Belinda revives website, with unexpected twists

We noticed a short while ago that Belinda McKenzie’s Knight Foundation website is up and running again, after a few weeks’ absence. The front page of the site has had a facelift, but overall the site leaves us with more questions than answers. TKF home page new 2016-06-27Here’s the front page. While we expected to see the ‘Child & Family’ section highlighted, we were surprised to see that Belinda has branched out into ‘Research & Development’, ‘Education’, and ‘Wild Life’ (we’re assuming she meant ‘Wildlife’, not living it up at the local disco).

‘Research & Development’

Curious, we checked out the ‘Research & Development’ link, which took us here: TKF new blog-Global Merit Group 2016-06-27What’s this then?

This isn’t a name we’ve heard bandied about by Belinda or Sabine. When we clicked on the links, we discovered that the Global Merit Group appears to be some sort of technology company based in the U.S.:

The Global Merit Group, LLC is a privately held sales and marketing company with a strategic focus on promoting new technologies in health, food, water, solar power and other technologies for domestic and international markets. We have special focus on promoting innovative products in developing countries. With headquarters in Salt Lake City, Utah, the company is building a foundation to serve basic human needs through the introduction of unique, affordable, and sustainable solutions.

We could find no links from any of the gentlemen who run this company and Belinda or Sabine, which makes us wonder whether Global Merit Group is aware that it’s being represented as part of Belinda’s non-charity.

‘Wild Life’

Back on the Knight Foundation home page, we discovered that the ‘Education’ link isn’t operational yet; but the ‘Wild Life’ link led us here: TKF-Wildlife Conservation Society 2016-06-27According to Wikipedia,

The WCS (Wildlife Conservation Society) was founded in 1895 as the New York Zoological Society (NYZS) and currently works to conserve more than two million square miles of wild places around the world.

We don’t know about you, but it seems to us just an tiny bit implausible that this respected organisation suddenly decided, “Hey, gang! I know what! Let’s join Belinda McKenzie’s Knight Foundation!”

So…what are they doing on the Knight Foundation page? We think this could call for further investigation.

‘Child & Family’

Ah, we thought, as we clicked on the ‘Child & Family’ link. Now we’re heading into more familiar territory. How very wrong we were!

Here’s what greeted us at the top of the linked page:TKF 4 Children & Families 2016-06-27And here’s what we found at the bottom: TKF 4 Children & Families 2 2016-06-27While the page does contain the usual Belinda Blaggery, we noted a strange apparent name change.

What is ‘4 Children & Families’? you might ask. Excellent question. We thought initially that it might be one of Belinda’s various business ventures.

We looked it up on Companies House: 4 Children & Families Ltd 2016-06-27We weren’t much enlightened, though we found out that the company is located in Nottingham, and that its annual returns and accounts seem to be up to date.

The company’s list of current officers left us even more baffled:4 Children & Families Officers 2016-06-27To their credit, neither of these two women is on either Sabine’s or Belinda’s Facebook friends list, though of course that doesn’t preclude them knowing one another in real life.

We did notice that Sarah Davies has another appointment, with ‘Lily & Co.’ as Learning and Development Director, while Dianne Preston is an officer with ‘Lily & Co.’, ‘Lily (Day Care IV) Ltd’, and ‘Lily Day Care Ltd’, where she is listed as Director.

A quick Google search revealed one incident at that day care, in which a child was pinned to his chair by a staff member, but it sounded as though the situation had been dealt with appropriately, and otherwise we found nothing remarkable.

We certainly don’t wish to imply that there’s anything even remotely dodgy about ‘4 Children and Families Ltd’ or the Lily Day Care. We only mention them at all because Belinda seems to have appropriated one of the business names for her own purposes.

But once again, we’re left to wonder: do the directors of ‘4 Children and Families Ltd’ know that they have, willy-nilly, become part of the Knight Foundation website? And if they did know, would they be pleased to find themselves there?

We expect there will be more to follow on this; stay tuned!


99 thoughts on “Belinda revives website, with unexpected twists

  1. More evidence she is just a grifter and scam artist. Any nursery associated with McKenzie who has participated in the abuse of children in the Hampstead matter is suspect but perhaps they don’t know of their association with her.

