Rupert holds out begging bowl…again

We know you’re all champing at the bit to know what’s up with Rupert Quaintance these days, right? Well never mind, we’ll tell you anyway.

When last we left him, Rupert’s 21 December hearing in Magistrate’s Court had been adjourned to 31 January. At that time he’s expected to face seven charges of harassment. At his December hearing we’re told he gave indications that he plans to plead “not guilty” to all charges, but to our knowledge no formal plea has been entered yet.

All of this, of course, meant that Rupert’s hopes of getting home in time for Christmas were completely dashed. In fact, depending on the outcome at the end of the month, he could be spending a great deal longer still in our green and pleasant land. This, of course, raises a few uncomfortable issues.

We expect that Rupert’s hosts are utterly delighted that their summer guest seems to have turned into a permanent resident in the Floral Wallpaper Room. (Hey, at least the dog still seems to like him.)

And then there’s the money thing. On Sunday Rupert posted this rather sad-sounding update on his GoFundMe page:

rupert-gofundme-update-27-2017-01-01And it looks as though his plea has not fallen on completely deaf ears: Rupert’s dad, Wilson Quaintance, chipped in $50!

Now, we aren’t privy to the Quaintance family’s financial situation, so we don’t like to judge, but if our ne’er-do-well 30-something son had got himself into a spot of trouble in a foreign country, we like to think we’d be able to scrape up more than fifty measly bucks to help him out. However, that’s just us.

We noticed yesterday that Jake Clarke had emptied out his piggy bank on Rupert’s behalf, and shared his campaign on Facebook while he was at it:

jake-clarke-rupert-gofundme-2017-01-01And aw, bless…there’s Tim Veater, scratching his head and wondering what that damn Yankee is still doing in London.

Do try to keep up, Timmy: if your little friends in the Hoaxtead mob won’t tell you what’s going on, you can always peek in here from time to time and get the news. It seems everyone else on your team does, so don’t be shy.

As for Rupert’s precarious financial position, we wonder how many times per day he kicks himself for having taken Angie’s bait? Answers on a postcard, please.


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  1. I do hope Mum is coping with the trauma of having her beloved son trapped in a foreign country with no money and and the prospect of going to jail. It must be a harrowing time for her.

    Oh, panic over…

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    • Perhaps she has distanced herself from him because of the potential lawsuits against the pair of them.

      I’ve got to say if it was one of my adult children I would have been worried sick about what they’d got up to and how they were coping every day in a foreign land especially when they claim they have no money.

      Perhaps Rupert is just chancing his luck.

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    • What a disappointment mummy must be to Rupert now. I’m sure he thought that she would have come over to the UK with her guns to grab her little soldier and take him back home.


  2. Mind you, she must be putting a lot of time into resolving all this and helping her poor son. She must have little time for anything else.

    Oh…er…this is awkward…

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      • Compulsive acts of futility leading to extreme public embarrassment clearly come from Ruperts maternal gene pool (see carrot and pea allignment factor).

        As per Angies dads wise move it is quite possible Captain Gobshoite will be taken out of any inheritance pot to ensure it wont all disapear in a puff in smoke.

        Both families can however console themselves in the knowledge that at least the production of their respective malfunctioning spawn provided a few minutes of pleasure and that it must have seemed like a jolly good idea at the time.

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    • She seems to have a taste for kiddie films – not many great classics on that list to choose from anyway.

      Is “The 40 Year Old Virgin” a reference to Rupert?

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    • What on earth was that – at about 13:00 in? Angie in a wig?

      I have a new word. I’m not really sure what, or whom, it is for yet…but I love the sound of it – “prattlebot”.

      By the way, what ever happened to Roger Flutterby? Did he ascend, again, to the highest level? I’ve heard that if you make it to there, you explode with a big bang and become your own universe. Hmmm…
      Neelu & her friends LARPing was some of the funniest stuff I’ve seen in recent times, for sure.

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    • The top one where Abe is grooming the kids( 2:40).At the end after the “KIll,Kill,Kill” Abe says: “You`re getting the picture now?,you`re getting the picture”.

      Picture eh???In the history of final nails in coffins this is the final nail in the coffin.

