Hoaxtead: What about the videos?

Yesterday we announced that we’re embarking on an ambitious but (we think!) do-able project: we’re creating a ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ section of the blog, to help clarify questions and answer concerns people might have about the Hampstead SRA hoax.

We started with an overview of the police investigation, and with our readers’ help have added some questions and answers that we hope will make the police investigation more understandable.

Today we’re going to delve into another hot topic: the videos of RD’s children, reciting the details of what they alleged before they retracted the entire story in their police interviews.

Many people find the videos very compelling indeed, and ask questions like, “How could they possibly remember that much detail unless they’d actually experienced it?” or “I just know those children weren’t acting; it’s just not possible!”

Let’s start with a synopsis of the videos themselves. Here’s what Mrs Justice Pauffley said in her fact-finding judgement:

69. The mobile ‘phone film clips made by the mother and Mr Christie form part of the material relied upon by Ms Draper to support the claims of exceptionally serious abuse. There are 16 short clips in all although 3 appear to be copies. It is useful to set out a reasonably full extract of the first film clip because of the way it sets the scene for the rest.

70. The children are standing at the side of a car in a public place, possibly at an airport. P and Q look tired. There is a noticeable graze on P’s chin and, seemingly, a large bruise in the centre of her forehead.

71. The conversation begins between the two children and Mr Christie. P and Q talk about deciding to stop touching each other and the children. P says they will “face their fear – and face our urge – and stop touching ourselves.” Mr Christie asks, “…what else are you going to stop?” Q replies, “And stop killing babies.” Mr Christie says, “You’re going to face your fear? Because fear is what?” P replies, “Fear is the mind killer.” Mr Christie then says, “And you’re going to help us catch, who are you going to help us catch?” Both children reply, “All the paedophiles.” P adds, “Papa, Mr Hollings.” Both children say, “the school.” Ms Draper interjects, “All the policemen, all the – Social Services.” Mr Christie urges the children to “speak up, speak up.” The children then repeat, “All the Social Services” and add, “All the shopkeepers – Cafcass – all the cafes, all the Pizza Express – McDonalds.”

72. Mr Christie asks, “Who’s Cafcass? … What’s Cafcass” P and Q reply, “Cafcass is, they work with – they’re for children – they work with Social Services.” Mr Christie asks, “

And what did they do to you?” Both children, one after the other, respond,“They do sex … They touch each other – they touch me and Q. They have plastic willies. And they stick it in our bottom.”

73. Mr Christie then asks the children to say who has done this. The children reply, “Everybody does.” In response to his direct questions, “Who, who, who?” the children say, “Papa, Mr Hollings – the school…” The mother interjects, “Parents.” Q adds, “My dad’s family.” Mr Christie then says, “Tell me more people, tell me some more people because I’m interested.” P adds, “Parents, policemen–.”

74. Mr Christie asks, “What about the teachers at the school, who are the main ones?” The children give names and then they are asked what the head teacher does. Both reply simultaneously, “And she does sex.” Next Mr Christie asks, “And what happens in the church?” P replies, “And we do sex with the baby sacrifice and eat the baby.” Mr Christie asks what she means and she says, “So we kill the baby and eat it and drink the blood from it.” Mr Christie asks Q whether that is true. He replies, “Yes. And we dance with the skulls… Baby skulls.”

75. One of Mr Christie’s final questions is as to who kills the babies. Both children reply, “Papa.” Mr Christie then says, “And what, he gets you to help him?” Both children say, “Yes.” P adds, “So he tells us to hold our hand in a knife and then he holds his hand on our hand, so then he cuts the baby’s head off. And he tip it upside down and then we drain the blood.” Ms Draper asks, “And then what they do?” P replies, “And then we cook it and then we drink the blood and after we pick the bones, dance with the skulls…”

76. The other film clips are similar in that the interrogation of the children is undertaken in the main by Mr Christie with occasional interventions by Ms Draper. More and more information about the activities of the cult and the identities of those involved is recorded. In the second extract, the children are instructed to “Tell the camera…. Say what you said to the camera.” Ms Draper at one point says, “So what are we going to do? We’re going to protect other babies – and children, huh? And save those children who are involved or have been forced to be involved, right?”

