Ella clarifies her priorities

We’ve been noticing for some time now that Abe and Ella seem to have adapted quite nicely to their new childless state, and why wouldn’t they? Ella always viewed her children as a burden, and if she hadn’t been pathologically livid with RD for having dared to leave her, she’d probably have been quite happy to offer him custody from the outset.

We’ve tried to explain this to the Hampstead SRA hoax believers, but they seem unable to grasp it. However, we think Ella’s latest posts on her own Facebook page make things exceedingly clear:

ella-gareeva-draper-facebook-2017-01-01What are Ella’s real priorities?

Her looks, first and foremost:

“Thank you, Lara, this is actually my older picture, I look even better now :)”.

We’re sure this will be a huge comfort to all the Hoaxtead mobsters who’ve staked their reputations on Ella’s integrity and dedication to her children. Oh, but wait! She mentions them…sort of:

Couldn’t post the most recent photo because of the serious legal case that involved in.

Seriously? She thinks she’s still involved in a “serious legal case”? The IPCC report is done and dusted; she’s been denied custody of her children; she’s on the run in Spain. There’s no legal case, serious or otherwise.

Now, if the UK police were trying to extradite her and Abe, that might be a “serious legal case”. It might even justify her rather lame excuse of not posting a more current picture for legal reasons. But until we learn that that is happening, we vote “nope”.

Here’s the kicker though:

“But following what I was doing in my health studies I learnt an incredible ancient modernised system of nutrition which reverses process of ageing. Accelerated rejuvenation!”

Now, if that doesn’t sound like the lead-in to a snake oil pitch, we don’t know what does.

And compare and contrast with Abe’s latest comment:

abe-christie-youtube-2016-12-28Soooo…putting two and two together, we think it’s safe to assume that Abe and Ella have washed their hands of those pesky kids and are ready to launch their new “eternal life AND eternal youth” product: “FRESH, RAW CANNABIS JUICE, incorporating the seeds leaves and flowers”.

Well, colour us surprised.


It does occur to us, though: when Abe and Ella first met, it was via their shared interest in raw foods and juicing. Too bad they didn’t stick to that, rather than dragging an entire community through two years of hell just to satisfy their own narcissistic needs.

Abe + juicer 2-Rawfest

“Drink my amazing raw cannabis juice, and you can look as good as me!”


112 thoughts on “Ella clarifies her priorities

  1. Speaking of priorities, rumour has it that Abe was spotted castigating Jason Streatham for swearing. Sooo – fraud, torturing kids, selling drugs and beating people up are fine, just so long as you don’t use bad language!

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  2. Something about this so-called “Mother” really set my teeth on Edge from Day One! Hmmm? What could it have been? The way my blood ran cold for P and Q’s safety in the clutches of these dirty hoaxers? Her smug slovenly attitude? Frankly, I was stunned anyone could stoop that low.

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    • And listen to the video where Abe is asking the kids to name all the people who “do sex” to them. You can hear Ella prompting them to say things like ‘Social Services’ and ‘the parents’.

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      • Yes, she had grudges against the parents, Social Services, and the school long before any of this happened. How funny that all of the above should make their way into Abe & Ella’s twisted narrative.


      • No empathy at all. And for all the troofers bang on about RD’s demeanour in the Victoria Derbyshire interview, they never seem to notice Ella’s dead-eyed stare or her zombie-like indifference to the fate of her children.


        • Yep and “they” call her a “loving mother”.

          I fail to see it.

          Ella simply does not have “normal” reactions to the allegations.

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  3. Difficult situation for the children P and Q to come to terms with, that their mother threw them to the wolves. The lack of empathy of Ella Draper might be explainable through her dependence on cannabis, which has a side effect of creating depersonalisation/derealization in some people, numbing or erasing their ablity to feel anything.

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    • Ella isn’t the first mother to feel no empathy or protectiveness toward her children; sadly, I’ve had experience with one like her. It isn’t easy to deal with that sort of thing, but it can be done. Having other supportive people in one’s life can help a great deal.

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      • I too have experience of a Mother that was wrapped up in her own little world and didn’t do some Mother duties that are pretty basic.

        And my Mother didn’t do Alcohol, Drugs or anything like that.

        Perhaps Ella has been affected by her habit and that is the reason but she can’t even “act” that she is a loving concerned Mother.

        She is emotionless.

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        • There are cases (and I’m not saying yours was one, Sam) where by no fault of their own, mothers fail to bond with their babies; and hard as they try, they just can’t feel any love for them. I sympathise with both mum and child in those instances. It must be extremely stressful and painful. I don’t know if there’s a name for this condition.

          In Ella’s case, I don’t think this is the case, though. She seems to have started out having a good relationship with them. Whether it all went to pot over her will to get back at Ricky or the arrival of Abe I don’t know. Also, does anyone know when the neglect started? I’m thinking of all those stories about the children not being fed, washed or clothed properly and that one about them being locked out of the house and being rescued by the neighbour who then alerted Social Services (correct me if I’m wrong).


