. Of course terrorism causes untold grief but so do the lies printed and re-hashed as featured on Hoaxtead which is just one small aspect of an out-of-control internet ruining people’s lives.
    Hopefully this will lead to more action in other areas:

    “Google and Facebook among tech giants Theresa May will order to remove extremist content”

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    • If Brexit goes ahead I hope there will still be areas where the UK can join with Europe to counter-act some of the excesses of the net. It seems many countries- Italy & France are just two who are determined to ensure citizen’s rights to peace & privacy are enforced. The UK has been asleep at the wheel in this area.

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    • I agree I have had counselling for years and it had always gone fine until a psychiatrist took over the post for about a year. He had some theory he was developing that he would test on me and the other patients. He would deliberately put me under pressure by stoking my worst fears until I had serious panic attacks. Then he would say it was not real and was just testing me. Now seeing as I only have counselling once every three months this was never going to be part of a course of treatment. He ended up being fired. He was and I’m sure still is a bloody menace and I would never go near one again.

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        • It was bloody awful. I’m on medication and he once told me he was withdrawing it with almost immediate effect. It scared the crap out of me and he kept it up for about ten minutes before telling me it was not real. Around 2012 there were massive cuts in these services and instead of the NHS running them they were put out to tender and the cheapest chosen. Before there were CPN,s (community psychiatric nurses) who would be there years. Now they have these keyworkers who are only there months. They never get to know their patients properly.


  7. Well…based on everything that people have dug up about Rainer Kurz, it’s quite clear that he is a conspiracy theorist. The “research” he’s been doing is on conspiracy theories and other conspiracy theorists.

    If he’s going to use his professional title as a fake badge of authority, on subjects he really has no expertise or qualifications for – like Chris Fay and his bogus “Adult Advisor to NAYPIC” title – the thing to do is to take that away from him. He should always be referred to as “the infamous conspiracy theorist Rainer Kurz”, or some such, and never mention his profession at all. He’s just another Spivy, and should be treated and discussed as such. (After this)

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      • “Rainer worked in Research & Development roles for leading test publishers since completing his MSc in 1990. His PhD dissertation was on enhancing the validity and utility of ability testing. Rainer developed 50+ psychometric tests and conducted pioneering research into computer-based assessment, leadership and competencies”.

        Totally unrelated to anything to do with his little hobby. No forensic psych experience, no work in child development or child psychology, nothing related to effects of trauma, abuse, mental illness, in fact no clinical (i.e. treatment) experience at all! This guy’s never had a “therapy patient” client, ever in his career.

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    • Chris Fay will be going to jail. He is one of the ghastliest creatures (worse than Baloney) to have leapt aboard the child abuse bandwagon.
      Not only is the man a convicted fraudster who lied through his teeth about his detailed part in opening bank accounts to ‘wash’ the stolen savings of 100s of pensioners, by bringing himself to such prominence he has incurred the wrath of other co-conspirators he has been involved with over the years.(think Andrea Davison). Plod are taking a long look at his past. Some rent-boys have decided they were taken advantage.

      Baloney really is just a patsy and a would-be bully who like they all are, is a coward underneath and has gone well & truly to ground since he realised it wasn’t just fun & games and a giant hoot ambushing politicians at press conferences. It suddenly got real. He won’t be heard of again.

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  8. Oh, priceless – he even cites Maggie Tuttle as a credible source! 😀

    “Inadequate Psychological Assessments in Family Courts & Poor Psychometrics


    Here is an interesting article posted by Maggie Tuttle at charity ‘Children screaming to be heard’.

    I am interest to hear from fellow psychologists and upright citizens who are concerned about the ‘Child Smuggling’ through UK Family Courts.

    Dr Rainer Hermann Kurz

    C. Psychologist

    Member of the BPS Committee on Test Standards

    Science & Practice Convener of the BPS DOP”

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    • If the so-called British Psychological Society embraces a man like Rainer Kurz then any psychologist who hasn’t spoken up about him should be avoided like the plague. He reflects upon the entire organisation and all those who are members of it. They are only as credible as the Weakest Link.
      For Private Eye to have to uncover this goat and for the Society to have remained ignorant to him them what is the point to them?
      Psychologists have a bad enough name as it is. This makes it far worse.

