BREAKING: Sabine charged, released

Following Sabine McNeill’s Saturday arrest at Holborn police station, there was some confusion as to whether she would be brought to court today, a bank holiday, or later in the week. We can now confirm that following a weekend in the cells, Sabine was charged this morning at Highbury magistrates court and released on bail. According to the impeccably honest source Angela Power-Disney, she was released with no bail conditions; we’ll be checking further to establish whether this is in fact the case.

Our sources tell us that Sabine has been charged with two breaches of the restraining order which was issued following the ‘not guilty’ verdict in last month’s trial, with Neelu Berry, for conspiracy to intimidate witnesses.

Those who attended Sabine and Neelu’s trial will recognise this crew:

Sabine on bail-29-08-2016From left to right: Penny Pullen, Mary Rooney, Angela Power-Disney, Belinda McKenzie, Pamela Almaz, Sabine McNeill, Lee Cant, and Neelu Berry.

We will, of course, bring you further updates as they occur, but as with any criminal charge, we are now bound by the rules governing contempt of court, and therefore will not be commenting, pro or con, on Sabine’s charges.


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  1. Noteworthy. However I still call the authorities into question over their failure to take action over the more-obvious breaches committed by Neelu Berry. Likewise the long-standing and ‘cross-case’ failure to uphold and apply the laws that should have prevented the children (and other victims) ever being identified in the first place…… I also question the bizarre, convoluted and frankly not for for purpose routes being used to bring some few hoaxers to justice (or not actually, as the case may be!).

    To the Police, CPS and indeed the Scottish Crown office I say ‘it’s just not bloody good enough’! None of it! It’s just NOT good enough!

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    • I’m afraid I have to agree with you, Joe. Much as I’d like to cut the courts some slack, I feel they’ve really let down a community and the general public with their dithering and failure to take swift action.

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  2. A more undignified shower would be very hard to find.Their mission has nothing whatsoever to do with the welfare of innocent children but only about promoting themselves as justice warriors and spin offs they believe will flow their way.

    The harsh reality for them is that their aim can never gain traction in the real world since their target is a subjective set of internal delusions which they feed each other.Zero substance.
    These meddlesome idiots use up valuable resources and actually detract from tackling injustice in our communities.

    It is absolutely the case that the authorities have been woefully slow and arguably inept at coming to grips with these self serving clowns and effectively signal them the green light to continue using British justice as their plaything.They are taking the pi$$ big time because nothing effective has yet been put in place to stop them in their tracks.

    How many more such expensive hearings and waste of police time need to occur before definitive action is taken?As a tax payer I am considerably less than impressed.

    Thanks folks for the updates and I am sure we are in for a self congratulatory gloat fest by the shit peddlar crew at CCN.In the final analysis the joke(if there is one) is on them.

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    • Ultimately, yes—the joke will be on them. But the human suffering they’ve caused, the anxiety and needless worry, the harm they’ve done, not to mention all the time and energy wasted by police and courts trying to protect innocent citizens from their lunacy…none of that can be forgiven, or forgotten.

      I know we’ll prevail in the end, but the process of getting there is rocky.

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    • on CCN updates from “angela”:
      Long time anti child abuse campaigner SABINE McNEILL was locked up over the weekend and released on bail this morning. Activist JAKE CLARKE is still locked up in Luton. UPDATES and a panel discussion in today´s show 5pm to 7pm with NEELU BERRRY, BELINDA McKENZIE, RUPERT QUAINTANCE, PENNY PULLEN & LEE CANT
      Do not miss the live show, this is farcical and a supporter only narrowely missed being thrown in a cell this morning for speaking from the PUBLIC GALLERY after the hearing was done!!

      Hmm bullshit by bullshiters hosted by cheap amateur bullshit merchants.Paneistsl? Flannelists more like.

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        • LOL the ccn site is currently delivering a blank.The you tube site has the lead in tune saying Angela on in a few minutes for last 12 mins.yawn lol

          I suspect Rupert is Robert unless Angies picked up another gullable loser on her travels 😉

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          • Lol

            I hope she went to visit Jake but wasn’t allowed in.

