Patrick Cullinane’s brilliant career

As usual, APD’s live-streamed show last night was a royal snooze-fest, but we were interested in her choice of guests. Most of us know Patrick Cullinane as a would-be freeman on the land lawyer, a rabid anti-Semite, and a frothing-at-the-mouth nutter who has no qualms about standing in the street screaming incoherently at anyone who’ll bother to listen.

Cullinane, along with APD, Neelu Berry, and Andy Peacher, is one of the few remaining fans of Kevin Annett, the Canadian defrocked minister whose fake “international courts” were supposed to have convicted the Pope and Queen Elizabeth of…um, we forget, actually. Treason? Crimes against fashion? It’s all a little hazy now. Go ask Mel Ve—she was another of Annett’s biggest sycophants, back in the day.

But Cullinane’s misdeeds go much deeper than his undying admiration for fraud artists.

For example: along with fellow McKenzie friend Sabine McNeill, Cullinane has been campaigning since 2007 for the release of Ronald Castree, who at the age of 21 abducted, sexually assaulted, and stabbed schoolgirl Lesley Molseed, leaving her to die on the Yorkshire moors.

According to Sabine, writing about their visit to Mr Castree in jail:

We knew that Castree was in the process of being stitched up for the Molseed murder by bent cop Max McLean who had taken on the mantle of Dick Holland, the cop who stitched up Kiszko.

Ronald Castree signed the authorisation below for Patrick Cullinane to act for him and knowing that, judge Stephen Gullick jailed Patrick for 4 months and actually stated in open court that he didnt want him around when the trial of Castree came on. Patrick’s crime was recording his client’s bail application in order to be fully briefed on the facts of the case when preparing his defence for Castree who had been refused bail and didnt even have a pen in the jail, much less any phone numbers of his friends or acquaintances since his dawn arrest a year earlier. He never stood a chance of getting a fair trial. His family had been alienated against him and he was all alone and fearful.

Poor, poor Mr Castree.

Here’s what The Guardian had to say about him:

As well as murdering the child, [Castree] stayed silent as a blameless man was convicted of the killing and sent for 16 years to prison where he was attacked by fellow-inmates and routinely bullied and humiliated.

Awkward, vulnerable and a loner, this second victim, tax clerk Stefan Kiszko, was eventually cleared, but developed schizophrenia in jail.

He died a recluse at 44, less than two years after being released.


Castree lived on the same Turf Hill estate in Rochdale, had no safe alibi and, most tellingly, was convicted within a year of the Molseed murder of abducting another young local girl and trying to assault her in an empty house.

Unlike frail Lesley, who had survived open-heart surgery and weighed less than four stone, this child punched and kicked her way to freedom and identified Castree to police.

This is the person Cullinane and Sabine were desperate to have released from prison. Despite his lack of legal qualifications, Cullinane nevertheless agreed to legally represent Mr Castree; however, the judge in the case refused to allow him to do so.

On 10 September 2007, Cullinane and his friend Noel O’Gara were arrested during Mr Castree’s bail application hearing: Cullinane was secretly recording the proceedings using a dictaphone in his jacket pocket, while O’Gara took a mobile phone photo of police officers and members of the public outside the courtroom.

Both Cullinane and O’Gara were jailed for this offence.

Sentencing the pair, Judge Stephen Gullick said: “These are serious contempt offences. People must come into this building confident they will not be photographed or have their conversations recorded.”

The Suffolk Strangler

Cullinane has not limited his campaigning to Mr Castree, however; he also attempted to act as legal representative to Steve Wright, who was convicted in 2008 of the murders of five prostitutes in Ipswich two years earlier.

Prosecutors said Wright “systematically selected and murdered” the prostitutes over a six-and-a-half-week period.

They said he stalked the red-light district near his home when partner Pam Wright, 59, was working nights at a call centre.

During the trial Wright was repeatedly asked whether his numerous links to the women were a coincidence. More than 50 times, Wright replied: “It would seem so, yes”.

The Yorkshire Ripper

Cullinane’s friend O’Gara is the author of a controversial book in which he asserts that Peter Sutcliffe was not the real Yorkshire Ripper, despite the fact that he had confessed to the killings, and that they had stopped following his arrest.

