Belinda’s flip-flops: What’s she really trying to say?

For months we heard nothing at all from Belinda, the eminence grise behind the Hampstead SRA hoax. Unlike other Hoaxtead mobsters, Belinda seems keenly aware that sometimes discretion is the better part of…well, not valour exactly. Perhaps “discretion is the better part of staying out of prison”? So she’s kept well out of the glare of public scrutiny for several months; she’s removed many of her blog posts from the internet, perhaps understanding that several of them contained information which could incriminate her in a court of law, should she be charged following her arrest last spring.

But last week we reported that Belinda had become embroiled in a brouhaha on Facebook, during which she had seemingly repudiated her previous defamatory statements about the parents, teachers, clergy, and business-people of Hampstead.

Now it seems she’s done another 180-degree turn. Or at least she’s tried to make it look as though she has:

Day before yesterday and going on yesterday evening a guy who’s just become a Friend whom I’ll call X for the moment began messaging me, complaining he’d been being harassed by certain types whom he couldn’t identify, not even their gender or where they lived! Of course, I instantly recognised them as the types who lurk behind weird avatars I’ve referred to in my blogs and postings over the years as the “shadow people”).

X had this very day embarked on legal action against these shadowy types, he told me! how do you embark on legal action against a faceless, genderless, ageless, address-less avatar?? I did instantly wonder. But I became really suspicious when X started to address me personally, referring to me as “a well-educated lady” “with an interest in Japanese art and philosophy” so I finally didn’t continue the dialogue.

Here is what I momentarily typed out but didn’t in the end send: “I’m not quite sure what you are saying to me (X) and am now on alert. As I continue to remind everyone, this whole issue is not and should not ever be about me nor any of the individuals who have taken any kind of stance regarding a certain case but about THE CAUSE itself which is the proper protection of children in our society and world, from the very tiniest babies up to 17–18 year-olds and the failure of the police to investigate allegations of severe crime against these babies, children and young people. Thus the worst and most horrible crimes continue to go on unchecked in our modern world just as they have done since ancient times, acting like “a psychic poison on the soul” of each new generation, to quote Carl Jung. If you are not 100% with me in battling those who abuse children then you are against me and there is nothing more to be said between us! But if YOU have ‘crossed the floor’ on this issue (X) and wish to help from now on defend small children and tiny babies alongside me and risk your own life and safety in doing so, THEN we can continue to dialogue.

(‘Crossed the floor’ refers to the title of an article put up 3 days ago on the Shadow People’s current site called Hoaxtead Research in which I am portrayed as a cornered rat, the police having pounced on me so now I am frightened, etc. —here’s the link, with thanks to X! I LOVE THIS FIGHT, BRING IT ALL ON!

This was followed by a link to our recent article, “Has Belinda crossed the floor on Hoaxtead?

Well then! On behalf of the Shadow People, we’d like to express our gratitude to Belinda for the extra page views she sent our way.

Interestingly, we note that she hasn’t really repudiated her repudiation, but has referred to the overall “CAUSE”, a rather billowy and undefined thing involving “proper protection” of children.

We take this to mean “proper protection” in the sense of the “protection” she and Sabine tried to offer poor Hollie Greig or the Musa children…this is the kind of protection one expects from dodgy-looking persons who promise to shield you from harm for the price of a down payment and 12 easy monthly installments, renewable yearly.

Hoaxtead: Does she or doesn’t she?

So in one late-night Facebook post Belinda states that “there’s been a horrible mistake and all the people in the area accused have been wrongly accused by implication”…and three days later, she’s nattering on about mysterious new “friends” who seem to know just a little too much about her, and how it’s not about specific cases, but about “THE CAUSE”. (Not to mention the “Shadow People”.)

Slippery old trout that she is, Belinda has managed to make repudiating noises without actually disclaiming her earlier statements. This leaves us with the same impression we had when we read her first comment last week: she is well aware that she’s under police investigation. Having taken down almost all her incriminating blog posts on the matter, she is now attempting to create a new trail of breadcrumbs which will lead anyone investigating her activities to the conclusion that she’s a sane, reasonable person who was misled by that nasty Abraham Christie but has now seen the error of her ways. These days, all she wants to do is campaign for the most vulnerable in our society, the tiny babies who cannot defend themselves. And who could possibly object to that?

