More victim-blaming from Belinda

This morning we shared Part 1 of a video in which Angela Fag-Ash Disney interviewed Belinda, presumably as a promotion for Thursday’s ‘Forced Adoptions Event‘.

In it, Belinda managed to say nothing about Hoaxtead, whilst saying plenty about Hoaxtead. We hope the courts are taking notice. In Part 2 of the interview, she manages to say even more.

Belinda says that “in the case of adults being wrongly accused, they are always less vulnerable than children”. From this she concludes that “therefore, they should show concern for possible victims”.

Then this: “I don’t believe that the aggrieved people in this case have been particularly helpful. They could have done more to clear themselves, there are measures they could have taken to clear their names. They know what those are, and they haven’t done them. I can say no more”.

Oh, that’s all right, Belinda old trout. You’ve said more than plenty.

We already know about the Hoaxteaders’ eagerness to examine the private bits of innocent Hampstead citizens; lovely of Belinda to reinforce this idea while one or two people are still willing to listen to her.

Here's a tattoo for you, Belinda.

Here’s a tattoo for you, Belinda.


55 thoughts on “More victim-blaming from Belinda

  1. Perhaps Belinda could show us the financial records for the Knight Foundation and all the various other Charity scams she has been involved with. Where has the money gone, especially the 75 million pounds. Iran Aid…come on Belinda…that money went somewhere…perhaps you could enlighten us all. Expose yourself darling…if you want transparency….start with all of your wheeling and dealings with the various scams you have instigated.

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    • While she’s at it perhaps Maggie Tuttle could let everyone know when she’s going to file charity accounts for ‘Children Screaming to be Heard’? There is a donate button on the website and surely they’ve had one itsy bitsy donation over the past few years but if they have the Charity Commission hasn’t been told. And er…reporting with accounts is a legal requirement.

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    • From The Knight Foundation website:

      “I have never taken a penny from Iran Aid or any charity for that matter. Ever since I received the inheritance from my father I have been a giver rather than a taker and this will continue. I am here in the world to help people and my own comfort or pleasure mean nothing to me. I buy my clothes from charity shops, never go on holiday and live modestly and anyone is welcome to inspect my bank-account going back 20 years to see that what I have said is true.

      Belinda McKenzie 1 April 2015”

      She forgot to add “APRIL FOOL!” at the end.

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      • That may well be true. But 10% of the money was unaccounted for according to Iran Aid, and all of it according to the Charities Commission.

        She says she lent the charity lots of money by remortgaging her home, that she is being repaid by the charity. However, there is no sign of this money going through the charity’s accounts as far as I can see.

        The whole saga is odd.

        Also, I thought the charity claimed to smuggle children out of Iran. I presume this can only be illegally. I’ve not seen claims they were offering open scholarships, or running orphanages, of having a field office that supported destitute Iranians. It was apparently all done in secret. But the other UK charities operating in Iran had never heard of their charitable work. Human smuggling, illegally, possibly using false documents, for vulnerable orphans, would be an utterly discreditable thing for a UK charity to do.

        And, and, and…….all the money went from the UK, to one person, who was spoken to in Germany (?) but lived in Dubai IIRC but this man couldn’t account for where it went after going to him.

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      • She hasn’t “taken a penny” she’s taken lots of pounds allegedly.

        If her “charity” wasn’t a declared charity, then there would be truth in her “or any charity for that matter”.

        Belinda is playing with words here.

        She’s a clever woman, no doubt about that.

        You are right. That little write up, is her idea of some sick joke.

        Must say though, at the Chris Tuck/Chris Wittwer rally back in June 2015 Belinda turned up in a holey pair of plimsoles that should have been in the bin.

        Now i don’t know how much plimsoles cost nowadays, but surely it can’t be that much.

        After all Belinda must at least get Pension Credit or whatever the minimum the OAP’s get nowadays.

        Though i’m damn sure such an astute woman, gets quite a whack from all her investments and her letting businesses.

        I’m not fooled in the slightest.

        You don’t live in Highgate, the 2nd house down from the tube station, in a large house with extensions here there and everywhere and have no money.

        As for the 20 year old bank account.

        What about all the other ones?

        No way has she only got one account.

        She plays with words….