    The Global Merit Group seems to be run by right wing Americans and has no definitive goals except for lofty statements without giving any evidence of what they really have done. Their claims boil down to they want clean water & air etc which everyone wants without giving a clue of how they will achieve this (ie- send us some money)

    I’m going to speculate now that it’s another of those US corporations with lofty goals but set up to channel donations to right wing Republicans like Orin Hatch who their legal counsel worked for. It’s very common in the US and there are 1000s of such companies.

    The Wildlife foundation sounds entirely legitimate but I guarantee they have no links with McKenzie.

    Reading McKenzie’s statement of why the Knights’ “charity” was set-up shows how wacky she is. Shock & horror : a court decided to send a child to live with her mother (and grandmother) in the Ukraine. Shock & horror when you recall McKenzie’s and Sabine’s entire existence seems to be based on the premise children are taken from their mothers.

    Belinda McKenzie is one smooth, intelligent and crafty operator. She exhibits all the classic traits of a career con-artist. I wish i could find the video of her at a demo where she momentarily drops that mask of gentle persuasion and lashes out in the most vicious manner at some poor passerby who isn’t buying her rubbish.

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  2. Same old same old. Belinda Sabine Maggie do this all the time. They imply something legitimate has connections to them when there is no link. Those MEPS in Parliament doing something at the same time as these grifters at that Children Screaming To Be Heard Holloway Road event. Con Artists. It’s about time Angela organised something in Ireland surely. Now Angela don’t pinch my idea as I’ve copyrighted it. Btw how’s the new fb page with photos of you going.

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    • Yes, I was thinking along these lines too. Sabine’s use of the MEPs to give herself false legitimacy is a good example of what Belinda could be doing here.


  3. The “4Children” link is a strange one??

    If anyone see’s the two people, then it might be worth tipping them off (if they are not already aware and party to it)

    After all, would a reputable childrens nursery want association with a person involved with the illegal removal of children from the UK and links to various breaches of High Court Orders?


    • Miss Direction aka McKenzie fiend uses all the tricks in the confidence trickster manual and indeed close attention reveals things are rarely quite as seen.

      Heres one Angie has been practicing for years

      I am a rubbish magician too and wonder if Belinda would like to assist in a sawing a woman in half stunt I have up my sleeve? 🙂

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        • ROFLMAO… I got to the bottom of that article, which was mildly amusing and quite correct but told me nothing I didn’t know or hadn’t formed an opinion about already. There were two teasers either side for other articles on “Big Brother” each featuring some apparently random plastic chav…..

          Working as I do in PR I have literally no fucking idea whatsoever who these people are, what they’re about, why they might be notable etc. I had to look them up – and found they were indeed another pair of random plastic chavs treading the Orwellian hamster-wheel that is the is the so-called ‘celebrity circuit’ these days. Empty vessels.

          Someone reminded me the other day of a few words penned by Swift:

          The vermin only teaze and pinch
          Their foes superior by an inch.
          So, naturalists observe, a flea
          Has smaller fleas that on him prey;
          And these have smaller still to bite ’em,
          And so proceed ad infinitum.

          McKenzie and Co strike me as quite small fleas, and smaller-still those that feed off them.

          Trump strikes me as a prime candidate for ‘Shonkmeister General’… A huge, ludicrous parasite, easily spotted and avoided. It’s those ‘lesser fleas’ that get into the cracks and under one’s skin that you really need a weather-eye for!


      • There are plenty of female Satan Hunters I can recommend to you for your sawing magical trick (Neelu, Sabine, Angie…) Don’t worry if you get it wrong the first few times, practice makes perfect, even if this results in the Satan Hunter’s falling apart.


  4. What a tangled web she weaves.

    I vaguely remember a comment on that Meetme page – you know, the one where they were organising their vigils at the school and church. ‘Sunday Man’ had reportedly said that he had to turn out to support BM causes otherwise he’d get booted out.

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    • Don’t take those comments too seriously. There were lots of people on there taking the pee. Remember the old lady who didn’t have the busfare and was going to bring ‘sandwitches’.

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      • LOL, it’s true. That page was a source of great hilarity, and was the source of the ‘I’m just a dolphin in a square tank’ joke…which the Hoaxteaders took to be some sort of cultish password. It kept them going for months.