Belinda is blissfully unaware, then, of the rather large stash of archived blog posts and videos which we’ve saved over the past couple of years. But that’s fine with us. We’ll be very interested to watch her dig her way out of the hole in which she now finds herself.


73 thoughts on “Belinda’s flip-flops: What’s she really trying to say?

  1. I reckon the Shadow People™ need an anthem. Here’s my suggestion – it’s that mean Mr. Shouter’s impression of that nice Mr. Dylan:

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    • That was very mature, Mr Up-lifter of “veils”, congratulations!
      You were more entertaining whilst delusional, however.

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      • Wrong, he is apologising to troofers he called pedo protectors and satanists nothing to do with us.


      • This should be titled: ‘On my way home from my therapy session. He’s obviously just had his beliefs challenged by his therapist, who he really trusts and seems to be doing very good work LOL.

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        • Yes, I was thinking the call to Nathan’s dad might have played some role in this. He is apologizing about all of the things that caller was complaining about…

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          • I’m glad. His father is now retired, but had a very good reputation in the field of environmental protection, and seems like a good egg. Glad he’s able to have some influence on his wayward son.

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          • I think his comment at 3.37 might be the clue…
            `you know he’s gunna take care of it? I’m moving out’

            dads p.o. and he’s been kicked out of the basement….

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      • E.C. I suspect that he has just been slapped down hard by someone near to him or has been contacted by someone bringing legal action against him- It’s suddenly become `real’ and his little playacting on utube can have real consequences to him…

        Thats my bet


    • Apparently some genuine remorse of conscience and lifting of his own veil.Potential for hope but only time will reveal whether Nathan has sincerely hauled himself from the ditch of bones.

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      • Its only to do with fellow troofers he has upset and they are ganging up on him, nothing Hoaxtead related. Hopefully his friend Quinn Michaels a complete headcase will leave him in the woods for a bear to eat. There is a reason Nathan is no allowed near his nieces and nephews, he has stated he hates kids, just like Jimmy Savile did.
        He was drooling over the girl in the police videos calling her a reptilian and pausing it every few seconds.


      • I like to believe that even the nuttiest of fruitcakes have the potential to be brought round to the side of reason and civility; it’s one of the things that keeps me going when this stuff seems too difficult. So I hold out some hope that Nathan may see the light. Probably not all at once, but when the first glimmers shine through, the crack can widen.

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        • With you on this EC. I don’t like to see the worst in everyone – in the past I’ve seen many miscreants turn themselves around and see sense so as far as I’m concerned there’s hope for Nathan and at least some of his playmates.

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    • He’s only apologising to fellow troofers, not us or Ricky Dearman.
      Troofers only care about keeping on the good side of other troofers, because they are all launching silly little defamation claims against each other.

      HE IS NOT APOLOGISING TO HOAXTEAD OR DEARMAN. He is apologising to the troofers he accused of being Pedophile protectors and satanists.



  2. I can’t figure out what B is actually saying. Perhaps it’s a case of ‘There are Satanic lizard paedophile cannibals in Hampstead’ but when confronted she reverts to ‘I didn’t mean YOU!’.

    Who knows!

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  3. “this whole issue is not and should not ever be about me nor any of the individuals who have taken any kind of stance regarding a certain case ”

    It’s ALL about you honey and no amount of back-peddling will absolve you of your guilt in promoting a hoax that set out to destroy innocents.
    # I sent out my trusty paparazzi who snapped Belinda waiting in Hampstead Heath for her dust-up with Lynn.

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    • FIRE STARTERS:When gaslighting backfires and goes horribly wrong,donning several pairs of see-through squirm infested asbestos underpants is neither an effective or indeed a particularly good look.

      No,prior to being lifted what you need by way of damage limitation is to vacuum pump from your miserable existence all traces of evidence that you ever had anything to do with fucking anything,you nasty conniving old bat.

      Disclaimer:Other nasty conniving old bats are available.

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        • I guarantee Angela put her hand up for both Savile estate & BBC compensation. That clears up the mystery of how she was able to holiday in Spain for so long.
          APD thanked her lucky stars that she had contact and a photo with Savile.

