‘YouTube purge’ shuts down Lift the Veil, penalises other troofers

Readers will remember last week’s on-air hissy fit, in which Titus Frost blamed Lucien Greaves and this blog for the fact that YouTube had cut off his live-streaming privileges. We had nothing to do with it, and neither, to our knowledge, did Mr Greaves, but that didn’t make any difference to Troofer Frost: as far as he was concerned it was all our fault, and he made all sorts of dire yet vague threats in our general direction.

Now, it seems that Mr Frost’s YouTube channel was not the only one affected.

A quick visit to Nathan Stolpman’s Lift the Veil channel revealed that not only had YouTube seen fit to remove all the videos of the Hampstead children (which we’ve flagged repeatedly over the past few months): in fact, the entire channel had disappeared:Ah dear, what a shame.

And it seems that Mr Frost and Mr Stolpman were not the only ones affected by this sudden bout of good judgement and common sense on YouTube’s part:

Oh no, say it ain’t so! Not the unlovely Jeranism, flat-urfer and Hampstead SRA hoax promoter!

Sadly, they didn’t take down his channel, but we live in hope.

Meanwhile, we note with some satisfaction that Lift the Veil‘s two remaining backup channels, Lift the Veil Too and Lift the Veil LIve, are still on YouTube, but neither seems to contain any videos of the Hampstead children—just the usual conspiranoid mélange of “false flag” allegations, Bitcoin promotions, Pizzagate “exposés”, alt-right propaganda, and passing the begging bowl.

Given the sheer volume of YouTube videos containing various versions of the videos of the Hampstead children—estimates currently run at about 20,000—it might seem petty to rejoice that one source has been removed; but that’s how change starts, one step at a time.

And the fact that YouTube seems to be cracking down on troofers who promote lies and hatred might be a positive sign that the platform is ready to take a serious look at removing Hoaxtead mobsters’ videos en masse. We’re currently looking into ways in which that might be accomplished, and we’ll keep you updated.

100 thoughts on “‘YouTube purge’ shuts down Lift the Veil, penalises other troofers

  1. About time, what I find interesting is…if this wasn’t all a money making ploy for the usual that also did the Hollie Greig farce then why did they keep pushing their agenda via the videos that kept getting replaced each time that one was removed?

    And let’s not forget the continous Go Fund Me attachments to the YT channels, FB Pages, personal websites and of course the sites that carried the lies in the first place.

    Yet the muppets out there that believed both sets of nonsense continued to donate so that the people can live the high life like Angela Power-Disney who claimed to have no money at all (her words not mine or anyone else’s) and yet could go flying overseas and spends weeks on holiday there.

    When on earth will these people realise that this bible thumping image is fake to suck them in, and that all that’s happening is that said monies are been misused on holidays etc.

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    • Yes, it all boils down to the old journalistic creed: “follow the money”. For those who actively promote the hoax, that’s always been the prime motivator. They prey on the ill-informed and gullible, who actually believe they’re doing something to help abused children, when the opposite is the case.

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  2. Not before time but I think this is Youtube & Facebook anticipating action from authorities. Politicians seem to have been oblivious to the invidious nature of social media and fallen for the ridiculous US line of “free speech” which was never about the freedom to defame innocent people.

    I’ve been saying for ages that any politician that took up the cause of internet attacks upon innocent people would receive huge support from the public.

    Several recent incidents seem to have brought home to politicians that the internet in the wrong hands is a very dangerous entity. The terrible murder of Jo Cox, the attempts to subvert the American election, the recent UK bombings. All these incidents are internet related with the perpetrators finding support among other crazies on the net or finding ways to build bombs and so on.

    Zuckerberg with Facebook is only now facing the reality that his rampart appetite for profit has possibly helped foreign interests influence the US election. This is serious stuff. There is no get-out clause when “aiding the enemy” via ignorance.
    If I were really a conspiracy nut I would say there is a case to look at how the same foreign interests have helped swing the Brexit campaign & the US election. One thing is for sure- the EU &European countries are fast cracking down on how the internet can wreck innocent lies.
    Hoaxtead is such a perfect example. British politicians should get on board the campaign to silence these ghastly false accusers.

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    • There is no Brexit conspiracy. What helped the leavers EU referendum campaign was apathy from so-called educated Millennials who thought comments within their Facebook echo chamber are the same as going to a polling station.

      It is constantly overlooked that there is a very large silent majority who had had enough and voted to leave, because outside London they have been forgotten and left to rot and this was a chance to be heard for a change.

