The dodgy history of Belinda’s Knight Foundation

The other day, while we were working on the FAQ about those who planned and executed the Hampstead SRA hoax, we were reminded that Belinda McKenzie’s created her alleged ‘charity’, the Knight Foundation, to act as a receptacle for donations to the hoax. We wondered: how has this non-charity been faring lately?

Some readers will remember that in 2015 Belinda faced some rather pointed questions about the charitable status of the Knight Foundation.

In fact, having already been struck off by the Charities Commission for her dodgy behaviour regarding the multi-million pound charity, Iran Aid, Belinda found herself once more under investigation by the Commission for falsely claiming that the Knight Foundation was a charity.

According to the Ham&High, which covered the story in July 2015:

The Charity Commission is investigating claims that a Highgate-based organisation has been masquerading as a charity – including revelations that it sent almost all its donations to a fugitive wanted for questioning by police.

An investigation by the Ham&High has discovered that a company claiming to raise money to help “protect children from sexual abuse” had been misleading potential donors as part of a drive to raise £1million.

The Knight Foundation, set up in February 2014, said the money would go towards helping fight “cruelty against children” and “Satanic ritual abuse”.

But the Ham&High has discovered that the organisation is not registered with the government watchdog the Charity Commission and that almost all the donations received are being sent to Sabine McNeill – a fugitive wanted for questioning by UK police.

Her colleague Belinda McKenzie, one of the directors of The Knight Foundation, has been leading the donation drive from her home in Priory Gardens, Highgate.

The 69-year-old told the Ham&High: “We are aiming to become a charity and are at the early stages of the organisation.

“I see our work as charitable as it’s helping others, including my friend Sabine who had to leave the UK or face arrest. She needs financial support for her work, speaking to MEPs about child abuse in the UK. But I will consider amending the wording on our website.”


The Knight Foundation recently ramped up fundraising efforts, with Ms McKenzie posting messages on the organisation’s website every day for the past three weeks urging those wanting to fight “the very worst kind of child abuse” to donate to the “charity”.

After this newspaper’s findings were passed to the Charity Commission, the regulatory authority confirmed the organisation was not registered and said it had been “misleading” potential donors.

Describing its work as “not wholly charitable”, the Commission added it would also be looking further into the company “to assess if there are any other regulatory concerns”.

(Emphasis ours)

To date, we’ve seen no indication that Belinda has made any attempts to obtain charitable status for her fund-raising organisation, despite her promise as far back as 16 November 2014 that she would be turning it into a charity:

I find money largely boring and am not remotely interested in it, apart from it’s being an indicator of the ebb-and-flow of human psychological compulsion which is a fascinating whole area. But as I’ve discovered painfully this year, lack of money is a serious impediment to being able to help people, especially children, or even being able to move around, hence my public activity has more or less ground to a stop, despite a few friends momentarily pitching in to help, god bless you, your names are inscribed in gold on my heart.

The obvious solution is to SET UP A CHARITY which is what I’m now in the process of doing. After a few months dithering around trying to decide whether I really do want to run a charity? yet another children’s charity, on top of the hundreds already registered with the Charity Commission? I’m going to take the plunge so THE KNIGHT FOUNDATION which is going to be a charity with a difference! will be launched at long last on 30th November this month in Camden London (see below details of venue & time).

Having announced this to her followers, and then continued the “Knight Foundation charity” ruse as people donated to help fight “cruelty against children” and “Satanic ritual abuse”, it’s not surprising that she managed to dupe people into sending her money via her fake charity.

Last spring we noticed that Belinda had taken down the Knight Foundation website, only to replace it a few weeks later with a new, updated version containing links to some unfamiliar organisations: a technology company based in Salt Lake City, Utah; a reputable wildlife preservation organisation; and a Nottingham-based private company called ‘4Children & Families’.

But for the past several weeks now, the Knight Foundation site has been back ‘under maintenance’.

What is The Knight Foundation really?

We decided to look into things a bit further, and went to have a look at the Companies House page:

knight-foundation-companies-house-2016-10-23First things first: there’s no sign of the Knight Foundation ever having morphed into a charity. It’s quite clearly listed as a “Private Limited Company by guarantee without share capital use of ‘Limited’ exemption”.

Of interest as well is the company’s financial statements: for both 2015 and 2016 fiscal years, the Knight Foundation claims a net worth of £1:

The company is listed as “dormant”: this means that it’s been registered with Companies House but is not carrying on any kind of business activity or receiving any form of income. However, Belinda has on at least one occasion stated that monies raised by the company, on pretence that it was a charity, were actually spent to support Sabine while she was on the run from the authorities during the first half of 2015.

We’re no financial experts, but given Belinda’s various sleights of hand regarding her distinctly non-charitable PLC, we wonder exactly how truthful her records are.

Who’s who at The Knight Foundation?

The Knight Foundation has had a very spotty history of appointments and resignations of its various officers, especially for a company that is only 2 and a half years old:


It seems that Xavier Knight started out as a company director but lasted only a couple of months. Meanwhile, Belinda and her stalwarts Sabine McNeill and Mary Rooney took on directorships. Sabine and Mary had their appointments terminated in May 2015, at the same time that someone named Sharon Spierling and Alexander David Mark Forbes came aboard as directors. Sharon dropped off in August 2015, but Alexander Forbes has remained as a director to date. Meanwhile, though, Belinda struck herself off as director in April 2016.

We were curious about Sharon Spierling and Alex Forbes: Ms Spierling seems to pop up and then vanish again without a trace, but Alex Forbes is friends with Belinda, Pamela Almaz, Caul Grant, and Jake C. on Facebook.

