Hoaxtead mobsters and fake news: The perfect match

“Fake news” has been in the headlines for the past week and a half, when it was revealed that fake news stories shared on Facebook and Twitter might have contributed significantly to Donald Trump’s election win. Of course fake news sites are nothing new, but during the election campaign they took on a particular significance, as Trump and his team shared stories that tapped into the anger many Americans were already feeling.

According to Paul Horner, impresario of a fake news empire that relies on Facebook shares, “Honestly, people are definitely dumber. They just keep passing stuff around. Nobody fact-checks anything anymore — I mean, that’s how Trump got elected. He just said whatever he wanted, and people believed everything, and when the things he said turned out not to be true, people didn’t care because they’d already accepted it. It’s real scary. I’ve never seen anything like it”.


And that, dear readers, is where the fruitcake brigade of Hoaxtead promoters comes in.

Take the bizarre emerging conspiracy theory known as “Pizzagate”, for example (and not just because of the ubiquitous yet deplorable habit of tacking the word “-gate” onto any random word to turn it into—gasp!—yet another scandal).

In a nutshell, “Pizzagate” refers to the conspiraloons’ belief that Hillary Clinton and her former campaign manager John Podesta are part of a paedophile ring that operates out of a popular D.C. pizzeria called “Planet Ping Pong”. A Reddit user named DumbScribblyUnctious wrote a 4,700-word essay detailing his belief that references to pizza in some of Podesta’s emails were in fact sinister coded messages about paedophilia. (Dun-dun-DUN….)

Because of course they were.

The Conservative Daily Post, a notorious fake news site that has published stories like “Obama Declares His Family Will Move to Canada if Trump Elected”, latched onto the “Pizzagate” story and ran with it…and gullible morons like Kristie Sue Costa and Angela Power-Disney were all over it in a heartbeat.

apd-fake-news-4chan-pizzagate-2016-11-18Anyone who has been on the internet longer than about five minutes will recognise the stupidity of alleging that the neck-bearded basement dwellers on 4Chan were able to uncover anything in the real world, but that didn’t stop Angie from labelling this fake news story “CRUCIAL”.

kristie-sue-costa-pizzagate-2016-11-18The authors of this gem, shared by Kristie Sue, don’t even really believe the story themselves: “Though evidence presented may be circumstantial and unconvincing when examined individually and without context….” Um, yeah. Keep digging.

In other words, “We’re just repeating this bullshite because we’re jumping on the ‘I hate Hillary Clinton’ bandwagon. All aboard!”

Of course we all know why Angie and Kristie Sue are so enamoured of this dreck: to them, a conspiracy theory about a pizza parlour in Washington, D.C. completely validates their own conspiracy theory about a ritual abuse cult in Hampstead, London. The ultimate looking-glass moment: when one fake news story is used to “prove” the validity of another. We live in strange and troubling times.

Amusingly, fake news entrepreneur Alex Jones has woken up and smelled the coffee too: his hilarious response to this new public awareness of fake news is to try to debunk the debunkers:

apd-fake-news-alex-jones-2016-11-18In Alex’s not at all hysterical opinion, “‘Fake news’ hysteria is a trojan horse for censorship of conservative opinions”. Uh-huh.

More like “Oh sweet Jesus they’re onto me, where can I hide my money?”

And Angie, whose Facebook timeline is positively littered with rubbish like this, nods and shares, nods and shares.

A glimmer of hope

Following a Buzzfeed analysis this week which concluded that fake news stories about the U.S. election created more engagement on Facebook than the combined top election stories from 19 major news outlets, fake news has started to make headlines as a force to be reckoned with.

And Facebook has been shamed into paying attention: they are saying they’ll be more serious about listening when people flag fake news sites, in an effort to keep fake news out of the Facebook algorithm.

Well, more or less. As we all know, Facebook is notorious for rejecting complaints, so it’ll be interesting to see whether they respond more quickly to complaints about fake news than to complaints about, say, targetted harassment. We recommend that you not hold your breath.


91 thoughts on “Hoaxtead mobsters and fake news: The perfect match

  1. Excellent analysis as always, EC!

    One small thing – ‘This is a fake news story’ isn’t a new reporting category on Facebook – it’s been there as far back as I can remember.

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  2. “10 seconds of research”

    Aha, I think I’ve found the root of the ‘fake news’ phenomenon!

    Seriously, how is it even medically possible to be this stupid? Anyone?

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  3. More evidence of the lies and deception of the new Holder of the Hampstead Flame, the appalling sociopath Angela Power-Disney.