77. The eighth clip starts with Mr Christie saying to Q, “Keep saying it to her.” It seems that he and the children are, by then, on a plane. Q then pleads with P to “Tell the truth.” He begs her saying, “P it’s really important. If you won’t tell the truth you’ll get yourself into big trouble… so please tell the truth.” The tenth clip continues similarly, Q fervently pleads with P to tell the truth. He says, “Mum and Papa Hemp are protecting you and you have to help them protect yourself … and to protect all of us because we’re in a group. If the group lies we’ll start to get wrong, things will start to happen wrong. And you might like, you might broke a glass, you might hurt yourself.” Mr Christie asks, “What about the babies?” Q replies, “And you might get your back your payment for the babies, you might get killed by someone.”

1. How could the children remember so much detail?

We think the answer to that question is partly seen in the excerpts above. The children are not just volunteering the information: they are responding to Abe’s questions, much as a primary school student might respond to a teacher’s prompts. When they leave out bits that Abe and Ella consider important, Abe either prompts them for further information, or Ella interjects to fill in the ‘missing pieces’.

This seems obvious when one looks at the narrative in print: one can see where the adults intervene, prompt, coach, add details.

When one is hearing the children for the first time, though, without knowing anything about how Abe actually treated the children, it’s easier to believe that the story is coming directly from the children. The shocking and lurid nature of what they’re saying is overwhelming

As well, keep in mind that the Abe and Ella got the children to contribute their own details to the narrative:

93. Mr Christie described something of the way in which the children had been questioned saying of P, “She lies, instinctively she lies.” He had believed her story, so he told Mr Yaohirou, “Because (he) had questioned her 10 times and then (he) would question him.” They had questioned the children “separately like the police do…” Ms Draper explained it had taken “four weeks to get to the –” Mr Christie adds, “Ella and I, we will begin to discuss certain aspects of the situation – and by discussing it – we brainstorm and we come up or we work out, we work things out. What she (P) will do while we are talking, she will interrupt us – and distract us with something and send us, like attempt to send us in another complete – We say to her, ‘Be quiet … Don’t distract us anymore”

94.The mother interjects, “Or she listen to our conversation. And she will– ” Mr Christie continues “–use the information, and he does it as well.”

In other words, the children were listening to Abe and Ella “brainstorm” the details of the story, and then using that information to helpfully add details.

Why would they do this, if the story wasn’t true?

For one thing, they were being physically and psychologically abused during the month they spent in Morocco. In the videos one can see the bruising and a cut on the little girl’s face; and during the medical examination it was discovered that Abe had hit the little boy so hard on the side of the head that he had actually ruptured his eardrum.

In addition, Abe was beating the children with spoons. We have spoken to other people he victimised in the past, and they tell us that he would usually heat the spoon on the stove before hitting them; his theory about using spoons is that they leave fewer bruises on his victims.

Abe and Ella were waking the children up at night to question them; sleep deprivation is a well-known torture tactic. Abe used to pour water on the children while they knelt before him in their underwear; they referred to this as “water torture”. Abe also threatened to bury the little girl in the desert and leave her there if she did not co-operate with him and Ella.

Mrs Justice Pauffley went so far as to describe what they experienced as “torture”. We think that’s an apt description.

It seems likely that, like an adult who experiences torture, the children were eager to do anything they could to make the pain stop. Contributing details to the stories they were being forced to learn was a minor thing, but it seemed to please their tormentor, and decreased their chances of further pain.

The combination of coaching and torture was very effective: by the time they were ready to return to the UK, the children were ready to be questioned about their alleged ‘cult abuse’. And because they had helped build parts of the story, the details would have been easier for them to recall under questioning.

2. “I heard those children. There’s no way they were lying”.

Most people who hear the children initially believe that they could not have made this story up.

However, consider this: if those children had really been subject to multiple brutal anal rapes per week, would you expect them to look and sound like normal 8- and 9-year-old children when they recounted the horrors they’d been exposed to?

Children who have been sexually abused, especially as often and as violently as RD’s children alleged, would likely be suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder. School-age children with PTSD will usually present as anxious, fearful, and distressed. They may fear that they will be re-victimised, and they often engage in ‘traumatic play’, in which they re-enact the traumatic incidents over and over. They often cycle between shyness and over-aggressive behaviour.