Curiously, he also seems to have attended the trial of William Brian Freeman in May 2015:


“Freeman”, of course, is better known to Hoaxtead watchers as Brian Pead, the children’s counsellor who offered a 14-year-old girl £300 to have sex with him, only to discover that she was in fact an undercover police officer posing as a teen.

Of course it is entirely possible that Alex Forbes knew nothing about Mr Pead’s criminal history, especially since all of Pead’s troofer friends went to such pains to cover it up, claiming that he was a noble whistle-blower who’d been stitched up by the powers that be. Just like all the other convicted paedophiles befriended by those who’ve pushed the Hoaxtead narrative.

Overall, the history of the Knight Foundation looks very dodgy to us. Its connections to various Hoaxtead promoters, its blatantly fraudulent impersonation of a charity, its rapid change-over of directors, its constantly shifting web presence…it just doesn’t add up, does it?


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  1. “THE KNIGHT FOUNDATION which is going to be a charity with a difference!”

    LOL, yeah – the difference being that it took money from the poor and sick rather than gave it to them. How’d that work out for you, Bellender?

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  2. And lest we forget that Belinda never registered the Knight Foundation as a charity. This is from 18th July 2015:

    Plus Belinda had already been struck off by the Charities Commission over her Iran scam anyway. This ‘charity’ was illegal in so many ways!


  3. What an odd lot they are.
    Forever accusing courts & judges of acting illegibly when Forbes’ own report clearly demonstrates that this Pead character tried to pass himself off as a barrister by using weasel words & trying to confuse the court with the words Counsel which in court implies a ticketed legal professional with type of counselor of the type that Pead obviously no longer is.

    I’ve met a few barristers whose necks I’d gladly wring but it’s such an important aspect of law and justice that those who appear before courts are trained and approved professionals who not only know the law but there is also recourse under the law if they do not perform correctly or make mistakes. Quite apart from the fact that if a phony posing as a barrister managed to convince a jury’s decision and was then found out the legal ramifications could be horrendous.

    This is no different to someone claiming they are an electrician, mechanic or plumber when they have no training or qualifications. It’s for the public’s safety.

    I find it so weird how the internet has entailed this rum lot to all meet up and promote their sometimes wacky and often dangerous & illegal activities. They are like people who have criminal type minds who seek each other out – scam artists & con merchants except this particular mob seem to believe their own publicity.

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    • Yes, it’s amazing, isn’t it? Here’s what Belinda had to say about the Pead legal impersonation case in August 2015:

      “This year as well as being involved in the Hampstead case I’ve been supporting Brian Pead, whistle-blower on institutionalised CSA in London Borough of Lambeth who has been mainly in prison on trumped-up charges since 2009, to shut him up; his latest sentence is 2 years in HMP Thameside. So I am under no illusions as to what the PTB (Powers That Be) can do”.

      Never mind the fact that he’s a convicted paedophile, nor that he’s clearly attempted fraud in this case. He’s “one of their own” and therefore must be defended from the PTB.


    • What garbage.
      Assange & Wikileaks have released alleged emails from the Clinton camp that are basically gossip (and there is absolutely no proof they are genuine).
      They have released nothing that confirms the wacky conspiracies of the truther mob and all they have done is create an awful lot of enemies and estranged 1000s of former supporters in a partisan campaign
      Even worse they involved the Ecuador Embassy in a damaging attempt to influence the US election which places them in an insidious position and for Wikileaks to somehow blame Ecuador for it’s actions demonstrates they are probably a bunch of clueless idiots caught up in their power trip.

      Britain could well have accused Ecuador of political interference and negating their London Embassy’s diplomatic status & ordered the entire staff and Ambassador out of the UK as has happened often int he UK, Russia & the USA where staff are found to be not diplomats but spies.

      As for claiming it was at the behest of the US this is obvious rubbish as the US could have allowed Assange to continue and the above scenario to unfold and once Embassy staff had been booted they could have snatched Assange.

      I’m an Assange supporter and think he’s been unfairly targeted but I believe his former associate who says Assange went mad about 5 years ago and 4 years locked in a flat has made that worse.

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  4. Well – for a ‘dormant’ company there does seem to be an extraordinary number of comings and goings and it looks like there is just one Director left. Board meetings must have been interesting. I’m wondering if they submitted their Persons of Significant Control register – which came in this year to improve transparency.

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    • Yes, that was my impression too, TN. It’d be interesting to know if they submitted the register, as you say. Transparency isn’t one of Belinda’s fortes, though she’s pretty good at smoke and mirrors.


    • I think she was planning ahead and hoping to rake in big bikkies in the form of donations with the Hoaxtead scam but it’s all gone pye-eyed.
      Many of these grifters don’t seem to realise the internet moves at lightening pace and they are left way behind.

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      • That’s a good point, Sam. In the “Endnotes from Exile” link that I referenced above, Belinda has this to say about the Knight Foundation:


        I had and still do have great hopes for my fledgling charity the Knight Foundation once we are over this patch and can get on with developing it. The Knight Foundation charitable incorporated company has raised to date a mere £800 in 18 months as we haven’t as yet done any proper fund-raising or promotion, our bank account having remained locked all this time due to continuous changes of directors, hence we have had as yet no access to these funds.

        The Foundation was set up to fund our McKenzie Friends’ work in the first instance, precisely because McKenzie Friends do not charge for our work yet we do have expenses, such as travelling to and from the courts and local authority offices, subsidising applications to the court where parents are impoverished, the production of publicity materials for our campaigning work and we also aim to offer training-courses to would-be McKenzie Friends to maximise the service we can offer to the public within in the above-mentioned constraints. Then, we also aim to help realise Maggie Tuttle’s dream of a Safe House/s for children fleeing paedophile attackers and any other projects relevant to child-protection. We also want and intend to be able to providing funding for the activity of a whole range of those whom we refer to as ‘knights-of-the-heart’, ordinary citizens who wish to join in the fight for the moral and systemic betterment of our society. Our flesh-and-blood ‘modern knights’, pledged to protect the children and serve the public weal may likewise need help with travel and subsistence, production of publicity materials, etc. Impoverishment should never prevent anyone wishing to undertake a life of service to society from realising this fine calling.

