What if Belinda held a political party and nobody came?

We’d been curious about Belinda’s sudden chattiness on Facebook lately, but it seems we might have discovered the reason for it. It seems that she has decided to give up on running private businesses disguised as charitable foundations, and has decided to turn her hand to…you guessed it, a political party!

And no, she’s not planning to call it the Great Big Flaming Loony Party; in fact, the name she has chosen is so banal it’s hard to imagine anything less imaginative. She’s calling it…(drum roll please)…”The Children’s Party”.


Here she is, introducing it to her friends on Facebook: A “non-political” political party? Is that anything like a “non-charitable” charity? We paused briefly to wonder how a hypothetical “non-political” candidate might fare in the decidedly political atmosphere of the House of Commons, but as with many of Belinda’s ventures, thinking about it too hard can cause severe vertigo, so we gave up and went to look at the new TCP website instead.

We almost instantly regretted that decision. Here’s what we found on the opening page:

Yes, that’s correct. A lineup of brightly coloured pawns wearing wigs and looking as though they were in various stages of seasickness and/or drunkenness. At least one of them needed serious dental work, possibly as a result of a recent fist-fight. How very apropos, we thought, flipping as quickly as possible to the next image…

Thank you for visiting The Children’s Party website.

We plan to be busy over the coming days, weeks, months and years.

By being ‘apolitical’ and welcoming members from all walks of life and political belief we intend to create a broad movement representing the people of the United Kingdom who support the rule of law and want to put children at the top of the agenda.

The Children’s Party is the party of future.

More and more of us have rejected the outmoded systems and corrupt way of thinking that perpetuates modern slavery.

We hope you will decide to join us.

This opening statement starts off all “Mom and apple pie” as they say across the pond; bland to the point of nodding off…until the part about the “corrupt way of thinking that perpetuates modern slavery”. Beg pardon? How did that get in there? To us, it reads like one of those “dog-whistle” catch-phrases that certain politicians use to rally the troops: meaningless to the casual reader, but designed to prod the fruit-loop brigade to instant attention.

Onward to the “About” page:

The idea of building a nationwide “non-political” Party to represent the children’s interests and help protect them properly at long last seems to be catching on. ‘Nothing is more powerful than an idea whose time has come’.

We straightaway agreed we’re not going to be any kind of “leaders” nor will there be any hierarchy in this new organisation; we’ll be the initial coordinators, that’s all. The main work of growing the Party will be done by all of us/you and the legions out there who are going to join us. As they will, we have no doubt about this whatsoever; once they know TCP is here. We will become a new national FAMILY, devoted to ALL children, irrespective of race, country of origin, religion, social class, etc. And since the Party is non-political, CHILDREN themselves can and will become members, alongside their mums, dads or other family members and help look after their younger ‘siblings’.

We briefly considered initiating a drinking game in which one must take a swig of gin and tonic every time the word “non-political” comes up, but abandoned it when we realised that one of us would have to write today’s blog post. [Not me! hic! —Ed.]

On a more sober note, the thought of Belinda recruiting children to join her new political party is a bit unnerving, particularly given the fact that she regularly associates with convicted paedophiles and in fact is currently hosting one in her home.

The Children’s Party Manifesto

Under the “Publicity” tab on the website, we discovered this fascinating document, which appears to be a sort of manifesto. Again, watch for “dog-whistle” words and phrases (not to mention batshit-crazy assertions with no basis in fact):The opening statement is certainly a jaw-dropper: “The human race is the only species on the planet which omits to protect its young as an absolute priority”. Seriously? Which planet does Belinda live on?

We were also fascinated by her assertion that “10,000 infants a year” were sacrificed to Baal in Babylon’s heyday. Considering that Babylon’s population peaked at just over 200,000 people, 10,000 infants seems a rather hefty proportion.

Belinda also drags out the old, disproven trope that “all over the world, babies and children continue to disappear daily on an industrial scale”. And yet no one notices? Ah, here’s where we get down to the meat of the plan: we see the usual promises that while The Children’s Party is currently an “unincorporated Association”, Belinda will one day get round to making it a legitimate Community Interest Company. And on that day, we are certain, pigs will fly.

And the final paragraph is perhaps the most revealing: with its emphasis on the “worst excesses of the state” and its policy of removing children into care and/or putting them up for adoption, it becomes very clear that Belinda is blowing that dog-whistle loud and long, in the expectation that all who feel wronged by the current child welfare system will come a-running.

