Hoaxtead mob tries to ride on #pizzagate coat-tails

If you’ve been online in the past couple of weeks, chances are you’ve seen the hashtag #pizzagate popping up on sites like Facebook, Reddit, Twitter, and YouTube. We’ve talked about it here, but in the past week the #pizzagate phenomenon has grown exponentially, spreading its slimy fake-news tentacles as far as respected U.S. newspapers like the Washington Post and the New York Times.

Yesterday both papers published critical, thoughtful pieces on the #pizzagate conspiracy theory and how it has hurt not only the owner, but workers and patrons of a popular pizza parlour in Northwest Washington.

According to the Times, #pizzagate started with the WikiLeaks email hacks that were made public just days before the U.S. presidential election:


Residents of Hampstead will feel a shudder of recognition at what followed:


A few conspiracy nuts grab some spurious information from a dubious source, draw some imaginary lines to create a story that confirms their own daffy preconceived notions of how the “elites” operate, and next thing you know, you’ve got death threats and harassment, and an innocent group of people trying to shield themselves and their families from online and in-person attacks.

The owner of the pizza joint in question, James Alefantis, told the Times, “From this insane, fabricated conspiracy theory, we’ve come under constant assault….I’ve done nothing for days but try to clean this up and protect my staff and friends from being terrorized”.

Mr Alefantis, the people of Hampstead understand and sympathise. It’s not easy trying to remain calm in the face of a tsunami of public hatred, especially when you have no idea where it came from, have done nothing to deserve it, and don’t know how to stop it.

Within hours of the Post story going up yesterday, the comments section had been inundated with comments from the Gullible Great Unwashed, conspiracy-minded folk for whom this story represents the very pinnacle of conspiritainment porn. (The Times, perhaps wisely, doesn’t have a comments section on its online edition.)

Hoaxtead mobsters make hay while the sun shines

Of course, as the #pizzagate farce gathers steam, you have to know that those with an interest in promoting the Hampstead SRA hoax will try to turn it into a victory. People like Deborah Mahmoudieh, Angela Power-Disney, and Sabine McNeill have all latched onto the story as though it was the last lifeboat on the Titanic.

In effect, they’re using a proven hoax as “conclusive evidence”, trying to proclaim that they were right all along, there really is a world-wide child-trafficking cult conspiracy:

Hoaxtead mobsters are trying to leverage this story into a last-ditch push to get Hoaxtead onto the world stage…and here’s why it won’t work.

No one cares.

The ravening crowds who are currently baying and slavering as they try to find the “silver bullet” that will prove that #pizzagate is real, dammit! are not interested in some rinky-dink two-year-old hoax in a suburb of London. They are after much bigger prey: most of them seem to be Trump supporters, who just can’t resist this one last chance to kick Hillary Clinton in the slats while she’s down.

They’ve already won the election, but that’s not the point. They want to crush their opponent into the dirt…and that has absolutely nothing to do with Hoaxtead. Hoaxtead is a complete non-issue for 99.9% of the #pizzagate nutters.

Social media sites paying attention now

Even more important is that for the first time in the history of the internet, the giant social media platforms are being forced to sit up and take notice. Reddit, known to some as “4Chan Lite”, has actually banned the original #pizzagate thread, ostensibly because it violated their policy of naming names. In reality, they grasped the fact that continuing to host this kind of harassing and defamatory material could make them legally liable…and that could add up to a world of pain for Reddit.

As our commenter Sam has pointed out here, a recent case in Australia proved that internet media giants like Google can be sued for refusing to remove defamatory material. Lawyers for several other social media sites attended the trial, which will likely have repercussions across the internet.

In social media terms, #pizzagate is a great honking lawsuit just waiting to happen. Even Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg has had to promise to take steps to stanch the flow of fake news; and where Facebook goes, Twitter usually follows.

So what will become of #pizzagate? Eventually it will die down, consigned to that corner of the internet reserved for those who think the Earth is flat and alien reptiles live on a compound on the dark side of the Moon. A few hardcore nutters will continue to try and push it, but the vast majority of current supporters will drop off, most likely within a month or two. The news cycle giveth, and the news cycle taketh away.

And once again, the Hoaxtead mob will be left weeping and wailing and gnashing their teeth, as their pet conspiracy once again fails to achieve lift-off.


133 thoughts on “Hoaxtead mob tries to ride on #pizzagate coat-tails

  1. Very eloquently written, EC. I particularly like “The news cycle giveth and the news cycle taketh away”.

    Re.your list of Hampstead hoaxer twunts who’ve climbed aboard the Pizzagate twatwagon, may I add that Mel Ve and Kristie Sue Costa have also clambered aboard and embraced it with open arms and closed minds…

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  2. Fear not, Pizzagaters – our best man is on the case. This dude is straight out of the Angela Power-Disney School of Journalism and Research and he’s already discovered that Jimmy Savile was arrested and convicted of 500 counts of raping children and dead bodies…

    Oh and don’t bother trying to “click here” – Professor Menved didn’t deem it necessary to provide an actual link.