        Yes, I fully admit that in July I did ask for donations via the charity to help Sabine subsist and pay her rent whilst ‘in exile’, her pension and housing benefit having been cut off. As a result of which I was informed by the Ham & High reporter covering the case that the Charity Commission now had me under investigation! “You should have had an email from them” he informed me. When I said no, I hadn’t, he said “oh well you’ll certainly be getting one.” 4-5 weeks later still nothing has come from the Charity Commission! All that has happened is that the Ham & High have published yet another damning article on me – no doubt by now whose side that publication is on.


      • By Angies standards paedophile enablers should be receiving their own little prick too.Hows it hanging by the way Roopy 😉
        There are seemingly no depths to which Angie is unprepared to trawl for attention.Speaks volumes about her her own inner poverty and depravity.

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    • Fucking lowlife scumbag she is.
      Just when I think I should moderate my language towards her she proves yet again what a gutter snipe she is.

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    • Whoever it was it was certainly no failure but a huge success & demonstrated just how vulnerable we are. Idiot.
      Doubt the Russians or the Chinese would bother as it would show their hand. More likely some very clever teen hackers which really does show what havoc could be caused.


    • Oh FFS. It was a massive DDOS attack on a domain hosting company called Dyn in the United States. It affected 10s of millions of accounts worldwide, and had nothing to do with the “ss”, the Russians, or the tooth fairy. MKO is a blithering idiot.


  5. He does so obsess over his delusions does Malc. – I suppose that’s what happens when you no longer have a real life to lead. 🙂

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    • Be fair, though, Joe – I for one appreciate his rigorously researched intellectual analysis.

      “…every 15 fkn mins wow some s!ssy must be on big bucks…pmsl…pesky russians ahahaha…ima was notified…attack was coming from US…”

      Seriously, I’m blown away. In fact, I’m so in awe of Malc’s journalistic prowess that I’ve taken the liberty of nominating him for a Pulitzer.

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      • Well, his mate Robert Green was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize after all! (ROFLMAO!) – Seriously, apart from the ‘views’ he bought from the arse-end of nowhere (in itself guaranteed to get you on a mugs list) who the fuck is remotely interested in his incoherent bullshit? Most of it is just material he’s nicked from other places anyway. ‘The Russians’ or whoever are unlikely to know or even care that the feckless dole-scrounging waster even exists!

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        • as was Kevin his father.
          These Nobel phonies have no clue how the nomination process works and really believe the bloke sitting at the end of the bar can nominate someone.
          Really we should be laughing out loud at them but sadly they do wish people harm.

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  6. The use of a dormant limited company is predictable enough. – Many sole traders and partnerships who use a trade name will have one to help protect it. What’s interesting is the ‘Limited’ exception.

    “To qualify for exemption from using the word ‘Limited in your company name, you must satisfy all of the following conditions:

    Must be a private company limited by guarantee.
    The company’s objects (aims) must be the promotion or regulation of commerce, art, science, education, religion, charity or any profession.
    The Memorandum and Articles of Association must:
    State that any profits or other income should be applied to the promotion of the firm’s objects.
    Prohibit the payment of dividends, or any return of capital, to members.
    Require each member to contribute to the assets of the business if it is wound up during the time that he or she is a member, or within 1 year of ceasing to be a member.
    State that in the event of the business being wound up, all of the firm’s assets will be transferred to another body with similar of charitable objects.

    Any company that existed as a private limited by shares company on 25th February 1982 may also qualify for exemption if it can satisfy the following two conditions:

    It did not include ‘Limited’ in its name because it had a licence under Section 19 of the Companies Act 1948 at this date.
    It complies with the requirements set out in Section 30 of the Companies Act 1985.”

    – This would be quite normal for a company owned by an actual charity; but of course, this one isn’t! What’s more, I seem to recall there is a ‘Knight Foundation’ (or something very close to it) in America. And isn’t there general ‘form’ for these people using conflated names to confuse the public anyway?

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  7. I’m really delighted by the progress being made with dissipation of the hoax effort, in this case, and very proud of you all for running and participating in a very smart, sophisticated and professional campaign to confront this hoax head-on. (And I think you should be, too).
    I’m allowing myself to be hopeful, for now, that interest in perpetuating this particular hoax may fade away in the near future.

    I regret to say, though, that I’m less hopeful about an SRA hoax-free future for our culture. I made the mistake of assuming such a future, back in the mid 1990’s. I’ve learned a lot from examining and analyzing that error. A primary lesson from that, for me personally, was my failure to pass to others the things I had learned through debunking Satanic Panic. Whatever happens in this case, please don’t repeat my folly – take the time to pass along, privately or publicly, whatever insights you might now have about such hoaxes to others in your community.

    What I foresee in the longer term…is a progressive “mainstreaming” of ritualistic abuse cult mythology and apologetics throughout the helping professions in our culture, especially in child protection and abuse victim counselling related professions.

