Unmasking “Jason Streatham”

Yesterday we revealed the identity of Araya Soma (aka Araya Manna, aka Ninon Dulac): turns out her real name is Laurence Lavie, and she’s currently wanted by Somerset police for failing to attend her trial on drugs charges. Today, we thought we’d take a look at one of the lesser-known Hoaxtead trolls, who’s been uttering foul-mouthed death threats since the inception of the Hampstead SRA hoax.

“Jason Streatham” appears to be a lone operator, hovering on the fringes of the Hoaxtead group, though on his Facebook profile he’s friends with a few of the major players: Abraham Christie, Ella Draper, Araya Soma, and Kane Slater. His original Facebook profile pic looked like this: …which just happened to match the photo of one Jason Thompson, who was found guilty of six charges of robbery at knife-point between 2013 and 2014. Jason Streatham’s Google+ and YouTube accounts still sport that mug shot:

From the outset, we suspected him of fake-namery, and duly reported his profile to Facebook…but we met with no joy, and were forced to reluctantly assume that Jason Streatham was this character’s real name.

But these days, his Facebook account looks a little different:

Could it be that after two years of requests, Facebook has finally decided to pull its finger out and do something about “Jason Streatham”? Cue the angelic choir!


Will the real Jason Streatham please stand up?

The key to identifying Jason Streatham lies in his abusive, threatening posts. While he’s known for his colourful language and vile threats, he’s not particularly original, and he is not clever enough to attempt to disguise certain key phrases in his posts.

For example, he is utterly obsessed with someone named John O’Neill, whom he describes as a “bespectacled gay-looking twat” and former British Army personnel. He’s convinced that Snake Logan, aka El Coyote, is in fact this person (he’s wrong, just for the record):(Dear Mr O’Neill, whoever you may be, you have our profound sympathies. It cannot be easy being the object of this lunatic’s homophobic/homoerotic obsession.)

The other day, while swabbing out his screenshot collection, El Coyote came across this interesting bit of memorabilia: And then this:What ho, the deuce you say!

Could it be that our old friend CGI Plains from Ashby-de-la-Zouch, aka Neal the Badger-Loving Nazi, has been hiding in plain sight as Jason Streatham?

Neal and his mum…a face only a mother could love

Some of you might recall Neal’s early videos, in which he attempted to rescue an injured badger, only to have the police remove it from his care. If Neal weren’t also a violently anti-Semitic, homophobic drug-addled conspiraloon, the story of his attempt to help the poor doomed badger might have seemed heartwarming. However, we find it difficult to warm to someone who’d post stuff like this:

Of course, it’s possible we’re mistaken, and there are two foul-mouthed fascist homophobic loonies who spend their days obsessing over Liz Rowlands and John O’Neill…but what are the odds?

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  1. This is the funniest thing that I have read on this site.
    I have talked to Jason Streatham on YouTube. Every time it just involves him swearing so vehemently at me that it is as if he forgets to direct it at me and is just doing it compulsively for the world at large.

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  2. That reminds me – has anyone checked the secret mics I have set up inside Angie’s apartment lately? I’m getting a bit of interference.

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  3. I have long suspected he was CGI Plains, as CGI Plains disappeared from comments when Jason appeared with his almost identical foul mouthed rants. It was the constant mention by “Jason” of a John O’Neill and a Liz Rowlands which made me see the connection too.

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    • Yes, I hadn’t been keeping track of CGI Plains, but some of their stock phrases were certainly identical. In addition to poor Mr O’Neill and Ms Rowlands, CGI/Neal/Jason is fixated on having sex with other people’s mothers.


  4. Crikey El Coyote is bloody Hercule Poirot & Jane Marple rolled into one and hopefully better looking.
    Now that is real investigation & shows it can be done via the net. And you don’t ever have a “donote now please so I can get more ciggies & another brew at Mulligans” button (although you could legitimately ask for donations for web hosting.)

    Mothers God bless ’em, the majority show a remarkable love no matter what their kids get up to (which just shows how bizarre Ella is).

    Mr Jason Streathem AKA CGI Plains is very, very wrong on one point (OK on 100s of points) the Malicious Communications Act does not require an ‘instrument” ( Constable Flatfoot to DCI Plod : “he ain’t got a pencil Gov so CGI Plains couldn’t have written that nasty note threatening to de-capitate the milkman coz he said ‘top of the morning’ to his poor old mum’ “), the internet IS an instrument in respects of the Act. Quite apart from it sounds like an admission and I’m sure M’ learned Judge would agree.

    Didn’t learn much inside did he when he was gorging on spag bol and avoiding the advances of the 200lb resident White Supremacist in the next door cell.

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  5. Well, that’s a turn-up for the book. According to Farcebook, Bogus McBogus is his real name!
    Useless twats.

