Sandy Hook dad sheds light on hoaxers’ inability to cope with reality

It was barely a matter of hours. The horrendous bombing at Manchester Arena, which killed 22 people, had only been in the news for a few hours before the first unhinged troofers began decrying it as a false flag. Or a hoax. Or (in Angela Power-Disney’s case) a false flag and a hoax.

It’s behaviour we’ve come to expect from this lot. Every time there’s a mass tragedy like the Manchester Arena bombing, the hoaxers pop up out of the woodwork, shrieking and squealing about how it’s all fake, it’s part of the Grand Plot by the New World Order to achieve their nefarious ends (which can range from the imposition of gun control in the trigger-happy USA to a backlash against white supremacists in the mosque shooting in Canada in January, to an excuse to impose martial law and/or give the Tories an edge in the coming elections).

We were interested to discover that Lenny Pozner, father of six-year-old Noah, who was murdered by Adam Lanza during the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting in December 2012, had spoken with a Canadian journalist a few days after the mosque shootings.

An article in Vice explains:

When any tragedy occurs, humans tend to show the best of themselves.

In response to the Quebec Mosque shooting, vigils were held across Canada in memory of the six men who were shot while praying. Over $200,000 was raised in a GoFundMe campaign for the victims’ families and politicians of every stripe denounced the attack. However, while most of the world was in shock, some set to work discrediting the shooting as a hoax or actively using it to further a xenophobic agenda.

Simply put, a truther movement surrounding the Quebec shooting has started.

While there is still much we don’t know about the attack we’re starting to get a picture of what happened. According to police, Alexandre Bissonnette, a 27-year-old Quebec man, walked into the Centre Culturel Islamique de Québec and fired into a crowd, killing six men. We know he called police and surrendered later in the evening. Bissonnette has been described by people who knew him as a far-right online troll, but, at the moment, the motive behind the shooting is still unknown. We likely won’t know the full story until the trial but every day a clearer picture is painted of what happened.

Mr Pozner spoke with host Jim Brown on the CBC Radio show “The 180” about the mosque shooting and those who leapt to claim that it had never happened, or if it had it was part of a conspiracy to discredit Canadian white supremacists (yes, they have them in Canada too, despite that country’s reputation for “niceness”). He describes his experiences in trying to deal with the hoaxers, and offers some fascinating insights into what drives hoaxers, and why “do not feed the trolls” is bad advice.

We highly recommend that you give Mr Pozner’s interview a listen. We think you’ll find he hits quite a few nails directly on the head:

(Here’s hoping this link works! If not, you can find the interview on the CBC site, here.)

96 thoughts on “Sandy Hook dad sheds light on hoaxers’ inability to cope with reality

  1. That vile disgusting lowlife heartless skank Echo Truth’s take on the Manchester bombing:

    “Allegedly, an 8-year-old girl has died.”
    “There was this lad who was allegedly a witness…He absolutely screamed crisis actor to me.”
    “I’m not great at pulling the false flag stuff apart.”
    Then at 4:57 she mentions the bomb and pisses herself laughing. Yup.

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  2. “I’m not the best person at pulling apart these events”, nothing to pull apart, except the hearts of the grieving families of the dead victims.
    “it’s very strange, allegedly an eight year old girl has been killed, lot’s of children, umm, apparently 22 have died, and 59 officially injured, I did speak today to Manchester Police to confirm those numbers”.

    “There were two girls that seemed pretty genuine, but then there was this other, this lad, and he was allegedly a witness, in the concert, and honestly it was like, it was like, he had an earpiece in and was presenting a morning TV show. It was like he was a pro, I don’t know, he absolutely screamed crisis actor to me.”

    “one step closer to martial law”, parroting more bullshit.

    “maybe they thought with the music on the bomb won’t be heard (laughs), I don’t know”.
    Fuck covering all that, she is a traitor and pandering to the American Conspiracy audience.