    I’ve been connected to the media most of my life as a contributor, pr and promotions person, numerous occupations on films (many pretty lowly like as a gofer- at least for a couple of huge stars) columnist for a top European magazine and so on. It’s taken me all over the world at times (usually at someone elses expense).

    The old days of Fleet Street really were terrific fun. Money was no object and if you could provide a tale that filled a good space you could live off one payment for a week. I’m not ashamed to confess I invented ridiculous tales when in publicity, for some big names and nabbed a few front pages. But they were harmless.

    I and an associate once created a tale about a flagging ( high camp) movie after we watched it a cheap movie house in Times Square and went back to a bar in the Waldorf Astoria, got roaring drunk and my pal filed it in the Daily Express which he worked for at the time.

    The tale swept around the world and became front page news and the film became a hit and the poor well known female star who had been frozen out of Hollywood (because of the film’s subject matter) found herself in demand again. We know because the producer tracked us down in London and took us to an expensive lunch as a thank you.

    My long-winded point is this : most of the hacks working on British tabloids know that half the stuff they publish is just bullshit. They go along for the ride and so do their editors. Anyone who has worked on or around UK newspapers especially knows this.

    Of course that has now become very dangerous since the false information that led to the invasion of Iraq..a result of a gradual build up of a culture that printed exaggerations, skewered the truth or just published provable lies. Tabloid writers now work in a fearful atmosphere not knowing when the chop will come. They will print the bullshit their editors order them to.

    And that is how we know Angela Power-Disney probably hasn’t got a clue where Fleet Street is let alone the newer locations of today’s newspapers and lies outrageously with her claims that she was a ‘journalist’.
    It is bunkum and bullshit. She would be unable to point to even one tiny article in a local newspaper to disprove this (I can find my contributions, real or not from as far back as the late 1970s on the net)

    And all newspapers writers today have known about false news sites for years, certainly since the rise of the internet. They can be shameless and nick a tidbit here and there (The MailOnline is a repeat offender) but Power-Disney’s Facebook timeline as a series of links and posts taken from the worst of the world’s fake news sites. Her own timeline is proof of her fabrications and lies. Her claims to be an ‘investigator’ are as vapid as her shallow thinking.

    She is a phony and a fraud and her net ramblings expose her every time. She is also a dangerous and vindictive narcissist who is blind to the new theme today where Black is indeed White : she sets out to destroy innocent children and parents while falsely claiming to be a ‘whistle-blower’…apparently posting links on Facebook to nasty right-wing false ‘news’ websites classifies you as a ‘whistle-blower’ in their vicious world.

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  4. I see that someone has tried to revive the infamous Icke forum Hampstead thread with some suggested link to this, not that I can make sense of it.

    Funny how these “awake” people follow these fake news stories like ‘sheeple”, best go back to sleep I reckon.

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  5. Some choice quotes from Angie’s latest ‘Shitting Rainbows’ broadcast:

    “The more pressure that’s put on me, the more I go to my ‘fuck it’ place.”

    “Trolling is trolling and when it’s from GCHQ-paid lackeys or disaffected cult members whose lives are on the line if they can’t put a lid on the truth…”

    “I only go to the beach twice or three times a week max.”

    “I rode my horse from Warwick to Bradford-on-Avon.”


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  6. I believe a couple of years ago, the great faker, Sonia Poulton, also did a fake story the the Daily Express about the great Paedo ring in the Houses of Parliament. She obviously did no research, she really wanted it to be true. It just so happened a week or so before writing this garbage, she had spent the afternoon in the pub with Bill Maloney and his lovely wife. Other fake stories that came about through this other so called true story was the fact that, Buck House, and the Houses of Parliament are going under refurbishment, not because they are very old and crumbling, but to get rid of DNA because dreadful paedo rings existed in both places.

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  7. I try to restrain myself from personal abuse. How attractive I think people look is of no consequence – but Angie for goodness sake. Those videos of yourself drinking from the bottle – you don’t look hip or bohemian -you look like someone who lives in a skip in a back alley!

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  8. You only have to look at the comments related to obvious fake satire stories to see how gullible some people are. There are always a few that can’t tell it is a joke, no matter how ridiculous the story is.

    The Pizzagate rubbish demonstrates just how obsessed the conspiracy crowd have become and reflects a worrying state of mind. What sort of mind can read child sexual abuse into everything?

