Sabine violates restraining order again…in German

Hands up, everyone who knew that in addition to her multitude of English blogs (50+ at last count), Sabine also runs a blog in German. No, we weren’t aware either. At least, not until one of our sharp-eyed readers pointed it out to us.

It’ll come as no surprise, then, to discover that Sabine has posted a blog there titled “Was mir passierte, nachdem ich in London organisierten Kindermissbrauch aufdeckte“. Translation: “What happened to me after I reported organised child abuse in London”.


The blog post is date-stamped 31 July 2016, so there’s no way for her to argue that she wasn’t aware of the restraining order. The post starts with a reference to Sabine’s pre-trial trip to Brussels:

This very interesting conversation was held in March 2016 in Brussels, while the London police were still insisting that I stay in my apartment. Luckily, thanks to the EuroStar, Brussels is a day-trip from London.

The travel ban was one of the conditions imposed on me after I was arrested on 4 August 2015 at the Royal Courts of Justice. A dear former neighbour from Buschower had accompanied me to be a witness to whether my return, after six months’ exile in Spandau, was to take me to jail. The arrest can be viewed here:


What was my ‘crime’?

On behalf of a mother, I had threatened a judge: either give her her children back, or we would turn to the online world.

In November 2014 the Russian mother had contacted me on the basis of my website, because she was looking for help to get her two children returned to her care. The police had removed them, claiming that she and her partner would be a danger to her children, then 8 and 9 years old.

During their summer vacation the children had broken a pact with their English father, who had threatened to kill them if they told the mother what he was doing to them and other children, as head of a cult.

The details the children described about their abuse could not be invented, unless they had actually experienced them. The children also included drawings of the genitalia of their abusers:

Sabine-German blog 2016-08-08

However, High Court Judge Pauffley decided in her judgement that it was all fantasies, although medical reports confirmed anal scarring. But the judge said the injuries pointed not to the father, but to the current boyfriend of the mother.

The drawings were also suppressed by the police; the judge, therefore, never saw them.

The mother and I fled at the same time in February 2015 because of two documents issued by the secret family court, which threatened us with jail.

The mother was also visited by a minibus of nine police officers who wanted to pick her up. She escaped through the back door, while a lawyer, through a closed door, insisted on a court order. This conversation was inter alia recorded, and became one of many videos that the children’s supporters produced.

While I was living in my nephew’s apartment in Spandau, Interpol had been alerted and the London police had searched my apartment. An arrest warrant was made, and enacted on 4 August 2015.

This was the first of four arrests, three crimes against me, a six-day-long court process in which I emerged the winner, and other court hearings involving money, not prison.

I’m going to tell more about this to my clients. I have reason to lead the Buschower Birthday culture in Märkische Heide further and visit the Friesenhof with English friends.

The Havelland happens to have become my soul home!

Funnily enough, Sabine seems to have neglected a few facts here, including that pesky restraining order that should have prevented her from writing this post in the first place.

We’re sure the courts will be very interested in this, so we’ve forwarded it along to the police on Sabine’s behalf.


128 thoughts on “Sabine violates restraining order again…in German

  1. Bet she’s really cross that this one’s been spotted – especially as she has gone out of her way to make her breach really clear!

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  2. Sabine is really flicking the “V” at the courts.She may as well go the full hog andstart doing guided tours of Hampstead SRA sites on skis for Japanese tourists.

    Die Frau ist ein dummkopf!

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  3. Listen in awe as Angie attempts to rationalise her Rupert’s calls for the residents of Hampstead to be put to death.

    How many lies do you think she’ll manage to squeeze into one short answer?

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      • I’m alerting the FBI.
        This man is extremely dangerous and advocating vigilantism and the Yanks know full well this can end in tragedy when those who Rupert Wilson Quaintance attempts to stir into action may become frustrated at who they perceive are not acting correctly – such as police or teachers etc – should be punished as well.

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        • I’t a no-brainer, isn’t it. He’s a US citizen openly committing attempted mass-murder. And his public calls to murder innocent people in both the UK and the US are essentially acts of terrorism. The FBI should be very interested.


      • About these creeps saying they have IP addresses, i have conversed with them on facebook and youtube, can they get my IP from those? if he comes anywhere near my house i shall treat it as what he has boasted it is, a threat of violence. If he is arrested and not deported but jailed, his F a kid in the A statement wont go down too well, he may have to go on the protection wing, especially if someone informs some of the inmates.

