Sabine breaches restraining order

It’s been a while since Sabine poked her head above the parapet, though word has it that she’s been busily planning her triumphant 2017 come-back. Still we were surprised last week to discover that she’d re-posted an old chestnut from her “Whistleblower Kids” blog:


The Facebook post leads to this:

sabine-mcneill-reposted-2017-01-03The “Whistleblower kids” of course refers to RD’s two children.

In doing this, of course, she is flagrantly violating the restraining order imposed upon her last July following her trial, with Neelu Berry, for conspiracy to commit witness intimidation. If you’ll recall, Sabine is not permitted to publish anything related to any person who “is or has been a pupil at Christ Church Primary School”.sabine-restraining-order-republicationAnd the order is quite explicit, stating that this includes “by re-publication of material already made public before the making of this order”.

Surely even Sabine must be aware that she’s in violation of the order…so we wonder what she thinks she’s playing at here.

Rumours of a resurgence?

As we mentioned, we’ve been picking up rumours that Sabine is planning to resurrect the Hampstead SRA hoax. In a recent Sooper Seekrit Sabine-o-gram™ she stated,

2017 MUST become the Year of Breakthroughs we’ve been waiting for!

I am going forward with a whole bundle of documents, aiming at the four of us NOT being charged at the end of January and to get the Children returned during the course of the 2017!!!

Who are “the four of us”? At a guess we’d include Rupert, Neelu, Sabine, and…erm…a player to be named later. Given the number of people arrested last fall, your guess really is as good as ours.

Meanwhile, here’s a tip for Sabine: if you’re hoping to “not be charged” at the end of this month (or ever, really) it might be wise to stop violating your restraining order. The courts tend to look unfavourably on that sort of thing.

Just a thought.

Sabine in Court


60 thoughts on “Sabine breaches restraining order

      • Sabine is a fool.

        How did she think she was going to get away with breaching the Restraining Order and there wouldn’t be one person that would notice?

        I suppose she “can’t help herself”.

        But of course she can.

        Oh well, Sabine is going to find herself yet again in court with her hiking sticks…

        One of these days enough will be enough and a kindly Judge will imprison her.

        Perhaps that is part of her plan to become a Martyr.

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    • Endings are traditionally trumpeted by a fat lady singing.It may be worth investing in a set of industrial headphones in case Angie successfully auditions for this role before the final curtains are drawn.The courts may wish to deaden the cacophony to be unleashed on the collective eardrum by ensuring this particular swansong takes place in a tiny room with a very heavy set of doors.

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  1. That post seems to have vanished.

    Here is an example of the sheer lies this mob tell & posted on Kurjo / McNeill’s website and one propagated by her & the horrible Fiona Barnett who has caused immense distress for young family members ( one lad had to move school after being bullied after Barnett’s dreadful slurs against his politician grandfather, when his school chums read it on the net) of people this putrid woman and her insane cohorts (which include Sabine) have falsely accused.

    In all the cases these ratbags get involved in, children suffer. And that’s when they are not consorting with known convicted pedophiles.

    They continue to promote this letter with the false claim the Catholic Church has admitted that Satanic abuse happened.

    Reading the letter you can see it says no such thing.

    In fact the letter is a response to a compensation claim over 10 years ago which the Church, under the directions of Cardinal George Pell set up a compensation scheme for claimants with absolutely no proof of abuse needed, just a credible claim.
    Various newspapers and hysterical hacks on tabloids have defamed Pell by claiming Pell offered the compensation on the provision claimants did not go to police.

    This was an atrocious and appalling lie and has now become folk lore when in reality the scheme was initiated by Pell but terms where drawn up by eminent lawyers and included an acceptance of claims of abuse with generous compensation (the first in the world for the Church without having to go through the courts), with aid to claimants if they wished to report the matter to police but if they did not want to, they were still entitled to compensation without having to provide proof of abuse.

    Shamefully mainstream journalists have continued the falsehood that Pell attempted to stop claimants reporting abuse to police when he did the exact opposite and this is another example of how these ghastly liars like Sabine Kurjo or Sabine McNeill as she is known, distort reality for their own nefarious twisted reasons and set out to harm innocent people and children.

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    • If anyone can be bothered reading the load of shite that accompanies Sabine’s post you will see the claimant lays out a dramatic tale that includes every facet of MKUltra Satanic Rituals that could have been penned by Barnett or even Angela Power-Disney.
      The liar and fraud McNeill says various News Corp websites have removed this letter but the real reason is because they published the claimant’s original claim to the Church which basically said he had been abused by the priest twice with no mention of Satan, a claim that came years later. Church solicitors wrote to News Corp to set them straight and they decided just to remove the entire story.
      If his abuse claims were true he is of course entitled to compensation although he did not have to provide proof it happened and he did feature in the priest’s eventual trial and conviction.
      And the reason I am fully aware of the history of this is because I had a long time friend in the UK who admitted to me he applied for and received compensation when he said he was abused by the same priest who had taught him at school in Australia- but in fact nothing had ever happened
      When I quizzed him about this he responded : “the priest is already in jail for his crimes so what does it matter if I make a claim and get some money when I don’t have to report the matter to police. It’s no skin of the priest’s nose and can’t affect him”. My pal eventually killed himself 3 years ago.
      And note the claimant who the letter is addressed to now claims the priest is a “convicted serial killer” which is absolute garbage. The priest was correctly jailed for his abuse crimes with never any mention of murder. He has since died.