    Every email, painting, turn of phrase, symbol and image. It reminds me of the people that obsessively go through Disney movies…etc looking for sexual images. It’s the minds of those people I am most worried about, rather than artists such as Biljana Djurdjevic and Marina Abramovic. Sadly they have even linked it to Maddie McCann.

    I’d be surprised if Angie actually reads half the stuff she links to. I get the feeling she just reads the headline and hits ‘share’. I was less surprised by the audio of her bullying her father. At least he can see through her like the rest of us can. Describing her as a ‘manipulator’…oh so true.

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  9. She also put a fake story out on Sky News saying she was sexually abused on line. Also not true. I wouldn’t worry about warning her about anything. Her and her boyfriend are both worth giving a wide birth, they are both as bad as each other.

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  10. Let’s not forget what a sordid and debauched shower of over privileged misfits the Bohemians actually were/are. I found the delightful Ms Coren-Mitchell’s piece on the subject (received via the old Televisor a night or two past) quite amusing. I came away thinking the reality here is that there is only a fag-paper’s thickness between a Bohemian and any other stumbling drunk/drug addict/pervert/parasite. In this respect APD’s undignified display seems quite in keeping.

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  11. I recall many years ago an initiative to make us all sit something called the European Computer Driving Licence. This was a series of tasks that largely succeeded in insulting the intelligence of those who actually had good reason to be using computers – and providing the terminally-stupid (who were probably not safe to own a Biro) with just enough knowledge to be dangerous. Obviously this was a very bad idea!

    “What sort of mind can read child sexual abuse into everything?”

    A deviant one that fantasises about such things and sees it in itself. – It’s much like homophobia in this regard. i.e. the mind railing against something within itself.

    “Every email, painting, turn of phrase, symbol and image. It reminds me of the people that obsessively go through Disney movies…etc looking for sexual images. ”

    Again, in this context it is a glimpse into of the workings of a sick mind. Why do so many homophobes seek out ‘muscle magazines’ or (these days) have pictures made of themselves striking ‘hardman’ poses? Simply, they seek access to the forbidden fruit in a “safe way” and project (what is perceived as such in their minds) the “guilty thought” onto someone or something else. They are simply trying to justify their own demons. – The redoubtable Quentin Crisp had some interesting perspective on this.

    Most rational people view the world in rational ways. For the most part c’est ce qu’il semble after all; and admittedly this can be a a little disappointing and boring. But the deviant mind is (almost by definition) broken and sees the world through a distorting glass of its own design and manufacture. There are a number of reasons why.

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  12. Fair point, though I would hesitate to use VCM as a reliable source, simply because I’ve witnessed her making some quite ignorant statements at times and being quite insistent despite her facts being wrong.

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  13. Not exactly a source. I watched the programme because it touches on an area of professional interest and I had some prior knowledge to go on. I simply found her amusing in her presentation.

    I’m afraid a great number of our past notables were absolute vermin that any sane normal person would not let past the front gate. That’s history for you – written by the victors apparently. More likely those with the most money and the loudest voices.

    Some things don’t change. 😦

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  14. With all due respect, as a basic computer literacy course the EDCL is of great benefit to low ability SEN kids. I wouldn’t describe my students as “terminally stupid”, though – they mostly just have literacy difficulties, moderate learning difficulties or specific learning difficulties (such as dyslexia) and would struggle with the written coursework on the GCSE course. Hence, ECDL forms a valid part of the alternative curriculum, along with Asdan CoPE, Entry Level etc. It is rightly not considered equivalent to a full GCSE (though it can be taken at three separate levels). Admittedly, it’s not as good as the sadly now defunct OCR course but it’s been of great benefit to our students, along with 14 million other people in over 100 countries. I think it’s also worth noting that EDCL is a non-profit organisation (as is Asdan).


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  15. I think this is Angela’s main issue with her dad: he sees his unpleasant, manipulative, lying daughter as she is, and says so. It cannot be easy for Mr Power and his wife to realise what a nasty person they raised. Very disappointing.


  16. Those recordings of her shouting abuse at her dad and telling him she wants his money and property after he and his wife die are a revelation to me. Pardon my ignorance but I never realised she had that second channel until MKD included one of her recordings in their video. I’m scared to watch/listen to the rest of the videos on that channel, now, as I dread to think how much lower she could have stooped.