    I believe that what S.A.F.F. and others have documented, about the importation and evangelizing of “satanic panic” in the UK, is largely accurate and correct. But there may be another, very important, element that has yet to be acknowledged, analyzed, and properly understood.
    Consider Sara Scott, author of “The Politics And Experience Of Ritual Abuse”, and how influential her book has been and continues to be in some circles. (I’m sure there are others with greater knowledge about and understanding of Sara Scott than I. If you are one, please educate me if my observations are mistaken).
    Sara Scott’s book has been popular with many abuse victim claimants and their advocates, particularly but not only with those claiming satanic abuse cult victimization, because she was one of the first “researchers” to take the truthfulness and accuracy of ritual abuse victim claimant’s life history narratives as “a given”, and present a selection of those life histories – without any critical analysis – as the foundational, factual reality of ritual abuse cult history, beliefs, practices and patterns of victimization – from which and on the basis of which, further “truths” could and should be extracted. This apologetics approach, and the demonizing of any attempts to apply skeptical fact-checking to these narratives as necessarily motivated by a suspicious desire to discredit all claims of sexual victimization – which was also a pioneer of – has subsequently been accepted and adopted as a standard academic approach to the subject, notably by more recent academic authors such as Michael Salter, author of “Organized Sexual Abuse”.

    In an essay that preceded and foreshadowed the publication of her book, Sara Scott was very up-front about being “a believer” not even pretending to objectivity on the subject, and that her absolute certitude about ritual abuse victimization was based on her relationship with a teenage girl victim claimant who became her foster daughter:

    “I am 31 [35] years of age. I was born in Scotland and grew up in the North-East, where as a teenager I became involved in anti-fascist and feminist politics. I lived in Oxford and Lancaster before settling in Manchester in 1983, with a degree in feminist theory and a job as a youth and community worker. I joined Manchester Rape Crisis the same year and have been a volunteer counsellor there ever since.
    Over the years I have been involved in various groups and campaigns and written a fair bit about sexual violence. For 7 years I worked in social action broadcasting, where I was involved in the early days of the National AIDS Helpline. In 1992 I managed a helpline following the Channel 4 transmission of Beyond Belief (on ritual abuse). A report of this was published in Valerie Sinason’s (1994) Treating Survivors of Satanist Abuse. I first began supporting a young survivor of ritual abuse in 1990. I have learnt an enormous amount from her, and from other survivors I have met or worked with in recent years…”
    “When I think back to the early 1990s, it is almost impossible to grasp the level to which my life was disrupted by coming to know about ritual abuse, or to really recall the fear, anxiety and confusion that enveloped my life. The teenage survivor of ritual abuse who was my foster daughter is now 21, she has recently graduated from college, she has friends and an independent life, she is strong and brave and funny and intelligent, and I am immensely proud of her. The nightmares and mood swings, terror and dissociation we sometimes felt would never end, fade into the past. It is impossible to recapture the ‘shock of the new’ I experienced on first hearing her speak of beatings and torture, of killing hens and sheep and babies, of eating maggots and vomit and human flesh, and of child prostitution and pornography. Over the course of three years intensive caring ‘the field’ of ritual abuse became my primary location, and there were times when I was so immersed that it was difficult to communicate with people who did not share similar knowledge and experience. Discussions of forced abortion and ritual sacrifice began to seem ordinary, while the life-world I had previously shared with friends and colleagues sometimes felt unreal and insignificant”.
    “I came to this research as a ‘believer’, certain that the brutal stories that had been whispered to me in terror, or screamed at me in rage, were accounts based in my foster daughter’s lived experience. I understood that my belief had arisen in the context of an intense personal relationship…”

    A critical analysis of Sara Scott’s essay “Here be dragons”, by someone much smarter and more knowledgeable than myself, can be found under “Annie Huntington (1999), A Critical Response to Sara Scott’s ‘Here be Dragons”.

    What is of particular interest to me, is that Scott’s entire approach to ritual abuse as a field of study is based on and driven by her “intense personal relationship” with an SRA victim claimant. I can find no claims by Scott that there was ever any objective verification of her foster daughter’s victimization, and in fact elsewhere Scott states that when this girl first came to her as a rape crisis counsellor, “she was adamant that she would not allow any social services or police involvement and was careful to give no information that would facilitate such intervention”.
    Jean LaFontaine NAILED IT when she said: “It should be recognised […] that adults who claim to have been ritually abused, usually known as ‘survivors’, have been very influential. While their stories are said to confirm what children have said, in fact survivors are probably more significant in creating a climate of belief before cases involving children are discovered”.
    And in fact, Sandra Buck’s account of the founding and development of RAINS: “The RAINS Network In The UK”, not only unwittingly documented that the founders DID NOT derive their initial “awareness of ritual abuse” from the mouths of babes, as they have claimed, but also unwittingly documents that their initial awareness of and knowledge about ritual abuse was derived from ADULT victim claimants that Coleman had been “supporting” since two years prior to founding RAINS.
    We needn’t be concerned that their could be any truth or reality to either Coleman’s or Scott’s personal relationship informant’s SRA cult claims, however, as their accounts portray the satanic cultists overtly professing a specifically Christian perspective about their alleged beliefs and practices, i.e., that they perceived themselves to be evil persons performing evil acts in service to an evil deity (Satan), acting out a literal parody of Christian beliefs and practices with no purpose other than mocking Jesus Christ and His followers. This is the self-falsifying “Reversed Christianity” mythology and related urban legends, popular with some deranged teenage dabblers, but too inherently contradictory to be “lived” by a large scale cult or social movement.

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    • Agree.
      It’s why i say people should take legal action and drag these loons into court by the scruff of their necks and let them see
      1. how you don’t get Legal Aid to defend claims of harassment in a civil court and
      2. any lawyer wants a substantial deposit up front to take on the case.
      Nothing quicker than a financial penalty to make their heads explode.

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    • Sara Scott “I understood that my belief had arisen in the context of an intense personal relationship…” with an extremely vulnerable young person, whose survival instinct told her that any mention of SRA would be a ticket out of crappy foster homes, and being showered with all the support and understanding which, up till then, had not been provided. FFS. Do these people know anything about psychology?