A few things of note

As one would expect in any enterprise with Belinda’s fingerprints on it, the new website contains plenty of opportunities for people to donate. While it offers “membership by annual subscription” of as little as £5, members are invited to chip in as much as they can. And there’s a disclaimer that “larger donations to fund particular projects and fuel TCP’s ever-widening outreach” will eventually be needed. Sounds like a classic bait-and-switch to us.

The other thing we noticed is the complete absence of Belinda’s name on the new site. Only those who found it via her Facebook page would ever know that she was involved in any way. We cannot think why this would be; surely someone with Belinda’s stellar reputation in the field of child protection would want to ensure that her name was prominently featured, to foster trust and draw in new members. (Oi! You in back! Stop smirking!)

The only trace of Belinda’s presence on the site is an oblique reference to a meeting which was to have been held in May:Can you see it? “London N6 5QU”.

Google it: you’ll find that it takes you straight to Priory Gardens and Belinda’s Highgate Bunker. Clever, no?

We’re fascinated with this new direction Belinda seems to be taking. It certainly seems as though founding a political part, even an allegedly “non-political” one peopled by those who feel the current system has failed them and their children, is an interesting next step for a woman determined to imprint her strange views upon the British landscape. Oh, and make a few quid in the process. Purely by happy coincidence, of course.

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  1. mmm & there’s that new foundation trying to transcend the gravity of gloom descending on their dastardly continuing, massive effort to steal the survivors voices, that have truly been the engine driving the changes to come……

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    • That fandagled foundaton, by Tory Smith promoter etc, Andy Peacher, of the ‘Screaming to be Heard’ conferences, etc…. that Ickey, and other Troofies promoted, appeared on via Skype, appeared on gojams blog, which really irked me……I’m not sure whether it is ignorance,, inexperience or what with people, at atimes….but the people who have forced the various institutions or gov’ts are real warriorrs. I am very honoured to know many, witnessed many, cried, laughed, with so many….. I have never seen any of these shysters amongst them, except to spam, push agendas, groom, bully, etc…. I warned as many as I was able, I am proud to have done that. This blog has done, what I couldn’t have, provided links, evidence, kept an eye on them, that otherwise so much could have grown to carry on……Thankyou everyone

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  2. If Belinda promised to leave children and their families alone and stop poking her unqualified nose in where its neither welcome or of benefit to anyone but her meddlesome,inflated self then she may gain some plaudits.Her “expertise” in child abuse is becoming increasingly apparent!

    She would do everyone a favour if she saught out some fellow,aging failures with shit hairdos and formed a collective called the real fringe party or something.

    No good can ever come of it.`kin Clown.

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  3. 2013, Belinda at the ‘Screaming to be Heard’, conference, Holloway Rd, said something like.. ‘And that Sheva Burton, all she cares about, are the historical cases, well ..what about the current cases now !….What about the most important case about of all…. Hollie..Grieg….. Nooo, Sheva calls it a hoax !….bla bla, can’t remember….but whoever was there, will…. Only once the Inquiry was set up, did BelSab decide to pretend, along with Bill Maloney, Joe Public/Malcolm Blackman, always filmed and highlighted by Belinda’s handy cam man Martin Houst.
    Miles Jonston, enjoined, later, interviewing Belinda re the inquiry as if, she knew owt, by then at the conference, she spoke with John Hemming via Skype, regarding the inquiry, again, as if she knew what she was speaking of……..

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    • So what exactly does Belinda McKenzie mean by ‘a return to sanity /’ ….. When children were :
      Put up chimneys ?
      Sent off to the colonies?
      Ripped from indigenous tribes ?
      etc etc etc……………. or tortured by Abe Christie, with Ellas compliance, groomed? too stoned ? dizzy ? with so many collaborators on hand ? …….
      Who has fought to encourage people to speak out, often to no avail, or further let downs, but many of us have carried on, because it was the only way……………
      You can take no credit for chanmpioning for children……………not ever ! Nor any of your baloney cronies, !

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      • “So what exactly does Belinda McKenzie mean by ‘a return to sanity /’ ….. When children were :
        Put up chimneys ?
        Sent off to the colonies?
        Ripped from indigenous tribes ?”

