How Real Life Works: A primer for troofers

In the aftermath of the horrific Manchester bombing, we’ve watched with a combination of anger and bemusement as various troofers have attempted to “prove” that the bombing either didn’t really happen, that it was staged by the dark and mysterious Powers that Be, or that it was a “false flag” operation intended to divert attention from something else. What that “something else” might be is never specified. It’s just, you know, something “they” don’t want you to see. (Cue ominous music)

As a public service, we thought we’d take a few moments to go over some basic aspects of what we like to call “real life”. This concept may be unfamiliar to many troofers, who seem to have distanced themselves from the real world in favour of various rabbit holes which tend to lead precisely nowhere.

So for all you troofers out there, listen up. It’s time you learned how real life works.

‘But the MSM had all intell lined up for print less than 24 hours later…’

This question comes from Little Al in Newcastle, who seems puzzled about how print and electronic media really work. His pals Snedders and Sarah might want to check this out too.

All right, kiddies, pay attention.

Newspapers, TV, and radio news outlets (collectively known as “the media”) employ reporters, whom they pay to go out and report things. When something big like the Manchester bombing occurs, the media will send out as many reporters, film crews, and camera operators as they have, as they know these kinds of tragedies can be very complex, and cannot be covered by one person.

Here’s something troofers might find surprising: “news gathering” doesn’t mean “sitting back and waiting until rumours drift in, and then seeing if they match your preconceived ideas about how things went”. News gathering means going to the site of the disaster (or as close as it’s possible to get, because every reporter knows that they shouldn’t get in the way of rescue workers). Once there, reporters will ask questions, take photos or video footage, and interview as many relevant sources as possible.

In a disaster such as the Manchester bombing, things will be very chaotic, especially at first. Police and paramedics will be rushing about trying to cope with the emergency; some will be tending to the victims; some will be trying to secure the area so that the police can examine it later for clues as to what happened; family and friends of victims will be trying to find their loved ones. It may be hard for reporters to find out what’s happening from one minute to the next, and sometimes they will report things that later turn out to have been incorrect.

This is perfectly normal and to be expected.

Reporters are not super-human entities who can see the “big picture” all at once, and report on the whole thing. They can only report on the material that’s available at any given moment, knowing that the story will, as they say, “continue to develop”.

OF COURSE mistakes are made in the minutes and hours after an event like the Manchester bombing. This reflects the fact that on the ground, things are moving very very fast, and conflicting bits of information are coming in at a very rapid pace. Because of the nature of breaking news, factual mistakes will be made. Everyone will make them.

This is how real life works. It’s not all neat and pretty and tied up with a bow.

As for Sarah’s question about how it’s possible for a news outlet to have special programmes and documentaries ready for broadcast so quickly, please re-read what we said above about how reporters, film crews, and camera operators are all deployed as quickly as possible. These people will bring back their reports of what happened, along with masses of photos and videos. Within 24 hours of an event like the Manchester bombing, news editors will have a clearer overall picture of what happened. They will take all that material, sort out the bits they consider the best or most informative, and string it all together into a programme (or, if it’s a newspaper, they might do something called a full-page spread).

This is how news gathering works. It’s messy and imprecise. Much like life, actually.

Real life crisis actors!

This one’s going out to Angie from Oldcastle, who seems confused that in the Manchester hospital which the Queen visited, one of the nurses admitted quite freely that she and her colleagues had been involved in a crisis simulation “about a month ago”. Angie, bless her, seems to think this is proof that the Manchester bombing was only some sort of exercise. As usual, she’s a little bit confused.

Angie and all her little troofer friends probably just don’t realise that in real life, emergency workers actually engage in exercises in which they rehearse emergency procedures ahead of time, so that they will be prepared when a real crisis does occur. And here’s the real shocker: these exercises actually make use of real life crisis actors!

In fact, one of our commenters knows one. Mrs Overall writes:

What I’d really like is for hospital staff NEVER to practice for emergency situations so when a disaster happens they have no idea what they’re doing. (That’s sarcasm)

Angie – if you’re reading this I should tell you that I know a REAL crisis actor. Every year she gets a day off work to volunteer to play ‘victim’ so the hospital and other emergency services can practice so they know what to do when the real thing happens. It’s called thinking ahead and being sensible, although from what I’ve seen you’re not good at either.

