Sabine McNeill trial begins today

Sabine McNeill is to face a total of 21 charges at 10:30 this morning at Southwark Crown Court, in a trial which is expected to last at least three weeks. 

Summary to date

On 11 November 2017, she was charged with four counts of stalking causing fear of violence or serious alarm or distress, as well as six counts of breaching a restraining order. The restraining order was issued following the collapse of Sabine and Neelu’s witness intimidation trial in July 2016. 

On 9 December 2017, Sabine attended Westminster Magistrates Court to answer to the 10 charges. At that time she was re-arrested, and was charged with a further nine counts of breaching the restraining order. At that time she pleaded not guilty to all 19 counts. 

Following that hearing, Sabine was remanded in custody, and sent to Bronzefield Prison to await trial. A bail bond of £20,000 was set. 

Belinda McKenzie and friends set about crowd-funding that money, and were able to pay it within a week, at which time Sabine was released from prison on stringent bail conditions. 

Prior to her release from prison, Sabine had to:

  • Surrender all internet-enabled devices;
  • Secure £20k; and
  • Surrender her passport and any other items which might enable her to apply to abscond.

Post-release, Sabine was prohibited from using the internet in any way. In addition, she was required to obey the following conditions:

  • Supply details of her phone to the police, and she is not permitted to use any other phone;
  • No communications with any media, and not permitted  to publish any content, directly or indirectly;
  • Not permitted to apply for any documents which might enable her to leave the country;
  • Must reside at at her stated address; and
  • Not permitted to act as a McKenzie friend.

On 26 February, Sabine appeared in court to face a further charge of violating her restraining order. This was related to Sabine and Jake Clarke’s attendance at the Church of England General Synod on 10 February, where Sabine was accused of handing out leaflets containing details of the Hampstead Satanic ritual abuse hoax. Sabine initially pleaded not guilty to this charge. 

However, in the face of video evidence of her presence with Jake at the event, the judge asked Sabine’s barrister whether her presence at Church House constituted a restraining order violation. The barrister conceded that it did, and after consultation, Sabine changed her plea to guilty, albeit with some reluctance.

Following this court appearance, Sabine was placed on “house arrest” pending her hearing on 19 March. 

On 4 March 2018, following two further breaches of her bail conditions, Sabine was arrested again. At a hearing the following day, she was remanded in custody until 19 March, when she appeared in court to apply for an amendment to her bail conditions. This application was refused, with the court deciding that she should remain remanded in custody until the date of her trial. 

Since 19 March, Sabine has remained in custody awaiting trial.

Hoaxtead Research trial coverage

For the duration of Sabine’s trial, we will be devoting our attention to the ongoing court proceedings. 

We will be altering our publication schedule slightly, to bring readers the day’s events within hours of that day’s adjournment. 

As always, we will remain mindful of reporting restrictions. The trial is subject to an order made under s46 of the Youth Justice and Criminal Evidence Act 1999, which prohibits mentioning anything which could lead to the identification of any children involved in the case. 

We will also keep in mind that Sabine is innocent of any crime until or unless the court decides otherwise, and deserves a fair and open trial. We know our readers will respect this and make no comments which could in any way prejudice this right.

Stay tuned.

50 thoughts on “Sabine McNeill trial begins today

  1. I will only be able to attend one day at end of Nov but won’t miss it…wish I could be there for the rest….waiting to see if Sabine is quite so adamant about her actions now, how she manages to describe her delusions in the cold harsh light of the Crown Court. I think watching this trial will be healing for anybody that has had to suffer this madness.

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  2. It will be a very interesting court case.

    I think that Belinda was an enabler in the delusions & wish she had been barred from visiting, I don’t know if that would have been possible without a court order though or how it works, too late now of course.

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    • Pair of dangerous idiots. “Danger of adults being wrongly accused”. WTF are the nitwits on about?. If they are wrongly accused they are wrongly accused you pair of creeps. Those falsely accused can’t simply laugh it off under the dubious claim “won;t someone think of the children?”. As seen time and time again their careers can be destroyed, families split up, friends lost and so on. Teachers who are falsely accused rarely get their jobs back.

