Who originally released Finnbarr’s videos?

Over the weekend, one of our readers posed a question that we weren’t immediately able to answer. The reader wrote, “What puzzles me about the Finnbarr recording is how did it end up, unedited, published in a compilation of other videos of the children?”

We’d wondered this from time to time as well, and so we began poking around to see if we could discover where and when the video had been first published.

One of our researchers searched through the very long thread on the David Icke forum, one of the few surviving contemporaneous sources which documents the progress of the hoax almost from the beginning. The goal was to see where that video was first mentioned. As it turned out, there are references to the “Irish man” interviewing the children that date back to the first days following the release of the original videos by The Tap Blog.

And sure enough, when we looked at Sabine McNeill’s original email which attempted to blackmail then-Home Secretary Theresa May into forcing Mrs Justice Pauffley to return the children to Ella Draper, we found one of the Finnbarr videos listed amongst the rest, which had been recorded by Abe and Ella en route from Morocco to London. In hindsight, knowing what we now know about Finnbarr’s identity and his purpose in interviewing the children, this seems very odd indeed.

To review, Ella handed off her videos to Sabine in November or December 2014, on the understanding that Sabine and Belinda would be taking over her case as McKenzie friends after she sacked her legal team (twice, but who’s counting?). In late January, when it became obvious that Mrs Justice Pauffley wasn’t going to buy the hoax, and would probably keep the children safely in foster care rather than turn them over to their abusive mother, Sabine and Belinda decided that more drastic steps would be necessary.

Sabine wrote the fateful email to Theresa May, ending with the following:

The attached Position Statement was our offer NOT to expose this scandal in exchange of returning the children. Instead, Mrs Justice Pauffley ignored the issues that have been outstanding since Judge Mayer transferred the case to her on 23 December:

  1. The justification for an Interim Care Order.
  2. The discussion of a Non-Molestation Order.
  3. The inequality of Contact.

Instead, the Judicial Review filed on 22 December 2014 is attempted to be stymied and two barristers have suggested that evidence should be destroyed! Furthermore, LB Barnet want to write not only to all interested parties that include 3 MEPs but also the mother’s list of witnesses.

In the wake of your efforts to make a National Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse happen, you will know how important it is for victims to be believed. Anybody who watches these privately taken videos is convinced. But the mother is supposed not to make use of them!

Can you maybe at least pretend to ensure that there is some proper procedure in any of the institutions mentioned?

Or maybe you can just ask the Executive Director of LB Barnet, Andrew Travers, to return the children with immediate effect?

In a fascinating twist, when we clicked on the embedded link in the above text (“these privately taken videos”), it led us to a Google Drive folder that looked like this: So it appears that for whatever reason, Sabine chose to leave the Google Drive files available to anyone who had the link; it’s no longer possible to click on the videos, but the structure of the Drive file is still intact.

However, this doesn’t answer the question of how Ella got the two Finnbarr videos in the first place.

Given that Finnbarr seemed to have been filming the children covertly—when he heard an adult approaching, he shoved his phone into his pocket without even taking time to turn it off—it seems unlikely that he would have just handed over the videos to Abe and Ella. Of course it’s not impossible that he did so, so it cannot be ruled out without further evidence.

Another possibility is that like Ella and Abe’s email to Brian Gerrish, Finnbarr’s videos were passed along via Bill Maloney, ultimately winding up in the hands of DC Steve Martin. This would be another possible explanation as to why Ella had copies of the videos, as they would have been part of her court bundle which her legal team handed over to her when she sacked them in December.

In any case, we know that Ella and Abe were furious with Sabine for making the videos public.

Could this be in part because the unedited version of the Finnbarr videos gives away too much of the show? As you might remember, it’s here that Abe confesses to being rattled to discover that DC Martin, who dealt with his assault on his teen-aged son, would now be in charge of the Hampstead SRA allegations case. And it’s also clear that Abe and Ella had been seriously considering leaving the country to avoid further police investigation, which they had never anticipated having to face.

Whether Finnbarr gave the videos directly to Abe and Ella, or Ella received them from her solicitors, though, the outcome was the same: Sabine took it upon herself to send them to Ms May, with a note to Henry Curteis: “TAP – watch these two very brave children describing the awful things being done to them by their father and others. If they were on Youtube, they’d go viral. Someone should upload them”.

Which he obligingly did, thus kicking off the Hampstead SRA hoax.