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    • Dear lord. “Even dead bodies”? I mean yes, Savile was a creepazoid of the first order, but let’s not get silly here. Also, the NYTimes isn’t the only paper to report on this latest round of fake news. It may be considered the “paper of record” in America, but I understand they do have one or two other newspapers there too.


  3. Have you seen this? The fraudulent ritual abuse allegations cat is out of the bag in current UK investigations:

    This woman – Leading Criminologist Dr Rachel Hoskins – is a genuine hero! for speaking out. Thank you, Dr Hoskins!
    Described as an expert on “ritual”, which I take to be an expertise in the well documented religious rituals of various cultural & ethnic communities, rather than “ritual abuse” or “ritualistic abuse” referring specifically to Pazder’s lurid fantasies and related fantasies derived from his.

    I used to do this kind of work, speaking out in radio and print journalism, way back circa. late 1980’s. (Not as an “expert”, cause I don’t got the right academic creds for that, but rather as a spokesperson for anti-defamation organizations representing religious minorities too small to support their own such organization).
    She’s right to say that she’s “taking a risk”, here.

    I dropped out of it after a few years, once I started to be publicly ‘known’ for such work, locally. “The Public Face” of such work, on behalf of any minority group, can become a magnet for lunatic “haters” and that’s not a happy place to be in.

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    • She is brave for speaking up as she will become a focus of attention of these ghastly satanic promoters and receive threats as well as being accused of being part of a ‘cover-up’.

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    • Hi JS & El Coyote
      Two points.
      1) That article is riddled with errors. I’m not sure what is written by the journalist, what is written by Dr Rachel Hoskins and what is written by the author Richard Hoskins – or even if Richard Hoskins and Rachel Hoskins (both criminologists) are the same person.)
      “Soon an anonymous blog from an alleged victim was spotted by investigative organisation Exaro. It also caught the attention of Labour MPs Tom Watson and Simon Danczuk. They met the alleged victim, who later became known as Nick, and on October 24, 2012, Watson rose in the House of Commons to make his now infamous allegation of a historic VIP paedophile ring.”
      This passage especially stands out as wrong. Which leaves me with a dilemma. What can be trusted. The article, in places, resembles something written by someone with an hypothesis that they’re trying to p[rove, Making the facts fit the hypothesis, and perhaps bandwagonning in the hope of selling a book? Who knows?
      You’ll know that I have scant time for these allegations. Perhaps if I could differentiate between what is ‘privileged’ information from an informed source and what is commentary from an uninformed source, I’d be able to take something from it but I can’t.
      2) #PizzaGate.
      Let’s start with the what is wrong. The entire premise that the allegations are based on are without foundation. The supposed code in the Podesta emails looks entirely made up to fit in with their hypothesis and the use of false UK stories, including Hoaxstead, undermines it further.
      However, I’d remind people that John Stingemore and Tony McSweeney were both child abusers who were caught during the police investigation into the equally erroneous Elm Guest House myth.
      Regardless of the stupid way that people have got there or the nonsense allegations that are being used to make the broader conspiracy look more substantial, I’m not so quick to dismiss the allegations against the pizza parlour. Why?
      It isn’t because of the ‘child lover’ symbolism in the logo. Pizza slices are triangular, it can be coincidence, and frankly, if you start looking for such similarities you’ll find them if you look hard enough. Discussing this with a good friend earlier in the week, she jokingly suggested that her mother-in-law must be a ‘boy lover’ because she had a pair of earrings that resembled the symbol.
      No, I won’t immediately dismiss it entirely for a number of reasons. Firstly, there can be absolutely no doubt that the artist who is displayed in the pizza parlour produces work that is 100% CSA related. No doubt whatsoever. They may be innocent reasons for this – she may be a victim herself – but that fact is indisputable.
      Secondly, there is an image from one of the owners of the Parlour social media accounts of a very young boy (about 3yrs) in the arms of an adult male with a yellow bead necklace around both of their heads. The owner had written next to this picture “ChickenLover” – Once again there can be no doubt about what that reference is. Some have suggested that the yellow bead necklace is a paedophile symbol. I don’t know but it really makes no difference because the parlour owner made that connection in the picture not conspiracy theorists.
      There are a few other less certain points, the singer interacting with the audience at the Pizza Parlour for example. The audience suggesting the owner liked boys, and children – Joke?
      The point I’m trying to make is that people are inclined to dismiss everything when there is so much rubbish being cited as ‘proof’. That doesn’t mean that it is all rubbish and that everything should be dismissed out of hand. If investigators did that then Stingemore and McSweeney would never have been caught.


