Wiltshire police force at the tipping point

A leading criminologist has recommended that Wiltshire police should immediately terminate its investigation into “pernicious” claims of satanic ritual abuse, according to news reports yesterday. Dr Rachel Hoskins is an expert in ritual sacrifice, and was asked by detectives to examine claims made against former Prime Minister Edward Heath and others in Operation Conifer. On Sunday, Dr Hoskins called some of the evidence being examined by Wiltshire police “fantastical”, and a “catalogue of fabrication”.

The force has not yet terminated Operation Conifer, which was launched in August 2015 with a team of 21 officers and staff, and has already cost £700,000. The operation has resulted in just two arrests.

However, according to The Telegraph, “A source close to the investigation said there was growing unease over the mounting cost and a desperation to avoid the mistakes Scotland Yard made during Operation Midland”.

A spokesman for the force’s Police and Crime Commissioner, Angus McPherson, has said that the force might need to apply for funding from the Home Office to continue the investigation, but no decision has been taken yet, and considering the fallout from the disastrous Operation Midland, such a move seems less and less likely.

Meanwhile Dr Hoskins has gone public with her findings, expressing concern that her conclusions might go unheeded. According to The Guardian:

(Dr Hoskins) wrote: “I have exposed a catalogue of fabrication at the heart of two major inquiries. Worse still, Operation Conifer ploughs ahead. People remain accused of things that simply never happened. Wiltshire Police insist that not all their evidence is based on claims of ritual abuse. We will see. But those cases that are based on this pernicious fallacy must be closed immediately.” …

Hoskins said she was taking the unusual step of disclosing her findings because she was concerned the police do not want to hear what she has said and will not pass her report on to senior MPs on the home affairs select committee, or the accused.

Where does this leave Angie?

Given the precarious status of Operation Conifer, we are led to wonder: what has happened to the story Angela Power-Disney spun for the Wiltshire police?

You might recall that she claims to have gone to that force in September 2015 to report her allegations that she was a “survivor from the ‘Child Hunts’ in the 1950s, near Rudloe Manor”.

According to Miles Johnston, who interviewed her for his Bases 40-something-or-other series of videos, “This was when children were released into the forest and countryside to be hunted down by the ETs at the British Alien Bases here in Wiltshire. They were hunted for Sport”.

To refresh your memory, here’s MKD’s take on Angela’s tale:

(As an aside: Let’s not forget that Angie is only in her late 50s now; had there been “child hunts” in the 1950s, she would have been three years old at the most. But perhaps she was a particularly good sprinter in those days; one assumes she hadn’t yet taken up smoking.)

To be fair, Angie’s story of being hunted by aliens must have made a nice change for Wiltshire officers worn out by tales of Satanic cult abuse. We wonder whether they had to hire another expert, this one with a firm grounding in ‘ET abuse’, to deal with the special demands of Angie’s case?

And most important, we wonder what Police and Crime Commissioner McPherson would make of her story, should he run across it. We’d be willing to hazard a guess that he won’t be turning to the Home Office for funding to continue the search for evidence of alien activity in the vicinity of Rudloe Manor.


Angela Power-Disney and Miles Johnston, back when they were on speaking terms.

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  1. Oh Christ, how many conspiracies can the troofers cope with in one go? Cullinane, Hoaxtead, Pizzagate, Wiltshiregate…and now that incredibly reliable and not at all unhinged ‘investigator’ Bridget ‘Biddy Baboon’ Yorke is back to rake up the Max Spiers crap again:

    (Well, to be fair, someone else made the video but Bridget has decided to upload it to her own channel without crediting the original maker. But sorry, Biddy, the deep male voice of the narrator is a dead giveaway.)

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  2. It’s all part of an alien plot to steal our dictionaries, you know…

    “Bases 43 Angela Power-Disney Witness Interviwed [sic] by Miles Johnston

    Angela Power Disney was one of the survivors of a child hunt, when released to run for her life as very young child, so the Reptilians at a Wiltshire base could have the joy of the ‘hunt’ Co-Investigation [sic] by Cathi Morgan.

    Angela’s sister has just been murdered, and the matter is in the hands of the Wiltshire Police. Irish Republicanism meets the RAF, pedofiles [sic], nonhumans [sic], and Jimmie [sic] Saville [sic] is this as well.

