BREAKING: Sabine McNeill arrested again

Sabine McNeill was arrested early this afternoon at her home in South Hampstead on 4 March, according to sources.

While we have been unable to fully confirm details, Sabine’s friend John Graham, aka “Butlincat”, stated earlier this evening,

Sabine Mcneil (sic) has been arrested again and will be held in Islington Police Station until tomorrow morning where she will appear at court (not sure which one yet possibly Southwark) on charges of breaking bail conditions. She allegedly called a charity that bail conditions forbade her to do as there was prosecution witness or witness’s (sic) there. Her solicitor knows and spoke to one of the 4 policemen involved. They took her away tag and all.

Butlincat re Sabine arrest 2018-03-04

Butlincat does not specify the source of this information, but judging from previous blog posts it would appear to have came from Belinda McKenzie.

Sabine was remanded in custody in early December 2017, with a bail bond of £20,000 set. Belinda McKenzie managed to “crowd-fund” the amount, and since then Sabine has been living under increasingly restrictive bail conditions.

Sabine was last in court on 26 February 2018, where she was charged with another violation of her lifetime restraining order, in addition to the 19 charges currently outstanding.

She pleaded guilty to the 20th charge, and was spared prison but was placed under “house arrest” with an electronic tag and a curfew which allowed her to leave her home between midnight and 6 a.m. each day.

The restraining order was made in July 2016, at the conclusion of Sabine and Neelu’s trial for conspiring to intimidate witnesses. That trial ended in a verdict of not guilty, but the judge deemed it necessary to issue the restraining order to prevent further harassment of various individuals.

We will publish updates as they become available.

Updated at 11:22 p.m.:

Updated at 11:53 p.m.:

Southwark Crown Court

80 thoughts on “BREAKING: Sabine McNeill arrested again

  1. £20,000 is on line for this lady. Twenty k conspirifan peeps.

    I actually don’t want her crowdfunders to lose their money because I think some (but not Belinda obviously) can ill afford to lose that dosh. But, it would be up to the courts.

    Ah well. If Sabine’s done anything to warrant arrest, she must like reading PACE and the codes of practice. Maybe she couldn’t get food, got hungry, and really fancied a microwaved meal eaten next to the loo.

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        • The bond would only be forfeit on a failure to surrender to custody. Breaching bail conditions triggers custody but it looks like she went quietly. The magistrates hearing and decision has to be within 24 hours of arrest. The presumption is that bail will be granted unless there are overriding reasons not to so I suspect she will be re-released on the same conditions but with another warning as to future conduct. This normal course of events will no doubt be greeted by the usual suspects as a “victory”.

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    • Haven’t seen that in ages!
      I’d forgotten all about Angela’s “research” LOL! “Y’know the ip address of Hoaxtead was traced to the FBI/CIA” 😀

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    • Interesting to hear Belinda saying:

      ‘Anybody who fails to investigate a serious case of child abuse….even just allegations, fails to take that seriously and do anything and that includes members of this police force….(waffle)…means to me the finger swivels right round at them.’

      This said sitting next to the person who claims to have some knowledge of a video of Ella abusing a child and, as far as I know, didn’t report this to the police.

      When is Angela going to report this to the Police?

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  2. No broom-flying time in lockup 😦

    However, there’s nothing to prevent someone from Hospital Porters Against Sanity from making ethereal visitations to her cell. As we all know, being a hospital porter automatically confers upon you not only supreme expertise in every field of knowledge but also mystical & magical powers second only to God’s angels. After all, every queen from Elizabeth the 1st to Victoria was oft quoted:
    “Screw the Royal Society! Bring me a porter from Bedlam!”

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  3. I’m quite shocked at this turn of events, although I know I shouldn’t be with Sabine’s history.

    I don’t think Belinda is much of a friend or anyone who professes to be a friend of Sabine. If this was a friend of mine, I certainly would not be posting it on social media shaming her, but I guess they see it as a badge of honour and can’t wait to try to be there first with the news. 📣📢🔈

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    • Actually, I think there’s a more sinister motive behind Belinda’s posting: she always writes about these things in such a way as to fire up the conspirasheep who believe that she and Sabine and heroes. The goal is to portray Sabine as a poor downtrodden soul who is physically crippled and being tormented by the evil, conniving police (and us, of course). That’s their script, and they stick to it; and their followers buy it, every single time.

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      • I attended Neelu and Sabine’s trial in 2016 and at one point was seated directly behind Belinda in the public gallery. Some of the witnesses spoke from behind screens, probably because it was a trial for witness intimidation….

        So at one point when one of her minions seemed to be impressed by something one of the witnesses said, I heard Belinda lean over and say to the chap, ‘Well really, it could be anyone behind that screen, couldn’t it?’

        She’ll do or say anything to keep the paranoia levels high, and keep her followers hooked in.

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    • Tracey Morris :”this is getting ridiculously beyond a joke now”.
      Yes it never was a joke for the dozens of innocents and their families plus coppers & social workers, teachers etc who have been harassed endlessly and accused of vile crimes.

      And if you, Bellend & Crew were real friends you would counsel your friend to not breach court orders or breach bail conditions etc. But I expect you like to wind up those in a situation like this and fill their head full of nonsense that they are “whistle-blowing” and so on.

      There are 1000s of Brits on similar bail conditions and the vast majority manage to obey the rules and let the court process take it’s course. There are 1000s of people who work tirelessly to get possible unfair of wrongful convictions over-turned and they do it diligently and use the law to do so. They don’t rant & rave on the Internet and wind people up over ludicrous fantasies and make innocent people’s lives hell.

