Fake Facebook Belinda: It weren’t us, guv!

Thanks to Sheva Burton for posting this video clip, in which Angela Fag-Ash Disney interviews Belinda about some fake profiles that have been circulating on Facebook recently.

“I’ve been advised that the campaign of trolling, disinformation, and professional undermining has been moving over to Facebook,” Angie announces, noting that a fake Belinda profile has been sending messages to ‘key people on Facebook’, telling them she wished she’d never become involved in Hoaxtead.

We might have imagined it, but we thought we detected Angie glaring in our direction; she’s frequently accused members of our team of being ‘professional shills’…that is, when she’s not accusing us of being Ricky Dearman. Or paedophile supporters. Or all three.

Not that we’re bitter.

ANYhoo….here’s the strange thing: Fake Facebook Belinda actually did contact one of our team earlier this week. However, it wasn’t a pleasant, ‘hey, isn’t it fun to troll Belinda’ kind of conversation. Instead, Fake Facebook Belinda began hurling abuse at our team member, who promptly blocked and reported her. Or him. Whatever.

Belinda-Facebook fake profileSo…Fake Facebook Belinda is no more. Real Facebook Belinda (and Angie) can thank us any time.

By the way, Belinda and Angie go on to discuss Belinda’s opinion of Hoaxtead. Angie tries to corner Belinda into violating her gagging order:

Angela: “Can you confirm that you don’t consider it a hoax?”

Belinda: “I can’t say either way, as it’s not been properly investigated, therefore I have no opinion…the whole point is that it wasn’t properly forensically investigated”.

Maybe it’s just us, but that last bit sounded an awful lot like an opinion.

Oh, and then there’s bit at the end where Angie tries to defend the damage done to the community by saying that where credible allegations have been made, if adults are sometimes wrongly accused of child sex abuse, ‘that’s collateral damage’.

We’re sure that’s very comforting to the 100+ adults wrongly accused…especially when the allegations were anything but credible.


26 thoughts on “Fake Facebook Belinda: It weren’t us, guv!

  1. Well as Angela already accused me of working for or with you, and also told me they have forensic evidence of who runs this site, this will probably serve as confirmation….which is ok. I’ve been too tired to annotise/tate, serious brain freeze at the mo, Too much is all this hoaxy stuff, for me, sometimes I might also of course be RD of course, and as i can’t really be called the usual dreadful paedo supporter, etc she also that i might be an alter, or the goddess of destruction, boy if i were…….. 🙂

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  2. yes, Belinda heading up a campaign for childrens rights ?…….. How can she dare, put so many children at risk of harm, cause such immense harm to so many, have no regrets, and clearly takes no responsibility for that, no apology, no insisting her followers withdraw from spreading them, no asking Angela to desist.

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  3. oops suggested i might be an alter, so i guess i’m a mind controlled puppet, otherwise i would KNOW they were RIGHT. Which they are not, the patterns here are so similar to the previous hoax. Which bit of children have a right to privacy does belinda not get ? And given that, why does she feel qualified in any way to head up a Childrens’ Rights Bill………..

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  4. You’d think Belinda would put her own daughter as her no.1 priority.

    Perhaps there is more money to be made on other peoples kids.

    Though bet she rakes in quite a bit on the disability benefits for her.

    Bet they go into Belinda’s bank account/s and not the daughter’s.

    On a lighter note i see Belinda has coloured her hair.

    Makes her look a bit better imo.

    Think she must be a psychopath though, ignoring the wishes of others.

    She can get her backside to this meeting but couldn’t remove Cheryl Corless’ video, as she was too busy looking after her daughter according to Sabine.

    As for Angie, too much God this and that for my liking.

    I reckon her and Neelu have the same condition.

    Whatever that is.


    Think it’s time for me to bow out of all of this nonsense, though they really do anger me. Grrr….