            Bet she never did though and was p…..g it up against a wall.

            I notice no coffee for Angela, waiting for the spirits no doubt to appear …

            I’m going to get a drink and my popcorn, is Angela cancelling today as she’s still in the pub?


  3. It is a grave concern that it may take have to take a suicide or a serious act of violence by someone fueled by these loathsome individuals before resolution can take place.I dont believe that is in any way over egging the pudding the way this group psychosis is being allowed to play out.

    On a slightly lighter note I predict Angelas cash-hits rocketing into the dizzy heights of over 10 viewers and popcorn shares going through the roof.The things we do for love eh? 😉

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    • Ella sounds so matter of fact -couldn’t give a damn about the kids but just wants to win. Meanwhile Abraham still obsessed with sodomy. What a creepy pervert.


      • Free The Hampstead 235 minutes ago
        Torkgirl8/ Ricky Dearman
        You attempt to hide your identity, pretending to be female but your repetitive LIES expose you. YOU are Ricky Dearman the generational satanist star of State Sponsored Trauma Based Mind Control Programs where innocent children are sadistically sodomised and infants are sodomised tortured, sacrificed/murdered, their blood is drunk and their flesh is eaten. Your inept cover up attempt exposes you further.
        You talk tough behind the screen but having met YOU Ricky Dearman, I Abraham Christie KNOW you to be a COWARD who rapes murders children. You may call me Nemesis.

        Fregoli Delusion confirmed!

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  4. Well finally. It’s on, but I can’t hear a bloody word Angela is croaking. Don’t know what technical fiasco she’s going through now, but it’s kind of pointless even listening.


  5. Okay, so Sabine’s scheduled to appear back in court on 26 September (her birthday, poor luv). Oh, and she only ate porridge whilst in lockup. My heart bleeds.


    • Neelu is talking inside out gibberish,how anyone can keep a straight face is beyond me.
      Rupert doing his “I am a complete arsehole” intro. So much food for MK Ultra and the video folk to rip apart.

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      • Belinda is in top pic with bandaged arm, the excuse Angie gave for poor Belinda not joining in.Belinda keeping out of public frame because she can see where this is going.She will be be stirring the cauldren behind the front line as it were.
        Jesus wept what a heinous,unpardonable and creepy gaggle of barnacles on the arse of humanity this lot are.

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    • Next installment 7pm – 9pm then Thursday.

      Did I hear correctly that David Shayler is going to Luton tomorrow to visit Jake?


      • I thought I heard that too…the staff will notice all the mentally ill people who call to visit Jake, right away!


      • According to a trades description referable item on CCN allegedly a broadcast guide:

        1:00AM Unspun with Joseph Atwill & Jan Irvin

        5:00PM Chasing Rainbows with Angela Power-Disney

        7:00PM Divine Feminine with AmiRa C. Riotte & Friends

        So yep chances are it will be as you say FA or therabouts ish ..maybe

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          • I’ll have to play it by ear this time then. (as usual)

            I wish Angela would make her mind up.

            Got to say though, that was her best “show” so far, purely because she spoke less and I found the guests amusing.

            I think most highly rated too with 19 viewers!

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        • 19!!! YAY.Together CCN,HR and a few lost souls seeking out a proper albeit naff American TV network have smashed all previous viewing records.Reuters have called emergency talks as their shares plummet in the wake of this news.
          Alls fair in love and war(allegedly).

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  6. Get the Police Forensics down to Christchurch, Hampstead to test for DNA of Rupert’s Urine!

    Charge him, he’s confessed to desecrating the Church…


  7. See the guy behind the bar? (in the photo at the top of this post) my guess is he is checking out Hoaxtead Research on his phone and is saying to himself “I knew it! I knew it was that bunch of fruitloops who had just walked in!” 😀

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    • Essentially the whole legal system is corrupt and treasonous therefore this lot are free to do precisely as they please and put in place there own system of justice.Oh Lordy.
      Cracking up here.