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  3. Yet again Facebook & YouTube allow terrible and cruel conspiracy “truthers” to intrude upon so many people’s awful despair and distress and the poor victims haven’t even had a funeral yet.

    I’ve lived my life as a non-hater. When someone does something awful to me I always wish them well and ask whatever force is out there to move them onto to a new situation outside my orbit. I believe in Karma. And it works. I have never sought revenge on anyone but those who have wronged me badly when I am not at fault always come a cropper via someone not as forgiving.

    This new breed of hateful creeps are really testing my patience though. I have to suppress thoughts of wishing terrible things to happen to them. Just listening to that gormless laughter of “echo truths” as she spouts her utter & cruel nonsense it is very difficult not to wish something horrible to happen to her.

    But it’s the shareholders and directors of Facebook / YouTube who I find utterly and completely reprehensible in the way they seek to profit with a new technology that is legitimizing the Poison Pen Letters of the 21st century and given the dangerously & mentally ill the power to attack innocents. I hope karma catches up to them.
    ## add my usual rant about these swine also not paying tax which rubs salt into the wounds.

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  4. “I’m not the best person at pulling apart these events”

    Well the disgusting piece of filth has FINALLY gotten something right!!!

    In fact, she could have just stopped after the first five words and still been right…

    (thankfully most of the people wont ever see the crap that pours from her, but I can imagine the heartache that someone who had just lost family or friends there (esp a child) would feel if they did happen to stumble across something like that)

    What a scumbag

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  5. On Lift the Veils Channels there are a lot of people who have been affected, just imagine the hundreds that know the victims and have lived, been to school, and worked with them over the years.
    All shills, trolls, and zionist puppets to the troofers, of course.
    Conspiracy theorists need to be made accountable for their actions, and the amount of hate and grief they cause families that are suffering with the most unimaginable loss of their loved one’s.

    Really despicable behaviour by those that seek to profit off others misery.

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  6. “…(N)othing to pull apart, except the hearts of the grieving families of the dead victims”.

    Yes. This is what it amounts to. Making other people hurt even more than they already do. It’s sadistic, ugly, and unspeakable.

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  7. So awful. This is the sort of lame “deconstruction” that Lenny Pozner describes in his interview—people claiming to be experts in human behaviour, when they have no idea what the interviewee is really going through, or how hard they might be trying to keep it together in front of the cameras.

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  8. Why the hell do they perceive a real event as a hoax and a hoax event (like Hampstead) as real?
    What the f**k is wrong with these people? They make me sick.

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  9. Mr Pozner just about sums it all up doesn’t he. He points out that hoaxers feed on each other and aren’t interested in the truth – they refused to meet with him when he offered. Just goes to show…..con artists, nutcases and nitwits all of them!

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  10. Ok you lot. I’m willing to come clean and admit I’m in the Illuminati. Would someone arrange for the chemtrail planes to be over Russ Redfern’s house for the next few weeks. All of them, every day please, for at least a month. Sod his neighbours. We’re all psychopaths so what do we care. Just make sure you drop a load of heavy metals on him. With any luck his lawn will stop growing and he’ll get breasts….oh wait….he already has them!

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  11. Jake Blake
    May 25, 2017 at 2:24 am

    Just listen to this idiot! He makes me so angry…

    Why Jake?

    I find the sound of white noise quite pleasant myself

    and the darkness of the screen (only mildly disturbed by four words) is also quite calming

    I must admit the whiteness is quite jarring against the black

    `This video is unavailable.’


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  12. Mrs Overall
    May 25, 2017 at 4:35 am And another…
    I dont know what is wrong with you lot today, I really do find these videos you keep putting up quite refreshing, the silence, the quiet darkness
    All very calming

    Those words in the middle are quite bright tho `This video is unavailable.’ could we get them in a pleasant shade of sea blue maybe?

