VIDEO SHARE: The Ultimate Conspiracy Debunker

Have you ever found  yourself embroiled in an argument with a troofer over his or her latest passion? If so, you’ll know the sense of overwhelming futility that comes from whacking your head repeatedly against a brick wall of circular reasoning and confirmation bias.

It’s no fun, and those of us who’ve tried to engage (even politely and respectfully) with Hoaxtead believers run up against it time and time again. If we don’t believe two children were victims of a huge yet mysterious cult that raped, murdered, and cannibalised a ridiculous number of children and infants, and yet left absolutely no corroborating evidence behind…why, we’re obviously ‘paedo enablers’ or ‘shills’ or even ‘paedophiles’ ourselves!


One of our kind readers sent us a link to the following video, which might or might not actually convince a dedicated troofer to abandon his or her wacky ways..but it’s fun to watch, and also: Nazi dolphins!

If you’re wondering how to apply this in the context of Hoaxtead, how’s this: “Are children of the élites among those being raped, murdered, forced to kill babies, and cannibalised?” Er…yes.

Game over.

(By the way, we’re not saying that no actual conspiracies exist: the government is mucking about with our freedom; corporations are trying to control our minds (or at least our purchasing and consumption habits); and the authorities are invading our lives in some very unpleasant ways. Just try getting onto an airplane sometime if you don’t believe that. So if your troofer friend is feeling at loose ends once you’ve convinced him or her that Hoaxtead is a crock, you can always suggest that they get involved in real activism and community-building for a change.)


11 thoughts on “VIDEO SHARE: The Ultimate Conspiracy Debunker

  1. FANTASTIC! Thank you.

    Great video, I hadn’t seen it – thanks for turning me on to it 🙂

    I loved your comments, about getting involved in serious, rational, constructive activism instead of squandering your time, (and your intellect) on paranoid conspiracy theories.

    People reading this, may or may not have been online circa 1995-2000. ’95-’98 was kind of the “wild west” days of the internet, but MY experience was that there were a lot of positive community building and education/information/discussion sites at that time. Even up to 2000, I had very positive experiences of engaging with others in forums to have constructive & informative discussions in particular about subjects such as the worst aspects of our corporatist society and what activists – especially youth – could do to help change it. And then…

    Once the troofers were up & running, all such discussions seemed to get relentlessly spammed, diverted and ultimately killed by conspiranoids invading the discussion with their pet irrational & obsessive theorizing.
    Public discussion on the internet has never recovered from that, IMO.

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    • You’re welcome! I do remember the old days on the internet, and the community-building that grew out of that. I do think small oases still exist, but they’ve been drowned out by the troofers who’d rather believe the ridiculous than use their brains.


    • Communities were building on the Net at the beginning but then all the Stark Raving Lunatics realised there were a whole more like-minded and joined up with each other. I would never mention names although Neelu comes to mind- there are nutters who believe Neelu is quite sane and actually understand what she’s saying.

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  2. great video but let’s face it, if you have to try and convince these loonies that their conspiracies are untrue you may be better banging your head against a brick wall.

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  3. Fun video, right up until the end where it lumps in the notion that ISIS are a creation of the West (documented truth) with chemtrails and the rest of the random conspira-nonsense.

    This is fundamentally the problem with conspiracy debunking – leaping from ‘some conspiracy theories are crap spouted by idiots’ to ‘all conspiracy theories, even the ones that are true, are not true’…

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