Hoaxer movement in a tailspin over Pizzagate gunman

In the wake of Sunday’s armed invasion of the Washington, D.C. pizza restaurant at the heart of the bizarre “pizzagate” conspiracy, it’s fascinating to watch the hoaxer movement run about squawking and squealing. They are now trying to invent a brand new conspiracy theory to explain why one of their own failed to find a shred of evidence of Conspiracy #1, their imaginary “child trafficking ring” in the “secret rooms and tunnels” under the restaurant.

Just as we predicted, the hoaxers are screaming “false flag!” in an attempt to explain why Edgar Maddison Welch, a 28-year-old father of two from North Carolina, allegedly blew the lock off a door with his assault-style rifle, searched the restaurant for 45 minutes, and found…nothing.

No secret tunnels, no children, no nothing.

Mr Welch is currently in police custody, so he is probably unaware that the hoaxers whose paranoid fantasies encouraged him in the first place have now roundly denounced him. They are claiming he was a “crisis actor” hired to create a “false flag” event, to persuade the gullible public (yes, that’s we the sheeple) that there’s nothing to substantiate the “pizzagate” hysteria.

This is standard hoaxer strategy: when confronted with evidence that clearly contradicts their cherished fantasies, they concoct even more elaborate fantasies to explain the anomaly. Evidence be damned: if the hoaxer community wants it to be true, they will pull out all the stops to ensure it’s believable…at least within their own echo chamber of paranoid delusions.

According to the hoax movement, facts are for losers.

And what of the hoax pushers?

Interestingly, though, some of the prime movers who’d been pushing “pizzagate” for all it was worth have now begun to step away from it.

Alex Jones, for example: prior to the armed invasion of the restaurant, he was totes gung ho:


…and then Mr Welch did his alleged thing, catapulting what had once been an obscure conspiracy mooted about amongst a few hundred loony extremists into the harsh glare of public scrutiny.

Fake news, already a hot topic following the U.S. election, was suddenly not just a way to disseminate falsehoods about one’s political enemies. Now, it was about nutters getting armed to the teeth and invading family restaurants. Since Sunday’s events, it’s become clear: fake news can come with real bullets.

And suddenly, Alex Jones isn’t quite so gung ho about “pizzagate” any longer:


“C’mon guys, let’s just forget about that pizza thing…erm…that is, I think the Ebil Mainstream Media is blowing it all out of proportion here, yeah, that’s the ticket! So I’m thinking maybe we should go back to slandering Hillary Clinton and John Podesta, whaddaya say?”

Yes, he really did have the brass neck to claim that the “MSM”—hoaxer-speak for “mainstream media”—were the ones “distract(ing) with #Pizzagate Obsession”.

One possible reason for this sudden backpedalling, of course, is that he doesn’t want to be done for inciting violence. Mr Welch was a huge fan (or as they say over there, a “yuge fan”) of Mr Jones and his InfoWars show, and when his case comes to trial, we expect that wee fact will make its way into the public sphere. Things could get, well, embarrassing. Not to mention expensive, should the owner of the restaurant decide to become litigious.

It’s also been suggested here (thanks, Ghost of Sam!) that Jones’ sudden about-face may have much to do with the fact that social media platforms and search engines are looking at a future in which they will be forced to down-rank fake news in their algorithms, if not ban it altogether.

And since Mr Jones’ entire career is built on the creation and dissemination of fake news, he is, as they say, screwed.

There’s an old saying that when your enemies are trying to run you out of town on a rail, the best thing to do is grab a baton and lead the parade. Welcome to your new cheerleading career, Mr Jones!

Meanwhile, the rank and file hoaxers, who’ve been gobbling “pizzagate” up as though there’s no tomorrow, will continue to twist themselves into pretzels as they try to convince themselves, and one another, that Mr Welch was a crisis actor, the tunnels are real, and the Satanic cult child eaters are on the verge of taking over the world.

In other words, business as usual.