Watching the videos Abe and Ella made, none of these symptoms are evident. The children sound excited. Their words tumble out, they interrupt one another, they are eager to please their questioner with the ‘correct’ answer. They are focused on what they’re being asked, and show no apparent concern about the trauma they are supposedly revealing.

3. No child in the world could remember that much detail and recite it back from memory.

Really? Have you ever seen a Shirley Temple film? What about the Home Alone series with Macaulay Culkin? Lassie Come Home? Harry Potter?

This is the second in our series of Frequently Asked Questions about the Hampstead SRA hoax. Now it’s up to our readers: what questions about the videos (either the ones made en route from Morocco, the leaked police ABE interview videos, or the audio made by Jean-Clement Yaohirou) would you like us to include in our FAQ section?

Truth will come to light...at the length, the truth will out

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  1. Q) Why didn’t Ella release videos of herself being interviewed? Pretty sure she was interviewed. Was Abe interviewed? Also, how why did/how did all videos of the children being interviewed get into the hands of Ella? Is this normal procedure, realising such videos back to the parents in these cases?

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  2. What sort of person gets a child to describe being sexually abused on a busy plane, or in a cafe with other people around?

    I think if all the pieces are put together as the judge did, it is clear there was extensive questioning that they admit to. There was evidence of violence. There is evidence that Ella Draper and Abraham Christie have heard it all before when the children are recorded. The events leading up to that are not recorded.

    If the police acted the way they did any value of the recordings would be almost nil.

    ABE guidance compliant it ain’t. The guidance is there for a reason. To get the best evidence, untainted evidence, evidence that would be good in court.

    Ella and Abraham had the opportunity to explain how this all came about in court. They didn’t take that opportunity despite Abraham feeling safe enough to stand outside a central London court.

    Ella was interviewed. They seem to release everything selectively. No surprise that her interview is safe under lock and key away from prying eyes and scrutiny. I wouldn’t release it if I had it, but it is interesting how partial the information is that’s out there.

    It’s very sad that those videos have been released at all. More sad that Ella condones it despite her earlier protestations. Even now someone is saying they are going to make a trip to the UK from the Netherlands,

    A final thing, the forensic linguistic analysis, it was done by a student not a forensic expert. This person hasn’t had permission from the court to get involved, and has only presented their “findings” at a student conference on a PowerPoint. Take with a pinch of salt, a very big one, but watch out for salt poisoning of course.

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  3. In the court case all the material would go to the solicitor. Ella ceased to have a solicitor, so she got it. On the one hand, she needed it to present her case, on the other hand, she couldn’t be arsed to go to court and sent Sabine McNeill who was as much use as a chocolate fire guard.

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  4. In fact, the solicitor was fired, rehired, then re-fired…on the same day. In frustration, they handed the police ABE videos over along with the rest of the bundle, rather than giving them back to the police. This was not standard behaviour, and was most likely illegal according to our sources.

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  5. Handing the whole bundle to the mother “in frustration” turned out to be a drastic error of Tajesque proportions as things panned out.Hindsight is a wonderful thing but hopefully someone received a bollocking as a result.

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  6. #Yup

    Lie 1: “I’ve posted evidence of my degree…”

    OK, hands up who’s seen this. Hello? Anyone? Oh dear, looks like you’ll have to post it “again”, Angela. We won’t hold our breath, though.

    Lie 2: “…a blind man or woman on a galloping horse would know just from listening to me that I’m highly educated and intelligent…”

    Nope. A blind person on a galloping horse can see that you are a complete and utter fuckwit with serious mental health issues. Possibly including narcissism and/or megalomania, as the comment above indicates.

    Lie 3: “…something I don’t brag about…”

    No, Angie, of course – your modesty is a beacon to us all. You are humility personified.

    Lie 4: “…I personally would never air them…”

    Er…yeah, you would. You wouldn’t think twice about showing anything to get attention and to destroy lives, as you have proved time and time again.

    Lie 5: “The meeting to verify the Intel which came from sources I trust…”

    Yeah, we’ve all seen your “trustworthy sources”, Angie. How’s Wesley Hall these days, by the way? LOL

    Lie 6: “…I have a life…”

    No, you don’t. Sorry.

    Lie 7: “…I do this for the children.”

    See previous riposte.