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      • That’s a very good point PA…..

        Growing up as I did in a very deprived area I observed that many people sought victimhood of one sort or another simply as a means of accessing the otherwise inaccessible. – Feigned disability and faked damp patches meant extra allowances; the only way to ‘progress’ when finding decent work was less likely than a big win at the bookies. I recall at primary school one particular kid who was very skilled at ‘playing up’ and grabbing attention. – While the rest of us had our heads down over the jotters he was taken off horse riding and climbing Glencoe! He came from a family of ‘professional wasters’ of course – “they’ll neither work nor want” as my mother would have it….. And he is still living in Easterhouse swimming about in his own pish. But he has a big telly from Brighthouse and can access plenty of fly baccy and hooch. – And naturally, the ‘concerned professional classes’ continue to draw down substantial salaries, bussing themselves in daily from Newton Mearns, Fintry and Milngavie to steward the underclasses…..

        There’s a lot of money in the poverty industry! Which brings my thoughts back round to fake charities and other scams!

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      • @ PA – did PT Barnum’s motto come to mind? 🙂
        The truth might be even worse.
        Sandra Buck and Joan Coleman both remark on the importance of “a young teenage girl who was a survivor of ritual abuse”, “my second cult victim” says Joan, who was referred to Dr Coleman by Diane Core, (founder of Childwatch and a loony satanic panic rumor-monger), in 1989 to RAINS member’s knowledge and understanding of ritual abuse and alleged satanic cult beliefs and practices. This girl provided satanic cult information to Joan Coleman, of a remarkably similar nature to what Sara Scott claims to have learned from her foster daughter.
        Sara Scott says that, after this teen girl (who would become her foster daughter) came to her for rape crisis counselling in 1990 and disclosed such horrifying tales of rape, sacrifice, cannibalism and all manner of perversion, “in a frantic search for books and experts I [Sara Scott] joined RAINS and found support and cautious advice”.
        Could Scott’s foster daughter be one & the same person as Coleman’s patient? The evidence is only circumstantial, but the timelines do make sense if “Sinead” was 13 when referred to Coleman and 14 a year later when Sara Scott met her…
        How much of what the UK’s self-professed SRA experts believed that they knew about ritual abuse and satanic cults might ONE teenage fantasist have been the source for?

        But don’t overlook my point about personal relationships and acceptance of victim claimant narratives. Read through what Scott said she witnessed & experienced with respect to Sinead’s apparent extreme PTSD-esque suffering. If the girl in question was someone YOU cared deeply about, could you maintain your objectivity? Could I? I can’t be certain of the answer to that.
        SRA victim claimant-evangelists understand the power of face-to-face “disclosure” with people they wish to recruit as supporters, they openly discuss its importance in their newsletters and online forums. I know that several important academics & professionals have been brought “onside” this way. My fear is that many more such persons may also have experienced this.

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    • Your post on how some psychotherapists bring out these false alters reminds me of Judy Byrington and her book on the subject, judy claims some woman was ritually abused and has more than 20 alters, what a load of bollocks. The fact judy along with charlotte ward/jaquie farmer run an abuse site is quite scary, these people help no children but undermine real victims credibility.

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    • Clarification about the mythology of Reversed Christianity satanism. This is the most popular and widespread mythology about “destructive satanism” cultists. In its simplest expression, this mythology postulates that satan-worshipping cultists would believe in and practise a “backwards” parody of Christian morality and worship services, by literally “reversing” them. Crudely, whatever is “evil” to Christians would be “good” to R-C satanists and whatever is “good” to Christians would be “evil” to R-C satanists. This seems very straightforward and surely any devout Christian man, woman or child could produce an intuitive example of what this might mean, if you asked them to. But if you examine this idea at a more than superficial depth it becomes apparent that it is not so simple, and actually inherently contradictory.
      For example: obeying the Ten Commandments is a supreme “good” for devout Christians, so violating them ought to be a supreme good for R-C satanists. “Thou shalt not commit murder” then becomes “Thou SHALT commit murder”. Simple. Intuitive. Yes? But WHOM shall you murder? Anyone? Random strangers? Does it make any difference? How about…the other members of your satanic cult? Should you murder them? Uh-oh – your all dead, by each other’s hands, and your cult ceases to exist.
      How often should you commit murder? Once in your lifetime? Monthly? Weekly? Hourly? Should your every waking minute be devoted to plotting and carrying out murders?
      There must be some criteria then, some game-plan or manual for going about this reversal of Christianity business. But there isn’t, and there never has been. Someone once said to me: “everyone knows! that The Occult Bible is written backwards…” Simple. Intuitive. Except that there is no “Occult Bible” Devout Christians will have some intuitive ideas about what reversing Christianity might mean in practical terms, (although different people will likely come up with some differing ideas), but these will only be intuitive for them BECAUSE they are devout Christians. In order to intuitively comprehend exactly how one ought to live Christian morals and beliefs backward, you would have to BE a devout Christian. And an R-C satanic cultist. Simultaneously. Uh-oh!

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      • There might not be an ‘Occult Bible’ but there is at least one “Satanic Bible”. Largely a creed to self-indulgence as much as anything. Laveyan precepts include strictures against harming children or animals.

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        • Levay’s “Satanic Bible”, published in 1969 and therefore could not be “the bible” allegedly handed down through generations of R-C satanic families, not a literal reversal of a Christian Bible, and certainly not “written backward”. I’d love to see a Catholic mass performed literally in reverse though – walking backward, speaking backward, etc. I hoped to find such a vid on youtube. Nope. I suppose that would be blasphemas, although the reasoning for that makes little sense to me. That’s what a “backwards parody” of Christian practices means, right? Or is it? How could you know? Who could judge what the correct interpretation of such a concept might be…except a devout Christian 🙂

          Scots wunderkind, but that’s not the Mass…


          • Jocelyn Pook’s “Backwards Priests”, used on the soundtrack of “Eyes Wide Shut”, is basically a recording of Romanian Priests saying mass played backwards and given some supporting orchestration and elaboration.