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  3. Everyone is entitled to be represented in court by a lawyer and barrister but does anyone know if an alien receives legal aid?
    UK citizens must prove they require legal aid and I suppose Rupert is potless but I wonder how he could prove that.
    I thought tourists had to show they had enough funds to provide for themselves when visiting the UK. I have always been asked by immigration when entering the USA to show I can support myself for my visits which were always around 2 months. How did he enter the UK without showing he could support himself especially when he has been begging on the net for money?.

    Also did he have a return ticket which is another requirement and presumably if it was a budget priced ticket now it is probably useless.
    I hope this young man finds the entire experience- not one i would like to go through- something he can learn from unlike Neelu & Sabine who mock the courts even though they were found innocent.

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    • I get the impression that he’s not too good on the learning from experience thing. Mind you this must be the biggest kick up the arse he’s ever had so you never know.

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      • On 30th November he was declaring his love (on Hi It’s Rupert) for one of those intellectual giants the ‘Troofer Girls’ and he posts a link to the video below. Said Troofer is spreading the word about not only Comet Pizza but also the other restaurants in the neighbourhood. Apparently ‘Cheese Pizza’ means ‘Child Porn’. Does this woman feel a little bit responsible for a gunman walking into a restaurant full of families and firing his weapon? Somehow I doubt it.

        Anyway by posting this video on his page it looks like Rupert’s mind-set has not changed and he is still devoid of common sense. I hope the courts do what they need to do and afterwards he can go home and he’s then the FBI’s problem.

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        • Another fucking idiot who had never heard of a pizza until 3 months ago and claims she has been “looking into this” & concludes there is something to it.
          She surfed the internet and found websites that confirmed the hideousness that lies within her brain and then decides to make a Youtube video.
          This dame is the sort that used to hand over the back fence repeating third hand gossip about someone, anyone.

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        • Cheese Pizza = child porn, is/was a “code” exclusively employed by 4channers themselves! And cheese pizza wasn’t the only code term employed by the overwhelmingly underaged, overwhelmingly male, population of 4chan. Anything that could be reduced to the initials C.P. – how about Charlie Parker, or Christian Pastor (not real examples).

          4chan has always been imfamous for mutual maturbation via webcam, amongst its denizens, by the way – and I’m told that many of those interactions ended up on pedo news groups…

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          • So in essence, Pizzagate is an entirely circular, self-constructed fraud, emanating from the lovely folks at 4chan? This should probably surprise me more than it does.


          • Bad news for anyone in proximity to:

            Conservative Party
            Co Pilots
            Chrome Plating
            Cell Phones
            Cold Play (always had them down as a tad dodgy)
            Crystal Palace (say no more)
            Cockers Paniels
            Crossword Puzzlers
            Chicken Pox
            Common Porpoises
            Couch Potatoes
            Cash Points
            Childs Play
            Colgate Palmolive
            Commissioners of Police
            Cherry Pickers( Conspiratard Prats/Crazy People)
            Colouring Pencils
            Clinical Psychologists
            Captain Picard out of Star trek.
            Cosmological Principles(and anything to do with astrophysics and the late Sir Patrick Moore)
            Custard Powder
            Curious Pastimes
            Caisse de Prévoyance(other French pension funds are available)
            Computer Programmers
            Capital Punishment

            Go easy on the Chicken Pakora too.

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        • Just watched that video and oh my God, that’s one of the most idiotic rationales it’s ever been my displeasure to witness!

          “I don’t know what these weirdos are up to but they’re up to something.”

          Oh right – thanks for clearing that up for us, luv.

          And the comments underneath are utterly wince-inducing, e.g…

          “This is real life house of cards shit”

          “Katy Perry music video ‘it’s no big deal’ has all of the pizza references, ice cream, and ping pong, also old man watching it all on a screen in the beginning. Can’t get more in your face than that trash video. She also hands out pizza to young girls during her concerts ages 4-11”

          “I don’t know if anyone else noticed but the Comet Ping Pong logo has Play Eat Drink. Look at the intials, PED. Not only does it look like the Child Lover logo but it also looks similar to Micky Mouse ears. Freaky stuff.”

          “The ping pong paddles, Play, Eat, Drink = P.E.D. = PEDOPHILIA. The cross of the paddle’s handles is the combination of the male and female gender symbols. Just a thought.”