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  8. Angie is really angering me, her comments on Paul Speer are awful and as for Neelu, she is has instructed someone to refuse their medication. They are a sick lot!

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    • And she used to be a Pharmacist dishing out the damn stuff, getting paid very well for that and she seems unhappy that she is no longer able to do the job!

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      • It shows you how far removed from the person she was, in relation to the person she is now.
        From dishing them out to now telling people to refuse to take them which is against the word and knowledge of mental health professionals. Sad, really..

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        • Wow! Quick work there Jake.

          Isn’t Angela back off to Oldcastle today or tomorrow?

          Not to worry though, she’s not there for long and she’ll be back in England after, a few days, a week, 10 days, it’s anyone’s guess?

          I’m lost on her plans, the woman keeps changing her mind like she changes her toy boys.

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  9. Rupert is hilarious. It was HIM said he was coming to Hampstead to kick doors down and push cameras in faces. If he’d done that then he might have had some come-back. Instead he walked in, peed on the church, and walked out. Who cares? The church will survive. He won’t be the first bum to have peed on the side of it and no doubt won’t be the last.
    I hope his mum is proud of him. He peed on a church Mrs Q! Great upbringing eh.

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          • A veritable spectrum of insanity.At one end the likes of Belinda and Angie who are seriously delusional yet are able to manipulate and orchestrate whilst having a sense of self preservation.

            In the middle a range of empty suggestible lives looking for a cause to fill a gaping void,the cause itself could be anything but the desire to be “part of something”.These only ever look external to blame for their dysfunctional lives.Self medicating often.

            At the other end are those with serious cognitive malfunctions and stuck in very dark loops and genuine candidates for lunatic asylum.

            The most sane individual in the broadcast was the bearded guy who openly said he has nothing to add at all but hey give him time!

            This cocktail of nutters coupled with an over tolerant and resource straped law enforcement makes for potential perfect storm.

            Just my highly inexpert take but by definition NO one supporting the Hampstead hoax can lay claim to having a grip on their faculties.

            Any high water mark is long past for this mindless hoax.These folk will eat themselves,but in the meantime the authorities really do need to protect innocent folk from the threats and intimidations and send a loud message that this ill conceived waste of public resources will simply no longer be tolerated.

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          • Mik, the “bearded guy” is Lee Cant. Be assured that he is a nasty piece of work. He’s the one who’s been egging Neelu on to make all those harassing phone calls to various organisations and salivating over her bullying of all those poor unsuspecting receptionists.

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          • No Spiney another older bearded guy is given a brief cameo opportunity to say his piece and he just says “I have nothing at all to add to what has been said” and adds nothing more apart from saying goodbye near the end.Fair play lol
            Lee Cant does come across as another one who will happily add fuel to the fire and probably run and let others take the blast.

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      • I reckon Angela tipped off the police about Sabine and these German blogs.

        I mean doesn’t she talk and read German.

        It’s so convenient Angela is in London when Sabine gets arrested and she is able to get to the Magistrates Court in Highbury for the hearing.

        Rupert is in London at the same time.

        Angela also has this little Skype show and recorded herself outside the court.

        Jake is forgotten, yet he’s been locked up longer than Sabine and is allegedly forcibly medicated.

        The finger points to Angela being a snake in the grass and setting up Jake and Sabine to fall.

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  10. I liked when Sabine wanted to go, saying “What is the point of this, Angie?”
    Perhaps the penny was dropping with Sabine that Angie was trying to throw Sabine and Neelu under a bus and get them to breach the RO on air.

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  11. Self abuse was a most unfortunate turn of phrase. Even the host shook her head. I think he meant ‘I found the videos of the children’s alleged testimonies so disturbing I took to self destructive behaviour’. I wonder if he could possibly try to imagine how the innocent people who have been witch hunted feel. There could be a great documentary on that subject.

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  12. It’s actually illegal to get your bits out and urinate on a church.

    “Njike, of Hamer Avenue, Blackburn, pleaded guilty to engaging in indecent behaviour in a church yard or burial ground, an offence under the Ecclesiastical Courts Jurisdiction Act of 1860. He was fined £100 and ordered to pay £150 criminal court charge and £20 victim surcharge.”