      # also indicates that possibly other psychologists alerted Private Eye to this man’s rubbish so it may be just the beginning of a scandal.

      ### I’m surprised a tabloid hasn’t picked up on this man’s praise of Chris Spivey. Anyone who gives Spivey credence after his revolting actions towards that poor murdered soldier’s family should be run out of town.

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    • Oh, charming. So, helping people flee the UK to evade intervention from social services…and enabling convicted child molesters like Marie Black. Just lovely.


    • “Sometimes you just gotta take the gloves off”(and boxer shorts from Tic Tac impersonating useful idiot Virginian gigalos).

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    • Lost my comment, so here goes again.

      Where were Angela, Yolande, Tracey Morris, JC et al when Rupert’s trial was ongoing?

      Only McKenzie friend there to my knowledge was Belinda and she wasn’t acting in that capacity.

      Yolande has fell out with Belinda, this is zero to do with Rupert and all about Yolande getting back at Belinda imo. Or is this another APD fantasy.

      Did Belinda get a “back hander” for recommending to Pam Almaz who recommended to her son…?



        • I reckon I’ve done a lot more research than Angela and so have the majority of people here.

          Though I have to say she has the edge on me with her knowledge of Rupert.

          And she’s welcome to it.

          At least I don’t make crap up about lots of people.

          Ella ring any bells Angela, Rupert ring any more bells Angela, I could go on forever with all the people she has libelled and slandered.

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        • “….we seen all the evidence and il stand by what I say about Hampstead and always will.” (Morris circa 2017)

          Ignorant,gobby,loathsome and jumped up sack of shit she may be,but you`ve got to admire Traceys dogged determination to miss the mark whilst laying down a firm claim to her legacy in the hall of shame.

          Why waste costly nuclear warheads on rogue nations when they could simply force instant submission by air dropping Tracey in for a good old voluminous,incoherant moan about unsubstantiated nonsense.


    • Does Yolande have grounds for saying Eugene is a child abuser or is it just good old fashioned (and somewhat hypocritical) slander?


      • From what I can gather Yolande claims she helped Eugene for over 2 years and then she realised Eugene’s son was better off with the foster parents he was living with.

        Eugene claims his son wants to come back and live with him, but I actually wonder if that is really true.

        He reminds me of Caul Grant in that I think they both bend the truth and not tell the whole truth.

        I’ve been listening to the latest crap from Caul Grant outside the RCJ posted on his public fb account where he claims he was unlawfully imprisoned for 6 years! Puh!

        I’m not sure how it’s unlawful to be locked up when you’ve imported £££££££ (not sure how much worth) of Cannabis into the UK.

        He really gets on my nerves with his phoney “Chris Eubank” accent.

        Unfortunately for him his real voice slips out now and again. That makes me laugh.

        Vile Grant is what I call him, nasty, evil ahem man…

        Sorry to digress, it’s just these “Activists” really don’t tell the whole truth.

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    • There’s been a lot of “infighting” on Eugene’s fb page because Eugene only had 6 supporters attending the hearing and he’s not happy about it.

      I can’t understand why he hasn’t been sent down.

      He’s on 2 suspended sentences, it doesn’t make sense to me.

      I get the impression Eugene is very, very demanding but that is just not going to work with Social Services.

      His son is 15 next month I believe.

      Eugene keeps threatening to go on a hunger strike and seems to want to go to prison.

      Not sure how that helps anyone at all. It seems totally ridiculous if he manages to do that.

      How he is going to get his son back doing by not eating is beyond me.

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      • “I can’t understand why he hasn’t been sent down.”

        He might be in his upcoming sentence. I wonder whether the judge will take into account that when he was terrorising Mr. Timpson, climbing all over his house and shouting abuse at him, Mr. Timpson’s terrified child was inside. That in itself is bordering on child abuse.

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      • He’s not been sentenced right away because the Judge will want a Pre Sentence Report.


    • If Yolande REALLY wanted to help Maurice Kirk she should have sent him her “witness statement” at least a week before NOT the day before.

      He had probably left home well before 1 pm on the day of the court hearing, I expect he was due at the court by 9.30 am!

      What a waste of money on postage!