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  17. Yep. Spot-on, Dave. And this is the latest garbage she’s regurgitated across her page without taking a second to read it or check its veracity:

    Moreover, as that nice Ms Scoop demonstrated, the ‘documentary’ referred to in that article is a completely discredited pile of pigswill:


    By the way, I’m still chuckling at APD’s claim that she had over 100 notifications on her Facebook page when she got in from the beach yesterday, when most of her recent posts have no responses whatsoever and at best they’re mustering up two likes (usually including one from herself). It’s becoming more and more apparent that most of her ex-comrades-in-arms have turned their backs on her (“that weirdo Disney woman”, as one of them put it). I’d say they’ve sent her to Coventry but I understand that’s a sore point with her 🙂

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  18. The channel description:

    “I am Anglo-Irish, living in rural Ireland on and off for 30 years, full time raising my kids 16 years…………world traveller, 46 homes including 7 countries, 3 continents!! Bit of DID going on here 🙂 I am a survivor/overcomer of child sexual abuse which does NOT define my life………I love acting, writing, literature, theatre, comedy, life and JESUS!”

    Again pardon my ignorance but other than Europe and North America, what was the third continent on which she supposedly lived? Or is she counting the fantasy land that exists only in her head?

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  19. Then – if it is an ‘SEN’ learning tool – why inflict it on people such as University Lecturers, Engineers, Technicians, Tradesmen, Support staff etc? Why inflict it on the mainstream?

    I do happen to know a chap who actually is really quite badly dyslexic. But is also a highly qualified and respected thought-leader in his field. It was actually he who first drew it to my attention. He left me in no doubt that he considered it a gross insult to his intelligence – telling as he is also a Lecturer who (by dint of his own condition) has a great interest in mitigating dyslexia!

    The profit ‘arrangements’ of ECDL are irrelevant. Many a charity scam is, on the surface ‘not for profit’ and quite a few are clever enough to operate within the law and in the mainstream; it doesn’t evidence valid purpose. ECDL is, I imagine it’s a source of income for certain of the chosen people? – It’ is often observed that there is a lot of money in misery/poverty etc. And I’ll remind you that whilst this ‘lot’ have slunk back into a particular corner, it was once their agenda to inflict this non-qualification on the whole working population of the EU.

    I stand by my comments… Certainly if anyone at any level presented to me with ECDL as a qualification for employment I would next wonder if I am about to be presented with a 10M swimming award or their Tufty Club badge! Quite frankly your SEN students deserve something far FAR better than a pointless ‘qualification’ that is of no real relevance to the employment market, and exists largely to keep a few well-connected people’s nose in the trough.


  20. This one I remember (again thanks to MKD, as I recall):

    Apologies for re-posting it but it comes up with a warning on the page that says “This video is unlisted – be considerate and think twice before sharing”, so I considered it my duty to share it 😀

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  21. With all due respect, I don’t think EDCL can be blamed for someone pressuring someone else to take the course, any more than Tate & Lyle can be blamed for someone putting sugar in the tea of someone who doesn’t like sugar in their tea. EDCL don’t inflict their course on anyone and I’ve never heard anyone else make the accusations you’re leveling against them.

    That said, if you have proof to support your allegation that it’s a charity scam, I’ll be happy to listen and pass it on to the powers that be at my school. I have no personal connection to EDCL and we’ve only been running it for a few years, so I’m open-minded re. wrongdoing if it’s founded on robust evidence rather than generic cynicism about charity organisations or anecdotes from your mate who appears to have an axe to grind.

    I’m also perfectly willing to listen if you have alternative suggestions as regards basic level ICT courses for special needs students. That’s not meant as sarcasm, by the way – I’m genuinely open-minded on this.


  22. @Gurmit
    Neelu and her creepy mates are badmouthing Patrick’s family all over the internet and planning on gatecrashing the funeral and harassing his loved ones. So just to clarify – who are the trolls here?

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  23. Check out the reply to this post that Angela has allowed on her page:

    And doesn’t it warm the cockles to know that there are people who are prepared not just to post information they haven’t checked but to go so far as to shoot people over it. Ah, God bless the human race.

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  24. Thanks, EC. It’s actually a really poor show on Facebook’s part. If you select that category, you can’t actually submit it as a complaint – you just have the option of blocking the perpetrator!

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  25. And bang on cue, here’s Angela, peddling the Buck House DNA crap referred to by Mr. Coyote. Never underestimate the predictabilty of stupidity.

    Oh and she thinks the Queen is a trillionaire. Yup.

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  26. Then consult the IT department at your local FE college… The ONLY people who benefit from ECDL are the people who work for it! And yes, do the research, I’m afraid at one time if you worked for the NHS or a Government department (as I do) the box-ticking twats in Human Resources were pestering the life out of many of us to sit it… And I’m afraid that was down to ECDL giving them the sales patter.