So…when a nurse tells the Queen that they’ve been practising for an emergency scenario involving lots of wounded people, this doesn’t prove that the bombing wasn’t real. It does prove that nurses are smarter than troofers. But we knew that already.

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  1. For those who missed it, this is Tim Nice-But-Dim’s take on the situation. Suffice to say, he proves EC right in every respect:

    Monday, 22 May 2017
    [Posted within 90 minutes of the attack, which had taken place at 10:30pm]

    [Continues ad nauseum…]

    By the way, both Veater and Angie appear to be getting a lot of their "information" from a rather nasty person who calls herself Gayle Fawkes and whom I think we've discussed here before. The troofers repeatedly tell us that we're "brainwashed sheeple" for believing mainstream media, whilst simultaneously believing everything they're told by random anonymous internet conspiracy theorists. How does that work exactly?

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  2. How come Neelu hasn’t jumped on this latest false flag bandwagon? Too busy drooling over Kevin Annett, I guess.

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  3. The false-flaggers have been jumping on the Times Square tragedy too. The day after it had happened in Slain Crater’s case.

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  4. New’s rooms mobilise like lightening when such a huge drama happens. No matter what time of the day or night. It’s all hands on deck.
    I’ve been there on such an occasion.
    No matter how awful the event the atmosphere can be quite electric. It’s what most reporters live for.
    But mistakes are easily made especially in this day of the internet & Facebook where a photograph of a victim or perp can be downloaded only to find it’s the wrong person with the same name.

    As if to show what lazy morons this mob are who most likely are incapable of holding down a job, they must have never taken part in regular fire or emergency drills that are a legal requirement in any big organisation.

    My nephew was a fireman who attended so many horrific events he had to resign suffering PTSD after pulling the body of a teenager out of wreck just one too many times. These vile people even imply police and emergency workers like nurses etc are somehow incapable of human feelings.

    I think they should be rounded up and made clean up after an horrific event or do some of the duty work in a hospital. Lazy lying scum.

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  5. One of Slater’s creepy followers, who’d responded on the above thread with a threat to murder someone:

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  6. Mocking the underage victims of the Manchester bomb and having a go at young witnesses is another form of child abuse as far as I’m concerned.

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  7. Don’t you just hate the way Gayle states “false flag” as if she has some inside information and knows more than everyone else. Sorry Gayle but you are just another deluded fruitloop that thinks they are ‘awake’ but are actually brain dead.

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  8. Another thing about these troofers is that just because they haven’t seen a photo of the bomb going off they believe that casts doubt on the story. There may well be photos of the terrorist and the bomb exploding but they haven’t been released to the public and why should they be? Why would people leaving at the end of the concert be concerned about taking photos as they leave the building?
    Even if there were photos of the guy & bomb exploding the troofers would just call the photos fake or say they’ve been photoshopped.

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  9. Thanks, guys. Christ knows what I’m on to, though, as she’s definitely not Hitesh Patel, Lecrae or Rough Draft, all of whom are mentioned on that page, as they’re all men (I’ve checked).

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  10. That’s it, Arfur. They always know 100%, don’t they, without any margin for doubt or error. And they’ll happily name people and attack people based on that. Shameful in the extreme.

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  11. “Because they haven’t seen a photo of the bomb going off they believe that casts doubt on the story.”

    And the irony of that is that if it really were a staged/faked event, the authorities would have made absolutely certain that it was caught on camera. Unless I’ve misunderstood how scams work (which I doubt, as I’ve been watching Angela, Mel Ve, Hope Girl and other scammers for some time, lol).

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  12. Nice find, Trace.

    Careful, though – the Hitesh Patel mentioned on the page I linked appears to be male (there are two on YouTube and several on LinkedIn, all male). Also, Echo is in Ipswich not Birmingham as far as I’m aware.

    Mind you, that does sound like her in that comment, lol.

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  13. Yes Spiny they always know more than the large media outlets who actually have people on the scene and talking to eye witnesses etc. The truthers have probably never set foot in the place the are making videos about and they probably will never set foot there or talk to the people who were there and yet somehow they think they know more about it than everybody else.

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  14. Don’t give up your day job. If you have one. Probably think pounding the keyboard while living on benefits is a job.
    Bit like that crazy dame in Oldcastle who thinks she’s a journalist because she surfs the web.