      If the children haven’t been abused there is no danger to them..except..and a very BIG except – if their images and videos are repeatedly published on the internet so that when they become older teens or adults they must see this crap over and over again.

      I don’t hate people in general but I hate these two dangerous individuals. They would have joined in the dunking of an alleged witch and when she didn’t float and sank to the bottom they would have said “poor thing , she wasn’t a witch afterall. lets go and have a cuppa and find another one”.

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      • “I absolutely believe the children”. Like f*ck you do you old crone. You are basically saying they are lying when they said it wasn’t true and Abe beat them to force them to make ridiculous claims.
        Is it just me or does APD in that image look familiar?

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      • Anyone accusing anyone of these heinous crimes are as bad in my book as the people who do the crimes, eg. Esther McV, Nick, the two wallies in this vid, Abe, (spit), Ella & the 30 strong gang of (insert nastiest word you can think of). They should get the same punishment as that which they are accusing someone of.

        They would probably go to the pub as Neelu & gang did after, “witnessing”, hundreds of babies being wheeled into a Church & never coming out.


  3. How I long for the day when APD finds herself in the dock, called upon to refute the myriad of charges which will surely come her way. The smug old boot must be pooping blue coconuts waiting on the outcome of Sabines case.

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    • That last sentence is hilarious 😂🤣😂🤣💕. Wonder if Ms Morris will crowdfund to get a flight over to support her “friend”. I closed my fb some months ago so haven’t kept up with her madness. If she does attend would it put the case in danger of collapsing?

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      • No, I suspect that the court is prepared for any unexpected interventions like the one Tracey pulled earlier this year. I doubt she would leave the building, to be honest.

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    • “The smug old boot must be pooping blue coconuts waiting on the outcome of Sabines case.”

      …and yet, if last night’s appalling Daniel John interview is anything to go by, going out of her way to incriminate herself even further. Seriously, who does that? I honestly don’t get it 🤔

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      • Same here Tinribs & she twists everything so much, I was just listening shaking my head, fell asleep quarter way in though as usual, her boring drone would best sleeping tablets any day of the week. I need a nap now, must play it again. 😂

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  4. Cant wait to see the results of this one…
    Wonder how neelus pretrial went?
    “Court 20 T20180394 NEELU BERRY For Pre – Trial Review 16/11/2018 12:55”
    speaking of the (sniggers) super pharmo….

    Strange that I hadn’t heard of this lot before, turns out its a FN QLD group (for non locals, thats Far North Queensland)
    I found out a little about them at

    “The Treaty Council were invited by the 7 representing Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island tribes and clans. These included Wadja, Yuru, Kaureag, Bagaarrmuguwarra, and clans Peibre, Komet, Magaram from Mer, the home of Uncle Eddie Koiki Mabo.

    The Treaty Council with their team of Indigenous consultants, international legal experts and corporate investors arrived in Townsville on Wednesday for the two day Treaty forum.

    The Treaty Council came ready with an international database of corporate investors and a legal team that included renown Sovereignty law expert Sir John Walsh of Brannagh.”

    OH OH, there’s a familiar name at the end…..

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    • Hmm. Neither the United Tribal Nations nor the Treaty Council seem to have websites. Nor do they have identifiable members, other than Alex Wymarra, a professional Indigenous Consultant / Negotiator. But they do have a logo, from the same mandala-themed tradition that provided logos for the ITNJ and Humanitad and all of Sacha Stone’s other income streams.

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        • According to that Alex Wymarra interview,

          You’re a member of the Gudang-Yadhaykenu clan. In February last year, your community entered into an economic treaty with former Macquarie Group banker Bill Moss.
          How has this deal been developing over its first two years?

          The momentum from many of our nations’ tribes coming together – including our neighbouring tribes Atempaya and Angamuti, who together form the Apudthama Sate nation – has generated an excitement, which results from the recognised ownership of our shared nation state area.
          We are proceeding with projects including a 5 star resort hotel, eco-tourism, bottling water plant and cultural centre museum: to tell the true history of the massacres of our Gudang-Yadhaykenu ancestors by the Queensland state police magistrate Frank Jardine in the late 1800s.
          Also, we have cruise ships visitation agreements, reviving Pajinka Paradise, housing projects, as well as some very exciting agriculture and aquaculture initiatives in the Gudang-Yadhaykenu area, which is one of the world’s largest land and sea areas under Indigenous ownership.