85 thoughts on “Hoaxer movement in a tailspin over Pizzagate gunman

  1. Alex Jones…


    “I’m very sad to have to bring you this news. We knew what was going on from our sources and now it’s out in the open…As a father and as an American I’m very ashamed right now…and I don’t take any pleasure in what’s going on…They terrorise them for hours, after having them locked up for days and scaring the living hell out of them…and then they rape them and then they cut ’em all over their bodies like a bunch of vampires and then they come in and lap the blood for hours and hours off the crying screaming toddler…Let’s keep this video out, let’s have it go totally viral.”


    “Everyone’s focusing on some pizza place mentioned in emails…I’ve been staying away from it because it’s easy for people who are innocent to get caught up in this…It distracts from the huge paedophile scandals in Europe, with the Royal Family and Jimmy Survill [sic]…Clearly they use this to corrupt people…This guy [James Alefantis] for all we know could be completely innocent…”

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  2. “Pizzagate is a debunked conspiracy theory started by a Twitter user described as a white supremacist and spread by 4chan users and /r/The_Donald forum on Reddit, which alleged that John Podesta’s emails, which were leaked by WikiLeaks, tied a number of pizzerias (notably Comet Ping Pong in Washington, D.C.) and members of the Democratic Party to a child-sex ring. The theory has been discredited by the District of Columbia Police Department, who characterized it as a ‘fictitious conspiracy theory’ and determined to be fake by multiple organizations including Snopes.com, The New York Times, and Fox News…

    …Many of the images shown, were often friends and family who had liked Comet Ping Pong’s page on Facebook. In some cases, imagery was taken from random, unrelated websites and claimed to be Alefantis’ own. The restaurant’s owners and staff were harassed, threatened on social media websites, and the owner received death threats…”


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  3. I remember watching an Infowars video only a couple of weeks ago where Alex Jones was barely concealing the fact that he was implying that somebody go down to the restaurant and do something. I believe the expression he used was ‘It’s clobbering time.’ He spent three or more minutes trying to indirectly get this message across. Maybe it was this message that inspired the gunman to attack the restaurant?

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    • Could very well be, Bob. I wonder whether that video is still up? Or has Mr Jones pulled an Angela and taken down anything that could incriminate him?


      • If the gunman uses Alex Jones in his defense : claiming he believed Jones and was inspired by him then Jones is toast and could be landed with multi-million $$ lawsuits from all the customers. No point in him back peddling, the damage is done.
        I think it’s fortunate that despite the danger innocents could have been placed in, that the @pizzagate matter has come to a head so quickly.
        As we have seen with the horrible false accusations flung for years at the poor parents after Sandy Hook (can you possibly imagine what it was like to lose a child so tragically and then have people claim that child never existed?), there is no point in ignoring these nutcases in the hope they will go away. Drag them into court.

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        • I Agree. This Alex Jonestown Jones Rhino has been inciting armed violence from all corners of conpiraloonland for years against varied demographics! He had a “Call to Arms” for the Burns Oregon Crap! lol All the flat earth players walked. AJ, Fetzer, and Halbig are into insurrection and sedition via fraud. They need to be called to account. I’m so glad “lovely Lucy” got nailed!!

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  4. “Angela Power-Disney is controlled opposition, or working for the High Adept Satanists.”

    ~ Sonya van Gelder ~

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    • Trading standards should be notified.It is an absolute disgrace advertising themselves as adept when they employ incompetents like Angie.At least she has found a job which is something.

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  5. You’ll remember this one, of course:
    “…Las Vegas officials said that Jerad and Amanda Miller ambushed two Metro officers, 42-year-old Alyn Beck and 32-year-old Igor Soldo, at a pizza parlor, and then decorated the bodies with a Gadsden flag — often called a “don’t tread on me” flag — and a swastika.
    Writings uncovered by Raw Story at Alex Jones’ Infowars website, appeared to have been made by Miller”

    “Fake news” isn’t strong enough. Criminally negligent-irresponsible incitement of homicide (or whatever other violent acts might be the case) is better. “But I didn’t MAKE him do it!” or “freedom of speech – my human right” doesn’t cut it anymore. If you can’t use this technology responsibly, you should be permanently barred from accessing it. That means you, Alex the Goon.