    Lie 8: “And class action ongoing with legal team…”


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    Have I misunderstood this or is she claiming that James Rink’s sore throat is due to a deliberate attack to keep him quiet? LOL 😀

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  8. You people make me sick. The truth of this case is right in front of you. The Mother Ella HAD CUSTODY and if she wanted to have the father looked into or out of the children’s lives, she would have told the children to say their father touches them. THE VERY LAST THING that ANY human would do would be to input thousands of lies into their children’s minds to tell police. Because any somewhat smart person would realize that words mean nothing. The children can tell a million stories and it does no good. The only good comes from the things the children were saying being backed by evidence. So, find out which teachers came forward to prove they did not have the tattoos reported. Find out when they went to Mr. Hollings to check the secret closet How bout to check the school basement of tunnels? THE BLOG OWNER contributes to the death of more children by allowing this block to continue. Way to argue for Satan clowns. They had my video pulled from jeranism but it will be back up soon.


  9. I’ve never seen ANY evidence of Angela having a degree.

    The piece of paper/degree, A4 size stating you have a “degree” with the University named and the course you did will suffice Angela.

    Proof of claim Angela, until then there is no actual evidence you have a degree.

    As for the “legal team”. Poppycock and bollox, you do not have a legal team, it just does not exist.

    If it did, wouldn’t you say they were a bit slow Angela?

    And Angela you fake CSA Survivor and all the other Super Soldier, MK ULTRA shite you ramble on about.


    Anyone that had been sexually abused as a child would NOT call it PORN.

    Nasty, fake, lying, b..ch you are.

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  10. Zelie Catherine R comments well on one subject that is always brought up as ‘evidence’, ie Hodes’s medical report. This is viewed as ‘the smoking gun’. But anyone with half a brain able to consider the sheer numbers put forward by the children would realise that the ‘evidence’ does not tally with the ‘evidence’. Neither bit of ‘evidence’ should be regarded as such, as they are both flawed in different ways: The children’s statements because they were coached and coerced, Dr Hodes’s medical conclusions because she was emotionally contaminated by talking to Ella for hours, and then the children, too, something which should not be able to colour a strictly forensic examination. New guidelines, if they do not exist already, should state that this kind of interaction WILL affect findings, and there is evidence of such examinations with ‘additional info given by the victim’ affecting judgement and medical ‘findings’. Dr Hodes has a very lot to answer for in this case.

    Over to Zelie:
    Had these (or any) young children been anally raped, regularly and over years, anorectal damage would be nothing short of catastrophic. The kids would be in non-stop pain, incontinent because of repeated trauma and enlarged, stretched sphincters, and require complex, extensive surgical repair of the damaged area to return it to normal size/functionality.
    I have a lot of work experience in medical/ surgical settings and also have kids, both of whom had small fissures a few times ( like most kids do) after bouts with constipation as toddlers. It’s a REALLY common condition that heals quickly unless the tear is large, for whatever reason.

    Anyone with the most basic understanding of pediatric anatomy/physiology would automatically know that weekly sexual assaults by large objects on/in such tiny orifices would result in massive injuries requiring surgery, as opposed to anything that would even remotely qualify as an “inconclusive” result on a medical report.
    Again, such damage would be catastrophic and impossible to miss, even to an untrained eye.

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  11. Her grammar and spelling just reek of high intelligence and education … cos that’s how highly educated write … with ellipses between clauses, words in ALL CAPS and … words like cos.

    I’m still eager to know about these plays “what she wrote” and had produced. Any production photos? Any posters? Any tattered and fading scripts? There must be some physical evidence for them if they were ever performed.


  12. She is the sort of person who will sometimes latch onto your group in a bar by claiming to be what ever you are, usually in the hope of getting a free drink. I have come across a few such frauds, they usually give themselves away very quickly due to their lack of basic research; I normally just smile at them politely and make an excuse to get away as soon as I can.
    What makes APD particularly revolting is that she sees people who have been sexually abused as her meal ticket. As Fanny has pointed out, from her language you can tell there is no real empathy there.

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  13. IF the very mild trauma reported was caused by sexual abuse the most likely culprit wouldn’t have been the children’s father. The children had been in the company of a man who admitted physically abusing them and who displays a fascination with the idea of children being anally raped. I don’t think anyone needs to spell it out.

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  14. Speaking of videos, I’ve uncovered film of the last editorial board meeting at the global ‘troof’ network CCN. Angie’s in there somewhere- can you spot her?