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        • No, they can’t get IP addresses from Facebook or YouTube. If you’ve emailed someone or commented on a blog without using a proxy or VPN, then yes, it’s possible to find an IP. It’s possible to use email that keeps your IP private—Hushmail is an example.

          I expect that if Rupert were arrested here, he would be deported. No country wants to take on the time and expense involved in prosecuting and then jailing a non-national, if they can just as easily ship the person off home and let them deal with him there.


          • They’ll probably ask him to leave like Christine Ann Sands was, though she did have a return ticket to fly back to the USA. Along with a nice juicy fine too, that he’ll no doubt get his gullible supporters to pay, just like all these con men such as Malcolm Blackman aka Joe Public on fb do.

            Rupert not having a return ticket might be problematic for him though so maybe he’ll be remanded in Custody. He’ll get a taste of UK prisons then as he’s wanted to do in the past.

            What a complete and utter fool he is.

            Btw what on earth is a YOUNG BLOOD COUNTRY BOY as Angela calls him.

            I don’t like the sound of the blood, is that some kind of Freudian slip on her part?

            She’s making him sound backward at the very least.

            Perhaps his performance in the bedroom department is not up to scratch…

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          • I’ve spoken to Police Officers who actually ARE involved in tracking down online criminals. They tell me it’s a complex process somewhat comparable to old-fashioned line-tracing in the days of mechanical switching. – It’s possible, if they have good reason, for the police to have a particular line ‘monitored’ but even that doesn’t produce straightforward answers. I also have a Brother who works for BT Outreach and have gleaned much of the following from him………..

            IP addresses are useful only to people like law enforcement….. At best you’ll get the name of the ISP and a location within about 20 miles of where the user is logged on from. Even an engineer for the firm concerned has to go through another process which identifies THEM to even get as far as the street cabinet….. And from there they need to access other information to tie a particular line to a particular subscriber! A user complaining or suspecting that their line is being traced this way WILL result in the proverbial ton of bricks being dropped on said staff member their team manger etc. etc. etc!

            20 years ago when people were on dial-up, or even 12-15 years ago before broadband became virtually standard, there is a slim chance an engineer with access to an exchange could have pulled this off unnoticed, but not now. There are data protection teams that monitor and steward this sort of thing.

            Besides which, most ordinary users have dynamic IPs; these change every time their modem is reset and/or randomly by the exchange. To trace an actual user, you’d need to be able to access the ISP’s logs and tie-in a particular IP at a particular time to a particular subscriber; which means the Data Protection Act and at least two different databases kick in. The ISP need a good reason to give that information out. – Something similar is true for those that, for whatever reason, have a fixed IP. – i.e. maybe they run a server from that address and line.

            Having done that, you may just get to the building….. If its a shared facility such as a cybercafe or a business centre; are there even any logs as to who was logged in where and when? There must be dozens of users and sub-users in the building I’m logged in from. And I believe the building gets its telephone service via the estate landlord! And – I can work just as well from the same ‘virtual machine’ from across the street or 40 miles away back in Glasgow! – I simply type a particular IP into my browser and log on via remote desktop!

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          • I’m not worried in the slightest about Rupert’s threats of tracing IP addresses.

            What good is someone’s address?

            Rupert will do sweet fanny adams.

            I don’t live anywhere near Hampstead and if Rupert or any of the mob want to turn up at my door, let them. Morons.

            I had an escaped Machete man breaking my side wall, glass topped shed and frightening my Ginger cat a couple of weeks ago and I saw him off.

            Police helicopter flying over head, 4 police cars, 1 van (that I could see down the side of the road), more around the corner.

            I don’t think Rupert and his ilk will bother with me and if he bothers with any of the people living in Hampstead, assuming he does visit Hampstead and he hasn’t being apprehended beforehand then the Police will have to be called I suppose.

            I can’t really see Rupert showing up at anyone’s door, doorstepping.

            If he does, he’s got some cheek he intruding into people’s lives when he’s clearly not welcome.

            Is he going to bring his girlfriend Angie as his accomplice?

            Rupert’s threats of violence are particularly distasteful.

            What a vile creep he is at the very least and possibly worse.

            Rupert and his “team” are a joke! As are the “legal team” and the “forensics” team.

            I don’t believe a word of it.

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          • The result of chaotic empty lives who blame exterior world for interior world disharmony.Their problems and solutions lie far closer to home than they are willing or dare to look.