        Absolutely correct. Belinda’s idea of a “return to sanity” should frighten anyone. If she is, as I believe, the architect of the Hampstead SRA hoax, that should tell us anything we need to know about how she perceives “sanity”.

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  4. It’s nothing new, just a different name, she tried to do it a few years ago when she had that massive failure in Speakers Corner, you know the one, when she suggested putting paedophiles in a zoo. When she told that bloke to shut up. Everyone went home early because no one was interested. I believe it was called the Battle For Britains Children. Don’t mention the war, I did but I think I got away with it.

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    • Was she trying to form a political party then, FG? I remember the videos well—the one in which Small Paul Barbara attempted to act as her attack dog (with hilarious consequences) and the one where she screeched about putting paedophiles in cages…until they repented, and then she’d set them loose.

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  5. Concept

    Many species deliberately kill infants of their own species. Some mummy monkeys drop their baby monkey from a tree and it dies because they haven’t learned to be good mummies. They will probably will be a better mummy with baby number two. Some mummy animals starve one of their babies because they can only get enough food for one of their little babies. Some daddy lions eat the baby of their new lioness-girlfriend. Some mummy monkeys kill their baby when a nice new potential daddy monkey comes along. We are not animals living in the wild in a group where infanticide is either a maladaptive strategy, meh, or a reproductive practice.


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  6. This has Sabine’s fingerprints all over it.

    I’d love to know where this 10,000 infants sacrificed to Baal annually figure comes from.

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  7. “We intend to create a broad movement representing the people of the UK who support the rule of law…”

    This is from Belinda, who is due in Court soon and (as you state) is also currently housing a paedophile?


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  8. Still wiping the vomit off my monitor (ick!).
    What a disgustingly exploitative concept – a fraudulent “Children’s Empowerment Party”.
    Can’t wait till she gets around to advocating the children must “have autonomous control over their own sexuality”…oh, wait! That was PIE, wasn’t it?

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  9. Every action has an opposite and …… but, they really underestimate how many of us abuse survivors have been healing. growing, encouraging, sharing, and much as I was upset at 2010 rally, Jersey is getting somewhere now, and I recognised a woman who spoke there, who has carried on, as have others, on the news this morning…. 🙂 It wasn’t all bad…

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  10. If Bellender’s looking for an equally unhinged person to be her foreign secretary when she becomes prime minister, she could do far worse than that great intellectual, ‘Professor’ Deborah Mahmoudieh. Here are the, ahem, ‘highlights’ from ‘Judgement Day For Britain’, her latest 6,000-word anti-Brexit diatribe:

    “This article is written via the benefit of my personal life experience, education and research, as a female British subject, a CSA survivor and witness of Universal golden-light-being, who transmitted the message of Universal Law through an energy of bliss.

    Regardless of whether or not one believes in my personal experiences, the facts and lawful evidence are undeniable; we are presently suffering under the dictates of a centuries-old, criminal conspiracy which thrives on the fear & terror created on confusion, groundless opinion and antiquated belief…

    …As for immigration…this will also increase…

    …Racial divide is clearly proposed as part of the New World Order plot, according to the dictates of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion; long claimed to be a ‘hoax’ since its publication at the start of the 20th century, anyone reading through it today, cannot fail to appreciate the reality of its influence among the financial powers presently shaping our nations and lives…

    …Unfortunately, for their plans, the Zionists had not foreseen invention of the internet and today, we’re witnessing a full-on information-war with paid shills & trolls posing as ‘independent-truthers’…

    …We also, need to KNOW now, that our quantum-light-being bodies ARE eternal and they ARE real and our ONLY spiritual connection to our eternal-self, is through our willingness and intelligence toward CHOOSING to thrive under beneficence of Universal Law = created by an intelligent, Universe which created intelligent life.

    We were NOT created to be slaves; Jah/God gave us free-will for a REASON/ Certainly, Jah-Will is NOT ruling our lives on Earth – only, they who conspire to DENY Universal Intelligence & Law, are free to ‘do-as-thy-will’ and what those sadistic powers have ‘willed’ is establishment of their illegal, corporate laws in which, every child is born DEAD.

    Essentially, God’s will returns to Earth, the moment humanity has the collective WILL to establish and uphold Universal Law of Abundance in Compassion = our HUMAN RIGHT to live INTELLIGENTLY = within BALANCE & FAIR REASON.