      • “It is because of the ‘child lover’ symbolism in the logo.” Should read ‘It isn’t because of the ‘Child lover’ symbolism in the logo. Can this be corrected please?


        • Gojam, you’ve added 2 + 2 and come up with 5. There is no such thing as a “child lover” symbol… this is conspiratard nonsense. Also “chicken” in homosexual slang does not mean children, it means young men/teenagers. The artwork is very disturbing, granted, but again, that’s not evidence of anything except the artists vision and intent. None of this adds up to satanic babypizza-eating conspiracy of any kind.


          • Hi Pallas. I’m not adding anything to anything and I’m not suggesting that there is a babypizza conspiracy.

            On the rest, you’re wrong – plain and simple. Symbols – wrong. The narrow meaning of ‘Chicken’ you’ve decided to adopt – wrong.


          • @ gojam

            Considering the pizza place actually sells chicken, the poultry derived foodstuff that is, and even sells chicken wings, chicken lover isn’t such a strange reference. Imagine how many Instagram pictures and accounts have been scoured to find that particular smoking gun.

            It is also a music venue and beloved by hipsters and contemporary artists. One person who knows the owner has a painting by an artist who has painted other things that people find disturbing. Perhaps a visit to see Piss Christ and the supposedly blasphemous Chris Ofili is in order for some people who either don’t realise that artists deliberately cause offence, or that offence can be found in the unlikeliest places.

            Anyway, the pizza place has had punk bands. Blow me over with a feather if some people don’t find some punk offensive.

            You might not like the art or musicians, but so what really? I notice people aren’t calling for these artists to be arrested in the main, just someone who knows someone who bought a piece of work that isn’t particularly disturbing by an artist who has made works that the mob don’t like.

            Not convinced in the slightest, but I can smell the burning torches of the Internet horde and hear the metallic noise of sharpening pitchforks.

            These are real people who have had real death threats.

            There are people playing at being pizzagate investigators who previously hounded the people that the Hampstead children named. Not a surprise in the least. Don’t think I haven’t noticed McCann trolls and the Google Hollie Greig lot sucking up to high profile CSA campaigners either. They are a hateful bunch who frankly get their kicks from hurting people. Trauma vampires I call them.

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          • Pallas, the recognition of these symbols and terms come from the FBI’s guidance on investigating this type of crime. I have come across the term ‘cheese pizza’ online for example, it is used by people in some places. Similar to how drug-users have underground terms.


          • So what’s the code if you actually want to order a cheese pizza?! Or does the FBI surveillance software kick in every time someone orders a genuine pizza over the phone? The plot thickens!


        • Gojam is never wrong. He promoted the Elm Guest House List bollocks and its pimp-in-chief Christopher Fay and the Sexaro rubbish and he is best buddies a vile bully currently awaiting trial in London for the stalking of a female journalist. Hows them New Forest Lib Democrats you hang about with Jon, are they worried yet?


      • Gojam, it is my understanding that the work which featured in the pizzeria was by Arrington de Dionyso. They do not appear to relate to CSA. Some people have got these muddled up with Kim Noble (Ria Pratt).

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    • Yes, very welcome article, fair dues to Mail for printing it. I recently attended a talk at the LSE where Jean la Fontaine (among others) talked about the original “satanic panic” …. It was, in hindsight, horrifying. Not for the reasons conspiracy nuts might think though; as with Hoaxtead, seemingly intelligent and educated people completely abandoned any kind of critical thinking and/or common sense with appalling consequences for parents, children, and all the falsely accused.

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      • I’d have great concerns about the veracity of an article from a man who has taken the gender and name of a SRA complainant (not making any judgement on the veracity of her complaints)

        That is creepy. And if others don’t get that – or ignore that, then you’re just as blinkered as those you’re criticising.

        I think the Mail have been taken in. I don’t think this person has had the privileged access to material he/she claims.


        • But we should believe a guy who names himself after a breakfast preserve?

          Shit, it’s also my favourite band, isn’t it. Curses, Professor – you win this round but I’ll be back.

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        • Just to correct myself above. The SRA complainant is Rachel Hopkins and the cross dressing doctor calls himself Rachel Hoskins.

          My mistake – apologies.


        • Hi Gojam! Nice to see ya.

          Thanks for your input.
          I appreciate the reminder, that we must always be open to examining the veracity of new information or new sources of information, because Confirmation Bias is hard-wired into fundamental human thought processes and NO ONE is immune to its influence.

          I’m not endorsing the legitimacy of what The Mail claims Dr Rachel Hoskins has said about specific current cases. I don’t have access to all the information I’d need to have to analyze it myself, obviously. I’m applauding her courage in publicly raising the spectre of SRA fantasy with respect to current cases AT ALL.

          There has been “stuff” between you and other CSA commentators. That’s none of my business, of course, and what follows is intended as a general comment not directed at or to any particular persons.