          Total world of fantasy. “Just look at these benevolent developers from China, keen to make us rich! We just need to obtain full possession of our lands, so we can sell them!”

          Hard to be sure whether Alex Wymarra is part of the scam, or is being scammed himself. At any rate, the “Caped Crusaders” FB page is clearly a Wymarra family activity.


        • Alex Wymarra is also “Wymarra Designs”, which sells Aboriginal-sovereignty t-shirts / mouse-pads / coffee-mugs to white tourists who want to signal their right-on credentials. Here “Wymarra Designs” means “Images stolen without credit from other Aboriginal designers”.


          • Yes, but I cannot work out why it is just this one Alex Wymarra bloke. He seems a bit young to represent a whole community or tribal group.


          • I understand that his sister is a TV actress so the family has some visibility, whereas the other 2000 or so members of the Gudang-Yadhaykenu group are not known in Sydney. So there is no-one to contradict the Wymarra claim to represent the group, and it has convinced at least one ex-businessman.

            I am impressed that under his new pseudonym of “the Treaty Council”, Alex Wymarra now claims to speak on behalf of all Aboriginal / Torres-Strait-Islander First Nations, and to represent their commercial interests world-wide. That’s high-concept conmanship.


    • I’d be very surprised in any Indigenous Australian community representative gave this mob the time of day for if they did I’d have to say “f^ck right off” as a supporter of their rights.
      I would say this is bogus as Oz’s Indigenous reps are organised and intelligent and have seen chancers come and go for decades.

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      • Too true blue! Tony Mundine ( Senior ) would tell them to piss right off! The smart Murrays hate this sort of shit.


    • Townsville? Isn’t that where The Powerpuff Girls live?

      The ITJN is surely doomed as using their ultra-super powers Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup have dedicated their lives to fighting crime and the forces of evil.


      • What a hoot.
        If anyone can bear it: I googled “Sir John Walsh of Branagh” and got a link to an Australian Parliament Hansard website which I thought a tad depressing until I read it.
        It’s from 1999 and was about Walsh’s phony “Greenwich University ” on Norfolk Island (population- 2200) with a host of Greenwich “luminaries” ( I think the University was actually based in a child minding service) furious that Senator Kim Carr (well know for eviscerating fools and charlatans) had ripped into the “university” when it was attempting to get accreditation.
        Needless to say, they didn’t get it. These grifters have been around for years !.


  5. I found an article about them at

    An excerpt from that article…

    ““We are here to assist any Indigenous Tribe in the Great Southern Land who might want Economic Independence and ongoing corporate support”. said Alex Wymarra

    “For too long our First Nation People have been ripped off and treated like 3rd, 4th and 5th class citizens. We know there are State and Federal funded organisations and other stake holders that fly in and out of these remote communities who are not doing a thing to stop the poverty. That is not ok?” said Alex.

    International Constitutional Lawyer Sir John Walsh of Brannagh, is also part of the Treaty Council consortium and is offering his legal advise to those Tribes that seek Independence.”

    to which I posted the following comment

    “I am surprised that a legal firm such as Sydney Criminal Lawyers would not have done a basic background search on groups before publishing such an article under its name.
    The ‘impressive’ ITNJ is the brainchild of one Sacha Stone aka Simon Jean Paul Sacha Adams and can be found here

    This is only one of his many ‘foundations’, most of which seem to be actively crowdfunding, and mostly seem to achieve nothing except transferring those funds into Mr Stone and his associates pockets (something the gentleman mentioned below also seems to excel at) Mr Stone (and many of his group) are what are colloquially known as Sovereign Citizens, a classification that the US FBI has this to say about it
    “Today, we look at a third threat—the “sovereign citizen” extremist movement. Sovereign citizens are anti-government extremists who believe that even though they physically reside in this country, they are separate or “sovereign” from the United States. As a result, they believe they don’t have to answer to any government authority, including courts, taxing entities, motor vehicle departments, or law enforcement.”