    Universal Law provides the foundation for UNCONDITIONAL LOVE – without it, love is a ‘mug’ and a ‘loser’. It’s time we crowned love as King & Queen of life because true-love is the only happiness worth having in this life and all the gold on Earth cannot buy it match it or create it; the true gold in life, is within our living body – it’s high time we connected with it. It’s time to STAND UP FOR THE CHILD. It is time to RAISE THE DEAD.”

    https://www.facebook. com/notes/deborah-mahmoudieh/judgement-day-for-britain/1530519500345158

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  11. Belinda McKenzie and co creating another scam aka their children’s party to solicit donations and drag fools into illegality. To be a political party this would have to register with the Electral Commission. It would have to file annual or even quarterly accounts, and keep records of all donations. There would have to be a record of key political officials that anyone in the public can see. The laws on political parties and elections are extremely strict and McKenzie will screw up.

    if for some reason McKenzie does stand for election – or any other known Satan Hunter – in her political party, I will make sure Satanists stand in election as well, then I will bury her in the deepest shit known to mankind.

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  12. Belinda and charities….see above, in ‘about’, her plans to make this a charity.

    UK charities are a sham with regard to enforcement re fraud, or even, how to detect it within…

    The setting up and running of charities with the ultimate aim of making the people involved with them is reallly fully of loopholes for would be criminals. They can recruit family members and pay them very good salaries without advertising for recruits, really, look at the guidance…of course it does not say ‘be careful, you may be breaching employment law’ because that is not their terrain.

    Belinda got away with the Iran charity stuff easily. You only need to look at how loose the guidance and enforcement is.
    From a FOI request re complaint about a charity:

    Dear Ms Griffiths

    Thank you for your email of 20 January and I note your comments.

    In reply to your query, we have not taken any ***action*** to ensure that
    the charity responds to your complaints. This is because the way a charity
    deals with complaints about its services is an aspect of the
    administration of the charity which is the responsibility of the trustees.
    The Charity Commission is prevented by law from becoming involved in the
    administration of a charity.

    We do publish guidance, including how to deal with complaints, which sets
    out a wide range of best practice recommendations. However all our
    guidance makes it clear where it is a recommendation that is simply best
    practice, compared to where it is a legal requirement. Our jurisdiction
    only extends to compliance with charity law and in this case, whilst I
    appreciate that the trustees may not have followed best practice there is
    no evidence that they have breached charity law. You will therefore need
    to raise your concerns with the trustees directly.

    …..then go check out ctrl f on ‘fraud’ and you’ll come to this: http://www.legislation.gov.uk/ukpga/2011/25

    Indemnity insurance for charity trustees and trustees

    189Indemnity insurance for charity trustees and trustees

    (1)The charity trustees of a charity may arrange for the purchase, out of the funds of the charity, of insurance designed to indemnify the charity trustees or any trustees for the charity against any personal liability in respect of—
    (a)any breach of trust or breach of duty committed by them in their capacity as charity trustees or trustees for the charity, or
    (b)any negligence, default, breach of duty or breach of trust committed by them in their capacity as directors or officers of—
    (i)the charity (if it is a body corporate), or
    (ii)any body corporate carrying on any activities on behalf of the charity.
    (2)But the terms of such insurance must be so framed as to exclude the provision of any indemnity for a person (“P”) in respect of—
    (a)any liability incurred by P to pay—
    (i)a fine imposed in criminal proceedings, or
    (ii)a sum payable to a regulatory authority by way of a penalty in respect of non-compliance with any requirement of a regulatory nature (however arising),
    (b)any liability incurred by P in defending any criminal proceedings in which P is convicted of an offence arising out of any fraud or dishonesty, or wilful or reckless misconduct, by P, or
    (c)any liability incurred by P to the charity that arises out of any conduct—
    (i)which P knew (or must reasonably be assumed to have known) was not in the interests of the charity, or
    (ii)in the case of which P did not care whether it was in the best interests of the charity or not.
    (3)For the purposes of subsection (2)(b)—
    (a)the reference to any such conviction is a reference to one that has become final,
    (b)a conviction becomes final—
    (i)if not appealed against, at the end of the period for bringing an appeal, or
    (ii)if appealed against, at the time when the appeal (or any further appeal) is disposed of, and
    (c)an appeal is disposed of—
    (i)if it is determined and the period for bringing any further appeal has ended, or
    (ii)if it is abandoned or otherwise ceases to have effect.
    (4)The charity trustees of a charity may not purchase insurance under this section unless they decide that they are satisfied that it is in the best interests of the charity for them to do so…

    +thus avoiding any scrutiny by a would be concerned public person of proper accounting and declaration of conflicts of interest – quoting some blurb or other. And so it goes in charities, in the UK at least.

