ACTION: Time to take down Lift the Veil

Nathan Stolpman, the American loser who broadcasts live from his father’s garage, much to the embarrassment of his Siamese cat, has been in pig heaven this week. First he had a go at the Manchester bombing, putting up several videos in which he claimed (like every other troofer on the planet) that the whole thing had been made up by the Powers that Be, and you could tell this because the young people interviewed on camera in the bombing’s aftermath were just “too cute” to be actual victims. Because everyone knows that to be the victim of a terrorist attack, one must have a face like the back of a bus, right?

And yesterday evening he live-streamed yet another tedious video about the Hampstead SRA hoax, on the riveting topics of the tattoos and the medical reports. Nate, darling, you’re only two years behind the rest of your little troofer friends. Do try to keep up, there’s a love.

Apparently Nate was expecting some negativity on his Hoaxtead video, as he’d appointed more than the usual number of flying monkeys to patrol the chat line and keep anyone from asking any uncomfortable questions. It’s funny, isn’t it, that those who claim they’re “awake” and know the “troof” cannot seem to tolerate anyone asking pertinent questions, no matter how politely they’re phrased, if they might cast doubt on their own dogma. As we’ve said here many times in the past, it’s almost as though they belong to their own little cult, in which one must not ask any difficult questions of the Dear Leader.

We’re not linking directly to Nate’s Hampstead video, as the thumbnail contains identifying information about RD’s children, but if you have the better part of an hour to spare and don’t mind listening to a self-obsessed numbnuts rattle on, here’s the broken link: /9CwT0lCvL7M

Tl:dr—Nathan publishes the personal medical records of children, including intimate details of abuse.

As several of our commenters said yesterday, it’s well past time these videos, and the despicable Manchester “false flag” ones, were removed. Many thanks to all of you who put in complaints to YouTube yesterday; they seem to be a bit more responsive now than they have in the past, so fingers crossed that they’ll pull their finger out this time.

Hit him where it hurts

A couple of HR commenters have also made the excellent suggestion that we look into having Nate’s Patreon page removed. Barchon Mad and Karnevilnine put together a very useful list of links and suggestions to help you get started, should you be so inclined:

And Barchon put together a very useful sample complaint, which we’ve tweaked only slightly:


Channel to Report:

Lift the Veil is posting illegally leaked medical reports of child abuse victims which contain graphic details of sexual abuse and appeal to pedophiles.

This also contains sexual drawings of the innocent people accused and cleared by a judge.
Archived link of the court documents:

The names and details of the children are protected by a UK Court order. Lift the Veil has posted the illegally leaked police interviews against this order, which contains the children talking to a police officer in graphic detail about sexual abuse. These videos have been declared de-facto child pornography by a UK Judge as they contain two children talking in graphic detail about plastic willies, sodomy, killing babies, and group sex.

Lift the Veil is also mocking the victims of the Manchester Terrorist attack by saying it’s a false flag and a hoax and posting images of the dead children, claiming they were “crisis actors”.

Link 1 –

Link 2 –

Link 3 –

If you report Lift the Veil’s Patreon page, let us know!

45 thoughts on “ACTION: Time to take down Lift the Veil

  1. I’m in complaining mode at the moment. Thank you for the information.
    Let’s all see what we can do to get this freak shut down.

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  2. As soon as I am on my laptop you can rest assured that I shall be reporting his videos and writing to Patreon also.
    I have already reported his Manchester videos and the Hampstead videos that were up on Tuesday but will report those again as I am shocked that they are still up on YouTube

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  3. I posted the link to the hoax timeline on a Hampstead video from LTV so hopefully people will at least read it rather than taking that dipsticks word for everything.

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  4. Thanks for this post EC. It is about time a concerted effort is made to try and stop this vile man. Thankyou also to Karnevilnine and Barchon Mad for the very useful links and information which are a great help indeed.

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  5. Appreciate the gathering/sharing of relevant data EC/BM. Made reporting this foul stench less onerous.

    The truthers Perpetual Closed Echo Feedback Chamber (PCEFC) just needs to be attached to a Hopeless QEG and hey presto..and the entirely pointless Sub-Human-Idiot-Transmitter will be unleashed on a completely disinterested public.

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  6. Good point Ec. I posted the hoax timeline in the comments on Tuesday morning. I’ll have a check to see if it is still there or not.

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  7. Once again, you nailed it! Good job and thanks for bringing this to light. Nathan is a scam artist and I can’t WAIT til he gets put in his place.

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  8. If she calls you Ricky Dearman, call her Robyn Hamme and ask her if she still has her “Honk if you like it up the ass” bumper sticker. That’s the mature approach I take anyway.

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  9. Awww, has someone hurt Alanson’s feelings? Diddums. Still, at least he’s handling it in a mature, level-headed manner and not resorting to tantrums and lies. Oh wait…

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  10. ‘Have faith, that us children of the TRUE light can shine so brilliantly bright that we blnd the children of the darkness…’

    Not that they’re a cult or anything.

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  11. The intolerance of dissent,over use of words “true”,”us” and “light”etc,personality based leadership(hmm bit of work to do there),persecution complex,lack of humility.Yep all the hallmarks of a cu*t fest in formation.

    Spot Belinda competition.

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  12. Nice video, it’s good to see people calling Nathan out on his rubbish. I get the impression though that Nathan thrives off attention whether it be good or bad. He’s like a child jumping up and down screaming LOOK AT ME, LOOK AT ME EVERYBODY.

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  13. I note she is promoting a video claiming that one of the nurses who met the Queen looks like a transvestite. Pots and kettles Angela.


  14. What I’d really like is for hospital staff NEVER to practice for emergency situations so when a disaster happens they have no idea what they’re doing. (That’s sarcasm)

    Angie – if you’re reading this I should tell you that I know a REAL crisis actor. Every year she gets a day off work to volunteer to play ‘victim’ so the hospital and other emergency services can practice so they know what to do when the real thing happens. It’s called thinking ahead and being sensible, although from what I’ve seen you’re not good at either.

    Please come to Manchester and let us know when you’re coming. I’m not aggressive so you don’t have to worry about having your block knocked off. But right now I’d like to meet you face to face, and tell you what I think about you. I want to know if you’ve any idea how much you are HURTING BEREAVED PARENTS by spreading this stupid conspiracy stuff. I want to know if you care?

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  15. The main thrust of the video is that a nurse admitted they’d practiced for an emergency situation involving lots of casualties.

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  16. I don’t think she gives a sh!t about anyone except herself. She has published enough crap about her own family on the internet, I doubt she feels anything for anyone elses.

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  17. This is trending on Twitter in relation to Katie Hopkins, but it also goes for all the troofers and hoaxers on YouTube:

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  18. Well I never did! Here we go again. All the familiar fecking idiots spouting their shite for conspirasheep to lap up.

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  19. I dont know about all the mumbo jumbo about being wronged by uncle Tom Cobly and his dog but he sure stands a half decent chance of getting a full refund on whatever anti ageing cream he has been using in the past 5 years.

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