        • It was one of THEM that said ‘dolphin in a square tank’ wasn’t it and when someone started taking the pee and repeating it they were accused of being assocated with Dolphin Square. You couldn’t make it up.

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          • The dolphin in a square tank comment originated from a person who had spoken to a CSA activist who claimed Belinda was a landlady, a kind of french maid, probably, wearing a pinny, too, I bet, in a flat which was near dolphin square, in which he had been abused, as a child. IIRC. And Sabine is also linked to a property in that area, apparently….


    • Financially it is perhaps not worth their while. As much as the papers bleat about our defamation laws being too open, the truth is you’re into five-figure sums before you’re even serving the initial paperwork. – Something similar is true of ‘passing off’.

      The real question is why don’t the systems that are supposed to prevent crimes involving fraud and misrepresentation actually work? – Why, in particular, do people like McKenzie seem to be immune from these things?

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      • I reckon Belinda Mckenzie gets away with it because of her age her sex her demeanour her address and because of that she has no previous arrests charges or convictions. If she had just one conviction then everything would have spiralled into many more. She is very lucky.

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        • All true, and there’s one other factor: she has her minions do the illegal bits for her. Belinda is very skilled at latching onto people with problems of one sort or another and gently persuading them to sacrifice their own freedom ‘for the cause’.


  5. Interesting article about a father of one of Sandy Hook murders who is fighting back at the ghastly truthers. I really find these False Flag and “crisis actors” promoters completely & utterly despicable . Not just the vile Chris Spivey but APD, Araya ‘Eva Braun’ Soma, Nutty Neelu but those who are their leaders like Belinda McKenzie.

    As this father says : “Conspiracy theories erase history, they erase our memories, and how will this event (Sandy Hook) be remembered a hundred years from now?”
    Sandy Hook massacre victims’ parents harassed by ‘truthers’, told children never existed

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    • Chris Spivey is indeed a vile man and so are his sycophants who believe every word that he writes. I checked his website out again recently and his output appears to be slowing down thankfully but he was also asking for money to help pay his rent arrears which were just under a £1000.

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      • Noticed Araya “Josef Goebbels” Soma’s Facebook page has either gone private or off-line. Could it be because I complained about her antisemitism or she’s just gone private or has she been trampled in the mud at Glastonbury, locked up in a clinic for her own good, run off with Tom Watson or simply returned to the planet from which she came?

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      • How does he have rent arrears? HE must be on disability and housing benefit. Perhaps the daughter has moved out and he’s refused to pay this bedroom tax. What an effing cheek though expecting others to pay. Stop smoking Spivey you’ll have plenty of dosh.

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    • I completely agree, Sam. It’s horrifying. I saw something about ‘child crisis actors’ the other day…absolutely disgusting. The person writing was claiming that two little boys from two different terror events were really the same person, based on the fact that they were about the same size and the same skin colour, and their ears looked similar. Disgusting.


  6. It definitely raises questions. As pointed out, the first being whether these other people know they are being linked in with BM. And if they do, are they aware of everything BM has involved herself in, such as asking for donations to support a convicted child sex offender (Brian Pead).

    No doubt she will need donations to help with research, education and supporting her ‘wild life’.

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    • Yes, I want to be very careful that we don’t assume that anyone she links to her page is actually there by choice. We’ll be writing carefully worded letters to all those mentioned, and will let our readers know the outcome once we have answers.


  7. Interesting the catch words Belinda uses to set the high moral tone to lure fresh unsuspecting victims to fund her desperately needed facelift.

    Courage aka Cowardlce
    Courtesy aka Shameless
    Honesty aka Bent (see nine bob note)
    Modesty aka Pretentious
    Loyalty aka Self-serving
    Fairness aka Fraudulent
    Gentleness aka Impervious
    Kindness aka Hostile

    She(and the planet) would be much better off starting a Go Fund me jobbie to pay for elective surgery to get that megaphone out of her arse.I would certainly stick something in it.


  8. I actually think Belinda looks good for her age. She said the same to me but i dont think i do. However Angela definitely doesn’t. Probably gets mistaken for her 2 sons Granny.


  9. How bizarre, I have been alerted to “4 Children” before, I cannot for the life in me think what it was about, I was under the impression the “Sisters” were Social Workers or “X” Social Workers, when I fill brain on more caffeine I will find the reasons why I had to look into them in the first place, I am almost certain they were doing a conference in the Notts area, and, I am sure the 4 Children “Company” is not their first type venture, oh my days, head seriously needs a cache clear out.