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  15. Jeranism, thank you for raising these questions, which we will definitely include in our FAQ. Let’s take them one by one, shall we? (Excluding the hyperbole and abuse, of course.)

    1. “The mother Ella had custody….”
    Yes, she did. This was not about custody. It was about access, which is a completely different matter. In fact, Ella had a long history of ignoring and attempting to thwart the father’s court-ordered access agreements, but another one had just been approved, allowing the children to stay with him over a weekend. This happened in May 2014, just around the time when Ella met her new boyfriend, Abraham Christie.

    2. “…if she wanted to have the father looked into or out of the children’s lives, she would have told the children to say their father touches them”.
    Yes, in fact this is exactly what happened. She and her new boyfriend concocted a story about the father touching them that was so horrific, they believed, that it would keep the father out of the children’s lives forever.

    3. The very last thing that any human would do would be to input thousands of lies into their children’s minds to tell police. Because any somewhat smart person would realize that words mean nothing.
    I think you are mistaking Abe and Ella for “somewhat smart” people.

    4. So, find out which teachers came forward to prove they did not have the tattoos reported.
    We addressed this in yesterday’s post. Perhaps you weren’t paying attention, so here’s what we said:
    Why were none of the suspects interviewed? And why were they not examined for evidence of scars, birthmarks, or tattoos?

    Basically, no one was interviewed because the case collapsed before it reached that stage of investigation.

    Very early in the police investigation it became clear that there were serious inconsistencies in what the children were saying in their ABE interviews. For example, although the children both stated that they had been to their father’s house many times and could identify it, when the police took them on a drive-round neither of them were able to point out the correct house. The little boy did point out one house, but when police checked it out, it was clear that it had been vacant for some time, and that none of the features named by the children—secret rooms and passages, etc.—were present.

    The children described the church where abuse was alleged to have taken place, and described drawers where the skulls were stored. When the police investigated the church with no prior warning, they discovered that the drawers in question were actually vestry drawers, and far too shallow to accommodate skulls, baby or otherwise. Because none of the information given proved to be true, there was no reason to attempt to interview employees at the church.

    The IPCC report states that while Dr Hodes did two forensic examinations of the children (an unusual action, since she’d found nothing of significance on her first exam), the police did not receive this report until 8 January 2015. In any event, her findings were inconclusive, and could have been caused by a number of things.

    Finally, and most important, both children retracted their allegations during their third interviews. They stated that they had been forced to lie. This meant that the police investigation was over: there was no longer an active case, since all allegations had been withdrawn.

    Since the allegations were retracted and the case was concluded, it would have been unlawful to haul those named by the children into the police station for interviews under caution.

    The IPCC report states:

    “Clearly at the start of this investigation, any person could be identified as potentially someone who may need to be spoken to, interviewed or arrested. As with any investigation it remains fluid and decisions will change during an investigation according to what the evidence or information is at any given time.

    “It seems clear that the more this matter was investigated, the clearer it became that it would not be necessary to interview those who at first may have been identified for such purposes”.

    The inconsistencies, lack of corroborating evidence, and withdrawal of allegations meant that the case collapsed completely in its very early stages. Thus, no one was required to be interviewed or to “show their tattoos”.

    5. Way to argue for Satan clowns.
    Personally we’re not fans of Satan clowns, but whatever turns your crank.

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  16. “The only good comes from the things the children were saying being backed by evidence.”

    Do provide some.

    “THE VERY LAST THING that ANY human would do would be to input thousands of lies into their children’s minds”

    Any normal human, yes.

    As for the rest FSB, frequently stated Bollocks.

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  17. This comment appears to be missing “You might want to go see what they’re up to! Perhaps you will like their blog as much as they liked your comment!”

    My point was based on why hasn’t Ella released her interview. To me thats suspect. She is willing to show her children being interviewed, but not herself. Must be that her interview shows guilt or similar? Who knows?

    Bit slanderous that comment. Im not interesting in Abe or Ella or their site. Im interested in them coming back to face justice, absolutely.

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  18. Yes, I think that’s a good question: surely when her ex-solicitors handed over the videos of the police interviews with the children, they’d have handed over videos of Ella being interviewed as well? It would certainly be interesting to see what they revealed, but I don’t expect we’ll ever see them.