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      • But there was the company Cambridge Analytica used by both the Brexit and Trump campaigns who were experts at push polling and the dissemination of memes and which reputedly has, as yet unproved, Russian funding. We could argue forever how the Bexit / Remain campaigns were handled, but I believe badly on both sides but it’s also extremely complicated although I reckon emotion was a highlight and emotion is a bad way to make a decision on anything.

        None of this can really be proved to have had significant influence and it’s probably almost impossible to prove either way
        The point is that social media has seemingly been used effectively in this campaigns and I think we are just seeing the tip of the iceberg. This has shifted the spotlight onto the biggest social media outlets like FarceBook, Twitter and Youtube.

        I don’t think for a single minute the owners and shareholders of any of these social media platforms give a flying fuck for people’s damaged reputations. They have had years now of people complaining about matters like Hoaxtead which is just one of 1000s of ruinous attacks upon innocent people. Google will throw a fortune at every plaintiff’s attempt to sue them despite precedents have being set in the courts in several countries. They threw a fortune at the French government’s demands that the “right to be forgotten” had to apply to French citizens world-wide on Google.

        I think only the revelation of the expert bot campaign via Facebook for a minimal investment that may have targeted certain US counties is spurring them into action as, to FB etc suddenly matters of a countries security can get very sticky and when you start getting someone like Trump saying the internet has to be monitored, they are finally taking it seriously.

        This could turn out to be a blessing for matters like the falsely accused of Hampstead but it needs politicians to take it seriously and I’m not sure many of them even understand how the net works or maybe aren’t even that interested.

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  3. http://www.nwfdailynews.com/zz/shareable/20170915/google-and-facebook-worry-over-anti-prostitution-bills-fallout

    I’m wondering if this might be the source of their concern?

    “Google and Facebook are among companies opposing a Senate bill aimed at squelching online trafficking of children, a stance that makes the Silicon Valley giants uneasy allies of a website accused of providing an advertising platform for teen prostitution. ”

    Hmm seems like a good thing- why the concern and the sudden ‘cleaning up’ of quite a few peoples postings?
    The next sentence might hold a clue…

    “The companies and tech trade groups say online providers will face greater liability for speech and videos posted by users if U.S. lawmakers move against Backpage.com and its online classified ads.”

    THAT might be the bit they are worried about- if the bill passes, then they lose their ‘immunity’ provided back in 1996

    “The language at issue is part of the Communications Decency Act, passed by Congress in 1996. A portion of that law, Section 230, provides immunity to internet sites that publish content provided by another person or entity.”

    Such a change would likely ripple out worldwide, and (IMHO) this is what has prompted the sudden aboutface in attitude by several of the social posting giants

    If it is a factor, it would be a devastating blow for the more outrageous hoaxters such as mad moo and her ilk, as it would mean an ever increasing likelihood of their videos being pulled…

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    • It’s all such early days with the net and the problems are only just beginning to kick in. Backpage for instance is being sued by numerous people for various matters- parents who children met a murderer via the forum or one who turned to prostitution. Now there is talk of some US states prosecuting the owners of Backpage for pandering and running a giant “on-line brothel” for taking adverts for prostitutes (and the penalties in the US are severe- 20 years or more).

      Yet forums like that operate openly in other areas like Australia or Europe. The owners of the forums like FB etc have bee getting away with their ‘free speech’ mantra whilst claiming they have no responsibility over the content they publish. A decade ago courts had no idea either and made decisions which I doubt they would do today such as UK court deciding Google are not publishers while several other countries decided they are.

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      • One of the biggest issues is that laws vary by country, by state and even by town. What’s illegal in one place is legal elsewhere…
        This causes issues where although the puritan US (mostly) still has (as an example) prostitution as a totally illegal activity, where I live (and indeed I have worked at a ‘house of ill repute’- as their bouncer LOL) it is not only NOT illegal, but has its own government guidelines for operating a legal brothel!!!- and we serve alcohol to 18 year olds here too….
        (something the yankee sailors took much advantage of last time one of their warships visited- much of their crew was under their legal drinking age, but above ours…)

        That IMHO was one of the most incredible things that caused much amusement amongst the locals- that they were old enough to join their navy, old enough to kill, but couldn’t vote or drink….


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  4. Titus didn’t get the hang of the fact that the main focus of this blog is about protecting the people and children of Hampstead. Seeing as he didn’t have an issue with Hampstead why would anyone here care?