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  13. Addendum:

    it wasn’t Angie’s “lung” post that I got removed, as I’d previously summised. When you look closely at the notification above, it says it was someone else’s post that she’d shared. I reported loads and I’m not sure which one this was but I vaguely recall reporting one of her John Paterson shares. However, her lung post was also removed (and she’s really pissed off about this, going by comments she posted earlier this morning, hehe). so someone else must have reported that one. Thank you, whoever you are 😀

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  14. I don’t recall professing to being a Satanist. I didn’t even realise I was one. Angie’s first with the hot news yet again. LOL

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  15. If she had not shat all over her family and used them as vehicles to serve her malicious self serving ends she may have had a couple of fields by now.A shame in many ways as Angie has a natural gift for muck spreading.

    Still I am sure Angela will be delighted that other family members have benefited as a result of her being the daughter from hell.The sacrifices she makes for others eh?

    Now we all need to plan a little for our retirements and even though Angie has bugger all to retire from she may be able to cadge £29.99 so she can occupy herself in her dribbling twilight years.Apparently HMP`s encourage such occupational interests as do nuthouses.

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  16. I am hoping that by claiming absolutely every tragic event as a hoax or false flag that they are shooting themselves in the foot. Channels like Lift The Veil put out their content for views and money. By calling every event a hoax they may end up saturating the market and boring their conspiraloon fans. That’s what I hope anyway. I have seen quite a few conspiracy types call him out for the Manchester videos so that maybe a sign that the conspiracy fans don’t want every event described as a hoax.

    I also noticed quite a few comments from people that clearly were unaware that such conspiracy videos exist. Likely people that were just searching for footage and came across the conspiracy videos. There comments were very aggressive and disgusted towards the channels describing Manchester as a hoax. I think it might be a positive thing if more people in society become aware of these type of channels and are willing to challenge and expose the sick people that post them. Though I guess there could be a downside to that too.

    I have to admit that when I seen the headline concerning a homeless man acting as a hero I did wonder if Weasley Hall had been telling stories again to make himself sound good and collect donations. Thankfully it was other good folks.

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  17. A friend of a pupil of my partner was killed by the bomb. Not someone I know, but there are far fewer than six degrees of separation between me and this tragedy.

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  18. Me too FS. I don’t know anyone personally but I have a friend who’s devastated about the loss of two of her friends.

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  19. Contrarianism.

    When I was at school I remember having an argument with a kid about the name of a rollercoaster at a theme park. It was called “Magic Mountain” but he insisted that it was called “Merlin’s Mountain” or similar. I knew what it was called, I had been on it during the holidays, but he just would not let up on the subject. Wasn’t impressive behaviour for a preteen – much less impressive for “adults” to carry on like that about every single news item they come across.

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  20. Contrarianism and the need to believe they are special–that they know certain “secret information” that the rest of us are too blinkered to see. I expect they need to believe this in order to make up for their failed lives.

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  21. So how many actual peadophiles has she exposed?

    You won’t need any paper if you are going to write down a list.

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  22. This was for an utterly vile photo posted to Angela’s ‘Manchester’ thread (one that, naturally, Angie was happy to leave up without let of hindrance), showing a horribly mutilated and bleeding child with the caption “He’s hiding his feet in his pants”. Angela’s friends – nuff said?

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  23. He’s deleted a lot of the comments I saw under the videos yesterday, but he has ‘pinned’ this sickening one someone made. SMH.

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  24. Just read the comment section, disgusting bunch of low life freaks. They are claiming it was a false flag to detract from the Seth Rich murder case. A bunch of snivelling conspirasheep sucking up to that demented Echo bitch.

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  25. I’ve spent much of my time today reporting videos that claim this is a hoax, etc. YouTube seems to be paying attention, but it’s ridiculous that we should even have to do this.

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  26. You’re so right that people who have been unaware of the existence of conspiraloon vids are shocked by it—I know I was, when I first discovered the Hampstead hoax. I think that raising awareness of this nasty, diseased underbelly of our society is critically important: people who go about their business unaware that this goes on must be informed, so they can take a stand.

