Cullinane and Paterson: What happened?

Watching the constant infighting, slap-fests, and very public tiffs amongst the Hoaxtead mob is one of the more entertaining aspects of running this blog. Lately, the death of professional anti-Semite, nuisance phone caller, and alleged “common law lawyer” Patrick Cullinane has highlighted the end of the bromance between Cullinane and his former bestie and official fart sniffer, John Paterson (look, John, we spelled your name right!).

Paterson was a fixed part of the Official Cullinane Entourage. Time was when you couldn’t watch a Cullinane video without catching glimpses of Paterson in the background, trying to look tough behind his wraparound sunglasses while filming the proceedings with his cheap camera.

They bonded over the little things: their shared bullgoose-loony anti-Semitism, their mutual love of pretending to know anything at all about the law, their politics, which landed them somewhere to the right of Atilla the Hun. They became inseparable, even with the use of a crowbar.


And then, somehow, it all went so very, very wrong.

It was the slumber party, you see: Paterson had invited Cullinane to his “pad” (we kid you not, he actually said that) for a sleepover, and next thing you know, Cullinane was reporting Paterson to the Sussex police for operating a cannabis farm in said “pad”.

Talk about throwing cold water on a relationship!

As you can imagine, Paterson was gutted, and things were never really the same between them again. Cullinane took to referring to Paterson as “that psycho”, and after Cullinane’s recent popping of clogs, Paterson said of his former mentor, bestie, and bosom pal, “He’s a fucking nut job, where is he now? I’m still here….”


Tasteful, John. Very tasteful.

And then there was the death threat on YouTube. In response to a remark about Cullinane, Paterson says, “He’s dead and you’ll be next you fat paedophile C*NT….”


As “Butlin Dawg” (best name EVER, btw) points out, this could be construed as Paterson taking responsibility for Cullinane’s death, in addition to issuing death threats against Sam Best.

McKenzies Devils sum it up nicely:

Of course we know Paterson didn’t really kill Cullinane: when Neelu carried on the Cullinane Nuisance-Call Tradition and harassed the Coroner’s Office about Cullinane’s death, they did inform her that he’d died of natural causes, bearing out what Cullinane’s own sister had told both Neelu and Tracey Morris last week.

So…perhaps just a bit of wishful thinking on Paterson’s part, then?

Or just his usual thick-headed fuckwittery, which he tries to pass off as a tough-guy image? Speaking of which, John, how’s that nose doing?


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  1. A very informative post, EC. John Paterson makes my flesh crawl. As Angela would say, #BLEURGH!

    Meanwhile, here’s more from MKD:

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    • Plastic Mel from plastic throne does her now trademark backpedaling,bullgoose 🙂 in a China shop,arse covering thang.Her mentor Max Clifford can now rest easy in his cell with the knowledge that his prodigy has mastered the cringeworthy,opaque camouflage technique.Who is she kidding?


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      • Rather good for keeping his Blues Brothers style sunglasses up though! Perhaps he wears them to disguise that fine example of a Shylockian schnozzle he has? The Recessed chin and head shape would also have made him quite the talking point in his desired anti-semitic heaven. I don’t think he would have enjoyed the accommodation though.

        I do find myself amused by many of these people wallowing in self-loathing. There is another of them, can’t remember what his name is, who has much of the appearance of a person of mixed ‘race’. He is most notable as an anti-black bigot! It is quite bizarre!

        I do often wonder if these people were perhaps bullied at school for their appearance? In which case it might have been a better use of their energies to research their own ethnicity, embrace and take some pride in it! Instead we see this curious pattern where they seem to be trying to deflect attention from themselves by projecting loathing of what they are onto others; and quite baselessly so.

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    • Nice one Spiny. I’m the galactic representative of Spleurghhh the Unspeakable, and have superpowers from when I was captured by the Illuminati and trained to kill house flies with the power of my mind.