          • Those who look after animals (vets) can offer doctors a lot of tips on dealing with issues like maternal rejection of their offspring, if a cow rejects their calf, they inject the cow with oxytocin, problem solved.


          • On a short-term superficial level, perhaps. Would the family not need longer term support, on a deeper level? I’m no expert but I know people are far more complex emotionally than cows.


          • The neglect predated Abe’s arrival. There were multiple reports to Social Services long before he came on the scene, which is presumably why Social Services were lumped into the false allegations. And prior to Abe, Ella attended the Tavistock for “parenting lessons” as she had trouble dealing with her children.


    • Combine her drug abuse with what seems to be a very narcissistic personality and you get a ruthless woman who will use anything and anyone to serve her ends, even her own lovely children.

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  4. Yeah, I noticed Spiny! Vile Sow, I despise her almost as much as that Pig Cathy O’Brien who also enjoys slandering a WHOLE Community!! For cryin out loud in the dark. Goodnight Nurse and Irene!! ffs!

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  5. Water always finds it’s own level or in this case, pond life has met pond life. It’s a marriage made in heaven or should that be Hell?
    But she’s given the game away. Ella has obviously changed her appearance & thinks immigration officers are dills.
    As for reversing the aging process, good luck with that but what I think is happening here is their marijawanna recipes are reversing their mental capacity and it’s diminishing.

    Children? What children? She hasn’t a care in the world and absence is not making the heart fonder so let’s hope for the innocent kids the same is happening to them.

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    • Ella and Abe were no geniuses to begin with. Add liberal doses of cannabis and watch their IQs plummet!

      You’re most likely correct that in what’s left of her addled mind, she believes that her appearance has changed enough to allow her to slip back to the UK.


    • The likes of Kristie Sue et al must be sooo pleased that they put in all that hard work to try to reunite the children with a couple who’ve turned out not to give a flying f*ck! LOL

      Don’t forget to screenshot that one for your collection, Kristie Sue!
      LOL! 😀


      • An added bonus here is the whole “told you so” thing. EC et al have been trying to point out to the fruitloops that Ella doesn’t care about her kids from the outset.

        (That said, it would be even more satisfying if this mother actually did give a shit about her kids, but you can’t have everything.)


        • It’s bizarre isn’t it?. I had a mother who had a myriad of problems & fears which I put down to having come from an extremely poor family who were basically share crop farmers who had to survive the great depression.
          But threaten one of her children (even my just older brother who made Denis The Menace look like a choir boy) and you wouldn’t want to hang around if you valued your health. Most mothers have a bond so strong with their children they would move Heaven or Earth or possibly even die just to protect them.

          But Ella?

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      • And lest we forget that Abe and Ella never reported the alleged abuse to the police, even though many an ignorant fruitcake (including Kristie Sue Tossa) keeps claiming otherwise.

        Don’t forget to screenshot that one too, KSC 😀

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    • Ella showed her true colours by deserting her eldest son.
      The 2 younger children were obviously going to be at risk in that she would desert them too.
      And lo and behold, true to form that is what Ella has done.
      The pair of them, Ella and Abraham are obviously getting money from somewhere.
      I presume Abraham at least can claim benefits in Europe and Ella too if she has a British passport.
      It can’t be too hard for authorities to track the pair down if they wanted too.
      Then there’s their little side line…

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      • In the long run and despite the terrible drama that has played out, those kids are so much better away from her influence.

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  7. I am not entirely convinced the cunning plan to reverse the ageing process will fool eagle eyed border gaurds.He would probably be better off simply bribing officials with a go on his bike 😉

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    • The pair of them, Ella and Abraham look their age, vain fools.

      Jeez so them looking young is more important to Ella than Ella being a ahem loving mother to her 3 children. (That includes the eldest boy)

      What a pair of narcissists.

      Looks like they’ve given up on all the children and imo probably for the best.

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      • Ella Draper and Abraham Christie walk the well-worn path of snake-oil salespeople who promise anything and everything if only the fools will buy their special product, service or idea. Whilst the world is crowded with fools, there will always be an Ella and an Abe to pander to their every need.


      • I predict that if and when we see Ella again she will have changed her hairstyle radically and will possibly have dyed it. Possibly she will have a tight ballerina bun in an effort to stretch her skin.


    • She’s probably going round Oldcastle asking for Christmas money, asking all her children and putting in a new social security claim.

      Maybe she’s got a collection tin out outside the local shops.

      I hope I’m not giving her ideas, I doubt it though, as she’s well ahead of me in her games.

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      • Beggars belief.

        Given Angies royal ties and her extensive connections with friends in high places you would have thought they could have chucked a few sheckles or the odd crust in her direction.Surely with her background in the arts and the music industry Sir Bob might have held a benefit gig on the river Thames for the old miscreant?

        If all else fails she could stick her Young Journalist of the year certificate on Ebay.Any advance on a tenner? Anyone? No? Oh well she will just have to raid her kids savings again,con a few orphanages or perhaps beg Rupert for a share of Belindas hush money.Surely Rupert would assist after all she has done for him.