    I do recall that the police said Ella behaved strangely during her interviews, laughing and joking, etc. Hardly the terrified mother who thinks her children have been abused by a cult.

    I’d like to see both her and Abe face justice as well.

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  19. Yes, there’s been absolutely zero, zilch, zip evidence of what the children originally claimed. And this despite the fact that a group of zealots gathered outside the church and school proposed to check the place out each Wednesday when they thought there would be a lot of sex going on. If they’d found anything, we’re quite sure it would be all over the internet by now.

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  20. “You people make me sick.”

    Jeranism, the people that make me sick are YouTube up-loaders who exploit these children by plastering their names and faces all over the Internet as they give most intimate details of alleged sexual assault.

    All in the name of YouTube hits.

    Like YOU did.

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  21. I am thinking that I’ll dedicate a separate page to Dr Hodes’ results or lack thereof. You’re right that Z-C made some excellent points, and I’ll be sure to include them! Incidentally, I note that the Hoaxtead mob never seem to mention the fact that the small amounts of scarring found were only on one child, and then only in the examination position that has been seriously questioned by the forensic medical community.

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  22. More extreme rectal smoke emmisions are about to be released for the entire duration of Angelas Flatulence (5-7 pm).Oldcastle fire brigade in case the liar liars bum actually caches fire.

    Mr Methanes people are apparently in touch with Angies legal team over all this.

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  23. 2 hours of undiluted bullshit,bile and bollocks has just commenced(late as ever).Gasmasks and sick buckets are mandatory.

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  24. This is why I prefer to watch these things after the fact—I can turn the speed up to 150% and get through the ordeal more quickly! 🙂


  25. New to trolling, are you, Jerry? You should try out your act on Angela or Kristie Sue – they’ll be glad for the attention.

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  26. “THE BLOG OWNER contributes to the death of more children by allowing this block to continue.”

    Oh for Christ’s sake – is it just me or are the hoaxers losing IQ points by the day? Contributing to the deaths of children? Seriously? The only people who are contributing to child abuse are Jeranism and his ilk, who are happy to plaster the videos and images of the two children all over the internet, thereby deterring other kids from coming forward.

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  27. Regarding the teachers, they would have been bound by school regulations and union guidelines, so could not have “come forward”. It’s academic, though – as EC pointed out, the case was closed anyway.

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  28. Sound tactic EC,we only have so many moments and always best to economize where possible.200% is probably the way forward.

    She is currently mithering on about world war 3 and the weather is a false flag and that a volcano could blow her up at any moment which would be slightly unfortunate (ish).Tracey Morris in court in LIverpool no doubt not actually assisting anyone.

    Threatening to bring Wellyhead into the mix as no one else seems particularly interested in making an arse out of themselves today.

    40 minutes in and I am still just about awake,well I think so anyway.

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  29. I’m off to make some more coffee. You’re in charge of the bridge, Mik–let me know if you see anything interesting on the horizon, would you?


  30. I think Dr Hodes’ report needs to be dealt with; but we should be very careful with how much detail we go into. It was something that should never have been made public – I hate the idea of the children being followed around by its details for the rest of their lives.

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  31. Dear lord, is she actually trying to claim that her copy of The Lacemakers could be an original? So now she’s delving into art forgery??? I am stunned. Seriously.


  32. Chat comment:

    pookster78: If Angela has spare time just now perhaps she can go into more detail regarding the claims of Ella sexually abusing a child. For example, did Angela actually view any videos or images?

    Bigears hasnt deleted it yet because he has probably zonked out.

    Assorted empty idiots who are “oh so special” because they have been abducted to frigging Mars defence force and assorted shit.You could not make it up but these attention seeking bizarros spend their lives doing it.

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  33. Hahaha, Angie says she hasn’t paid her broadcasting fee this month, so she’s begging for money again and desperately trying to sell her painting. Here’s hoping Mel Ve has a zero tolerance policy on freeloaders 😀

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  34. Oh God, this gets better and better. Her guest is claiming she was regularly abducted as a child and “mind-wiped” by the CIA, because…er…she doesn’t have any memories from before she was 4. Er…that’s normal, dear. LOL

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  35. A veritable basket of deplorables fueling each others descent into abject wiseacring and idiotism (cubed).Their lives must be so lacking to need to live inside these brain numbing fairy tales.