    A familiar name is first on the list of their tribunal judges
    Oh look its ” international constitutional lawyer Sir John Walsh of Brannagh”
    (if that quote looks familiar, its because you read it in the article above)

    Lets have a look at ‘Sir’ John Walsh
    He is neither a ‘Sir’ (nor a Duke, another title he claims to have) nor a lawyer anymore
    You can confirm this in a relatively short but very interesting reading at

    Be interesting to see if it gets posted or not…

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    • This is actually quite disturbing.
      There are many creeps among Australia’s Indigenous community just as there in any other ethnic group including Caucasians (possibly the worst !). For instance the local Aboriginal community in the Sydney Redfern area known as The Block are fighting tooth and nail with the Aboriginal Mundine family who have sold them out time and time again to property developers and are attempting to re-develop “The Block” (a mile from the City) for luxury flats (selling as quick as they build them to Chinese investors) and for student accommodation for overseas students attending the nearby University thus squeezing out a community who have been there for 100 years.


      • I call your attention to this August 2017 press release from Mr Wymarra, in which he claims credit (and consultant fees) for introducing the Wik Nation to some benevolent and generous Chinese businessmen who only wish to bring prosperity to all parties.

        The deal evidently went tits-up, due to interference from the National Native Title Tribunal, who want to keep indigenous peoples in economic thralldom. But fear not, ITNJ to the rescue:

        This is the reason why we have called in the ITNJ to recognise our autonomy for self-determined empowerment.

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      • Sorry GoS, I disagree. Tony Mundine ( senior ) has the best interests of his people at heart but I do admit that at times he appears to have a foot in both camps so to speak. The “Block “such as it was ( a no go area for white people ) ceased to exist at least ten years ago . Most of the property there was owned by the Sydney Council not the local Aboriginal association.


        • The local community have lived there for decades and fear being pushed out. Mundine conspired with then Minister for Planning Frank Sartor to try and sell off The Block and all the surrounding community housing where 1000s of residents live and have lived for decades. Sartor used racist language to get Mundine to talk to him and it worked as they formulated a ruthless plan and basically told all the local residents they can just piss off to the outer suburbs of Sydney as the land was worth an untold fortune. It was only after a change of State government their plans (which were far more advanced than Wikipedia says) were thwarted. I’d not recommend anyone go down to The Block ( I have -it’s good fun when they have a festival- Michael Jackson went once) and mention you are a Mundine fan.


        • Actually before I decimate all Mundines – there’s a lot of them, I don’t think your Anthony Mundine is associated with The Block- that’s Mick Mundine who regularly raises the ire of other Indigenous folk and runs the corporation that has control over The Block. Maybe they are related?
          I can’t really talk as I looked at a house right near there decades ago on a trip to Oz and looking for an investment and could have picked up a terrace house for $5K. My friends reeled in horror because of the reputation but I thought the area is bound to get yuppified and indeed it has- worth a $Million today. But then i would hated being a part of all that.


    • If the Sydney Criminal Lawyer group didn’t already know that John Walsh is a struck-off fraudster, they’re a hopeless pack of ambulance-chasing amateurs. I imagine that Alex Wymarra spammed any number of lawyers with his press release but these noddies were the only ones who didn’t bin it immediately.

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      • I checked my Sydney pal who is a journalist. He reckons the bloke who wrote the article is from an “alternative” local newspaper known for believing any old rubbish (flat Earth etc).
        But what a really bad look for a firm of lawyers. How long before the penny drops?


        • This Paul Gregoire dude? I see he contributed to Vice a few times, which is not negligible, but that stopped in 2016. Now he writes for ‘The Big Smoke’, and a blog at the ambulance-chasers. Looks like he means well, and his heart is in the right place, but the whereabouts of his brain are an open question.


  6. Thanks for the update, EC

    I assume Angela will be winging her way to London to put her money where her mouth is and support her friend in her hour of need. Then again, perhaps not 😂

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  7. So, the great court trial of 2019 begins. What is sown is what is reaped I say. Let Hampstead be on trial also and see if the Satan Hunters have any claim of truth on the matter. This is the time when Sabine McNeill can spill what she knows, the world is now her stage, will she deliver? Only time will tell. However, what I do know, many jelly babies will be tortured and devoured in this moment of revelations.

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