Arson confirmed in ‘Pizzagate’ restaurant fire

The fire which broke out Wednesday evening at Comet Ping Pong, the Washington restaurant made famous by online conspiracy theorists in 2016, has been confirmed as arson, according to police and fire officials.

Staff extinguished the fire before fire engines arrived, but subsequent investigation revealed “a box of matches and an open, partially full plastic bottle of lighter fluid on a table”, according to a police report.

The U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives released a photo of a person of interest in the case, described as “a white man between 25 and 30 years-old, who has blonde hair, a mustache and beard and wore a blue and white varsity-style jacket and blue jeans”.

In December 2016, a man inspired by unfounded online rumours of Democrats harbouring child sex slaves in the (non-existent) basement at Comet Ping Pong invaded the busy restaurant armed with two guns. Terrified families and staff were able to leave the restaurant safely. Edgar Maddison Welch is currently serving four years in prison for his actions.

No evidence has been reported linking Wednesday’s arson to Pizzagate or imaginary “child sex slaves”. However, it’s difficult not to jump to conclusions, given past events.

And at least one report of the alleged arsonist’s actions does seem to lend credence to suspicions that his actions were motivated by Pizzagate.

According to ABC News,

A restaurant employee told ABC7 News that the unknown man bought three beers, paid with a credit card, and tipped more than 20 percent.

He then allegedly set that curtain on fire, and left behind a diaper and baby food, seemingly nodding to a debunked conspiracy theory linking Comet to a child sex ring led by Hillary Clinton.

According to the Washington Post,

D.C. police said that about two hours before the fire, a restaurant employee reported receiving several prank calls from a woman. A police report did not detail what the woman had said.

Alefantis said that the restaurant routinely gets crank calls and that the policy is to report all of them to police.

Whether the arson was linked to Pizzagate or not, though, the fact that we are even thinking in that direction serves as a grim reminder that online conspiracy theories can lead to real-world consequences.

31 thoughts on “Arson confirmed in ‘Pizzagate’ restaurant fire

  1. Oh dear. What can you do about low intelligence unable to comprehend facts? You simply can’t change a lack of mental capacity…

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    • I wonder if it is indeed a question of intelligence….I think it’s more down to a form of personality disorder and a skewed brain being vulnerable to indoctrination because their groomers have appealed to their ego and vanity and are successfully exploiting individuals’ disconnect from real life.

      We should have IQ tests done on all those conspiracy theorists who commit these kinds of crimes because they believe they’ve been called to take action…as well as psychiatric assessments of course, where I believe IQ tests form a part in results anyway.

      I shouldn’t stereotype people from the US, especially negatively, but they are known for being extremely gullible….which is handy if you come from a country whose main industries are farming and tourism.


      • America is a big country. Even if they are no more gullible than other countries, the size of the population means the sheer numbers of extremely gullible people will be larger.


    • True Lucca, I suppose we’re all susceptible to domineering personälities to varying degrees in the right circumstances.

      I read that tweet of GO’D’s btw….loved the responses – 700 of ’em!


      • Yes, so many people I think want to believe all the bulls. Whether it’s frustration with their own lives, a hope as in Devine & Wanoa’s crap for a better life or get rich quick scheme, I don’t know.

        Those responses were hilarious, all tongue in cheek of course but she had a hissy fit following them all. 😁😂👏


  2. Off topic, but can anybody make sense of this:

    Andy Devine Andy Devine Andrew Devine Andrew Devine

    What’s in The Flags and Why are They So Important ? Why is it a Fiction cannot remove a Fiction and Why is it the Fiction will try it’s best to cover up the Facts?? Why is it only the Facts will remove the Fiction??

    Really scratching my head here, wondering if he is pissed or something!

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      • Andies found a freeman on the land/sovereign citizen site….
        The flags is the whole ‘trimmed with gold lace means its a an ‘admiralty court’ and as they are freeman on the ‘land’ the rules don’t apply to them because ‘reasons’ (some go to incredible contortions to get that your birth certificate is actually your ‘berth certificate’ in an admiralty court- I have actually seen that being argued lol)
        The fiction sounds like the whole fictitious name garbage ANDY isn’t Andy and andy is different again, haven’t seen any for a while but Andy of the family Devine would have been popular a few years ago, it seems to have dropped off their radar so to speak
        (giggles radar, ships, geddit lol)

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          • I’ve seen that one before, and yeah the leadup is classic- poor guy from the court is both exasperated and more than a little bemused….
            And ends in the predictable way whenever FOTL’s/ sovcits are involved…..

            I love the sounds of tasers in the morning….

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      • I think he should donate his body to medical science when he passes so that students can examine his brain, it has to be wired wrong!


    • A lot of it has to do with the “Cestui Que Vie” Act of 1666: “An Act for Redresse of Inconveniencies by want of Proofe of the Deceases of Persons beyond the Seas or absenting themselves, upon whose Lives Estates doe depend”.
      As I read it, it allows a person who has been overseas for more than seven years to be declared legally dead for purposes of inheritance. This would mean that if you disappeared for longer than seven years without trace your family could inherit your estate. In times when long distance communications were difficult it seems very sensible, and you could stop it having any effect by writing home at least once every seven years to prove you were still alive.
      Sov-Cits and the like have a very weird interpretation of this act of parliament. They think it declares ALL people to be overseas (hence the references to Admiralty law) and legally dead. Mainly it just proves that they are very poor at interpreting historical documents.

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  3. Noticed on Friday that our recently very quiet hoaxer Tracey Morris is in court this week -again – for driving without a licence while disqualified and taking and driving away a car without the owner’s permission, this was after already being convicted of similar charges last year. Must be tough being a leading campaigner for social justice and all that, while having to take the bus everywhere.

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  4. Just to let commenters know: for legal reasons we cannot discuss publicly, we’re having to bar comments on a couple of Hampstead hoax-related individuals of late. If you’re concerned that one of your comments hasn’t shown up, please feel free to contact me by email (or use the “Contact Us” box). I’m sorry for any inconvenience.


    • That’s one thing I don’t get- (I still haven’t figured out who we aren’t supposed to not talk about yet)- I know the whole privacy and trial thing, but having to find out by having posts deleted until each individual person here ‘figures it out themselves’ really makes no sense to me, after a while each person ‘gets the hint’ and stops talking about who ever it is, thus identifying them to the people in the know anyway. To me that is the whole ‘screwed up legal system’ thing- how can we as a group not talk about someone unless we know who we aren’t supposed to not talk about…..

      my brain hurtz now….


      • Oh, believe me, I feel exactly the same way. If it were up to me, I would write a post about the persons involved, explain the situation, and move on. However, I’ve been informed that anything we write here could have an impact on pending charges, and thus this ridiculous guessing game.

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  5. I’m actually scared to post links to anything from any of the nutters anymore in case I inadvertently miss any mention of certain people.


  6. Setting fire to a building where you think children are locked in the basement isn’t the brightest way of helping them.

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