            The haze of self medication adds fuel to this unproductive mal direction as does the mutual feeding and false confirmation of others in the failed bipeds community.

            Commonly most decay and self destruct prematurely and proceed towards end of life isolation and basically talking to themselves.

            The dangerous aspect for innocents going about their daily lives trying to get safely from A to B is that on occasions the circumstances combine such that an individual acts in the real world to harm or destroy false enemies.

            Rupert in particular reveals signs of being a genuine candidate for such violent resolution and those tasked with responsibilty for such matters need to act unequivocally to ensure opportunity is denied.

            Oh and make sure her majesties peas are wrongly aligned with carrots just for the sheer hell of it. MUHAHAHAHA

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    • The ‘genius’ that is Rupert ‘I want to fuck a little kid in the ass’ Quaintance the iV…. “Pip, pip, pip,pi, pip just like a young” tier II sex offender under federal law. – Which Mike Tyson is; a man on the Sex Offender’s register. Rupert isn’t FIGHTING paedophiles – He’s a complete fucking hypocrite! The man IS a paedophile! – that’s why, at THIRTY FUCKING SEVEN YEARS OF AGE he dresses and acts like a child. That’s why he’s blowing all this smoke! – Much of it dirty stinking drugs; it’s more ‘candy for the kiddies’ he wants to attract. – Wanting to anally rape a child is not a subject for humour! It’s no laughing matter. Only a pervert could come out with such a thing….. It’s the lowest form of perversion; and Rupert has clearly stated his wish to indulge in it!

      And what of Hampstead….. Two little children, clearly exhibiting signs of having being beaten, parroting filthy fantasises thumped into them by what kind of man exactly? – ANOTHER dirty drug-addict with a long criminal past including violence, drug dealing and a rape allegation. Disney…… No wonder her family has disowned her! She’s yet ANOTHER piece of drug-addicted scum! The evidence of her indulging in illegal substances is all over YouTube and admitted by herself….. She’s a child-beater, a fantasist and from what I can tell, a bloody fraudster……. Seriously….. These people are lowlife scum-of-the-fucking earth. Now they’re openly threatening to disrupt the lives of innocent ordinary respectable people? and they imagine this is somehow ‘OK’ or even justified? This small-town, small-mind, small-brain, ill-bred, freak-of-nature American PERVERT thinks he has something to educate ordinary British people in?

      The more I learn of these hoaxes the more obvious it becomes that they’re mainly the product of perverts crying wolf to try and draw the heat away from their own perverted ways.

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    • It’s not the first time Rupert has caused problems “on air”. I found this on

      “Now we will address Rupert Wilson Quaintance IV, Rupert was a host on Nformd for several months, there was a slow downward spiral with Rupert where he began drinking heavily while on air. On Sept. 6th 2010, Rupert had Charlie Veitch on for an interview, Toward the end of the interview Ziggy was able to jump on air and began attacking Charlie about how she had gotten him a lawyer back when he was arrested in Canada and that she was very upset that he disrespected her by finding another lawyer. That evening, Rupert had came on air, very drunk and began attacking several of the NFormd hosts, including myself. That evening we decided it would be best if Rupert take a break from NFormd. Within days he was being aired on “ITS”. More recently we found out that Rupert’s father is actually employed by DISA, a branch of the Department of Defense.”

      Oh dear, Rupert… 😀


    • Looks like it’s not the first time Rupert has caused problems “on air”, I found this online:

      Now we will address Rupert Wilson Quaintance IV, Rupert was a host on Nformd for several months, there was a slow downward spiral with Rupert where he began drinking heavily while on air. On Sept. 6th 2010, Rupert had Charlie Veitch on for an interview, Toward the end of the interview Ziggy was able to jump on air and began attacking Charlie about how she had gotten him a lawyer back when he was arrested in Canada and that she was very upset that he disrespected her by finding another lawyer. That evening, Rupert had came on air, very drunk and began attacking several of the NFormd hosts, including myself. That evening we decided it would be best if Rupert take a break from NFormd. Within days he was being aired on “ITS”.More recently we found out that Rupert’s father is actually employed by DISA, a branch of the Department of Defense.”

      Oh dear, Rupert… 😀

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  4. This is so very serious and appears to be an extraordinary Contempt of Court. This woman continues to snub her nose at the courts and mock them.