          Pass me a cyanide capsule, someone. I just lost the will to live 😦

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        • I watched her video about the alleged ‘art’ involved in ‘Pizzagate’ and her research was rather good and saved me a lot of time. It’s her conclusions that I struggle with.

          Had no idea about the term ‘cheese pizza’ and will look into that. I had a quick look at the Podesta emails and one thing that jumps out is the constant references to cooking and eating for pleasure and for fundraising and the like. Satanic code? Or just the fact that Mr P has Greek/Italian origins?


      • He’s still got his attitude and will probably be the “big I am” when he gets back to Culpeper.

        Meanwhile he’s keeping quiet now. (I think)

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    • If he’s been given Legal Aid and has property etc. he’ll have to pay it back.

      I can’t see that McKenzie would be a guarantor.

      Maybe one of The Association of McKenzie’s Friends is going to advise him, he’s representing himself or just had the duty solicitor at the Magistrates Court?

      Perhaps Karen and Wilson are standing as guarantors?

      Maybe Neelu’s lawyer, the one that caused a scene in July 2016 is acting for him?

      That would be fun!

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      • It doesn’t work that way though for UK citizens. You must prove your financial circumstances and sign Stat Decs that you are being truthful under a severe penalty if you lie. It’s not like you are given aid first.
        I must research how a non-citizen fares under UK courts.
        If he has Neelu’s lawyer then all is lost (for him).
        I wouldn’t be surprised if he did though as despite his attempts to appear as a worldly citizen he’s a complete amateur and it’s highly likely he would take advice from the very nutcases that got him into this situation rather than seek independent counsel.

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        • My guess is that Mr Taj will have ample space in his diary and may provide his services for a knockdown fee.Rupert may as well employ him as legal representative to round off his whole experience which has been one giant mal-informed cock up from its inception.Keep the continuity for purely artistic merit I say.

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        • If he gets a proper solicitor I imagine he might be able to get home relatively quickly. If he takes advice from Belinda and Mr Taj it will be likely to drag on … and on.

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    • I’m betting that Rupert is wishing that he had paid heed to the warnings given on this blog about getting involved with Angie. She takes down her videos of Rupert and doesn’t appear to be helping him out in any financial way. Rupert lad, you have been totally played by the ruthless APD.

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  4. Karen DeLashmitt Quaintance (the mother) is trying to keep up appearances and keeping quiet about the embarrassment that urinates on church walls and masturbates to child abuse videos, there is a reputation to maintain. I do find the middle name funny, it is so snobbish, but reflects what Rupert claims beat him black and blue as a kid.

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    • I agree there on reflection she’s keeping it quiet so her pals don’t know.

      Do you mean Karen’s middle name?

      I assumed that’s her maiden name.

      Using it like the Narcissist Power-Disney.

      Snobbish yes!

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    • Well I know my late mother would have moved Heaven and Earth to fly to a foreign land if I were in trouble to lend support.
      Thankfully it never came to that but the attitude of this bloke’s family reeks of a certain arrogance.

      I think perhaps the father has probably sent his son money apart from the GoFundMe account but deposited the measly 50 quid to sort of kick the thing along but if my late father had only sent me such a paltry sum I’d probably never speak to him again.
      Rupert’s playing very obvious games.

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  5. It seems non-UK residents are entitled to legal aid in criminal matters so Rupert has the benefit of a lawyer and a barrister (at a cost to the UK taxpayer).

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  6. @ G O S! 😀 The “alien non-immigrant” criminal defendant is U.S. is entitled to a Public Defenders but Immigration is usually not called unless it’s a Felony Charge. They always fare better with Private Counsel for the most part….Rupert Q is a disgrace to Ugly Americans Everywhere, his Mom too!! A fun tourist game for Nice Americans Abroad is to SHAME these Bums when they show their Ugly sides to their Hosts! The relief on abused retail worker’s faces is priceless and satisfying! 😀 I’m sure he has no friends in VA. Either!!


    • Legal aid is available to anyone who needs it (i.e. satisfies the means and interests of justice test) irrespective of their race, ethnic origin, nationality etc. Given the gravity of the charges I’m sure Rupert satisfies the interests of justice test and would probably satisfy the means test as well, though it would probably require a case worker at the LAA to look at it as it isn’t as simple as checking his pay slips or DWP record. That COULD be the reason why he hasn’t yet been asked to enter a plea.