            As regards LaVey, I think his philosophy has been compared to that of Ayn Rand.

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  8. Is there any evidence that teenage ‘dabblers’? are more likely to come from conservative Christian homes?


    • I wonder more to what extent ‘horror entertainment’ is consumed in these circles? And how careless parents/guardians are in allowing young children to access it? I think too that a lot of new age nonsense, especially when combined with drugs and drug culture, fuels the childish paranoia these people seemt o feed off.

      Whilst America does seem to be awash with educationally non-performers who cling credulously to superstition, I think the picture of the small-c conservative Christian in Britain is rather different. Although I eschew all religion myself, I was brought up in an Irish Catholic family in the 70s. Even in that context all this ‘demons and bogie men’ rubbish was dismissed as just that. Even more vehemently so by the Protestant churches….. I wouldn’t confuse or conflate the typical conservative Christians of Britain with the wailing dumbells of ‘Merricay! – Though of course, extreme sects and screwballs are not unknown.

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      • Rupert said Angie and co spend their time watching “MK ultra porn” the internet can cause trouble for people with mental problems like angie and neelu etc, their discernment is all over the place which is why they cant tell whats true and whats crazy talk or propaganda, they poison their own minds and would be better off if they never went online again

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        • That’s true, and I think it was a good observation on his part (there you go, Rupert, I just said something nice about you). These people are truly obsessed with creating and consuming images of sadistic sexuality, which they try to justify to themselves as “being whistle-blowers” and “saving the children”. In reality, they just like to wallow in sadomasochistic sex fantasies involving children.


          • Well, that’s just it….. These ‘stories’ seem to amount to a form of pornography for them. They gain satisfaction from wallowing in those fantasies. It’s quite telling that people who genuinely research this type of case with a view to bringing offenders to book generally don’t capitalise on the detail – i.e. they’re NOT all over the internet with lurid tales. Information of this nature is captured, collated and passed to the appropriate authorities.

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        • The danger of these beasts like Angela Power-Disney et al is they inspire others to take drastic steps.

          Referring to The Boy In The Attic case, what are the chances that a simple minded lad read some book or article that implied real power could be obtained by a satanic ritual.

          Power-Disney does not say there are nutters out there who believe this stuff- she repeatedly claims those who have immense power have obtained it via satanic rituals. the hapless Rothschilds, politicians, Jews and so on.

          In fact there has never been better advocates for the pursuit of satanism for the purposes of power than the likes of Power-Disney and the others who harp on about this.

          One can envisage an unsophisticated lad of 15, baby-sitting a younger boy and having read somewhere of so-called satanist rituals, trying it on in a type of game playing and the younger lad probably going along with the game but it gets out of hand, a blow is exchanged – so easy to kill a child with a single blow – and lives are changed forever.

          Power-Disney and all who emulate her are the real menaces, the real dark souls who propagate this hideous stuff and who have their own victims.

          Look at Angie :
          she has 2 victims now : one an American who now seems to realise it wasn’t all a hokey game and he like Superman was going to step in and teach the silly Brits what it was all about. Now he finds himself the subject of a court case that could end in jailing. It’s a life changing situation no matter the result and he will spend years climbing out of this hole.

          It will take years for Quaintance to fully recover from the stress he now feels. His hometown will gossip about it for years. He will for a decade, now have finders pointed at him.

          And then there is Jake who believes in Angie like she is a Mother figure. He is sectioned for his own and societies good after being encouraged by Power-Disney in his delusions. But Angie continues to encourage him in those delusions. He may be saved, or he may just get worse while Power-Disney actively works against the good work of the doctors.

          So who is the one doing the work of the Devil here?

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      • I also am from an Irish RC background. I don’t disagree with anything you have said here.

        However, I must admit that I ask the question for a specific reason and indeed it relates in part to a case I mentioned to Justin Sanity in another blog discussion.

        A case that was described as a ‘satanic child murder’. Unfortunately, the murder was very real – whether it was ‘satanic’ or not is perhaps debatable:

        The reason I asked was that the father of the person convicted was apparently considered an unusually devout Catholic (even by the standards of the time, when in Ireland, most Catholics would have attended Mass weekly and attended Confession at least occasionally).

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          • I can’t say I’d come across that case before. And, in all honesty, at first sight it seems like the act of a random nutter. – It’s also over 40 years ago with roots going back well over half-a-century. Who’s to say what superstitious mentality the murderer was brought up with that caused him to gain this bizarre frame of reference? But in any case, surely this is quite an unusual and isolated thing? – Or is there something more to it?

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          • I do not know if there’s anything more to it. There was certainly a de-facto media cover-up at the time, but that may have been to protect the family of the victim more than anything.

            A book published in relatively recent years investigates the murder (the subject matter is inevitably disturbing, but having read the book, the writer deals with it sensitively in my view).


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          • I think I’d maybe need to read that book first to get a handle on why the case was covered up. The victim would be about my own age – I certainly can’t conceive of something like that happening in my day. But, it was a different time and a different place.

            Were there places in 1970s Ireland that resembled a real-life Summerisle? Or is it more likely an unhinged young man conflated the superstition of over-zealous (possibly disturbed themselves) parents with the sort of themes that were being explored in (for example) David Pinner’s 1967 novel “Ritual” – inspiration for “The Wicker Man”?