    Service providers and legislators need to grow some cajones, like Senator Miller here:

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    • Yes, Jones’ actions and words seem to me to cross a line into incitement of violence. I hope someone in his country has the guts to confront him about his irresponsibility. And frankly I hope someone gets together a nice fat lawsuit.


    • Absolutely. There are many AJ rants that went criminal under Brandenburg test. Plenty of evidence out there. I’ve complained about this issue to FBI and IRS over a year ago regarding the Sandy Hook Hoaxers. I’m sure many others have also. At least arrest are happening. I remember the Jerad Miller case and AJ connecting him to Bundy Ranch. He also called for “Christian Biker” intimidation of Muslims at Mosque in Dearborn, MI which was a huge fail. Not even the Quoran burning pastor Terry Jones would take part! I see AJ as a traitor to U.S.


      • It was a knock-out punch, too 🙂
        Laid the dip-stick right out cold on the floor.
        First time I saw this, there was a little clip of Buzz in front of a judge – he took responsibility for his actions, naturally – and the judge saying: “there’s no question, you were provoked”. I think he got off.

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    • I so loved Buzz decking that goon. I went to a promotion where Aldrin was the star guest. He is absolutely tiny which doesn’t really show in that video. I wondered if he was especially chosen because he was almost the size of a young teen boy- to fit into the small space capsule.

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      • Hmmm…”tiny’. I was raised a Leprechaun, myself, but I converted to Smurfism because its more socialist…
        “Short people got no reason…” 🙂

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    • This was really shocking for Ottawa County Michigan and was all over W. MI news! This is the same area that Cathy O’Brien likes to defame and slander with her fake MKUltra BS as the “pedo capital of the world”. Sound familiar? Crazy!


  6. Who is Sonya van Gelder?
    She seems to have been playing a key role in perpetuating malicious content. Has she been reported?

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    • Just another ‘truther’ c*nt of the first order who promotes the Hampstead case and thereby makes miserable the lives of dozens of innocent people. She weaves it in with all sorts of seemingly reasonable ‘alternative’ stuff which she probably found by surfing the net.

      I notice she is also pontificating about Australian Aboriginals (in patronizing manner) but the ghastly creature is so ignorant she does not know that their belief system is off limits to other races and to attempt to use in any way is considered a very hurtful insult.

      Also promotes the ‘Marijuana Cures Cancer” myth but I have news for her: I and a friend who both have a form of cancer (mine is such I can probably live for years with just a few annoying symptoms) applied for a new government trial to test medicinal marijuana. He was accepted, I wasn’t. After a year his condition has not changed and is gradually getting worse while others on the trial have had symptoms decreased to a certain extent in varying degrees. Some say they feel better, others don’t but for these lunatics it’s all so simple- smoke a few joints and everything is cured. (the trial is marijuana oil and the majority of those with leukemia say it is a valuable aid in lessening the condition, but a cure?. No.

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    • This is one of the most tragic cases out of Sandy Hook. I just cannot imagine what that poor man and the boy’s mother have been through.
      One of the sickening claims by these Sandy Hook hoaxers is that in a video a father is seen laughing before he goes on camera so therefore the entire thing is a ‘false flag’.
      It really demonstrates what truly sick people these “truthers’ are and who obviously haven’t a clue about the often inexplicable behaviour of people going through a trauma, can demonstrate.
      I once went to a funeral for a good friend decades ago who died of a drug overdose. I and 3 others got pissed on the train there and laughed at the most inappropriate times during the service but we were all in tears by the end.
      I’ve seen older relatives make silly jokes at funerals and laugh at odd things but then collapse in tears. Grief affects people in all sorts of strange ways (the whole notion of a funeral is to somehow release these strange emotions) but these hoaxers are so insane they are frigging clueless to true emotions.

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      • The RD BBC interview showed how a slight smile can be a sinister sneer, the lick of the lips can make you a lizard. If a person doesn’t act exactly like the troofers think they should, then they are liars.