    I normally do not research people or entities unless something serious has happened with the client I am supporting, I leave the researching to the experts 🙂

    GRRRR! this is frying my noodle trying to think what it was about, I have an itching it was to do with Psychology, could be wrong, we will see.

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      • That’s a very good question. We asked the same when she decided to call her non-charity the ‘Knight Foundation’, when there is another similarly named real charity in the U.S. by that name.


        • A rhetorical question surely EC? Conflation and misdirection are the stock-in-trade of the fraudster. As JW notes, registering a similar name is entirely possible and results in a completely different entity. But you’d be astonished how sloppy due diligence can be. And a McKenzie’s long and dubious track record is very-much one of playing the conflation game. – I think there is good evidence to suggest that this is a clear attempt to confuse and defraud; which authority will take action on this though?

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          • Yes; frankly, if I were a director of the Nottingham ‘4 Children and Families’ organisation, I would be seriously considering legal action at this point. That is, assuming I hadn’t given Belinda permission to use my company’s name or a variant thereof.


          • …..The trouble is, that would be money; quite a bit of it! Is this something a legitimate charity can afford/has expertise in? Probably not! I’m not even sure how the ‘passing off’ laws work in this scenario ( is it even a ‘brand’?). The Charity Commission seem absolutely useless/toothless! – I wouldn’t doubt McKenzie is fully versed in all these things. – Another thing to consider is that she’s likely to trash the reputation of the legitimate charity in the process of ripping people off. Who is there to protect them?


        • Feathering her nest with cunningly stolen baubles eh?

          McParasite needs to have an alarm permanently nailed to her head with a warning tune sounding so the good townsfolk and burghers have time to nail down their valuables.

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  10. My investigations indicate that the WCS is a legitimate organisation, though I get a negative vibe about their website, which seems designed to get money out of people than showing concrete results of what they have achieved. I think Belinda McKenzie is associating her website with WCS in order to confuse and mislead people into sending money her way rather than to the WCS. If the WCS have lawyers, they should take action against Belinda McKenzie to protect their interests from a proven fraudster.

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  11. I feel that its a certainty that at some point Belinda is going to fall flat on her face and the whole of what she has been doing is going to implode on her.

    I think that the ball is now rolling towards that happening.


  12. ♫ Someone’s crying, Lord…Kumbaya… ♫

    1:13:23 – “The persecution and the trolling, particularly connected to the Hampstead case, has been devastatingly brutal and I’ve had burglaries and all sorts of crazy stuff going on, a lot of remote cyber-interference, blah blah blah…”

    So there you have it, folks. Now she’s accusing us of burgling her house. Yep. Couldn’t make it up, could you? Oh wait, she just did.

    Other choice quotes include:

    “My worst crime is speaking out.”

    “I don’t indulge in gossip.”

    Excuse me while I roll my eyes…

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    • Angie would really have something precious for a burglar to steal yes?. Has it occurred to her she continually announces that she has a second home in Lanzarote so the local yobs think that they will nick her milk money while she’s away.

      And what happened about her stolen wallet at the Airport? Is Ange insured for these things? I smell the resurfacing of an old racket. That reputed pal of Angie’s, Andrea “I’m a n MI5 Spy” Davison was a great one for insurance scams before everything got computerized.

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      • Bloody hell, as if any people on here would go across the sea to Ireland and burgle her house.

        You are not important Angela, please understand this and stop making long tall stories up. Please…

        Does she have anything of value?

        I seriously doubt it.

        Absolutely pathetic Angie!

        This woman has far too much time on her hands.

        She needs to get a job and stop sponging.

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        • Noticed Angie repeatedly claims to have been burgled at home,abroad, airports etc

          Given she is an unimportant worthless pile of gobshoite apart from to herself and a few boys with granny fetishism what can be behind these loses?

          Call me cynical but maybe just maybe this hawker and common thief is not averse to the odd trumped up insurance fiddle to keep the wolves from her door.The door of a castle built in the air in which she resides eating bread and honey!

          The trouble with greed is it is insatiable and there lies the seed of self destruction.