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  2. One of the joys of reading Mr. Coyote’s fine articles is his rich vocabulary and over the months I’ve learnt quite a few new words from him. Tonight it’s ‘bullgoose’ and I will make a point of slipping that into a conversation before the week’s out. Thanks, EC 😀

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  3. By the way, it’s not unusual where I’m from to use the word ‘pad’ as slang for a house or flat and I’ve been known to say it myself. Please don’t hate me 🙂

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  4. One thing I can’t get my head round – if Paterson hated Cullinane so much, why did he jump on the murder conspiracy bandwagon straight after his death and join in with Neelu, Peacher, Ruby and Welshbloke™ on the subsequent travesty of a radio show? Why did he support them in their quest to harass the receptionists of various emergency services in “support” of the late Patrick?

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    • I think the key here is the word ‘bandwagon’. As a confirmed conspiranoid nutter, Paterson never met a conspiracy he didn’t like. He was able to put aside his indifferences and engage in some bandwagon jumping for auld lang syne, would be my guess.

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      • You sound like lobbyists, there are many around, being paid by the elites to discredit those who make a stand towards paedophilia and the occultist secret societies that are trying to take control. You lot carry on and when you are micro chipped and they mess with your health and your freedom and when bills sky rocket up as they will do and hopefully not but if your children were stolen off the streets to be raped and ritualised how will you feel? If you really want to be on the side of the occultists who are serious bad boys enjoy the ride to enslavement.


        • Yes, Annie – the only possible explanation for why we’re stating facts and expressing our opinions on a public forum is that we’re all working for MI5. I’m amazed none of you tinfoil twats have mentioned it before. Oh wait. Zzzzzzzzzz

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        • Annie, when you wrote that cheap tacky bit of ill-informed emotional blackmail, did it sound less moronic in your head?

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    • Last episode title “The Kill List” (could that be what is upsetting her?)

      Plot summary from BBC website:

      “Isaac is elated when he receives a research grant, and he tries to keep the personal and professional separate when he’s on the hunt for a new research assistant. Dom and an ambitious Jasmine go head to head for the role, but lovestruck Dom will do anything to get what he wants.

      Inga’s envy over the closeness of Mo and Mr T continues to drive a wedge between her and her fiance. But when she starts to sense there is far more to Mo and Mr T than just friendship, Inga will stop at nothing to keep her man.

      Bernie returns to Holby and tries to reconcile with Serena, but it won’t be easy – Serena claims to be firmly over her. With Jason around though, secrets won’t be kept for long. Will the couple reconcile?”

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      • I havent watched telly since they stopped making sixpences for the meter thing.The bloke from TV rentals hasnt been to collect for ages either come to think of it.Anyway good to hear Mr T is still strutting his stuff.

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    • So rude using words like #nonsensical cuntwaffle .
      They are not the sort of words I would be even found typing and posting on an internet forum especially this one.
      If ever I were to use a term like #nonsensical cuntwaffle, in what context would I use it?
      I note you follow nonsensical cuntwaffle with @APD One.
      I note that on this forum that the initials APD often applies to a well known Irish broadcaster named Angela Power-Disney.
      Are you inferring that Angela Power-Disney broadcasts are “nonsensical cuntwaffle”?. You do realise don’t you that by associating the words Angela Power-Disney and nonsensical cuntwaffle that by the very nature of the internet, when people do a Google search on Angela Power Disney they will probably come up with ‘nonsensical cuntwaffle’ especially when they are using Google’s auto form filling.
      For instance : say you wanted to search Angela Power-Disney non-charismatic, Google will annoyingly ‘auto-fill’ : Angela Power-Disney nonsensical cuntwaffle.
      The more this happens Google’s unique algorithms will kick in and the term Angela Power-Disney will be forever associated with nonsensical cuntwaffle.
      Even worse, many people may search for the words ‘nonsensical’ or even ‘cunt’ and be directed to a website where Angela Power-Disney resides. Thus a search for Angela Power-Disney may come up with websites that say cunt and visa versa.

