Another Hoaxtead mobster jumping overboard?

Yesterday we reported the rather extraordinary news that Hoaxtead’s Architect-in-Chief, Belinda McKenzie admitted that the Hampstead SRA hoax was, in essence, a giant steaming crock of manure. During a long, convoluted, and boozy late-Saturday-night convo, Belinda said, “(T)here’s been a horrible mistake and all the people in the area in question have been wrongly accused by implication….As the police didn’t do their proper job at the time so all this has been left hanging in the air, that’s always been my main gripe about this case I’ve always blamed the police for failing to investigate properly not anyone possibly wrongly accused for god knows what perverted reason…”

Just as we were digesting this, another prominent Hoaxtead mobster, Angela Power-Disney, who never/rarely/sometimes reads this blog yet somehow always knows exactly what we’re saying about her, was the next rat to scramble for the decks of the Good Ship Hoaxtead.

In her “daily lunchtime Facebook video”, she had this to say:

I’ve finally gone to this Echoes of Truth (sic) YouTube channel…uh…I posted the first video. It may be disinfo, it may be superbly planted by government and other agents that do not want the elite paedophile issue to be resolved.

So I’m keeping an open mind, but I’ve been one of the first to…raise, very unpopularly, to say I have some issues with Ella. You know, I have issues with Abraham although he’s more transparent….I think he’s just a common or garden thug. I don’t mean that in a bad way… [She’s taking the piss, right? Is there a good way to say someone is a lifelong criminal? —Ed.]

…but I do think he’s controlling, and you know, intimidating, and has some anger issues, but I don’t think he’s a paedophile. I don’t think he’s a…cult member, child raping…I just think he’s a common or garden bully, who probably needs some healing himself. [Understatement of the century? Millennium? Can’t decide —Ed.]

But Ella, I’m starting to draw analogies with the Madeleine McCann case. You know, I was swept along, for years I prayed for that little girl to be found. For years I got excited when there was an alleged possible sighting in this country or that scenario, or at a football match, or whatever. For years, I hoped against hope that little Madeleine McCann would be found safe and well. And then as my research, as I’ve gone full time into, you know, working and researching, it seems more and more likely that the parents were absolutely complicit.

And I just hope with all my heart that that’s not the case with Ella. Um, but it’s looking that way. [In the ‘Hedging Her Bets’ category…. —Ed.]

So just a heads up on that, Echoes of Truth (sic) I think is the YouTube channel, and if I do do my research and find it to be a complete plant, a complete diversion, I will share that on here in the lunchtime broadcasts, and I’ll share it to the extent that I can.

So in her own bet-hedging, mealy-mouthed way, Angela seems to be saying that the Hampstead SRA hoax is, um, possibly a hoax.

Well, now. You don’t say.

What’s with all the fleeing rodents?

Over the past month, we’ve documented an extraordinary exodus: first came the three-part video from Echo Truths, Lulu from “Itsgonnab alright”, and Katrina McCaffery, denouncing Abe and Ella as child abusers and criminals. This was picked up by a number of Pizzagate types, including Random Rants of Ryan, Titus Frost, JNoir, and Johnny Supertramp.

While there was significant push-back from the troofer community, the message seems to have seeped in, with the result that Abe and Ella’s more recent videos have received very mediocre view numbers, and overwhelmingly negative comments.

But that doesn’t really explain Belinda’s strange about-face. We suspect that was fuelled by a few things: she believes she’s about to be charged and could be facing trial as early as this autumn; she’s well aware that if she’s charged, the CPS will have her bang to rights; and she doesn’t relish the prospect of spending her declining years on a steady diet of porridge. Oh, and on the night when she made the comment, she also noted that she’d had a wee drinky-poo or six.

Is it possible that Angela was somehow persuaded by the Echo Truths/Lulu/Katrina video, and is now questioning her own insistence that RD’s children were not coached, and that a mysterious cult in North London is somehow able to hold massive daily orgies involving dozens of children and hundreds of infants with no one ever noticing?

Nah. Much as we’d like to believe that, we have watched Angela’s behaviour long enough to know that logic and fact mean far less to her than innuendo and the feeling of power she gets from claiming to know more than anyone else about…well, anything, really.