          Poor love.

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          • Angie is a professional victim. She uses her alleged victimisation as the basis for her scams. One presumes she has no other skills, poor dear.


      • Good points Sam…

        From what I’ve been told the ‘scheme’ she lives in is pretty down-at-heel. Apparently it’s the sort of place where there are doggers in the local park at night. And burglaries are common. I’m told that a year’s house insurance in these places is actually seen as an ‘investment’ through which you can replace much of your tat.

        Of course “I’ve had burglaries and all sorts of crazy stuff going on” could also be taken to mean she is ‘project managing’ these things. Back in Easterhouse there were a few wifies that ‘worked’ as fences for the local burglars and shoplifters; they’d commission various petty-crimes and even take orders as and when. – Angie seems just the type quite frankly. I seem to recall Davidson was also into ‘fencing’, and yes, I’ve heard a few folk say Angie was on the fringes of that crowd back in her ‘acting’ days.


  13. Not being horrible.

    Just as I see it.

    Angie looks like a man in drag trying too hard and sounds exactly like a man.

    Those “R” sounds are weird too.

    So is the ARTEX…


    • Only recently Angie was banging on about having too many disgusting,pathetic trowels all over the place,This is clearly why things are failing dismally in the face slap application department.

      Fear ye not Angie its nothing a little cold water,baking soda and a little elbow grease cant sort out.


        • No idea maybe to do with insecurity and poor self image.lord knows.Subtle highlighting here and there is one thing but hiding behind a mask of brutal slap is counter productive at best although the cosmetics industry wont think so.
          One of lifes mysteries.


        • Personally, I’m less concerned with what she puts on her face than with what’s behind her face, and what comes out of her mouth.


  14. you know what? there is an episode which has escaped notice,there is a serious perp getting away with it.

    who is that person, well know one knows her nae, she calls herself seven. reeber how mckenzie used to sponsor her? now i a friend, who nearly got into hoaxsted because seven was trying to get her to talk on hapstead. when my friend resisted, she got angry and started slandering my friend.

    now this charles seven, soeone needs to find out her real name, these people came to me with these girls, while i was discussing the seven case wit them, they sent goons to run me over with cars. i function from speakers corner .

    Belinda came to speakers corner to promote google holly greig, i think i was speaking at the time, but i have footage of this encounter with soe people who were not convinced of what she was saying.

    they still have a chinese guy , surveilling me fro a flat above me. now seven and her gang were exposed by ark windows, but i only came across that information , after dealing with seven.

    she is the most dangerous of these perps, and plese investigate her role. You have a picture of one black perp, i think this is the guy I met, when i met seven. I am nt sure because i was in the back of the car and he was driving.

    i need to speak with you guys. becuse you know that hampstead was preceeded by other hoaxes, seven, holly greig


    • Hi there. We do know about Charles Seven, and would be interested in any info anyone can provide. You’re right that Hoaxtead was preceded by other hoaxes in which Belinda played a role.


    • I’ll speak to Q… He has her name and some details I’m sure; she was a failed dancer back in the day – seriously cute but dangerously manipulative; the sort that if a married man gave her a lift home from work, she’d be threatening him the next day saying she’d make up some story to tell his wife. – That’s why she got ‘frozen out’ of the industry; she though she could screw/blackmail her way to the top. Quite quickly nobody would risk having her around. – Something similar is true of Ben Fellows (allegedly!) although it was more the gay thing with him.

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      • She sounds like a delightful lady. Considering how much conspiracy stuff is on the internet, I’ve been surprised at how little information exists about her.


        • DOB 31/8/65 – St Mary’s Hospital
          Family Name John-Charles
          Likely First Name – Wendy T J
          Mother – Mary Rose Firmin
          Claims to be the ‘seventh child’ of the family. Records indicate that she is one of possibly three children to the mother – Father questionable.

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        • Popularly known in the trade as “Bendy Wendy” – for a whole raft of reasons including some unfit for family viewing!

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          • You might also look into her using the names Terry, Theresa, and surname Jean-Charles. – There is a bizarre story she put about that Jean Charles de Menezes was killed by mistake – it should have been her that was assassinated apparently. – She also has a kid; so tread softly it’s not the bairn’s fault!

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    • Interesting….