    Not only does she continue to breach 2 very serious court orders and an injunction – the first is not just a civil matter as it involves the family court – but she allowed her barrister to tell a blatant lie to the Criminal Court that his client accepted there was no “satanism” and baby killing & cannibalism in the Hampstead case.

    I’m still waiting on a response to my complaint to the Law Society as to whether a barrister deliberately misled the UK Criminal Court in this case (unwittingly & on behalf of his client) but I’m making a further complaint about McNeill’s solicitor who appears to have deliberately frustrated police by assisting Draper and Christie to escape justice.

    I doubt I may get a response as these may become matters that entail further court actions but the first thing the Law Society does is contact the complained about party to ask for a response.

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  6. What’s this about Rupert Wilson Quaintance 1V isn’t his name?

    He might go by the name Wilson, but surely it’s the one in his passport that counts?

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    • No – He’s using his real name. Someone up here had someone over there do various searches on him that included having people local to him verify his ‘story’. He’s a well known creep in his hometown and there are hints of his ‘mom and pop’ bailing him out of big trouble on more than one occasion. From what we can tell they’re a generally disliked, generally dishonest family; but they have money and a position within the community which means they’re able to hold people to ransom and maintain a ‘respectable’ (as in respect me or else) facade…. ‘Neds with money’. – Pretty scummy people from what we can glean (IMHO).


      • Do we have to bring families into this? I’m an ex Virginia resident and made enquiries too and got a different picture than this one. Besides aren’t we acting like Hoaxtenders when we start involving peoples families? I was disgusted when RD’s mother and grandmother were featured and personally think Rupert’s long suffering parents should be left out of this. His mother may (in our view) be misguided when she supports him, but she obviously doesn’t understand the issues and if she were able to sit down and talk to Hampstead mums she might change her mind quickly when she hears what they’ve been through.
        Just sayin’.
        Personally I think Rupert is on track with his unconscious agenda to trash the family name – or maybe he’s too dope adled to know what he’s doing. What I’m getting at though is the fact that it’s hard to get a full picture on the net and from reports of someone who knows someone.


        • Yes Fnord we do…… VERY much so. Bear in mind we have genuine Journalists and actual Police Officers at hand here. Calls were made and information sought about this worthless little guttersnipe at an early stage….

          The difference between the Hampstead residents (including Dearman) and the Quaintances, is that they are completely innocent people who did absolutely nothing to precipitate any of this…. Let’s also not forget that the people whose lives he is threatening to wreck and the children whose minds he is about to forever-sully with his perverted filth are families too….. And unlike him and his, they really-are complete innocents.

          This is a hoax perpetrated by a pervert and drug dealer. It’s already wrecked lives and harmed innocent children. And now this sub-human pervert manchild is issuing to do further harm? Lest we forget that one of Rupert’s Key defenders is his God-damned psycho-bitch of a Mother! That woman is every bit as bad as her son and has proven herself so – she’s actually threatened to turn firearms on people; and by any sane measure that could only be the rhetoric of a psychopath…. And PULEEZEEE don’t make the ‘different culture’ excuse. The apple, quite obviously, didn’t fall far from a very rotten tree here!

          Long suffering parents my arse; they’re the source of the problem!!

          The notion that this is some ‘little misunderstanding’ or ‘difference of opinion’ that can be settled with a discussion is insane! If Rupert’s Mother had a decent and/or honest bone in her body, she’d firstly admit to herself what an utter disgrace and failure of parenting her offspring is. THIRTY SEVEN YEARS OF AGE – acting like a slow-witted (I’m reluctant to use the word ‘retarded’ but maybe it’s better-understandable in American parlance) teenager….. Irrefutably a drug-abuser….. Threatening to desecrate churches, invade schools, disrupt the lives of innocent law-abiding people…

          She’s defending him; and encouraging him to live the life of a scrounging drug-addicted con artist. That’s not “misguided” – she’s quite obviously as stupid and evil as he is!

          Likewise – Rupert ‘fannybaws’ Quaintance IV is his Father’s Son; if the Quaintances are such ‘nice’ people then THEY need to reign their ill-bred stray dog in. He’s THEIR responsibility and the product of THEIR up upbringing. They’ve produced a manchild? Rupert hasn’t grown up? Aww shame! Then they’ve failed to date and need to exercise the discipline they should have done when he was an actual child; that or they disown him….

          Instead the Quaintance family are actively supporting this filthy beast, which makes them very-much part of the problem…. BIG contrast there between them and the Dearmans.