O’Gara and Cullinane are convinced that the ‘real’ Yorkshire Ripper was another person, whom O’Gara once worked with. There’s no evidence against this person, but never mind—according to O’Gara he possesses the right combination of “great strength, a voracious sexual appetite, a dangerous temper, a prison record, a deep hatred of the police and a history of to-ing and fro-ing within England”.

In a 2005 article for the Yorkshire Post, reporter Chris Benfield writes:

O’Gara lays his book on the table and sits back to sip fruit juice, while two of his lieutenants bark questions. Have you read this book? What have you done about it?

Demurral is not an option. The idea that Peter Sutcliffe was caught, rightly convicted and jailed for the series of murders that horrified the nation is simply not good enough.

“If you have read this and you are not convinced, there is something seriously wrong with you,” says Patrick Cullinane, a fierce Irishman who describes himself as a professional case worker on miscarriages of justice.

Obviously, it’s not illegal to hold a dissenting opinion about a notorious murder case…or three of them, come to that.

But to those of us used to Cullinane’s more commonly known persona as an anti-Semitic blowhard with legal pretensions, his fascination with—and in one case, his devotion to—convicted sex killers is disconcerting, to say the least.

And when we consider that Cullinane has continued to stand behind the Hampstead SRA hoax, his obsession with helping to free a schoolgirl’s murderer begins to feel very creepy indeed.


99 thoughts on “Patrick Cullinane’s brilliant career

  1. Wow, some stuff I didn’t know here. Why the hell are these hoaxer twunts always so keen to support convicted paedos whilst pretending to be anti-child abuse campaigners?

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  2. Cullinane broke a record tonight. When he repeatedly claimed that “the IRA were a false flag”, he attained the enviable accolade of the stupidest claim ever made by a troofer on the internet. And that takes some doing!

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  3. I’ve never had respect for Cullinane or anyone on his Facebook friends list. That’s been reinforced by this.
    Have to say Sabine doesn’t come out of this well either. And they call people on here ‘paedophile enablers’. What a joke!

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  5. Well this is a revelation for me as I thought Cullinane a harmless nutter. i hereby revoke his award as the Greatest Irish Comedian. He’s certainly not worthy of that title.

    How frigging cracked is this Sabine dame? She claims the real murderer had no legal representation. What a crock of shit they promote. everyone is entitled to legal aid in a criminal offence and alleged murders nearly always get a free QC so their defense counsel is seen to be equal to the prosecutor as the CPS usually brings in a big gun for these high profile murder cases.

    What a low-life O’Neill is. the advent of DNA has convicted many who should have been and freed numerous innocent people. How fucking cracked is this woman? How, if she claims the real killer Castree was set-up by a bent cop, did this cop obtain Castree’s semen?

    Honestly they make no sense but it is evident how they constantly veer towards the lowlifes of society and most especially towards child abusers and now a child killer. They are all the same. What goes through their twisted minds?

    This must have been the case were a psychiatric assessment was done on Culinane probably as part of the sentencing process. The shrink concluded Cullinane had an aggressive narcissist personality. Cullinane aggressively refused to accept this and said no. it was the psychiatrist who was mad.

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  6. Sabine and Co, grave attention.

    That is at the cost of any moral standards. They ignore anything which does not comply with their own thoughts and ideas.

    They have surrounded themselves with people who are convicted sex offenders, convicted violent offenders or at the very very least persons suffering from psychiatric illness. If anyone challenges them they face attack, normally from online abuse.

    Lets not forget Sabines “star mckenzie friends” Terrence Ewing and his associations (serious convicted sex offenders as business partners), or Maurice Kirk and his numerous clashes with the authorities and Kirk’s campaign against a doctor who questioned his mental health (and eventually gave up working in the UK) following Kirk’s threat to burn the doctors house down. All of this information can be found on the Internet.

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  7. Oh, he must have bought the de luxe model, which has an added troll-exposing button, as well as an ectoplasm remover. Just make sure that if you’re using two machines, the beams don’t cross.

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  8. Only time before this wiseacring apparatus grinds to its inevitable halt and the monkeys start whacking each other over their heads with the debris.if you listen carefully you can actually hear the wheels of inevitability..tick tock

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  9. James Robitai, the “inventor” of this fake machine, has the same surname as Naicheval. So it seems that questioning it has upset his family sensitivities. Aww, cry me a river, Naicheval.

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  10. Actually this combines two of the hoaxers favourite past times; supporting paedophiles and murderers and abusing vulnerable adults i.e. poor Stefan Kiszko who spent all those years in prison for someone else’s crime. I wonder who else they would like released, Rosemary West, Ian Brady?