    It’s a completely worthless ‘qualification’ which costs money to administer (you have to BUY the cards) and serves no purpose that couldn’t be met by a competent FE lecturer; in fact they could probably hook them up with actual units than really do mean something in the real world.


  27. Maybe the family are not treating him as a missing person because they have identified the body. Which is slightly more convincing than 3 psychics.

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  28. The Australian 60 Mins have already apologised for much of the bullshit they broadcast including the interview with a so-called ’embassy driver’ who turned out to be a driver from a taxi firm hired for 3 days when the regular chauffeur got sick.

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  29. The photo she’s published is nothing to do with 60 Mins but a picture from Noreen Gosch’s website and purports to be of her missing son Johnny but there are serious doubts to some of her claims.
    The US media including the US 60 Mins have published numerous stories about so-called ‘pedo rings’ which again illustrates the ignorance of fantasist Angela Power-Disney who can’t be arsed to even check a weather report without telling lies.

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  30. Sonia Poulton is another fantasist who thinks because she had a couple of pieces published in the Express…I mean how low can you go these days..it means she’s a ‘journalist’.
    In my long and varied career I had to run a shop for a few months after an emergency with the owner ( he was incapacitated for a few months) and had to deal with visiting Richard Desmond in his very seedy and profitable East End porn producing warehouse, Talk about a slimeball- one meeting was enough. What a creature. He’s dragged the Express into the sewer.


  31. “3 psychics have said this is not natural causes.”

    Oh, well that seals it! That’s the damning proof that will in no way be laughed out of court. Gaw on, Neelu – give Crimestoppers a buzz and share that irrefutable proof with them. And please please please record the call for us 😀

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  32. Yes I’ve never been one for personal abuse about someone’s looks but I’ve abandoned that with APD. And it saves time- cut to the chase.

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  33. I love that when these people get something published in a national or regional newspaper, it somehow stops being the evil lying paedo-supporting mainstream media – boooo – and suddenly, temporarily becomes a completely valid platform.


  34. What puzzles me about that photo is this: what kind of deranged lunatic would come across three bound and gagged children, and instead of immediately releasing them, stop to take their picture?


  35. So we’ve upped the ante on “free energy” and included “anti-gravity” now? Well, I’ll be sitting here awaiting delivery of my flying car, then.


  36. Oh Christ, wracking my brain now. The anti-gravity thing came up a few months back. Someone was promoting an anti-gravity machine he’d invented. On CCN, I think. I’ll have a rummage…

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  37. I can’t resist sharing some insight about two clowns who promoted the “Pizzagate” slander campaign with evangelical zeal during the last days before the US election. However, these guys generally “play nastily” in their own playpens. I don’t think either of them have promoted Hampstead Hoax beyond the borders of their own fiefdoms, so I will refer to them only by cryptically distorted parodies of their online monickers.

    “Jason Horseshit” is kind of the Charlie Brown of alternate-reality conspiranoid guru-wannabes. His knack for disasterously impulsive and wrong-headed life choices, which he pretends not to regret, is paralleled by periodic total collapse of faith in whatever philosophical-mystical paradigm or guru-mentor he had previously professed unshakable commitment to. A very illustrative example of both, would be his one-time devotion to the pretentiously “divine” guru John de Ruiter. Currently one of several Truthers professing to be THE expert on CSA-ritual abuse-mind-control conspiracies.

    “Home Plate” is…a loud-mouthed blowhard loony. Here are some excerpts from a confessional posting by Home Plate which will tell you all you need to know to understand “where he’s coming from”:
    “How are y’all doing? I’m doing pretty good. Funny story: Within days of that totally-needless (my bad!) slapfight over the utility of certain psychiatric medication for certain diagnoses and whatnot…I got pink-slipped! LOL. Wound up being locked up for three weeks (despite only being, like, 10-15% insane, justifiably so I might add!) (And oh, what great fun it was! An amusing hayride through Blatantly-Unconstitutional Land, the thrilling roller-coaster of Ironically-Psychotic-Psychiatrist Mountain, and the unexpected gift of Being-Around-People-More-or-Less-Just-Like-You Cafeteria”
    “I’d like to visit again someday, but I think my sister has lost the nerve to blindside me with that dirty trick again, once she heard where she had actually sent her brother whom she was only pink-slipping because she, uhhhh, cares so much about me and only wants the best for me blahblahblah”. Ugh. Anyway”
    “I am, for somebody whose family classifies as a total fuck-up loser, quite a busy bee these days! Need to be, in order to stay sane and alive. But I’ll be able to relax and have more fun one of these days, I hope. Not that I don’t have fun, regardless of the circumstances. Loony Bin for an inexplicable three weeks? Fun! E.R. for an inexplicable leg rash (it stumped the dermatologists, so I told the Jewish ones to consider diagnosing me with a tzaraath, lol.)? Fun! Crisis unit for suicidal junkies and schizophrenic crackheads, where I was told that I obviously didn’t need the psychotherapy I was asking for that much, that I should just leave, lol? Fun! Homeless shelter for a week, where my chore was cleaning the men’s bathroom? Fun! No, but really”