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  27. The story isn’t “unravelling”—in any situation like this, details emerge slowly, and there’s a lot of confusion that must be sorted out as time goes on. Yes, some reports will conflict with others, but that’s the way news organisations work: they take the best they’ve got at any given time and run with it. If it’s a reputable organisation, it’ll specify that it’s only going on rumour and speculation; but even official announcements can be found to be wrong, and situations updated. Anyone with even the foggiest notion of how news reporting works should understand this.

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  28. He’s barking. On his FB page he shows a picture of Hillary Clinton and says it’s really the actress Shirley Jones.

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  29. Reported as child abuse. He is publishing the personal medical records of children including intimate details of abuse. About time this LTV Channel got removed. Vile scumbag.

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  30. I am thinking that creeps like LTV need to be stopped, yesterday the mother of the poor deceased girl that LTV made a nasty video about was very upset about what he did. We need to put pressure on MPs to have this crap stopped. LTV was crowing yesterday about how many views and new subs his Manchester hoax video had got him. I have had enough of these creeps spreading hate and using peoples misery to make a career, I shall contact my MP.

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  31. He calls the other parents “clowns”. What a wanker. Seriously, why is he even allowed to be out in the community? This nasty lowlife scum needs to be sectioned and kept away from the general public.

    Check out his other videos. The redneck bastard is obsessed with Manchester:

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    Channel to Report:

    Lift the Veil is posting illegally leaked medical reports of child abuse victims which contain graphic details of sexual abuse and appeal to pedophiles.

    This also contains sexual drawings of the innocent people accused and cleared by a judge.
    Archived link of the court documents:

    The names and details of the children are protected by a UK Court order. He has posted the illegally leaked police interviews against this order, which contains the children talking to a police officer in graphic detail about the abuse.
    These videos have been declared de-facto child pornography as by a UK Judge as they contain two children talking in graphic detail about plastic willies and sodomy, killing babies and sex.

    He is also mocking the victims of the Manchester Terrorist attack by saying it’s a false flag and a hoax and posting images of the dead children.

    Link 1 –

    Link 2 –

    Link 3 –

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  33. Cheer up, folks – at least the comedy channel ‘Deborah Mahmoudieh’ is still going. “I spoke to the Universe…I am a host for the Golden Light…I am asking people to join me in the universal consciousness of Golden Light intelligence.” Classic!

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  34. @ 22:50 in the first video:

    “In America there are 45 million people, families, living in their cars with 19 million children. There are another 25 million who haven’t got a car – they’re just homeless on the streets.”

    It really is award-winning material, isn’t it 😀

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  35. That’s one in five people living in a car, or on the streets. Sheesh, I didn’t realise things had got that bad over there.

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  36. Patreon still haven’t removed Abe and Ella’s new one. Happy to see they have zero patrons though.


  37. “The Reporter who is the only witness to this is well known for inaccuracies and just making stuff up”.

    A bit like Angie then…

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  38. I think everyone should contact their MP if living in the UK, and report these disgraceful and creepy videos. I’m emailing my former MP in the Brighton area and I’m going to express my utter disgust that politicians are doing nothing about these vile harassers who are targeting the relatives of the tragic victims of one the worst terrorist events without the decency to allow them to grieve.

    Sickening, absolutely sickening and also point out a few names of the offenders like Angela Power Disney. Why is this woman even allowed into Britain when she is such a lowlife and breaks laws about internet harassment?


  39. So is the stupid slapper actually going to get out and do something about all these homeless people? No thought not. Just make another YouTube video you moronic lazy bint and screech at everyone else whilst doing sod all yourself to help anyone.

    No wonder her ex-friends despise her.

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  40. Another brainless moron who thinks surfing the net is an achievement and chortles away about shocking events. The arrogance of these internet creeps really gets to me.

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