We think it’s far more likely that Angela, who has always been a dedicated follower of fashion, will have heard of Belinda’s sudden change of heart, and will be thinking that she doesn’t want to be the last Hoaxtead mobster standing—and thus her sudden scramble toward the bulwarks.

She’ll find all sorts of reasons to justify this, of course. She’ll claim that she’s known for yonks that Ella was a bad ‘un, that she’s had Abe’s number for a year and a half, ever since their massive blow-up about who ought to control the videos they were making together.

Who’s next?

Belinda and Angela have both disavowed Hoaxtead…to a point. They’ve left enough wiggle room that if pressed, they could conceivably back-track on their back-tracking, but for the time being it looks as though Hoaxtead is in their mirror, and they’re speeding off down the nearest highway.

We wonder: has anyone informed Sabine or Neelu of this radical shift in policy? It’ll be interesting to watch their reactions: will they follow their leaders, or stand at attention on the fo’c’sle while Hoaxtead sinks beneath the waves?

41 thoughts on “Another Hoaxtead mobster jumping overboard?

  1. Nice article mate.
    Some more for the collection, the last 24 hours I have had so much shit from these people, it is insane.

    That’s just a selection of these perverts.

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  2. I know my friend, I post that link and call it him everytime. he is a one hit wonder in and out. God knows why he has the avatar of a guy who robbed a pregnant women at knife point/potato peeler depending on the article. CGI PLains/Neil the Badger Shagger/Nazi clown

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  3. I agree must be an aquaintance of sorts of his. His videos are disgusting. To cover all his vile insults would take a whole blog. He said some horrible things to my friend about hoping they got cancer and was very graphic sexually, and also about the children and peoples family members in the worst way as you can see in your troll section. A true represntative of these hoax promoters.

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  4. Of course anyone with even an ounce of humility and grace would offer sincere remorseful apology for all the harm inflicted upon families and the children and father in particular. Sadly the individuals involved are heartless mercenaries and will hide behind a multitude of finger pointing excuses and no doubt even attempt to claim victimhood for themselves.

    The hoped for cash crop failed miserably and now its and run for the hills damage limitation time till the dust settles.

    Sick,sick and thrice sick but theyve ridden their luck and are now falling into their own pi$$ puddle.

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  5. I have always considered that Echo Truths had an ounce of rationality about them, and it was a matter of time they came round to the same conclusion as Alex Jones and David Icke that Hampstead SRA hoax was a massive pile of bullshit. Regardless of if any of the main promoters of this farce of a hoax – Angela Power Disney and Belinda McKenzie – trying to disavow their belief in it – they must never escape the justice due to them, they must be arrested and put through the court system for their role in this. Also, RD and his children hopefully will initiate a huge damages claim against people like the Quaintances and Costas for their part in this.

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  6. The next “Hampstead” hoax will have all these characters emerge once more to ruin lives, reputations and families. Hampstead must be their Waterloo, so they are stopped from doing this again.

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  7. I couldn’t agree more. All those years at Acorn Antiques and look at me now! A shadow of my former self but still fighting!

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  8. Paedophile protector, Protected police informant, and friend of Jimmy Savile, Angela Power Disney is working with David Shurter and still posting about Hampstead.

    The second response cracked me up, great reply to Wangela’s nonsense.

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    JAIL THE HEMPSEED 2 KRISTIE SUE COSTA’S “mystery soursez” FOR PRISON! (btw, “mystery soursez” campaign of Mortification Against my client, = FOOTBULLETS) My client’s Father has Died.:(… KSC’s “soursez” are nowhere to be seen…..???) Maybe APD can give them some tips on Vulture Culture! Hey Barchon……Love ya much! ❤ Thanks to all at hoaxtead for being Alert to the Scammers' barely traffiicked hate pages!

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  10. Interestingly enough, we too heard from the alleged “Christchurch school parent”…whose IP address pointed to nowhere near North London. If I recall correctly, he or she was posting from Newcastle.

    And Aaron, may he rest in peace, said a lot of crazy shit, including but not limited to “there is no such place as Greenland, it’s a government plot to make you think the earth is a globe and not flat”.