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          • Ha ha ha!

            Cheeky mare is old Ange.

            Mr. Power is still alive and kicking, how mercenary of her and how Christian, not.

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          • I suspect correspondence would be broadly along these lines:

            Dearest Anne-Marie,Ive had a really amazing idea.Let me have half of the farm and I will stop calling dad a pedo to get attention.I will also let you come on my fantastic international chat show and you can tell the whole world just how proud you are of me and how great I am.I will also put in a good word with God for you and even stop my curse for you to fall under a combine harvester and die a hideous death. # WIN/WIN.

            From your loving sister Angela
            Dear Angela, # Fuck off.


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    • To be fair Angie didnt state precisely which new year she would be back at CCN making a complete tit out of herself.She could really do with a 20 year sabbatical in solitary confinement or something.

      Also CCN need to stop apologizing for “any unnotified cancellations in broacasting”.They should apologize for the ones that get aired,particularly the ones with the audio settings vaguely correct.

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      • Yes if Angela is not back by the end of January 2017 then she’s missed the boat.

        IMO it can’t be classed as the New Year 2017.

        Wonder when she’s going back to extradition free (not) Lanzarote?

        Probably this week sometime when the airfares go down in price.

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        • As I mentioned the other day, I don’t believe she ever left Lanzarote. Remember those fake photos of London and Gatwick?


          • That’s true but she’s surely got to pick up her mail as I doubt those 2 sons of hers would forward it on to her.


        • She could always human traffic herself via cheap dinghy back to Lanzerote and smuggle some fags back whilst she is at it.The feckin ejit.


        • I must say that I was bemused by Angie’s excitement when she told (was it Rupert?) that she was going to “Lanzarote, where there’s no extradition treaty”. At that time, so far as anyone knew, she had no reason to be concerned about extradition, though that might have changed by now.

          But what an odd thing for an innocent person to be concerned about!


  8. “bint”? lol What’s that? Burnt Out Lint?Those two probably planned all along to ditch the kids for the weed market/profit abroad. Weed isn’t legal at all in UK, right? What’s Spain’s deal now? I remember something about Portugal. (border traffic?)With all that open and obvious weed stuff by Smella in UK, couldn’t the kids have been temp yanked from her to suss it out long before the hoax story? CPS has done Far more draconian things over here with prescribed Med. MJ to SICK and Loving Parents or to kids suffering from seizures let alone unlawful use. That Dirty Little Yank w/ the filthy hair, clothes and hands from Cornponelandia packin a crappy .38 does NOT represent any “average” Legit. Med user I’ve ever seen in Family or Criminal Court to date. Depending on what state the little psychotic “para-military hippy” Manson-loving trotter is in, weed and guns together=CRIME!! My, sans coffee yet, belabored point is, could it simply be the cash in Canna that Smella has been chasing all along? If they collected benes over here w/ a warrant, they would be dragged to jail pretty quick! That whole “EU” thing is confusing to WE “isolationists” and “xzenuphobics” hahaha SCIENTOLOGY FOR PRISON 2017!


  9. This latest death threat is particularly ironic, as it comes in the wake of the Scotsman and Prey on the Children stating on another thread that they’re “always calm and reasonable”:

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    • Yup – it’s a page you’re already on, mate – the Gabor Zolna ‘Hampstead Satanic Ritual’ one.


  10. Rupert Wilson Quaintance IV has given a new update on his GoFund account:

    “We’re all locked into a survival game now.”

    Going home for the holidays wasn’t in the cards for me. Similarly, in that I am unable to disclose anything, it seems most people have turned their backs on me. Regardless, I remain vigilant and hopeful that things will pick up.

    I am still in the UK. I am still in need of help to keep things going. Right now things could be better. If you were lucky enough to have an awesome Christmas, feel free to share. GFM and the ATM take their share so things aren’t always as they seem. I appreciate everyone’s support for the last few months. Happy New Year!



    I personally am glad Rupert gets to experience a UK winter. January is when the winter really begins, and it now get very cold.

    Rupert has a rich mummy and daddy who could easily send a big payment to solve all Rupert’s financial needs. Rupert is a parasite, he has no need of all those donations.


    • Look through the donations. Someone called Wilson Quaintance gave him $50. That’s his dad’s name. $50 is not much. I bet his mum gets more weekly in her job in the museum that thinks only white people matter, or is she a volunteer? She could sell a gun perhaps?

      I wish him no more, and no less, than the law taking it’s course, justly.

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  11. Gabe made a video where he talks about his ‘orse and shows off his guns. (I’m not being mucky….his actual guns!)

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  12. I’m thinking AFTER reading Huffpost post that it’s the additives in the new non-quality controlled “medibles” that may be causing stomach pain in these States. “More research” is needed along w/ implementation of quality control Regs. The laws and Medicine need to catch up to these newer developments for sure, just like internet law and censoring hoaxer FRAUDS! Thanks to whoever posted the article. (bookmarked) !


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