‘Jon Wedger Foundation’ isn’t a foundation…or a charity

Jon Wedger, ex-Metropolitan Police officer and self-styled whistleblower, seems to have borrowed a page from Belinda McKenzie’s book. In 2015, Belinda’s “Knight Foundation”, founded by Belinda and named (as we later learned) for a convicted sex offender, Christopher Xavier Knight, was touted as a charity which would “help children and families”: A bit of fancy…

Belinda McKenzie: Chambers Manager?

A couple of days ago, we reported that during Belinda McKenzie’s trial for contempt of court in relation to Sabine McNeill’s recent trial, it had come to light that Belinda has been working on a volunteer basis in the offices of the barrister who represented her. Tom Davidson, Belinda’s barrister, works out of 160 Fleet…

Explosive new info about Belinda’s Knight Foundation

We were reminiscing about the old days one afternoon at HR Central, and someone was musing about Belinda’s now-defunct (and all traces erased) Knight Foundation. You remember, that was the “Foundation” which wasn’t really a charity, but which Belinda promised would “act like a charity”…and which sounded very much like a lot of real charities…

Alfie Evans case & Hoaxtead: The element they share in common

On its surface, the Alfie Evans story bears little relevance to the Hampstead SRA hoax. What comparison could possibly be made between a little boy with an undiagnosable but clearly progressive degenerative brain condition, and a monstrous hoax, deliberately perpetrated by a small but persistent group of co-conspirators against an entire community? We’ve noted the…

The dodgy history of Belinda’s Knight Foundation

The other day, while we were working on the FAQ about those who planned and executed the Hampstead SRA hoax, we were reminded that Belinda McKenzie’s created her alleged ‘charity’, the Knight Foundation, to act as a receptacle for donations to the hoax. We wondered: how has this non-charity been faring lately?

Update: More signs of victory

Last week we noted that several key illegal Hoaxtead videos had disappeared from the internet—a good sign overall, as it indicates that finally some of the larger platforms have begun to take notice of the court order we’ve been waving in front of their noses for the past year.

Does Belinda have a drinking problem?

Yesterday we discussed a post Belinda had published on her Knight Foundation blog. We were looking at it in terms of ‘dog-whistle’ terms (words and phrases that have one meaning for the general public, but elicit very specific reactions from the troofer audience), but we also noted that the post trailed off into strange gibberish.