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          • “Were there places in 1970s Ireland that resembled a real-life Summerisle?”

            I doubt it very much, and even if so I can’t imagine that they were in an ordinary middle class suburb of west Dublin. Your second possibility is probably more likely. When I say cover-up, I want to be clear that there were some short reports in the contemporaneous media, but they gave little detail. The inquest into the child’s death was allegedly delayed on numerous occasions and did not take place until 2011 – possibly due to prompting by the journalist that was looking into the case.


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          • ….It was a slightly tongue-in-cheek rhetorical question of course. But I do wonder what influences were in play. I shall track down the book and have a read at it. It’s an odd one right enough though, almost 40 years to issue a death certificate?

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          • “It’s an odd one right enough though, almost 40 years to issue a death certificate?”

            Seems strange, doesn’t it? Also the Dalkey case.

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          • The ‘money’ quotes-

            “David Malone in his book The Boy in the Attic describes the houses in the Hollyville estate:

            “as completely different from those of [Palmerstown] village: larger, mostly with garages and fine rectangular gardens, they attracted middle-class, professional owners: businessmen, some of Ireland’s top publicans, senior civil servants, a retired police superintendent.”

            Mr Malone states further:

            “There was a highly charged religious mix in Hollyville, most of the men would attend Mass each day, without fail; almost every male child was an altar boy, including Lorcan Bale; there was a passing evangelical Sunday School, one local was involved in Scientology, another was a senior Irish Mormon who would host an American soul singer on his occasional forays to Ireland; many of the children were sent to retreats in the Dublin mountains organised by Marriage Encounter, then a Catholic marriage renewal programme.” “

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          • Well there’s the thing though, they ARE ‘money quotes’. – That last paragraph for instance, if I reached far enough I could possibly apply it to1970s Easterhouse. Reality was rather different – as indeed it was from the ‘money quotes’ that were actually applied to it.

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        • @tdf – there has been speculation along the lines you suggested – child raised in ‘calvinistic’ fundamentalist family “revolts” by attempting to “go satanic”. That really was Aleister Crowley’s upbringing…
          But there has also been speculation that children raised without any “fear of God” in the household might be attracted to the wanton hedonism that satanism represents for some people.
          I wouldn’t trust any claims about “evidence”, either way, though.


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  10. Grannies demented drivelings are hidden in a safe.By all accounts it sounds like the whole family should be locked in a safe for the benefit of the common good. How do such strange beings ever get from A to B?????Perhaps they dont and just amble around in ever decreasing circles spouting random crap.
    Appreciate the head thumping target btw Roger.

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    • On the subject of things that ought to be locked away and go round in circles spouting random crap,Angie will be giving her Monday demonstration of this mindless idiocy method at 5pm.I have printed out several head butt targets provided by Roger to be on the safe side.

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      • Will to live alert is on high alert.

        “The IRA is a false flag”..”Eveything is Robbery”.”all tax is unlawful”. Paddy was “hounded out of the Fillum industry”and Patrick “hasnt lived since” 13 high court judges(in a bank)have got it in for him..

        One of Angies friends shot Kennedy and made a comic book about it. Help!!

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        • To be fair to Cullinane I’m not entirely sure if he was driven out of his mind by the dishonest puerile bastards at HMRC or if he was just a complete cunt to start with. I strongly suspect the latter though – which is why nobody will reach out to him or give him a hand out of the clag.

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          • Seems a fair enough assessment Joe.I was unaware it was humanly possible to ascend so far up ones own arse as Cullinane manages with aplomb.He said he had to run away from a sectioning which doesnt overly surprise as he appears to have all the classic attributes of a candidate for the nuthouse.

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          • But you see, that sounds like shite to me too…. Run away from a sectioning? My arse! You don’t run away from a sectioning any more than you run away from an arrest warrant! Cullinane’s problem is that he paints pictures – and not just on dodgy scenery either. – I’ve only second and third-hand accounts of his ‘reputation’ before the HMRC debacle, but when a proper proud Dubliner describes another Irishman as a ‘doity liddle bog trotter’ (as one did spake of him once in my presence) you know you’re onto a rum ‘un who probably brought the house of cards down on his own head.

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          • Hey, please refrain from using the ‘C’ word, Joe…

            …Many of us find the word ‘Cullinane’ extremely offensive.

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        • “Tracey Morris who was on a couple of weeks ago….she got the law changed in the north whereby a judge actually set a precedent in a case that she was involved with whereby if you’re fit to raise some of your children you’re fit to rear them all.”

          Said with confidence by someone who has no idea how the world works!

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      • The rest of life between episodes is so much more appreciated though.Thrashing oneself with barbed wire can have a similar effect allegedly.


        • That anon person (Rupert) who moaned about this blog the other day got me thinking, without hoaxstead research and mckenzies devils the public would only see the hoax propaganda videos and blogs, even if the Hampstead thing totally dies this blog should carry on, who knows when the next hoax will happen?

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          • And lest we forget certain other videomakers (if I do say so myself, lol).

            I’ve been compiling a Hoaxtead playlist for some time. Check it out:

            I’ve recently removed all of Yannis ‘Family Justice’ Emmanouel’s videos, though, and I have all of MKD’s on a separate playlist:

            I hope people find these useful 🙂

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          • As I pointed out the other day, there are people who disapprove of this blog and chose not to take part in the discussions here – but even they are NOT calling for the blog to be shut down, and that’s exactly the reason why….. Nobody on the side of right wants to see the conversation left one-sided; the only agenda that would serve is that of the hoaxers.

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            • Yes, that’s our feeling too. I’m sorry there are people on our side who continue to disapprove of the blog, but glad that they can nevertheless see the need for it.