      As I said in an earlier post, in the magistrates’ court the means test is a cut off – if you’re above the limit you have to pay for yourself while in the Crown Court you will always get legal aid but if you don’t satisfy the means test, you get legal aid anyway, but have to pay it back. (However if you’re of ample means solicitors won’t represent you on legal aid as it’s a rather stingy fixed fee for them.)

      But if he completes the application and means forms I would expect he would get legal aid. Provided he had sensible advice from a proper solicitor of course. The trouble is that sensible advice is often “I’ve read the initial details of the prosecution case and if they’re right, you should plead guilty” which is not advice people like to get; they like to believe there is a magic wand wave which gets them off the hook. Which is where Freemen on the Land, “Common Lawyers”, McKenzie Frenemies etc, come in, who will assure them that there is.

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      • I think that’s an excellent description of the ways in which FotL, “Common Law” types, and certain McKenzie Friends weasel their way into the process: basically, the sort of people who turn to them are the ones who are unwilling or unable to accept that they’re in the wrong.


  7. @coyote – Yes, I cultivated some 4chan informants from the queer youth community. Very illuminating!
    So many youngsters have been members, you all might have current/former 4channers in your own families.
    And because it has been one of the biggest online youth communities, its a no brainer to figure out that 4chan will have been one of the places that pervs recruited their online victims from. Particularly as many of them will have been already “acclimatized” to such activity, through interaction with their peers.

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    • Yes, I’ve been aware of 4chan for several years now—the young person who first told me about them was pretty dismissive of their activities for the most part, but found some of their stuff amusing.


      • @ coyote – thank you for running that link to “what to do if you are a victim of internet sexploitation” on the twitter feed, by the way. Yes, of course I noticed 🙂

        If anyone still doesn’t “get” 4chan’s attitude toward CSA images and sexual predation as sources of humor, they ought to check out “pedobear”

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  8. At the start of this (MKD) video is something I don’t think I’d noticed before – Rupert admitting to (local) election fraud!

    He then goes on to slag off his own family and say he has “enough info’ on them to bury them”. He says his grandfather was a drunk and that he can’t wait for his grandmother to die.

    What a lovely guy. I can’t imagine why his mum has abandoned him!

    By the way, kudos to MKD for saving copies of all these Angie-Rupert videos that they’ve both been frantically deleting since the police have started looking into them.


    • 10:41 – “My mother basically abused me because my grandmother wanted me to be successful. I should shoot myself in the head in front of her.” 😮


  9. My understanding is, the denizens of 4chan have habitually teased-trolled each other with joke references to any two word phrase reducible to c.p. – Justin Sanity

    He’s still got his attitude and will probably be the “big I am” when he gets back to Culpeper.- Fanny Adams

    I had a quick look at the Podesta emails and one thing that jumps out is the constant references to cooking and eating for pleasure and for fundraising and the like.- Fnord


    Cul Peper…. cp

    peper… or pepper?????
    pepper used in cooking and eating for pleasure

    Cul…. or cull?????
    synonym for kill (as in culling rabbits)

    I think you are onto something here……

    What are they trying to say here, is Culpeper (or CullPepper as it should be written) really trying to hide something in their very name?

    (this conspirtard thinking is easy lol)

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  10. All of you are wrong. He has nothing waiting for him back here in Culpeper. Most of his friends and family have given up on him. We/they all knew he would get into trouble because he doesn’t think before he does things. He may come back acting all “big headed” but no one will give him the time of day to listen to his stories. He may as well continue smoking his dope and doing his long boring videos. He has no home to come back to either and I doubt his parents will take him back. They have washed their hands of him. He is an embarrassment to this town.


    • It will be of interest how Rupert responds to events.He may indeed just play ball to get back and continue being an utter embarrassment and folk will simply progressively avoid him as anonymous indicates.There is an albeit slim possibilty however that he may elect to grow up and do something vaguely useful in the rest of his life.

      Rupert is in a good position to lift the lid on a number of individuals and their malfeasances.Certainly teflon Angie and Belinda to name a couple will be only too aware of that and probably have their defence shields lined up and pathetic scripts already concocted.

      For everyones sake hopefully Rupert has acquired something of substance and sorts himself out.


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