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  2. There are still innumerable posts on that blog that surely must be a breach of her bail conditions and restraining order. Just from the same week as the one above (w/c 20.04.15), there are about a dozen Hampstead-related posts, including one that contains entire transcripts of the police interviews with the children and at least one that viciously attacks RD specifically.

    My recollection – correct me if I’m wrong – is that she was meant to have taken all these down when she was served her original bail conditions the first time she was arrested.

    I know that the above order is no longer valid but if anything, her current restraining order and bail conditions are more stringent, no?

    Incidentally, within a week of the above conditions being served, she was putting up posts like this:

    I reckon that speaks volumes about the lack of respect she has for the law and her restrictions.

    But ho hum – keep digging, Sabine. And don’t forget to rant and rave and lay on the crocodile tears and act all shocked if it all comes back to bite you on the arse and they throw the book at you. If only someone had warned you at the time, eh? Well, this is the time and I am warning you. I’m also throwing in this for free, as I think it might come in handy:

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    • SN, I can’t understand why McNeill hasn’t been required to remove these disgusting blogs – even though it would appear that they breach all sorts of laws. I think the RO specified no more – but didn’t tackle the existing materials.

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  3. Who exactly does sabine want the kids returned too? Surely not ella the mother? Who has proven that she wont protect them and is implicated ( according too sabines best friend angela power disney ) in making child porn and snuff videos – i fail to see how they can sweep that one under the carpet

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    • Maybe there are 2 factions of the original fantasists.

      1. Headed by McNeill (who has fallen out with) 2. Power-Disney

      Perhaps Sabine is trying to assert her position, which will be in Holloway prison if she doesn’t abide by the R.O.

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    • Sabine hasn’t thought that far ahead lol.

      I hope she’s not suggesting they go to the ex-foster mother Power-Disney, a t-square and rake abusing woman.

      Surely Sabine isn’t thinking of doing a bit of fostering herself?

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    • I’m not sure what Sabine’s mental capacity actually is.

      This case has been settled in the High Court and an appeal re-affirmed the original decision. The father was found to be completely innocent and a victim of Christie and Draper’s evil plot.

      Does this crazy dame think she is going to get another run in the courts?. Why doesn’t the fucking evil old cow actually do some good and concentrate on the 10,000s of British children living in abject poverty?.

      No, she would rather continue with her insane crusade about devil worshiping cults and stirring up trouble for 2 kids & their dad who should be left in peace.

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      • Well Sabine definitely has something wrong with her, apart from the arrogance.

        Possibly she has spent so long on this that she wants some pay back one way or the other.

        Sometimes you just to give up.

        Sabine just wants to be CORRECT.

        She’s like a petulant child and needs to mature even at 72 years of age.

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        • Agree FA.Sabine and most of her cohorts have adopted the dis-ease of always wanting to be right regardless of inconveniences such as objectivity and tedious annoyances like verifyable facts.This is a highly paralysing condition and stunts all possibilty of forming grown up stuff like humilty,good grace and basic common sense.

          The usual prognosis is ending up a lonely old bint muttering inanely to herself about pretty much everything for the sheer hell of it.

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    • Think that is the case SV.

      Sabine’s missing the attention and anything to get it.

      And this woman thinks she’s smart?

      Jeez not exactly a role model for the younger members either is she?

      Some leader!

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  5. What really annoys me is the arrogance of people like Sabine who somehow act like they are the great warriors against child abuse.

    I’m pretty sure some awful mistakes have been made by social services but I believe the vast majority of social workers are ethical people who really do care about the welfare of children. Sabine seems to believe every parent is almost saint like just because of their ability to re-produce.

    I’m sure the UK figures would be similar to NSW where I am currently based- with around 50,000 cases of suspected abuse & neglect reports made annually and with social services simply unable to keep up with the problem.
    It’s reflected in the inner city area I am staying in with friends where I see so-called parents who are really off their heads either because of drugs or alcohol or perhaps financial circumstances where they are driven to despair and it’s reflected in the way they treat their kids who you just know will repeat that behaviour when they become adults.

    These Satanist promoters suck the life out of the general public’s limited capacity for sympathy about a problem they feel impotent to change.