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  15. He should keep it up as he moans about followers deserting him. Soon he’ll be all alone with his lunatic thoughts.

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  16. I saw a comment she made once under one of her videos when someone asked her what the intro music was on her videos, she replied it was from song she once wrote. Is that her singing on Track 5 on that link?

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  17. Kane Slater’s loyal readers respond to his Manchester / Times Square etc false flag theories on his Cannabis Cures Cancer page.

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  18. 2:33 – “Narcissism is a terrible affliction that British society in particular is suffering from. We live in a highly narcissist and covert narcissist society.”

    …Says the woman who gave her own video 26 thumbs up within minutes of posting it 😀

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  19. LMAO! XD

    Also, does she think that she’s referencing a Bob Marley song (see thumbnail and video title)?

    She does get the difference between Marley and Seal, right? Or do all black people look the same to her? LOL


  20. Yes, for anyone who’s been in or around a newsroom when a big story breaks, it’s an unforgettable experience.

    Oh, and one thing I forgot to explain to the troofers is this: real, actual journalists can write fast. It’s what they’re trained to do, and if they couldn’t do it they wouldn’t have a job for long.

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  21. The thought of Arfur on even more psychotropic drugs is a bit alarming. Then again, do they have the internet in the parts of Peru where you can do ayahuasca?

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  22. Very odd as that mp3 post was only created today using the same image from her Patreon account. Makes no sense.


  23. Yes, but on Track 5 (by Echo) a female voice is doing a kind of karaoke thing. However, that doesn’t bring us much closer to identifying ET, I’m afraid. Unless someone walking down the street in Ipswich overhears someone with a weak, wobbly voice trying to sound like they’re a backing singer on a Lecrae song. If so, do let us know!


  24. You just press the play button on the right on Track 5 and it plays. She sings on the video I’ve linked below on her Happy Thought 13 video.

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  25. The post was clearly created today. The song might have been recorded in 2007.
    Titus is coming round to Hampstead being a hoax, finally. As is Echo.


  26. Yep. Unfortunately YT is full of conpsiraturds with their Patreons and their personal arse lickers. The people who like, support and share these videos are just as pathetic.

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  27. I had that same feeling about a week ago and dealing with these conspiraloons has just made my mental health worse. After the failure to remove Lift the Veil’s content on Manchester and his 7 or so Hampers videos, personally I don’t want to use Youtube as a platform anymore.
    They are a disgrace. I hope you are just having a similar blip and will be back soon.

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  28. I agree but then what is the point of commenting on any of the conspiratards videos are replying to them on YouTube if we never manage to change their opinion?
    It’s just a waste of time otherwise. Surely that’s the whole point of trying to engage with them, to make them see some sense, even if it takes forever. Plenty of former conspiracy theorists post on here and post excellent videos on Youtube, the guy who made the gang stalking explained video is a self confessed former conspiracy theorist, it helps to understand them.

    I am not saying Echo Twoofs or Titus Frost will ever change much, probably not, but maybe by talking to them they can change their opinion and maybe stop posting images and videos showing the two children and defaming innocent people. They might start to think before calling everything a false flag, hoax and hurting grieving families even more.

    Otherwise we may as well just all go home, if we are not changing peoples opinions and educating people.
    If that is the sentiment here, I think it may be the wrong place for me to post.

    If all we are doing is preaching to the converted there is little point, same with my Youtube videos, I have managed to change very few peoples opinions. So they are in essence, pointless.

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  29. Just so people are aware, there is a fake YouTube Channel impersonating ‘WAPTEK”.
    I have reported the channel for impersonation, but as we know YouTube are not exactly great at dealing with these things. They are targeting people who post on WAPTEK’s Channel. They commented on a few of my videos as well.

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  30. @BM. You are right, I’m just sounding off. It gets tiring dealing with these conspiracy people, Its like Echo with this ITCCS ninth circle crap, this was revealed as a hoax years ago but then Echo and Titus come along and start resurrecting it again. A lot of people worked very hard and were given hell and even assaulted for exposing Annetts ITCCS,ninth circle scam, he faked graves on Mohawk land too. The last video Echo made about it she said she knows the ninth circle is a real cult.

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  31. “I agree but then what is the point of commenting on any of the conspiratards videos are replying to them on YouTube if we never manage to change their opinion?
    It’s just a waste of time otherwise”.