          No one person can know everything about everything. When people perceive there to be a crisis in their community, they all bring their personal knowledge base and knowledge deficits to whatever effort they might make, toward “doing something” about it.

          People often believe they know more about a subject than they actually, objectively do. For example – during the satanic panic of the 1980’s & early ’90’s, there were many insincere con-artists hard at work spreading misinformation for their own purposes. But there were many more totally sincere persons, also spreading this misinformation, because that was all the information they had access to on that subject. Some of these people didn’t even know there COULD BE other sources of information on the subject.

          A prolific source of misinformation called: “Lt. Larry Jones’ File 18 network” “trained” dozens of professionals from a variety of fields on “Cult & Occult Crime”, supposely. In reality, they just filled their heads with nonsense, but these professionals didn’t know that. We had to be very careful in approaching Larry’s seminar graduates. We were telling them things they’d never heard before, and they were naturally skeptical about US as a source. They sincerely believed that they already knew “the truth”, you see. If we were too aggressive, or pompous, or insulted their own pride, they would end up stubbornly defending their misinformation, just to spite us. And this problem ran in both directions, of course. If you’ve never met a “fundamentalist” Wiccan – well, you don’t want to… Believe me.

          I can only judge what has passed between you and I, Gojam. You’ve never given ME any reason to doubt your sincerity. You’ve been a very important source of accurate info, for me personally. And what only you and I could know, is how courageously frank & honest you’ve been with me in confessing to a lack of knowledge about some things, and how open and receptive you’ve been to the info I’ve shared with you about those things.

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          • Just to be clear JS – I think the SRA allegations against Heath are fantasy and you already know my views on Nick’s allegations – So I can hardly be accused of trying to perpetuate conspiracy theories, and I believe the Podesta pizzagate conspiracy to be politically motivated hogwash.

            My problem with The Mail article is twofold. One it has obvious inaccuracies and two, I think it gives the impression that Nick’s allegations are SRA related and that Nick has been somehow manipulated by therapists into believing that he was abused – I’ve many reasons not to believe this including from sources that I can’t divulge.

            It is as though Dr Richard/Rachel Hoskins has started with an issue that he/she has researched and fitted it with the subject at hand – it may have relevance to the other Heath complainants but not Nick and frankly, it isn’t helpful for the ongoing investigation into him for Perverting the Course of Justice.

            Bravery in publishing it online? Given the image he/she released of her/him sitting up in bed reading today’s paper – I’d suggest self-promotion for a new book.

            As for pizzagate I remember an informed source telling me about the EGH investigation – they went looking for evidence and had Stingemore in their sights already but then the Grafton boys they tracked down kept referring to “the other one, the fat priest”, It started with a fantasy but ended with two genuine abbusers being arrested and charged.

            I’m not making any allegation against anyone, I’m just pointing out that if you have thousands of people searching online and elsewhere – sometimes, something genuine turns up in the midst of the rubbish and the natural inclination is for everyone to either believe everything or dismiss everything.


  4. To their dis-credit Wikileaks jumped the shark with the ridiculous Podesta / Satanic dinner twits which they were actively sending out right up to election day.

    While Assange & Wikileaks claimed they had no Trump leaked emails to release, they became an active partisan player in the US election and it’s a mystery why. Perhaps Assange believes Trump will return the favour in some sort of amnesty as many claim ( but why-he hasn’t been charged with anything in the US?) but I think the opposite will happen.

    Now that Assange is being hailed by the Nazi / Alt Right, KKK and other extremists I think he is more likely to be seen as an annoyance by The Don and the CIA will view him as a “useful idiot” who is no longer of use and who they would rather see disappear.
    # Nigel Farage should take note : once The Don realises he is powerless he just becomes an annoyance who can be dispensed with.

    The blame for these vile attacks upon an innocent pizza parlour, it’s owner and workers lies squarely with Wikileaks : while releasing Clinton emails they exposed the home addresses and phone numbers, and social security details of Democratic Party workers with many receiving death threats. Although the NSA says it was Russia who hacked the emails and we cannot always assume this is truthful, Putin & Russia are celebrating a Trump win. Without a doubt the whole leaked email campaign was a deliberate and carefully planned enterprise to achieve a result and was successful.

    This just shows the hideous Satanic hoax mob for what they are : incapable of original & intelligent thought and forever seeking out anything they think ‘proves’ the horrible darkness in the pits of their minds.

    I still think there is a further plot in play here : eventual control of the internet. The reasons for doing so are being planted. I’ve had discussions with friends (and especially younger post-internet people) who really believe the internet is some sort of uncontrollable entity. The Bush administration had advanced plans drawn up to do just that by imposing expensive financial gates on net providers where the poorest could only access minimal content but they abandoned the plans as too soon and too unpopular. Driving those plans were large media organisations like News Corp who supported Trump.