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    • Yes, I’m afraid he made himself a bit of a laughingstock by believing the first Hoaxtead mobster he heard, rather than weighing the evidence and deciding for himself.


  5. GoogleTube have developed technologies to auto identify certain media such as copywrited music and films etc and removal or denial of such uploads in a flash.

    Surely certain “illegal” uploads such as the childrens “interview” videos could be digitally treated/stamped “as if” copywrited material and subjected to the same algorithmical scrutiny and actioning?

    I appreciate there will be tricks to circumvent digital policing etc but would hope media sharing platforms take their responsibilities seriously and get their techies arses on the case expresso.

    The very real potential for massive legal claims from those affected by this and other hoaxes will prove the determining influence as opposed to simply doing the right thing for its own sake.Perhaps it was ever thus?

    Hopefully the pendulum is now in full swingback mode and the troofer abuser party is about to be rudely crashed by digital spiders and rightful hangovers awarded to whomst they are long overdue.

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    • This one’s a bit special for me, as I’ve reported hundreds of BtC’s posts but this is my first success.

      And seeing as KSC’s gone all that time without a single strike and then Mad Moo’s managed to get her one within 5 minutes of coming on board, it might stir up a little bit of in-fight pagga action.

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      • Wonderful work SSFS and yep KSC`s cunning plan to have the Moo blow things to smithereens so she can Tippy toe out the backdoor repleat with plastic halo is working a treat 😉 A far better plan would have been to simply close up shop and get lost even further up her own arse as it is highly unlikely anyone would bother to send out a search party.

        Meanwhile in HR HQ sub basement the party is warming up nicely.

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  6. Fantasy of the day award goes to Michelle Berry from the pages of Cannabis cures cancer.

    “He thettend me a year back. Dearman is gunt. he had hijacked his ex wife’s account and many other fake account had been set up by him so he can intimidate us. I did see a business for human leather with his name on the company as well a while back. i believe them kids . I pray some how we can fight this evil.”

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    • Hey Nelly, shouldn’t the second one have been 33 hours? Given them an extension, have you? Or have the maths gremlins been eating away at your brain again? (That’s known as Spiveyitis.) LOL

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  7. Why’s it taken so long for Neelu to become concerned for Mel?

    Mel’s been locked up for well over a year hasn’t she?

    And surely if anyone should be doing something it’s Brian Gerrish or is he doing something?

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    • Melanie was sentenced in January 2017 and according to Gerrish got two years. People do half the sentence and can be released even earlier than that if they can be released with a tag, so she may well be out soon. When I saw Neelu’s comment it crossed my mind that Melanie might be due out anyway and Neelu wants to take the credit for it.

      When it’s comes to prison sentences you can phone and moan about it as much as you like, but the sentence is more or less written in stone and you aren’t going to get someone out before their release date.

      My take on the case is that Melanie has been damaged by past events and this has had an impact on her, with the result that she’s committed offences and ended up in Court. I don’t for one minute believe she’s been locked up for nothing or to keep her quiet, since when she’s at liberty she talks about what happened to her in the ‘care’ system quite a lot, as do other people.

      This might be of interest and relates to an earlier Court appearance:

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      • They are obsessed with Melanie Shaw and while I know little about her, she and her supporters are obviously fanatical about her being a “whistle-blower” because she claims abuse went on somewhere. If what she claims is true there is no reason for authorities to ‘target’ her as Neelu and the mob ensure she isn’t silenced.
        What is also obvious is that this mob don’t really give a stuff about Melanie or they would give her practical aid and try to ensure she doesn’t get herself into legal trouble again. I think they prefer her as a martyr and locked up as it suits their purpose.

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  8. It’s 6 o’clock and time for Mad Moo Hour…

    And this one is a blatant stream of illegal images and activity for the police evidence file:

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    • Nice of Debs to show us her inbox (oo-er, Missus). I’m not sure whether there’s anything useful here as regards names of contacts etc:

      By the way – 12,656 emails? WTF? 😮

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    • Mad Moo is doing a great job at testing exactly how far she can go before being arrested.I appreciate she is a sad,lost and lonely failure desperate for some sense of purpose and association within a shit existence,but sewing mail bags and banging a tin cup on some metal bars can only provide so much entertainment after the first month or two.

      At the time of writing her latest digital Temazepam has achieved 54 dislikes but the absence of any “likes” tells a tale that would offer a subtle hint to anyone of sound mind.

