Nathan’s bizarre fixation

So Nathan from Lift the Veil seems to have developed a full-on RD fixation: his latest videos feature him rattling on about RD (and yes, we are all him, so break out your #JeSuisRicky t-shirts and wear them with pride), who seems to have infiltrated every aspect of his life.

In this video, for instance, he frets that “unfortunately stuff got real…and had been real before that, just wasn’t aware of that”….”I think it’s all in relationship to RD, cos you can connect the Twitter accounts? All RD”.

No, Nathan, that doesn’t sound unhinged at all. Do tell us more! (And by “tell us more” we mean “please go away and stop embarrassing yourself”.)

What? No?

Oh, fine…here’s another All RD All the Time video. At least, once you fast-forward past the deeply offensive and cruel “Manchester false flag” gibberish:

While Nathan usually allows a (rigidly moderated) YouTube chat alongside his videos, he disabled chat for this one, because he hoped to have people call in from the UK. Sadly, none of the many RDs here at Hoaxtead Research could be arsed, so he got stuck with a bunch of troofers, but hey. He tried.

In this video, we learn that Nathan’s girlfriend (His what then?—Ed.) ditched him. He’d apparently met her via their shared interest in Pizzagate, but eventually she decided that he was too bonkers for her taste, so she gave him the old heave-ho. And then she had the police go round to his house to do a wellness check on him, because she was concerned for his mental health.

Just ponder this for a moment: someone who believes in the insanity that is Pizzagate thinks that Nathan is a few sandwiches short of a picnic. How disturbed does he have to be for this to happen?

In any case, Nathan has now concluded, quite rationally (snicker), that because his conspiranoid girlfriend thinks he’s nuts, this is proof that she was a psy op from the get-go…and the whole thing was arranged by RD.

Yes. He actually says this.

RD cares so much about Nathan that he sent him a girlfriend to…do what, exactly? Create havoc in his life? Steal his Superman underpants? Poison his cat’s mind against him? Who knows?

If we may play amateur psychoanalyst for a moment, the problem seems to originate with Nathan’s unacknowledged longing for RD to pay attention to him—in a manly, pistols-at-dawn sort of way, of course. The fact that Nathan keeps attempting to find ways to talk about RD’s penis is completely beside the point, and we shouldn’t attach any importance to it at all. No, really. It’s perfectly normal for someone who claims to be straight to obsess about another man’s penis. After all, Freud himself stated that all humans are innately bisexual. Nothing at all to be ashamed of, Nate. Seriously.

Nathan also claims to have spoke with Ella recently, and asked her what she needs. Her response, of course, was not “to be reunited with my children because I miss them so much”. Nor was it “to be rid of this greasy midget who keeps droning on about the rite of sodomy”. Her response was, “I need money”.

And thus it came to pass that Nathan, knight in shining armour that he is, vowed to raise some money for Ella—presumably via yet another crowd-funder. Stay tuned—we might be going on yet another crowd-funding protest some time soon.

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  1. Araya’s ‘Christianity’ is very Old Testament fire and brimstone isn’t it. She seems to forget the things that should be important to Christians….like what Jesus said.

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  2. I looked at Nathans Twitter feed recently and he is definitely obsessed with RD going by the amount of tweets he had made about him. His behaviour is just not normal in my eyes.

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  3. The poor girl featured in this video was on Twitter complaining about it. I hope she reported it to her local police as well as to YouTube as this video should not still be available online for fruitloops to watch and believe.

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  4. Yet another so called truther with her grasping hands out begging for money. I wonder if the DWP are aware of this extra income?

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  5. You just can’t beat having an intellectual discussion with friends can you? It helps to keep the grey matter ticking over.


  6. She’s just another scammer fleecing people. Try and find me a YT conspiraturd who DOESN’T have a damn Patreon page these days. Disgusting people, the lot of them.

    I remember her talking on video when she was thinking about opening it to raise money for a Private Investigator course. LOL!

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  7. Perhaps she’s hoping her PI course will help her spot a paedophile on sight as this guy didn’t look anything like one according to her because..

    “Sometimes, they really do look like one and you can see it, you really can see it, you can just see it.”
    Yeah, sure, ET.

    A bit like your hunch that “something just isn’t quite right about RD.” I suppose? Stupid bint.
    I hope she never does Jury Duty.

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  8. The people who are all clicking and commenting on the ridiculous hoax videos for the Manchester Bombing should take time to listen to this girl’s moving account of her evening at the Concert and the sad events which followed. Her message at the end brought a tear to my eye too.

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  9. LOL!! What is it with these troofers and the contents of their noses? Another American troofer I recall used to spend a great deal of time mining for booger nuggets.


  10. The funniest thing about that is she is citing pseudonyms that have never been used to write one single article on here. Prove me wrong, Angela – hook us up with just one post that’s been written under any of the three “fake names” you refer to above. K go…

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  11. Vunky: “This is rainbow warrior, goddess Lisa…”

    And you may also recall this one, in which both Vunky and Abe bemoan the fact that it’s no longer legal to beat the shit out of children:


  12. Not sure whether I’ve mentioned this before but does anyone else find themselves cringing at the way Ella growls whenever she’s thinking about what to say? She does it in every interview she does.

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  13. From Angela’s Twatter, more dumb junk.

    Child abusing creep SuperEarther has posted the video of a training drill which is all over the internet already.

    Sensible comment on the video “This was an exercise training drill performed on May 16th 2016 at the Trafford Centre. Manchester”


  14. Looks like there is a fake “WAPTEK” channel trolling JAIL THE HEMPSEED 2 Advocates opened Jan. 2016!! LOL They are MKD’s vids… That Nathan and David should be put back in the nuthouse. “Andrew Peacher” is on Sandy Hook Hoax Sooper Secrit FB group doxed by another SH hoaxer! LMAO 😀 These Scummy Pervs can go to hell! Was that emo-lookin chick in DC sham Nate’s GF? Bwahahaha All vids are unseeable except pervy Nate and “murderous”, corpse copulating Sharter….I’m sure the “Judge believed” that! There is NO reason for hoaxer vids not to be restrained by a court order to youtube, ect. Why are the People/Victims not filing for Nationwide Class Injunctions? Infohores has WH press creds? HAHAHAHA!


  15. The unfortunate situation for RD is that guys like Nathan and females like Angele Power Disney see him as the ideal male who they envy, reminding them of how inadequate they all are. RD becomes the object they wish to posess or destroy: bunny boilers, number one fans, and stalkers…

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  16. And you were able to get an erection in those circumstances? Or how did you have sex without one?


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