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  11. Strikes me this delusional “free energy” device in many ways symbolizes the mindset of these scammers and hoaxers who unfortunately expend valuable oxygen that could otherwise be utilized for productive results.

    Anyway better get off to work and put some effort in as bugger all will happen on its own 🙂

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  12. A Facebook friend, who is a very talented professional artist, recently posted this on his time line:

    It now seems to have disappeared. Maybe too many people told him it was complete bollocks (in fact some of the most complete bollocks you will ever read). Because of its structure it could be a useful sanity test – any one still agreeing with the list after the first four items is probably in need of psychiatric assistance.

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  13. Yes, their “free” energy actually comes from the mains, like their alternative lifestyles are supported by the tax payers.

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  14. Likewise Spiny, i wasn’t aware of his involvement in these other cases. I’m just used to seeing him shouting out anti-semite stuff continuously.

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  15. Well if the IRA were a false flag then i’d love to know who was responsible for planting a 300lb car bomb on the army base i was living on in 1987.

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  16. Jack Chick was 92! I really doubt that a supernatural force had anything to do with him shuffling off this mortal wotnot.
    SV knows how easy it is to mess with the heads of Fundies (fundamentalists).
    So let’s be sensible.
    What you should be asking yourself is why the likes of Cullinane and Sabine are supporting a convicted child killer. And let’s remember that this killer abducted another child who had identified him, so there’s little doubt about this.
    When you’ve figured this out please let us know, because the answer to this question is beyond me.

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  17. The more I read and learn about these cases, the more convinced I become that there is actually a well-connected paedophile network trying to cover its tracks. – And it involves people like Cullinane, McKenzie, Ogilvy, McNeill etc. – Is there a single one of them that ISN’T some form of pervert, drug abuser, con-artist or convicted criminal?

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  18. Yes, the criminality and insanity get worse and worse, don’t they? I was shocked to find out about Cullinane; I’d thought he was an offensive but more or less harmless nutter. As for Sabine…words fail. And there’s more….

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  19. That’s a very pertinent example. – Where exactly are these hoaxers when a real case emerges? Sutcliffe is proven beyond doubt for what he is. Other examples exist where all their ‘conspiratorial boxes’ are ticked – and yet the conspiritard community falls into embarrassed silence. Why would that be I wonder????

  20. I also viewed Cullinane as a reasonably harmless buffoon, but not anymore.

    Even when DNA proved that Castree was responsible, they still support him. Not to mention that Castree was accused by another girl, but got off, plus a conviction for molesting a 9yr old girl in the 70’s. How can Sabine and Cullinane claim to be on the side of children, when they support child murderers and paedophiles?

    As others have pointed out, it is incredible that they have the audacity to accuse other people of being paedo enablers, simply for having a different opinion about cases which have no evidence. Yet they support people with real convictions for child sexual assault and murder.

    Sick bastards!

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  21. ‘Batting for our team’ is a perfectly acceptable idiom, Corina, and in very common parlance. Feel free to bring a dictionary next time you stop by.


  22. Indeed EC, a core of self serving malificents aiming to bypass/obfuscate legal processes for personal gain.Utilizing emotive issues such as child welfare,human rights,justice,free energy etc etc they lure adherants many of which are either mental ill or are otherwise disapointed broken lives seeking a sense of purpose and mission.Very much cult like in its modus operandi.

    I am yet to be convinced that there is any hierarchy actively orchestrating the whole shebang but tend towards opportunism by individuals who effectively “case the joint” and look for vulnerabilities in a tolerant society that can be exploited.I can well imagine some individual power possessors with skeletons in their cupboards are not exactly rushing to clear everything up though!

    It has been good to witness a number being held to account by the arms of law in recent times but some key individuals are yet to have their shoulders felt.Perhaps misplaced optimism but I feel sure time will bear fruit in that regard.

    We have also witnessed coming to pass the age old truism that there really is no loyalty amongst thieves with all the infighting and counter accusations etc.

    The latest QEG scam will 100% evidence this when the battle siren sounds and sparks(mains generated of course) fly over who gets what share of bugger all.

    Meanwhile good people daily are attempting to tackle horrendous abuse within dysfunctional families on depleting resources.The drain on resources in attending to these wholly useless arseholes is sickening and the price on is paid by innocent defenseless lives.