  38. I watched these videos ages ago and was shocked that someone would secretly record private conversations with family members and then put the result on You Tube. I can only say that if anyone in my family did that to me they’d be off my Christmas card list and would have to do without my company for many years.

    Toxic family? She demonstrates the ‘toxic’ element and has it down to a fine art.

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  39. No comments in 4 hours? What we need is a shaggy dog story…

    Really? Why am I not buying this? Her sons must be glad to see the back of her, after all the headaches she’s caused them.

    And does she mean they’ve bought her a puppy (to live with her in her Spanish apartment!) or bought one for themselves (even thought they live at separate addresses)?

    By the way, at least she’s now admitting to being stuck in Spain, reinforcing the rumour that she’s on the run from the Irish rozzers.

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  40. The photo embedded in this link to 369 News was disturbing for me to see reproduced, here. I understand that it is here accidentally, being embedded in the link, but in my opinion it is problematic for several reasons. But since it IS here, and what’s done is done, an opportunity arises to talk about why it is problematic.

    THIS PHOTO, specifically, was one of a collection of staged boy B&D photos sent to the mother of an American missing child by a lunatic self-professed “investigator” of her acquaintance. (The “investigator” dug them out of a soft-core B&D porn forum/site that no longer exists).These photos were subsequently exploited by the mother and her friends, to promote a hoax claim that she had been anonymously sent photos of her son (and other boys) bound & gagged by a presumed cartel of kidnappers. That claim is/was false, her son is not in any of the photos.
    After this false claim was debunked, I talked on the phone with the retired American police detective who originally investigated this specific photo back in the 1970’s. He told me that the man who took this photo claimed that the boys were friends of his, and were engaged in some sort of “contest”. In any case, the detective had traced the boys and the conclusion of the case was “non-criminal”. NEVERTHELESS, it would still be disrespectful of the (now) men, who were once the boys in this photo, to reproduce it without their expressed permission – because of the potentially sexual connotations such a photo could communicate.

    MORE GENERALLY, photos of bound & gagged children will be ‘arousing’ to certain types of pedophiles. So, unless such a photo is unquestionably current and being circulated by legitimate law enforcement to solicit tips from the public, I would argue that proliferating copies of the image ought to be avoided.

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  41. Not Kane Slater, although I appreciate the joke 🙂
    This photo was taken in the late 1970’s, by a man who collected photos of young boys bound & gagged. No associated criminal activity could be proven, unfortunately, so the man’s motivation is left open to speculation (HAH! AS IF!). It was investigated by Sheriff Nelson Zalva (retired) in Florida. I talked to him by phone in 2006 – nice man, very conscientious and dedicated public servant.

    This photo doesn’t qualify under American law as a child sexual abuse image, but the production of CSA images WAS frequently investigated and sporadically prosecuted in the 1970’s, the 1960’s and even the 1950’s! I think, partly because of some politically motivated misinformation about the prosecution of crimes against children prior to the 1980’s, few people are aware of these historic prosecutions. And fewer still are likely aware of the mind-boggling amount of documentation that still exists, about the perpetrators and some of their victims from way back when.
    I have stacks of court case records, going back to the 1970’s, containing very helpful information about which perpetrators were responsible for what commercially or privately produced CSA photo sets, publications, film/video titles or digital file names. Especially helpful are cases where the idiot CSA images collector stupidly attempts to challenge whether the images in question provably depict real persons, (as opposed to, say, cleverly crafted CGI-type images). Can you prove that?
    They must shit themselves, when the prosecution calls up a retired American, French, Brazillian, Dutch, etc. police detective who states that – “yes, I investigated the case these images are from, I arrested the perpetrator (identified in my records) and I met the victim & their family (identified in my records)”.
    Yes they really can prove that, motherf*cker!

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