Update: Kirk found again in South Sudan

Just a quick update from the Vintage Air Rally Facebook page: Maurice Kirk has been found following his second disappearance over Africa. This time his plane had suffered engine failure and he landed in a field in South Sudan:


Kirk was ousted from the VAR prior to his first disappearance, but has continued the trip nonetheless. One wonders at what point the event organisers will simply stop enabling him by offering logistical support.

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  1. He’s crazy. Met him once. First thing he said to me was. Do I owe you money? Lol I said NO. Puzzled I asked him why? He said. That’s what most people mention to him. Btw I hope Neelu is not in Ireland at Patrick’s funeral.

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  2. ————————————————————————————————–

    ‘Pizzagate’ shows how fake news hurts real people

    SOME OF the people can be fooled all of the time, and some seem plenty pleased about it when it gives them license to exercise their most malicious impulses. How else to explain the noxious torrent of vitriol, venom and threats trained recently against a popular upper Northwest Washington pizzeria, which has been the subject of ludicrous conspiracy theories alleging that it is the center of a child – abuse racket run by Hillary Clinton and her campaign chairman, John Podesta?

    The allegations against Comet Ping Pong, reported by the New York Times, are absurd on their face and detached from any gossamer thread of fact. They took root in the dark crevices of the Web and took flight thanks to social media platforms, whose witless “who, us?” posture in the face of misinformation and outright lunacy is a civic embarrassment.

    More than that, the use of social media as a platform for outright lies about public figures and, in this case, malevolent rumors about a pleasant neighborhood restaurant popular with families is a menace to private lives, peace and prosperity. In response to the firestorm of anonymous death threats and warnings directed at Comet’s owner, James Alefantis, and some of his employees, D.C. police have had to deploy officers to keep an eye on the restaurant.

    Fake and unfounded “news” articles suggesting that Comet’s backrooms, heretofore known for a couple of ping-pong tables and a play area for kids, were the scene of trafficked and molested children have appeared on Facebook, as well as on websites serving as platforms for scurrilous disinformation and fantasy conspiracies.

    So what if Mr. Alefantis has never met Ms. Clinton and neither traffics nor abuses children? Social media, a neutral host body for parasitical insanity, have turned their algorithmic gaze upon him. The culprits include Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Reddit and other platforms that have done too little to safeguard their sites from deception and fraud. (Reddit belatedly shut down a message board devoted to “pizzagate.”)

    Like 93 percent of Washingtonians, the restaurateur happened to support Ms. Clinton for president; he has some prominent Democratic friends, past and present. Mr. Alefantis’s name surfaced in leaked email from Mr. Podesta’s account, published by WikiLeaks, in which the two men discussed holding a Clinton fundraiser. As far as anyone knows, there is no more logic than that as to why Mr. Alefantis and his restaurant became targets.

    The First Amendment is a bulwark of democracy but provides no protection for defamatory allegations published in knowing disregard for the truth. Mr. Alefantis is more than entitled to sue for defamation and libel, if he can find the purveyors of the garbage heaved his way.

    A separate question is whether criminal charges may arise from some of the threats that have been leveled at the restaurant and its owner, online and by phone. Mischief may stray into the province of criminality if it incites violence.



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    • No matter how many times I read that cuntwaffle, I can’t quite figure out what Angie’s trying to tell us. As that nice Mr. Coyote would say, “That looks like English…I recognise all the words, but they seem to be in the wrong order.” Seriously, what point is she trying to make about Charlotte (aka “Jacob”)? And do my eyes deceive me or is she comparing Pizzagate to Hampstead Research. Not a blog about Pizzagate but Pizzagate itself! I think it’s time I gave up trying to understand what Angie’s banging on about. I’m not Doctor fucking Doolittle.

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  3. Angie’s latest edition of ‘Farting Rainbows’:

    I’m still a little confused. I checked CCN’s live stream several times between 6 and 8 on the night and this was absolutely not going out live. Not on there at least.

    Mind you, I chuckled when I heard that her attempted link-up with creepy Peacher’s show had failed. 😀

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    • At 16:28 she launches into an entire conspiracy-busting argument based on a reference to the number 10 in Revelations, which she naturally links to the ‘fact’ that when “Edward Heath was blackmailed into joining the EU, there were 10 countries”. Does anyone have the heart to tell her that there were in fact only 9 (including the UK)? Or that the “EU” didn’t exist at the time? D’oh!

      “Young Journalist of the Year.” Just saying.

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    • From 18:18 she goes into a major, elongated plea for funds. It’s basically ‘Angie’s Begging Bowl – the Extemded Remix’.

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      • “I don’t need physical security, because I have angels for that, but I need 140 Euros for online security.”

        So the angels can’t protect her online, then? Damn, I’d ask God for my money back. 😀

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        • 140 Euros will just about keep Madame cuntwaffle in tabs for the week more like.

          I have it on good authority that the angel appointed to chain smoking benefit cheats who steal from orphanages and dip into their sons savings is called Braticus Twatmeister and mostly hangs out in the constellation of Cancer when he can be arsed.He might chuck a few manky dog ends in Angies general direction if she grovels hard enough.

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          • She could always sell her not-at-all-made-up Brixton house, which is worth a cool million.


  4. Woah! This one deserves a special mention, EC…

    Go to 55:09 and I kid you not – she says, “Around the time Madeleine McCann died.”

    Not went missing…but died! Angela, you nasty little shit! 😮

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  5. First McDonalds and now pizza? I am running out of places to eat at without being accused of being a paedo Satanist.


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