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    • Loopholes within loopholes for cash to creatively vanish in a puff of virtuous misdirection and mysteriously rematerialise in Belindas bargain basement pension pot as if by magic.

      Paradise playground for skimmers,scammers,laundery makers,alligators,confabulators,tricky-clown tabulators,parlour game cashiers masquerading conjuring childrens party mirages amidst the miracle of childhood hide and seek simulation.

      All this convenient fund diversion to deprive sustainance from the mouths of tiny babes and paypal accepted.It will crash before it has taken off.Project disaster.

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  13. Does anyone remember when Bill Maloney tried to stand in an election? So funny, yet again he did no research, and didn’t realise he had to pay, before he decided to announce it to the world.

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  14. To be perfectly honest this seems to be just another ‘standard issue’ McKenzie caper and quite a weak one at that… It’s quite telling that she has only bought a cheap version of the TLD for example, and not risked the $1500 that the .com would have cost her! – No dodgy charity registration this time (is she on a warning?) nor, company registration, so I would tend to assume she’s not entirely serious about being protective of her new ‘brand’. – I’d be fairly confident the shoddy nature of it is entirely deliberate as the target audience will be the addle-headed.

    With her existing circle of gullible idiots and mentally ill people being ‘under pressure’ she has a need for some fresh recruits. But basically it’s ‘business as usual’ even though these are ever-decreasing circles she’s running in.

    It’s a fair point though highlighting her connections to active/convicted paedophiles… On is set wondering to what extent she might be part of the mechanism that ‘scopes out’ victims for abuse.

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  15. PONZI SCHEME OPERATORS, N5 5QU DISTRICT: If at first you dont succeed get others to do your dirty work and simply walk around all innocent like butter wouldnt melt in your mouth you miserable,paedophile harbouring,rancid vat of putrescent cat puke,and get that fucking fringe cut while your at it.

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      • Well,I have rather allowed it to get under my skin,you know cold sweats,teeth grinding,eye balls protruding that sort of thing.Good news though,is that is my therapist assures me that if I stick to the medication regime I should be safe enough to attend the Edinburgh comedy festival next month.If I can manage to selotape the bloody ticket back together that is.

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  16. The Children’s Party, that’s not going to cause any confusion is it.

    I think little tommy and his mates are going to be very disappointed when that lot turn up for his birthday, I bet their photographer quite keen though…………

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    • There is a business opportunity for Belinda McKenzie: Nathaniel Harris can do his clown act; Neelu Berry can do her crystal magic; David Shurter can do face painting, and make tin-foil hats; Jake Clarke can teach the kids how to talk to jugs of water; Rupert Quaintance can do the video-making; Sabine McNeill can share all the videos with the paedophile market; Abraham Christie can do his spoon tricks; Ella Draper can sit in a chair in the corner with a vase on her head as an interesting party decoration; Araya can do her face impressions; Angela Power Disney can keep discipline with her metal t-square; Heather Brown can be the bouncer; Belinda McKenzie can be the treasurer, accountant and fund-raiser. They can call it Partygate Childrens Parties and go round offering their services to all the Hampstead Schools. Kris Costa is not invited because nobody likes her.

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    • It’s very sinister…. given the way they operate, if children join ……their details will be on their database. .
      Just as there are moves to increase internet safety & awareness, they pull this stroke ?
      One of the aspects that nags for me, is that they made it possible to share the images of abused children, widely. One of my drives has been, that this could not be allowed to become acceptable.

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  17. I would expect an organisation called “The Children’s Party” to provide clowns. Knowing Belinda it probably will.

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  18. SHADY BASTARDS:When using children as a handy front for dodgy dealings or as a cash cow for your malificent skullduggery,remain ingognito at all times but take care not to get carried away the Spiderman routine.

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  19. Just to say, a quick WHOIS domain check on thechildrensparty.org.uk shows (rather unusually) that the domain owner is hiding behind a “privacy service” and has been since the domain was registered last year. So Belinda presumably always expected trouble or to be up to no good. Hm.

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