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  7. Exactly. It’s one thing for her to say ‘I’ve nothing to do with that’ when it comes to spreading pictures and names of innocent people. It’d be quite another if she were to say to her moronic followers, ‘You need to stop doing that. Take down the pictures and videos; they’re harming the kids”.

    Oddly, I’ve never heard her say anything of the kind.

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  8. There isn’t much point. Some of them want to be the leaders (and get all the money and “fame”) whilst others seem to have a need to follow the leader/s.

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  10. I am sure Belinda is a sociopath and believe me I’ve dealt with 2- a nightmare. She exhibits all the qualities of one.
    I’m a bit worried about Angie though ever since I read she was kidnapped by aliens once. She’s taking on a sort of Alien look. I hope they didn’t probe her.
    As for Neelu, I’m not sure what condition she suffers from but she badly needs help.

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  11. Re adults being accused. Belinda and Angie can sit there being reasonable on Skype all they want. What actually happened in the Hampstead case is that a bunch of vigilantes went down there and accosted and harassed people in the streets. It may have been ok to do this in medieval times or the wild west. It’s not ok now. Why doesn’t Belinda know this?

    She must have been aware that people were being harassed following the protests outside the church too. She never asked people to desist from this even though she knows she has clout amongst that particular group of vigilantes.

    From what I glean from the above video Belinda and Angie feel that the Hampstead adult victims should have bared their privates to prove they didn’t have tattoos. The question always comes back to where and how should they have done this, because whatever doctor comes out and says ‘no tattoos’ is just going to be seen as a member of the cult. The Hampstead teachers and parents clearly took police and legal advice and acted in accordance with that. They are not answerable to a bunch of weirdos who hang round churches making up stories and being a bloody nuisance.

    The man in the Christ Church video said ‘Fruitcakes’ and he was right.

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  12. Fully agree, Earl. This has been our stance all along.

    The Hoaxtead conspiranoids seem to have no idea of how the real world works–and yes, even if the victims of this hoax had actually presented themselves to police, doctors, etc., those police or doctors would have instantly been accused of being ‘part of the coverup’.

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  13. Belinda’s actions in Hampstead are almost a text book example of how a sociopath operates. They befriend and flatter everyone quietly and on an individual basis. They quietly work on each person having noted their strengths and weaknesses. No-one is exempt as they are devoid of empathy but can mimic emotions and friendship. Belinda’s voice is always one of calm reason.

    You can see with Hampstead that others took all the actions that landed them in hot water. Neelu, Sabine, Abe, Ella etc. You can see in all the videos that Belinda features in that when there is trouble she is just on the sidelines careful not to be at the centre of the strife having exerted subtle pressure on others to act. I think the arrest of Sabine at the court is a classic example : Belinda was just on the sidelines carefully taking note but careful not to be at the centre. Yet all the Hampsteaders still look to Belinda as a sort of leader.

    I guarantee if you looked at other areas of her life you will see the same modus operandi in action. Sociopaths cannot be reasoned with as they have no idea they have done wrong. They will however carefully avoid the law where possible. Belinda is the driving force behind Hampstead. Sabine , Neelu and the others are so chaotic they wouldn’t have got anywhere without Belinda. A sociopath is extremely clever in bringing a bunch of dysfunctional persons together in what they think is a common cause. Each other person becomes a small cog and part player in the process.

    This is why all psychiatrists (and people whose lives have been disrupted by a sociopath – and it is extremely difficult for people to recognise one even after events) will say run like the clappers from one.

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  14. Phew, i’m glad Belinda hasn’t targeted me (i don’t think) and i’ve met her a couple of times.

    She did say “i love Earth Mothers” and tried to flatter me saying i look younger than i am – i don’t and know it so that wouldn’t wash with me.

    I hadn’t a clue what she was talking about re the Earth Mothers.

    Think i was damn fortunate to get out of her evil clutches.

    Unfortunately, i know a few people that think she is sincere.

    Mainly men, so she must be using her womanly charms, ha ha ha.

    Maybe that’s what the new hair colour is all about…..

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