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      • Oh dear! I see that such an association would be problematic. You won’t find me using the words “Angela Power-Disney nonsensical cuntwaffle” together. No I shall never, ever type “Angela Power-Disney nonsensical cuntwaffle” – I’ll just copy and paste them instead.

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      • I’ve done a search on ‘angela power-disney’ and ‘cuntwaffle’ and low and behold the 3rd link brings up a website with a long article about the famous Danielle Le Veritie (apparently she’s David Icke’s daughter) , the noted gentleman blogger Chris Spivey who apparently practices cuntwaffle with 2 comments from Angela Power-Disney.
        The internet- it’s that quick.

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      • This reminds me of the campaign a few years ago to redefine the word “Santorum” which happens to be the surname of an egregiously homophobic American politician. The campaign, run by sex advice columnist Dan Savage, aimed to not only redefine the term “santorum” but to ensure that it topped the Google algorithm forever and all time. It worked, too. Santorum is now fixed in many minds as “the frothy mixture of lube and fecal matter that is sometimes the byproduct of anal sex”.


  5. He has a “gaming licence” does he? I must look it up… Ah yes! Here it is! John Paterson 003⅞ Licensed to Putt… Department records show he’s a specialist in Crazy Golf.

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    • I know in Amsterdam they hand out gaming licences.I am not entirely convinced Pattersons services would attract much demand as it would be something of a niche market,but hey there`s some funny folk out there so what do I know?Any way good luck to him if it keeps him off the streets.

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  6. So reddit has banned the main thread on #PIZZAGATE although there are many threads still live, many have turned to voat. Up pops Hampstead again. This is just plain wrong from start to finish!

    “This post is not a hijack – it is to inform Pizzagaters about similarities with the Hampstead allegations and not to co-opt discussion…..also, I need some CC points.

    H (Hampstead) children stated that one of the allegedly abusive parents at the school was “bringing babies home from Portugal” – black babies (so probably trafficked into London from Angola, which is a busy baby trafficking route known to Interpol). This lady is black, as is her male partner. Social media posts proved that she had been in the locations named. Her partner allegedly worked in the local Sportec shop and was one of many local cult members. It was alleged that her/their son “did not like the sex that was being done to him” and that the child had genital piercings and tatoos.”

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  7. Not precisely on topic but within the general ball park.This piece by the ever entertaining Matthew Williams about Peter Pagets antics is more than slightly reminiscent of the utter scumbags and conspiriloons within our midst.Probably not the wisest move Paget ever made dragging Matthew into his warped mind games.Would not be too surprised to see CCN promoting Pagets greed fuel madness before too long.

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  8. The hoaxers are certainly having a bad time, first Patrick, and now one of Sabine’s “STAR” Mckenzie friends is being reported as lost in Africa. No doubt the cries of conspiracy theory will soon be heard (again).

    What is written by the BBC in respect to Mr Kirk seems pertinent:

    “Who is Maurice Kirk?
    Once described as the “bad boy” of the veterinarian profession, the Bristol University graduate and self-dubbed “Flying Vet” is also an amateur pilot and a former drinking friend of the late actor Oliver Reed.
    Since 1995, he has had a string of court appearances including for hurling abuse at police while he tended to an injured dog on a beach and on another occasion for refusing to give a sample when stopped on suspicion of drink-driving.
    He was kicked out of the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons for “disgraceful conduct” in 2002 following his court cases.
    Most famously he was arrested for landing a replica World War One biplane on private land near American President George W Bush’s Texan Ranch.”

    Below is Maurice Kirk with Gloria Musa and Sabine McNeil

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  9. Hi folks

    I’m doing some research for the next edition of the Guinness Book of Hoaxtead Records and I was just wondering – what’s the longest any of you have managed to listen to Deborah Mahmoudieh without vomiting?

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