    Bases in Ireland continues with the detailed discussion with Cathi Morgan and Angela Power-Disney, getting down to the ‘arrangement’ at the end of WW2, with the German pysch [sic] scientists coming to Britain and Ireland. MK-Ultra and the various suster [sic] programs are further discussed.

    Angela is a survivor of the ‘alien child hunts’ in the Wiltshire Bases. Details of the mind control centre for Northern Ireland, north [sic] Salisbury, Old Sarem [sic], are one of the subjects raised in this very intense researcher’s series.

    Angela and Cathi dive [sic] down into [sic] the [sic] Rudloe Manor and other RAF base issues. Rudloe now a civilian site.. but all those years ago, the children were hunted.

    Considerable detail, so once again pay attention, there is great deal of fine information, with massive implications.

    Angela’s witness testimony continues in this final part recorded in Ireland, with co investigator [sic] Cathi Morgan. This has already prompted more witnesses to come forward, which we hope to have as a future Bases witness. Part 6 is a May update, and has important news about family members of Angela’s, for police use.”


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    • Angie and Cathi dive down into Rudloe Manor? Is Rudloe Manor buried under the sea, then, in a ‘lost city of Atlantis’ stylee? Exciting stuff!

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    • ” Angela’s witness testimony” has to be one of the silliest Survivor claimant narratives I’ve ever heard! It’s inconceivable to me, that ANYONE could sincerely believe this was true, that it is reality.
      I’ve long suspected that conspiranoids only pretend to believe each other, a lot of the time. An unspoken agreement between them: “I’ll pretend to believe your BS, if you pretend to believe mine”.

      This was the first time I’ve heard about her story, but what immediately came to mind was “The Most Dangerous Game” aka “The Hounds of Zaroff”, a short story and subsequently a movie from the pre-WW2 era. Every person in Angela’s age group, who was raised in North America, would have read that story in their primary or secondary schools’s mandatory literature curriculum. Can’t say about the UK though.


  3. “Published on Mar 16, 2016
    Bristol & Avon Police, together with Wiltshire Police are investigating my report of a MILITARY PAEDOPHILE RING & NO CONSENT MEDICAL ‘TRIALS’ particularly on children of military parents, who along with children in care homes, psychiatric patients , prisoners and the homeless were used (and still ARE) as ‘supply’ to carry on ‘Nazi’ RESEARCH into TRAUMA BASED MIND CONTROL”

    By the way, is it just me or does she sound like she’s been drinking in this one?

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    • At 7:11 Miles Johnston appears to be blaming it all on “time-travelling Nazis”. I’m not imagining that, am I?

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      • Mock these brave researchers & whistle blowers at your peril.
        It’s well known that the Nazis established a huge base on the far side of the Moon where Herr Hitler decamped to after the war and here is the proof.
        You will note in the bottom photo he is greeting the Intergalactic Ambassador from the Triangulum Galaxy (soon the be renamed Cullinane Galaxy), the Crown Princess Ved as she dropped by on her way to Earth and before she inhabited the body of a simple but deranged London housewife Neelu Berry hoping to be confused as an average Earthling which just shows how up to par Triangulum research is.

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        • Exactly Sam.Anyone “in the know” is fully aware that the moon is merely an illuminated pizza base with a delicious cheesy topping where intergalactic wanderers satisfy their munchie cravings after a few down at the Andromeda Arms before eventually staggering home sideways and getting another earful off the missus.

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          • Pizza? It’s made of pizza? And you dare to question Angela Power-Disney’s exposure of PizzaGate,


  4. The most interesting paragraph and the one that makes you think “What is going on???”:

    “Hoskins said she was taking the unusual step of disclosing her findings because she was concerned the police do not want to hear what she has said and will not pass her report on to senior MPs on the home affairs select committee, or the accused.”

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  5. It makes you wonder if the police know how to use Google and YouTube.

    I think a bit on how to spot and then do a search for nut-jobs should be a compulsory part of their investigation technique training. The police have been badgered into believing without question any accusation no matter how bizarre and this is the fallout.


    • What you should be questioning is how seriously the police actually take Google, Youtube, Facebook or and of the various forums and discussion boards that exist on this type of subject. And then give some thought as to whether the police see these things as the blowing of smoke and the glinting of mirrors. Ask yourself then if the police are actually looking at something other than the playground bunfights that seem to surround these cases? Possibly they’re less distracted than they seem? Perhaps Dr Hoskins should know better or has been misreported?