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    • I’m not sure that I can concur with some of your thoughts on this, but nevertheless, THAT WAS GREAT! Thank you.


    • Also – wikileaks seem to be the only source for the “FBI pedophile symbols” nonsense as espoused by gojam. You would think that important public information about something like that would be on the actual official FBI website… well it isn’t. It’s only on wikileaks and a hundred other CSA hoaxer sites, so I’m calling bullshit on that one.


      • @PA – you will probably find this very disturbing. You should. I do.


        “Police in the United Kingdom are now able to profile pedophiles based on their clothing, tattoos and even the books they read thanks to research compiled by the Texas Rangers. The program teaches officers to identify common traits shared among convicted pedophiles including specific behaviors, choices in clothing and specific items in their possession. The profiling method is being used to help officers identify potential pedophiles earlier so that children will be spared the abuse in the future.
        The Mirror reports that 400 front-line officers have gone through the pedophile identification training. In addition to police officers, 160 public servants such as teachers and doctors have gone through the program as well. The training, called the Intervene to Protect a Child (IPC) program, was designed based off of training developed by the Texas Rangers. The training was created from interviews with known pedophiles and compiling a list of common traits or behaviors in the group”.

        This is remarkably similar to the “training” seminars that Lt. Larry Jones used to charge police officers and other professionals (or their employers) hundreds of dollars to attend, and included “how to identify a satanic crime suspect” type of nonsense. Needless to say, this type of profiling is totally invalid and probably more dangerous than helpful.

        But you may be a bit unfair to anyone who has been exposed to such pedophile identification training, because police officers and other professionals apparently ARE attending such seminars. If you have police sources in your life, and they share such info with you, why wouldn’t you take it at face value? What invalidating sources of info would be available to you? Anything as credible as serving police officers?

        To make matters even more confusing for people, there are tidbits of factual information woven into these pedophile profiling theories. LGBT organizations have logos, and LGBT persons really do sometimes attach such “community pride” symbols to their clothing or possessions. It doesn’t necessarily follow, that pedophiles would or could do this, but the Boychat internet site has used a logo in the past.

        (I’ve never mentioned Boychat, publicly, before. I’ve been avoiding doing so, because I don’t want to attract genuine pedophile apologist to anyone’s site, because I don’t want to publicize its existence to persons with nefarious intentions toward children, and because I know there continue to be active investigations centered on its users)


        • This is the expert right?


          The logo stuff, well it looks to me as if child abusers designed logos that look superficially innocuous and mainstream for their own twisted reasons. It’s a long stretch to say anything else having a slight resemblance to these is also suspect. Thinking of say a UK frozen food manufacturer with a swirly heart type logo. Secret child abusing cannibals?

          At some point all this dot joining becomes ridiculous. I’m all for people acting on concerns, but some people are the curtain twitching neighbours from hell who ring the police when the neighbour they don’t like has an overnight guest telling police the neighbour is running a brothel. A neighbour like that on my street doing this to someone in real life.


          • Yes. This guy:

            “Dr. Michael Bourke, Chief Psychologist for the U.S. Marshals Service Behavioral Analysis Unit (BAU), received an award from the United Kingdom’s Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre (CEOP) in London on May 20, 2009. Dr. Bourke and his colleague, Dr. Andres Hernandez, were recognized for their “outstanding example of research into the behaviors of child sexual offenders.” CEOP is the UK’s primary law enforcement agency in the area of child protection”.

            is presumably the person leading such seminars in the UK. There seems to be some misinformation in that Mirror article (what a surprise!), I think they’ve confused Texas Rangers for the entire US Marshals Service for example. So, the more disturbing profiling ideas such as “typical clothing” or “reading material” might be Reporter fantasies or misrepresentation.

            I think that professionals like Dr Bourke are essential, and he may really be doing heroic work. I’d be surprised if he really was the source of the more hysterical and improbable profiling ideas. The real danger would come from spin-off seminar’s and conferences, where some over-zealous or unscrupulous Joe Child Protection Professional attends Dr Bourke’s lecture and then sets himself up offering similar training seminars “enhanced” by his own fantasies – oops I mean alleged research – or someone else spins off a service from him, etc. This has happened before. Here’s Lyle Rapacki, one of the bogus SRA “experts” who cashed in by such spin-off lecturing during the satanic panic years:



  5. Meanwhile, things are hotting up on the Cullinane conspiracy front and Neelu can rest assured that her crack intelligence team is on the job:

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        • I am afraid such a task is way above my pay grade Spiny.

          It would appear by the hoax mobsters ever confusing “idiot speak” that they are developing a “secret” code whereby the degree of nonsense determines rank within the organisation.Whilst they havent a clue what they are banging on about they wish to ensure that no one else knows what they are banging on about either.If everyone can end up wandering around utterly confused and perplexed then they will feel a little bit more normal.