          The picture we have here – and at some point somebody might just choose to run with the evidence – is of a dysfunctional family that thinks it can use its money to buy and/or bully their way out of trouble. Their ‘good reputation’? Bought and paid for, not earned. And as fragile as a two-bob china dog! – That’s WHY their middle-aged failure of a drug addicted son is the way he is.

          No. Sorry. the Quaintances aren’t the ‘nice respectable people’ they might like to be portrayed as; they’ve had this moron running loose for nigh-on forty years; he’s a middle-aged man. And they’re actively defending the indefensible….. Part of the problem.


        • Fnord, no one’s involved families. Rupert’s mum and dad were only mentioned above in response to the question about whether Rupert was using his real name and nothing derogatory was said.

          Meanwhile, Rupert’s mother has involved herself by trolling various Hoaxtead Research associates on Farcebook, making several anti-British comments, applauding and encouraging her son’s disgraceful antics and threatening to shoot Gabriella Barney, so forgive me if I’m not oozing with sympathy for her.


      • I remember someone posted on this blog Ruperts old Youtube channel and he was totally different from how he presents himself now. He was quite the posh boy sitting down trying to look intellectual while listening to someone playing violin to him. He was still as pathetic as he is now

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        • We’ve seen that too AF. That was when he was trying to ‘bludge’ his way through life off the family connections. He got as far as getting a clerk’s job at a Hotel where he remained ’till quite recently. But basically he’s been a waster and non-achiever all his life.

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          • No HOH…. Someone else has the detail, but he worked for some years in a kind of ‘low rate’ hotel as a bookings clerk. – I think there was also some trace of him working in a music shop; drum store to be precise….. Possibly in Florida IIRC? But much of his life has been spent as a bum basically; and that’s been indulged by his parents.

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          • HOH I think he said he hadn’t had a salaried job in his life.

            He probably got paid weekly.


        • My sources advize efforts were made to channel young Ruperts erratic behaviour during his formative years but his parents couldnt cope with his masturbation at dinner parties and eventually decided to release him into the wild.Here is some rare footage from the Quaintance family archive before it all went wrong.


      • I’m intrigued, Fnord! Where have you heard that?

        To be honest, i don’t think Eilish has that kind of clout. It would be up to Mel and Biggy to do the hiring and firing. It wouldn’t surprise me if Eilish has fallen out with her, though. That’s been on the cards since Angie started spouting all that heartless bollocks about Max Spiers and his family literally within hours of his death being announced.

        Meanwhile, there is another intriguing tidbit about Angie’s “employment” at CCN which EC and others are looking into, so watch this space!

        Well, not this space exactly (that would be silly) but a space somewhere up ^thataway^ 😀

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        • I meant ‘sacked’ as in no longer friends. It says in the post above that there are people who no longer want anything to do with Angie and that includes Eyelash….t’was news to me.


    • I hope Steffi has a sit down and thinks about what Gabriella told her about Angie. Angie certainly isn’t a friend of hers. Angie just used Steffi as entertainment for herself and Rupert, what a cruel twisted thing to do to somebody.

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    • Rupert thinks that Ella went to the police and seems to have no idea that Abe’s brother in law was the one who reported it. Ella then had no choice but to go to the police. They called her in and she had to go. Fact checking Rupert! The first thing you do is read everything and not just the accounts that confirm your biases.

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      • Yes take your point. Abe’s brother in law is a ‘special constable’ meaning a volunteer. I’ve speculated that they might have gone to him hoping he’d give evidence in family court and they didn’t expect him to go to Scotland Yard. I think he told the Police he thought the children should be taken into ‘care’ for their own safety and seeing as they were with Abe and Ella at the time that speaks volumes. Someone correct me if I got this wrong.

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    • MKD have made a good point about the crime number. I’ve asked Angie for this on several occasions, to prove she isn’t bullshitting. But answer comes there none. Mainly because she IS bullshitting.

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    • Jesus Christ what a cretin the is Quaintance is. Did his “research”?. The mother went to the police. Not true. And “Jimmy Seville in Hempstead”? Anyone know who this Jimmy Seville is? What a fuckwit.
      Keep the pressure up on this goon as he is clearly rattled.

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  7. I don’t think this Hoax Mob have even met a person who was abused as a child or an abused child.

    Abuse victims do not relate tales like these two kids did who are clearly and almost excitedly repeating a script in the expectation that either a reward will follow or perhaps certain actions will stop (waterboarding? clips over the ear from a thug?).