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  9. So about the Sandra Fecht lecture-workshop event. She’s got psychic abilities, it says. BULLSHIT! 🙂
    But it also says, more or less, that she does some version of recovered memory therapy…

    Is Nathan Stolpman really going to this thing? The man with the tenuous hold on reality, by his own words has experienced delusional states and trouble distinguishing fantasy from reality? Oh shit.
    Think about all of the material Nathan has obsessively exposed himself to this year. He must have the kid’s videos memorized, eh? All those things they were forced to say? And his new best buddy (you know who I mean) – all of HIS delusional fantasies about his childhood & family, not to mention researching McMartin, etc., etc. All that material now embedded in his conscious & subconscious…

    If he does any “memory” work with Fecht while he’s there, he’s going to come back a raving clone of Dipstick Shyster. He’ll be accusing his father of having sodomized him daily from the age of three, he’ll accuse his parents of sacrificing babies in their living room and serving them up to him as a child. I’m serious – it’s almost a perfect set-up.

    But even if he doesn’t do it in England, on the path he’s on he’s sure to do it before long in the US – hook up with a recovered memory quack and be transformed into the SRA claimant of the year himself. If not by the end of this year, then by the end of next year. I’d say that’s guaranteed.

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    • Indeed Justin,I think it is fair to say that little good can ever come of it beyond of course observing the inevitable fallout.


      • Yup. I hereby ‘formally’ predict that Nathan Stolpman will be an SRA-MC victim claimant by the end of next year at the latest – making youtube videos wherein he denounces his father as a secret satanic cult leader, cia mind-control master, child rapist and murderer.
        Especially sad, because a relationship with his Dad seems to be the only positive thing in his loser life.

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    • I fNathan believes something, it’s a safe bet the opposite is true. Nathan admits himself to having issues with his mental health and being delusional. Long term Drug issues haven’t helped his grip on reality either. He was trying to set up ways to funnel money to Ella, so the Police may be able to track her and Abraham’s where abouts from Nathan himself, if he does come to the UK. He has a lot to answer for not only for his defamation of RD, the display of all the childrens private Police interviews, uploading of their personal medical details and possible involvement in tracking them down. The less said about his disgusting treatment of the victims and their relatives in the Manchester terror attack the better.

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      • 1:01 – “That’s Ricky Dearman, the paedophile who kills and rapes children.” >:D


          • Oh right. Did you know he claims we sent him that girlfriend as some sort of psy op? And then we ordered her to break up with him, in order to inflict further pain on him. smh


          • @EC
            Yeah I am aware of some of that, lol.
            He talks about this “girlfriend” at 1:37:00 here.

            He also thinks people trolling him pretending to be bots are bots, even after they admit they are watching the show and mention things he has just said. Everyone is a bot or agent to Nathan, a guy sat on a bench at that PG Rally was an agent because “beard too long, shoelaces too white”. Very delusional to a dangerous level.

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        • Indeed, though in this instance Nathan was referring to an alleged fake user called ‘Lift the Veil 111’.


        • I made a video of him at that Pizzagate rally and the woman in the video turning round and looking at him with 10cc’s “I’m not in Love” over the top. I was told Nathan thought it was RD putting a spell on him to fall in love with her. Very strange people.


    • Frankly, I do worry for Nathan’s mental health. He has already stated that he has difficulties, so the last thing he needs is a bunch of quacks convincing him that he’s been a victim of abuse which he can’t remember.

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  10. One of conspiranoid Kurz’ presentation slides has a tiny link labelled: “Ian Watkins presumably under the influence of satanic ideology”.

    EXCUSE ME, motherf*cker?
    Where is there any documentation about Ian Watkins’ involvement in any Satanic organization? More important, where is it ever stated, in any legitimate Satanic literature/documents, that raping babies and toddlers turns them into mind-controlled sex slaves under your control? Nowhere.

    Whose ideology IS that? Where can you find that idea, stated perhaps less explicitly but still very clearly?
    The inventor of the terminology and concept of Satanic Ritual Abuse – Dr Lawrence Pazder – said it, in his lectures. SRA-MC victim claimants have said it, in their published victim narratives. SRA-MC true believer conspiranoids say it, often, in their videos and on their blogs, facebook pages, etc. That is whose ideology it is.