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    • I don’t think Belinda has real friends, they are all just human shields. Right now Sabine is taking all the punishment that should really be Belinda’s. She is even prepared to publish the most intimate details of her daughter’s mental illness if she can use it to gain sympathy for herself.

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  4. It amazes me the way she can be so sprightly one day, but come arrest or court time, every time its out with the sticks and she can hardly walk….

    (well no it doesnt really surprise me, like everything else they do, I suspect there is a lot of deliberate calculation going on…..)

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    • “Her solicitor says he has never in his experience seen anything like this before”.
      That of course could be taken many ways but my experience is that solicitors & judges (often claimed incorrectly that they are “out of touch”) have generally seen examples of every single human failing & complicated situation on God’s Earth.

      I hope she has an experienced brief.

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    • Types eh? She should try being the ‘type’ who’s innocent but has been accused of terrible things. It hasn’t happened to me but I’ve met such a ‘type’ and the stress of it has been devastating to the entire family. Ordinary family too but of course it’s ok to persecute ordinary people isn’t it, especially if you’re from the right ‘type’ of people, the grouse-shooting and country sports type. It’s about time that the ‘troofers’ realised that Hampstead is backed by a member of the effin’ establishment and they should ask themselves who and what is behind all this.

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    • So the gist of Debs’ rant is that smoking is good for you and that giving it up gives you cancer.

      Nurse! 😮

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    • It’s the name of her local pub. The Gnat and Camel and it’s a free house. The Real Ale is good but the company is a bit weird. Think Royston Vasey.

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    • I’ve just been watching the video on a computer without speakers. According to the automatic captions Debs is talking about “grenouille mer” at 12.19. Is this some species of marine amphibian previously unknown to science?

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  5. From the private residents’ board re APD:

    “Nuts nuts she’s been gone in te head years” [sic]

    “Fukin snobby old cow, is there something in the water do ya think in her house”

    “It’s tha family that has tha hard time, they could get tha big white jacket for her”[sic]

    “She does not monetize her YT channel, no she cadges money instead”

    Awwwww shucks, did I just make that public! 😱

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  6. Lee Cant tell the truth!


    State terrorism against Child Right Campaigners continues in the UK with 74 year old Sabine McNeill locked up in a North London cell in Islington 12 hours ago for making a phone call to a charity.

    Sabine attended Holborn Police Station on 19 February 2018, for allegedly breaching her £20,000 bail conditions in a counter-alleged theft of the bail money by Police.  At a hearing on 26 February, she was ordered House Arrest and fitted with an ankle tag on 28 Feb.

    On 4th March 2018, Police officers turned up at her door as friends had come to visit her to do her shopping.  She was hand-cuffed and taken to Islington Police Station.  She is due to appear in court Monday 5th March 2018.

    The bail relates to a disputed Order made before half time, when a 6 day trial between 11 -18 July 2016 ended in a “No Case to Answer”.  Judge Worsely heard 4 witnesses from a church in Hampstead, giving evidence from behind a curtain, who claimed to have been harassed by child rights campaigners on 22 March 2015 who were holding a silent vigil outside a church where serious crimes against babies and children had been alleged by 2 siblings, a boy 7 and a girl 8.  Judge Worsley sent the jury home at 3,30 on Friday 15 July 2015, only to declare that he would be issuing a Restraining Order preventing co-defendants, Neelu Berry & Sabine McNeill from giving their defence and incriminating evidence against the teachers and priests at the church and schools.

    The trial was used to spy on supporters of the Defendants, with Jake Clarke being subjected to Mental Health Framing Frauds and Lee Cant arrested at his home on 13 September 2016 held in Bethnal Green Police Station.  As Neelu Berry waited in the waiting area, she was hand-cuffed and locked in a cell and subjected to a mental health assessment the next morning.  After she told the Psychiatrist that she was a qualified pharmacist who specialised in Mental Health and was an Expert in two reports of criminal cover-up by the NHS Trusts, Police, Coroner and the law courts, he decided there were no mental health issues.

    Equity Lawyer, Edward William Ellis has filed 40 corruption claims in the High Court without remedy, leading to the conclusion that the UK courts are unfit for purpose.  He has now provided mass remedy templates for those who are fees exempt to file their own corruption claims on the basis that mass remedies will be the default due to mass corruption.

    The documents for the Gold Mandate Prosperity Payments 1-11 of, namely the Voucher M1 Master Bond in the sum of $1,200,000 plus a monthly amount of $1200 per adult and $600 per child, plus the Debt Burden Liberation Certificate DBLC for corporate debts to be written off in the sum of $150,000 and the same amount for personal debts can also be downloaded.  The Prosperity payments are overdue since the banking license expiry on 17 August 2015.   

    Donations welcome 


    Neelu Berry

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    • A ‘silent vigil’????
      Me addled old brain seems to remember a certain person being there (on video) with a bullhorn? And neelu was there- that voice can be heard five blocks away whilst you are using a chainsaw!

      Silent my arse….

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    • They were probably doing the lad a favour by stopping him listening to Neelu and her garbage.


  7. The latest news from Neelu (35 min ago) is that Sabine has been sent to prison on remand for two weeks


  8. I really want one of the swidndleindorubbish vouchers, I will March straight into my bank and say to them:

    By the power if invested in me by “The King of NEO United Kingdom of God Sky Earth”, I hereby declare that Jamaa of the Red Family Robinson are now absolved of all mortgages, past present & future.

    Brilliant idea, perhaps get a few Quintillion Bazillion quid while I’m at it. 💃💃

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