          The problem for her is she quickly surfed the net for Troofer websites and absorbed all manner of conspiracy claptrap like MKUltra nonsense hoping to make a buck out of it but far too late..she entering a crowded field.

          She is sooo reminiscent of the career forger Andrea Davison who is incredibly skilled in her frauds, or was until the law caught up with her.

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          • For sure G0S.

            Pot of cash up for grabs + photographic evidence of contact with Savile + Truth bending,thieving,nicotine stained grifter = Compo claim nailed on home banker.

            Betting exchanges will have already paid out on that one a while back.

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      • Yep a lot more has happened between Angela and RQ than Angela slapping RQ on the arse.

        Angela you make me feel sick on many counts.

        Your latest post from a couple of years ago mentioning the grandchildren you now have that you wouldn’t have had if you’d gone ahead with the planned abortion of your daughter!

        You are one sick BITCH, take in to account the feelings of your family.

        What do you want a f..king medal because you didn’t go ahead with it?

        Sick bitch.

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        • I’m pretty sure RQ will be using every incident in his defense. As he should.
          There may be no excuse for stupidity but accused persons have a right to use all influences in their defense, that led them to the reason they are in court on charges.

          I wish I had the popcorn concession for that court appearance.

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      • @Echo Truths
        I have my feelings about you. I have an uncanny ability to see through troofers so quickly, so until you yourself give me a reason to doubt my original feelings, which is very unlikely, just telling me I’m wrong about you isn’t going to do a single thing. Sorry.

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        • Being charitable,I just hope this is ET`s cunning plan to avoid doing jury service.Otherwise I feel sorry for anyone who whose eyes may be a little close together because in ET world they are straight in the slammer,no questions asked.

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      • SMH too. Disappointed with the gut based vs evidence approach of Echo truths, which will always leave her in the gutter, intellectually. The reason she has to turn to her bowels is because RD has conducted himself honourably, despite provocation, because he is thinking about what is good for his children, imo.

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        • ET might be reading this so I’ll say my tuppence worth. I’m sure she actually knows the following but sometimes I think it’s important to state the obvious so we’re clear on things.

          The problem with relying on feelings is that my feelng might be different from yours. The culture we come from, our social training, education and what we’ve experienced in the past can influence us to ‘feel’ this or that. It can happen on a subconcious level and we’ll be largely unaware that our ‘feeling’ is swayed by what’s already lodged in our brains. Having said this I’m all for acknowledging what my gut tells me though, (sometimes it’s useful) and it’s a starting point. So I’ll keep my feelings in mind, but I don’t rely on them too much. What I know is ‘spot on’ is hard evidence.

          The truth is that where RD is concerned one TV interview is very little evidence. People don’t always act like themselves when there’s a camera on them, especially when the situation is stressful. He’s been an actor but having a camera in your face and having to talk about allegations of sexual abuse is quite another thing.

          None of us actually know RD (as far as I know) and because I don’t know him and have never met him I’ll reserve judgement about his character, although I’m darn sure he’s NOT a Satanist, paedophile cannibal. The evidence tells me that he’s been lied about by Ella and by lots of troofers on the internet. If I sometimes defend him it’s because of this. I’m fed up of people thinking they KNOW RD based on what they saw on one TV interview and based on what Ella says. Neither are reliable sources.

          By all means have your doubts about him, but realise that your doubt is there because you don’t know much at all about him. Nuff said.


    • SSFS,your dutiful efforts and service towards preparing future inmates for their denials of liberty are truly remarkable and will no doubt be recognized in the compilation of her majesties gong awards.

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      • Why thank you, kind Sir. I asked her Maj if I was up for a gong and her reply was a little cryptic – I think she meant I could expect two:

        Meanwhile, Angie is spitting feathers over the whole affair, so there is is a God 😀

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  4. Events move slowly, my prediction that this hoax will be the ending of Belinda McKenzie still feels true. As many of these hoax promoters will discover the Hampstead hoax will become the block of stone that will hold them back for the rest of their lives.