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    • ABE explained his belief in that idea, in great detail – didn’t he? All that stuff about committing serial anal rape of 3 year olds to “open the pineal gland-third eye” – remember? And that was clearly a big piece of his personal ideology.
      Rainer Kurz endorsed it as well, when he recommended Alison Miller’s article detailing a different theory (from Abe’s) about how raping little children turns them into mind-controlled slaves.

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      • LOL,

        Not sure I’m meant to laugh but she sure says some funny things.

        So Belinda, Sabine and no doubt the rest of the hangers on are organising the event.

        I wonder how much profit they will make?

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      • Much as Yolande hates us and thinks we’re targetting her (we’re not, but nothing will convince her of that), I do find her candour with Sabine and Belinda refreshing, LOL.

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    • Could I rewrite that slightly for them?

      “Dear Supporters,

      Sorry we had to lie –

      But we are both con artists and it’s how we make our money.

      Thanks for sending us lots of lovely money so that you can listen to a lecture on how to deal with a completely imaginary problem.

      Hope to see your wallets and purses there.

      Belinda and Sabine.”

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    • I dare someone to go on the Richie Allen show and say Dr Who is real. Go on….someone do it!
      I can hear Richie now:

      ‘Oh really?’
      ‘Is that so?’
      ‘And do you think the Daleks might be coming next? Well, we’ll have to watch out for that!’
      ‘Didja get a go with his sonic screwdriver dija ya?’

      Of course, Richie will do whatever he has to do to cover up the fact that he’s really Father Dougal in disguise.
      🙂 Or his brother at least.

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    • I’ve found evidence of one of Angie’s literary masterpieces from the 80s that was plagiarized:

      It got published under someone else’s name, but it could only be Angie that wrote it.

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  11. As predicted by many here, Angela’s illegal sharing of the Baby H case details on social media has wrecked the case.


    • What a bitch!

      Angie might want to try doing an actual job before commenting about other people’s “job satisfaction”. If Baby H comes to some harm because of all this I hope she will be willing to take responsibility for it.

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    • Why are all these people so obsessed with comparing themselves with warriors? Costa does the same. More like meddlers who bodge every case they go near.


    • I strongly suspect the vast majority of reasonably stable organisms appreciate that protection and harmonic development of succeeding generations is fairly high up on the survival of the species “things to work on” list.

      The arrogantly malignant goblin that is Morris has managed to convince herself that she alone can rescue humankind from itself and single handedly heal our “sick planet”.Her compulsion to spout empty platitudinous claptrap suggests she lacks any humility and as such wouldnt recognize a genuine act of kindness or sincere compassion if one jumped up and bit her on the derriere.

      The unfortunate truth for the likes of Morris and her ilk is that compulsive virtue signalling only serves to initiate incoming wanker avoidance alarms in the rest of the population and transforms bog standard human failures into self certifed,tediously annoying and cringe infested vacuous little twunts.

      Ive seen all the evidence and I am sticking to it 😉

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  12. I wonder what RAINS has been up to recently? Sending people here:

    “The first NHS, private and voluntary sector conference on Dissociation in the UK”

    They sent some people:

    Here are some slides:

    The conspiracies of Rainer Kurz are padded out with RAINS stuff.

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  13. I hardly know where to start with this one 😮

    “He got nine months for talking about a sandwich on Facebook.”

    And so it goes on…


    • Jailed for talking about a sandwich, lol.. only a friend of Rupert’s could make a video of drivel like that one.

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          • I noticed yolande stuck her nose in in the comments

            And lil Rupee was lucky he didnt do his little trick in the US, he would likely have been shot for pissing on a church there, and IF he survived likely would have been sued for millions on top of being arrested. Fortunately for him the UK (so far) hasnt indulged for the US hysteria of suing everyone in sight for no apparent reason and walking away with huge sums of cash doing so
            Perhaps Ryan should have looked at the facts first before opening his mouth on utube- as the old saying goes :”better to say nothing and be thought a fool, then say something foolish and prove it”

            But then we all know what happened to the last yank we all know that rushed in, sprouting his mouth off before bothering to find out the truth…

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