    Yes, that’s why I only ever comment on people’s videos in what I hope is a strategic manner. I ask pointed questions (as politely as possible), in hopes that others will see them and be moved to rethink their cult-like beliefs. You never know when the right question will hit a person and they’ll begin to question what they think they know.

    That said, I don’t know how many people I’ve actually “converted”—for some, I think their conspiranoid beliefs fill the role of a religion, while for others it’s a kind of entertainment. I think the latter group are more easily swayed. If I can help someone see that something just doesn’t make sense, I feel my job is done.

    That’s one reason I keep at the blog: our viewing numbers have risen steadily in the time we’ve been publishing, and we’ve attracted new readers, some of whom previously believed in the hoax.

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  32. “A lot of people worked very hard and were given hell and even assaulted for exposing Annetts ITCCS,ninth circle scam, he faked graves on Mohawk land too”.

    Yes, and from what I understand, the Mohawks and other First Nations were none too pleased about it, and want nothing more to do with Annett.

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  33. Arfur tripping his nuts off on ayahuasca worryingly may only serve to exacerbate his emoji adiction.

    Why spend a small fortune travelling all that way to annoy the hell out of every sentient being in the Puruvian jungle when for a fraction of the amount he could just piss off his immediate neighbours at 3am whilst getting totally bladdered,swearing a lot and smashing up his lego set instead.


  34. EC.
    Well I’ve never believed in the Hampstead Hoax, due to personal experiences, when those first Abe and Ella videos years ago hit every social media forum around, I could see abused children so not act like that, reeling off enthusiastically and in tandem repeating the same things and being filmed in public which only a pedophile would do who wants to then share the recordings with other perverts who get off on children talking about abuse.

    If people don’t like me trying to actually, maybe, change a few perspectives by talking to the slightly more reasonable and not the death threat gung ho nut types, then this is not a place for me at all.

    I like to do what I want, and try and bridge some gaps, otherwise this is an echo chamber (pardon the pun), of back patting and repeating the same spiel to each other.

    There are the likes of Angela, Kristie Sue, and so many that are a waste of time and will never change their ways. Karma is a b*tch and we have seen many sad cases of that recently, which just shows how mentally ill and far gone some of these people are.

    I have no idea why Abraham and Ella, Angela, et al, are not locked up, it beggers believe.

    Youtube are useless, and facebook is the same. I have reported so many videos for illegal use of the childrens identities and videos, reported countless patreons, gofundme etc and nothing, not one reply saying we removed that content, thank you.

    I know EC you handle yourself much better than me on Youtube, I have see your comments, mine are a mix of rage, and sometimes posting information people may be able to read and learn from.

    Carry on regardless. It is all beyond tiresome my friend. Especially when you get comments about the girl being raped by the police before the retractions then have to go wading through the filth to find and delete and Youtube doesn’t show all notifications, neither does G+. Only Video Manager then community, comments shows everything, and I cannot be bothered to constantly check that every second of the day for upsetting and sickening comments.


  35. And here, ladies and gentlemen, we have an example of a comment which apparently DOES meet with Echo Truths’ approval:

    This comment was posted two days ago – twice – on Echo’s Manchester video. The comment has not been removed and the poster has not been blocked or censured in any way. However, politely question her stance on Manchester, the McCanns, Hampstead etc. and you’re immediately removed, blocked and branded a troll. Interesting, no?

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  36. You’re so right. This can feel like a never-ending fight, and yes, sometimes it feels pointless. I don’t think it is, though: despite the Americans who’ve latched onto the scam, I think their commitment is a mile wide and an inch deep. And over the time I’ve done this, I’ve seen many Hoaxtead mobsters drop off the map, whether because they were given a police warning or because they simply decided to go on to the next bright-n-shiny thing in the conspira-sphere. (Don’t try to pronounce that. I just did and it wasn’t pretty.)


  37. Needs to bone up on history and read about the endless wars waged by most religions including Christianity over 100s of years. Hate to rub it in to these ill-educated donkeys but Hitler was a Catholic.

    Also could take time to read how they are able to communicate via writing after Islam gave them this amazing tool for communication.

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  38. Not to mention the Arabic numeric system, and the concept of zero. Let’s just say that if we still had to rely on Roman numerals, we wouldn’t be typing messages to one another on the internet.


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