    Biggest joke is that CCN claim to be serious media…illarious.

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  36. As an apparently fully paid up member of the CIA I can confirm that when attempting to wipe her mind we found there was actually nothing there to wipe.This saved both time and cash so we knocked off early and went down the pub.Keep that under your hats but a good time was had by all.

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  37. Yep, this woman is claiming she went to school on Mars and was then put in charge of a spaceship with a crew of hundreds – and Angela’s lapping it all up! 😮

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  38. They’re just warming up, mate. Angie has just claimed that there’s a clone of Max Spiers out there.

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  39. CCN need to consider a major rebranding exercise.Call themselves something like the “The Loonies Voice” to afford nutters an opportunity to ventilate their insane internal confusions to a pretend audience.

    There is probably an EEC grant available out there to provide such a service.Mel and Bigears should ca$h in before $omeone el$e beat$ them to it.They are going precisely nowhere fast pretending to be serious grown up media and that is objectively verifiable “truth”.Mad buggers the lot of them.

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  40. Now Angie’s claiming that she used to work for the Saudi Royal Family in Dubai. Pardon my ignorance but when was Dubai moved to Saudia Arabia?

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  41. And they all end by asking for cash and dont live particularly happily ever after.

    An exercise in completely pointless cringeworthy fruitcakery in extremis. E-.

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  42. To be fair LIza geography was never one of Angies strong points,she has tended to focus her expertise on chain smoking,insurance fiddles and generally being about as useless to mankind as is humanly possible.

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  43. Can’t see what Postnein said…but we all know BigEars can only handle pabulum, and even then it must be heavily diluted. Questions like “How’s the weather there?” or “How about that local sports team?” are acceptable. Pretty well anything else, not so much.

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  44. It’s also important to note that Abraham appears to be the main culprit for filling their heads with nonsense, and Ella went along with it. You only have to read Abraham’s comments or hear him speak to realise he is a fantasist. Therefore, it is not particularly surprising that other people were included. Many of whom Abraham and Ella had reason to hate. Examples being the police, social services, cafcass, the school and neighbours. All people that reported Ella and Abraham or had dealings with them in the past.

    “THE VERY LAST THING that ANY human would do would be to input thousands of lies into their children’s minds to tell police.”
    Yet you claim that mANY humans/parents such as teachers, scientists…etc tell children all over the world, thousands of lies regarding space and the shape of planet Earth.

    Plus, ‘words’ can do a lot of damage, and had worked successfully for Ella in the past. For example, Ella wrote a letter to the authorities claiming that RD was aggressive towards her. Without any charges, the court issued a restriction order against him.

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  45. Yes, all excellent points, thanks! I think I will probably divide the FAQ page into several, each with its own topic heading, to make it easier to find material.

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  46. Postnein simply asked why if it’s free media are comments deleted?… and even one which said “Good day to you, Sir.” was deleted.

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  47. I have reported it but the more the merrier I think. He’s also posted something offensive about a synagogue. One that is in the same area as a school.

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  48. A Chabad Synagogue a I think. They might take offence, as would be right because it is offensive to accuse people of killing and eating babies.

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  49. Considering CCN has been erected by inept wastrels on highly suspect foundations with low grade materials I am gob smacked the ground has not broken up and swallowed them long since past.

    Mind you a wee bodge here a bit of sticky tape there can cover up a multitude of sins.Together will a few honeyed words,a little emotional blackmail and a shed load of bullshit the rogue cowgirl and her sleeping partner insist on taking their dead horse to a mirage to flog the poor bastard.

    Ground breaking my arse.

    TOP SECRET: CIA buddies have gotten wind of plans drawn up by the CCN hierarchy to relocate their HQ to somewhere else.

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  50. Censorship on free media! Didn’t Mussolini gain power by censoring the press? Having said that. I cant see CCN gaining anything. Seems the average amount of views is the sum of 15 people at best.

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  51. It is just plain wrong alright. Aaron Dover the jabbering loon also declares that Battersea power station has never had a roof on the turbine hall. The thick runs strong in the Hoaxteaders.

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  52. Indeed Ginger, viewers reached the heady heights of 15 at one point.Angie,Mel, Bigears+ 3 psychotic “guests leaves 6 or so of us and probably a few passing visually impaired viewers looking for news on last nights US election debate.