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        • Also, they seem to have no idea that BBC interviews are edited so as to look spontaneous. The version the public saw is most likely completely different from the real thing, but they had to take an interview and fit it into a time-limited format, so they spliced together the “best” (i.e. most dramatic) bits.


      • Re the Sandy Hook ‘laughing’ father – people in this situation are often sedated with meds too and this can cause inappropriate behaviour.

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        • I’m from a family of people who tend to respond to stress by laughing—we really can’t help it, and it’s led to some very distressing scenes. The worst, I think, was a funeral for a relative I thought of as my “second mother”. On my way to the graveside I caught a fit of giggles and just could not stop, even though I knew those around me would think I was being awful. The giggles turned into sobs eventually, but it was horribly inappropriate and embarrassing. It was made all the worse by the fact that this was a woman I love deeply, and miss every day. But when I see people laughing at funerals, I understand.


  7. “28-year-old father of two” who has just destroyed his family based on conspiritard nonsense.

    It’s a pity that he didn’t think of his own children having to grow up without him and the income that he brought to the dinner table.

    Instead they’ll see him in prison once a month and he’ll never work again.

    Christmas too. Sad.

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    • I find it sad too. I saw pictures of his little girls on Facebook, and I cannot imagine anyone deliberately jeopardising their future for the sake of some loony fake news internet meme. I really hope his family will rally round and ensure that the kids are well cared for.


    • I do not agree with publishing contact details, other people may also be living at the address totally unaware of the trolling activity.

      Many of the properties are likely rented, the addresses will be online for years and new occupants should not be mistakenly exposed online as trolls. We are only too well aware of such mistakes in the Hampstead case.

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      • Yes, one aspect of the Hampstead case is that while people’s names, addresses, phone numbers, work details, and email addresses were all exposed…Ella got some of them wrong. She was working from year-old class lists from the school, and failed to consider that some of the people might have moved in the interim.


        • Ella’s incompetence is really neither here or there; whether or not she got the names and address “right”, innocent people were still going to be harassed about nonexistent crimes. She and Abe obviously cared nothing at all for the people who’s lives – and who’s children’s lives they affected.

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          • Oh, I’m not claiming there’s anything good about Ella! Just that it’s easy to get these things wrong, and that this can lead to even more people getting dragged into the thing.


  8. Well, well, well, our old friend and incontinent, sorry, incompetent old fart Alfred Lambremont Webre has done this hatchet job. Edgar did some acting apparently, therefore he is definitely a crisis actor!

    IMDb: Something About Pizza (2005)
    Cast: Edgar Maddison Welch as “The Gunman”.


    Utterly depressing. His family are going to have to go into hiding after this crap and I really do feel for them.

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    • What I don’t get: if I were putting together a “false flag” event, the very last people on earth I would consider hiring as “crisis actors” would be people with any actual acting experience. If this was a false flag event, it was the most incompetent one ever.


      • Yes, and the last people you would hire would be people who are on the IMDB so their acting careers can be perused. People might not like MI5, the FBI and the CIA but that doesn’t mean their agents are stupid, which you’d have to be to hire an easily detected actor who you set-up to piss around with a gun in a public place.

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        • Note these loonies are trying to create a false story and it’s working- that he acted in some movie with Pizza in it’s name except that there is absolutely nothing that can be shown he worked on this short movie (or if he’s the same person who worked as a grunt on 3 D-grade flicks.

          But the claim is enough.

          On one Redit thread (so much for their paltry attempt to stop ‘false news’ spreading) one goon says Brad Pitt turned down a movie with the name Pizza in it so this sort of confirms every conspiracy about Pizza now which is interleaved into child abuse.

          The vast majority of the billions of people on this planet knwo this is all balderdash but these hard core “truthers”- congenital deranged liars – are the cause of deaths now. This recent event could have turned into a blood bath with many killed. We cab never know the insanity in the minds of these fanatics.