      Just because the whole SRA thing is an idiotically childish crock of shit, it doesn’t mean there aren’t grubby little men in the background abusing children right left and centre. If the police “seem” distracted then possibly that is for the purpose of creating a false sense of security among their quarry.

      – Just a thought.


        • Indeed like when the devout Christian and Nottinghamshire assistant Director of Social Services, Andy Croall who supported the nonsense SRA stuff there had to resign for comments he made about God and SRA.

          Christian fundamentalists are all over the place so it’s no surprise that the police would possibly have plenty of them too pushing this Satanism crap.


      • You are giving the police far too much credit. They have been criticised for not closing down investigations when it is clearly nutters making the accusations.


      • Absolutely, Basil—there are definitely child molesters out there, and that’s where the police should be focussing their energies. However, when nutters like Angie come in and waste police time with fairy stories of how they were hunted by aliens prior to having been born, it only distracts from the time and energy that ought to be going into pursuing real child abusers.

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  6. “she would have been three years old……one assumes she hadn’t yet taken up smoking….”

    You’ll never learn EC, you can’t be that naive? 🙂

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  7. Angela is a LIAR.

    She needs to back her claims and she can’t.

    I don’t believe a word of it.

    Angela jumps on any bandwagon going that she thinks puts her in the limelight.

    It’s some kind of competition with her against others that are actually telling the truth.

    She always has to try and be the “biggest and the best”.

    Total fabrication.

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    • I’m only a few minutes in and I’ve already lost the will to live. It was her utter bullshit claim that she’s received “literally hundreds upon hundreds” of messages from Cullinane supporters in the last few days that set me off. Then she said she’s having nutty Nina on next week’s show. Then she announced that she’s having Chris Spivey on soon too and I think it’s at that point that I decided to kill myself. Beachy Head here I come…

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      • Spiny, I want you to know that your demise will be thoroughly investigated. I will be taking photos of your nose and showing them to your family and Mik will be phoning the Beachy Head information centre live on air. We will leave no stone unturned!

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        • I have spent the last 6 hours harrassing the receptionist at the Beachy Head visitor and countryside center to get her to erect bouncy castles along the entire coast line but she refuses to budge.I have this all recorded utilizing state of the art wax cylinders and will be releasing these tuesday week.

          The good news is Maurice Kirk has agreed to patrol the coastline from Beachy Head to Selsey Bill if we can arrange a supply of yellow string and a compass that works a bit.

          The billion supporters of the save our Spiny campaign will not take this lying down I can tell you.Just off for a little lie down.

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    • Agree Hols.Angie is ever on the hunt to show that Angie has done more of everything than anyone.I am no psychologist but I believe this extreme oneupmanship is the classic characteristic of narcissistic personality disorder. APD is NPD 🙂

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    • Oh Christ, is she doing that again, OH? She does that a lot. A guest mentions they’ve had, say, leukemia – and she’s straight in with, “Hey, I’ve had that too.”

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  8. Angie: “there is PHENOMENAL amounts of evidence that Patricks has been disappeared”.Hmm
    Patricks sister Katleen had previously got Patrick sectioned apparently after ending up in Lanzerote, not overly surprised really.

    The strange goings on with Patrick the fillum…its all there I tells ya.

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    • Usual old budding Sherlocks shoehorning dots to confirm their collective bias that Patrick has been subject to some high level machinations because he was about to blow the lid off everything.They should try bingo or something.

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    • There is a pizza parlour in Hampstead ergo, this means Washington “pizzagate” is true and linked to Hilary Clinton.
      Difficult to know what level of madness these conspiraloons are at but I guess with sad old “Operation Death Eaters” who is some nutter in his Grandmother’s basement desperately trying to imply he is part of Anonymous or Wikileaks and has told by Granny he’s still not allowed upstairs until he cleans his room.

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  9. I am far from sold on the day of judgement thingy but in event such a weighing up of ones life were to take place these clowns are well screwed.

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    • Angie needs to memorise—and then practice—this:

      5 And when thou prayest, thou shalt not be as the hypocrites are: for they love to pray standing in the synagogues and in the corners of the streets, that they may be seen of men. Verily I say unto you, They have their reward.
      6 But thou, when thou prayest, enter into thy closet, and when thou hast shut thy door, pray to thy Father which is in secret; and thy Father which seeth in secret shall reward thee openly.
      7 But when ye pray, use not vain repetitions, as the heathen do: for they think that they shall be heard for their much speaking.
      8 Be not ye therefore like unto them: for your Father knoweth what things ye have need of, before ye ask him.