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  11. True FA but I rather doubt a minor inconvenience like a “source” being dead will deter Angie if she perceives a possible fag donation in the offing.Indeed she will probably view it as quite handy having such uncheckable carte blanche to ply her trade as purveyor of utter bullshit to the gullible and braindead.

    Logical and ethical bounderies are not exactly Angelas strongest suit.

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  12. The “condolence” letter, in which she talks about herself half the time then fishes for sympathy and information, was astounding; but it illustrates APD’s particular mix of low cunning, immorality, insensitivity and sheer stupidity perfectly.

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  13. You sort of have to discount people who say they live there and don’t and people with psychotic illnesses don’t you? Or am I just being picky?


  14. Angie’s latest Lunchtime Legends video supressed by the illumnati et al.
    I only made it 5 minutes in when she started yabbering lies about the “amazing forensic research” they did, by amazing I think she means defective research. Angie is incapable of doing any research except lying and over the garden fence old nags gossip. She is talking about Finbarr, and other things that have been covered extensively on here, but as we know Angie never visits Hoaxtead, well sometimes, occasionally.

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  15. Hi Philby’s Lawyer, I offer my condolences to you and your client. So sorry for their loss 😦 The actions of these “mystery sourcez” has been deplorable, especially at such a sad and distressing time for your client and their family. I hope your client can get some answers.
    Best wishes


  16. He disappeared? LOL! He was offering David Shurter a place to stay under one of David’s videos, from his YouTube channel, which is where I originally spotted him. She could have spoken to him anytime on YT.
    All she’s doing is repeating information from a post on here a while back. Yeah, Angie, we’ll all do your research for ya.. LOL!

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  17. We’re very sorry to hear of your client’s loss, PL. Please pass along our condolences.

    And we’re looking into KSC’s sources…not much liking what we see. Kristie Sue really ought to be more careful about who she listens to. We understand kidnapping across state lines is considered something of a big deal in the USA, and then of course there are all the DUI charges…they don’t exactly paint a trustworthy picture.


  18. Yes, in one breath she quotes our research; in the next she’s bashing away at Echo Truths and her crew for being too friendly with us. I feel a post coming on…brb…

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  19. I can see a video with Kitty on Angie’s show in the future. You know how Angie likes to flatter and worm her way in, before defaming and throwing them all under the bus, as always.

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  20. PRETENTIOUS PLAGIARIZING SCROUNGERS :Impress your lunchtime audience and boost credibility no end by simply remaining in the fucking bath.

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  21. Has anyone found any pictures of the lunatics trying “dead agent” my client as an effective and credible litigator against child and elderly abusers in the public records, I wonder? A positive ID could be helpful when time is of the essence ….Anyone? Has Krusted Poop been dropping anymore ACTIONABLE “sooper secrit” Rat Nuggets aka LIES that will Never lie anywhere but HoaxteadLandia? Any faces to match up to her “soursez”? Maybe APD can interview them too? New information flowing in by the hour. I don’t know about anyone else but it seems strange that a “loving” 3rd wife(30 yrs younger), would not at least VIEW her dead husbands’ body when she was not there when he died ? Especially a ” PsychRN”? Hmmmm…Her career history looks really shady…Did my client’s Dad fall or was he pushed? The timing of their contact with KSC is mighty suspicious also, considering my client was blocked from her Father’s Death Bed and had to fight for a private viewing of the body….If you got them, post them. The time is now. “With prejudice”

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  22. Wow V.H.!! That about captures the essence. Is this your “source” Crusted Poo on a Stick? Or just one of them? I wonder what kind of criminal history that vampire has….? She reminds me of that Abe supporter Robyn somebody, I wonder if they have any common traits?


  23. Just one of Krustys sourcez. It seems from the public court records down in good old Pasco County, they’re well known round them parts. Strange how so many seem to get in ta a lil bother down in Florida. When in Rome, I guess.

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  24. Ahhhh yes. Thanks V.H. I’m wondering if that stems from FALSE allegations of MOLESTATION against her Babies” Daddy after he told her MOTHER to STOP HITTING his kids? She used to hit the Vampire ALL the time and was also told to stop by my client and others….What do you call a Mother that sleeps with a Vampire till they are 15? Rhoda Pembroke perhaps?


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