          I’m getting quite sick of this truther movement as it’s really spilling over into the mainstream media and it’s becoming difficult to sift out their fantasies from reality. Horse whipping is too good for them. The should all be on a register and I now agree with Luciana Berger :
          why should these liars and deranged people be allowed such courtesies as an anonymous life when they deliberately set out to cause misery and even deaths sometime in an entire suburb?. Put them through the wringer like they would love others to be.


    • Lainie Liberti- drag queen name? : Blue Star Deerwoman- those who adopt pretend US Indian names generally Stark Raving Mad would-be Hippies who were working as a temp in an office and missed out on all the fun while sisterhood burnt their bras :Eilish de Avalon – real name believed to be Eileen Green but bought a book on numerology and Eilish was born, numbers didn’t work : correspondent avec son etoiles- don’t speak very much French : Brigitte Mega- same same ‘don’t speak very much French’ : Gerte Franken- name enough to know not want to meet in dark alley : Bojan Milutinovic- having a laugh? Phony Slavic name, probably wanted on charges somewhere under real name Bert Smith: Mel VD- “wow Angela Power-Disney, we want people who will go no matter where the information takes them no matter who they piss off”.. as long as they give us $200 a month and so would I !..”and we’re thinking of giving her another slut”?? : Biggi Boho- what sort of fucking name is that?

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  9. @coyote – about Jared Loughner…
    His status as a conspiranoid is disputed. There is no dispute that Loughner had been lurking on conspiracy sites, and posting on at least one such site. His postings there, however, seem incomprehensible and incoherent. So much so, that regulars of the site had responded with the suggestion that he might want to seek psychiatric help. Very good, very responsible of them. So, they claim Loughner was already so delusional that he could not comprehend what was being said on that site, and therefore his actions couldn’t be said to have been inspired by their content. Fair enough, this may be true.

    In my opinion, however, that doesn’t mean Loughner couldn’t have been inspired by the underlying tone or subtext if you know what I mean. He wasn’t so deluded as to ‘assassinate’ a bus driver, believing him/her to be the Secret Chief of the Illuminati. He attempted to assassinate a politician, after all.

    I’m not a psychologist. I did attempt extensive analysis of the underlying “message” coded into various paranoid conspiracy theory memes, and how commenters reacted to that, before I wrote to the FBI in 2010.
    What’s really being communicated, here, and how is the audience reacting to that subtext – that kind of idea. This is what I derived from that;
    – reality is not what it appears to be “on the surface”
    – social-political institutions portrayed to be “here to help you” are being deceptive. in truth, they secretly intend you harm
    – all forms of social-political-financial power are colluding to prevent any genuine change or reform
    – extreme suffering is being inflicted on innocents, especially children, by these powers – but most people can’t perceive this because of deception
    – there is no hope that help for the suffering will ever come from these powers
    – only individuals can help themselves, or others. speaking out, “standing up” against the powers is heroic, but expect to be martyred

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  10. This is what “fake news” has always meant to me:


    “Longtime Reader Of Lib-Slaves.info Sick Of Mainstream Bias On Sites Like WideAwakePatriot.com”

    To me, Fake News implies satire, or adverts disguised as news. Fake News doesn’t acknowledge or communicate that there is any malicious intent. Any ideas on a more accurate verbal meme for that?

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  11. I think anti-semitism is often at the core of conspiracy theories. Not ALL conspiracy theories have a disguised (or blatant) anti-semitic trope behind them, but it seems to me that a disproportionate percentage do.

    Mind you, online anti-semitism is by no means limited to conspiracy-oriented websites. See the following rather odd posts I came across recently on a politics discussion website as an example:


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  12. 😀 A journalist writes:

    “Show spot more likely January as I am not broadcasting this month due to financial constraints….not being a detail person or a filing person I cannot get my brain to go collate it right now…people forget I am a survivor too…you hitting da spot an making them spit”

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  13. “Sabbatical not defunct…Will be back”

    Yeah, she’ll be back once she’s robbed a bloody bank so she can pay CCN’s extortionate fees and claw back her three viewers on the widely viewed “Facebook Live” (LOL!).

    Sorry – that sounded less cynical in my head 😀

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