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    • And quite right as well.
      My interest in Hoaxtead was via friends who live in Hampstead who were not directly involved but had pals who were parents with young children and were involved merely because their kids went to a certain school.

      The repercussions have been quite devastating for many people and that includes their family and friends.

      Many read this blog as the only outlet that provides updates and feel very re-assured that the vast public support them. But many have become very wary of strangers and in my friend’s case, they are almost fanatical in following their children’s online and social media activity.
      I know many Hampstead people affected have completely removed themselves from entities like Facebook etc.

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      • This Hoaxtead blog is the light in the foggy darkness. The following I like to see happen:

        1. Ella Draper declare the allegations that the RD children murdered and ate babies as a fiction.
        2. Angela Power Disney declare the allegation that Ella Draper sexually abuses children to be false.
        3. Kris Costa stop promoting the Hampstead hoax.
        4. Belinda McKenzie give a £million of the missing Iran Charity money to Christchurch School in Hampstead.
        5. Abraham Christie man up and come back to the UK to face the charges for the child pornography and child sexual abuse that he will face, amongst other charges.

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  5. “to help from now on defend small children and tiny babies alongside me and risk your own life and safety in doing so, THEN we can continue to dialogue.”

    As someone who’s own daughter, but for the grace of God, might well have fallen into the clutches of a man who worked at her school and is now jailed for child rape, I find that statement quite sickening…… Belinda, you DEFEND and SHELTER child abusers so you can MONETISE them. You trade in lies, misery confusion and disinformation. You’re a professional con artist and have been for decades. In the final analysis you are no different from anyone who physically abuses a child or vulnerable person because entire existence is about exploiting other people’s suffering for your own ends. …….As for the “weird avatars”. Those are added by WordPress. People are AFRAID to use their own names because, in the past your kind Belinda, or your lackeys, have physically attacked people’s homes, their businesses and even stalked and intimidated their children, elderly parents, and spouses. You might be the cut-glass “LEEDAH” – but let’s face it, the people in your employ who do your dirty work are the absolute low-life scum of the earth. And your hands Belinda are indelibly stained!

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    • Spot on Alfredo.Time for Belinda to stop tripping over her flip flops and consider her options by making an honest living in her dotage.There is a developing niche gap in the market for clumsy outsize hobnail boots and facial egg remover for which she is evidentially the ideal candidate to front up.

      Probably best she get that fringe cut first though.

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    • Nothing to do with me although given the name it’s possibly that relative we don’t talk about who lives in Grimsby.

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      • Never thought that for one minute, Fnord. But imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, they say, so bask in the adulation 😀

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  6. All good fun!

    By the way – Relayer, who seems to excel at killer questions, put one to Kristie Sue Costa a few days ago: “Would you leave your children alone with Abe Christie?” (Or words to that effect.) She hasn’t answered, of course 😀

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  7. Given his stated position on the benefits of sodomy,spoon-based communication etc I wouldnt entrust my goldfish to Christie yet alone a child.

    The question posed by Relayer is a close-to-home conversation stopper and a similar test can be applied to a number of others who appoint themselves as blessed gaurdians at the very cutting edge of protecting poor defenseless babes.Draper,APD,Belinda,Mad Moo,Neelu,Sabine,even KSC herself spring readily to mind but the full list would probably be unfair on the hard working wordpress servers,particularly on the sabbath.

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  8. I’ll pray for said machine to fall apart by the time they arrive. Does that count?

    Mind you, if it fell apart it’d probably work better, so maybe I’ll pass.

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    • I hope the parents are well earthed if they are travelling with that contraption the ways its wired up.My guess is Hope will have taken out some extra life insurance on their behalf,you know just in case.

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    • They can buy some of that gunk you sell to protect from Chemtrails especially if they are flying.
      Wonder what they check in the QEG as? It looks like a bomb to me.

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    • The original Illuminatus card games, from Steve Jackson games, is much funnier. I still have my original copies. Oh, the many nights of hilarious nefarious fun we had, plotting to control the world with groups such as “gold fish fanciers”, “international cocaine smugglers”, “the boy sprouts”, “cycle gangs”, “fiendish flouridators” and of course, “the C.I.A.” !
      Helps to smoke a big fat joint before you sit down to play, natch!

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