      • I believe MKD make use of a titanium brain-shield and a mask, gown, and rubber gloves to keep from getting infected. They’re pretty canny folk.


        • I’ve heard that MKD have a machine that harnesses quantum energy, which they use to make Angela and Mel’s shows more bearable. But you didn’t hear that from me, ok.


    • Angie ‘I’m not an antisemite’ Power-Disney giving airtime to rabid Jew-hater Patrick Cullinane. Hmmm – no hypocrisy there, then.

      As for Cullinane’s claims that the IRA were a “false flag”…Roger, can I borrow that ‘Bang head here’ plaque?

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  11. Cullinane like the rest of the hoaxer cult have zero sense of personal responsibilty and all walk around with adorned with various sized chips upon their shoulders as a result.Patrick seems to have gone for the whole feckin chipshop look.

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    • Bloody hell, Spiny – that is tantamount to grooming! Under child safeguarding regulations, if this were one of my pupils, I would be legally bound to report it to our school’s designated safeguarding officer under the ‘extremism’ category 😮

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    • That’s awful, Mel Ve wil indoctrinate that kid with her ridiculous conspiracy theories and casual bigotry, vile woman. Also, if the QEG is so great why aren’t CCN using it to power their “studio” (living room)? Mel is promoting this scam as she inevitably does with all scams but I bet ya she aint investing any of her own dough

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  12. Just listening to Angela’s shite-show now. and oh my God, did she just claim that she knows someone who was hypnotised by the CIA to shoot President Kennedy (and is going to interview him next week)? Seriously, where’s that ‘Bang head here’ sign?

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    • A veritable wannabe Fat controller fest if ever there was one.

      To put you at ease Spiny,it was not an auditory hallucination,she did actually say precisely what you thought you had heard.She said no one would believe his claims to have assasinated Kennedy so he decided to do a comic book about it instead !!! So as not to be out-arseholed by his Fat controller hostess,Fat controller Cullinane added that there were “in actual fact” 6 assasins involved.

      Fat controller Wellyhead muttered on about everthing being illegal and if his house gets repossessed he will just buy another one the following morning for 5million euro owing to “special” knowledge about financial matters.Good luck there Welly.

      At least we had no demonstrations of naked yoga so gratitude for small mercies there.


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  13. Oh, I’m happy now – Angie’s just admitted she’s had a 24-hour Facebook suspension. It seems that Roger Flutterby and Sooper Seekrit Facebook Snitch’s reports paid off.


  14. Depressingly, Angela is wholeheartedly agreeing with Cullinane’s customary anti-Jewish rant, INCLUDING his calls to have all “Jews in power” hanged!!! 😦


  15. I “made a claim”, here, recently. Being an honorable person, (I’d like to think), I’m now obligated to back it up. So here goes. This will be brief, and then I’m going to shut up for awhile.

    Today I will point out documentation for two more academics, whose “intense personal relationships” with ritual abuse victim claimants renders any claims that they can be objective researchers in this field highly suspect to say the least. I’m only pointing out this documentation to validate my claim, NOT because I think their narratives contain anything of value. I don’t think that, just the contrary in fact. Once people like this pledge their support to ritual abuse claimant friends, they frequently go overboard with the idea of helping to “validate” their friend’s alleged experiences and ritual abuse victims “worldview”, constructing their own fantasy narratives calculated to bestow such validation. You shouldn’t take them very seriously – I don’t.

    Grant Charles Ph.D.
    was, in 2005, Associate Principal (Research) of the College of Health Disciplines and Assistant Professor in the School of Social Work and Family Studies at the University of British Columbia where he also serves as the Co-ordinator of Field Education. He’s not an emminent person in this field, but he is important because he has claimed to be a validating witness to some claims made by a much more influential academic – Dr Stephen Kent. I’ll come back to Kent himself, someday. Grant Charles’ account of his intense personal relationship with a ritual abuse claimant is here:

    Michael Salter
    is a senior lecturer in criminology at Western Sydney University.
    Michael Salter is currently THE MAN, in this field. His influence may be immense.
    An original version of Salter’s account of his intense personal relationship with a ritual abuse victim claimant can be located by googling: “michael salter bearing witness to ritual abuse”. You want the link for
    “ • View topic – Bearing witness to ritual abuse”.
    I frankly don’t believe a word of this rant, beyond the mere fact of his friendship with a ritual abuse claimant, and here’s why. There is another version of this account, to be found within his book “Organized Sexual Abuse”. In the original version, Ritual Abuse is front and center, specifically, the subject of the essay – it is even IN THE TITLE. In the original version, Salter says his friend “Alex is the survivor of a paedophile ring that used ritualized torture to keep child victims compliant and silent”, under a heading titled: “Ritual Abuse and Torture”. In the later version, Salter changes her name again to “Sarah”, and changes all the references to ritual abuse into “organized abuse”. The term “organized abuse” is a dodge employed by disingenuous ritual abuse evangelists, it purports to be a broader term within which “ritual abuse” is described to be a “special case”. This is how they promote belief in ritual abuse without SAYING “I’m talking about ritual abuse”. If Salter is going to employ such sleazy deceptions, then he can’t be trusted to give honest testimony about anything – in my opinion.

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  16. #BAM
    3 IN A ROW! 😀

    And this comes straight after a 24-hour ban! Things are not looking good for Dizzy-Powder!

    What was that about “close but no cigar”, Angie? Hehe 🙂

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  17. Just before her last but one Facebook ban (hehe, btw), Angela posted this link, with no explanation or clarification whatsoever:

    Click to access data.pdf

    This is the page to which it links (a list of 14 people who died in 1972):

    Does anyone have any idea what she’s banging on about? She does have a tendency to post completely random shite, though, like desks, office chairs etc. I think it’s when she forgets her meds.

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