      Anyway,after hour + of Debshoite I am intent on watching something that promises significantly more interest.

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      • I perceive there is a tiny flaw in this business plan: dastardly chaps in the desert selling women for bags of sand.
        Do these men need more sand in bags when they are surrounded by sand? Or are people selling women to the desert men for a bag of sand when they could presumably take a shovel and dig up their own sand?
        I guess I’ll never be in the Fortune 500 as my business acumen is kaput.


      • Yes, I’ve wondered that too! It’s whatever suits their narrative at any given time. A bit like “Boo hiss, how dare you quote the paedo-supporting mainstream media, you bunch of Savile-loving nonces” v “London is the paedo capital of the World and I know it’s true because it says it in the Daily Mail”. Etc… 🙂

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      Article 20,

      5. Member States shall take the necessary measures to ensure
      that in criminal court proceedings relating to any of the
      offences referred to in Articles 3 to 7, that it may be ordered
      (a) the hearing take place without the presence of the public;
      (b) the child victim be heard in the courtroom without being
      present, in particular through the use of appropriate
      communication technologies.
      6. Member States shall take the necessary measures, where in
      the interest of child victims and taking into account other overriding
      interests, to protect the privacy, identity and image of
      child victims, and to prevent the public dissemination of any
      information that could lead to their identification.

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        • Click to access bis-13-775-transposition-guidance-how-to-implement-european-directives-effectively-revised.pdf

          2.14 To avoid double-banking, you need to take a radical look at the whole area of
          legislation on which the Directive impacts. You should therefore review all related
          existing UK legislation well before transposition. Think about the best way to
          implement so that there is no overlap or contradiction with existing legislation. The
          best way of avoiding these traps is not to treat EU legislation as an add-on, but
          instead to create one coherent regulatory regime wherever possible, either by
          amending the existing legislation or repealing/revoking it and starting afresh with a
          new regime.


        • Thanks, Capt M–as she is the resident “EU Law Expert” for the Association of McKenzie Friends, one would assume that Debs would be aware of this, no?


          • Like I said, I’m no expert.

            From the link above, it shows that the UK implemented six ‘measures’ in response to that directive.

            It is Debs&Co who are in breach of said directive.

            It doesn’t replace normal police investigative procedures or PACE.

            I would point this out to her on Believe the Children page but, they blocked me for asking a question, I was polite too.

            So yeah bollocks to them.

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          • “I would point this out to her on Believe the Children page but, they blocked me for asking a question, I was polite too”.

            Yes, they really cannot tolerate dissent. Funny, given what they claim to stand for.


  9. Talking of money making EC, Rainer Kurz the chartered OCCUPATIONAL psychologist is doing a little thing, lecture and there are also workshops. Full price £180.

    Doing it with Sandra Fecht, who has extra sensory abilities, though how she could sense that I have no idea, is it another way of saying made up stuff with no evidence?

    Wilfred Wong will be speaking.

    Dr Anne Redelfs, not heard of her but she describes herself as a ritual abuse survivor.

    Click to access trauma-workshop-sept-2017-final.pdf

    He’s also posted an answer, of sorts, to the Private Eye piece about him.

    Click to access private-eye-september-2017-and-kurz-2015-epa-poster-the-satanist-cult-of-ted-heath-ethical-implications-of-authority-compromise.pdf

    If he carries on, and he it is likely he will, he will find himself in all sorts of research ethics doodoo. If he tries to call his stuff research.

    I bet he hasn’t obtained consent of the participants (subjects).

    Yes, I have read the ethics stuff the BPS put out.

    Any complaints might be better directed to the HCPC.



    • If Nathan Stolpman is coming to the UK to “work” on a barter system doing stuff at this event, then people’s fees for the lectures are putting a (minor) pizzagator up and paying for his travel. That’s a crying shame.

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      • Yes, it is. Especially since he’s made claims that the Manchester bombing didn’t take place, etc. However, I suspect many in the audience at the meeting he’s attending will hold similar opinions.


        • Ahh, real children hurt, not real, someone ‘remembering’ something they couldn’t remember before without the ‘help’ of a psychic, and something there is no evidence of, real.


    • “Dear Ella, you are not forgotten, your pain is the the pain of the world”.
      – Barbara Jorge Machado.

      “Dear Ella, get back to the UK and pay for what you have done to your children, you vile woman”.
      – Jake Blake.

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  10. Nathan’s Video’s may have gone but his remarks about RD are still here. Skip to 34:15.


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