      If Jesus were here today, he might be a bit more succinct: “STFU, Angie. Srsly.”

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      • Sage advice EC but Angie revealing a smidge of sincerity or genuine remorse of conscience are about as likely as her hanging up her begging bowl and doing a proper days work.

        On the subject of begging bowls,a whip round to acquire a job lot of helium filled blow up dolls and release them outside Angies Lanzerote hideout seems a worthy cause.It would piss her right off thinking she had missed the boat.Muhahahaha.

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  10. LOL, Angie still keeps referring to Andy Peacher’s radio station as “Truth Frequency Radio” (a completely different station). He must be so grateful for her support 😀

    Pssst – Angie…

    Andy Peacher = Blog Talk Radio & Freedom Talk Radio

    Kev Baker & Chris Everard = Truth Frequency Radio


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  11. APD lives in a Bond movie parallel universe …
    “Max Spiers was killed when he was trying to give me intel’.”

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    • Yes she is soon to star in the new Bond flick ‘Dr. No Will See You Now’ where Angie stars as the legendary master spy for Smersh, Miss Cuntwaffle.

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  12. OK, those of you who are peeing your pants go stand on the left; and those of you who can answer Banksy’s questions and help him with his jigsaw go stand on the right. Le’ts do this thing right, people.

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    • This crowd are so so ready to absorb any old shit they are like a giant shit sponge.If someone suggested there is a rumour going around that Patrick has only pretended to pop his clogs so he can infiltrate santas grotto to “blow the lid” off corrupt toy allocation practices they would soak it up hook,line and sinker and CCN would do an xmas special exclusive on it.

      “Ejits within ejits”. Paddy IX verse 12:3 Cuntwafflers bible(unpublished)

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  13. Hopeless Girl is back with her free energy machine scam and a new accomplice:

    “The machine’s been constantly running for days and days.”

    Yeah, right.

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    • The paid the bill and the electricity supply has been restored.
      Crafty Hopeless Girl thinks that while everybody is occupied Waiting For Patrick Cullinane , she can shift a few shares in her scam machine.

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  14. The notorious serial killer Angela Power-Disney is back to tell us all that she is NOT a murderer. And she has the Bible passages to prove it!

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    • I found the Psalm and bizarrely Angie gets a mention:

      1 LORD, do not rebuke me in your anger or discipline me in your wrath.
      2 Have mercy on me, for my bones are in agony.
      3 My soul is in deep anguish. How long, LORD, how long?
      4 Turn, LORD, and deliver me; save me because of your unfailing love and press the donate button.
      5 Among the dead (Patrick Cullinane) no one proclaims your name. Who praises you from the grave?
      6 I am worn out from my groaning. All night long I flood my bed with weeping and drench my couch with tears (yuk !)
      7 And the LORD heard Cuntwaffle’s cry for mercy and said “blessed are the meek but not you Angie as NOT blessed are the sociopaths as Cullinane is with me and told of your wicked ways”

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  15. I say hurrah for Hoskins and speaking out! In these times of fake news and false accusations we need a force that puts fact not fiction at the heart of their investigations.

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  16. norfolk is also a huge satanic ritual area – hence why the queen has her second home there (the main oen being balmoral in scotland). All of their slaves (the sex slaves, the media lackeys, the masons,etc) are all placed in london – hence why london is the most surveilled place on the planet, and was the main place to want to remain in the EU (where their laws override local UK laws of what constitutes ‘corruption/crime’)


    • That video title is totally misleading. It’s just another troofer twat banging on about how the crescent moon symbol in the Comet Ping Pong logo proves that Alefantis is a satanic paedophile and that Miley Cyrus and Katy Perry must be evil Satanists because they like pizza, etc. etc. blah blah cuntwaffle. He then goes on to list various children’s movies that have pizza in them, as proof that Hollywood is doing its best to promote Satanism. I swear I didn’t make that up. Check it out for yourselves:

      Why he’s put this up and called it an interview with Alefantis is anybody’s guess. But the point is it proves that Angela does not view her sources. Here she is blatantly pretending to have watched a video when she clearly hasn’t even clicked on the bloody link! Her mate Andy Peacher over at…er…Truth Frequency Radio (LOL) must be so proud of her!

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