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  6. Obviously their standards are pretty low (they never actually said exactly what their standards are tho)

    This is why in the end the various governments are going to end up having to regulate against the groups like utube and facebook- simply blocking them at an isp level (which is already done in Oz against various websites)

    Then I expect we will finally see action by them, simply to stop losing money, but it will be too little too late
    (plus I dare say as usual, the government will do it wrong or be too overheavyhanded)
    I am personally against too much governmental interference on the web (IMHO it is the top of a very slippery slope) but these companies by their lackadaisical attention to valid complaints, will end up forcing it on us, in the end to everyones cost


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  7. I would never have guessed it was the same person.

    He looks totally different in the Mug shot compared to the one with his Mummy.

    Jeez she must be proud of him…

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    • I’m not too sure about mum and I hope she’s OK but she looks like she may have passed this mortal coil and CGI Plains may have her propped up in the corner ala Psycho. Of course it may just be the stress of having such a son
      wearing upon her.

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      • “The Boy Business” – an old documentary containing much misinformation.
        It features a man who claims to be an informant-whistleblower, on the subject of child snuff video. That man is actually one of several who were busted with copies of “The Bjorn Tapes”, an infamous CSA images video which Swedish & Dutch police were investigating at that time. His “testimony” in this video was part of an effort to win leniency for his own crimes, by falsely claiming to have knowledge of CSA videos where the victim was also murdered on film. He is, however, a liar.

        There are stills & clips taken from “The Bjorn Tapes”, in this documentary. At the time, even police investigators believed it could be possible that Bjorn had been murdered. But he was not murdered, he was very much alive, as confirmed in this Nick Davies article:

        That article is also very outdated. Bjorn’s abusers were both convicted and imprisoned, eventually.

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          • ^ Seconded and reassuring that Bjorn’s abusers were put away.

            The other one on that list, “Inside Story – The Secret Life of a Paedophile” is mainly about Peter Righton. Charles Napier, who features in it, was recently convicted and put away for a long time.

            Questions remain about why he was allowed to return to working with children after his earlier conviction.

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          • Spiny. That’s Jack Mc, he was accusing Omni of being in RDs cult and killing Tory Smith a while back, he made a few videos which were pretty far beyond deranged but he deleted them.

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          • Thanks! I like this Omni fellow, and he does nail DS good. Nice that he understands the importance of Dipstick Shyster’s past associations, explains that very clearly and puts that front & center.

            Yes, DS will claim that any critic of his – male or female, from teens to seniors, is Lucien Greaves. The reason is quite obvious:
            1) he is incapable of refuting or even comprehending his critic’s arguments
            2) Lucien Greaves is a very public, self-professed ATHEISTIC satanist (but still, a “satanist”)
            3) the mere fact of #2 will cause some dipsticks to assume Lucien is evil and cannot speak truths
            4) calling you (or me or your granny) Lucien is his only means of attempting to discredit his critics

            But, you already knew this 🙂 Just wanted to spell it out.

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          • LOL, love it. I’m a new fan of Magick Kool-Aid. So viciously on-point but why not cut to the chase. Actually he says he’s a Virgo and there is an example of the classic side of the bitchy Virgo who can decimate with words (not me of course, I’m the virginal Virgo type. Not)

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  8. She’s done EU law, American politics and cosomology and now Professor Mahmoudieh is an expert on psychology, apparently, as she demonstrates in this 38-minute “short introduction”. Oh well, at least she isn’t high on dope and giggling like a piss-head on a hen night throughout this one.

    By the way, there are three more parts to this one. The four videos total nearly four hours – she must have a very high opinion of herself to think people will sit through all that.

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  9. Oh Gawd, Peacher’s off on one again…

    PS: thanks to Steved. That Windows 10 screenshot shortcut (try saying that after 5 pints) is proving very handy and will come into its own the next time I cover a whole Kristie Sue v Angela thread, which can be literally dozens of screenshots.

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    • John Patterson the man who the term passive aggressive couldn’t have been coined for,


    • Frightening thought: he appears to be with a woman. I wondered where this profile had got to, JB! I noticed the original “art work” on Neal’s CGI Plains Google+ page.


    • Thanks. Yes, that one’s been covered before. A number of Troll Brigade’s death threats feature on the Trolls page.

      Somewhere there’s a video of a stand-off between Neil and the police in his caravan. They were trying to nick him for cruelty to badgers, as I recall.


      • The problem is that while he meant well and was trying to be kind to the badger (feeding it cream), it was suffering from bullet wounds and broken bones, and must have been in terrible pain. Listening to that first video was painful—he sounds like he has the maturity and intellect of a slow eight-year-old.

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  10. Oh Christ, it’s time for Angie’s weekly ‘Casualty’ review:

    For someone who believes the BBC to be evil and satanic, she sure spends a lot of time watching it!


  11. Once Debs has got through slagging off Noam Chomski (for not being intellectual enough – yep), she has a lovely little tantrum that begins building from 42:32 onwards. It starts, hilariously, with her ranting about keeping it real…


    • It’s interesting that she criticizes Chomsky for being too wordy after putting up about four hours of video where she talks about life,the universe and everything. No contradiction there then.

      If she was really clever she could have just put it all in a five minute reggae song and we could have had a dance.


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