    This rant was sponsered by:

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  23. Oh I thought that wee rantette ^ had disapeared into the ether following a rogue letter U chosing to migrate into my email addy.Cheers for effort in repairing mine idiocy.Top notch customer service HR.

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  24. Well that’s great. I just stuck pencils in my ears and poured jelly down my pants – thanks very much! Stop triggering me, please!


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  25. Nice comments Spiny Norman in the Mckenzies Devils video. As usual they hit back with the troll accusations etc. So unbelievable that so many people out there fall for this obvious scam no matter how many times they are told it is a scam.

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  26. It appears that love is in the air with Kane and Sabine. In a Fred & Rosemary West kinda way.


  27. Through his comics and tracts, Jack Chick promoted rapist & child molester John Todd and a long line of bigots, hate-mongers, frauds, charlatans and con-artists.
    Have fun burning in Hell, Jack!

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  28. I say, I told that young Remeya – no photo shoot until she’s finished scrubbing my long-johns. Gaw, you just can’t get decent servants these days, by Jove.


  29. By the way, I hate to admit it but “I’ve been suffering from too muchness for a long long time” isn’t bad. Seriously, I might nick that and use it in a song!


  30. Such perseverance and fortitude on show there then.Is it a turd?…is it a blimp?..No,… Its HOPELESS GIRL.


  31. Hugh/Mik – Christ, I’m gonna sound like such a stick in the mud here but forgive me if I don’t join in with bashing Hopeless Girl over her size – it’s kinda not my thing (for a number of reasons) and I also don’t want to offend anyone in our own circles who may have weight issues. Don’t worry, though – fat or thin, HG is still a lying, whining, obnoxious biatch, so I still have plenty to get my teeth into (er…so to speak) 😀


  32. I think it was Sam Spade who finally drove them to into submission. He posted a number of damning comments on there this afternoon. He’s not my favourite person as a rule, as he has an unhelpful habit of spreading porkies about the case, but in this instance he’s really come up trumps 😀


  33. It always makes me chuckle when you disagree with people and their only comeback is that you must be panicking and trying to stop them spreading the truth.

    Having said that, I am of course on the payroll of the big energy companies (as well as MI5, Mossad, the CIA, MI6, the Lizard People, the BBC and Ricky Dearman, of course) and we are really shitting ourselves over Mel et al’s quantum energy machine (which still requires our electricity to make it run, apparently).

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  34. Sorry Spiny, I didn’t intend to offend anyone. I was married to a curvy woman who weighed more than me so I have no issues with size.


  35. To be fair to the energy companies, though, they’re way too busy remote-blasting Nina Valentine with microwaves to give a shit about Hopeless Girl’s QEG machine.


  36. Thank you dear. I joined the cult (Weight Watchers) and their mind-control has been having such an effect on me that I’ve been losing pounds steadily. I’m looking forward to wearing my floral swimsuit again. It looks so lovely with the Illuminutti necklace.

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  37. MKD`s perpetual probings latest work.Interesting to see Angies latest qualification certificate at the end.


  38. “the Qeg family are so used to being trolled”.
    No the Qeg family are used to being exposed time and time again as crooks selling a fraud.
    I often wonder about these obvious frauds as they seem to think no-one will bother checking out the various forums to obtain opinions on their too good to be true machines.

    Seeing Qeg has been exposed so many times over the years I’ve come to the conclusion that these people are targeting a handful of people who are very insular and naive and wishing that such a machine exposed they will give them a donation.

    In years gone by before the internet I think they are the same ones who write begging letters to 100s of lottery winners or millionaires in the hope one will send off a cheque to them. Or maybe going from pub to pub with a troy of woe and being rejected by cynical drinkers but finally landing on one person who will give them a fiver after believing their tale of woe.

    If there really was Qeg machine why don’t they just keep quiet, build it and then put it on display for the entire world to see (not front of scientists) and distribute the plans freely all over the world?


  39. Is this correct?

    Having not really delved into the world of CCN except to watch their “live” broadcast which was an advert on a loop, is CCN’s only outlet just Youtube and their website?

    Why would anyone be so crazy as to pay these fools 200 euros a month for something they can do themselves for free? Talk about desperate.


  40. It’s not her size that is a worry.
    It’s her annoying smiling smugness and superior attitude that seems to me like it’s masking a determined huckster and phony.

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