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        • she wanted to blend in…… she looks pretty chipper atm, eh, smart πŸ™‚ So how do i get an email to admin ? i have a journalist wants to do interview,s over skype, but needs a bit of time to research. it was me just joined i should have used a different one,


  2. Does anyone know when Sabine’s day in court is?

    Does she actually have a court date? Or is she on a continuous bail?

    I know Neelu’s day out is 2nd December.

    Unfortunately, i won’t be able to make that.

    I won’ hold my breath expecting Belinda to attend.

    I’d love to attend court to see Sabine in the dock.

    So if anyone hears anything in the future, please give a shout out.


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    • Believe me, we’ll be letting everyone and his dog know as soon as we know Sabine’s court date!

      I wouldn’t expect Belinda to attend–after all, she was happy to let Neelu take the heat on her own. No point getting her own hands dirty with Sabine’s charges.

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      • i keep repeating all over the place that keep saying i’m bullying them and they are adults, so how can they be letting their representatives behave like that to children ? but, complain and cry, what about the crying children, in hampstead,


  3. I’ve been pretty busy, spreading the word to groups around the world, and they are responding, taking this up, without question, they get it ! what a contrast to trying to dialogue with the morons who have held sway on the issues, here UK. Please let me know if there are signs, good or bad, of an effect. I’ve also been reporting videos on youtube, again, dissappointed that there are still so many.

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    • Her latest is that children are property.

      “REMEMBER: children are property of their parents, NOT the State”

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        • I should point out it is Sabine who has posted that.

          I agree with you….and perhaps revolting actually isn’t strong enough.

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        • And I actually think this is her true belief, that children are the property of their parents. Property.

          That would account for her supporting a mother who lived with her child in a stinky shit smeared caravan who was unable even to socialise her child to the extent that her child still couldn’t speak a word at age three or so, as if there is nothing in the world wrong with this awful state of affairs.

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      • I think this is a common law approach tactic ie calling the children property. It is supposed to work in court, queens bench and all of that. Whether it does in practice, I don’t know, but I suspect that is what she is repeating here.

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  4. β€œI don’t believe that the aggrieved people in this case have been particularly helpful. They could have done more to clear themselves, there are measures they could have taken to clear their names. They know what those are, and they haven’t done them. I can say no more”

    Yes it would be so easy. Just imagine the situation at the local Police Station:

    “Good evening officer, I’d like you to examine the genitalia of myself and my wife. We would then like you to publicly announce that we have no Satanic tattoos, preferably by a statement released on the internet, along with an invitation to any of Araya Soma’s ‘independant doctor’ friends to come and have a good look for themselves too if they don’t believe you.”

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      • they have jumped to the top of the chain. to reap whatever they can from people they see as victims, clueless of how to deal with those of us that know what being a survivor means, towards thriving, empowerment for all, not just the elite amongst us, which they have no right to. We earn our survivor stripes.

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    • To be honest, they could have gone to the police station, or have dropped off a medical report. How would we know? And we shouldn’t know in matters like this.

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    • I’ve come to the conclusion that the only way the residents could clear themselves is to stand bollock naked in the village square while everyone who wants to have a look files past. You’d have Neelu at the front with a magnifying glass right through to Saskia at the back saying ‘I’m not really part of this’ but having a look anyway. Neelu would find a mole and swear it was the shape of a pyramid and that would be the end of it. Case closed. GUILTY!

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  5. I don’t know if you have seen the Companies House beta site. Free document download.

    Abraham Christie had a company called Cash Money 4 Silver Ltd.

    I found that by doing a search for officers.

    Fill your boots up everyone because it’s free ATM.

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    • Yes, I’ve heard he made a real hash of precious metal trading by buying when the price was high. I have been told that silver prices are extremely volatile and that silver is “a mad man’s investment” (literally in this case).

      Silver attracts people because you can get a big chunk of it for about a twentieth of the price of the same weight as gold. Unfortunately it’s value fluctuates much more than gold, so you have to be a very skilled trader (rather than a neurotic pot head) to sell it at a profit.

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  6. ah, and hemp was reported as the fastest growing industry, US, too, though it does seem to be solving alot of problems, and i am for decriminalisation, and ability to grow, for personal use. just business opps is around this all round, i followed other links thru mel v, and it went to a huge new age thing, thousands to join, so i think given survivors are at every level, there may bave been a kindo of foodchain levels and rings, maybe


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