          Clearly it is all part of a cunning plan to undermine western civilization whilst simultaneously ensuring the ability to remain complete arseholes and ensure no one has to actually do a proper days work or anything useful ever again.

          Someone in the CIA needs to defrost Alan Turing from cryogenic suspension and get to grips with what the fuck they are on about.It could be called operation Cuntwaffle or something.

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          • if we all put our indifferences aside we may be able to come to some consensus as to what Mr Lyndon means.
            The again why bother. It’s like trying to get sense out of a house brick.

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    • Patrick Cullinane was the greatest threat to the New World Order since Worzel Gummidge. The leaders of Islam, Judaism, Satanism, Catholic Church, Shinto, Mormons and Voodoo held a secret conference at a certain church in Hull over delicious local pizza. The local pizza delivery boy was sent to do their deed, death by pizza.

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  6. And meanwhile, over on Angie’s Farcebook page, a real turdfest is going on. She’s put up 13 posts in the last hour! It has been mentioned before that she does this when she’s really angry and upset about something. So that’s good news at least.

    Here’s her most recent offering. Christ knows what it’s about but she’s making less and less sense these days:

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  7. Have APD and Helen Lederer ever been seen in the same room at the same time? I reckon I’m on to something here.

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  8. I think there is a lot of misinformation about Pizzagate, people are reading into every little detail. However, the code used in Podesta’s emails are a little disturbing. He repeatedly uses nouns out of their proper context, and apparently these nouns are related to code used by paedophiles. Like ordering international pizza from Haiti at $65,000, offering to substitute a lack of pizza with ‘walnuts’, renting pizza for an hour etc…
    I cannot equate this with the outlandish Hoaxstead case, I really think that there may be something to it.


    • Do you have a link to support that, Bob? With all due respect, I keep hearing about these mythical emails but have yet to see them. And it all sounds a bit odd to me – a highly secretive organisation with everything to lose are so determined to keep themselves hidden that they use codes in their emails but the most subtle form of code they can think of is “international pizza from Haiti at $65,000”? Sorry, I’m struggling to buy that and need to see these supposed emails first hand.

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  9. Bob, as Justin Sanity says above, we really do not know anything that is verifiable for certain.
    For example, how do we know that the emails are even genuine?
    Even f it can be shown that they are of genuine origin, how do we know that the emails have not been altered afterwards?
    How can you trust Wikileaks for anything. They are about as accountable and transparent as any government.
    How easy is it to start a meme? Flat earth anyone? where did that come from?
    It really shows that a lot of people will believe anything in either the mainstream media or any old shitty blog just because it is claimed.
    Just make it a rule not to believe anything unless you can verify with real evidence. Not the junk in the ‘alternative media’ like Pizza means X Y or Z, therefore guilty or in the so called mainstream like Iraq has those WMDs so let’s go and destroy the country.

    It seems that most ‘news’ is just really entertainment/distraction/titillation of one sort or another for a lot of people.
    Unfortunately, it can be extremely powerful and sometimes it has terrible consequences for many people.

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  10. Speaking of coded messages, I’m intrigued by Neelu’s Lanzarote reference at the end of this Cullinane conspiracy thread! Angie, what HAVE you been up to? 😮


    • “He must be alive hopefully somewhere nice like Lanzarote, where he was found the last time he disappeared.”

      There’s the ‘L’ word again! Angie’s in this conspiracy up to her eyeballs, haha 😀


    • At one point in Neelu’s rant above, she seems to be saying that Cullinane has faked his own death and disappeared by his own choice for the sake of his safety. So why the fuck is she telling the World about it? LOL

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    • All roads lead to Lanzarote, it seems! I’m starting to think that Angie has Patrick locked up in a secret tunnel under her apartment! 😮

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    • Proof that there is no secret service that ‘takes people out’ is the fact this raving lunatic is still with us.

      I shared a house once with 2 undertakers and they often described how difficult is was getting a corpse to look like a photo, the only thing they had to go on, if there was to be an open coffin. They obviously had never seen the person alive – and Neelu seems ignorant as to what happens ind death.
      A person’s muscle structure ceases to be supported and this is very evident in the face where features can ‘relax’ and the deceased can look like slightly altered.
      I experienced this with my own father’s open coffin where he looked oddly different and my mother later said it was because they had brushed his eyebrows the wrong way. That’s quite from the very heavy make-up they use to hide that deathly pallor so a nose may appear to have altered shape.

      If Mr Cullinane could afford to be spirited away to..Lanazarote? or elsewhere why didn’t he just pay his bloody road tax and insurance which seems to be the cause of his current woes.

      You can imagine it can’t you?…having seem Neelu at work outside that church berating cops and demanding judges be lynched..she approaches a Cullinane relative expounding her views that the person they are there to see off (if they didn’t think it was Patrick why turn up ??) and they just mod politely (having heard Patrick had a bunch of pals who were bonkers) which Neelu takes to be confirmation of her theory and she’s off and running.