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    • Sabine is certainly arrogant and she’s far from the only one. (Neelu, Power-Disney that includes you 2 also)

      Sabine shows no respect for the Restraining Order.

      She is anti-social.

      (Btw is Neelu still up to her dirty deeds these days?)

      I think Sabine has decided to pursue this field, as it pulls at the heart strings of people.

      She believes there is a lot of money to be made in this area and that could be her main motive.

      Other possibilities spring to mind which aren’t so pleasant.

      Her association with convicted paedophiles and people losing their children into the care system after dealings with her.

      What I do know is that her arrogance, whining, manipulation and abuse of the system gets on my nerves!

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      • Neelu is a frigging demented psycho.

        Her post about South Korea shows the vacuous idiot to be devoid of any sort of inquiring mind.
        The S. Korean president has had a long time psychic who is family friend advising her & whose late father performed a similar role and there is not a single hint of satanism, rather talk of possible financial corruption and possible undue influence on the president to deliver favours..

        This bloody woman doesn’t seem to have a clue about how many Asian cultures believe in fortune telling yet the cretinous fool is always posting garbage about hidden planets soon to arrive and free energy machines or even Indian mysticism yet she insults people for their cultural beliefs while not a single of her claims has eventuated.

        Sick to death of these morons who read what darkness wallows in their sick minds into every bloody world event.
        Why hasn’t the stupid cow been sectioned by now?

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          • CCN actually provide a wonderful service to humanity and perhaps we should cut them a little slack.They are right at the cutting edge of identifying soul sapping individuals whom anyone interested in salvaging a modicum of sanity should definately avoid being stuck in a lift with.

            That Deerwoman is stark raving bonkers personified although far from a complete idiot as clearly she has many parts missing altogether.An ideal stand in for Angie fans both of whom probably havent even registered her absense yet.

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  6. LOL This Dumb Ass Old Slag is pushing the limits Again!!? Wth? She must have already forgotten her catterwauling when the Old Bill came to her house last time!! “Computer Science by Training”?? hahaha I can’t imagine anyone who is not insane or just plain evil to keep this BS up after being subject to an Injunction. Is she still eligible for Deportation? Don’t they have to sign something for initial approval, even after WWII when majority is attained?? The U.S. has booted a few Nazis, not enough, but a few, no matter their age….crimony! Maybe they should send her over to Merkle to deal with! Tragic story G.O.S., sorry about that. Fiona Barrett is such an ASS! Do you know of any legal actions against that Fraud Down Under G.O.S.? Lucky you, it’s Summer there, it’s freezing here! I’m sure the London Winter is making Rupert Miserable due to his THIN VA. Blood!! Adding to his normal misery that is…..those texts about Scamgella being “Disgusting” were hilarious. What next for these Scammers? I hope Nothing.


    • I think Mrs. Mc Neill married a British man about 30 years ago and what with England being in the EU she can’t be deported which is most unfortunate.


    • Yes the Police need to speak to Sabine, arrest her and question her and put her before a Judge.

      What was the point of the Restraining Order?

      Or is it not worth the paper it’s written on?

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  7. Edward Ellis’s GCRO expires 4th February 2017 So he is possibly the 4th one. He is still carrying out work for them all including Lee Jay Cant against Hackney Borough Council hearing 26th Jan 2017 and 14th Feb 2017 Edward Ellis is supposedly attending?


  8. This will anger Ella, who is far too busy getting a great tan, visiting flower markets and planning the launch of her anti ageing products to be bothered with some pesky children. Sabine should stick to supporting people that actually want her help, because neither Ella, RD or the children want anything to do with her.

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    • Oh hadn’t you heard, Liza? Mainstream media are only “a tool used by our evil Jewish slavemasters to brainwash the masses and turn us all into sheeple” when it’s staying stuff that Angela, George et al don’t agree with.


  9. The folder ‘Supportive Documents’ on Sabine’s Google Drive has been open to ‘anyone with the link’ since the summer of 2016. Links to that folder exist on her blog on her post titled ‘The case in 30 paragraphs’.

    I understand that she pleaded guilty on the 17th October for breaching the restraining order.

    Yet on the 20th October she added the videos of the children P and Q and on the 12th December she uploaded the file ‘Initial Documents.pdf’ which contains the names and contact details of the innocent people and their children. Surely this violates Judge Worsley’s order. I might be naïve but I think this also violates Justice Pauffley’s order.
    For obvious reasons I have not included direct links. Please feel free to delete this comment.


  10. MopeGirl’s friend Deerwomon looks familiar, like she’s just been routed out of scientology…The QEG plugs in. WOW! Gitt’em MKD’s!


  11. How many of those vids need to be flagged before youtube gets sued. You would think they could create a filter but I’m no “expert” like Sabine mind you. That Deb M is a nasty piece of jerk! Bleck!


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