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  1. As I was reading this I was thinking: “so Sabine released the Finnbarr vids…what does that prove?” but on reflection I think this could explain why Abrella were so pissed with Sabine and started calling her an operative or shill or whatever. They must have known that the unedited bit at the end contained some very incriminating evidence for anyone patient enough to listen to it. (Fortunately for them that wasn’t the police!)

    Sabine jumped the gun and released the one video they should have edited first. Just like when JF/Charlotte released the Jean-Clement video before Abe had a chance to take out the bits that showed him coaching and bullying the kids.

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  2. Troofer civil war is quite entertaining.
    Which reminds me…here’s another version of Screamin’ Jay’s classic. I find his live performance of it very entertaining also, but this recording is a bit cleaner – less hootin’ & hollerin’. It’s all about the punchy sax, for me, I really don’t care for versions that sub some other instrument.

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  3. Rifling through a skip in leafy Hampstead recently I perchanced upon a bundle of old discarded papers from a house clearance.Imagine my surprise on discovering this historical document documenting Christies educational progress.

    A job lot will be auctioned off at Christies on Thursday week and includes 2 pair soiled underpants,vast collection of spoons,half a vat of industrial Brylcreem,bundle of health and efficiency mags,Mask of Zorro bathtowel and other sundry items that quiet frankly need to be handled with rubber gloves on the end of a barge pole and a vacuum pump.(Desperate telephone bids from somewhere abroad accepted).

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    • I know I may come across as petty regarding Angie but she’s trying to groom Kitty Mcaffrey. I think Kitty is more than a match for her though but it really pisses Angie off that the 3 girls made their videos without asking Angie for any input and it was more professional and fact based than anything “young journalist of the year” LOL Angie has ever done.

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  4. Seems the infamous gojam is closing his blog. I hope his dreadful libels and criminal promotion of the Hampstead hoax has been recorded for future reference.
    Talk about rats leaving a sinking ship.


      • @coyote – you are correct, and GOS is mistaken.
        I grew fond of him, over time. Privately he was sincerely willing to listen & learn, more than can be said for most bloggers/vloggers dealing with that subject matter.


        • When you stoke the fires of witch hunts and then cherry pick items to promote or disbelieve, you are part of those who help foster the atmosphere in which innocents are harmed.
          Just as Echo Truths presents “two sides of the story” when there is only one- the truth.
          Gojam has had a fine history of inferring all sorts of things and joining the mob and deftly stepping aside as a fraud crumbles.
          I could be prejudice of course as he did accuse me of something ghastly when he doesn’t know me from Adam except by a screen name I then used.

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          • I think I know what you’re referring to, GOS, and yes, in that context I think there are many people who will be happy he’s removing himself from the online community.

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        • I have hardly been able to read blogs, over the last year or so, but..after a quick peruse on just a couple of posts, there were many comments from hoaxers, links to cathyfoxblog which has David Shh in his nasty glory, defaming a real whistleblower. Also, Fiona Barnett, Sabine McNeill, and a flurry of tweets in the sidebar from holliehoaxer….. This is what I see time and again, people mutually supporting, but sometimes a step or two away….. Surely Gojam, upon realising that hampstead was a hoax, ought to have blocked people clearly damaging genuine cases/survivors/victims…… And to top it off, it appears, now that David shh is implying that Fiona was responsible for Cardinal Pell being charged, now well enough to travel to Oz…..
          In reality, they were all colluding to scupper the Ballarat Survivors & milk Tim Minchins’ fundraiser, diverting funds to themselves……

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  5. A pizzagate leafleteer made the news in the UK today.
    If you really want to have your leaflets read, however, it might be best to take a page from Francis E Dec (esquire) and mail them directly to randomly chosen people all over your country. That’s how some radio DJs got their hands on his leaflets, and subsequently broadcast them for yucks.
    These lunatic conspiracy rants from the 1960s, by a certified paranoid schizophrenic, very eerily echo modern conspiranoid thinking in all its ugliness, which is why I advocate retaining them in uncensored form – despite the extremely offensive language. Here’s another example.
    WARNING! offensive, racist language


        • If Abe and Ella had any decency they would offer to help move the viewcount along nicely by making an impromptu,live grovelling apology on the Victoria Derbyshire show prior to being unceremonious bundled into the back of a waiting paddy wagon and on to the slammer without passing go.Some folk have no sense of occasion.

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