    It makes the real abuse from Christie with the passive acceptance of the mother even more sinister in the manner they have abused these children’s joyful innocence.

    If I were a member of this hoax mob I would not look forward to the time these kids grow into teenagers & young adults.

    As for the mother Draper, all I can think of is how my mother defended all her 4 children with a (Russian heritage) ferocity that belies Draper’s background given how family is so important to East Europeans as often, it’s all they have in life. I cannot think of a mother who would ever abandon her children under any circumstances.

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  8. Crimes committed against someone because of their disability, gender-identity, race, religion or belief, or sexual orientation are hate crimes and should be reported to the police.
    Hate crimes can include:

    threatening behaviour
    damage to property
    inciting others to commit hate crimes

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      • So Rupert Bear is in reality a nerd (apologies to all reasonable nerds) and Macho Kung Fu Panda Rupert is a recent invention. Explains a lot.
        Quaintance’s desperate repressions of his inner fears have now surfaced.

        Who is more desperate- Rupert or Angie ?..pass the sick bag Alice..please don’t answer that.

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    • She’s quick old Angie isn’t she? Probably took her this long to get her head straight after getting stoned with Rupert.

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    • Interesting. If she and Sabine were such fast friends, you’d think Angie would have known almost immediately. Bears out the info I’ve received lately about a major split amongst the driving forces behind the hoax.


    • LOL 🙂

      Reminds me of Jason Manford’s ‘Walk on the Wild Side’ series, which I absolutely love.


  9. Looking at Rupert’s old videos, I prefer the ‘Love Police’ Rupert. Though i’m not sure standing around with a cardboard sign saying “Everything is OK”, in response to a young woman being brutally murdered, is the appropriate response.
    Not sure he came across as a young Mike Tyson either.

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  10. Hmmm, that comment is just ‘Greek’ to me! I can’t see whether him being Gay or Straight makes any difference….. He’s certainly not ‘normal’ in that he parades about dressed and acting like a slow-witted teenage boy. And I for one am of the opinion that’s part of a ‘Pied Piper’ act. I’m aware of another American Paedophile who behaved similarly (still does I think). – I can’t see who his demeanour would be attractive to except a child. He definitely seems inadequate in that he would be repellent to any normally-adjusted adult. – But his sexual orientation is nothing to do with anything.


  11. Madness continues on Neelu’s FB page with court transcripts:
    “Judge Worsley: Who is Lotus princess?
    Ruth Munro: My client ” lol

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    • and on this website :
      I do not believe the material was obtained legally but rather by someone recording in the court. I believe Neelu Berry should be asked how she obtained this transcript as she has been agitating for $10K plus for the court transcript. It’s just not logical that she could have raised the money in this time.
      More contempt of court?

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      • Neelu has said that this material is the result of her dictating her notes into a voice-to-text online programme. I believe she was taking copious notes during the trial, but reading her version here it’s very clear that she was watching the proceedings from the Planet Zog. Possibly another universe, even. It would be funny if it weren’t sad.


  12. Unfortunately none of us know exactly what Sabine was arrested for last week – It might be a separate unrelated matter.

    I do hope that the Police and CPS act quickly with regards the post Sabine made on her German blog (as identified by EC at the start of this post)

    If you look at the post of Sabine you will see a link to a YouTube video, that ends with a page of links to old posts about the hoax.

    The order states:

    Sabine’s post is clearly in breach of the restraining order against her last month. As such she faces a possible prison sentence

    The page of links in Sabine’s German post

    Just in case Sabine now decides to delete the page, its now archived on Wayback Machine.

    The videos are also saved and archived…..

    Hopefully the Police have done the same

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  13. Ooh, we’ll have to arrange a reception committee made up of some of those nice boys and girls in blue. The trolling bitch will probably have her creepy toy boy in tow – two birds, one stone.


    • I’ve just noticed that Angela has removed her illegal post showing the children’s names and faces and the usual libel. We’ve got these biatches rattled, folks! 😀


    • There are some nice little moments dotted throughout this show (including fumbling, rambling, pregnant pauses, “technical hitches” and embarrassingly loud burps – so professional, Roops!). Rupert is clearly drunk. Or just blindingly incompetent.

      Oh and he admits to having taken MDMA.

      And there’s a nice little confrontation between Veitch and “Ziggy” at 39 minutes.


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