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  13. Angie Power Disney seems to have got the detail wrong again (THAT IS IF WE LISTEN TO NEELU)

    From Neelus facebook post:

    “Sabine pleaded “Not Guilty” and is bailed to appear in the Blackfriars Crown Court on 26 September 2016 at 9.30am. Her new bail conditions prevent her going home to Germany or making any posts on Social Media”.

    That makes a lot more sense that UNCONDITIONAL bail as claimed by Angie.

    However I wonder if the Judge ordered “Social Media” or “the Internet”

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  14. Correct me if I am wrong, but if the bail conditions state no posting on the internet or no posting on Social Media, then Sabine knowingly contributing to a video that appears on Youtube (which is classed as social media) would seem to mean she has breached her bail conditions only a few hours after being released on bail.

    Normally a breach like that would result in the person being brought back to Court and remanded in prison until the date of their next hearing.

    I hope the Police get notified of this.

    Seems like a big mistake for Sabine and an achievement for Angie Power Disney

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  15. Well done EC, in view of the apparent lack of activity by the Police then the more who report it to them then the better. My email has been sent (to the address published on here a few days ago,

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  16. Rupert urinated “on the church”? Inside or out?

    What a filthy little pervert he is. You don’t get Pulitzer Prizes for taking a leak in inappropriate places. What does he think he has achieved, other than upsetting the church cleaners?

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    • …Who but a sexual deviant would do such a thing? What sort of low-life vermin produce an offspring like this? Obviously they have no morals or values; it’s such an overtly anti-Christian thing to do. Infantile yet thoroughly revealing of someone on the side of evil. – Amazing when you consider what the Quaintances masquerade as.

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  17. Even though I lived there for decades and my visits now are becoming less frequent due to age. less energy and the quite exorbitant cost, I so treasure my visits to London & the UK and Nth wales where I say with friends.
    I rush about like a mad man soaking up the atmosphere, visiting areas & friends I knew so well, nipping down to the East End to marvel at all the changes, shopping (so exhausting), galleries, great museums (12 visits now to the V&A and still not seen it all) the theatre- so much theatre to see and always changing. New little bars & nightclubs to discover.
    The chance to nip over to Paris or Rome even though such travel (anywhere these days) is becoming quite tiresome.

    And what do this lot do? A complete nobhead like Quaintance pisses up against a church wall & Power-Disney’s Bid Day Out is hanging around a court with a bunch of loonies whose lives must be so vacuous, so vacant of joy & beauty, so filled with paranoid garbage, they see an evil plot behind every bush and a belief that 2 creepy child abusers like Draper & Christie. Precious oxygen is sometimes wasted. What really horrible lives they lead. There is no joy, no happiness- just darkness.

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    • I sometimes try to imagine myself in their lives, Sam, and it’s horrifying. I just can’t do it. They’re so immersed in fear, paranoia, and hatred…hard to even fathom.


  18. MIK said: “Their mission has nothing whatsoever to do with the welfare of innocent children but only about promoting themselves as justice warriors…”.

    Yes, and this is the delusional ego-stroke/reward that you must continue to expose and deflate.
    Everyone has been doing an admirable job, exposing the fraudulence of their “justice warriors” posturing, but you must persist however tiresome it becomes. For how long? I can’t say, but I can tell you that they will eventually switch their focus to some other ‘platform’ from which they can derive greater payoff at a lesser cost.

    I understand the frustration with legal system support, but this case has already received far more support from that quarter than many other folk have ever received.

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    • That’s actually really encouraging, Justin—we do feel we’ve made really good headway lately, and I think that if we continue pushing, eventually we’ll break through. Maybe sooner than we think! 🙂


  19. Rupert urinated on a church. What sort of person could even think of something like that? I guess this lot will think it’s all big and clever. Hampstead is a place where ordinary blameless people live, and Rupert claims to have literally pissed on it. Twat. I bet his mum wouldn’t be able to see anything wrong with it.

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