      [quote] Update: Tony Farrell Exposed: According to this companies check Tony Farrell was working for the police until earlier this year. This makes his story entirely bogus.

      Secretary, INTELLIGENCE ANALYST IN POLICE, 1999.04.13 – 2013.05.03
      WD17 3BY” [/quote]

      Tony Farrell is a fraud to his bones. But I’m afraid that isn’t evidence of anything….. When you form a company you enter your simply own occupation. At best it’s written of a form, more usually these days it’s just data entered into a computer that nobody really pays attention to. So all this evidences is what Farrell himself put on his form…. Being a devious cunt, and knowing his audience are more than a bit dim, he’s clearly done this with the intention of corroborating his story of being a police analyst. – But I’d say he’s just a complete fantasist.

      [quote]Perhaps I should have checked your story out right at the beginning, rather than believing what you were telling us about South Yorkshire Police. My resources for investigating that were limited, but let’s now make a start.

      What evidence can you provide to me that you were sacked by South Yorkshire Police? What evidence can you provide as to the reason for your sacking, showing that it was not because of incompetence, or because you were allowing your religious fervour to override analytical assessment? What evidence can you provide that you were not merely redeployed to another role?


      Several people I know have expressed the opinion that if Phoney Farrell ever worked for the police at all it was with a bucket and mop slungin-oot the station lavvys. – I wouldn’t disagree that everything about him is indeed entirely bogus… Including all this shit he claims about his ‘police service’.

      Bendy Wendy? She’s been at this ‘I invented strictly’ nonsense for a dozen years or more! The woman’s just a nutter. These people are all just common-or-garden fruit loops and grifters. No more, no less.


        • That’s the story Tracy… But has anyone actually SEEN the Tribunal records? Was anyone actually there? As I say… If he worked for the Police what as? where have the Police, or any other reliable source actually confirmed what exactly his job was? – As far as I can see the only comment from the police is effectively no comment; or at least none of substance.


          • I’ve only ever seen stuff on conspiracy sites. They don’t give the impression of being doctored.

            I searched on – farrell “south yorkshire police” employment tribunal – and found it.

            He graded the threat to the local area from burglary as 0% and from the NWO as 101% (paraphrasing). It would be pretty much downhill from there for him I guess.


        • I stand corrected Tracy… Many thanks.

          Though I’d still like to see the actual determination rather than a third-party account of it. – I find it incredible that this fool ever held a position of that kind.


          • I get the impression he wasn’t a fool, had a wander over the wildest reaches of the Internet, found a rabbit hole and climbed in head first and subsequently gave the impression of being very foolish indeed.

            The determination is out there. He went all satanic new world order, wrote a report about this NWO, gave it to his bosses, got sent to occupational health, eventually got the sack.


          • Seems a bizarre thing to do….. But then almost everything these characters come up with is.

            The source of my cynicism is actually some reasonably senior serving Police Officers who have just told me squarely that Farrell “is a bloater”, I’ve not seen the judgement, but I’m told that the description of Farrell as a ‘Principal Analyst’ is entirely his own! – Contained in the text of what he wrote.

            Not sure I’ve really got time to drill into this for a week or two, but I’m afraid I remain very much a doubting-Thomas where anything Farrell claims is concerned. He’s a devious git, and wily enough to establish little nuggets of what might be mistaken for corroboration. – My contacts tell me he was ‘just a clerk’.


          • Well, even a role as a principal analyst is a hardly a world changing role, if that is what he was. He seems to have resorted to using external web links for his revelations, so hopefully he had access to absolutely nothing he could seriously misuse. I imagine he may have been a civilian, a fairly junior one who strayed from his role looking at burglary data.

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          • “I imagine he may have been a civilian, a fairly junior one who strayed from his role looking at burglary data.”

            That’s pretty much what I’m being told tonight by these coppers….. Frustrated elderly clerk.

            The report he produced was (quote) “nuts”! – Crazy/incompetent enough to get him sacked. But it’s HIM who describes himself to the Police as “your Senior Analyst”. I think I’d like to see his contract of employment. 😉 But today’s word from the boys in blue is most definitely ‘Bloater’.

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  15. i like the inforation you are providing, i need you to check out a two people who are in the underground, but obviouslly i do not want to splas their names, please give me your contact address, i met them in an operation like this one.

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