      The looniest part- why take the Talmudic Terror away to finish him off and then deliver his corpse back to his hone?


      • spelling mistakes etc due to fact my perfect clone replacement provided by MI5 / GCHQ has now been returned to the office so it’s now me a’ranting and a’raving but the fact my desk light blew last night and I’ve been too lazy to replace it may also be a cause.


  11. Neelu in continuing to flog a dead horse whilst causing upset to innocent folk shocker. Talk about confused,in one breath she refers to Patrick in the past tense in the next she suggests he is still mooching about in “somewhere nice like Lanzerote”.Bonkersville city,Arizona or what?

    However within the mishmash of nonsense a rare glint of sanity can be spotted when she reveals:
    “It was like he didnt know himself”.

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  12. Hey Coyote! (waving arms)
    Referring back to some prior conversation…

    So we have these Pizzagate fantasists, spinning an increasingly complex tale of conspiracy, most of which is clearly of their own invention, right? Pretty easy now to poke holes in it all. But what if it all gets subsequently “validated” by a Survivor claimant, who allegedly suffered such extreme abuse at the hands of…The Clinton Network (da-da-da-dum!)…that you’d have to a heartless b*stard to openly cast doubt on his/her tales? Eh? Right?

    Here’s a deliberately absurd parallel, just to take this phenomenon out of the present context for a moment. Let’s say, a terrorism victim who had all their limbs blown off in a terrorist bombing, went on tour lecturing about international terrorist networks. So, if I was to suggest that – as tragic as this person’s life story is – being a victim of a bombing doesn’t automatically confer an expertise in international security matters, and asked to know what subsequent training in the subject this person has received, and from whom…wouldn’t that make me The Supreme Arsehole of All Time? In many people’s eyes, yes it would.

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    • “Being a victim of a bombing doesn’t automatically confer an expertise in international security matters.”

      I think that’s an excellent point, Justin. I would also add that it must be hard for someone with such a painful personal connection to an issue to be objective about it.

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    • You’re right, of course. It would make you look like a major-league arsehole…but you’d also be right.

      Adults who were sexually abused as kids may be considered experts on child sexual abuse, but only on the abuse which happened to them. That is, unless they decide to make use of that experience to become educated (and I mean properly educated, not just have a gander at The Courage to Heal and call it a day) in the subject.


  13. An interesting question from someone’s twitter feed: “How could a criminologist assess the veracity of a witness statement?”. And indeed, in situations where there are no other witness accounts, not even that of the alleged perpetrator, available…how could ANYONE “assess the veracity” of the statement?

    It seems to me from my armchair amateur perspective, that an investigator who had reason to doubt a witness statement under such circumstances, might have two options.

    One would be, a careful examination of the statement for internal inconsistency – the witness said something on Tuesday and directly contradicted that thing on Wednesday – and for external inconsistency – the witness stated the attack took place in “the old church on Maple Street”, but there has never been an old church on Maple Street. Such inconsistency wouldn’t necessary mean the witness was being intentionally untruthful, but they might provide support to other doubts about the validity of the statement.

    Another option would be, to ask someone with expert knowledge of specific circumstances described by the witness, to provide an OPINION about the validity of witness statement.

    Back in the day, I was sometimes asked to provide an assessment of alleged “occult signs & sigils” found at or nearby a crime scene, or to assess the validity of information about alleged “occult signs & sigils” provided in seminar handbooks. I felt confident about doing this, because there are specific, precise, protocols for the construction of a sigil. These protocols are hundreds of years old, and represent the “official” procedure taught to all members of the known historic “occult” organizations. These protocols are not random or arbitrary, they are derived from and consistent with the foundational “system” by which practitioners supposedly gain magical control over natural & supernatural ‘forces’. If they aren’t followed correctly, there will be no “magic”, and that belief is also foundational.

    So, if an alleged sigil wasn’t constructed in this manner, if it doesn’t make sense from the perspective of these protocols, then one of two things must be the case.
    1 – the person who constructed the sigil cannot genuinely be a high ranking member of a real occult organization, because they don’t know about or understand the protocols, or
    2 – the witness isn’t describing something they really did see painted on walls, or tatooed on practitioner’s bodies, over & over throughout a long history of alleged abuse events.

    In my opinion.


  14. The cases were people have died in strange circumstances are extremely rare. This was an infamous case in Australia where 2 government scientists died beside a river in the 1960s after meeting for a sex assignation.
    It became a sensation over the decades with no cause of death being found, wild claims about spies and LSD but there is always an explanation and a credible one was found a few years ago : they were likely poisoned by noxious fumes from a near-by factory, the fumes having gathered in a sort of hollow by the river bank where the 2 were found which also explained the many complaints from near-by residents of a ‘rotten egg’ style smell every now and then. Many people however prefer the mystery,


    • I think its the case of all these agendas. If things are larger than life, pause the firiggin videos. They are.
      So much bullshit. Such as the old Hillary Clinton Email about “Sacrificing a chicken to Moloch in the backyard!”