    I believe Mels mission statement as well as a load of childish drivel includes something about an aim to reach a third of the worlds population.Unless there is a major cataclysm reducing the humanoid species down to about 45 souls then she has no chance.I would have thought tuning into CCN output its the very last thing survivors of any such armageddon scenario would welcome to be perfectly honest.

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  53. Another from MK`s Devil stable.Some hard evidence of micro drones that infect and program pointless idiots and a guest appearance from Tory Smith who seems remarkably sane by comparison.

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  54. I did actually work for a member of the Saudi Royal Family in the UK and for the Omani government in Muscat at different stages. These were in mundane positions.
    They would no more have Angie make the tea let alone employ her for a host of reasons and most of those are because of her own claims especially with her admitted problems in the USA.

    I can tell you the process for working for any one of these people- especially the Saudis – is very lengthy and involves checks with a host of government agencies, local police , FBI. MI5, The Met etc and not for reasons that Angie would have you think, in some sort of espionage capacity, but to ensure you have never had a run-in with an agency like the police let alone a criminal record.

    Middle East countries that are allies of the UK & USA only EVER employ ex-UK or USA military personnel in security type jobs for a host of sensible reasons and they are always ones who have reached seniority in the forces.
    And any sensible person would NOT reveal they had even worked for these people, even when it’s in office jobs etc (obviously Ghost isn’t my real name) for very good reasons. The 1970s and early 80s were bad enough, today it’s far far worse and enemies are legion.

    She is such a crappy bullshit artist and she’s increasingly adopting the persona of the career criminal and master forger Andrea Davison whose very claim she was an “ex-MI5 agent” is a giveaway that she wouldn’t even know where their HQ is.

    There are 1000s of ex-agency persons who never reveal who they worked for and that nutter cross dresser and his partner are among the few foolish enough to reveal who they were and I wouldn’t be surprised if his female friend probably still works for them.

    Totally sick of this lying grifter Irish bint.

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  55. Aaron Dover is butt-hurt. His 250,000 view video has FINALLY just been taken down. I must have reported that a hundred times over the past year+

    “Published on Oct 10, 2016

    YouTube deleted this from my channel today after 250,000 views. It had been up for almost a year and had thousands of comments. JewTube are part of the death cult and their staff should be dealt with accordingly. SEE ALSO: The Secret Synagogue Next to Hampstead Christ Church”

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  56. She isn’t a master forger. She uses the wrong letterhead for the purported date of her letters. Her attempt at the House of Lords Royal Arms on a letterhead is pitiful.

    Just putting that out there.

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  57. Just to explain, do you think there might be a department that orders in letterheaded paper for everyone, and they all use the same paper and have the same layout? That there may even be a paper manufacturer who supplies said paper, and said paper is embossed and is a particular colour, and it personalised in the same place for each person? Or do people just bosh stuff out any which way on their home computer?

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  58. Also GoS, I can’t see Angela getting a job anywhere important or sensitive where discretion is an essential personal quality.

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  59. “Unless there is a major cataclysm reducing the humanoid species down to about 45 souls then she has no chance”.

    LMAO! Nearly spat me tea out at that one.

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  60. Ah, so Jerbil-Jism is a flat-earther? I wonder whether he can answer my question that none of the other flat-earthers have been able to answer – WHERE’S THE SODDING EDGE? Seriously, which direction do I need to walk and how far do I need to go until I fall off?

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  61. Maybe it isn’t just Donald Trump that makes me nostalgic for George W Bush. A few years ago remarks like that could have seen Aaron Dover on a trip to Guantanamo Bay.

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  62. Yes, Jeramism has a YouTube channel devoted to “proving” the Earth is flat.

    I admired EC for answering his questions without resorting to an ad hominem attack.

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  63. Ella was also giving frequent enemas ~too frequent even for advcates of them to not be shocked by. Imho this matters because feelings/thoughts would be produced ~plastic willies, add abe/belinda etc ~


  64. i reccommend this as a comment on vids. I did check. Personally i,d rather drink aloe vera. It’s something i,ve pointed out ~ to many &hardly known by gullible followers n hated by the despicable 1s.


  65. Hopefully all CAN be removed ~ including us that have committed to breaking these rings ~ we can remove when they do/are. Meanwhile why can platforms flout international treaties/UN re childrens priv


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