    • Jesus wept.Hashtag Walls of Jericho?? Hashbag Cuntfwaffle fest more like.

      Seems Angie has decended so deep into her own cesspool of hyperbole that only the most putrescent gas bubbles are escaping these days.


  15. Having had more than a good many comments deleted from the official “Pizzagate” Movie, Sorry, literally every fact, once you pause and take it in, is a pile of steaming shit. As for Gojam. I guess people have agendas to serve.


  16. Screenshot from MKD’s latest video. Gayle sums up the funeral gore hounds nicely here (but then spoils it by reinforcing the conspiracy crap in the final stretch):

    And this is the aforementioned MKD video:


  17. “respected U.S. newspapers like the Washington Post and the New York Times” – LMAO. That alone shows what a shill disinfo site this is. and trying to call pizzagate a farce? wow. I spend a whole 30 seconds on this site until realizing its total shite. I bet you voted to remain in the eu, and hate farage/Trump, and think hillary clinton is an honest old lady dont you. Typical closet homo brits.


    • Running with your “LMAO” motif, Preston, perhaps you could enlighten us all as to YOUR sources. You know, the ones that you’re using to state categorically on public forums on the worldwide web that a family man who runs a pizzeria is a satanic baby-trafficking child rapist. Do please educate us, oh wise one, as well as give us the opportunity to cry “LMAO” too.

      And if you say it’s Alex Jones, David Icke, Before It’s News and/or Reddit, we may just have to insert an ‘F’ into said expression.

      Or is it just that you think Mr. Alefantis looks a bit shifty (his “body language is all wrong”, right?)? So anyway, sources please, Professor…


    • Sooo, Preston, let me get this straight – you’ve made the allegations…but the burden of proof is on us? How does that work, then? Is “guilty until proven innocent” a thing in your backwater? Or is it just you?


    • “I spend a whole 30 seconds on this site until realizing its [sic] total shite.”

      Well, kudos on your amazing research skills, Prof! Woodward & Bernstein eat your fucking hearts out!

      I just hope you spent longer researching your “facts” about “Pizzagate” before besmirching the good name of a pizzeria owner and his family all over the internet.

      And do feel free to provide a more robust analysis of this site. Perhaps you could clarify which specific facts you believe to be “shite” and what your “evidence” is.

      Oh and thank you for completely destroying the myth about Americans being racist homophobic bigots. Oh wait.


    • “Typical closet homo brits.”

      Sooo, Preston’s entire counter-argument is basically: “Everyone from the United Kingdom is gay.” My Pizzagate quest is over – I’ve finally found the brains of the operation!

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  20. the smudgy line starts with the supposed leaked emails within one line where david brock emails invites for partyafter campaign, smudgy line creeps in with a completely new unrelated character through footnotes suggesting that brock pierce and gay pedophile ring in hollywood!! the only connection i could see was the name brock nothing else what has a campaign after party have to do with child sex ring in hollywood is this the sex ring in hollywood hiding under the shadow of fake news from washington. the video clip to strengethen these lies was a clip from an underground art band called heavy breathing doing a birthday bash for there promo agent! i would give up on david brock but i would keep a closer eye on brock pierce and co they were very dodgy indeed (an open secret)


  21. what is this website ?how come your the only ones calling out on the fake news for pizzagate. did you cover any stories on the weak connection of david brock and brock pierce. ive only found this page today, if you havent do you think somebody could i think that it would close the pizzgate arguement but i dont think the brock pierce and co will appreciate the revival of child sex rings in hollywood scandal back into the limelight though it should i feel like theyre trying to slide through the door with the fake news alibi.

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    • Are we really the only ones calling out pizzagate as fake news? I really hope there are more!
      One thing we’ve learned while covering the Hampstead SRA hoax is that it’s almost impossible to convince conspiracy theorists that they’re mistaken in their views—any argument put forward, no matter how concrete or reasonable, is immediately rebutted with “but you would say that—you’re a paedophile enabler, shill, etc.” Or else they come up with some other, even wilder, theory to account for the thing you’ve just told them. It’s really a losing game.

      In our experience, the best thing to do is carry on researching and exposing the hoax and its promoters, and leave the troofers to do their thing. No one sane pays attention to them anyway.

      That said, I think your line of questioning sounds very interesting. We’re not really into pizzagate per se, except as some fools are using it to try to re-invigorate the Hampstead hoax, but we’re sure there are people out there who’d be interested in following up on your leads. It doesn’t surprise me at all that the links between the two people you mention would be very weak. Most troofer arguments are based on very weak premises, built up to look important.


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